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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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February: Bethany Fleming completed Missile Agility 32 and starts looking into Fusuion-boosted Fission Warheads. Due to the
growing fleet the Mountain Tribe has its first Rear Admiral, 39 years old George Yates whos career was focused on leading the
survey missions from Fleet Command and he made some friends in politics while doing so.

March: Geo survey of Glasgow completed, while Glasgow-A III would make a decent colony (cost 2.0) the system is lacking in mineral

May: Edinburg grav survey completed, just the 2 JPs. Research is completed for Improved C&C and construction of a Sector
Command is started immediatly, it should be finished in December. The Quad Gauss prototype and Minimum Engine Power x0.4 were
completed as well. The Resolution class is designed, a 8000t AMM cruiser with 3 huge quad gauss turrets and a tracking speed of
12k, what the Resolutions lacks in accuracy is hopefully made up by pure point blank range firepower. It range is lacking, but
getting a AMM beam ship earlier is very important at the moment, we can worry about more fuel efficient engines later. 4
Resoltuions are ordered at Shah Shipbuilding and construction should be helped by already having 16 pre-build engines, the
1000t expansion that was currently worked at is scrapped.

Code: [Select]
Resolution class Cruiser    8 000 tons     201 Crew     1074 BP      TCS 160  TH 480  EM 0
3000 km/s     Armour 1-35     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 3     PPV 87.54
Maint Life 1.16 Years     MSP 252    AFR 170%    IFR 2.4%    1YR 192    5YR 2877    Max Repair 170 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 4   

Pearce Limited 120 EP Ion Drive (4)    Power 120    Fuel Use 81%    Signature 120    Exp 10%
Fuel Capacity 450 000 Litres    Range 12.5 billion km   (48 days at full power)

Quad Doyle Systems Gauss Cannon R2-100 Turret (3x12)    Range 5 000km     TS: 12000 km/s     Power 0-0     RM 2    ROF 5       

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Gordon & Gray Fire Control S0.5 2.5-12000 (1)    Max Range: 5 000 km   TS: 12000 km/s     0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Patel & Rhodes Active Search Sensor MR3-R1 (1)     GPS 60     Range 3.6m km    MCR 392k km    Resolution 1

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

Sam Harrison starts to look into Boat Bays with 3 labs, Oliver Fuller in 12cm Lasers with another 3 labs and Jason Stevenson
into Capacitor Recharge Rate 2 with 3 labs, the final lab is allocated to Thomas Poole who is currently looking into Salvage

June: A luxury spaceliner from Godfrey Carrier Lines is heading out of the Polaris system, for some time there had been offers
for cruises into the London system, but so far there have not been enough people interested in taking a look at a new star
system, this seems to have changed now. It will be interesting to see if this will establish a new trend. The Charon completes
the Polaris/Manchester gate 112 days earlier than expected - just 248 instead of 360 days - Commander Alexandra Randall
receives a commendation for her superb work.

July: Construction of the 2 new Victory Mk2 classes, the Beagle and the Bloodhound was completed, we enabled trade with the
Protectorate hoping to find the homeworld by having our ships following the traders. Beagle will wait for the Protectorate
while Bloodhound moves to the London JP, trying to catch and shadow some Bismarck class ships from the Tundra Tribe who leaft
Polaris a few days earlier. The Vic2s should have 3 times the speed of the old Bismarcks. 2 additional Vic2 are ordered, once
they are finished they will replace the old Victories. Styx completed the construction of the Liverpool gate 94 days ahead of
time, a feat which earned Lt.Commander Nathan Nicholls a commendation as well. Unsurprisingly the Bloodhound did not find the
Bismarcks, only after having arrived in the London system Commander Philips realised that High Command had missed to inform him
of the fact that the Bismarck only had a tonnage of a bit over 20kt, too small for his sensors to detect. He will stay at the
JP anyway and scan for arriving or leaving ships.

August: One slipway has been added to Gould naval yard bringing them up to 2 at 1000t each, another slipway is to be added.
Odonnel&Co. added 1000t to its slipways, bringing them up to 5000., no further expansions at the moment due to money getting
low. New naval yard Barker&Marsh has been completed.

September: Construction factories on Polaris II are completed, due to the financial situation building will be focused on
financial centers now. Due to those problems building garrison units at Polaris is stopped as well. There is a Protectorate
Calumba at Polaris and the Beagle is ordered to follow, but it seems like this Calumba has some technical problems, at least it
is not moving anywhere.

