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  1. Agressive Negotiations
  2. Error 6 overflow
  3. System Fleets and Making New Ones
  4. Baces that do Not move/ Oribital Baces?
  5. Changing classes that have been built
  6. Questions about naval organisation
  7. Ramming Damage
  8. Jump tenders with multiple jump drives
  9. Compressed Fuel Storage
  10. Do Transponders work, and how much?
  11. Scientists
  12. Retooling Cost
  13. Carrier Operations Tutorial
  14. Random Lettering
  15. Less than max capacity cargo hauling?
  16. Sensor clarification?
  17. Mineral Production Overview?
  18. Population Detection
  19. Production time for shipyad extensions...
  20. Do I need to assign troops to the population of a conquered planet?
  21. NPR ship icon
  22. How will my ground combat fare...?
  23. PDC Hangar Issue?
  24. Best default & conditional orders for survey/scouts (and design strategy).
  25. Turret armor, and will shields protect turrets?
  26. Is it deliberate that Financial Centers cannot be transported?
  27. Deep Space Maintenance
  28. How to leave a terraforming platform on station, long term?
  29. how to automate a colony ship?
  30. It appears that it is possible to uncheckmark the generate only non-tn races
  31. How to increase Crew Grade?
  32. Setting up rank and class priorities - how and why
  33. Cancelling Overahaul
  34. How to delete TGs when you cant see the button?
  35. MOVED: Personal Avatar vs Forum generated?
  36. Sensor Buoys to Pre-Scout new System
  37. civilian mining colonies stopped being built
  38. how many terraformers would i need to terraform a planet in 5 days?
  39. So if I am terraforming alot should I start with infrastructure
  40. why the civilians not building?
  41. How to rename a task group on a laptop with reduced height enabled?
  42. what is Error 94?
  43. how much is the colony cost is it really 5 credits or something or bigger?
  44. what does orbital habitats do?
  45. What is a cadre and what does it do and what can I do with it?
  46. how do i create a measurement line when trying to measure distance ingame?
  47. should i use low tech division as imperial guardsman?
  48. if i have muitiple save games on a save file will it also save the entire files?
  49. Finacial centres v. expand civilian economy
  50. is there a way to attack ships from a planet? Like ground to space!