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C# Aurora / Transponders
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:30:02 AM »
Transponders are no longer... maybe reactivating them in C#? At least the mechanics of having a treaty and having to send out a transponder signal would be nice... faking an ID... maybe not or at quite a cost (or RP only).

C# Aurora / Defining which events break up the time progression cycle
« on: February 15, 2018, 07:41:54 AM »
Would be nice if we could choose which actions stop a time progression cycle early and which don't. At least for some of them I cannot understand why they stop it early.

The Academy / Ranks of Staff Officers
« on: February 09, 2018, 12:48:43 AM »
How does the game define the Rank of the Staff Officers? Some of my command posts are R3, some are R4, but I can't figure out, why.
An additional question: the generated subpositions (Communications, Fighter Ops, etc.) are called M4 or M3 (not R4 or R3). What is the difference between R and M?

C# Aurora / Information Screen for Minerals
« on: February 08, 2018, 09:29:44 AM »
Like the screen for "Fuel Situation" (Ctrl+F12) it would be nice to have a similar screen where one can list specific planets and ships to see how many minerals they do have stored. What I have in mind is an easier way to see if your network of mineral transports (if you do it all by yourself) are taking care of all minerals in your chains. IN VB6 Aurora this is quite a task to check every now and then to see if somewhere in the line minerals get stuck because you have grown the mining over the limit the transport line can handle.
And you also can spot upcoming mineral shortages earlier than the message that you have run out of a specific mineral in a production spot.

Portable Launcher Utility / Portable with Windows XP
« on: February 07, 2018, 09:25:11 AM »
Anybody tried the Portable with Windows XP?

When I do, I get the following error message from the Wrapper:

"The procedure entry point GetFinalPathNameByHandleW could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll"

Does the wrapper not work with XP?

C# Aurora / Selecting Commanders Screen Suggestion
« on: February 02, 2018, 02:47:42 PM »
I would like to suggest a new screen for selecting commanders for open positions which are not filled in by the auto assignment. Basically it is a more detailed search screen which has a second area (comparison area) where you can drag&drop commanders from your selection list. You can drag&drop as many commanders as you want to compare. In the selection screen you then can put in different search parameters and also drag&drop them to your comparison area. This screen also has an option to save these comparison lists for later use if you want to reselect a new commander from this list.

Additional search parameters:
- it would be nice to also search by Rank (especially scientists and administrators) and Age

Comparison List Details:
All abilities are shown next to each selected candidate. There is an abilities preselection list where you can select which abilities are relevant to your comparison (e.g. for a planetary governors of an automated mining planet it isn't important to have good factory production or population growth - so you can remove them in the abilities preselection list.

An additional idea would be to be able to select a successor in case the selected person dies.

The Academy / Mining Vessels
« on: September 20, 2017, 04:37:11 PM »

sometimes when I send a mining fleet to a planet with "move to" it is recognized and automatic mining begins. But on other planets it does not. In either case I beforehand created a colony on those planets. Anybody an idea what causes this?

The Academy / Officer Ranks
« on: March 29, 2017, 09:58:56 AM »
Hi Folks,

I was wondering how you manage your officers. Here is what I do: when I set up my ships, shuttles, fighters, PDCs, etc. I try to build up a reasonable officer structure. So 1st Ranks (Lt. Cmdr.) would be for fighters, basic PDCs and low level transports (like cargo). 2nd Rank (Cmdr.) would be important PDCs, medium level transports (like colonists, ammunition) and military support ships (like recco and jump ships). 3rd Rank (Captain) and above would be used for military ships of all kinds.

I would deem that as a "normal" structure which could be found in real life. Maybe I am wrong?
Problem is: if I don't build a large amount of small fighters or cargo transports, I quickly get into trouble not having enough 3rd Rank personell when using auto assign and not wanting to promote people for myself. So how do you build up your structure?

The Academy / System View - Out of Memory Error
« on: November 26, 2016, 03:50:30 PM »
Hi guys,

I am getting a out of memery error when I want to open the system view. There is a very old entry from 2011 here in the forum but no answer to it. Has anybody encountered that bug and maybe has a solution to it?

The Academy / Civilian Shipping questions
« on: November 07, 2016, 12:59:51 PM »
Hi there,

are there known bugs with the civilian shipping system? I experience loss of cargo every now and then but can't figure out the circumstances when it happens.

The Academy / NPR Gate Spamming
« on: October 28, 2016, 06:31:12 AM »
Hi there,

is there a way to stop the Gate Spamming NPRs do? Or do they stop with that at some point when they have reached a certain limit? It is a bit annoying... .

The Academy / Crew Grade Points
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:31:03 PM »

I was wondering if there is a way to "save" the crew grade points from fighters? FACs and standard ships can be refitted and the crew grade is kept; but fighters cannot be refitted - so could the crew be extracted and transfered to a new fighter somehow?

The Academy / Assigning a leader to an Espionage Team?
« on: September 29, 2016, 02:55:15 PM »
Every now and them Aurora surprises you with something unexpected. I created an espionage team. Now, when I go to the Commanders Screen this Espionage team is shown as an R1 Level - I theoretically can assign a leader to this team.

Has anyone experience how this affects the results of the team? Will that leader also be killed / captured when the team is uncovered?

EDIT: Well, it looks like teams are shown there, when one or more of the team members have been killed, so you can add the missing personell. Nice function. Have never read about this. Is this in the Wiki?

The Academy / Problem with Aurora after newest Win10 Update
« on: September 23, 2016, 09:04:55 AM »
Hi there,

after the newest Windows 10 Update the Naval Organization does not seem to work any longer. Once I click inside the Chart it stops working; some of the lines even disappear. Same with the Colony Summary. Once I click into the "Populated Systems" it stops working.

I earlier had a similar problem when the windows were on my second monitor; as long as I kept them in the main view everything worked fine. Has anyone experienced similar problems with the newest Win10 Update?

The Academy / Loading Problem
« on: September 19, 2016, 01:10:11 PM »

wanted to transfer an Orbital Habitate Module from one colony to the other via a transporter which has one standard cargo (25.000t space). The OHM is said to have a weight of 5.000 but I only get a warning that the module cannot be loaded. Any ideas, why?

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