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  1. Red/Green jump gates? Also, how to escort civilian jump ships?
  2. Is there a way to scrap/recycle old ordnance?
  3. Help!
  4. Bugged game. Unclear on severity. Should I start over?
  5. Building an Interstellar Empire
  6. Question regarding jump capable fighters
  7. Help with designing a fighter
  8. Basic Ship Design
  9. Noob Questions
  10. Prerequisite techs for Genome Sequence: Base Gravity?
  11. Reserve Level
  12. Conquered and alien pop. Now what?
  13. Scientist Shortage
  14. Civilian shipping information toggle?
  15. Transfering survivors/prisoners
  16. Refueling
  17. Civilian fuel harvesters
  18. Power Requirements
  19. How do I build a commercial freighter?
  20. Getting the game to run question
  21. Hidden Jump Point
  22. Ordnance, ordnance, ordnance...
  23. What are railguns good for?
  24. Lazy geologists?
  25. What's the deal with these aliens?
  26. Sol system minerals - v6.00
  27. PD missile inefficiency
  28. Questions related to mechanics
  29. How to launch geo-survey missile from PDC at a planet?
  30. Class Names issue.
  31. Some problems with Aurora after using resize enable
  32. Aurora succession game
  33. Engine Power and speed
  34. Ship not completing?
  35. Managing shipyards
  36. Having a pickle with separation ranges and geo-sensors
  37. A few questions
  38. Escaping a duranium crunch
  39. global geological info question
  40. maintenance for commercial ships
  41. Downloaded tech
  42. Aurora Succession Game: The Gold Rush
  43. Civilian Mining
  44. How do tugs work?
  45. assigning civilian administrators and building ships
  46. Strange overhaul problem
  47. Shipyard TG
  48. Colony happiness and unrest
  49. PD ships not engaging
  50. Transporting engineering brigades