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  1. 7.2 Released?
  2. Resolution Fixes
  3. Question about reduced height windows
  4. Common Abbreviations/Acronyms
  5. Keeping the event window in the foreground
  6. Getting the game to run questions
  7. Where should I post?
  8. facebook group for aurora 4x?
  9. MOVED: Another newbie...
  10. Translation to other languages?
  11. civilian freighters causing one day increments
  12. How to learn
  13. Early expansion
  14. My Galaxy Map has all systems bunched up.
  15. How to delete a jumpgate?
  16. Is it possible to mine moons which are impossible to colonize?
  17. what's hyperdrive?
  18. Building and Creating a Ship
  19. How do i access the full browser version while on mobile?
  20. Diplomacy Questions
  21. Noob question on designing an asteroid miner
  22. Extended Orbit order
  23. Questions Armor and Weapons Damage
  24. Windows 7 installation guide
  25. Display Issues
  26. Questions about Saving Games
  27. Help! My Game is Running Slow!
  28. remotely usable instruction set?
  29. Firecontrols - The Ins and Outs
  30. Hostile/Surrendered Civilians
  31. Jump ships/engines/gates
  32. Questions about Task Group Orders (F12 screen)
  33. Galactic Map Questions
  34. Why are my fleets "awaiting acknowledgment"?
  35. Why is this written in VB6? Why are there limited graphics?
  36. What do the various engines do?
  37. What should I research first?
  38. Research Questions
  39. Fighter Questions