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In a TN, unified-Sol start, jump point/jump drive research is usually my priority, though I do make sure I've got enough shipyards/industry to start cranking out warships and fighters before I start getting serious about exploring JPs. I tend to build up my survey fleet a little bit before I start sending expeditions out of the home system, so by the time I'm ready start exploring in earnest, I've got my shipyards and industry built up to the point where I can switch over from survey ships to warships fairly seamlessly.

My current three-nation Sol conventional start is going in a slightly different direction, though. With all three powers having none-too-good relations with each other, I decided to RP a new space race between them, so I've had each nation focusing on logistics research and weapons technology. 15-odd years in and none of the three powers have even researched jump point theory yet(and NATO/the Russians are only just now getting around to even researching nuclear thermals, because I want to RP a war between somebody here within a few game-years and I'm kinda curious as to what mostly-conventional-tech war would look like. I've already discovered a couple oddities, like having shuttles that can go faster than the fastest missile I can build at this tech level).
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