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Shadenight's Fiction / The Titanis.
« on: September 29, 2011, 11:05:54 AM »
Things were smoothly going forward in the advanced italian research program to install and upload the collective masterminds of the centuries best scientist into a virtual database.

Through accurate use of calculation and programming, the highly technological and sophisticated hardware, filled to the brim with trans-newtonian materials to guarantee the "what-if?" circumstance, would have been able to effectively rule the italian world after the death of The Dragon emperor.
Dying without off-spring, and in order to avoid chaos and problems, this was his last solution. Had this failed, he would have had no choice, but to generate a new batch of clones with free thought. With the potenial catastrophic situations that could occur.
The worldstrippers were churning in regular doses of minerals, the sorium harvesters where emptying the gasseous giants of the systems next to sol.
but a problem had arised.a little bit of unrest on mars, was quickly sedated. This was due to paranoia of being attacked by invisible and whatnots enemies.
the Dragon emperor had pubblicly spoken to the masses to calm them down. Fear was a weapon. Paranoia was it's ever-lasting effect though.
Sic para pacem, pervenit bellum.
Thee who seek peace, should prepare for war.
even then, you can't fight something which does not exist.
Unluckily...those things existed.

Outskirts of the Milano System
This is cavour ship one. We are approaching Milano 13 Moon XIV, we will now begin geo-surveyance.
we understand cavour ship one, this is cavour ship 12, we are ready to relay information to Tactical Colony N°23 in the Milano 5 planet.
"done, now we can leave it to the computers and go have a sip of whiskey"
"you know i hate that stuff"
"i know but it's not like we have anything bette..."
Allarm level one. Allarm level one, code brown.
"what is that?! back to your posts! we have an imminent collision"
the naval officer screamed as everyone entered their immediate stations. And attached their seatbelts.
"thats impossible sir! there are no scheduled ships in the area!"
"mother of god!" screamed the sonar engineer
"IT'S A FRIGGIN asteroid!"
"what are you pouting? we are not in an asteroid belt! begin evasive manoeuvres! bring us away from it's orbit, now!"
"increasing engine power to 80% removing ourselves from geo-survey orbit, increasing speed to 1000KM/s, 2000KM/s, we are at max speed."
there were moments of eery silence, as the only thing which could be heard where the creaks of small pieces of...asteroid stones? which went tlink tlink against the armour of the survey ship.
"we're out of it's collision course."
"thank the emperor" was the loud sigh which was actually done by half the crew.
"now, i want an image, activate the video recorders."
"yes captain, and here we ar..." and the engineer stopped in its the images flickered and grew in definition, as the cameras automatically did their best to increase luminosity and details...
This is cavour 12, do you copy? is everything alright cavour 1?
cavour 12...relaying images now...
for the holy emper...
"it's over 60000 of tonnelage." muttered an engineer "it must be"
"just...what is that?"
"a secret italian ship maybe?"
"no, we would have been warned, or kept away"
"ohh shut up you lot! relay the message through code Black to the emperor, in the meanwhile, call a couple of salvagers to dismount this titanous thing"
"'s a nice name"
"yeah, and i sure do hope it's got something better inside. like masses of corundium".
"with the recent findings corundium prices dropp..."
"I KNOW! it was just a saying!"
"sir, if i might report..."
"what is it, combat engineer?"
"well sir, we might have a bigger problem"
"what could be a bigger problem?"
"that ship...was destroyed by something. It's a wreckage"
and silence entombed the cavour one deck...

