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The Academy / Detecting missiles
« on: October 24, 2015, 07:55:38 PM »
My Active sensors can detect enemy missiles from 1000kkm away, and the enemy missiles travel at ~30kkm/s, so they need about 33 seconds to cover the distance (6x minimal time increment).

I advance time say 5min or 20min with subpulse specifically set to 5 seconds, yet the enemy missiles are not detected, but time advances until several salvos hit my ships at the same time with none of my AMMs or PD guns fired, even though they fire perfectly fine when time is advanced in 5 sec increments.

Why is this happening?

Is there some setting or bug I am not aware of or do I really have to manually advance time 5 seconds at a time for hours as soon as I suspect there may be enemy missiles incoming?

Links / Stellaris
« on: August 24, 2015, 10:11:49 AM »
Upcoming "Grand Strategy" real-time Space 4x game by Paradox Interactive:

Forum Issues / Forum performance when posting
« on: June 18, 2015, 04:23:00 AM »
It seems the forum is pretty slow to process a new post. It will often take me 5-30 seconds of "connecting" when I press "post" before it's processed I am taken back to the overview.

Edit: Creating a new thread was fast though.

Spoilers / Precursor stats
« on: September 11, 2014, 03:23:34 PM »
I would like to add some player controlled precursors to my current campaign, but don't know that much about their stats or tech levels.

Do they have random or set stats, and does anyone know how one of their ship designs look or what tech level they would be based on?

Alex_Brunius' Game / Setup suggestions and ideas.
« on: February 14, 2014, 06:12:07 PM »
I'm currently aiming for 4 nation Earth start (all nations with several additional players as ministers and other roles recruited), and tech somewhere between Conventional and TN start but closer to conventional.

This means most research fields except some techs in construction/production, Logistics/Ground combat and geo survey sensors will be unavailable at start.
To try to speed up unlocking of further fields nations can make credit investments into specific fields ( Roleplay: hiring private industries and universities to construct theoretical TN labs), or wait until the fields are automatically unlocked as further TN technology spreads (somewhat randomly).

The scenario will be a post apocalyptic scenario and there will also be investment opportunity to expand inwards on Earth by diplomatic/relief aid means.

To speed up the start most of the industry will still be conventional but some will already be upgraded, I'm thinking a base 100 mines + 100 factories per nation, but is open to suggestions for a different amount.
The main thing is it should be balanced with the amount of labs / pop/wealth to provide for an interesting start. I'm thinking perhaps around 400mil pop and 6-10 labs each.

To enforce a peaceful safezone around Earth there will be a UN style organization that will control peacekeeping ground forces as well as be in control of all defensive satellites and silos that will be built (regard them as collectively owned and controlled). Defensive use is automatic (AMM/PD), offensive use authorized only by a majority vote in the council. Overpowering them may be possible but should not be easy and should probably require cooperation of several nations as well as the element of surprise.

Anything outside the safezone (approx 10mil km) will be free for all to explore, claim protect and fight over (This means the moon is included in the safezone).
There will be espionage incentives to build up both shipyards and labs on other bodies later on, as well as the very natural resource incentive.

Each nation will be a bit unique. Either set by me or by chosen perks.
Perks could be for example starting with one extra lab, one extra Ground Training Facility, one extra academy and so on.

Pretty much everything the SM powers allow for will be possible to trade between nations. With this + investment of credits into important areas I hope to make credits an important commodity early game too.

To clarify what I intend to do is an RPG, a role playing game.

You will take the role of ONE character and write stories about this character to give life to the decisions taken and experiences in the universe. Your characters will collaborate with the other characters in the faction that holds other important key positions like admiral, minister of production, head of state and so on, both to provide different insights into the world/story we are building together, and to try to maneuver the nation to a good position among a competition of other nations and unknown threats.

This is a community game, this means everyone being part of it is expected to contribute with stories and internal debate, to as large degree as possible in character.
To allow for internal debate Erik Luken has offered to help with setting up private subforums that only members of each nation will have access to.
I hope it's possible to make in character debates on these forums public after a certain amount of ingame years have passed (so that it's no longer relevant to the current events taking place).
This game hopefully will go on for months and the initial speed I aim for is one ingame year per week of real time.

