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C# Aurora / Re: Aurora C# Screenshots
« on: July 03, 2016, 09:03:51 AM »
A milestone achieved !

Aurora C# just launched the first new ship from a shipyard as part of the normal construction phase. The ship can't move, shoot anything or use sensors but it does exist (at least until I close the program because saving isn't enabled yet) :)

Even so, this means everything that goes into ship construction in terms of production is now working. All the various modifiers (such as commanders, racial wealth, unrest, radiation, available workers, etc), the resources requirements plus fuel, supplies, ordnance are all accounted for, the crew from the available pool, putting into the correct fleet, changing speeds, etc.. Plus a portion of the construction phase is working; in fact, shipyard tasks (construction, repair, refit and scrapping), shipyard upgrades, industrial production and pop growth are all working properly now.

Getting there slowly but steadily :)
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Wiki Discussion / Re: The wiki is off
« on: May 29, 2016, 10:19:25 AM »
The wiki is back online!

Erik Luken and me where able to fix it.

What happend was that the wiki tried to update itself around 25/28of April, and currupted the installation. The database was unharmed, so we recreated the mediawiki code from scratch against the excisting database. 

Would evryone be so kind to test and report errors bugs that we might have missed.

We are aware of the error on top of the page. The Solution for that i already send to Erik, and he wil fix that when he has the time. SOLVED

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Wiki Discussion / Re: The wiki is off
« on: May 25, 2016, 08:21:40 AM »
The wiki is throwing errors with zend.

I don't know enough about mediawiki to begin to fix it. If there is anyone here who has experience on the backside of mediawiki, let me know.
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Mechanics / Re: Change Log for v7.2 Discussion
« on: January 28, 2016, 11:53:06 AM »
For purposes of starting a new "grand campaign", is the release of 7. 2 some days or weeks away?

More likely weeks than days. I managed to get a lot done over Xmas as I had 10 days off work. Now I am back to working long days so don't have much time for development work.
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Announcements / Re: Thread for board issues
« on: January 24, 2016, 11:23:18 AM »
Yeah.  I tried to register and it says my account is still awaiting admin approval.

As before, with the deluge of new registrations I am only approving accounts once a day. If you have put one in, just wait a while. It will be approved. But don't put in more than one. That annoys me and I will either reject all of them, or randomly approve one. Depends on how I feel.
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Colonial Wars / Re: #3 National Updates
« on: December 26, 2015, 08:49:25 AM »
Germany – 6th October 2109

Earth: 295m
Medina-A II (occupied ex-Caliphate): 66m
Astoria (WX Ursae Majoris): 24.1m
Neu Brandenburg II: 17.1m
Neu Bayern II: 13.2m
Medina-A II (New German colony): 9.5m
GJ-1230-A II: 0.8m

Mining Colonies
Neu Bayern-B III – Moon 12: 92x AM
Medina-A VII – Moon 7: 16x AM
Medina-A V – Moon 10: 3x AM
2004 TY364: 5x CMC

Germany was one of the main beneficiaries of the First Colonial War. In exchange for the loss of the frigate Hannover in combat against the Caliphate and the expenditure of some ordnance, Germany gained a colony of sixty million on Medina-A II with a hundred construction factories, thirty-six automated mines on two colonies in the same system, six terraformers and eleven colony ships. The Medina-A II colony will likely take several years to assimilate and the construction factories will be of little use unless transported somewhere else. Even so, they will provide a significant boost to Germany’s economy in the medium term. Unfortunately, Germany is currently crippled by a severe lack of fuel so the new colony ships remain in orbit of Medina-A II. In addition to the immediate material benefits, Germany also removed a significant obstacle to its future expansion, as all German traffic to its outer colonies and ruin sites had to pass through Medina. In fact, the system was so ideally placed to support German expansion that it became the new focus of colonization efforts.

Almost ten million German colonists are now in place on Medina-A II, which is an ideal habitable world. Four German shipyards are in orbit after being towed from Earth by a pair of Hamburg class tugs that were launched in January 2109. Two more shipyards are en route to Medina and only one remains in Earth orbit. The construction factories remain at the ex-Caliphate colony as there are not enough German workers to support them. Half of the ex-Caliphate automated mines in Medina have been moved to the German mining colony on the twelfth moon of Neu Bayern-B III, two jumps away via Neu Brandenburg. Additional automated mines have been transported from Sol and the colony now supports ninety-two in total, making it the primary extra-solar source of minerals for Germany.