couple of months later
"it doesn't have enough firepower"
"but sir"
"MORE FIREPOWER. i'm on my friggin death bed, and if i want it to have more firepower, than by the love of myself you will make it so!"
"yes sir"
"and MORE ARMOUR! i want them protected. all of them, all of my precious sons and daughters"
"yes my lord"
"you can go now, bring my regards to your family"
"yes my emperor, thank you, my emperor"
and as the scientist scurried off with the plans, the botched ones for military ships, a doctor came immediately to the behalf of the dying emperor.
"my emperor, please, we must operate you know, it's dangerous to keep postponing..."
"no. i have lived a good life. Just tell me, what are the progress on the titanis?"
"from what i heard it dwelled with new technology to counter hacking measures and also to hack into technological countermeasures"
"i see...thank you...whats your name? i can't recall it anymore"
"it's mitchell, doctor mitchell"
"thank you for fighting for my body behalf, but i do believe...i now have to go..." and those were his last words, as the door of the medical pavillion opened to let enter a young officer...
"my emperor, we have completed the Neuro-thinker!"
"it's too late" murmured the doctor, half heartedly. His voice filled with sadness.
"what..." a look of realization then came to the young officers face, as he ended up on his knees. He had been too late. The emperor had died.
" can't be! why aren't you doing something?! this is betrayal!!" screaming in rage
"he refused the operations, he wishes for his life to end here, i can't go against his wishes!" was the reply of the doctor, "no matter how it's saddening, i can't go against his final will"
"but i wasn't there to hear it doctor..." a mad glint in the young officers eyes, "and i will save the emperor.

somewhere dark
neuro-thinker activated.
starting program sub-routine
loading database
loading systems
loading neurological think processor
loading synapse
begin check-up of subsystems.
warning: foreign object found.
warning: foreign object assimilated into core compound
warning. Warning. Warni...
Where. Am. I.

Shadenight's Fiction / Hope, sweet sweet hope
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:14:48 PM »
The Dragon emperor office
"the system has been completely and thoroughly checked my emperor. That moon has all the corundium there is."
"begin exploration of jump gate number two, call back cavour surveys ship, send them onto earth's maintenance factories, rehaul the ships, prepare them for the next sorties"
"yes my emperor"
the comunication is then cut off, and the emperor sighs.
It doesn't matter if he can have everything in the world, if he can't have her back.
She was his only happiness, his only reason to not turn the world in flames.
And she was gone.
Dead, because of an accident.
Dead, because she was hard headed just like him. She wanted to see the stars. It didn't matter that her father could buy her off every single observatory of earth, she wanted to see them close.
She even went to the military accademy.
There was just no way to stop her, so he had happily complied, hoping to place her off somewhere safe.
But life didn't like his plans, and she died.
Years had passed, still, even after the coup d'etat, he had once again plunged into depression.
Only the presence of corundium had lifted his spirits. But when it was once again found that only on that moon and on measly quantities...he despaired again.
But the tales told by the crew members of the Cavour ships...those gave him hope.
High hopes too.
maybe, maybe by opening all the jump gates from all the parallel dimensions...maybe she could...or maybe one like her, a parallel her, he would be fine even with a parallel her. Yes...
But the intercom buzzed again.

"who dares speak to the supreme emperor dragon?"
"Neocom enterprises is proud to show you the latest miner...THE WORLDSTRIPPER"
Code: [Select]
WorldStripper class Asteroid Miner    108,350 tons     2200 Crew     2997.4 BP      TCS 2167  TH 750  EM 0
346 km/s     Armour 1-202     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 17    Max Repair 120 MSP
Asteroid Miner: 20 module(s) producing 400 tons per mineral per annum

Ion Engine E0,7 (5)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 250,000 Litres    Range 59.3 billion km   (1984 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

"begin refitting the regolos"
"yes my supreme dragon emperor" and the voice is cut off again...

Silence once again entombs his private studio...his chambers...silence except for the crackling sound of the fire in the chimney.
Silence except for the wind, which blows out of the windows, freshly carved into the once thick concrete wall.
It doesn't matter if there's the sun, or the night, as long as he breathes and eats and works there, on the desk were the worlds citizens are his pawns to control and move.

