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Aurora Chat / Re: Naming Convnetions
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:34:13 AM »
So this thread is a year old and I've posted here a few times... I only just noticed the misspelling of the word 'Conventions'.
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I'm going to have to steal that idea.
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Spoilers / I *believe* in scouting
« on: May 03, 2017, 08:24:50 PM »
It is my new religion.  Pinnace scouts WILL visit every planet BEFORE survey assets enter the system, OMFG.

K, 3 precursor systems, 2 found by scouts, with valuable information gained, 1 found by a blundering geosurvey ship, the only information discovered was that they had missiles.

And 1 system discovered with Swarm, this before I have ION drive.  Fortunately there is a loop of systems, so my fleeing survey ships won't lead it back to Earth, they are faster than the carriers and will eventually get out of range.

And miracle of miracles, while we lost a pinnace to ramming and the Grav Survey ship left on the Jump Point for the purpose of finding out IF the aliens did indeed know about Jump Points, and actually rescued life pods this time, with 2 days left on their life support.  Even better, the rescuing pinnace was my long endurance one, and actually has the life support to take the 32% survey commander and 13 crew to safety, with only mild strain on the life support.

Said commander is probably going to be renamed Mark Damon or Matt Watley. ;)  (Thanks to Drgong for THAT idea)
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Mark Watney Tankers

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Bureau of Ship Design / Re: Are my designs any good?
« on: April 29, 2017, 05:03:38 PM »
One big point: while your weapons have have target speed up to 10000 km/s, they are just core weapons, not turreted ones. Without turreted the basic target speed of your cruiser is just those 2490 km/s  while your corvette gets 6901 km/s.

Wiki says: "A weapon mounted in a turret has a tracking speed equal to the tracking speed of the turret rather than the speed of the ship".

The tracking speed of unturreted weapons is the higher of ship speed and FC speed rating tech; slow ships will track at the full 10000km/s.
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Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« on: April 27, 2017, 12:50:45 AM »
So the pinnace Morituri, of the class, Expendable, equipped with a sensor named "What Killed Me?" has successfully visited the terraformable moons and the 5 wrecks in the system.

The Morituri was NOT expected to survive.  It was expected to return useful data, about anything scary in the system.  If I had bothered to give the Morituri a ship commander, that commander would have gotten a medal for it.  In the future, I may create the Morituri medal for a ship commander that does something particularly self-sacrificing.

Needless to say, when they get back to Sol, markets are going to be in turmoil.  The speculation bubble in missiles and launcher tech is going to crash for a while, and the colonization related markets will soar.  A lot of people won't think anything has really changed since before the wreck discovery, but the shipyard expansions have already happened.  The shipyards had been largely idle after the first surge supporting the Geo survey effort for Sol, but now there are so many new systems to survey.  All the old geo survey ships are being updated in a civilian shipyard dedicated to them.

One of my logistics guys just hit 40%, and we just finished ship to ship tractors and hangars, so life is good. :)
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Gallery / Re: Shipright's Fighting Ships, Sensors and Weapons
« on: April 26, 2017, 11:07:59 AM »
They are just MS paint drawings.

Here is my work on an early warship, meant to exist in the 2300s our time. The armament is two size four missile launchers and two turreted laser mounts for PD. Very much a WIP as you can tell.

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Telegraph class Recon Fighter    345 tons     10 Crew     44.12 BP      TCS 6.9  TH 13  EM 0
1884 km/s    JR 1-50     Armour 1-4     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/8/0/0     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 0
Maint Life 34.26 Years     MSP 40    AFR 1%    IFR 0%    1YR 0    5YR 1    Max Repair 10 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 3 months    Spare Berths 0   

Pinnace Jump Drive J400(1-50) Military Jump Drive     Max Ship Size 400 tons    Distance 50k km     Squadron Size 1
NP fighter engine 12.8 EP Nuclear Pulse Engine (1)    Power 12.8    Fuel Use 44.88%    Signature 12.8    Exp 8%
Fuel Capacity 30 000 Litres    Range 34.9 billion km   (214 days at full power)

EM 8x1 EM Detection Sensor EM1-8 (1)     Sensitivity 8     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  8m km
This design is classed as a Fighter for production, combat and maintenance purposes

On getting Jump Drive tech, I quickly researched a pinnace drive and a small sensor.  In retrospect, I should have gone with a size 2 sensor, it would have fit well with the size 400 Jump Drive.