October: Calumba still at Polaris, but it seems like civilian traffic is better this year than the last, about half the
civilian fleet seems to be moving around at the moment. Victory 1 completed her overhaul is moving to Glasgow for a grav

November: Construction of Improved Command & Control has been completed and the King assigns Henry Storey as Governor of
Polaris Sector, he has some skill at wealth creation, mining and population growth programs and a little bit of knowledge about
shipbuilding techniques, but it is hoped that he will improve substantially with this new post. The Protectorate regards us as
friends now and will share future geo survey data with us. With still no movement from the Calumba at Polaris the Beagle is
ordered to grav survey Glasgow while Bloodhound is ordered back to Polaris in cse the Calumba starts to move or other
Protectorate tradeships arrive. Grav survey of Newcastle was completed, there is only 1 jump point in the system, which would
help with the defensibility of the system once we have the time and ressources to start/expand the colony on Newcastle III.

December: 8 Calumbas entered the Polaris system, hopefully they will leave again soon and Bloodhound will be able to follow.

End of year status



Pop: 662m (+16)
Factories: 901 (+13)
Mines/automines: 402/185 (34 converted)
Labs: 32 (+3)
Academies: 6
Naval yards (slipways/tons): 4/9000, 2/5000 (+1000), 2/1000 (+1), +1/+1000
Commercial yards: 2/91400, 1/42400 (+9400)
Thermal: 17.3k, Tundra 18.1k, Hill 18.9k
EM: 48.3k, Tundra 50.3k, Hill 51.1k

Polaris II
Pop: 28.2m (+0.2)
Factories: 140 (+4)
Finance Centers: 31 (+13)

Polaris VI Moon 6
Pop: 8.1m (+0.9)

Scientists/projects - trying another format here, any preferences?:
Bio: 30% / Terraforming 0.0012 atm
Construction: - / -
Defense: 35% / Ceramic Composite Armor
Energy: 20%, 15% / Visiable Light Laser, 12cm Laser
Logostics: 25%, 10% / Boat Bay, Salvage Module 500
Missiles: 65%, 20% / Reduced Size Launcher 25%, Fusion-boosted Fission Warhead
Power: 35%, 15% / Max Engine Power x1.75, Capacitor Recharge 2
Sensors: - / -

Civilian Shipping (up from 2170 to 2600):
Godfrey Lines - 24 ships (+1 - 1540 income)
Shepherd Corp - 19 ships (940 income)
Payne Transport - 2 ships (no income)
Doherty Transport - 2 ships (80 income)
Lloyd T&T - 3 ships (20 income)
Sharp Company - 3 ships (20 income)

Income at 18.4k (+1.3) and 23.3k spend (+0.7). Wealth reserves are at 2.7k. Something has to happen soon, hopefully the
Calumbas will generate some additional trade and lead us back to their homeworld.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Formatis still slightly off for smaller displays like tablets, but a few characters less on each line should do the trick.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Your Resolution class won't work, a fire control needs a range of at least 10,000 km to function. It should be pretty easy to fix and refit any you've already built.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Thx, would have been embarassing to have a anti missile ship which is unable to fire ;).

Btw, any other report anybody would like to see? Still unsure about the format and details here as well.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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January: Charon completed the Polaris/Glasgow gate and starts to build the Glasgow/Polaris counterpart. Current monthly
wealth deficit is about 200cr, due to the trade with Cambridge there will be peaks, but it seems that the only way to avoid
negative wealth will be to stop using some industrial capacity for some time. Installation construction cost about 1k each
month at the moment.

February: Laura Little completed Visible Light Laser and continues with Near Ultraviolet Laser. Using just 40% of Polaris
industrial capacity for now leads to a slightly positive income. It will be raised again when the income situation allows
for this. Styx has completed the Liverpool/London gate and heads into London to build the counterpart. Oliver Fuller
completed 12cm Laser Size and continues with 15cm, Jason Stevenson compleetd Capacitor 2 and continues with 3. The 4
Resolution class anti-missile gauss cruisers have been completed as well and start training.

March: 10 Grendel class ships from the Hill Tribe arrived in Polaris via the Manchester gate, with the tonnage of 22850t
and slow speed of 958km/sec they look like transports. While they are to small for a Victory II to follow them the most
likely bodies in Manchester for a colony are Manchester II Moon 6 and Manchester III, Afghan is ordered to take a closer
look at both. As suspected there is a small Hill Tribe colony at Manchester II Moon 6. Due to no other entrance to
Manchester than through Polaris it is a nice system with some decent mineral deposits, but at the moment there is not much
we can do about the Hill Tribe there. The Victories are ordered to grav survey the Leyland system, which should be fairly
safe due to all the civilian traffic passing through it to Cambridge without any incidents.