"my supreme emperor" a cold, nasal voice, erupts once more from the intercom.
" may speak"
"the geosurvey teams have not found more corundium from the asteroids pinpointed"
"you may leave"
"what is it? i do not care about sorium or anything else!"
"we have the first reports from the cavours..."
"what do they report"
"we have found it elsewhere"
"were, much?" his voice trembling
"lambda auriae system...69 milions....but..."
"it's not easily accessible, only a 0.1..."
"move all the fleets, all the cavours, i don't care as long as it has a sensor MOVE IT THERE! I WANT THAT CORUNDIUM! I WANT IT NOW! MOVE IT!"
"yes my emperor..."
and with that the intercom buzzes off once more...

"YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" is what the emperor screams to the top of his lungs, before ending wrecked by a series of coughs, while a sharp pain in his chest makes him shiver and fall to the ground...
not, not now...they need me...they need me...
"couugh coughh help...hel..." nobody is near, you wanted to be alone didn't you?
 who do you think will come for you, huh?
"somebody...cough please..."
you had somebody, but you were arrogant. you wanted her for yourself, and she left you. She left you and took your daughter away, then when your daughter came back, you showed her again to the space, far away. and she died. you have noone here for you.
No. One.
You are alone.
You will die alone.
In here, the place you conquered with blood and despair.
And nobody will truly feel sad for you, they'll make you a funeral, a nice one, but that's all "emperor dragon".
...and with foam on his mouth, the emperor dragon closed his eyes.

"he's regaining consciousness" a voice, a female one.
"thank god" a male one.
"do you think he's going to stay stable now, doctor?"
"i don't know...he needs rest now"
were am i?...i look around, and see a strange's...normal, a normal hospital bed, daughter? my heart skips a beat for a moment
"father...everything is going to be fine now"
who's the men next to her? why does she have a wedding ring?
"you nearly scared to death your nephew, falling like that and having a heart attack"
"but...the corundium..."
"the what? maybe it's best if you get some rest dad, don't worry now, everything is fine, just, rest, okay?"
"i...fine...maybe you're right"

a couple of minutes, with the silent beep beep of the machines...what place is he in? where is he? what is all this around him...isn't he the dragon emperor?
but...everywhere...he hears a tick-tack of a nurse moving on high heels. It's strange, nurses don't move around in high heels...but why does he then feel at peace now? why does h...

"DRAGON EMPEROR!" the noise wakes him up, immediately. he his lying on his desk, his chest open, and a men has just finished cpr on him, maybe.
He feels a dull pain now, the electrocardio maybe...
the men seems nearly sad...
"dragon emperor! you're still alive! we tho...i thought...we didn't think..."
"don't worry! we will take you to the nearest hospital! don't worry!"
"the corundium..."
"do not worry my emperor, the lambda system is full of it. we are fine, you do not need to worry about your childrens future"
"your sons and daugthers of the empire, my emperor..."
"yes...i had forgotten...i truly had forgotten...thank you..." drifting asleep, he finally remembered something. He had lost a daughter. But he had gained billions, and billions of sons and daughters and nephews and grand nephews...he was not alone. He never had been. and never, will he be.

Shadenight's Fiction / Ships of crushing despair
« on: August 20, 2011, 06:45:53 AM »
The Neocom commercial shipyard complex

"are these the latest projects?" asked the man sitting at his desk, looking through the bundles of papers and 3D's models in front of him.
"yes they are" answered the female voice of his robotic secretary, a pair of metallic hands and pincers plunging down from the ceiling.
"i see nothing wrong with them...they are hellishly slow compared to the rest, but still, it's not worrisome"
"the research department has high hopes for the ship"
"i a couple of prospected times of completion"
"in less than a year term, more precisely, it should take 8 months and 8 days and 8 hours"
"and eight minutes and seconds maybe?"
"the calculations are actually correct"
"...bizzarre. maybe we shouldn't..."
"the Supreme Dragon Emperor wants them completed as soon as possible"
"i see..."

