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Title: The Soaring Eagles - History and Starting Setup
Post by: TheDOC on June 21, 2020, 04:20:28 PM
The Great Powers of the World - A.D. 1920

German Empire

Population: 100m
Factories: 450
Research Labs: 10
Ruler: Kaiser Wilhelm II
Stability: Stable State (+1)

United States of America

Population: 90m
Factories: 450
Research Labs: 9
Ruler: President Thomas Skye
Stability: Onset of Instability (0)

United Kingdom of Great Britain

Population: 50m
Factories: 250
Research Labs: 10
Ruler: King George V
Stability: Onset of Instability (0)

Kingdom of Italy

Population: 60m
Factories: 250
Research Labs: 6
Ruler: Re Vittorio Emanuele III
Stability: Stable State (+1)

Commune of France

Population: 50m
Factories: 200
Research Labs: 6
Ruler: Chairman Léon Blum
Stability: Stable State (+1)

Empire of Japan

Population: 100m
Factories: 250
Research Labs: 6
Ruler: Emperor Taisho (Yoshihito)
Stability: Stable State (+1)

The Regional Powers

Confederate States of America

Population: 30m
Factories: 150
Research Labs: 4
Ruler: President Benjamin Wheeler
Stability: Robustly Stable State (+2)

Ottoman Empire

Population: 30m
Factories: 120
Research Labs: 3
Ruler: Sultan Mehmed V
Stability: Unstable State (-1)


Population: 60m
Factories: 175
Research Labs: 5
Ruler: Kaiser Karl I
Stability: Widespread Unrest (-2)

Russian Empire - White Forces

Population: 100m
Factories: 75
Research Labs: 2
Ruler: Admiral Kolchak
Stability: Civil War (-3)

Russian Empire - Bolsheviks

Population: 50m
Factories: 100
Research Labs: 3
Ruler: Chairman Vladimir Lenin
Stability: Civil War (-3)

Title: Re: The Soaring Eagles - History and Starting Setup
Post by: TheDOC on June 21, 2020, 04:20:45 PM
History has a penchant for the dramatic. Many moments, throughout the course of time, determined the fate of the world. In today's lesson we will examine a simulation closer than any others we have seen so far to ours. in fact, we'll change only one small event from what happened in our world. One simple treaty in 1842 is not signed.

Only one? Wouldn't it be boring? Why don't we change more?

Sometimes, less IS more. You'll all see in due time. Now, turn on the VR. It's time to start.

Simulation C-I-S3-V3.9.1 loaded
Proceeding with timeline instructions...

Starting year 1920-AD
Point of divergence 1842-AD
Number of altered events: 1
Summary of changes from source timeline displaying...

1842: The Webster-Ashburton treaty is not signed

Loading timeline cascade effect...

1863: Anglo-French Intervention - the American Civil War ends in a stalemate
1867: The French puppet regime in Mexico is stabilized by the cession of its most rebellious states, Chihuahua and Sonora, to the Confederates
1882: The Confederate States invade Cuba and Puerto Rico
1899: The Japanese Empire invades the Spanish Philippines. In response, the British Empire secures the Hawaii Kingdom
1906: The Confederate States invade Haiti.
1907: The Confederate States join the Entente Cordiale. In response, the United States sign a secret alliance with Germany.

1914: The first World War begins.
1915: The German Empire never stops its unrestricted submarine warfare, due to its alliance with the United States.
1915: Italy faces additional pressure from the immigrants in the United States, not opting to sign the London agreements.
1916: Facing increased pressure from Germany, Austria cedes Trento and Trieste in exchange for the Italian entrance in the war.
1916: Canada is overran by the US Forces. France relocates part of the Mediterranean fleet to prevent a combined US-German attack on the Royal Navy
1917: The Central Powers are on the offensive and gain ground in every theater.
1917: Battle of Zeeland - The German fleet is utterly defeated by the Royal Navy due to a strategic blunder, starting the North Sea blockade.
1918: The Kaiser promises safe passage to Lenin to Russia.
1918: The Russian army deserts en masse to join the leftist uprising, knocking the Empire out of the war.
1918: The German and Japanese empires, considering the state of the Kaiserliche marine, negotiate the cession of the German pacific possessions. The Japanese accept the backdoor deal much to the dismay of the British.
1918: The Confederate lines break in Wichita Falls, the US Army exploits the breakthrough. The CSA begins negotiations to end the war.
1919: Combined Marne-Rhone offensive. The central powers reach Paris, Lyon and Marseille. France surrenders.
1919: Suez is occupied by Italy and the Ottoman Empire. Britain surrenders. End of the World War.
1919: The French government can't suppress the communist insurrection, and the rebels take Paris. Tired from the war, both the newly instated Commune of France and the Central Powers decide to still abide by the treaty of Aachen that ended the war.
1919: French Africa descends into chaos, with native nationalists, communist guerrillas and loyalist troops vying for supremacy.
1919: The fighting spills into the British and German colonies. Germany is unable to defend the colonies due to the Kaiserliche marine being crippled. Britain decides to reinforce India to quell unrest in the Raj, and is forced to withdraw from central africa.
1920: Africa has become for the most part a lawless, dangerous land. Only South Africa, German Namibia, the Portuguese colonies and the Italian colonies are still under european control.
1920: After a year of disorganized figthing and guerrillas, the bolsheviks purge the mensheviks and declare the revolution in Russia. The reactionaries organize a response. Start of the Russian Civil War.

Loading world map...
Title: Re: The Soaring Eagles - History and Starting Setup
Post by: TheDOC on June 21, 2020, 04:21:05 PM

USA: Blue
UK: Red
Germany: Grey
Italy: Green
Japan: Orange
France: Ultramarine
CSA: Brown
Austria-Hungary: Brown
Ottomans: Yellow
Russian Empire: Dark Green
Bolsheviks: Red

Purple: Minor powers
White: No clear owner

Lighter shades represent puppet/spheres/occupation zones
Title: Re: The Soaring Eagles - History and Starting Setup
Post by: liveware on June 21, 2020, 05:35:11 PM
That is pretty amazing. I'd buy your book.
Title: Re: The Soaring Eagles - History and Starting Setup
Post by: Marv on June 22, 2020, 09:11:03 AM
Fantastic start, love the map and the concise history wrap-up.  Looking forward!