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Title: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on April 02, 2011, 03:30:02 PM
Time has rolled along, and Paul McNeely and I decided to give a low economy approach a spin.  And we're curious how this will develop.  (given that the last campaign with6 player empires, and several strong NPR's went into a pile of money death situation with battles approaching late ISW4 piles of counters. . . . ).

- Build rates are halved
- Changes for more that 4 warpoints have been reduced significantly (makes those 12+ WP hubs somewhat rarer, but not impossible. )
- NPR chances have been lowered.  95+ for a high tech NPR, the others have 1% chance each.  (allthough we might agree to remove the low tech guys totally.  )
- Most significantly, we took the per turn growth rates and use them as the 10 turn growth rate, slowing down natural population growth.  doesn't prevent one from shipping out from the homeworld, but the colonies will take  alot longer to reach very large size.  Should also make population preservation a much higher goal. .   with a reduced economy.
- last, to prevent the DB from xploding. . .  no asteroid population emplacement.  (also, a system with multiple belts can get a very. .  huge income from the belt population alone ina standard game.  Belts still boost the economy, but you don't have to fiddle with 400+ populations ina  good system anymore. )

Any thoughts on this approach? I am certain planning on playing this out, and hopefully the gmae will get over 100 turns.  I exspect turns to be faster than a normal game, too.  And have more Stars at War sized fleets and empires. .  (vast, sprawling, sparsely inhabited expanses)

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Post by: procyon on April 02, 2011, 08:58:07 PM
Yaayyyy !!!! :D

Ooops, beg pardon, just got a little excited to here another SF player out there.

Like the premise.  Build rates going down will make battles more telling.  You don't tend to risk what you can't replace (at least for my group).

Decreased NPR's wouldn't work for us, but if your players will fight each other, it would be fine.  As our group is just our family, they are notorious for double dealing, commerce raiding, etc, but out right warfare usually is short and limited between the players. :-\

Plan for a loooong game if you cut the growth rate by 10.  What shuts us down isn't the economics with our games at 1/10 growth rate.  It kids moving away or deciding to change rule editions.

My only question, which edition is it based on?

But overall, I like it.  Very much the style we use and it works well for us.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on April 04, 2011, 03:05:09 PM
We've progressed to turn 12 by now.  Growth is slow, but economies still roll up due to EL research and IU investments, and shipping out colonists.  Just the colonies will not grow as much.

What became really noticeable is the significance of the slower build rate.  One defenitely has to think ahead in terms of what one deploys where.

While ym race surged ahead explorationwise by creating 7 HS ex, Paul's race sure has a bigger reserve of trained ships due to his use of survey destroyers.  That may come back to haunt me. . . .

I took a look at teh old game.

It basically became unplayable due to the high number of NPR's discovered each turn by now.  even a 2% chance, multiplied by the number of races exploring (50+ of the 85 active ones, some doing multple probes each round), created a pile of work by turn 79, when I called a halt.
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Post by: Paul M on April 07, 2011, 01:52:34 AM
The Shanirian Confederation

The Shanir are a race of genetically modified humans.  They were removed from earth during the 1960's by the 'orlons who were conducting investigations into the Younger Races.  Likely at some point in time the 'orlons will pop back in to see how their experiment is going.  Possibly in a few hundred thousand years given their usual version of "quick."  The Shanir are empathic and within their species touch telepaths.

This means they don't function well in isolation, as they have never experienced such a state under normal conditions.  They also use a drive system that is somewhat different than normal SF drives (functionally identical for game purposes) meaning that the force beam tech tree is not available to them to be developed (F, and P).  They are also incapable of using strike fighters.  Iext EL increase (HT3) they will develop the particle projector as the start on the path to the E beam.

As soon as I can figure out how to do it I'll put up a ship class listing.  Just ran into a second NPR survey luck is very high it seems.

Civillian/Logistic Support Vessels

CFN FT TYPE 1 class FT4           30 Hull    TL 1
[3] Hx4(Ic)Hx4(Ic)HQHQHQHQHLhQ(Ic)H(BbS)Qs(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  795 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  190/ 14.3
HTK 26   

Standard Freighter in the Shanirian merchant marine.