Mission: Survive, explore and find out what the main goal/scenario is about later on... (if there is one).

I am NOT taking any signups yet. This thread is mostly to brainstorm ideas and get some feedback on if experienced Aurora community members think the setup and starting installations are balanced (100mines+100factories+600CI+400mil pop+8labs per nation).

The Academy / Transfering racial techs / items between empires
« on: November 04, 2013, 01:13:35 PM »
I have a multi faction start game with several nations starting on Earth going.

I want to model how certain hardware/components can be sold from one nation to another without also revealing the background technology required to make it.

But even using SM mode I am running into trouble finding a way to do this, and it feels like an easy way to do it has to be in the game since you can even recover hardware from alien installations or ships. Of-course there must be a simple way to transfer hardware between two pops on the same body?

The only way I can think of working so far is:

1.) design a ship using only the component using selling empire
2.) use SM/Starting OOB to add it to game
3.) change control of ship to receiving empire
4.) subtract minerals of component cost from receiving empire
5.) scrap the ship to get the components
6.) subtract minerals gained from scrapping ship from receiving empire
7.) subtract/add wealth for the transaction

Shouldn't there be an easier way?

Mechanics / Possible to undo a turn?
« on: March 06, 2013, 09:50:52 AM »
Is it possible to undo one turn?

I have ran into several occasions where it would be great to be able to undo last turn and revert to the state before it. Is this possible in some way?

Or at least is there a simple way to save the game and load it so you can save before you go into a fight or want to try out something stupid?

Aurora Suggestions / Fuel Economies
« on: February 26, 2013, 05:53:40 AM »
No matter what flavour of engine you use for an identical power output you consume the same amount of fuel per Engine Power Hour. What this means is that a conventional engine is as fuel efficient as a Magneto-plasma drive, just you can generate more power in the same space. There is no  improvement in fuel efficiency as your engine tech improves.
That's actually not quite right.

Let's assume you devote 33% of your ships weight to engines. A more advanced engine that can provide the same power output for half the weight will lead to a more fuel efficient design as your ship just got 16.5% lighter without losing anything.

The lighter ship will go faster but consume the same amount of fuel per hour, thus being more fuel efficient. The bigger engines you use in your designs the bigger this effect will be.

Aurora Suggestions / Big Badass Battleships
« on: October 26, 2012, 04:27:04 PM »
So I wanted to build some really badass Battleships inspired by WW2 designs (Yamato, Iowa, Bismarck exc).   ;D

The first big design problem I encountered was that all these classical Battleships used an "all or nothing" approach to armor allocation.       

What this means is that critical components such as the Main Weapons, Magazines, Command(combat bridge) and Engines get a very thick armor layer, while all other non-critical components get none at all.       

In Aurora however it's only possible (as far as I found) to give extra armor to magazines and laser turrets.   Since I wanted to build a bad-ass classical style Battleship I was obviously using railguns to throw big chunks of metal at far ranges.       

So what I suggest is two things:

1.   ) The ability to give individual armor to any internal component working like a second layer.   Or the ability to group them into a armor box, with a set secondary armor layer.       
2.   ) The ability to mount railguns into turrets for armor protection.   I don't care for their tracking bonus, if tracking would make them overpowered remove the tracking and let us just be put into turrets for cool and armor.   

Since these could historically be placed in a smaller box the armor could be around 2-4 times as thick as if it had been spread out evenly over the ship.   

Also I don't really agree with the design logic that weapons have the same tracking speed as the ship speed.     A big ship can turn be a bitch to turn around even if it goes fast (inertia).       

And finally a question since I'm a newb that only played 6.  0 for a week so far.   Is it really intended that Annual Fail-rate % grows so crazy out of control as ships start to grow big?
The same ratio of Engineering spaces will have 800% AFR on a 10k ton vessle, 1600% on a 20k ton, 2400% on a 30k ton and so on.  .  .       
When you get to 100'000 ton it gets so bad that you need to dedicate 40% of the entire tonnage towards engineering spaces to get it down to 100% AFR.       
For a 5000 ton design 2% engineering spaces is enough!

Why would anyone ever want to build these big battleships ??

Edit: Removed some pictures and links since first time posters apparently are not trusted with links and pictures :)

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