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  1. Keeping Distance?
  2. Magenta ring on a system with a full grav survey / no unexplored points
  3. Beam-Armed Mines
  4. 2 questions
  5. is it possible to increase precursor spawn?
  6. Tractor Beams and Ships out of fuel
  7. About Mineral Shortages and About Sorium Harvesters
  8. Confusion About Active Sensors
  9. Auto Fire
  10. Totally lost on colonization...
  11. Shields vs. Armor
  12. How long does it take for mining complexes to move?
  13. Use of Industry
  14. follow superior formations
  15. Forcing AI to play fair?
  16. Ghost Ground Unit
  17. Easiest way to transport minerals between systems?
  18. Galactic Map and some questions
  19. Fighters in combat.
  20. Deleting Commercial Ships
  21. supply ship eating supplies
  22. Encountering Alien species
  23. Stockpiled parts...
  24. Mining ships and simplifying resource harvesting
  25. NPC Missile launch interaction
  26. Am I just really lucky or what..? (Geological Teams)
  27. Friendly ( or otherwise ) NPR Ship designs
  28. Weird task force training behavior...
  29. New player question
  30. A few questions
  31. Working around the ship build rate bug
  32. On ruins and infrastructure
  33. Sound of turn end
  34. Changing a task group to another task force
  35. Recommendations for Early Game Ship Design.
  36. Maintenance, scrapping and various shortages
  37. Laser never firing?
  38. How many troop transport units are required to move enginer brigades?
  39. Missile Fire Controls/ Active Sensors
  40. Constructing a Warp Hub
  41. CMC Question
  42. Adding gasses as SpaceMaster?
  43. What is a parasite? [SOLVED]
  44. Weapons (& shields) in atmosphere
  45. New players first experience
  46. Changing Database Location
  47. Missile Active Sensor Question
  48. Small Galaxy
  49. Questions regarding engeniering mantainance
  50. First post - mineral bottlenecks