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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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July: Oliver Fuller has completed research into Far Ultraviolett Lasers and looks for a way to incorporate this new
knowledge into a improved laser for the Spitfires. But more important than gettting some additional range from a new laser
is getting better beam fire controls to use that range.

1st Strike Fleet enters Nottingham. Instead of the 15 wrecks seen here earlier there are 2 new wrecks here with a unknown
24.6kt having a lifepod right next to it. 1st Strike fleet heads towards the lifepod with SS Opal moving ahead to scan for
enemies and rescue the survivors. With this being a known Swarm system the lack of the old wrecks does not bode well.

As everybody has been afraid a short time later 139 Swarm FACs appear on Opal's sensors. She heads back to the fleet while
the 12 Spitfires supported by 1 Raven and 1 Crow sensor ship are launched from the carriers and heading at full speed
towards the FACs.

When the Spitfires reach the FACs they try to lure them away from the Opal, thus giving her the chance to move towards the
survivors again. And it works, when the range is down to 123kkm the Spitfires open fire, scoring 6 strength 3 hits at the
Swarm ships, leaving it leaking fluid and drifting in space. In the end it was more like slaughter than a real battle. Most
of the time when the 12 lasers have reloaded after 50 seconds a Swarm FAC was either destroyed or disabled without any of
them getting into range to retaliate.

Some hours later 7 additional Swarm FACs were detected any the Spitfires launch to intercept them. All 7 were destroyed
without any problems, the crew getting used to the hit and run tactics.

A unexplored jump point in Ayr brought Aardvark to Londonderry.

August: An anomaly has been discovered at Plymouth-I which would boost defense research by 50%, but due to its very low
habitability (col cost 38) it is very unlikely that it will be used by us.

After having search all of Nottingham's planets no sign of capital Swarm ships have been found, but with all 3 suns of this
trinary having planets they might be hidding at sun B or C and we lack to fuel to take a closer look at the moment. It is
unknown how long the "incubation periode" is for the Swarm larvae to eat up a wreck and become FACs, but since 1st Strike
Fleet is currently lacking the fuel to return to Polaris Captain Brennan decides to wait at the gate to Londonderry for the
tankers to arrive.

One of the older wreck in Nottingham disappears from the sensor, by now everybody knows what this means and the sensor
officers are extra vigilant. When half the distance towards the gate has been covered the expected Swarm FACs - 7 of them -
appears on the sensors and the Spitfires are launched again. And as before the FACs were killed without any problems.

September: Research into EM Sensor 14 have been completed by Gemma Kaur and she takes over research into Active Grav Sensor
28. In addition a research lab has been reactivated on Stevenage-II which still contained data about Improved Geological
Sensors, the lab is moved to Polaris.

Trying to identifiy the ruins on Plymouth-VI has activated a Robot Assault battalion which is attacking the 5 garrison
units. 10 additional units are loaded on Polaris and moved to Plymouth. Later another Robot unit was detected, a Marine
Battalion. Due to this and the already suffered flosses another 10 garrisons are send there.

After having been refueled 1st Strike Fleet heads back to Polaris.

The geo-team on Stevenage-II have finally completed their survey and found lots of additional minerals. Duranium went up
from 16kt at 100% to 15mt, Corbomite from 397kt to 12mt, Sorium from 9mt to 20mt, Gallicite from 1mt to 6mt in addition to
raising accessability from 10% to 70%. In addition accessability of Tritanium has been raised from 10% to 50% and Corumdium
from 10% to 70%. 15mt of 100% accessable Duranium make Stevenage-II a very interesting planet now and with 564 T5 ruins
left to explore and only lacking some atmosphere it is a very nice terraforming candidate, especially since it is only 1
jump away from Polaris.

A new gated jump point has been found in Chorley and Agincourt moves to investigate. The gate leads to another gate in

October: Due to the information gained from salvaging the Robot fire controls our scientists were able complete research
into Active Grav Sensors 28, a new R15 missile fire control is prototyped.

