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  1. Semi-Official 7.x Suggestion Thread
  2. ECM/ECCM Missile Tracking Deactivation
  3. Designing ship hulls instead of ships
  4. new research topic - Medicine & Robotics
  5. Decoy System and Drone Control
  6. catapult ship component - launching ships over great distances
  7. Civilian contracts for racial tech
  8. Potential Spoilers: Aurora C# Enemy AI Ship Design and Tactics Thread.
  9. Him Vs Her
  10. Commanders' Initial Ages ... and a somewhat related suggestion
  11. Regarding terraforming
  12. More secondary commander naming themes?
  13. Request for Feature
  14. Complete list of Suggestions
  15. couple things, might be useful to others too?
  16. new crew quarter options
  17. Bigger bureaucracy
  18. Realistic promotions, Political Reliability and Ground Forces Officers
  19. Considering Changes to Terraforming
  20. Geo teams doing first surveys
  21. Hull sice and jumpdrive
  22. Commander Location
  23. Beam Weapons
  24. What's the deal with water vapour?
  25. Having a PP scientist at start breaks the game
  26. More Deeply Customizable Beam Weapons
  27. warhammer 40k related tech and units
  28. Fighters defaulting to lowest rank
  29. Why can't player races use their ships to ram?
  30. Civilian missile transport, and hangars
  31. Bridge Crew again
  32. Set of suggestions (reducing micromanagement and unnatural numbers)
  33. New Mineral
  34. Should empires be able to merge?
  35. More options for diplomacy?
  36. New politic system ?
  37. Some sketches about commander bonuses and effects
  38. Considering Change to Naval Organization
  39. Transfer Cargo/Liners/Colony ships to private companies.
  40. Considering Change to Maintenance Facilities
  41. A bit more control with fire control
  42. Civilian Boat Bays
  43. Missile interception mechanics
  44. Multiple engine types?
  45. Proposal for Starting Weapon-based Technologies
  46. Missiles at Less than size 1( Sub Minutions Only )
  47. Synthetic Entity Core - An option for crew-light or crewless ships
  48. Cannot view buttons even using limited window height option
  49. The ability of civilian ships to transport the minerals and components
  50. RF resonant cavity thruster or EmDrive in Aurora