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  1. C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
  2. C# Aurora v0.x Questions
  3. Update on Progress
  4. Aurora C# Code Protection
  5. C# Aurora Changes Discussion
  6. C# Ground Combat
  7. C# Aurora Changes List
  8. Release date?
  9. BattleTech Units and Templates
  10. Real World 21st Century Ground Unit Templates
  11. Collateral Damage
  12. STO Operations
  13. C# Anticipation
  14. More Customization for Beam Weapons
  15. Preset Terrforming Options
  16. C# Ground Forces Composition
  17. Missile Calculator
  18. Screenshots published so far
  19. Mass Driver Packets
  20. Will C# be more stable and take less time to process increments?
  21. Small shields better than large shields in every way?
  22. mineral usage
  23. 2018 : The #C Era?
  24. Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
  25. Civilian ships
  26. Sry for stupid question will i be able to run C# on my windows laptop?
  27. Does a time increment that takes 5 minutes to calculate depend on you cpu?
  28. In C# will we be able to colonize hundreds of planets without breaking the game?
  29. Will there be more technologies in C#?
  30. Aurora C# Screenshots
  31. New role for construction ships in C# (split off)
  32. Replacing PDCs
  33. Quick C# Questions
  34. Suggestion for officer changes
  35. Magazine Explosions
  36. Replacing Teams?
  37. danger ratings for systems
  38. Empire Control and Civilian Economy in Aurora
  39. Default Orders for Harvesters and Miners
  40. Sensors blind Spots - blocking reduction by solar bodies or events
  41. Sensor range for orbiting spaceships
  42. New sensor model and small fighters. Problem?
  43. No Limit on Commander Themes in C# Please
  44. Defining which events break up the time progression cycle
  45. Transponders
  46. Diplomacy things I love to see
  47. Cap Civilians?
  48. Information Screen for Minerals
  49. Custom game setups - tech
  50. Selecting Commanders Screen Suggestion