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  1. Odd duck designs
  2. Post some of your earliest conventional start ships!
  3. Federal Fleet
  4. Sun Fleet (Near-Ultra Laser, Magneto-Plasma)
  5. fast fighter, equal speed missile
  6. Ships
  7. First jump-capable Survey Ships
  8. What do you think of my designs?
  9. engine-less ships
  10. Beam Defence Base Fighter
  11. Solar Emperium's First Fleet
  12. conventional start, commercial engine only fleets
  13. long deployment exploration ship design
  14. A formal look at various efficiencies
  15. Need help with rethinking my missile cruiser/carrier fleet.
  16. Warppoint assault ships
  17. First Carrier
  18. Shepherd class Escort Corvette
  19. First Battle Fleet I'm Happy With
  20. Carrier Design: Long Range or Short Range?
  21. My First Ship!
  22. Designing an early/mid-game (late 2060s) mobile fleet
  23. Advice on a PD fighter
  24. Biggest Ship i Can think of
  25. Sensor buoy design
  26. Fortress Gates
  27. Low tech fighters
  28. Opinion on my first real warship
  29. Loki class CQB Corvette - Would this really work?
  30. United Nations Expeditionary Forces (S:AAB)
  31. Iron Moon class Orbital Point Defense Base
  32. Early fleet, carrier heavy, pretty low tech
  33. Survey Carrier and parasite choices
  34. Request for comments (various ships)
  35. first fighter early game
  36. MagPlasma MIRV and railgun PD fleet
  37. Capital Ship design
  38. Survey Command designs
  39. Third generation high-tech fleet designs. (tl;dr advisory)
  40. One big laser or 4 Gauss cannons on a Heavy Fighter
  41. need basic gidelins
  42. Terran Federation Meson turrets vs Gauss turrets
  43. United Nations Space Authority PDC Designs
  44. MOVED: Fleet Planner Spreadsheet: Plan TG Composition, Maintenance Cycles, Speeds, & Sh
  45. Missile ships using early-game tech, looking for critique
  46. Grand Imperial Monarchy Of Earth Fleet Plans
  47. Battle Fleet
  48. 13000 tons flying at 13000 km/s using ion drive technology
  49. Earth Alliance Corporate Shipyards Design Board
  50. First Fighter