April: Finally a new science graduate, but sadly still neither specialisted in construction nor in sensors. Joe Atkins is a
missile/kinetic weapons specialist (10%) able to utilise 30 labs at once. Currently there are no labs available for him.
Using 50% of Polaris factories still yielded a positive income due to reduced costs, utilisation is raised to 60%.

June: With the grav survey of Leyland nearly completed the first ships head to Londonderry to search for jump points there.
The first Vulture class salvager is completed, with 2 unknown wrecks in Liverpool and Liverpool deemed save the Vulture
heads there to salvage those 2 wrecks.

July: A new jump point with a gate has been found in the Leyland system, the Aardvark is ordered from Polaris to travel
through the gate. Leyland grav survey completed, no additional jump points found.

August: A new jump point was found in the Londonderry system, Aardvark will head there next.

September: The Leyland JP leads to the Dundee system, it contains a single T5 star. But with a gate on this side as well it
seems likely that there is another gate somewhere in the system. Charon completed the Glasgow/Polaris gate and is ordered
to build a gate at the Polaris/Edinburgh JP. Vulture completed its first salvage, the unknown 9650t ship had a jump drive
and we gained some knowledge about improved jump drive efficiency from it, nothing else was found. The unknown 19300t ship
will be next.

October: The salvaged unknown ship had Thermal Sensors with a sensitivity of 6 and a little bit about their design was
learned during the salvage, but other than that nothing else have been found or learned. Vulture heads back to Polaris to
unload the salvaged minerals and information. The Londonderry gate leads to the Oxford system which has another gate,
Captain Khan is a bit surprised that the wreck has vanished, it looks like the aliens who destroyed the ship are using
salvagers as well. Aardvark uses the gate back to Londonderry. That Oxford is connected to our trade route to Cambridge V
is of some concern since we dont know if/when the aggressive aliens suspected in Oxford might enter Londonderry to disrupt
our trade. At the same time a new gated jump point is found in Londonderry and Aardvark heads there.

November: Styx completed the London/Liverpool gate, next will be the Liverpool/Belfast gate. With 2k wealth again and
positive income - mainly due to close to 100 finance centers having been build on Polaris in addition to the trade tax -
construction is set back to normal. All civilian ships except for a couple of colony ships are constantly in use now.
Despite the long distance involved having found the Protectorate homeworld provided the income bonus that has been hoped

A new scientist graduated from the academy, Anna Heath is a construction specialist (yeah, finally, the first one in
15 years) able to lead 20 labs. She is assigned to continue the work on improving the civilian economy from Thomas Poole.
Thomas Poole gets 1 lab to look into Large Fuel Tanks and Joe Atkins gets 1 lab as well to look into improving Ornance
Production by 20%. Expansion of Odonnel&Co. naval yard from 5000t to 6000t is started. The new gate from Londonderry leads
to another gate in the Sheffield system. Long range scanners show a single K3 star with a innermost dwarf planet, 2
terrestrials (with the 2nd one at 89m which might be the habitable zone around such a small star), followed by a super
jovian and a gas giant each with a couple of moons, another terrestrial followed by a gas giant with some moons. In
addition 17 asteroids and 5 comets are in the system. The 2 remaining Tribals are send to take a closer look at the planets
and Aardvark jumps back into Londonderry to provide fuel for the grav survey ships.

December: Due to the longer ranges involved in system surveys, the low number of remaining Tribals and advances in
technology the Tribal Mk2 class is designed. 3 ships will be build once Simmons Enterprises has completed building the 3
Vultures. The Tribal Mk2 will have more than 50% more speed, more than twice the range and 1 additional month of deployment
time for just 300t additional tonnage. Due to its small size and fairly powerful engines it willbe the fastest ship in the fleet.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mk2 class Geological Survey Vessel    2 500 tons     45 Crew     339.8 BP      TCS 50  TH 180  EM 0
3600 km/s     Armour 1-16     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/2     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 85    Max Repair 100 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 30 months    Spare Berths 0   

Anderson-Lord 180 EP Commercial Ion Drive (1)    Power 180    Fuel Use 9.9%    Signature 180    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 150 000 Litres    Range 109.1 billion km   (350 days at full power)

Geological Survey Sensors (2)   2 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

Matthew Short completed research into better terraforming techniques (0.0012 atm) and continues to look for further
improvements (0.0015 atm). Once the finance centers have been completed at Polaris II and Moon 6 the first terraforming
complexes will be build on both worlds, but this is still some years away.

Another new jump point with a gate has been found in Londonderry and Aardvark heads there to investigate, due to having
refuled the grav survey ships she will had back to Polaris afterwards. Agincourt will replace her in Londonderry. With the
grav survey of Londonderry nearly completed the first Victories start to move into Sheffield.

