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The Academy / A Sample Fleet Doctrine / Template
« on: April 21, 2015, 03:02:53 PM »
So I got tired of staring at database entries all day, and decided to let the automated script another user made do all the hard work. I moved on to building something else instead: a fleet doctrine template. I'm going to post it here for you all to look at and maybe it will help you understand naval structure and fleet design. It is still heavily a work in progress, with a lot of information missing pending more research. What is complete is the actual fleet structure: the fleets, task forces, and command structure. The ship class details and fighter squadron makeup is my main focus right now.

My basis for this is as follows:
Ranks and command structure - US Navy
Fleet command levels (fleet -> TF -> TG, etc.) - Star Trek
Hull Classifications - US Navy and US Navy (Historical)
Ship guidelines, fighter squadron makeup, etc. - Star Wars

The template is here (posting the full link since I don't know if my account can post links yet.):

Mechanics / Question about Hulls
« on: April 20, 2015, 10:46:00 AM »
I don't know if anyone other than Steve knows the answer to this, but I have the database password for my tech tree investigation, and I was exploring the other DBs. I want to know some things about the Hull Classifications.

How do NPRs and the other races (Invaders, Swarm, and the other one) utilize them?
If I delete, for example, the 'Space Swarm' hull, will that damage a race that uses it?
What if I alter the DB and then start a new game, will that affect NPRs? Most notably here is the Star Swarm, I don't know how the comptur Swarm race handles their ships, if they use hardcoded hull designations or just pick specific ones.

I'm asking because I want to remove excess designations like the non-english ones and a few that I personally don't want to have in my list (I like keeping things clean).

The Academy / A Conclusive Tech Tree (Ongoing)
« on: September 20, 2012, 09:53:46 AM »
So I have been playing Aurora for about a year, and got frustrated with the fact that there were no tech trees other than the outdated wiki.   So I got access to the database and started building one on my own.   One problem though: It's massive.   I split it into several smaller trees, and am working on each tech category one at a time.   I am including the first few (3) that are 100% complete, and I will put up the rest as I finish them.   They are flowcharts in PDF pages, so the quality of the image will be pretty low, but decent enough to read.   I have included all technologies, including those which are already researched at the beginning of the game (such as the base genetics in the biology tree).   Each tech comes with the cost in parenthesis, example: Capacitor Recharge Rate 1 (1000) <-- the cost is 1000 RP.   If anyone wants an altered version of the trees, for example one with all pre-researched techs removed (I know somebody will recommend this), let me know.   If an idea has enough support, I will do it.   I would prefer not to have too many changes, because this is hard work.   The info comes *directly* from the database, with all cross-references taken into consideration, so please bear with me.   I have been at this for 3 months and only have 3 out of 9 (I think) complete.   I have uni to worry about as well, so work is painfully slow.  

Finally, I hope you all appreciate this, and feel free to transcribe it to the wiki or do whatever, as long as you attribute.   Of course, Steve has the final word considering I am using his database for the source, but so far he is fine with these being released.  

Update for v6.2 - I have the first two categories done, and a new format based on feedback from the community. I've taken down the old versions since they are now outdated and I don't want to confuse people. The new version is basically the same thing, just with a new color code, and better organization. I intend to have the next two up in a few days, but as many of you probably guessed, my schedule isn't too reliable. Without further raving on my part, here are the Power & Propulsion and the Sensors & Fire Control trees for v6.2

Added energy weapons. Chances are most of you will be reading this a few hours from now, so welcome to 2013!  ;D

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