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  1. Order Delay Fixed in C#?
  2. Resource depletion toggle for SM mode
  3. Patreon?
  4. No Thermal when Stationary
  5. roleplay of SW Empire in C#
  6. How Will C# Effect Carriers?
  7. AI and Roleplay
  8. Aurora C# Code Protection
  9. Hangars in C# Aurora
  10. Aurora C# Screenshots
  11. RE: C# Cloaking Device Re-Work, Suggestion Post [CLEANER]
  12. Cloaking Devices in C# Aurora [copied from the C# v.0x Suggestions Thread]
  13. Official Discord?
  14. Revising Tractor Beams in C# Aurora
  15. Release date?
  16. How are Active Sensor EM emmisions calculated?
  17. Decoys
  18. BattleTech Units and Templates
  19. Fuel consumption change suggestion with ramscoop
  20. Mesons
  21. Amram's FC Options and Interleaved Priority Queue demonstrator python script.
  22. Power Generation
  23. C# Wiki Section
  24. Wealth Generation
  25. Dropping Troops from Orbit
  26. Multiple System and Races generation start
  27. If perfect is the enemy of the good....
  28. Jump Drive Size Requirements
  29. Collateral Damage
  30. STO Operations
  31. C# Anticipation
  32. More Customization for Beam Weapons
  33. Preset Terrforming Options
  34. C# Ground Forces Composition
  35. Missile Calculator
  36. Screenshots published so far
  37. Mass Driver Packets
  38. Will C# be more stable and take less time to process increments?
  39. Small shields better than large shields in every way?
  40. mineral usage
  41. 2018 : The #C Era?
  42. Jump Gate Construction/Destruction (split suggestions)
  43. Civilian ships
  44. Sry for stupid question will i be able to run C# on my windows laptop?
  45. Does a time increment that takes 5 minutes to calculate depend on you cpu?
  46. In C# will we be able to colonize hundreds of planets without breaking the game?
  47. Will there be more technologies in C#?
  48. New role for construction ships in C# (split off)
  49. Replacing PDCs
  50. Quick C# Questions