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C# Aurora / Re: New role for construction ships in C# (split off)
« Last post by waresky on Today at 04:53:04 PM »
Someone think..Steve have a good time for? Too many suggestions,idea,sub-idea and sub-sub-suggestions. Holy crap. #C never finish. AM really hate this TONS of post about suggestions. Useless
i cant figure out the formula on how many i would need with max tech?
To add 0.8 nitrogen to the atmo every 5 days or one day
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by JacenHan on Today at 01:13:05 PM »
I have a suggestion related to the standing orders system: Add a "return to this system" checkbox for standing orders. Whenever a conditional order sends a ship out of a system, this checkbox would automatically append orders to return to the current system. This would be especially useful for survey ships with conditional refuel orders, so that they will refuel and then return to surveying without interruption.
Yes.  It is possible.
C# Aurora / Re: Replacing PDCs
« Last post by plasticpanzers on Today at 03:35:25 AM »
Been pondering the physical size of PDCs vs their ground defense.   The closer all parts of a PDC (or ground to space defense system) the
easier it is to defend it from ground attacks with ground units.   The larger it is the higher the garrison you need to protect it (say it stretches across a
small mountain range).  Folks are talking about just setting one up like a trailer park but that leaves it small and vulnerable to a simple kinetic strike
like a dumb missile or rock.  But a PDC spread over a vast area can have multiple weapons clusters but it would require a ton more troops to defend
from ground attacks being spread to far apart.   Any trailer or towed (or air carried) PDC pieces are very vulnerable and impossible to armor in any
effective way but if you have a handy mountain range say of granite.... From this expansion to spread the targets apart a really impressive PDC
might require several divisions to defend it and having less would force a malus on the defender by a ground attack.
Is it possible to create say a size 12 capital ship missile that doesn't need to go fast, has active sensors
that see about 175,000km and can launch a cluster of say 10 x S1 Anti-missile Missiles at mass missile
The Academy / Re: Sensor Buoys to Pre-Scout new System
« Last post by Garfunkel on Yesterday at 11:05:24 PM »
You don't scout every planet. You scout planets with low colony costs, to check if NPR spawned on it or not. For that purpose, small missiles work well and you'll only launch them every now and then.
The Academy / Re: Sensor Buoys to Pre-Scout new System
« Last post by linkxsc on Yesterday at 10:48:59 PM »
Thanks. That way it works.
Does that "fire missile once you're at that location" make any sense? In what circumstance can that be senseful?

It is useful for dropping sensor buoys or mines.

I've used it for years now. But thinking about it, it gave me a few brain farts back in the beginning.

Perhaps change the description of the command to "Launch missiles upon arrival" for C#?

"Send message" is also like this. It sounds from the getgo like you're going to send some message to the planet? When really its a very handy command to tell future me what the heck this fleet is supposed to be doing after it finishes whatever it was doing. (past me knows just how forgetful future me can be).

That was my basic idea: launch missiles at the planetary bodies to be able to tell if there are aliens present in the system. The missiles itself have no geosensor, only passive to detect populations.
That way, I would not risk crew and ship senselessly while eploring the system.

You can do it if you wish. I highly recommend if you do, make sure that before you jump into the system you're going to launch your sensor probes, you manually throttle down the speed of the fleet. This will lower the TGs thermal sig. Not much of a point trying to play hide and seek using missile probes, when your fleet is idling with 1500+ thermal sigs.

*Edit, just remembered, there's actually a "Picket(1km/s)" command that when the fleet arrives at its destination, it will drop to 1km/s automatically. Do that before jumping in, and your fleet basically won't have a thermal sig when it pops in for you to fire your missiles. Just don't forget to throttle them back up when you're sending them elsewhere.

Though my experience in using sensor missiles for scouting has been lackluster at best.

On the 1 hand you can build incredibly small missiles that you fire 1 at each planet, and they'll detect for the planet only... but what happens when you jump into a massive system with dozens and dozens? Easy enough to carry, but very tedious to make orders to send everywhere. Also they're not worth much in detecting ships transiting between planets.

To counter this we just build big ones with big sensors. Well now you're making missiles literally the size of fighters, that under perform to a fighter based scout (missile engines are inefficient, can't be throttled, can't have reduced thermal tech. Sensors work the same but require ~20% more weight due to the missile needing a reactor. Can't be reused, can't be sent to scout a different location if the first location was clear).
On top of that, no ship other than maybe a minelayer will be able to launch the things due to their sizes generally being much much larger than you will want on any normal combat ship.
C# Aurora / Re: New role for construction ships in C# (split off)
« Last post by DocSpit on Yesterday at 05:40:58 PM »
After a day thinking it over, if we're going to use construction ships for actual CONSTRUCTION, they almost certainly should be limited to assembling prefabricated components from a colony.  If for no other reason than simple manpower. 

A shipyard slipway employs tens, if not hundreds of thousands of workers.  MILLIONS by the late game.  The same goes for planetary construction facilities.   A construction ship has a crew of, what? 3-400?

Which, incidentally, is also approximately the size of a battalion of combat engineers. 

Though, that still leaves an issue of how to gather together all the components you'd need for a multi-million ton starbase.

Maybe the ability to designate a 'Construction Point', in the same manner that one creates waypoints? Where components could be unloaded by freighters into deep space, to be assembled by a construction ship once everything is in place?
For what I'm doing I want a limit to how much sm I want to use
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