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Portable Launcher Utility / [Win 7]Wrapper wont start.
« on: September 06, 2017, 11:45:29 AM »
Okay, so as the subject states.
I cant get Wrapper to start ever since i switched back to Win7.
It always return the error about not having a api-ms-win-core files and then switches to fatal error about python35.dll and error cod 998...

Dependency Walker shows that im missing those files :

What are they ? What do i download to get them all ? Or do i have to download them one at the time from dll sites ?
I have all the common stuff like Net Framework, XNA, Visual C++, DirectX etc, every other game both new and old work fine ( except Distant Worlds which simply crashes on start :( ), only Wrapper refuses to work...

Aurora Chat / [Game Setup][Problem]Dahakish/SG Universe-ish game.
« on: July 25, 2017, 01:03:52 PM »
So i had this idea of a game that would be similar to Dahak/SG Universe.
I 'd made normal conventional Human empire and then setup second race of so called Ancients ( not those ones ).
I'd given those Ancients the max tech level in everything, made few parts and assembled the gigantic mothership with cryo chambers, cargo, hangars etc with few small parasite destroyers.
Then i'd given those ships to humans..

And thats when i run into a problem - this somehow gave my Humans almost max tech level and that doesnt play nice with me :(

Did i do something wrong ? Is there a way around it ?

Its been bugging for a loooong time.

I know that railgun fires four "rounds" per shot.
What i dont know is : when those shots target the missile salvo do they all target one missile ? Or do they target up to four missiles ?

Example :

Ship A is armed with one railgun set to final defence. This ship is a target of a four missile salvo. Does this ship have four chances of destroying ONE missile or one chance to destroy each of the four missiles thus annihilating the entire salvo ?

Feel free to move this to mechanics subforum if you feel it belongs there or just lock and point me in the general direction of the answer :P

Aurora Chat / One major feature that Aurora lack in your opinion.
« on: March 24, 2016, 03:11:29 PM »
Title says it all.

What ONE MAJOR feature Aurora lacks in your opinion ? And i mean MAJOR, not some small thing like "beams should have little longer range" or "nerf point defence".

For me its the sound and im talking mainly about unit quotes, voiced announcements about detected hostile ships, lost vessels, finished research etc.
I just finished some exploratory play in the new Master of Orion reboot and before that i played Sword of the Stars 2/Imperium Galactica Open and its simply amazing how much life it pours into the game to hear your captains announcing their attack, lost ships or research advisors all excited because you just discovered antimatter warheads.

This is not a suggestion thread - more like "wishful thinking" kind one ;)

Aurora Chat / Quill18 makes an Aurora 4x Lets Play.
« on: December 31, 2015, 01:00:10 PM »

So yeah guys, Quill is making his Aurora 4x LP. Seeing as this guy has almost 300k subs i project that Aurora can become mighty popular in near future :>

Whats your opinion on that ? Is it good or bad ?? :>

I don't see any of the "Ask simple questions here" thread but if i miss something than delete this topic and point me in the right direction coz im a retard :P .

1.  Let's say i've designed some Size 10 missile at the game start.  Will they be upgraded as i research new missile techs ( warhead strength, agility etc ) or do i have to design new Size 10 missile for those techs to have effect ??

2.  What happens if my fully developed colony ( shipyards, every TN mineral on the planet, research labs etc.  ) rebels ?? Will they simply have a generic video game "strike" like cities in Civilization or will they become a full independent faction building ships, colonizing, shooting at my ships, making deals with others, researching things etc ??

3.  Are there any "high SF" techs and things in this game like in Space Empires 5 - Dyson Spheres, blowing up planets, making black holes etc ??

Thanks in advance for answers.  :)

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