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Title: [1.73] When I click on fleet org button 4x 2833 happens
Post by: consiefe on April 21, 2020, 05:51:28 PM
Suddenly this came up without my interaction of that part.   I have a sol survey fleet and they are set to survey nearest body.   They gave up doing that.   They go to the body and just sit there without counting down the survey points.   

When I click FO button four times 2833 error happens and window opens after that.   My survey ships inside that fleet are red now.   In fleet tab they show 0,01 fuel but it's not the case as they have %90ish fuel.   I also tried deployment morale by bringing them back and reseting the deployment counter.   For now I am leaving this matter to your capable hands.   :)

Edit: Sorry, I just saw you updated the game to 1. 80.  I'll give it a go.