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  1. Restricting civilian traffic
  2. Neutral NPRs?
  3. Wimps!
  4. 1 Day Increments Broken?
  5. LP Jump Problems
  6. How I Multifaction start?
  7. Do civilians build jump-capable ships?
  8. Damage Control - Question on how fast it repairs
  9. Game Slowdown / Black Holes
  10. Galactic Map controls
  11. First Contact pointers
  12. Non-Sol Start
  13. Moving Task Groups into different Task Forces.
  14. How long is the fire delay after a standard Jump Gate transition?
  15. Shipyard additional eligible classes
  16. Confused about turrets + FC
  17. Question about whether I should start a new game
  18. 1HS Jump Drive - Self-Jump Only
  19. Recharge rates and active scanning
  20. Question about Commercial Ships
  21. Newb questions: sensors and lifepods
  22. Something worse than the learning curve... the deep pit of "Wtf?"
  23. Where to find the savegame?
  24. Two-Stage Missiles - Sensor Boat Supported by PDC?
  25. Can not research Ion engines
  26. Introducing distant aliens
  27. About the Galactic Map
  28. nebulas and orbital bombs?
  29. Error 6 - Overflow
  30. How do I stop colony growth
  31. Question
  32. What exactly are the rules for the expand civilian economy tech cost?
  33. Passenger liners and mobile miners\refineries
  34. Crew Grades and the SM
  35. Bonus Tech
  36. No engines available
  37. Sloooooooowing down and speedingup
  38. So I complete my first ship and send it to Mars. As it leaves, Earth surrenders.
  39. Fighters in PDC question?
  40. Trade and diplomacy with NPRs
  41. Can't open economic window plus error 713 MSSTDFMT
  42. Class design and building ships
  43. Help with Specialty Weapons (Particle Beams/Plasma Carronades/Ect.)
  44. Couple of Questions
  45. Hyperdrive?
  46. Any way to view NPR details, such as Govt. type, language type, etc?
  47. Assignement of officers
  48. Deleting ships from the "Naval Organization" tab?
  49. Ground Forces Tutorial?
  50. Large Combat Lasers