Basically, the idea is to use fighter factories to be the first to exploit a new technology, and hopefully they would give information that informs the followup missions, prioritizing which systems will get surveyed first.

Also, the pinnaces will serve as communications relays.  I suppose I should have given them more crew endurance, mostly to avoid getting pinged with messages about crew whining.
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Gallery / Re: Unfortunate bubble of space. Any way to fix this?
« on: April 12, 2017, 10:26:53 AM »

At generation I set the Sol jump points to 1, and well... I sort of want to build up Krikkit-like warfleet that will engulf the galaxy when someone accidentally discovers another JP leading here.
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Drgong's Community Game / Re: Schedule
« on: April 12, 2017, 04:17:07 AM »
Good to hear. Bughunter and I can definitely help with the summary on our end, but there's still hope there may be continuation!
Just a note on my availability though, I'm on break for another week, but after that I'll have less and less time to do stuff. There be exams impending.
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Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« on: January 18, 2017, 07:53:33 AM »
Over 100 salvos of missiles, between 6 and 15 size 6 missiles each salvo, have been raining on my forces for the past few hours in game. Even swatting down most of the concentrated waves (usually 100+ at once) lets around 20 to 30 through. Some ships have taken significant damage, most lucky their oversized reactors and/or engines didn't blow when hit, but so far none of my ships have been taken out. The missile waves have reduced to only a single salvo every minute or so, so they may have run out of missiles. The cruiser Palisade and the destroyers Challenger, Charger, Kamikaze, and the minor damaged Retribution are closing on the enemy formation at around 2x their maximum speed. Its only a matter of time before range closes to missile envelope, where my AMS-26-SS missiles will seek out any ship formation and destroy targets.

UPDATE: The lone Aurora class troop transport siting over an enemy planet supporting the invasion detected a wave of 64 ship hunter missiles with its passive sensors. The crew scrambled to abandon ship. However, before the missiles reached detonation range they diverted course to the planet itself. Major General Eliot Parkin and his staff of Colonel Charlie Sanders, Colonel Ellen Burke,  Colonel Andrew Simmons, and Colonel Kai Wikins all narrowly escaped death as they were on a dropship headed to a new forward command post.  Brigadier General Liam Mills and the entirety of Black Legion however did not escape destruction.
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Bureau of Ship Design / Re: First Carrier
« on: January 17, 2017, 05:21:03 PM »
How do you add extra births?
Tick the 'Keep excess Q" box in the design window. Add crew births as you would normal modules.

Thoughts on carrier; Should have some passive sensors (even a strength 2-3 with double/triple current passive detection range). I recommend another CIWS or two (they don't need any sensors). Should use fewer but larger engines.

Fighter/Bomber; Not enough firepower. Should add either some small gauss or another box launcher or two (a size 4 box launcher is 30 tons if I remember right)(also make sure the box launcher reload tech is set at 1 because there is no bonus to increasing it but it does add more cost).
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Bureau of Ship Design / Re: First Carrier
« on: January 17, 2017, 04:24:07 PM »
No flight crew berths on the carrier is the big one. With 10 fighters with 2 crew each, you should have 20 berths on the carrier.  Pretty easily fit on a spare crew quarters and still keep it under your 13kt limit though.

Maintenance life of 2 years and an intended deployment of 6 months is a mismatch, but that may be deliberate.

I'd stick a very small res-1 sensor on the carrier just so the CIWS isn't blind if something happens to the escort, but that might just be me.
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Aurora Suggestions / Re: More secondary commander naming themes?
« on: January 15, 2017, 07:43:01 AM »
Literally never thought of that - good idea!
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This is a useful ship.  It is the least fun duty in the navy, they are manned probes, but I can build a ton of them for cheap early in the game and they will scan and scan.
Quite right. Tell the men they'll only be deployed for 3 months and keep them out for decades. You must be close friends with the HR department.
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