MESSENGER class EX     (AC)        6 Hull    TL 1
[2] SAHs(BbT)(I)Qs(I) [8]
6 RCP  19 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  56.6/ 8.5
HTK 7   Sx1  Ax1

A sparcely furnished and cramped ship intended only for the high speed delievery of messages between worlds.

PACKMULE class FT4           30 Hull    TL 1
[3] SAHBHQ(BbL)HHQ(BbL)HH(BbL)(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)LhQ(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  420 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  215/ 16.1
HTK 20   Sx1  Ax1

Design is used by survey command as a supply ship with each survey fleet but is intended to also function as a military troop transport when required.  It's large complement of shuttles can be used either to speed up planetary surveys or else to land its full complement of PCF's in a short time.  In survey service the extensive lifesupport space is used for R&R facilities and actual garden domes to give the crews of the Survey forces some time away from their ships and to thus extend mission lenght.

PIONEER class FT4            30 Hull    TL 1
[3] S(SYM)HQs(Ic) [1]
30 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  264/ 8.6
HTK 7   Sx1  

A mobile shipyard, the design is not liked but was forced on the navy by necessity.

Naval Vessels

DRUSUS class CT     (AC)        16 Hull    TL 1
[2] SSSAAAH(I)(I)(I)QsL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  148/ 22.2
HTK 13   Sx3  Ax3  Lx1  

Armed scout courier class of the Shanirian Navy.

VELITE class FG     (AC)        22 Hull    TL 1
[2] Sx4Ax4H(I)(I)(I)GbGbMgQs(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  182.6/ 27.4
HTK 18   Sx4  Ax4  Gbx2  Mgx1  
50x GMb

Assault ship of the Shanirian Navy.  Intended for attacks through contested WPs and as close in WP defenders.

LANCEA class DD     (AC)        30 Hull    TL 1
[3] Sx4Ax4H(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RRMg(I)(I)QsL(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  327/ 49.1
HTK 23   Sx4  Ax4  Lx1  Rx2  Mgx1  
60x BM

Primary general purpose combatent of the Navy.

CL (PROTO) class CL            45 Hull    TL 1
[3] Sx5Ax9H(BbS)(II)(I)L(II)R(I)RRMg(II)LLhQ(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  466.5/ 70
HTK 33   Sx5  Ax9  Lx2  Rx3  Mgx1  

Prototype Light Cruiser hull, internal arrangement expected to change before properly deployed.

Survey Command Vessels

SEEKER class CT     (AC)        16 Hull    TL 1
[2] SSAAX(BbS)H(Ic)(Ic)QsL [4]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  170/ 25.5
HTK 11   Sx2  Ax2  Lx1

The Seeker is a Drusus Corvette modified for survey work.  A pair of these ships are assigned to each survey fleet for probes and first contact work.

PATHFINDER class DD     (AC)        30 Hull    TL 1
[3] SSAAXQ(BbM)H(Ic)H(Ic)(BbM)(Ic)LLhQL(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  332/ 49.8
HTK 18   Sx2  Ax2  Lx2  

Standard Survey vessel of Survey command.  It is optimized for WP defence when not used in the survey role.

Fortress Command

SLING class BS1           25 Hull    TL 1
[1] Sx5Ax5HGbx3QsGbMg
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  151/ 7.6
HTK 17   Sx5  Ax5  Gbx4  Mgx1  
90x GMb

The Sling is a close in WP defence base.

PILUM class BS2           50 Hull    TL 1
50 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  437/ 21.9
HTK 29   Sx6  Ax6  Lx3  Rx6  Mgx2  
120x BM

The Pilum is the command base of a WP defence array and is intended to use its missiles in a stand off mode to defend the WP while its lasers are reserved for close defence of the base itself.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on April 08, 2011, 06:22:01 AM
Under ship classes, print report, answer you want to view it first.  Then there is a small suitcase symbol at the bottom offering your choice of file type for saving it.

And yes, I should geta round to writing up the first 20 turns.

