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Posted by: joeclark77
« on: December 30, 2013, 05:18:21 PM »

OK here's my real recommendations for expansion:
1. Build some basic missile defense PDCs and ships with your starting tech.
2. Explore the nearby systems with jump-capable GEVs and GSVs.
3. Drop some infrastructure on Luna to get your civilian shipping lines up and running.  They will take it from there.
4. Build 2 civ shipyards and expand them out to 100-150kT capacity, then add slipways.  One is for a huge terraforming platform, the other for a huge fuel harvesting platform.
5. Build more civ shipyards to produce tugboats for hauling those platforms into place.  Drag them to whichever planets in Sol make the most sense, while you build up from 1 platform to a decent sized fleet (20 or so of each is a good stopping point).  Then start tugging them to other planets and stars, wherever they can be put to use.
6. Build 3-5 gate construction ships and start building your jumpgate network.
7. Short-term, begin hauling automines to comets, and buy every mineral the civilian complexes mine.
8. Look for terraformable planets with large (millions) deposits (0.8-1.0) of each mineral.  Make a long term plan to colonize, terraform, and load them with non-automated mines.  Build fast freighters to transport the minerals to Earth.  You now have a near-infinite supply network and don't have to worry about comets and asteroids any more.
9. Explore and conquer NPRs until database bogs down too much and you have to start over.
Posted by: ollobrains
« on: December 30, 2013, 02:45:26 PM »

this works to unless u have no one nearby and in some games can be 50 solar systems before u find anyone in which case u gotta build up youre own race ( of course finding and flushing out ruins for factories, minerals , fuel and other tidbits, as wel as wrecks is a good find to)
Posted by: joeclark77
« on: December 29, 2013, 04:47:38 PM »

1. Find an NPR
2. Conquer NPR
3. You've just doubled your population, resources, shipyards, factories, fuel refineries, etc. Congratulations!
4. Go back to #1
Posted by: ollobrains
« on: December 29, 2013, 03:21:17 AM »

Assuming u have turned off all the spoiler races

Heres some tips to get going

Research - get sorium, asteroid miner, propulsion technolgoy especially fuel efficency

Build scout ships and geo survey ships, subsidize the civilian shipping lines just enough to get them going.  U can then use them to get colonies going ( mars is usuaully a good point get a few PDcs in place and build the colony up will provide financial resources once civilian shipping lines start making tourism trips)

Look for minerals especially duranium offworld and even in nearby solar systems

Get a civilian cargo ship going as well useful for helping in colonization process

Try to get access to solurium within sol titan, jupiter and other bodies will randomly have good deposits.  Set a fuel harvestor there, and a fuel collection ship ( collier) with tanks to collect fuel and u can ship back to earth and put ito the reserves there.

If u can build automated mines or setup a system next to sol for mining ( if a colony is possible) throw in some auto mines and mass drivers on a central planet and auto mines/mass drivers on planets in same system have minerals sent to a central location
From there u can either collect the minerals and ship them back to sol on an infrequent basis and generally i use sol as a production center until im a bit more along nearby systems collect minerals

Unless of course u find a planet rich in all minerals or are able to source locally then a few construction brigades can be sent in to build up the colony ( 2 ship yards and 2 rapidly developing planets can be used as a stepping stone) but really from there keep up research and expand as u see fit ( encounters with aliens, dead end systems or a lack of mineral deposits can be issues)
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