Code: [Select]
Gatecreator class Cruiser    27,200 tons     353 Crew     778.4 BP      TCS 544  TH 150  EM 0
275 km/s     Armour 1-80     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 18    Max Repair 38 MSP
Jump Gate Construction Ship: 360 days

Ion Engine E0,7 (1)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 47.1 billion km   (1984 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

"but sure it's strange, maybe it's a sign? maybe humanity isn't meant to move through wormholes, or anywhere else for what matters"
"the sol system is corundium near free right now. Either this, or a slow death"
"but there is the hyperdrive technology!"
"but it wasn't implemented on the Regolo's ships. And on the big freighters. Gates are needed"
"i...fine. Have the robots begin production. Our complex should hold enough tonnage to have this built"
"orders received and approved. Procedure sent. Construction shall now begin"

The man sat looking out of the window, giving the chair's back to the door.
He sighed, slowly taking out a sigarette with uncertainty from his pocket. He had stopped smoking.
Since three years ago, the only sight of fire made him shiver. Like maybe many others.
Three years ago, on the 22 of april 2044, the president Pasquale Drago decided that fake democracy wasn't meant to stay anymore. So he became an "emperor" and more than an emperor, a "Dragon" one, with all that smegty religion thing behind. And people had to comply. They had to, because when the ground forces began razing the churches, and the mosques, and every other place, when nothing remained, and millions were killed, he was still there. There no longer was a Democratic and Meritocratic earth. There was a dictatorship and meritocratical earth.
Maybe he had become mad with grief.
He had lost a daughter, an officer, a couple of years prior, while she was assigned on a Cavour ship, which had suffered sensors damage, she went outside to fix them, and never returned.
That was the day the "monument" for Deaths in space was begun.
It was meant to be an artistic statue which depicted the hope, the strength, and the might of the ships and it's crewmembers who set off to the unknown.
it ended up depicting a young girl who was looking at a couple of crystal flowers.
Nobody dared mention how it looked similar to old photos of the daughter of the president.
Maybe, if someone had started asking questions, no coup d'etat would have happened.

The fires of the revolt, and the blood of the dead...the explosions...but now there was peace once more. Under the Dragon empire.
And it's clutch would firmly grab everything...but Corundium...that was still far...far away...

Cavour 4-5-6
"this is cavour Team Survey task group #2"
"this is Gatecreator 1, we have you loud and clear"
"what's the sit rep?"
"we have nearly completed the gate, last check and you'll be free to go through"
"it's a tiny step for humanity"
"Cavour team, who's talking?"
"this is cavour team survey task group #2 leader, i apologise for this idiot. He doesn't realize his place. we shall search him and have him grounded"
"but a big step for mankind"
"this is gatecreator 1, is he reciting the coming on the moon?"
"i thin..."
"no no, it's all wrong armstrong! you need to do it better!"
"what the hell is this, did you copy that?"
"i don'..."
"come on Nasa guys, it's cold out here, can't i go back in?"
"you do realize you're offending a truly historical moment of the entire HISTORY OF MANKIND!?"
"listen now, i don't give a damn about that, i want to enjoy a hot cup of coffee"
"but there is NO coffee on the ship!"
"this is gatecreator 1, we are closing communications, we shall resume once the gate is finished"
"this is chief of survey team #2, we are also closing communications"

in the cavour 2 ship, meanwhile...

"just...just what was that?!"
"maybe an echo"
"an echo from WHAT!?"
"you know, from the parallel universe we use transnewtonian metals to work"
"...i'm not so certain it's safe to go through wormholes..."
"you know tests say it's safe"
"tests didn't have wormholes this big, or echos of luis armstrong from a parallel dimension"
"maybe it's just stress...let's go take a quick nap, we do have to wait for gatecreator 1 signal"
"fine...signal incoming"
"this is gatecreator 1, i repeat, this is gatecreator 1"
"we receive you loud and clear"
"we have completed constructions of jump gates on all the Barnards star system"
"...what? we just left you a couple of minutes ago"
"survey team cavour #2 you can now leave the sector of the barnards star system"
"gatecreator 1 there is a mistake, we are still in the sol system"
"this is gatecreator 1 construction is complete, you may pass through"
"this is gatecreator 1 construction is complete, you may go back"
"this is... this is...this is..."

