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C# Aurora / Re: Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
« Last post by TCD on Today at 12:43:13 PM »
What I don't really understand is why people think removing jumpgates will slow down an invasion? All the NPR needs is a single jump ship and they can move their whole fleet through, surely? And you can defend a jump gate just as easily as a jump point. What am I missing?
Announcements / Re: Policy change
« Last post by hubgbf on Today at 06:42:01 AM »

I do not post often, but I use my account to know which game aar I've read or not.
Deleting the account will delete this information.

Perhaps deleting account without post and without login for 1 year ?

My 2 cents,
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Which he so happened to reach with his posting  ;D
The Academy / Re: Sensor Buoys to Pre-Scout new System
« Last post by TMaekler on Today at 06:29:43 AM »
I have not been able to use geosurvey missiles effectively.  Comets tend to move out from under the geosurvey missile before the job is done, and pretty much anything else worth surveying requires too many survey points to do them from a missile.
That was my basic idea: launch missiles at the planetary bodies to be able to tell if there are aliens present in the system. The missiles itself have no geosensor, only passive to detect populations.
That way, I would not risk crew and ship senselessly while eploring the system.
The discussion is about how to frame it in universe as something that can be targeted and destroyed/destabilized. Having it be some distinct station seems to be the popular approach at the moment.

I'm still preferential to being able to undo these permanent jump points, however they're set up in the first place, but being able to do so via SM will have to suffice, seems Steve's made his mind up about this. As long as the ability to delete them via SM remains in the C# version, I'll be content enough.
C# Aurora / Re: Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
« Last post by Zincat on Today at 03:24:44 AM »
I don't understand some of this discussion.

I think Steve basically said that in C# Aurora jump gates will be renamed to stabilized jump points.

There is no station whatsoever. No structure. Nothing to build. Just a jump point that is stable, and so can be used by anyone even without jump engine.

Sure, a case can be made that it can be destabilized. But why there's so many posts about "stations"? There are no stations....

For the record, I am not against the possibility of destabilizing jump points. But then again, I'm not really for it. Maybe if it was a really BIG undertaking. Something that costs you a LOT to do.

Lorewise it could be said that it is somethign that happens naturally over tens of thousands of years or more...
The Academy / Re: what does orbital habitats do?
« Last post by DIT_grue on Today at 02:34:32 AM »
The reason you might see someone doing so is that they let you build ships with planetary industry rather than shipyards.
C# Aurora / Re: Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
« Last post by Whitecold on Today at 12:51:23 AM »
I'd be interested in turning jump gates into a type of station with a special component that gives it its properties, and having construction ships be capable of creating them in space using minerals and/or parts.

That would certainly be much neater than a dedicated jump point constructor ship. Also with a special component you can customize your jump gate to your needs, the maximum ship size your gates are laid out for, should the stations be able to move under own power, do they need PD systems, are they equipped with maintenance facilities...

I would not let the argument count that removing jump gate messes up civilian transports. If you voluntarily remove jump stations from critical junctions, you obviously are creating a mess. If an enemy manages to get deep in and destroy critical jump stations, you are deep in trouble anyway.
I would link it directly but the forum is bad for giving links

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Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v7.10 Bugs Reporting Thread
« Last post by Michael Sandy on Yesterday at 07:35:30 PM »
The problem was that my nearly identical meson fighters WERE able to do final fire point defense.  Mesons with 15,000 km range could do it, railguns with 10,000 km could not.

So the sensor wasn't the issue, because my meson fighters COULD do final fire point defense with the same sensor and fire control.

The meson and railgun fighters had been in the same group, but only the two types of meson fighters I had were able to fire.  And my later experiment had only the railgun fighter and it wasn't able to shoot missiles down.
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