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The Academy / Re: Invading moon held by spoilers
« Last post by Barkhorn on Yesterday at 09:53:24 PM »
Thanks, I found them.  They were on a different population on the same body.
The Academy / Re: Invading moon held by spoilers
« Last post by TheBawkHawk on Yesterday at 08:58:12 PM »
Thermal signatures are created by facilities.  The base you invaded was a listening post, and will have a handful of Deep Space Tracking Stations on it.
The Academy / Invading moon held by spoilers
« Last post by Barkhorn on Yesterday at 07:46:59 PM »
I just did my very first ground invasion, against precursors.  They had a single population, only 10 thermal signature.  My forces met no resistance.  How do I see what was producing that thermal signature, or do precursors just make fake thermal emission sources?
The missile cruiser has quite small volleys.  AI PD is pretty weak usually, but you could still have trouble scoring hits.  I think you've got your fire controls backwards; there isn't much reason to have so many anti-ship FC's, while you could use two more AMM FC's.  2-3 AMM launchers per AMM FC is usually smart.

You may get better final defensive fire coverage from having more Gauss turrets, but making them smaller.  As it is, you can only target 2 missile salvos at a time.  Your GC's can theoretically kill 24 missiles in FDF, assuming they're all in 2 or fewer salvos.  But worst case scenario is when they're all in individual salvos, in which case 22 will make it through FDF.

Not sure you really need a dedicated sensor ship given the fact that you have such powerful actives.  For example, if your missile cruiser was at the sun, you could detect a 4000 ton nearly at Jupiter.

That jump engine is going to take an eternity to research and is going to cost a fortune to build.

I like the ADC aside from that minor point about the GC turrets.
That might have been me, and stems from engine costs scaling: quadratically below 1.0, linear above. If 1.0 is reasonable for our speed/range requirement, 0.85 or 0.9 often saves fuel and BP; ship slightly larger for the same capability, but cheaper.

That is a very local phenomenon though. The numbers put your engines at 50Hs and 1.6 power. That is rather stressed. Using 30% of your engine weight in fuel as in your cruisers is about the most performance you can cram into a given tonnage (theoretical optimum is 40%, for almost no measurable increase), with no consideration of fuel efficiency.
While it would result in individually less capable ships at 20000t, I'd probably be happier with 4x 0.8 power engines and building more of them.

Thanks. I guess that 1.5 number was a goalpost I shifted to get to even fleet speed while retaining my tonnage, which shouldn't have been the hard limit I imposed on myself when that only matters for the jump-carrier.

If I have a spare PP scientist (my top gal is still working on the jump drive) that can get new engine designs out close to the time the jump drive comes off the drawing board, I may redesign and maybe get a little more range in the bargain ... probably at the cost of cutting even more hangar space from my poor carrier and adding another six-or-more months of shipyard work. Starting to get nervous that something nasty is going to pop into the Solar System while my only functional battle group is off playing with the neighbors . I have to first finish up a fight over some alien wreckage that's now eating my attention before I can make sound build decisions.  :D

If not these, then my next generation of warships will definitely be informed by your engine advice.
Bureau of Ship Design / Re: Trying for PD missile ship
« Last post by obsidian_green on Yesterday at 11:51:28 AM »
I'm impressed by folks' ability to build these lean warships instead of the expensive hefties that have been my first designs. (Though I'm not complaining too much; I did a lot of reading here [some of the advice coming from you, Detros] and at the wiki and built ships that perform exactly as I intended them and which proved extremely capable against a threat I didn't anticipate.)

As others have said, AMMs should probably be faster with magneto-plasma drive. I built my first missiles at internal fusion tech, but the slowest of those was a size-6 ASM with 100 million km range and a strength-12 warhead ... and it still clocked in at 33,700km/s, which you can probably match or exceed at magneto-plasma with a size-1, short-ranger.
No actual missile strikes, all intercepted, but I've now seen the first action from any Gauss cannons!  :)

Did you actually get hit by some missiles or migth it be that the CIWS simply fired first and there were no missiles left?

Seems you might be spot on here! On the suspicion that the higher initiative of the CIWS-equipped ship gave it firing priority, I briefly split my TG and tried--and failed--to intercept a salvo (enemy was gracious enough to fire more missiles at me) before reforming, but I think they must have targeted a Gauss-equipped ship during the split, so the higher initiative CIWS finally didn't get the chance to fire.

The Academy / Missile initiative
« Last post by Detros on Yesterday at 08:32:43 AM »
TGs have initiative setting, TGs with higher number move later during tick end (wiki).
How does missile initiative work?
Bureau of Ship Design / Re: Trying for PD missile ship
« Last post by Titanian on Yesterday at 07:36:55 AM »
Well, if you expect enemy ASMs to make 20kkm/s, then I guess your AMMs are fine. It's just that I have the following:

Code: [Select]
Admiral 2 ASM
Missile Size: 3 MSP  (0.15 HS)     Warhead: 4    Armour: 0     Manoeuvre Rating: 11
Speed: 19800 km/s    Engine Endurance: 128 minutes   Range: 152.0m km
EM Sensor Strength: 0.0198    Detect Sig Strength 1000:  19 800 km
built with a 330% boosted ion drive. If it had an magneto-plasma drive, it would make 26400 km/s and would thus be faster than your first generation AMMs, thats why I said they migth be too slow, as with bad luck with the increments, they might get jumped over by faster missiles and then never be able to catch up.
Did you actually get hit by some missiles or migth it be that the CIWS simply fired first and there were no missiles left?
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