the commander closed the radio signals. then looked at the portal, the ship was going through it, after all for the gatecreator 1 those were it's orders. the rest of the crew looked at him silently. nobody dared to speak.
"we have our orders. we shall see through them"
"yes sir."
and with the movement of a hand, the first survey team #2 set sail through the jump gates, into the Barnard systems, which would be explored thorougly, in search of minerals, colonizeable planets, and corundium.
but a sense of despair, encircled the ships...what if on the other side, we end in a parallel dimension were the gatecreator is not there? what if there is something...or someone, on the other side? what if we can never return home? what if we can never see our families again?...

"this is survey ship cavour 4, do you copy alpha complex?"
"loud and clear! it's good to hear from you"
"yes...we have the reports"
"start with the corundium"
"yes...a moon has been found with 2635 units of corundium"
"good, procede then"
"we have found duranium on..."
"no no, continue with the corundium"
"it's all there"
"...repeat...once more..."
"it's all there, we are still exploring other moons, but..."
" not transmit back until corundium is found. Copy that?"
"yes sir"
Signal closed

Shadenight's Fiction / Dark ships, white hopes.
« on: August 19, 2011, 02:53:02 PM »
Just immagine this, a really dark room:
nothing can be seen in this dark room.
When all the lights are off, and the curtains closed.
it's not a dark room for photographs.
There is the soothing noise of the sea though. Waves that go against the sand, The feeling of the temperate sun upon the skin, even though it's as dark as the darkest of the nights. The fresh breeze of the wind...yes, it's perfect.
It's perfect, isn't it?
You wouldn't mind staying there all day i bet, with not a thought by the mind, not a problem, or a worry. Just staying there, and resting.
But you can't, because you're a crewmember of a Regolo SHIP!
For here at Reg. Corp, lazy bums like you are thrown out in SPACE!

this is the alarm clock regularly installed in each and every single cabin of the Regolo Ships.
It's made so to increase in noise and volume over the course of the hours, and to stop only at determinate moments, so you never get the idea to go back to have a quick nap in the middle. Luckily outside one's own cabin, you can't hear a thing.
Some say it's a hard work, other that it's a harsh way of living.
Personally though, i find it the norm.
And i do enjoy my cabin when the alarm clock is off.
It's a little piece of heaven.
Maybe it's just me being here from a little, but many things seem strange.
For example, yesterday i went to the bathrooms, and i found a guy sleeping in the toilets. Mind you, not on a toilet, in a toilet. I didn't dare wake him up, so i just left and went to the baths at the other side of the ship.
Toilets here in space are a strange thing after all, you have to enter a sort of full body sauna, for the lack of gravity, you see.
Our ship doesn't have the gravity generator after all, too much of a hassle and of a cost.
What we do have are mining modules, though. Have a look at the baby i'm riding right now:

Code: [Select]
Regolo class Cruiser    42,500 tons     861 Crew     1196.6 BP      TCS 850  TH 150  EM 0
176 km/s     Armour 1-108     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 18    Max Repair 120 MSP
Asteroid Miner: 8 module(s) producing 160 tons per mineral per annum

Ion Engine E0,7 (1)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 50,000 Litres    Range 30.2 billion km   (1984 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

not that i'm in some way the captain, but still, it's a good and sturdy ship.
How are things going down there? i hope everything there is fine. And keep up the good work with school champ, you'll need it if you want to end up in a better place than me.
Love, you father,
Damiano Bersanti.
Cannot send mail.
Try again later.