Connor Wallis completed research into Laminate Composite Armor and using the new armor and previously prototyped components
the designs of the Spitfires and Resolutions are updated. A part of the labs is used to prototype a new turret for a future
heavy cruiser design, a triple 20cm Far UV laser turret with a tracking speed of 10k, thus being able to share the
Newman Electronics Fire Control S04 160-10000 with the Spitfire Mk3. Both the prototype and the shipyard should be ready by
the middle of January, but the new sensors will take till mid-February.

The Resolution Mk2 is 10kt which is 2kt larger than the Mk1, it retains its 3 quad gauss turrets, but their tracking speed
is raised from 12k to 20k, movement speed is brought up from 3k to 4k, the R1 active sensor and the beam fire control is
improved, the range and deployment time have been doubled to 23bkm and 24 months respectively and it has 4 layers of armor
now. A couple of the turrets are still under construction, but since the upgrade will have to be done in 2 batches of 4
each this will be no problem.

Code: [Select]
Resolution Mk2 class Cruiser    10 000 tons     220 Crew     1495.6 BP      TCS 200  TH 800  EM 0
4000 km/s     Armour 4-41     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 6     PPV 97.92
Maint Life 2.12 Years     MSP 561    AFR 133%    IFR 1.9%    1YR 167    5YR 2498    Max Repair 187 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 24 months    Spare Berths 0   

Dickinson & Doyle 160 EP Magneto-plasma Drive (5)    Power 160    Fuel Use 63%    Signature 160    Exp 10%
Fuel Capacity 800 000 Litres    Range 22.9 billion km   (66 days at full power)

Quad Doyle Systems GC R2-100 Turret 20k (3x12)    Range 20 000km     TS: 20000 km/s     Power 0-0     RM 2    ROF 5       

1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
Johnson Electronics Fire Control S00.5 10-20000 (1)    Max Range: 20 000 km   TS: 20000 km/s     50 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

Leach-Oneill Active Search Sensor MR4-R1 (1)     GPS 42     Range 4.6m km    MCR 503k km    Resolution 1

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

The Spitfire Mk3 gets a second layer of the new laminated armor and both the laser and fire controls improve their range
from 256kkm to 320kkm. Since we have enough carriers now to deploy the Spitfires their intended deployment time is cut to 3

Code: [Select]
Spitfire Mk3 class Fast Attack Craft    1 000 tons     8 Crew     445 BP      TCS 20  TH 224  EM 0
11200 km/s     Armour 2-8     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 0     PPV 4
Maint Life 0.48 Years     MSP 28    AFR 80%    IFR 1.1%    1YR 58    5YR 877    Max Repair 240 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 0.1 months    Spare Berths 2   

Dickinson Turbines 112 EP MPD 1.75 (2)    Power 112    Fuel Use 272.25%    Signature 112    Exp 17%
Fuel Capacity 105 000 Litres    Range 6.9 billion km   (7 days at full power)

James-Godfrey 20cm C1 Far Ultraviolet Laser (1)    Range 320 000km     TS: 11200 km/s     Power 10-1     RM 5    ROF 50     

   10 10 10 10 10 8 7 6 5 5
Newman Electronics Fire Control S04 160-10000 (1)    Max Range: 320 000 km   TS: 10000 km/s     97 94 91 88 84 81 78 75 72

Stellarator Fusion Reactor Technology PB-1 (1)     Total Power Output 1.2    Armour 0    Exp 5%

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

Charon has completed the Polaris/Exeter gate and moves to Edinburgh to build a gate to Swansea. And despite 23 garrisons
being on Plymouth-VI by now (2 have been destroyed) the Robots are still attacking, but finally start to take some serious

November: Gemma Kaur completed research into a new missile fire control for the Thunderbolts FC91-R15 and starts to look
into a improved R1 sensor next, depending on how long the additional retooling would take it might get incorporated into
the Resolution Mk2.

