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The Academy / Re: Small Missiles in too big of Launchers.
« Last post by Titanian on Today at 05:24:37 AM »
You can only launch one at a time, but the 24 magazine capacity you get from a size 24 launcher can still be filled with 24 size 1 missiles.
The Academy / Re: Small Missiles in too big of Launchers.
« Last post by hubgbf on Today at 03:50:12 AM »

You cannot place more than 1 missile per launcher.

up to you to launch your size-1 missile from size-24 launch tube, but you will have a lower RoF for à higher cost.
The Academy / Small Missiles in too big of Launchers.
« Last post by xenoscepter on Today at 01:47:33 AM »
If I place 24 Size 1 Missiles in a single Size 24 Launcher, will it launch them 24 at a time, or one at a time regardless of size?
Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« Last post by Marski on Today at 01:46:12 AM »
Current status.

Lots of things happened, hostile automated ships found in Luytens, one jump from earth. Alien fleets at HIP. Two colonies established in Alpha centauri that provide a stable source of Gallicite, thought the demand is still greater than supply. One colony at Epsilon Eridani that has every mineral needed for a self-sufficient colony. One colony at Lyutens.

You can see how much the limited supply of gallicite is affecting the size of fleet I can maintain. Missiles are also in short supply and about quarter of the military ships have empty magazines. Military operations are also very much restricted to defense only, since any offensive action would deplete the missile stocks in short order.
Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« Last post by joeclark77 on Yesterday at 10:00:39 PM »
So I conquered the Batman people, er, Batmen.  This is my longest successful game, now 41 years into it and well into the antimatter tech era.  In this case I had enough divisions of ground forces to conquer their home system (Gotham) with ground forces and no nukes from orbit.  The prize was a population greater than my empire's other two racial homeworlds combined, and proportionally enormous quantities of mines, factories, etc.  Even before all the little Batman mining colonies had been cleaned up I made contact with another alien race, the Empire of Sonderborg (emphasis on "borg"), all the way the *other* direction from Earth.  Their planet's EM signature is nearly double that of Batman Prime.  It'll just take a little time to move my ground troops across the galaxy and to upgrade and re-provision a couple of carrier groups...
Installation / Re: SerBeardian's Ultimate Aurora Mod updated for 2019
« Last post by MasonMac on Yesterday at 12:43:42 PM »
Not sure if it's just me but I keep getting the overflow error when adding/removing parts from ships.
Edit: Nevermind, it's the .EXE in the zip thats bugged
Aurora Chat / Re: What's going on in your empire/planet/battlefield?
« Last post by Michael Sandy on Yesterday at 12:08:15 PM »
Ah, that wonderful feeling when you manage your economy so that you don't have that first Duranium crunch from Earth running out.  Duranium and Mercassium stocks are slowly increasing after years of careful management.

Now, economists are suggesting that a Duranium surplus actually indicates we are not growing our economy as fast as possible.  Which may be true, as the theory we are going with on the fastest way to increase our economy is more Military Academies and Ground Force Training Facilities to exploit the several large ruins we have discovered.

Over 500 facilities of a TL4 race have yet to be catalogued, and we have three other ruins the archaeology teams haven't even found out how many installations are present.  But building military academies and GFTFs do not greatly increase mineral consumption.
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An early look at an Aurora4x clone in the works
« Last post by Kyle on Yesterday at 09:02:12 AM »
I'm back, after a much-needed "vacation" from hobby coding!  My pace won't be as fast as when I started out, but I can tell you that the itch to work on this has firmly resettled itself!

And I have a progress update (2019-02-19) from the past week or so!  Shipyard Tasks tab and Manage Shipyards tab are done for this phase.

Specifically, in the Shipyard Tasks tab: Show annual ship building rate per slipway, show available slipways, display all shipyard tasks, delete task, pause/unpause task, raise/lower priority, rename ship, select name of ship from themes, show ship delivery schedule for all shipyards.  In the Manage Shipyards tab: Display Total naval and commercial shipyard capacity, display chart of shipyards and their type, slipways, assigned class, current activity, progress%, completion date, and Mod rate.  Set shipyard complex activity, show build cost, completion date. Display list of eligible ship classes to retool, delete activity, pause/unpause activity, rename shipyard, auto-rename shipyard. All task types (Extra slipway, capacity expansion options, and retool) update DB identically to A4X and display correctly.  Create task Construction, Repair, Refit, and Scrap all update DB correctly.  List eligible classes to construct, repair, scrap, or refit from.  Pick eligible ships in orbit, set ship name, show build cost, create build names checkbox, show completion date (sometimes inaccurate for refits currently), select fleet, set default fleet.  Show required minerals for activities and tasks, pick new name from theme, show refit details.

I don't currently have my build push environment set up on this computer, so no new build this time around. I don't think that'll be much of an issue since by now you know that my progress updates are real and the current build has plenty of material to see how the final product will look and feel on your computer.

Next up is the research tab.
The Academy / Re: RE: Detection Tab at the First Menu
« Last post by Jorgen_CAB on Yesterday at 04:36:58 AM »
This is so the game does not have to make detection checks using sensors in systems that you have no presence in.

So there are basically three options.

Normal: The game always do sensor detection calculations (Active and passive sensors) like normal

Never: The game will never perform any sensors checks in systems you the player have no ships in, NPR will never find any ships in them.

Automatic: No sensor checks is made and all NPR and Precursors will automatically know every ship in the system and where they are. Only works if the player have no ships in the system.

This was done to reduce the calculation costs in CPU cycles that can become a bit tedious at times on VB6 Aurora, it is an old and very inefficient programming language and can be used to speed the game up for the player.
You might be right on that, what with me misunderstanding the sensors. I'll check the wiki later.

For reference however, I do understand that FCS cannot find targets on it's own. I figured the Res 1 sensor with the Res 100 and Res 200 sensor would do the trick nicely. Also, the AMM is the Longbow 2 AMM, NOT and I repeat NOT the Longbow ASM. The Longbow 2 JSM has a better hit rate against the Longbow ASM, with equal speed speed and 7 more Maneuver Rating. Each ship carries some of each; typically more Longbow 2 JSMs than Longbow ASMs, but not always. The Integrity-Class has more Longbow ASMs than Longbow 2 JSMs due to it being more focused on offense than defense, while the Paladin-Class seeks to address the anti-missile weaknesses of the Integrity-Class and throw a Jump Drive into the deal as well. The Longbow ASM has it's own sensors package as well, set to Res 50, and featuring Thermal and EM passives as well.

I kinda feel like I'm beating a brick wall here; everyone is assuming I have no AMMs and am just using Longbow ASMs for everything. I'll do the math on my sensors and their capabilities, then post it here later.

EDIT: Unless my math is seriously borked, or I just do NOT understand anything about sensors; I should see a 4,950 ton ship out to at least 7.0m km, with my Res 100, and at least 3.0m km with my Res 1.

Also, this is at turn one tech. I.E. 90,000 RPs, or 120,000 RPs for a Non-Confederate Government Start... It is intended to fight ships of similar tech level; that is anything else with up to 120,000 RPs. These ships are technologically available on TURN ONE. It's just a matter of industrial capacity.

UPDATE: My Res 1 sensor will see small craft at exactly 3.0m km. My Res 100 will see 4,950 ton craft out to just over 12.0m km away, and my Res 200 will see the same craft out to just over 4.0m km away. That ain't blind. Although versus size 1-6 missiles it's only good at just under 300k km... which is pretty bad I guess. EDITED FOR MATHS, sorry.
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