It seems that the numbers we used were a bit too low for growth.  With the t20 growth, we changed them to 5% for high, and 2. 5% for low growth. 
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on April 11, 2011, 12:52:40 PM
Ok, we reached turn 29, and I am preparing a synopsis and racial overview of the Thebans.  Seems I am not quite as avid and productive a writer as Kurt or Steve.  ;)
The slow growth made IU more of a worthwhile investment in my eyes.  But still you don't see the growth jumps you get in a normal campaign, strapping both player races and the nprs when it comes to research.  The slow build rates sure make a lot of forethought and planning a good idea.  I suspect the thebans will be investing soon into small and cheap patrol ships to cover their growing empire.  The money for a solid fleet in each system will not materialise soon. 
I think the structure will develop into sector headquarters also being the nodal force bases, with only light forces deployed elsewhere untill a thread develops.  even that way, an typical NPR's fleet will have local superiority I suspect untill the empire can redeploy.
Ships preloaded with DSB-L and Mines may become very vital in allowing even a small force to deploy a roadblock behind wich defensive forces can assemble.  Fixed defenses will normally have to be prebuild, due to assembly time constraints.

We'll defenitely see where this will lead. 
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Post by: Paul M on April 12, 2011, 03:30:47 PM
The Shanirian's have been slowly expanding both their empire and their naval strength.  Their first three surveyed systems led to a binary system with no habitable worlds, a high gravity world with a dense and near un-breathable atmosphere, and a world that was more welcoming but not ideal for human habitation.  The survey forces concentrated first on habitable world surveys and then started an initial WP survey.  As this was occurring the Naval yards build additional Type 1 Freighters which were rented to the CFN, additional Pioneers to enhance Shanir's security and most importantly additional Pathfinder Class vessels to bring the total number of ship in each of the three survey forces to 6 Pathfinders, and 2 Seekers.

The Pioneers concentrated on the construction of additional Sling Class defense bases.  While the Naval yards after expanding the Pathfinders started building additional Velite class frigates to expand the Assault Fleet's total strength from 6 to 14.  During this time the Home fleet (4 Lancea class DDs) was expanded by 2 ships with a further 3 planned builds.  The 3 Drusus class corvettes were on station at the WPs to function as couriers.

It took several months to complete the initial WP survey of the three systems surrounding Shanir.  The system without a habitable world proved to be also without additional WPs of a type that could be found by the inital WP survey and the Survey Force switched over to surveying the various planets and moons in the two stars of the system then transited back Shanir to assist the other survey forces.  The other survey forces found a single WP leading out of their systems and after completing a survey of the moons and other planets probed these WP.  The systems found included a world ideally suited for colonization and another marginally habitable world.  The 3 survey forces settled in to survey these new systems.

Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on April 13, 2011, 09:32:37 AM
The surveys continued a pace with the optimally habitable world having 2 open warp points found in the initial survey while the other system had none.  The spare survey force moved to assist in a detailed survey of this world while a probe was conducted of the warp points of the system.  During this time technology was advancing as was colonization, though that due to the often high cost of naval constructions was proceeding slowly.  But a break thru in new scientific developments had occurred and a system of remote autonomous drones suitable for message delivery and thus sparing the Messenger crews had been started along with a system to enable the attachment of missiles to the exterior of star ship hulls and allow remote targeting and launch.

The probe of the warp point found; however, changed all plans.  The pair of seekers class survey corvettes entered the system, discovering the exit warp point was of the closed type and one of the corvettes dropped its drive field and the other proceeded in system its scientific instruments and sensor systems recording on all frequencies.  The two ships activated a microwave linkage as secure as possible while the crews settled down to analyze the data streaming in from their sensor systems.  Some days later the probing star ship stopped the unmistakable signature of a high tech civilization had been detected from the habitable planet currently a day away from the science vessel.  The shock to the crew meld was profound but they quickly sent a message to the other vessel at the WP informing them of the discovery and at the same time started an omni-directional broadcast announcing their presence. 

The second corevette brought its drive field up and transited the WP to inform the survey force what had happened before returning to the new system to resume its job, re-establishing the microwave link with the now stationary contact ship.

