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  1. Transfer between Nations?
  2. Mass Driver +/-
  3. Tips for new beginner?
  4. First fight - problem with targeting
  5. Wealth Cost of Research / GU Maintenance / etc.
  6. Colony question
  7. Standardize ship speed vs specialized ship speed
  8. Sensor Formula for size 6 Missiles off?
  9. What's the formula for repair speed of hangared ships?
  10. Repair Ships & Mobile SY's(Ships with Ship Yard in them)
  11. Is civilian mining colony creation chance affected by government modifiers?
  12. Tug won't tug??
  13. Questions for Steve W or Others with the Info or knowlage
  14. Buoys
  15. How to share research with NPR
  16. Power Plants Armor
  17. Cost effective point-defense against AMM spam?
  18. Hangar Sensors, quicker cargo, replacement crew, abandoned governors, delays
  19. Fac's , Fpc, Tenders and Transports
  20. Can tugs pull ships that have their engines off?
  21. Ground Forces Readiness Decreasing for Unknown Reasons?
  22. Fighter training
  23. [Question] Strange NPR?
  24. Civilian contracts
  25. Task Group Window
  26. Multiple colonies on one planet
  27. Point Blank PD Mode "X"
  28. Do NPRs ever actually invade your systems/planets?
  29. Missiles with sensors and fire controls
  30. Buoy delivery?
  31. Is there a way to change the age of a commander?
  32. multi nation start help
  33. How do you make mines?
  34. How does Orbital Bombardment work?
  35. Buying Fuel
  36. Many Missile Salvos using single missile fire control?
  37. Survivors and crew pool
  38. Renaming alien ship classes?
  39. Stuck in increments
  40. I think my Aurora is broken
  41. Group Jumping question
  42. Enemy PDC in my system
  43. A Conclusive Tech Tree (Ongoing)
  44. SM Deleting Player Races from the game
  45. Fuel Harvesting on Sorium Gas Giant
  46. Damaged ships
  47. Annual Failure Rate
  48. Transfer Stockpile Parts
  49. Laser Warheads
  50. Seperation distance issue for missile warheads