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  1. commercial CIWS and the AI
  2. Xenoarcheology teams
  3. How to launch a scout drone
  4. Shipyards: expand then add slipway, or add slipway then expand?
  5. Deck Crew Bonus?
  6. Size of ship to jump engine efficiency?
  7. espionage, espionage teams, spy points - and a possible bug?
  8. Upgrade Components?
  9. Useful Links
  10. Searching for a specific mineral?
  11. Fighter-Bombers?
  12. Standard Transit bindness duration
  13. How do you replace crew casualties?
  14. Missile Design
  15. Just found the game..a couple of questions (and praise!)
  16. "free" sensors?
  17. Beam Fire Control Range
  18. What is the Pre-req for Ion engines?
  19. Explaining Aurora
  20. Task Force Training
  21. Yet another new player questions thread...
  22. Questions of the not quite capable.
  23. what is a minimum effective energy weapon PD set up
  24. Aurora Tech Manual
  25. Missile problem
  26. "failed to load mass driver"
  27. Usage of a sniper doctrine
  28. I need some help with ship designs
  29. silly exploit
  30. System Map Confusion. White Numbered Dots?
  31. ECCM and ECM, normal vs compact vs small craft
  32. Some error messages
  33. Multiple active sensors
  34. User Interface (UI) questions
  35. Create New class and ship name
  36. Do starting NPRs use the research points given at the start?
  37. ruins, "hostile robotic soldiers", and espionage
  38. Logistics, logistics, logistics....
  39. Source of new system maps?
  40. Removing starting NPRs?
  41. Boarding actions and GU strength
  42. Database size question
  43. Precursors and expendable stuff
  44. A few noobish questions: Asteroid mining, colonisation, training, Mass Drivers
  45. [Spoiler?] 2 (possible) bugs regarding ruins and enemies.
  46. Using MIRV as anti-missiles?
  47. "Contact Sharing" in TGs
  48. gravity range, size of planet, avilable colonies
  49. Various Questions
  50. Exact formula for ship size vs construction rate?