Author Topic: Can't open system view because it fails to fetch natural reader free msi file  (Read 1279 times)

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When I press f3 to bring up the system map (or any visual component) it attempts to install natural reader free on the web and fails, then it attempts to install an msi file from my documents that doesn't exist (Documents\NaturalSoft\SERIAL_KEY_NONSENSE\naturalreaderfree. msi).  The NaturalSoft folder it is looking in is created and destroyed when attempting to install it for the visuals.  If I try to cancel the installation of natural reader free msi then it says the installer failed and it hangs.  I can click systems map while it is hanging but then the buttons and map are either blank or don't do anything.

I've found and installed Natural Reader Free online (it was an exe not an msi) however that doesn't fix it.  Nor does it provide an msi file that I could use as a surrogate.  Converting the exe to msi seems overkill.

I've attempted this with version 5. 5, with 7. 1, pre 5. 5, portable and full wrapper.  All have the same problem.  I am running Windows 10 and I have attempted a system restart to fix it.  I have visual c++ 2015 installed.  I installed that timer dll exe.

The natural reader application and Aurora never appear in the same page when google searched.  Every web page is trying to pitch me NaturalReaderFree so they don't help.

Have you run into this problem and do you know of a way of fixing it? I appreciate any help solving this issue, I'm dying to try out Aurora. . .

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I have never seen this bug before, I have no idea what Natural Reader is and Aurora will never try to access the internet for anything.

It sounds like something else on your PC is causing this. May not be harmful but I think you should do an immediate virus scan.

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The fact that even the original A4x attempts to install it.  What kind of PC environment variables could affect an installer? To check I successfully installed it on a cloud pc and it worked fine.  Another user suggested I search my PC registry for the msi and delete it.


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