The new armor and better geo sensors found in the ruins will be used in an improved Tribal class, the Mk3.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mk3 class Geological Survey Vessel    2 400 tons     42 Crew     428 BP      TCS 48  TH 192  EM 0
4000 km/s     Armour 1-15     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/4     Damage Control Rating 1     PPV 0
MSP 111    Max Repair 150 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 60 months    Spare Berths 0   

Daniels-Whitehead 192 EP Commercial MPD (1)    Power 192    Fuel Use 4.96%    Signature 192    Exp 4%
Fuel Capacity 70 000 Litres    Range 105.8 billion km   (306 days at full power)

Improved Geological Sensors (2)   4 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

December: Prescott found a new gateless jump connection between Penzance and York and returns to Penzance afterwards.

Baker&Marsh naval yard has been expanded to 8kt and this allows us to imrpove the Seal tanker/collier to what it should
have been. The use of comemrcial engines does not allow for much extra fuel capacity, but speed is increased by 30% and
fuel capacity by 50% to 1.5ml.

Code: [Select]
Seal Mk2 class Support Vessel    8 000 tons     66 Crew     505.2 BP      TCS 160  TH 576  EM 0
3600 km/s     Armour 1-35     Shields 0-0     Sensors 1/1/0/0     Damage Control Rating 2     PPV 0
Maint Life 1.22 Years     MSP 79    AFR 256%    IFR 3.6%    1YR 55    5YR 824    Max Repair 38.4 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 14 months    Spare Berths 0   
Magazine 540   

Daniels-Whitehead 192 EP Commercial MPD (3)    Power 192    Fuel Use 4.96%    Signature 192    Exp 4%
Fuel Capacity 1 540 000 Litres    Range 698.6 billion km   (2245 days at full power)

Mamba III (270)  Speed: 23 800 km/s   End: 96.2m    Range: 137.3m km   WH: 4    Size: 2    TH: 103/61/30

Missile to hit chances are vs targets moving at 3000 km/s, 5000 km/s and 10,000 km/s

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

After having completed the new MR7-R1 active search sensor Gemma Kaur start to look into a new R170 long range sensor. It
should be completed at the same time as the new R15 sensor.

In the same week out first 8 Assault Battalions have been completed and High Command contemplates sending them to
Plymouth-VI to use them to storm the Robots positions, but it is hoped that the Robots will be destroyed soon anyway. 5 Assault
units will be transfered to Stevenage-II instead, in case there are any Robots emerging from the ruins there.

The Protectorate has given us information about Cloaking Technology.

3 Jump Gate Construction Modules 90 have been uncovered on Stevenage-II and are transported back to Polaris, using those in
our current 2 constructors will cut down the time to build gates by 75%.

Once the new sensors are completed we will have to build some defensive bases for our most important/promissing colonies,
most of them are guarded only by 5 garrison units at the moment.

End of year status


Sector Polaris
- (Henry Storey - Adm 6 - Pol +5, Ship +5, Wealth +10, Mine +20, Pop +10, Ground +20, Log +15)

Polaris (Olivia Brookes - Adm 6 - Ship +40, Fact +55, Wealth +25, Mine +30, Terra +5, Pop +5, Ground +25, Log +5)
Pop: 879m (+15)
Factories: 1018
Labs: 73
Finance Centers: 100
Academies: 7
Naval yards (slipways/tons): 4/15500 (+1500), 2/19000 (+3000), 8/1000, 2/8000 (+2000)
Commercial yards: 3/113700, 2/62700
Thermal: 20.9k (+0.9 ), Tundra 26.8k (+1.7), Hill 25.7k (+1.2)
EM: 67.7k (+1.7), Tundra 71.7k (+3.2), Hill 72.3k (+2.7)