It was not many hours before several ships showed up to englobe the Shanirian's contact vessel and bombarded by transmissions the ships scientists and the onboard linguistic software had ample samples to start putting together a lexicon.  In fact it took remarkably little time to establish rudimentary and partial communications with the Reptillian inhabitants of the system.

The news of the discovery of other intelligent life next door to the newly established colony was a shock to the parliment but it made the choice of scientific research easier as an improved electromagnetic launcher system and larger sprint missile were put into development.  This was followed by a replacement for the standard long range missile used by the destroyers.  During the next few months the two corevettes remained on station un supplied.  Both ships suffered serious difficulties with systems failing due to lack of maintenance supplies and the initially rapid communications break thru was followed by some months of slow progress due to the difficulties of trying to communicate with competing groups.  Any attempt to deal with only a single ship or individual was often met with a curious resistance, not to mention there was tendency for any such contacts to change abruptly and on several occasions ships would withdraw and be replaced by others.  The state of the two probe vessels was becoming dangerous as the crews were on short rations and while neither ship had lost engine power the Engineers were getting increasingly worried about the state of the powerplants when at long last full communications was established.  The contact group hammered out a mutually benificial trade agreement with their new neighbors and informed the other corvette to transit out and inform the survey group.

The Parliment had taken steps after becoming aware of the alien race.  The first step had been the transfer of the 1st Defense Sqn to the WP to stiffen the 6 survey destroyers there with 3 Lancea class combat vessels.  Further 3 additional Lancea DD's were built and instead of going into mothballs as orriginally planed completed their shake down cruises and joined the home fleet.  Additionally colonists were shipped into the system next door after no obvious hostilities occurred to form the basis of a population large enough to function as a trade point.  This was viewed as risky but the possibilities of a lucrative trade agreement and monopolies on alien goods convinced a large number of firms to sponsor colonists.

Technological development continued focusing on a system that would allow the Shanirian combat vessels to fire on multiple targets, in particular to split their fire between near and far targets and a bouy that would re-orient the drones used in message transmission after transit of a WP. 

Surveying continued with a warp point found allowing expansion beyond the world now know as Vulcan's Forge and a survey fleet probed and then advanced to explore the other warp point in the contact system.  Beyond Vulcan's forge was found a world with 3 optimally habitable worlds while beyond the contact system was found a starless void.

The 1st Defense squadron remains in place to monitor the alien contact WP while the survey force resumes survey operations.  Basic research resumes as well even though practical breakthrus have not been exhausted.
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Post by: Paul M on April 18, 2011, 06:11:06 AM
The formal start of the trade was welcomed by both races and likely was a somewhat more critical component of the aliens economy but still the Shanirian balance sheet welcomed the addition.  Basic research proceeds slowly moving in fits and starts it seems while two key systems remain in the development queue.  The advanced target selection and tracking hard-software package, a critical component given the Shanirian preference for mixed weapon ships, proved to be considerably harder then normal to get to the build to print stage than anticipated originally.  This delayed the upgrade of the light cruiser and destroyers.  The next item the improved communications system and reusable short range drones has been slowly being financed by saving money from month to month even in the face of ship building and colonization efforts.  Major new construction has been limited to 4 CFN Type 2 freighters intended for government service and a much improved mobile spaceyard ship based on the FT5 hull.  The question of what to do with the existing nearly immobile "mobile" construction vessels has; however, not been settled.  The favored plan is to convert them to packmules and use the shipyard in a larger hull.

The Gladius class of light cruiser is accepted by the Naval board and the Prototype CL is sent into the yards to be converted to this new standard of combat ship while at the same time tentative plans are formed to make a limited production run "Command Ship" replacing the missile launchers with a long range communications array and a specialized command and control centre.  The Gladius will get higher priority on naval builds once all existing Lancea are upgraded to the new MOD 1 standard.  Modernization of the mothballed Velites of the Assault Fleet begins with one unit a month activated and then sent into refit.  Judged on the basis of cost effectiveness only the first 7 Velites will be fully upgraded as it is felt that it is likely there will always be time to do the refits to the remaining ships before use, as the cost of re-activation and re-fit nearly equals a new build anyway.  The Drusus class also gets a minimal refit which adds courier drones and external ordinance racks only.  A limited number of new builds are authorized to give the two deployed defense squadrons a pair of corvettes to station at WPs in Pisea and Byzantium.  Authorized is also a further 6 ships of the Lancea class, three of which will form part of the mothballed reserve.  Upgrades of the existing Sling class close in WP defense stations is proceeding.  The slow construction rate of the current shipyards means that 5 months are required for each refit, half the time of a new build.  A better proceedure would need to be found to update the Pilum's as their size makes either refit or further builds a daunting prospect.