"damn it!"
"come on Damiano, we're going to be late for dinner"
"i'm coming, just a second i have to send this mail"
"it's not like they'll die if you send it after dinner"
"you know it takes hours to reach them, even if i send it now!"
"so what? they'll be asleep? they'll read it tomorrow then"
"fine, fine, i'm moving"
stirring up from the desk in the computer lounge of the Regolo Ship number 3, nicknamed "betty hop", Damiano looked at the tall blonde man who was next to him, one of his friends here at "work" he had his feets on the ceiling, normal, since Damiano was the one upside down, all for that gravity non-existence. Damiano slipped out of the straps on the chair, and helped by his friend, made it on his feets.
"it's funny how comradeship is more comradesque when you have nice comradery with comrades."
"i hate it when you do that"
"do what?"
"use one word repeatedly in the entire sentence."
"fine. Let's go to grab a bite"
"what is the menu?"
"you know it's the chef's best bestest best! Cooked proteins! of some kinds!"
"...when is vegetable day?"
"i don't know pal, i really don't know anymore...maybe it was yesterday, or it was this supper...certainly not the day before still, that one i still recall it."

Damiano sighed, his friend was in for the first symptoms of the Space sickness.
He had stayed on the Betty hop for too much, and now the capacity of recalling past events was starting to gradually wear down.
Still, he had yet two more months to go. He hoped dearly that his friend never had to suffer the worst of the sickness: vomits, high fever, nausea, broken multiple bones, blindness, deafness, multiple personality disorder, suicidal tendencies, prone to rage, or even homicidal frenzies. To think about it, loss of short term memory wasn't that bad.

"don't worry now Damiano, the day i start lusting for blood i'll leave you a memo out of the door"
"my i feel safe now. really"
In the meantime, they had reached the cantina, a couple of hello's ensued, and then they sat one in front of the other, the Grub in plastic plates.
The eating went by in silence, and then his friend stated:
"you're awfully silent tonight."
"maybe it's because there are no arguments to speak of. You know, being in space, no tv, no internet connections, mails take hour to reach destination, books get read and reread..."
"maybe we should speak about how the food is nice, let's speak about the grub, okay?"
"what can i say? more of it?"
"no, i mean, how do they make it? it's all proteins, right?"
"yes so?"
"were do they take those proteins from?"
"i dunno. might be they had supplies of it on earth"
"yes but still, we're 900 souls, for three meals a day, that's awfully a lot considering we're still up here from...what's it been, five years?"
"one year, the ships is here from 2029, when it was produced and shipped up here on asteroid n*29. With the Regolo 1 and 2"
"they didn't even name this asteroid, poor fella"
"not that they wanted to. You do understand this is the only one with corundium"
"yes, it was found by chance, the president Pasquale got an heart attack when the news reached him"
"i bet he had one. Apart asteroid 10 with only 9 rocks and asteroid 5 with 169, the rest of the sol system is Corundium free"
"there are still asteroids to be surveyed."
"yes, but even then, how much do you expect to find on them? the foundries are hungry for it. it's needed to make mines too!"
"and no mines..."
"yes, exactly, less mineral output"
"still it's not going to last here, is it?"
"no, 1568 units of corundium won't last much. But i dunno what is going to happen..."
"i see".

*at the other side of the hall*

"look at that poor fellow"
"oh it's old Damiano"
"who's he speaking to?"
"nobody...he's been here too long. he rantles with the ghost of Martino"
"another poor sod, he went berserker after a while and started allucinating. He thought that food was produced by killing miners and mincing them to pieces"
"and what happened to him?"
"he was shot down, that's what happened to him. The officer didn't like it and showed everyone how food is actually produced"
"and ho..."
"you don't want to know. Or you'll stop eating it for months, and then start eating it again with disgust and puking all the way"
"oh come on it can't be that terrible."
a couple of whispers later, a scream was heard and the man begun heavily puking on the floor, he rantled something about "hell..." and collapsed due to the shock.
"young guys, weak stomachs" *eating the grub*
and Damiano went off back to his cabin, it was time to sleep now. He and Martino had many things to talk, like how to enter the kitchen by night. How to look in the freezers...

Two days later, the frozen body of Damiano was found in the freezers of the Regolo 3...

