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C# Aurora / Re: Aurora C# Screenshots
« on: August 20, 2016, 02:39:04 PM »
Here is a quick update on what is complete so far

Tactical Map Display
Class Design
Class Window
Events Window
Select Names Window
Orbital Movement
Harvester Production
Wealth Production
Population Growth
Production by Construction Factories
Production by Ordnance Factories
Production by Fighter Factories
Ground Unit Training
Shipyard Upgrades
Shipyard Tasks
Fuel Production
Maintenance Production
Trade Updates

Still a long way to go (not even started on movement, detection, system generation, AI, Fleet & Ship Windows, Commanders, etc.) but starting to make a noticeable dent in the task and I have laid a lot of ground work for some of the work ahead. Finding the time is still the greatest problem.
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C# Aurora / Re: Aurora C# Screenshots
« on: August 13, 2016, 10:08:23 AM »

That sounds very promising on performance. Any sense on how long the same process was taking under vb6?

I've switched asteroids on in the equivalent VB6 game and run the same portion of code. It required three minutes, 20 seconds :)

However, despite C# being 2000x faster for this section, it isn't just due to execution speed and holding everything in memory. Part of the reason is that I've coded it differently so that I keep track of what fleets/missiles/contacts I will need to move ahead of time, rather than checking it during orbital movement. When I originally wrote Aurora, I didn't realise how large it would eventually become so I didn't emphasis performance while coding. Now I am considering performance from the start and that alone makes a big difference.

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Aurora Suggestions / Re: Semi-Official 7.x Suggestion Thread
« on: July 01, 2016, 05:04:50 PM »
Remove the +10 maneuver rating that all missiles have default. This will hit both ASMs and AMMs rather hard. As to be honest, when is the last time you actually put agility into a missile, AMM or ASM? Maybe set it to 1

As it stands, we all know that tiny missiles going as fast as possible are by far the best. Very often even in AMM designs, you don't even see the addition of maneuver until the mid-late techs, when the speed lost by adding a couple more points becomes worth it. I figure this is primarily because all missiles by default start with a fairly large bonus to this. 10 maneuver rating at mid techs is still .1msp saved on an AMM, for a literal 10x to their tohit chance. Hell I can't honestly say I've ever felt the need to apply maneuver to ASMs either.

I feel that a change like this might help to reign in AMM spam a bit and comparatively buff turret based defenses because of these.
1. Missiles will need be a bit slower to hit anything because of the need to actually install some maneuver (especially at low techs), making them easier to track.
2. AMMs will need to devote a larger portion of their space to maneuvering, while still probably being the most powerful due to reload rates.
3. Larger missiles might actually see a surge of usage, due to the extra space needed to get the hit% up, forcing designers to step up a size in missiles. The rare size 2 AMM would also likely see a surge in usefulness as for the same range and speed it'd have 2x the hit chance. (at 1/4th the spam)

I dunno, it's just a thought. But it's always seemed odd to me that you can literally get away with never putting points into maneuver until the end.
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Aurora Chat / Re: Any interest in a community game?
« on: April 10, 2016, 03:43:00 PM »
If there's still room, I'd like to join the NAU
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