Looking at the map of known space it is clear that Byzantium has become a nodal system and a defense squadron should be sent there and plans are laid down to ensure a force will be available in a timely manner.  Additionally funds are allocated for an expansion of the Shanirian Ground Combat Force to station garrisons on all colonies.  That will not happen though until the CC enters into development.

Even with an existing ongoing Basic R&D project and efforts to save for the CC development Colonization proceeds relatively briskly and if not always at the maximum possible rate at a reasonable amount.  Colonists leave some of the established colonies in Antium and Pisea to establish mining sites on mineral rich moons orbiting these planets.  At the same time a trickle of colonists flows to Vie and the domed colony there, while more go Vulcan's Forge and its extensive mineral wealth is further exploited.  The bulk of the colonists flow into the Byzantium system with its three hospitable worlds, Tercius is at and Secundus is nearing the point where it is questionable if it worth to send more colonists or let natural growth take over.  Unfortunately the warp points leading out of the system are not ones that allow large ships to transit which makes the system less than idea from the point of view of establishing a shipyard there still it is likely to become a major naval base depending on how exploration proceeds.

The naval board is beginning to remind Parliament that it has been a considerable amount of time since there were new ships laid down and that in the mean time the area claimed by the Shanirian Confederation has increased by several systems.  There is also the question of when to upgrade the prime shipyard and how to do so.

((I need to go back and clean up the previous posts and put in system names and figure out how to get a galactic map in.  I'm not expanding as fast as Alex, and I have only a few systems that have a detailed WP survey done as I am waiting on Xi for that task.  Money is a lot tighter than it might normally be due to the slower growth rates and my mental block over IU.  I have chosen to forgo development of Db since D is just around the corner and it will be the fifth system developed (T, MSx, Xi, Xr, D and then well see) unless I hit a war situation.  Strangely enough the CFN doesn't show the costs for transporting PCFs around so I may just raise the units on the colony worlds.  I also wish to look into a PDC or three on the home world once I have D to help defend the yard.  The new supply rules haven't had a significant impact for me so far but I need to transfer more money into the packmules soon I think given the decrease in supply I'm seeing in many of my exploration force locations.  Byzantium is a logical location for the next SD (but that is along time off I figure) and would make an ideal forward naval base except for the bloody 100 HS wps.  Both Alex and I are suffering from that, as a lot of our WPs are small ones.  Also the ICN will need to be established via CC stations which will take time given the slow build rate of the SYMx.  The DSB-ncd will help but I like maned stations for primary chains since it speeds up response times.  Otherwise things look good...Alex and I are batting back and forth other ideas.  I'm less thrilled with a lot of the SDS simplifications then he is.  The new missile tracking rules are also nice...unplayable without a computer but with SFA NBD.  But my personal experience is that unless you play a fixed 50 star galaxy or whatever that anything other than a computer supported game gets to be far more trouble then it is worth...even EXCEL spread sheets collapse when you get much more than 10 planets to monitor (by then you are scrolling up and down 250 lines on the page) and it is the fleet stuff that really is the nightmare.  I've also played under ISF2 rules completely PnP but that was with house rules that dramatically cut the effort down and it still took me several nights to do my turn.  Anyways will attempt to clean up the above over the next few days.))
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on April 20, 2011, 08:33:46 AM
Mod 1 series of ships

Naval Vessels

DRUSUS Mod 1 class CT     (AC)        3 XO  16 Hull    TL 2
[2] SSSAAAH(I)(I)(I)QsL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  157/ 23.6
HTK 13   Sx3  Ax3  Lx1 

The ship only differs from the original Drusus in that CD silos have been mounted onto the hull and external ordinance racks installed.