Reg. Cop Complex
"What do you mean three deaths?"
"three accidents this months chief, and we would really like to request a change of personnel"
"how many?"
"five hundred"
"that's more than half the ship!"
"sir, it's going to be hell in a couple more months..."
"oh come on!"
"i did try and convince him"
"who are you talking to?"
"martino, he's the speaker of the Regolo 3 crew"
"where did the officer go?"
"died in an accident, he's one of the deads on the list."
"i see...could i speak to the technician?"
"he's dead too, on the list."
"i understand...and the medic?"
"dead also. On the list"
"...i'll see fit to change the more personnel i can"
"thank you sir"
After the link got cut, the Reg. Corp officer looked at the names.

Fia belli, Medic. KIA, Killed in accident. She fell on some syringes and died.
Martino Scorsese, Technician, Killed in accident, he was vacuumed in space when one window pane of the Greenhouse broke.
Damiano Belli, officer and responsible for the ship, killed in accident, he was cleaning his gun when he mistakenly blew his head off.
And the photoes made the officer shiver...he couldn't recall it, but wasn't the guy who sent the message...really similar to Damiano Belli?

Shadenight's Fiction / Comments
« on: August 19, 2011, 10:00:03 AM »
want to comment how awful i am at writing? post it here!
want to comment how horrible my situation is? post it here!
want to ask for an italian translation of some piece or for an english one? post it here!

Drago Pasquale.
Translated roughly into the Easter Dragon.
The name always used to send down shivers of laugh and of scorn to the possessor of such name, a tiny men, in his mid thirties, always lost in thoughts, and half-bald.
The problem was that this man, Pasquale Drago, was also the founder and current chairman of the board of the most flourished mining company ever to be made on the surface of Earth, and of the sol system itself.
It was the first of january of the year 2025 when the elections were done and Pasquale ended up being the president in charge of Earth.
Not such a difficult feat, when half the world population is your own worker, and the other half depends on you for the minerals.
Trans-newtonian minerals, or newtonian ones, for the Dragon, it was the same, rocks were rocks, but business...well business was business as well.
He looked at the charts, in his new squared ovice. it used to be oval, once, but it ended up being squared and placed deep beneath the earth, to avoid president's deaths after the terrorist attacks of the years 2020.
the president was in charge for one year, and then had to be changed.
But the dragon was there to stay.
Furthermore, he was there to engulf the system in the flames of his machines.
But the charts demanded his attention, and he could not turn away from them, for two simple reasons.
The first, was that corundium was going to estinguish itself in less than 9 years.
A nice prospective.
The second was that duranium would have soon followed.
The third was that, apart from Uridium and neutronium, everything else would end up being depleted in less than twenty years.
The dragon had to raise it wings.
And how fast did he have to fly!

Military ship complex: Alpha Complex
"wait, are you sure about this charts?"
"they came in fresh from the brainyard"
"yes but...are you really, really sure?"
"what do i care? the chief ordered them built"
"and why did he call them Cavour?"
"dunno, he's italian, must be some italian guy"
Code: [Select]
Cavour class Survey Ship    4,250 tons     191 Crew     579.4 BP      TCS 85  TH 300  EM 0
3529 km/s     Armour 1-23     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/2/2     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 7.23 Years     MSP 1170    AFR 72%    IFR 1%    1YR 39    5YR 589    Max Repair 100 MSP

Ion Engine E0,7 (2)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 605.0 billion km   (1984 days at full power)

Gravitational Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour
Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

"well, at least it's build to last...ahaha"
"horrible joke, you know?"
"let's get to build it it'll take a while"
"two i just hope it doesn't get obsolete in the meantime"