End of year status



Pop: 693m (+16)
Factories: 858 (+7)
Mines/automines: 349/238 (2 converted)
Labs: 34 (+1)
Finance Centers: 99 (+99)
Academies: 6
Naval yards (slipways/tons): 4/9000, 2/5000, 3/1000, 1/1000
Commercial yards: 3/91400, 1/44800

Polaris II
Pop: 32.0m (+1.5)
Factories: 140
Finance Centers: 65 (+18)

Polaris VI Moon 6
Pop: 10.0m (+1.0)
Factories: 50
Finance Centers: 7 (+5)

Bio: 30% / Terraforming 0.0015 atm
Construction: 15% / Expand Civilian Economy
Defense: 50% / Ceramic Composite Armor
Energy: 25%, 20%, 15% / Reduced Size Laser 75%, Near Ultraviolet Laser, 15cm Laser
Logistics: 25%, 10% / Hangar Deck, Fuel Storage - Large
Missiles: 65%, 20%, 10% / Box Launcher 15%, Fusion-boosted Fission Warhead, Ordnance Production 12BP
Power: 40%, 20% / Stellerator Reactor, Capacitor Recharge 3
Sensors: - / -

Civilian Shipping (up from 2540 to 4090, should still go up a bit with the Liverpool gates providing a slightly quicker
route to Cambridge and older/slower ships getting replaced and new ones build):
Godfrey Lines - 27 ships (+1 - 1790 income)
Shepherd Corp - 19 ships (1290 income)
Payne Transport - 2 ships (420 income)
Doherty Transport - 2 ships (130 income)
Lloyd T&T - 3 ships (170 income)
Sharp Company - 3 ships (290 income)

Income at 24.0k (+3.3) and 21.7k spend (-2.0). Wealth reserves are at 2.7k. Spending will go up again now that construction
is largely back to normal and more ships are build and ship yards expanded again.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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With communication being a constant problem due to the large distances and especially the jumps between systems involved the
Royal Society has pondered the problem for quite some time. In the end a fairly simple solution came up, at least for the
systems that have our own or at least friendly jump gates. A transmitter device would be placed at each jump gate which -
upon receiving a certain code sequence - would record a message/file. This file would be stored inside a small drone which
is sent through the gate and docks at a similar transmitter at the other gate. There the file would be transmitted to the
intended target. If the target ship is not inside the system the transmitter would transmit the file to all other gate-
transmitters in system who would repeat this process with their own gate counterparts. Thus somewhere down the line the
intended ship is reached and since the message is stored for some time duplicate signals would be avoided, without this the
system would simply crash due to constantly resending the same message by all stations that are unable to reach the
intended target.

But this system has a couple of shortfalls, the biggest one being message integrety/security. There is no way to ensure
that the messages might not have been tampered with, wrong messages might be send or important messages being suppressed.
So while this system provides a very fast means of communications it can not be deemed safe. So no highly classified
messages should be send this way. And disrupting the system by simply destroying the transmitters is very easy, too. Naturally no
ships currently outside the range of the gate Network can be reached at this time. But messages will be stored and once a ship's
transponder signal is received by the transmitter the message is send out.

With the fairly large number of friendly gates already built by the Protectorate and our own growing number of gates most
of currently known space will be within reach of this gate-transmitter network. In order to add some layer of security a
encoding system should be developed which changes the codes in fairly short intervalls. While this would still not help
with messages potentially being suppressed it should lower the chances of important messages being read or fake messages
being sent. High Command approves of this plan and orders all gates to be fitted with transmitter devices. It is expected
that the network should be completed by the end of the year. In the meantime a encoding system will be developed.

January: No additional jump points have been found in Londondeery, a total of 5 have been found.

February: The remaining gate in Londonderry lead to the Notthingham system, a large trinary with fairly small and weak
suns. There are 5 planets in orbit around A, 2 terrestrialsand 3 gas giants with a couple of moons. B has 3 planets, all of
them terrestrial with moons around the 3rd planet. C has 3 planets as well, all of them super jovians with moons around II
and III. In addition there are 61 asteroids and 6 comets. Overall a fairly interesting looking system, but with distances
of up to 21bkm to the suns B and C and without any lagrange points travelling here will take lots of time. Low priority for
further exploration at the moment.

The 3 Vultures have been completed and construction of the 3 Trbal Mk2s is started. With the large trade income of the
civilian shipping lines another line has decided to enter the competition, John Transport and Trading, and their first ship
is a colony ship, the only type of vessel which is mostly idle at the moment.