VELITE Mod 1 class FG     (AC)        4 XO  22 Hull    TL 2
[2] Sx4Ax4H(I)(I)(I)GGMgQs(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  214.6/ 32.2
HTK 18   Sx4  Ax4  Gx2  Mgx1 
60x GM

Assault ship of the Shanirian Navy updated to a more advanced gun launcher and external ordinance racks.  Intended for attacks through contested WPs and as close in WP defenders.

LANCEA Mod 1 class DD     (AC)        6 XO  30 Hull    TL 2
[3] Sx3Ax4H(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RRM1Mg(I)(I)QsL(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  333/ 50.0
HTK 23   Sx3  Ax4  Lx1  Rx2  Mgx1 
60x SM

Primary general purpose combatent of the Navy.  The upgrade enhanced the targeting systems to allow for the lasers and missiles to be used against different enemy vessels.  The shields rather than the armour was reduced to maintain a defense against lasers in the case of a warp point attack.

Gladius class CL            9 XO  45 Hull    TL 2
[3] Sx5Ax8H(BbS)(II)(I)R(II)R(I)RMgM1L(II)LLhQ(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  501.5/ 75.2
HTK 33   Sx5  Ax8  Lx2  Rx3  Mgx1
90 SM 

The class designed after the first prototype CL hull was finished.  An expanded Lancea class vessel with a mixed weapon package, a command variant that replaces the missile launchers with a command and control centre and expanded communication systems is planned.  Based on the decision to maintain a mixed weapon vessel the development of the more advanced launcher that would allow use of the new Standard missile in sprint mode was discontinued as it was felt that this weapon system did not work well with the exisiting ship board lasers and the advanced targeting would allow using the missile launchers on a target at range while the lasers engaged closer in targets.

Fortress Command

SLING Mod 1 class BS1           5 XO  25 Hull    TL 2
[1] Sx5Ax5HGx3QsGMg
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  206/ 10.3
HTK 17   Sx5  Ax5  Gx4  Mgx1 
90x GM

The Sling enhanced by replacing its older basic launchers with more advanced ones this results in a 100% increase in damage for a 33% increase in cost. 
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Post by: Paul M on April 21, 2011, 05:28:31 AM
Shanirian scientists have achieved another breakthrough in basic research and the applied labs and development companies quickly line up to present proposals on what new systems they can make available for the Navy.  Two systems, the tractor beam and the machine shop module, are approved for immediate development.  The first system is an absolute requirement for the construction of warp point defense arrays given the glacial rate of construction of bases by mobile yards.  A sling takes 9 months to build and 5 months to refit.  The tractor will allow the use, where available, of planetary facilities to conduct orbital assembly of pre-fabricated bases which can then be towed to the warp point by tugs.  The machine shop module will give a better forward repair service but also enable faster assembly of pre-fabricated bases in systems lacking planetary populations sufficient to allow orbital assembly.  The survey fleet will get the benifit of the next developed systems as their are promised advances in survey instruments and long range sensors, the combination of which will allow the probe starship to spot a populated planet well outside the range the planet could detect the ship itself.

The trouble is the current Seeker class corvettes are simply too small to mount both systems plus their existing equipment without removing both their armour and shields entirely.  As this for a survey vessel is not an optimal solution due to the requirement the ship be resistant to expected natural survey hazards the Naval board has called for a review of the class.  One proposal is to refit the Seekers to the new proposed Drusus Mod 2 standard (still on the drawing board) and build a new class based on the frigate hull.  This ship size has space to mount all required new systems and all the older systems as well.  The alternative relies on space savings by replacing the boat bay with the smallest available plus reducing the hold volume by more than 50% and thus enabling the retention of the minimal level of passive defenses.  Survey command is pushing for the first option as the ships produced are significantly more space worthy then the second version.

