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Re: Naming Convnetions
« Reply #15 on: August 30, 2017, 05:17:18 PM »
If we are talking class names;
I name my first to third generation of ships after my Empire theme. Then I start naming classes, that aren't just directly upgrading a previous class, after fallen notable officers and in-game locations of significant battles. Classes that are just upgrades (copies with new tech) just get a Roman Numeral after them, while variant offshoots get a designation B (secondary battle variant), E (electronic warefare), etc.
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Re: Naming Convnetions
« Reply #16 on: September 10, 2017, 03:22:22 AM »
I'm on my first playthrough and thought I'd be restarting after major blunders, so my early ships were named from in-game lists, but things went too smoothly to quit. After I became invested, I started paying more attention to ship naming conventions and made the following choices.

Geo/Grav survey jumpships: the first astronaut to space of a given nationality. Yuri Gagarin currently the only class with four ships surviving out of six built. These are the only shipyard products I've lost so far. (Fighters are a different story.)

Superfreighters: world's longest rivers. Classes have been Yellow River, Volga, and Ayeyarwady; a Nile-class of three tankers also exists, but future tankers won't share that convention.

Salvage ships: historic scientists; Hippocrates currently the only class.

Commercial jump tenders have been named after Right Livelihood Award winners; military jump tenders have been named for notable revolutionaries, as were tugs, jump-gate constructors, ordnance ships, and fleet trainers (a ship to slow fuel consumption during task force training)---in a brief spout of building, this was the convention for many auxiliary ships.

Colony ships: historic architects of the Imhotep-class.

Asteroid miners: mountains by elevation, shared by Terraformer stations with "Station" appended.

Fuel harvester stations: lakes by area.

Troop transports have been named for world war gods, starting with Agurzil.

A pair of 12000t warships of the Troy-class that I reclassified as frigates used decisive battles and were superceded by a pair of the Salamis-class. Agamemnon led my first pair of "cruisers" (reclassified to destroyers before I scrapped them) named after famous military leaders.

My current 20000t destroyers are named for countries (by largest population) and new builds will share that convention. My carriers are named for continents (later oceans if I build more than seven) with the Africa-class of two currently in service. Reconnaissance frigates have been named for birds, with only Cormorant currently in service, to be replaced by factory-built sensor pods that park in hangars. I have a new class of 10000t frigates on the drawing board to provide extra PD to battle groups and a 40000t battlecruiser I can dispatch as a mini-carrier, but I haven't yet decided how I'll name them. War gods for the battlecruisers would appeal, but I've already established a tradition of using those names for troop ships that'll stick with; resumption of famous military leaders seems likely (but I really wish I'd used that for the troop ships).

I'll be switching up my naming conventions if I ever start a new game because one of the things I sometimes did while waiting for auto-turns was scout out new or more comprehensive lists. I also have a better idea of which types of ships eat up names faster and should be matched with longer lists.


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