March: Sam Harrison completed research into Hangar Decks, once box launchers have been completed a carrier based navy is
now a possibility, but without any better sensors there is not much use for long range strike capabilities by fairly small
craft. Sooner or later we will have to research better sensors even if no sensor specialist graduates. Sam Harrison starts
to look into Smaller Engineering Sections with 3 labs while the 4th is assigned to Eleanor Singh to speed up the research
for better reactors.

April: Another science graduate, Conor Booth, specialised in logistics and ground combat (10%) and able to lead 25 labs.
Another new shipping line, Lawson Container Company. 2 new jump points with gates have been found in Sheffield, Agincourt
moves to explore. Another gated JP was found in Sheffield.

May: Agincourt arrived in the Newport system, the jump point has a gate on this side as well. Newport is a large binary,
with A - a K2 - being 25% smaller than the sun and B - a L3 - a dwarf about 5bkm away from A. A has 7 planets, 4 inner
terrestrials, with II and III potentially inside the habitable zone followed by a gas giant with 34 moons, a dwarf planet
and another gas giant with 43 moons. B has no planets, in addition there are 5 comets in the system. Agincourt returns to
Sheffield and the next gate. Another gated JP is found in the meantime, the 5th.

Agincourt arrived in the Peterhead system, as became the norm around the Protectorate homeworld there is a gate here as
well. Peterhead is a small system with a F4 star a bit larger than our sun and about twice as bright. It has 3 terrestrial
planets with a single moon around the 2nd planet. In addition there are 5 comets. Agincourt heads to the next gate.

June: Sheffield geo exploration completed, terrestrial planet A-III looks very interesting, no so much due to minerals -
like the rest of the system there are actually milions of tons, but only at 10% accessability - but due to a partially
intact colony that has been found. Commander Isabelle Carey is not sure what the implications of this find are, but she
knows that High Command has to be informed as qucikly as possible and Tribal 2 heads back to Polaris to report.
This is the kind of report that will most likely always be send by ship.  Sorium is available at an accessability of 80% at the gas giants.

Agincourt arrived in the Douglas system which has a gate back to Sheffield as well. The single sun is a G8, roughly to same
mass, but half the luminosity of our sun. There are 9 planets with the innermost terrestrial followed by a moonless gas
giant and another terrestrial which might be habitable at a distance of 122mkm form the sun orbited by 2 moons. Next is a
dwarf planet followed by another gas giant with 16 moons and a super jovian with 25 moons. VII is another super jovian with
6 moons and the outermost planets are dwarf planets. In addition there are 17 asteroids and 5 comets. Overall a very
interesting looking system as well. Agincourt heads back to Sheffield.

And another scientist graduated, Kian John, he specialised in construction/production (still no sensors, sigh...) with a
research bonus of 20% and is able to use 5 labs. He takes over Civilian Economy research from Anna Heath who keeps 1 lab to
look into Shipbuilding Rate 560.

Grav survey of Sheffield completed, there are 5 jump points.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Still in September Dylan Murphy's Xeno team is able to translate the alien symbols at Sheffield-III. The builders called
themself the Platinum Khanate and a staggering 209 installations have been discovered. The technology appears to be a bit
higher than our own as well. The waiting Tribal picks up the teams and heads back to Polaris to make its report.

October: Bethany Fleming has completed research into Fusion-boosted Fission Warheads, together with the soon completed
Missile Agility this should provide a nice boost to our missiles. She takes over Ordenance Production research and the
original 3 labs are used to boost research into sensors and armor. 1 week later Brooke Begum completes research into
Missile Agility 48. He starts to look into better Magazine Efficiency (90%). In addition a new missile is designed, the
Viper II (48% engine, 20% warhead, 1% fuel, 31% agility):

Missile Size: 1 MSP  (0.05 HS)     Warhead: 1    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 25
Speed: 20200 km/s    Engine Endurance: 4 minutes   Range: 4.5m km
Chance to Hit: 1k km/s 505%   3k km/s 150%   5k km/s 101%   10k km/s 50.5%

It will take till next summer before enough have been build to rearm all missile cruisers.

It seems like the Protectorate has a grav explorer in Aberdeen because we received information about a new jump point

When the combined salvage/warship fleet reaches Polaris they gets a hero's welcome. Not only have they managed to weather the storm of the alien's missile fire, but they managed to destroy 3 alien ships and bring back salvaged tech as well. High Command came up with a number of new medals to mark the Mountain Tribe's first victory in a space battle. The Vulture commanders all receive commendations for keeping their heads under fire. The Resolutions receive the newly founded (OOC: is a medal actually founded?) Aegis Medal, which will be awarded to ships that prevent friendly ships from being hit by missiles. In addition the newly found Combat Medal will be awarded to all military ships that participated in a battle and finally the First Blood Medal, indicating that the ship has killed an enemy warship. In addition Isabelle Hall receives a knighthood and the title of Dame as overall commander of the first successfull battle in space.