Germany has transported ten construction brigades to the partially intact alien colony on Alteruine-A III (formerly GJ-1235-A III) and a number of installations have already been recovered, including a research facility. The construction troops also found a pair of 25cm Far Ultraviolet Lasers, which are significantly more advanced than the current German lasers. Rather than disassembling them for technical data, German shipwrights are considering building a one-off modified version of the Prinz Eugen class frigate that would mount both weapons. More than two hundred alien installations remain. German construction ships have recently completed a chain of jump gates to the system, which is six transits beyond Medina, allowing access without the need for slow-moving Emden class jump freighters. A construction ship has also connected Medina to Neu Brandenburg, making travel between the various German colonies much easier.

The Deutsche Marine has increased its striking power since the end of war by completing the Scharnhorst class battlecruisers Hindenburg and Seydlitz and the Prinz Eugen class frigates Admiral Graf Spee and Admiral Hipper, The warship strength of the Deutsche Marine now comprises six Scharnhorst class battlecruisers, two Konigsberg class jump cruisers, four Prinz Eugen class frigates and three Deutschland class frigates. While still not in the same league as the larger powers, Germany is creating a very respectable fleet. In addition to the warships, recent construction includes two Hamburg class tugs, two fuel harvesters and the first three Nassau-E class freighters, a more fuel efficient version of the existing German freighter design.

Despite Germany’s recent successes, its expansion has come to a sudden halt due to a serious fuel crisis. In May 2109, almost all commercial vessel activity stalled and the situation has not improved since. A lack of Sorium has halted refinery production leaving the eight 60,000 ton Koln class fuel harvesters in Neu Brandenburg as the sole source of fuel for Germany. With current fuel production technology they produce less than eight million litres per year. The priority for the available fuel is the troop transports taking construction brigades to Alteruine, followed by colony ships bringing settlers to Medina and freighters taking automated mines to Neu Bayern. Even those tasks are intermittent. Many ships have been drained of fuel to support essential traffic, exacerbating the long-term problem. The construction brigades on Alteruine-A III are desperately searching for fuel supplies in the ruins but have had no luck thus far. German scientists have recently completed work into Stellarator Reactors and were about to begin research into magneto-plasma drives. That has now been postponed in favour of fuel production research.

In addition to the fuel shortages, the German economy is suffering shortages of Duranium, Sorium and Gallicite, all of which can be extracted by the mining colony in Neu Bayern. Therefore the priority for German construction is to convert manned mines into automated mining complexes and boost production from the colony. The wealth situation is much more healthy, although this is partly due to resource shortages restricting shipbuilding and construction. The German civilian shipping line has twenty-six ships totalling one point one million tons.

Germany’s strategic priorities are to end the fuel crisis, exploit the various ruin sites within its territories, increase the number of automated mines in Neu Bayern, assimilate the captured colony and complete the transfer of shipyards and other important industry to Medina. Accomplishing numerous important tasks in the midst of a resource shortage will be a challenge for Germany and leaves no time for any further foreign adventures. Relations with the Caliphate remain tense due to the German occupation of Medina, although the military imbalance and the destruction of the Caliphate shipyards means there is very little the Caliphate can do about the situation. Relations with France have never been good but German diplomats believe they are deteriorating due to a French fear of German expansion in the direction of their colonies. Reassurances from Germany have so far proven ineffective in halting the rise in tension.

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Portable Launcher Utility / Aurora v7.1 - All-In-One/Portable release
« on: November 27, 2012, 03:33:25 PM »

I compiled a little package that should make starting the game easier.

Package contain:
  • Vanilla Aurora
  • My wrapper
  • Race Image Pack by Treebiter
  • Planet Image Pack by Tarran and MarcAFK
  • Flag Image Pack by nadia911
  • Soundtrack - Light Years by Stellardrone

Download - 7.1 - Wrapper 2.4:

  • Handling problems with OCX/DLL files.
  • Music support.
  • Automatic switch of decimal and thousand separator.
  • Automatic backup and optimization of game database.
  • Handling Logs directory. Work only on NTFS filesystem.

  • Install/Unpack
  • Start using: Aurora_Wrapper.exe
  • Click wrapper icon on taskbar and press M to disable music. , and . control volume.

--- WARNING! ---
This release of Aurora require administrator rights to edit language settings.
It might not work correctly on computers where accounts are very limited.

- Install this package if portable version crash due missing DLLs -
- Wrapper source code -

Tested on:
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 7

Header image is very nice icon for Steam Grid View :)
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