Polaris II (Louise Barrett - Adm 6 - Pol +30, Ship +5, Fact +50, Wealth +5, Mine +15, Pop +25, Ground +10, Log +10)
Pop: 85.0m (+4.7)
Factories: 120
Finance Centers: 280 (+24)
Terraformers: 22

Polaris VI Moon 6 (Rebecca Porter - Adm 3 - Pol +10, Ship +35, Wealth +20, Mine +40, Terra +15, Pop +30)
Pop: 35.1m (+4.8 )
Factories: 100
Finance Centers: 72 (+13)
Terraformers: 6

Minor Colonies:
Polaris Comet#4 - 50 automines
Polaris Comet#5 - 50 automines
Douglas III - +80% defense research - 2.9m pop - perfect world, 2 research labs
Cheltenham-III - 1.9m pop - perfect world
London III Moon 30 - 679 automines
London III Moon 31 - 1.3m pop
Aberdeen II - Ruins - TL2 - 36 Installations - +30% power/propulsion - Digging
Aberdeen III - 1.3m pop, Ruins - TL2 - 32 Installations - +40% logistics/ground combat - Digging
Stevenage II - 1.1m pop, Ruins - TL5 - 549 Installations - +40% logistics research - Digging
Belfast IV - 0.7m pop
Newcastle III - 0.7m pop
Plymouth-I - +50% defense research (38 col cost)
Plymouth-VI - 0.6m pop, Runis - unknown race/installations - +100% power/propulsion
Aberystwyth-II - Ruins - TL2 - 15 Installations - +30% energy research
Kilmarnock-IV Moon 1 - 1 tracking station
Middlesborough II Moon 6 - 100% missile/kinetic research
Sheffield III - Ruins - TL4, 135 Installations - Digging

Mineral shortages:
Duranium, 5.5k stockpile (-1.0)

Bio: 30% / Terraforming 0.002 atm
Construction: 45% / Mining Production 16
Defense: 65% / Gamma Shields
Energy: 35% / Triple 20cm Far UV Laser Turret
Logistics: 40%, 25% / Ground Unit Strength 16, Brigade Headquarters
Missiles: 65%, 35% / Gauss Cannon Rate of Fire 4, Ordnance Production 14
Power: 55%, 30% / Internal Confinement Fusion Drive, Max Engine Power x2.0
Sensors: 45%, 30%, 30% / Active Sensor 255-170 & 75-15, Thermal Reduction 75% (DS)

Civilian Shipping (7160 up to 9610):
Godfrey Lines - 38 ships (+4 - 2590 income)
Shepherd Corp - 33 ships (-2 - 2100 income)
Payne Transport - 10 ships (700 income)
Doherty Transport - 10 ships (+1 - 640 income)
Lloyd T&T - 13 ships (+1 - 620 income)
Sharp Company - 9 ships (+1 - 560 income)
Lawson Container - 5 ships (+1 - 340 income)
John T&T - 3 ships (220 income)
Clements Carrier - 3 ships (220 income)
Banks Container - 4 ships (+2 - 1620 income)! specialised at Colony Ships

Income at 66.7 (+4.3) and expenditure at 59.7 (+6.5). Wealth reserves are at 81k.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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The bugs introduced into the game by myself due to me being a noob with the designer mode have finally caught up with me
and made it impossible to continue this game, but living means learning and I hope that I have learned a couple of things
about the designer mode ;) I will do a restart from roughly the same position as when the bug occured and try to reason
away some of the changes that are bound to happen.

So this is a new game at 250% difficulty with a start of 2 billion pop (1 billion for the Tundra Tribe) and 1.1 million
research points to spend (roughly the pop/tech the Mountain Tribe had after the surrender of the Hill Tribe). The capital
ships of the old navy will be largely recreated with unified techs and each race (inclding NPRs) will get 10 military
academies and 200 officers. The game will actually take place in the Sol system this time with Earth being renamed to
Polaris (didnt manage to get a decent starting system in 20 tries and finally gave up).

