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  1. Prefab PDC Transportation
  2. Are Star Swarm and Precursors jump capable?
  3. Salvaging a neutral his ships
  4. Transferring Ship Designs Between Empires
  5. PDC casualties
  6. Utterly confused by ninja troop landing
  7. Galactic Map
  8. any delay reloading from planetry stockpiles?
  9. Fighter Repair???
  10. bug or feature: jump gate seems to allow to jump while in construction
  11. Quick question about missiles
  12. Very new here. Will appreciate any new player tips.
  13. Some questions about Jump Points and combat.
  14. no alien artefacts
  15. Defence against AMM swarms (vs ship)?
  16. FAC loading question
  17. Fire-control re-assigning itself
  18. Terraforming just stops
  19. Fleet headquarters
  20. How to make Colony's?
  21. What's the deal with these AMMs?
  22. Troops
  23. Can't dump installations on uninhabited planet?
  24. Partially-done work at shipyards
  25. Anti-Greenhouse Gas substitute?
  26. Jump point leading from multiple systems?
  27. Odd folders at my root directory
  28. Interrogation
  29. Task Forces, Task Groups and Naval Organization
  30. Drones as probes
  31. Ship slowed due to damage but does not appear in repair list
  32. Commander traits
  33. Beams and Power Plants
  34. Obsolete Components
  35. Civilian ship purchasing criteria
  36. How do i make missiles?
  37. Forgot an active sensor, picked a fight, what are my options.
  38. Box Launchers and Ammo?
  39. Someone teach me how to fight PLEASE!
  40. Research leaps
  41. Automatic Fire?
  42. Slightly overwhelmed
  43. Refueling question
  44. How Do You Setup A Trans-Newtonian Start In A Non Sol System?
  45. Civilians Trigger War With Friendly Aliens Due To Espionage? Whoops?
  46. Terraformers not working..
  47. How The heck do i sorium harvest?
  48. Asteroid Mining?
  49. The Windows dont fit
  50. Radiation and Dust levels