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After Action Reports / A Brave New Galaxy
« on: May 05, 2017, 05:52:32 PM »
I know I started a thread about this in the general news section of Astra Imperia but when I remembered we can post YouTube videos in posts here and given how long I plan on having A Brave New Galaxy be I figured it would be better to start a thread here showcasing it off as the AAR it is.

On my channel I upload three videos a week, first I upload one of my main stories, then I upload a reading of a book in the public domain (currently I am reading Sun Tzu's The Art of War), then the third video of the week is one where I sit down and have a chat with my viewers. I am currently running two main stories right now on alternating weeks, A Brave New Galaxy as this thread is about, and The Second Rise of the Roman Empire which is a Crusader Kings II AAR. Due to some scheduling problems I had last weekend I am pushing two weeks worth of videos together right now and even though A Brave New Galaxy's first videos went up two days ago, the next one will be coming out a week from this Saturday.

I will be posting the videos of A Brave New Galaxy as they come up, but given the fact that after next weekend you will only have one video every other week, I encourage you to go to my channel and watch my other videos if you like A Brave New Galaxy.

General News / Sematary's YouTube venture
« on: May 04, 2017, 11:14:25 AM »
I know I've been gone awhile but I thought I'd drop in for at least a short time and let you guys know I started a YouTube channel where I put up essentially AARs recorded. This morning I launched the start of an Astra Imperia series so I thought I'd let you guys know about it.

You can find me at and my channel is called WaywornWyrm.

Aurora Suggestions / Bridge Crew
« on: October 27, 2015, 01:06:36 AM »
A lot of old threads just showed up in my updated topics list and I saw one that I really want to bring up again but this time make my argument for them a bit less bitchy than it looks reading it over a year later.

I would like to see a Star Trek-esque bridge crew that could go with your ship, generally with more junior officer ranks. Right now its Captain so and so and his however many faceless nameless crewmen. I would like to see Captain so and so, First Officer such and such, Science Officer blah, Security Chief blargh, Medical Officer whatshername, Weapons Officer muscles mcmuscleton, and so forth. Just a couple of officers that would be assigned to the crew to give more depth to the roleplaying on a ship. Erik suggested in the last post that it could even lead to new stats like "Command, Engineering, Science, Medical, etc." Now to be clear I don't want to simulate how any real navy does it which would quickly lead to thousands of junior officers, I just think it would be a lot of fun to add a few more officers per ship, or at least have the option to. I know my fiction writing would be the better for it.

Sematary's Community Game / QAD Astra Imperia System Generator
« on: October 20, 2015, 11:27:04 PM »
I was thinking on the way home tonight. I can release a race generator and a system generator as stand alone apps. This would aid greatly I think. The code would be using the same code that AI Aide is using, so any updates there would affect this also.
The system generation would help me so much. I have a long list of stars that you guys can go to that don't currently have systems for and with how long gas giant moons can take to generate I am not a big fan of generating systems. Race Generation, depending on what exactly it entails, I think I can take it or leave it.

Sematary's Community Game / Top News Story
« on: October 17, 2015, 02:29:09 AM »
A broadcast from Europa:

Two newscasters sitting behind a desk delivering the nightly news when one slightly presses their finger to their ear for a few seconds with a look of concentration. She glances over at her co-anchor for a second, "I am sorry but I have to interrupt you with some breaking news. As some of you may know our glorious government has been engaged in a resettlement program recently as we branch out to the other moons that orbit Jupiter. We just received news that two of those settlements appear to be abandoned after only a couple of months of occupation. At this time it is believed that they have been resettled to a different moon or moons but no explanation is currently forthcoming. We will keep you appraised as the story develops."

Mechanics / Jump Point Generation
« on: October 09, 2015, 05:09:47 PM »
Quick question for Steve, or anyone who knows the answer, is there any rhyme or reason to jump point generation? I have been having trouble finding one of the jump points I found on the map and just found it, its just over 2 million kilometers from the sun. I have never seen that before and was wondering if its just an oddity or what.