First Blood Medal:
Cmdr. Evie Green - CA(M) Amber for destruction of Greece 001
Cmdr. Amber Watts - CA(M) Ark Royal for destruction of Greece 003
Cmdr. Ashley Cole - CA(M) Diamond for destruction of Rommel 001

Aegis Medal: Cmdr. Joel Perkins - CA(G) Parapet, Commodore Isabelle Hall - CA(G) Pillbox, Cmdr. Naomi Steward - CA(G)

Rampart, Commodore Declan Clark - CA(G) Resolution

Combat Medal: All of the above + Cmdr. Harvey Stephenson - CA(M) Amethyst

In addition High Command has learned a few things due to this battle - except for the obvious "we need better tech":

1. No ship should enter combat unless its crew has been fully trained.
2. If we are going to rely on missiles as offensive weapons we need a dedicated supply ship.
3. Due to anti-missile weapons a single missile volley should be as large as possible.
4. Focus your fire on one target unless you are sure you can bring it down with less that a full broadside
5. When defending ships or planets the fleet has to be fairly stationary - look into deployable weapon platforms
6. Small size is an advantage since most sensors are build for large ships - look into building smaller ships

OOC: In addition I did a little reform of the military ranks due having too much brass there for my taste, Grand Admiral rank will be gone and a new Senior Captain/Captain 1st class is inserted where the Commodore was before, thus moving Commodore up one rank along with the rest of the upper brass.

December: 1 new research lab is assigned to Construction Brigade. 2 new jump oints were found in Aberdeen, seems like our Protectorate friends are surely busy over there.

End of year status


Sector Polaris - Henry Storey - Adm 6 - Wealth +10, Min +20, Ship +5, Log +15, Pop +10, Ground +20

Polaris (Olivia Brookes - Adm 6 - Wealth +25, Fact +55, Min +30, Ship +35, Log +5, Pop +5, Ground +25)
Pop: 744m (+17)
Factories: 993 (+51 - 20)
Mines/automines: 308/270 (41 converted, 50 auto shipped away)
Labs: 43 (+3)
Finance Centers: 100
Academies: 7 (+1)
Naval yards (slipways/tons): 4/10000 (+1000), 2/8000 (+1000), 5/1000 (+1), 2/1000
Commercial yards: 3/91400, 1/44800

Polaris II (Louise Barrett - Adm 6 - Wealth +5, Fact +30, Min +15, Log +10, Pop +25, Ground +10, Polit +30)
Pop: 34.4m (+2.4)
Factories: 140
Finance Centers: 118 (+17)

Polaris VI Moon 6 (Rebecca Porter - Adm 3 - Wealth +20, Mining +20, Ship +30, Pop +30, Terra +15, Polit +10)
Pop: 14.6m (+1.6)
Factories: 70 (+20 from Polaris)
Finance Centers: 23 (+8)

Polaris Comet#4 (Thomas Dobson - Adm 3 - Min +20, Ship +15, Pop +5, Terra +10)
Automines: 50
170k 90% Duranium, 212 80% Corundium

Douglas III - Ruins - TL4, 14 Installations, +80% defense research
Sheffield III - Ruins - TL4, 209 Installations

Bio: 30% / Terraforming 0.0015 atm
Construction: 20%, 15% / Mining Production 14t, Shipbuilding Rate 560
Defense: 50% / Ceramic Composite Armor
Energy: 25%, 25%, 20% / Near Ultraviolet Laser, 20cm Laser
Logistics: 30%, 25%, 20%, 20% / Fuel Storage - Tiny, Troop Transport Bay, Engineering Section - Tiny, Construction Brigade
Missiles: 65%, 30%, 10% / Magazine Feed 90%, Ordnance Production 12BP
Power: 40%, 20% / Megneto Plasma Drive, Capacitor Recharge 3
Sensors: 35%, 20%, 10% / Active Grav Sensors 16, EM Sensors 8, Beam Fire Control Range 16k

Civilian Shipping (should be at normal levels now):
Godfrey Lines - 32 ships (+2 - 1920 income)
Shepherd Corp - 24 ships (1435 income)
Payne Transport - 3 ships (225 income)
Doherty Transport - 3 ships (135 income)
Lloyd T&T - 5 ships (+1 - 275 income)
Sharp Company - 5 ships (280 income)
Lawson Container - 2 ships (90 income)
John T&T - 2 ships (+1 - 90 income)
Clements Carrier - 2 ships (+1 - no income)

Income at 33.9k (+2.7) and 29.7k spend (+6.6). Wealth reserves are at 12.7k. Finance Centers account for 19% of the income
with shipping and exports for another 10%. Installation construction is responsible for 47% of the costs, research 33%.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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With no problems so far and no indications of intercepted/tampered/forged messages yet all but the most critical of
communications will send via the gate network from now on.

