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« on: January 17, 2010, 03:07:20 AM »
For user-made fiction. Hehe, for those people who don't do fiction entirely but want to write a story about what just happened. So anway, Aurora is a good fiction engine.

"It's been 2 decades now. The year is 2178, about 7 years after the... Incident.

Since the disaster, Earth has rebuilt. From our old 500 million we have re-emerged to 1 billion people. With a Mars colony of 110 million, and a colony 2 jumps away, connected by the alpha centauri system and jumpgates.

About 15 years ago, a Science Vessel was sent on an exploration mission and happened upon the Lacaille 9352 system. After performing a geosurvey on one of the more ideal worlds, they found ruins.

4 years later, a archaeolgical team and a engineer regiment was dispatched to the planet to sift through it. Work was completed 7 years after, and at that point a colony of 60 million existed.

The science vessel continued to another system.. The next one. Heintz 299, where the incident happened. Communication was lost on October 20th, 2171 with the U.A.S.S. Ganymede. A military squadron was sent to the system to investigate, and they found a completely earth-like world, no terraforming necessary. Then they detected thermal signatures. They retreated, finding the dead corpses inside of the life pods of the long gone UASS Ganymede.

Now, a jump gate network connects us to Sol, allowing merchant vessels through to us and a connection to home. Immigrants flow freely, and there is a heavy duty naval force stationed in the Lacaille 9352 system, to keep the system and jump gate connecting to Sol under watch so they might not get through.

The close location to hostile aliens destabilizes politics, but once defense is in place people become happy. Any and all alien vessels detected in-system are usually destroyed.

When a mere 3 missiles struck on of the alien ships scouting the system on the edges from one of the Nova class battlecruisers, it exploded. People began to think they were weak. But are they? Do they have bigger plans in store for us? I hope not. For the sake of everyone."

-Brigadier General Doug Gales, report on the Heintz 299 Incident

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Re: Sub-Forum
« Reply #1 on: January 17, 2010, 03:25:04 AM »
Technically that is what the Aurora fiction forum is for. ;)


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