Sematary's Fiction / Commonwealth of Earth
« on: October 05, 2015, 02:57:59 PM »
I have a new project coming up so I am starting a new AAR to knock the rust off. There will be no real background on this AAR because it would be incredibly ridiculous and honestly I don't really feel like coming up with one for a project like this. The first update will probably be done sometime tomorrow.

Sematary's Community Game / New Year's
« on: May 08, 2014, 01:35:08 PM »
[ooc]None of your societies are closed so I figured news broadcasts would be intercepted from time to time by each of you and here are the results of that.[/ooc]

The following broadcast is from MBC, the Mars Broadcasting Company whose tagline is Fair, Honest, First. The broadcast is centered on Time’s Square in New Washington and takes place soon after the ball dropped on what would have been midnight for New York City on Earth. The reporter is Sara Munoz.

“The celebration behind me is reaching its peak right now; people are celebrating a new year and looking forward to everything that is to come.” She looks up for a second before looking back into the camera, “The confetti is still falling as it has been for the last five minutes. The organizers really outdid themselves trying to match the celebrations last year that opened up the new century. And keep your eyes to the skies tonight, a very special astronomical event is going to happen. Both Phobos and Demos will be full tonight.

“This year has been big for the government of Mars as well, the new command building will be finishing soon near the academy of West Ann. The most important thing we are going to bring you soon is a possibly ground breaking story in the next few weeks. A couple of sources in the military claim that when the Eagle left Martian orbit they found something in the inner system. So far we don’t know what was found but we promise you that when we do you, the viewer, will be the first to know. Thank you and goodnight.”

The broadcast cuts out and shows the New Year celebrations in other cities and towns throughout Mars, but it is clear that the celebration in the capital is the biggest.

The next broadcast is from Europa and is on the official State News channel. It is shot from inside the newsroom which is decorated to look very nice and official without all the color and eye popping that you get with news companies that have to compete with others for viewers.

“Good evening this is a special report on the state of the Middle Kingdom. With the year wrapping up soon it is time to update our people on how our glorious government has been proceeding this year and what projections are for next.

“Chinese scientists have made several breakthroughs this year and they promise that should war ever reach our peaceful population again the full might of the Middle Kingdom will wash down on any enemies like a typhoon and sweep them out into space before they could ever reach our many loyal citizens. Io has been resettled after the colony was abandoned during the dark times, and the population is in the several millions. And the largest plan for our glorious nation for the coming year is to expand throughout the moons of Jupiter and show the other colonies why the Middle Kingdom was so feared in the 21st century.”

The broadcast continues in a mostly propagandist fashion and extols the virtues of the government and the people living there.

The third broadcast is from Prometheus and is a broadcast of the ABC, Australian Broadcasting Company, currently one of the largest media corporations in the Pacific Federation.

“Good evening this is Robert Tripp bringing you the nightly news. The biggest news tonight is the signing of the treaty between us and the Russians living on Cheron. It appears that our government has drawn part of our border and it is the first official demarcation of its kind. Not only that but it gives us Uranus as well as Saturn and its moons. We will have political analysts on here later but first we go to New Sydney to bring you progress on the new opera house that is being built after the one in the city’s namesake.”

The show continues and the analysts come on but don’t really add anything to the conversation other than the idea that there is no way the treaty is anything but good or possibly the best thing ever. The words groundbreaking and historic are thrown around a lot.

The last broadcast is from Cheron and is from a small radio station out of the town of Gabriel.

“With Pluto settled and Neptune now in our sphere of influence we can finally say we are rebuilding. The Motherland was wracked by wars other people started on Earth and these wars plunged us deep into hard times but we survived. Every Russian survives, the cold can’t kill us, failed crops can’t kill us, not even revolution can kill us. We always come back and take what is rightfully ours. And now we are doing that. We have taken Pluto back and we have declared that Neptune is rightful ours as it should be. Long live the Motherland, long live Russia.”

Sematary's Community Game / Civilian companies
« on: May 04, 2014, 12:29:10 PM »
I am testing out a home rule in my solo campaign and was creating it as I go, I would like input from you guys if you would like to see it, in a much more completed form, in this game.