With High Command and the Royal Society getting restless about additional new knowledge from salvaged ships it is decided
that the salvage fleet will head out again when enough Viper IIs have been build for 3 full salvos due to the improved to
hit chances of the new missiles. If the Aberdeen aliens warships are only able to travel at 5kkm/sec or less every missile
should hit now except those taken out by PD fire.

January: Oliver Fuller completed research into Near Ultraviolet Lasers and is assigned 1 lab to look into Ultraviolet
Lasers, the other 3 labs are added to Troop Transport Bays and Construction Brigades.

We learned about Jump Drive Efficiency 5 from the Protectorate traders visiting our system, while we mainly rely on gates
as a means of travel it is still nice to be able to build better jumpships if they are needed.

February: Jason Stevenson completed research into Capacitor Recharge 3 and starts to look into Max Engine power x2.0. Gemma
Kaur researched Active Grav Sensor 16 and takes over Beam Fire Controll Range 16k from Ellis Cross who gets one of the labs
for starting to look into Active Grav Sensor 21. A new gated jump point was found in Inverness by Bloodhound, this one
might be leading back towards the homeworld of the Jays, so Captain Philips sends word about his discovery back to Polaris.
A few hours later Agincourt starts to move towards Inverness.

March: The Protectorate has completed the grav survey of Aberdeen, finding a total of 5 jump points. With Viper II stocks
at close to 1200 already this sounds like the right time to pay Aberdeen another visit. The Vultures head off first, due to
being the slowest ships. Aardvark will move to Aberdeen as well to take a closer look at the jump points. With 320 missiles
each - enough for 4 full salvos - the Royal Arks and Resolutions of Homefleet set out towards Aberdeen.

With the 1000th construction factory having been completed on Polaris their construction stops for now and the freed up
capacities are used to convert more mines to automines. A bit later 3 new Cryo Mk2 class colony ships have been completed.
They head towards Polaris Moon 6 to pick up coloniest and will begin the long journey to Douglas III.

April: A newly build lab is assigned to Eleanor Singh to speed up Magneto Plasma Drive research and 30 factories are
contracted to be shiped from Polaris to Moon 6 to free up some more workers.

May: The combined salvage/warfleet enters Aberdeen for the second time. All newly found jump points have jump gates and
Aardvark heads to the one as far away from the center of the system as possible. The Vultures move to 2 Gotterdammerung, 1
Hel and 1 Colossus class, all of them Hill Tribe ships. When taking a closer look at the wrecks it looks like there is some
problem with our computer, it looks like it assigned a Longsword class to nearly every known race, at the moment there are
3 races that have a Longsword class, which might lead to some mistakes due to misinterpreting a ships capabilities.

In the meantime our Protectorate friends seem to be busy in Birmingham, having found 2 new jump points there as well. And
Conor Wallis completed research into Ceramic Composite Armor. He starts to look into Beta Shields next.

Aardvark arrives in the Sunderland system with a gate there as well. There is a very large number of asteroids here 212.
Sunderland has a single class G7 sun and 8 planets. It has 2 terrestrial and 2 dwarf planets in addition to 4 gas giants
with a couple of moons. With a sun like our own Sunderland III, one of the terrestrials, with a orbit of 372m might be on
ther outer edge of the habitable zone. Aardvark jumps back into system and starts to head slowly closer towards the center
of the system where the other 2 gates are located.

In Inverness Agincourt enters the gate and arrives in the Middlesborough system and there is a gate on this side as well.

Middlesborough is a binary system with a planetless very small sun in orbit around the G5-class sun A. A has 4 gas giants
and 1 super jovian in orbit. There are 66 moons, 53 asteroids and 5 comets. Agincourt jumps back into Inverness.

June: Vulture 1 completed its salvage of a Gotterdammerung retrieving 1 Fire Control S02 40-1250, 2 Pepple Bed Reactors 1,
1 Thermal 5 and 1 15cm Plasma Carronade. It heads to a Hill Tribe Valhalla class next. Vulture 2 has salvaged the other
Gotterdammerung and retrieves 1 Fire Control, 5 Pebble Bed Reactors, 1 Thermal 5 and 2 Carronades, it heads for a Hill
Tribe Longsword. Vulture 1 is the next to complete its salvage of the Valhalla, getting 1 Missile Fire Control 27R85, 2
EP50 Nuclear Engines, 5 Size 4 Missile Launchers and a Thermal 5. A Hill Tribe Longsword is next. A few hours later Vulture
2 finished salvaging its Longsword, gaining 2 Nuclear Engines, 4 Missile Launchers, 1 Thermal 5 and 1 Missile Fire Control
39R85. She sets out for another Longsword.

