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  1. Decoys
  2. No Thermal when Stationary
  3. How are Active Sensor EM emmisions calculated?
  4. Update on Progress
  5. C# Aurora v0.x Questions
  6. C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
  7. BattleTech Units and Templates
  8. Fuel consumption change suggestion with ramscoop
  9. Revising Tractor Beams in C# Aurora
  10. Mesons
  11. Aurora C# Code Protection
  12. C# Aurora Changes List
  13. C# Aurora Changes Discussion
  14. Amram's FC Options and Interleaved Priority Queue demonstrator python script.
  15. Power Generation
  16. C# Wiki Section
  17. Wealth Generation
  18. Dropping Troops from Orbit
  19. Multiple System and Races generation start
  20. C# Aurora Lore
  21. If perfect is the enemy of the good....
  22. Jump Drive Size Requirements
  23. C# Ground Combat
  24. Release date?
  25. Real World 21st Century Ground Unit Templates
  26. Collateral Damage
  27. STO Operations
  28. C# Anticipation
  29. More Customization for Beam Weapons
  30. Preset Terrforming Options
  31. C# Ground Forces Composition
  32. Missile Calculator
  33. Screenshots published so far
  34. Mass Driver Packets
  35. Will C# be more stable and take less time to process increments?
  36. Small shields better than large shields in every way?
  37. mineral usage
  38. 2018 : The #C Era?
  39. Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
  40. Civilian ships
  41. Sry for stupid question will i be able to run C# on my windows laptop?
  42. Does a time increment that takes 5 minutes to calculate depend on you cpu?
  43. In C# will we be able to colonize hundreds of planets without breaking the game?
  44. Will there be more technologies in C#?
  45. Aurora C# Screenshots
  46. New role for construction ships in C# (split off)
  47. Replacing PDCs
  48. Quick C# Questions
  49. Suggestion for officer changes
  50. Magazine Explosions