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Mapless Challenge :)
« on: Yesterday at 04:11:20 PM »
As an experiment, I'm wondering how many people play the game while using the System Map for visual information? As a totally blind player this is obviously not an option for me. Therefore, I propose a mapless challenge, as follows:

1. You can't use the System Map info to get an orientation to star systems or for sensor information, you only have access to the F9, system information window and other textual displays.
2. The events window is preferred for getting information, if only because it's easy to inadvertently look up and see something on the map, even if accidentally. I don't have that luxury :)
The point of this challenge is to document the experience. How'd it go? Were you disoriented? Did your ships blow up more than usual, or do you have a good enough map of systems only from the other information provided? There's no set length for this challenge, it can just be a one-time thing, or if you really want to you can try expanding from a Conventional Start with it. Have fun :)
I'd love to hear about people's experiences.

Full disclosure: Steve added a "show coordinates," option to the map a while back at my request, but I don't know how one can use just that information without accidentally getting more from the map, even if subconsciously.

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Re: Mapless Challenge :)
« Reply #1 on: Today at 04:04:23 AM »
Y'know, I think I only really look at the system map for any information during combat, it's the most useful there. I still have it open at other times, because it is technically the "main screen", but I'm looking in the System Info and Economy screens for most of the game.

You must be like a modern day Jan Zizka, because I can't even comprehend trying to play this without working eyes.
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Re: Mapless Challenge :)
« Reply #2 on: Today at 04:42:50 AM »
Can we make use of the Galactic Map at all? I imagine not as that's not technically a "textual display" but I'm curious both in terms of the challenge and whether you yourself are able to make use of that window.   
I imagine without the system view my gameplay wouldn't really be affected much but maybe I'm wrong.    It's quite possible I gain far more information from it passively being open than I realize.   

Actually I've thought about it a bit longer and I'm realizing I do use it for getting distances sometimes and I couldn't imagine setting up waypoints to have a ship avoid unknown contacts by going far out-system in a giant curve to the warp gate.   .   .    can you even do that without the system map? Huh, how do you get distance from your TGs to potential enemy TGs or other contacts.   .    I suppose bearing? You can turn on bearing for the system window but that's sort of the issue- does it display that same information in other areas? This challenge is getting more interesting the more I think about this.    It seems I use the system window a lot more than I initially thought.   

Although, any results I have (If I do take up the challenge) might be a little skewed: I'm new to Aurora in the sense that I've played perhaps 5 games total but 4 of those 5 I stopped rather quickly because turn times simply became too slow or I encountered errors I didn't know how to fix at the time.    Now, though, I've managed to keep a game going for a solid week and, since I'm a college student without classes (well, until Wednesday, that is) I've been playing quite a lot.    As of posting I'm at year 81 of a Conventional Start.    I'm not sure when my current game will manage to end, but your challenge is interesting me enough that I may very well take you up on it if I haven't temporarily burned myself out on Aurora by then.   

I was just thinking and I have another question for you if you don't mind: I assume you either have some form of reader that vocalizes things in the various windows or otherwise a form of digital-to-braille thing (I think I recall hearing about those becoming a thing? Maybe I'm going crazy) so what I am wondering is if you open the F9 screen where it lists all the planet's various stats does it somehow highlight low colony cost worlds for you with like an asterisk or something(Although I suppose you could also just sort by colony cost and then read the first few in the list)? The big thought I had is that I get a quick sense of a system just by glancing at the numbers due to color codes and I was curious if you have an equivalent or not. 
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