The idea is some of the largest companies are able to make space ships, and eventually mining colonies. Right now the idea is that freighters would either be able to rented by the government for colonization, at a higher price than if they did it themselves but you wouldn't have to build the ship or pay for its maintenance, or they would be used as trading ships for every Exploitation Point they pack into their ship in a turn the owner of the planet (or in the case of civilian mining the government of the company) would get 2MC, the government of the company of the ship would get 1MC, and the owner of the planet the stuff is dropped off on would get 2MC, each of those would be modified by your tax rate and the size of the populations involved this would represent the various taxes needing to be paid. Now if you notice the most you would be able to get from this is 5MC while if you own the planet you get 10 MC per exploitation point.

You would also be able to make laws and regulations regarding the companies but they would not have to follow them and would possibly bring their business elsewhere if there are too many restrictions for them. Also occasionally the companies might come to your government with some sort of deal, which may or may not be good.

This is not a fully fleshed out mechanic and its completely of my design but I figured it could be fun to try it out and if it ends up being a detriment to the game we can revisit it and think about removing it. So thoughts on including it?

Sematary's Community Game / Announcements
« on: April 28, 2014, 06:14:47 PM »
Everyone's subforum is set up and ready to go.

It is currently 4:12 PM PST and I would like the orders for Turn 1 ready to go ideally in 24-48 hours. After this turn I would like to have turns ready by Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week.

What is needed for that to happen is SOP in your forums, how you spend your starting ship funds, if I don't have 100 size worth of troops from you please make a ground forces thread with the composition of your ground forces including hierarchy, I also need your first research project, any trade/espionage you want to try on turn one, and your planned ship movements.

Sematary's Community Game / Rules
« on: April 28, 2014, 01:09:53 PM »
Here are the rules.

Firstly, the game goes in turns and each turn is a month long (a month is defined in this as 30 days).

Secondly, each person has their own subforum in which we will do most of the game communicating.

Thirdly, the rules found in the Astra Imperia book hold true unless I specify differently.

Forthly, all battles will be automated for both RP and practical reasons. As a result I will need standard operating procedures from each of you. They can be as simple or as complex as you would like but there are pros and cons to both simple and complex SOPs. Also you can make various operations that have names, scopes, objectives, and as such their own SOPs.

Fifthly, I am taking the restriction about capital weapons being on cruisers or larger away. I forgot about that line and I have helped design more than one of the players and some NPRs without that restriction so in order to keep the game running smoothly that rule is out.

Sixth Rule Change: Teams
Teams may be formed for specific applications. Each team may be led by a Personality. Each team has a rating of 5d10. If a Personality is leading the team, add 10% of the Personality’s IQ to the team’s rating. The team’s rating is added to rolls.

Seventh Rule Change: Erik noticed that tactical rules talked about heat radiation but ship construction didn't have any rules about it here is a rule about ship construction and heat.
Radiator Rating
Each ship has a Radiator Rating equal to the hull divided by 500, with a minimum rating of one. Additional heat radiators may be purchased for 2MCr, 1 ton, and 1 LP per rating point.

Eight Rule Clarification: This comes up between the Promethian-Martian Embassy Exchange that was just done. Embassy teams and such need to actually be transported between the places. If its just a small group of people (20 or less) they don't need special transport capabilities on the ship they are using but large groups of people need to use transport ships.

Ninth Rule: Shields that are off at the beginning of combat may be activated. During the Bookkeeping phase they gain their natural regeneration rate, plus their power x 5 applied to the Collapse value. HEC rings may increase this rate. Shields that are damaged in this power up period have their reduced Collapse value available. This should make it that it takes two turns to power up shields.

That is all the big rules I can think of right now, but I may add or subtract from this as needed.