Aardvark jumps from the Aberdeen gate into Birmingham, there is another gate here. A little while later she jumps back to
examine the last remaining Aberdeen gate. She arrives in the Chester system and there is a gate there as well. Chester has
a single G3-class sun, a little brighter than our own. There are 4 planets in orbit, I is a moonless gas giant, II and III
are terrestrials and might be inside the habitable zone while 4 is another gas giant with 16 moons, in addition there are 5
comets. Aardvark moves back into Aberdeen and heads to the Birmingham gate again to examine the new jump point in

July: It looks like Aberdeen is not as peacefull as it seemed, there are 40 strength 6 nuclear detonations at Aberdeen II,
but who is fighting whom is not known and Captain 1st class Dame Hall is not willing to risk any ship to take a closer
look. But it looks likely that one of the Aberdeen alien's enemies have attacked their homewolrd and this would mean that
the aliens warships are either all destroyed or too far away to interfere. 10 seconds later there are another 20 strength 6
explosions followed by another 20 stength 1 explosions 40 seconds later a bit furhter away from the planets, so maybe there
still are defnders left.

With the Douglas jump point close to 3bkm away from the center this looks like a good time to send a gate builder there and
open up a gate to Douglas. Dame Hall calls for the Charon.

50 seconds later there are another 20 strength 1 explosions about 1mkm away from Aberdeen II. 40 seconds later another 20
strength 1 explosions. This time it takes over 2 minutes before the next 20 small explosions are detected, everybody is
curious to know who is fighting whom, but all know that with the salvages in the system it is the best not to draw any
attention to them. About 2 hours later there are 20 strength 6 explosions and a new unknown wreck of 19250 ton appears on
the sensors right at Aberdeen II. This might be a defensive missle platform that shot the small missiles at the attackers
but is now destroyed. The defenders seem to have run out of missiles, now there are only the strength 6 explosions and some
time later and second unknown wreck appears at Aberdeen II. Then the explosions stop.

2 days later Vulture 3 completed its salvage of the Hel class, retrieving 5 Pebble Bed Reactors, 5 Carronades and 1 CIWS-50
from the wreck. She heads to a Hill Tribe Colossus next. Vulture 1 salvages some equipment from the Longsword, nothing that
has not been seen before. Her target is another Longsword, but this time from the Tundra Tribe. Vulture 2 salvaged here
Longsword as well and heads for a Tundra Tribe Reaper class. Among other things Vulture 4 salvaged 2 Capacity 201
Magazines, 1 EM2-16 sensor, 5 size 6 Missile Launchers and 1 Missile Fire Control 106R85 from the Hill Colossus class, with
her cargo bay completely filled up she heads back to Polaris.

The Protectorate found another jump point in Birmingham. Aardvark is already in system and moving to another jump point,
but will head there next. Niether of the new jump points has a gate.

Vulture 1 found a few pieces of equipment from salvaging the Tundra Tribe Longsword, but nothing unusual. With only 6kt of
cargo speace left she heads back to Polaris as well. Vulture 2 salvaged a couple of new items from the Reaper, a Fire
Control S02 64-2000 and 1 Patricle Beam-3. With just 800t cargo space left she heads of Polaris.

A new gated jump point in Inverness was found by Airedale.

Aardvark arrived in the Bristol system, no gate on this side. Bristol has a single class G8 sun, slightly smaller
and 50% less luminous than our sun. There are 6 planets in orbit. I-IV are terrestrial, V is a dwarf and VI another
terrestrial with the only moon in the system and there are 13 comets here. V and VI might be inside the habitable zone.
Aardvark jumps back to Birmingham to examine the final jump point.

A new lab is assigned to Magneto Plasma Drive research, bringing the total to 10, but it will still take till January 1972
before it is completed.

Vulture 3 completed the salvage of the Tundra Tribe Colossus, a missile ship as well as his namesakes. Among other things a
Size 7 Missile Launcher and 3 Missile Fire Control 80R86 were salvaged. With only 3.6k cargo space left Vulture 3 is the
last salvager to leave Aberdeen for Polaris. 2 new Vultures will be completed by December 1969, so there should be 6 of
them for the next trip. Homefleet returns to Polaris as well, by now there are enough missiles to completly refill all the magazines.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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