The war against the Hill Tribe was the shortest war ever fought by the Mountain Tribe, after a mere 35 seconds the Hill
Tribe fleet and platforms around Polaris were only smoldering wrecks. They managed to launch a single nuclear strike at our
continent which the missile dedfenses have been unable to intercept since there simply was not enough time to engage the
missiles before impact. The attack killed about 7m civilians and destroyed 30 facilities. The following fighting on the
ground took a bit longer, but due to the defenders being heavily outnumbered the result was never in any doubt. Overall
just 2 transports, 1 scout ship and 1 jump scout were lost during all of the fighting.

Especially the large lasers proved to be deadly, essentially destroying or disabeling an enemy ships with each shot. The
only problem was their farily low rate of fire which is planed to be changed with the introduction of smaller lasers with a
higher rate of fire.

At that time nobody knew that the losses caused by the war would be light in comparrison of what was still to come. While
the majority of the Hill Tribe population did not resist the occupation a terror was inflicted on Polaris, targeting all
Tribes and using technology which unlike anything that has ever been seen before.

The terrorists managed to hack into virtually every computer system without leaving any traces and through the best of our
firewalls. There was no way that this could have been achieved by the Hill Tribe, their technology was simply too far
behind our own. It seemed like that this was some kind of attack of an advanced alien species which has been using our own
technology against us.

Those hacks wrecked chaos all over Polaris, with gauss platform's and civilian ship's computer control being taken over and
being forced to enter the atmosphere of Polaris, often hitting industrial and military hubs. In addition our research data
was broadcasted all over the system, thus losing us the technological edge we enjoyed over the Tundra Tribe and destroying
all data about current research projects. A fairly large number was manipulated into overloading generators and destroying
the facilities which cost a very large number of key personel their lives. Other key personal was assassinated. All
civilian trade ships were destroyed, either by crashing into each other, planets or suns, and in some cases by overloaded

This chaos lasted for about 1 week, during which communications and sensors were somehow disabled. When communications and
the sensors came back online the colonies in Polaris were found to be glassed and all jump gates destroyed. And this did
not just happen to our colonies, but to all the colonies in Polaris. Without any extra-system communications possible due
to the lack of jump gates nobody knew what happened to the colonies and ships outside Polaris.

Science teams at the former colonies in Polaris were unable to determine what kind of weapon has caused the destruction of
the colonies. And the hackers which committed the attacks were never found. With most of the leadership being killed and
large parts of the industry in ruins the only thing left unscated were all of the naval ships and some state owned civilian
ships like salvagers, troop/passenger/cargo transports. All jump ships have been destroyed.

After some semblance of order has been reestablished the jump points were investigate in order to learn if the gates could
be repaired in order to asses the situation in the other systems. But it seemed that not only were the gates beyond repair,
but the destruction of the gates had caused the jump points themselves to collapse. Only after another systemwide scan for
jump points 4 new jump points have been found. But with both gate builders outside the Polaris system and their fate
unknown there was no way to check on the other systems for now.

With what seemed like an alien threat the former rising tensions between the Tundra Tribe and us were put aside and a
formal non-aggression pact was signed lasting 5 years. It took nearly 4 years before the all the industries were back
online and 2 new gate builders have been constructed. In the meantime the fleet has been modernised to the lastest
standards since travel outside of Polaris has been forbidden before new gates could be established. It took nearly 4 years
as well to purge the last remains of a virus from the research computers which kept altering and deleting files,
essentially rendering any research progress impossible.

At the beginning of the year 1984 the united Mountain and Hill Tribes restart their journey into space, firstmost looking
for any survivors outside Polaris, but secondly looking for the purpetrators of the attrocities. All advanced alien races
will be considered hostile unless proven otherwise for now. Even our former allies will be considered suspect, since they
would have most likely had both the means and the time to plan and execute such a large scale and sophisticated attack.

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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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Re: 3 Kingdoms
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