Sematary's Community Game / Prologue
« on: April 28, 2014, 11:43:58 AM »
In the late 21st Century and the early 22nd Century the North American Federation, Russia, the Middle Kingdom, and the Pacific Federation started colonization and terraforming of several celestial bodies. The main settlements became Mars for the NAF; Cheron, a moon of Pluto, for Russia; the Chinese settled Europa around Jupiter; and an ANZAC and Japano-Korean colony program settled Prometheus one of Saturn’s moons.

Human civilization on Earth began its final chapter in 2157 when the Republic of Africa took most of Africa from the Saharan Commonwealth. After that first major offensive the two powers skirmished for three years before the Commonwealth of Greater Europe decided to aid the Commonwealth possibly out of a desire to keep the factions too weak to be a threat. By 2163 Saharan and European forces had retaken most of the Commonwealth’s old territory back and started deep attacks into the Republic of Africa’s homeland.

The next year marked another change in the war as the Middle Kingdom joined the war on the side of the Republic of Africa making Russia a battleground as both sides did everything they could to avoid the nuclear wasteland that was the Middle East. Superior numbers meant that the Chinese forces wintered just inside the border of Poland and the Commonwealth of Greater Europe invoked the NATO pact having the North American Federation and the Pacific Federation join the war that was now spiraling out of control.

The Republica de Bolivar is eventually drawn into the war on the side of the Republic of Africa and its largest contribution was the Antarctic Campaign where South American forces fought an increasingly large and bitter fight against Australian forces after the Australians attempted to cross Antarctica to set up secret forward air bases to attack Southern South America and Southern Africa.

All nations agreed that the colonies were off limits regarding military action but the war did make it harder and harder for the nations to first keep up terraforming and then to even supply their colonies.

In 2179 the Middle Kingdom used limited nuclear strikes against Soul, Pyongyang, Kyoto, Kochi, Darwin, and Java. The Pacific Federation retaliated immediately destroying Nanjing, Beijing, Taipei, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Kolkata, Mumbai, Hanoi, the Three Gorges Dam, Phom Penh, Dhaka, and Nagpur.

Soon after that a small convoy of ships is launched from deep in the Amazon and travels out to Uranus before engaging primitive FTL drives. By 2182 two more launches have happened, one from France and one from deep in the Sahara. After those launches Earth starts going dark and by 2190 all communications and lights have gone dark. As for as everyone on the colonies know they are the last humans alive and they all enter a dark age as the lack of supplies and self sufficiency causes technology to start failing. The four major colonies come out of the dark ages in the late 2200s and start surpassing Earth technology in limited ways while still being behind in others.

It is now the dawn of the 24th Century and as it begins each major power has started building defensive installations and ships to defend themselves from each other. Will the colonies see each other as the last remaining vestiges of Humanity or did the wounds of World War IV cut too deeply to be overcome?

[ooc]I will be giving each of the players more information a little later today to firm up how each of you stand and give some more information that only your faction knows. [/ooc]

General News / Astra Imperia Community Game
« on: April 15, 2014, 02:18:19 PM »
With the start of Pancoption's game and the new battle mat I have, I was thinking about starting an Astra Imperia game on here.

I would suggest that we do a single system start, but if people interested would prefer a multi system start (ie each faction in a different system) that can be done.

So right now I would like to see how many people would be interested in playing. If you do not have the rule book please talk to Erik Luken on here as it is his game. Right now he is interested in playing it and I would like a few others to join before working out more. There probably won't be a multi player faction set up but if we get a lot of people we might do that.

Aurora Suggestions / Bridge Crew
« on: February 20, 2014, 02:24:34 PM »
I don't know if this has been suggested before but I would love to see bridge crews. So each ship would have a CO, an XO, and a few others. This would also allow for lower ranks like Ensign or Lieutenant. Its primarily a thing for roleplaying.

After Action Reports / Terran Confederation Discussion
« on: February 11, 2014, 12:39:33 AM »
I thought I would start a thread here to talk about my Astra Imperia game for those reading it. I would love to answer questions or hear what people have to say about it. I am really big on feedback as an author and on top of that I would love to see interest in Astra Imperia go up and have other people writing AI Fiction. So consider this an open forum to talk about my story.

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