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Title: Build 1515 Release
Post by: Erik L on April 28, 2015, 04:51:47 PM
Here are the release notes:

Global Changes
   Changed build to 1515
   Refactored some code and variables.

Database Changes
   Added RaceID and GameID to Colonies table.
   Added RaceAdjective to the Race table.
   Changed XCoord, YCoord, and ZCoord in Systems table to REAL from INTEGER.
   Changed Primary table name to StellarPrimary.
   Added Hierarchy field to StellarPrimary.
   Removed Main field from StellarPrimary.
   Changed Distance field to REAL from INTEGER in StellarPrimary

Specific Changes
   AICore_Data.dll (
      Began creation of specific table CRUD classes.
         Created crudAtmosphere for Atmosphere table. (1)
         Created crudColonies for Colonies table.(1)
         Created crudSystems for Systems table.(1)
         Created crudSystemBodies for SystemBodies table. (1)
         Created crudPrimary for Primary table (1)
         Created crudGames for Game table (1)

      (1) Complete
      (2) Incomplete
      Added logging for crudClasses.
      Fixed error in INSERT functions in some crud classes.

   AI_Aide.exe (
      Added a bit of code to refesh the race list droplist when
         creating a new game with a new race.
      Added "Copy to Clipboard" button on Log Viewer screen.
      Tokenized some plain-text messages.
      Added Game Options window for game, as opposed to program options.
      Added System ID maximum value to Game Options.
      Added Coordinate maximum value to Game Options.
      Added a check to Game Options for a valid Game ID.
      Added a Game ID = display to Game Options.
      Added support for German Language to Game Options.

   AICore_Race.dll (
      Fixed functionality to select a picture for the race.
      Moved RaceName generation function to AICore_Race from AICore_Diplomacy
      Added random generation of racial name, plural and adjective to random race creation.
      Random race creation selects a random picture from the \Graphics directory.

   AICore_Diplomacy.dll (
      Moved RaceName generation from AICore_Diplomacy to AICore_Race.

   AICore_General.dll (
      Added raceAdjective to the race structure.
      Moved some structures from AICore_System to AICore_General.

   AICore_Launcher.exe (
      Added support for German language.

   AICore_Research.dll (
      Added support for German language on research form.
      Added localization support for completed research form.

   AICore_SysGen.dll (
      Added localization support for system form.
      Added save functionality.
      Renamed project to AICore_System to match DLL.
      Added Temperature to the planetary generation
      Added Wormhole generation.

   Check versions and update (AICore_Launcher)
   Localize text fields (AICore_Race)
   Show Component Design Windo (AICore_Research)
   Read table for specified system ID and fill form (AICore_System)
   Account for user preference when determining minerals (AICore_System)
   Save system to the database (AICore_System)
   Read the database for colonies (AI_Aide)

   Random race creation locks up occasionally. This necessitates a shutdown of the program via external means.

And the download link:

I've not tested the save functionality yet. Just finished it. This will also require a regeneration of the database. Easiest way to do that is delete the db3 file in the \Database directory.