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  1. What are flight crew berths good for?
  2. How to set up a multiplayer game?
  3. Most efficient engine/payload ratios?
  4. Gauss cannon recommendations
  5. How to follow contacts
  6. Just one Sol too many...
  7. Problems with assembling PDCs
  8. newbie: how do you design missles?
  9. A Question of Gravity
  10. Primitive NPR
  11. C# Hydrosphere terra-forming thoughts
  12. Genetic Modification gone wrong.
  13. Questions relating to Sorium Harvesters and Online tutorials
  14. Couple of questions from complete beginner
  15. Questions About System Map Issues
  16. Give me the secret of shipbuilding!
  17. Do they invade?
  18. Terraforming spreadsheet
  19. Ranks of Staff Officers
  21. minimum requirement for civilian shipping
  22. Dumb newbie mistakes to avoid
  23. adding theme
  24. Non completed refuel
  25. Time Increments
  26. Tractors...
  27. Commander logistic in a fleet of freighters
  28. Help with engine design
  29. Detecting an enemy - smth I don't understand
  30. Random POW's
  31. Working screen resolutions on Windows 10?
  32. Hello, im a new player, how do i get civilians to do stuff?
  33. don't quit Aurora with missiles in flight?
  34. Launching fighters from multi-CV TG
  35. tracking speed
  36. Missile ECM
  37. Commander progress in logistic?
  38. Alien homeworld conquest
  39. Insight of a new player.
  40. Multiple Questions
  41. Naming prefix and others tricks
  42. Task Force Training and 'edge cases'
  43. So how do you ...
  44. Shooting in the dark
  45. Rare technology list?
  46. Magazines & Capacity + Mines
  47. Question on Beam Damage's
  48. Aurora Portable Wrapper
  49. Questions about "Minimum Rank and Class Priority"
  50. More slipways vs more yards