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  1. Layering tugs
  2. NPR
  3. GeoTeams and comet/asteroids
  4. Deleted TGs
  5. Repairing damage at a maintenance facility?
  6. "Beam" weapons and asteroid mining
  7. Fighter maintenance
  8. A couple opf basic questions
  9. How many troop transport bays are needed for a brigade?
  10. Skipping Defeat
  11. Can you have your fleet move in an arbitrary direction?
  12. Is there a tutorial on how to design a fighter?
  13. Getting more information on an alien colony
  14. Why exactly are overhauls needed?
  15. How do you see how much cargo space will be taken up by an installation?
  16. How do you choose your starting techs when they aren't assigned automatically?
  17. What does JG mean on the system jump points tab?
  18. Noob question about NPRs when creating a new game
  19. Help! I accidentally clicked one of the "sub-pulse length" buttons on the Syste
  20. 64bit OS
  21. system generation
  22. Database compatibility issues across two comupters.
  23. Jump Drive Efficiency - can't seem to find it so can't research engines
  24. Irritating Error
  25. Combat Questions
  26. ruins
  27. Dangerous Gasses
  28. No firing
  29. Tractor Beams
  30. Space Stations! Hurruh!
  31. Absorbing civilian mining stations
  32. Missiles to hit chans
  33. Civilian Shipping Line behaviours... too many ships!
  34. Titans, Behemoths, Deathstars etc
  35. Yet another question! (about cargo this time)
  36. Armor
  37. Time increment troubles!
  38. New player saying hi... and help...?
  39. Maintenance facilities
  40. Creating Themes & Races (technical)
  41. Civilian freighter behavior
  42. Diplomacy?
  43. Earth's getting bombarded... but where's the aggressor?
  44. Troop transport
  45. Found Aliens... Please Help Me Interpret Sensor Readings
  46. uninvited guest?
  47. Tractor Beams
  48. Bug? Or am I just missing something
  49. More new player questions
  50. Hydrosphere