Another topic has been causing significant amount of meetings is the needed expansion of the existing Prime Yard facility orbiting Shanir.  Original plans were to refit two of the forward yard modules, and rebuild them further in the complex adding weapons and shields.  Looking at the plan in more detail this was clearly something that would cause disruptions of the available yard capacity.  Rather than refit the yards at the moment the design board is proposing that 4 additional yards plus 2 machine shop modules are added to the yard as well as updates to its targeting, weapon and defense systems.  The plans are still on the CAD station but given the proto-type heavy cruiser hull is taking 15 months to construct and a proposed new base would take slightly under 2 years to proto-type yard space must be expanded and alternative systems provided for things like refit and repair.  Both tasks which happen periodically and are a drain on the overall yard capacity.   The new Octavius Class command light cruiser is started in the yards as the first of the two authorized active service Gladius class ships is completed.

The Naval board also highlights the lack of a reserve of ships due to demands on the fleet of the active service defense squadrons and the home fleet itself.  Considering the cost of the development of the systems the replies from the parliament are not as clearly behind an expansion in construction as the Navy wishes.

There are three warp points in Shanir.  One leads to the Rome system which still requires a detailed WP survey but the rough survey yielded no new WPs and no habitable worlds were found there.

The second leads to the Vie system with the domed colony on Lyre Minor which has recently been classified as a settlement, the planet's mineral wealth is average and there has been little interest in a major colonization effort.  Out of Vie is Pisae, whose planet Argos was easily settled by the Shanirian's.  It's population is classified as of the last census as "small" as was it the census before.  The planet is the trade point with the aliens and Argora there is particularily busy given the size of the population.  A steady stream of freighters arrive at the planet on at the slowest a biweekly basis.  The 2nd Defense Sqn (3 Lancea Mod 1 DDs and 2 Drusus Mod 1 CTs) are present as is the 4th Construction Force which is engaged in building Sling WP defense bases at the WP to the aliens.  The other warp point in Pisea leads to Lugudum a red giant orbited by a smaller companion star that has several hot or cold inhospitable worlds.  The first warp point found in Lugudum lead to a starless area of space, the first such found in exploration.  No WPs were found in the vicinity of the entry warp point and so a detailed warp point survey of Lugudum was performed for which a future 4 warp points were found, the first two probed leading to systems with habitable worlds but no alien presence.  A 3rd Defense Sqn has been authorized for construction to picket the so called Nexus.

The third Warp point in Shanir leads to Antium, with a hospitable but not welcoming world.  The current population of Gateway as the planet was called is rated small but has been busy establishing mining outposts on several moons with large deposits of critical minerals.  Leading from this system is warp point that connects to Vicronium and barely hospitable world called Vulcan's Forge due to the high levels of mineral wealth found there.  A detail survey of this system revealed a single warp point that when explored leads to Byzantium a star system with three worlds all of which can be easily colonized by the Shanirians, the planets have been named: Primus, Secundus, and Tircius.  The initial colonization phase has been completed and currently all three have populations that are just barely of the size to be rated as small.  Mining sites are likely to be established soon.  Two warp points are known in Byzantium, one leading to Ceaseragustus a system with a barely habitable world barren of mineral wealth and the other leading to system without habitable worlds.  Ceaseragustus was surveyed and found to have no additional warp points.  After it finishes its refit the 1st Defense Sqn will take up station in Byzantium.

One survey force is engaged in a detailed survey in the barren system next to Byzantium while two more survey forces are engaged near Lugudum.
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Yikes. .  turn 47 allready, and my turn 30 racial overview of the thebans isn't done yet.

Galactography is interresting for me.  I have one cluster wich will run out of open WP's next turn.  The second one allways has just one more open.  and the third immediately split into two long lines wich also only have one more wp . . .  and one is now brickwalled by an NPR.  4 habitable worlds and 4 belts. .  and the bloody real estate is occupied.  I am torn between going to war or establishing trade.  Guess it'll epend on how my survey goes.  The otehr chain now terminates at 6 jumps from my home sytsem with lots of junk systems. .  wich now makes my survey fleets run out of supplies and slows down the survey there.  At least they found a habitable world there.  Now I wave to put in enough people to allow supply to build up for further expansion.  :)

Ok, time to put in the last few names and post up the theban bureocratic nightmare.
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Theban Empire – a Synopsis of the first three years.