Commercial naval shipyard: Equal exchange S.R.L.
"this are the orders"
"and i'm saying no"
"but come on!"
"no is no!"
"it's not that horrible, is it?"
"well, it's meant to go to space!"
"IT'S TOO FRIGGIN BIG YOU DUMBSTER! how the hell can i fit it in here!? do you realize you're talking of a 85000 tons ship!?"
"well's 84900"
"'re fired."
"CHIEF i was joking! come on!"
"maybe you're right, i'm not firing you."
"thanks chief"
"i'll have you increase the slipway size"
"well, it's not going to take long, it is of 20000 tons right now..."
"yes, but you'll do it alone"
"...chief, that's no human feat"
"i don't care, start working"
"chief...i think i'll go search for another job"
"i didn't fire you. you resigned."
and then the chief went and looked at the project...and sighed.
Code: [Select]
Littorio class Freighter    84,900 tons     315 Crew     700.2 BP      TCS 1698  TH 900  EM 0
530 km/s     Armour 1-172     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 5    Max Repair 38 MSP
Cargo 75000    Cargo Handling Multiplier 25    

Ion Engine E0,7 (6)    Power 150    Fuel Use 7%    Signature 150    Armour 0    Exp 1%
Fuel Capacity 250,000 Litres    Range 75.7 billion km   (1653 days at full power)

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

Two years and a couple of months later...

"this is alpha complex, cavour one and two, do you copy?"
"this is cavour one, i hear you!"
"this is cavour two, i hear you loud and clear!"
"this is alpha complex, happy too hear from the both of you, so, let's review your reports, it seems one of you didn't do his job properly"
"this is cavour one, what do you mean alpha complex?"
"i mean...the corundium. It's nowhere to be seen in your reports"
"this is cavour two, our sensors did not capt any corundium wavelength from the planets we were assigned to check"
"this is cavour one, our sensors too didn't capt anything from moons or planets too"
" have new orders ships cavour one and cavour two, you must now check all the asteroid belts"
"cavour one copies and turns off"
"this is alpha complex, cavour two, did you receive the transmission?"
"listen...between you and me, there "is" some corundium on a moon we surveyed"
"this is HIGH TREASON! why didn't you write it on your report?!"
"it's seven units"
"seven thousands units?! it's more than earth ever h..."
"no, seven units."
"seven, friggin bastard rocks"
"seven hundred?"
"no, seven."
"seven decines?
"i said seven."
"...the president is not going to be happy about this."
"i'm not the one who wanted to tell him that"
"i copy...this conversation never occurred then"
"this is cavour two, orders received, logging off"

Somewhere else, a couple of days later.
"news travel fast, don't they?" rhetorically asked, obviously, neverless, if you're being asked this question while somebody is pointing a gun at your face, you do need to answer something.
"i...i just...transmitted the message" was all the young officer could squeak. He knew he was somewhere on the ship, somewhere he never usually went, like maybe, the recycling center, or the maintenance crew quarters...still.
"you just couldn't keep quiet, could you"
"but, but...i have been assigned control of this shi..."
*a hit to the face, pain, a spattering of blood on the floor.
"no, you have been assigned here because of your political reliabilities...and not because your capable"
"my father just knew some major league col..."
"I DON'T CARE ABOUT THAT!" *another series of hits. a couple of teeths are broken.
He can't move, the young officer is tied to a metallical surface, with chains, just were did they get chains? the only chains here in space are...
" please, everything but this...shoot me in the head, please"
"what is this? do you finally understand the position you're in?"
in deep smeg.
was the first thought of the young officer. Which was partially true. he had been attached to the chains which usually are used to plunge the escrement containers out in space, when the automatized robots would start their work, he would literally be impaled by the hook, and then thrown out with the escrements of the entire crew.
"yes please...everything but this...please"
"good. so keep this in your next life"
"NOooooooooo" and with this words, the group left the young officer here.
Nobody would have asked questions...
after all...
accident happens.

alpha complex
"cavour two has sent a message"
"show it on screen"
"here it comes"
-"this is Cavour two spokesman, we have lost trace of the officer you sent us, that Guido Mosca. We suspect he had an accident while making a routine check on the outside hull, we await further orders"-
"answer them... that we will assign them another officer when they next come back to refuel to Earth and to proceed with the planned mission till then"
"okay...message sent"
"i already heard the surname Mosca"
"i think you played golf with a certain Giovanni Mosca recently"
"oh...that Mosca! he won't be happy to hear about this..."

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