Racial Overview
The thebans are 1. 7 m high bipeds who have a hairless, fairly leathery skin with horny ridges, and are adapted to a desert environement.  Some offshots of the race show slight adaptions to the higher latitudes of their homeworsd supercontinent, but civilisation overtook this beginning diversification into separate races.
Most of their homeworlds continents are joined into one large supercontinent wich is deeply divided by rift valleys who have just recently in geological terms been filled with ocean waters, forming long sea arms deep into what would otherwise be totally arid interior deserts.
Scarce resources of arable land and water have lead to a history rich of quick wars and raids untill the rise of the unifying empire arose from a fairly long river oasis of the northern quadrant desert.  Improved management of the water supplies and the construction of long underground aqueducts allowed this civilisation to devote resources towards a standing army, a rich culture of civil engeneering and a bureocracy wich organised and managed all those riches into an expanding nation.  Technical improvements opened more of the planet for farming, as well as specific breeding of adapted plants and animals for even the harshest places.  All this allowed science to florish, and the civilisation made rapid developments in the next four hundred years, aided by the fact that unifying the planet was a long, drawn out conflict due to various shifting alliances of the other populations.

But finally, they developed a spacefaring industry, and gained acess of the mineral wealth of the asteroids and moons in the system, wich enticed the other nations to join into exploration of this bounty from the heavens, ending the long wars.

The discovery of warppoints then ushered in a new age of wonders, where new oases among the stars beaconed the theban caravans.
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Imperial Organisation
Pharao Ramses Imhotep III, Ra’s son on earth and glorious light of the empire. 
Under his auspiscious rule, the thebans have reached for the stars and embarked upon surveying the rivers between the sunds.  Bureocratic infighting over budget has lead to a large spending on colonisation and industrial expansion, fueled by rich new worlds in other systems. 

Imperial Military Advisors
These consist of the heads of the three military branches, and the chief advisor, Lord Privy First Oracle  Merha-Aptut.
His collegues are:
-   Second Oracle Tcheripep, Head of the Imperial Spaceforce Headquarters
-   Third Oracle Admu-Thoth-Rahat, Head of the Imperial Army
-   Fourth Oracle Khonsu-Khaibet, Head of the Imperial Fortification Command.

The military advisors are not very happy, as their part of the budget has been kept small.  Their warnings that the stars may not be as friendly as everyone things have been mostly ignored.  Still, with the proud military tradition of Thebes, their insistance on the development of new technologies and ship classes has been heeded.  Especially the new Aten class of light cruisers promises to be a prestigeous command, incorporating the cutting edge of imperial technology.

Fleet organisation
All military ships of the Imperial Spaceforce are currently in the Thebes system.

ATEN class CL        8 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 2
[3] Sx4Ax3H(BbS)(II)QsW(I)W(II)DbM1W(I)W(II)WMgQsLDb(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  559. 5/ 83. 9
HTK 30   Sx4  Ax3  Dbx2  Lx1  Wx5  Mgx1  - 100x SM

The pride and joy of imperial designers and the fleet, the three ships of this class currently under construction promise the Spaceforce never before seen ability to project imperial might among the stars.

CL NEKHBET II class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 2
[3] Sx4Ax4HW(II)QsW(I)W(II)W(I)W(II)(CIC)MgDbDbQs(BbS)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  574. 5/ 86. 2
HTK 30   Sx4  Ax4  Dbx2  Wx5  Mgx1  - 120x SM

An upgrade to the first light cruiser ever build, the Nekhbet will serve as the flag ship of the imperial spaceforce, providing command and coordination.

MUT II class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 2
[3] Sx3AAH(I)Qs(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)DbMgQs(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  360/ 54
HTK 21   Sx3  Ax2  Dbx1  Wx4  Mgx1  - 100x SM

An upgrade to the long serving Mut class of destroyers, replacing one missile launcher with a point defense and a shield.

AMON class DD            30 Hull    TL 1
[3] SAx3H(I)(I)Qs(I)L(I)LL(I)(I)Qs(I)L [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  351/ 52. 7
HTK 18   Sx1  Ax3  Lx4 

All four of this class are currently in mothballs to preserve resources.  They have been constructed upon a theoretical study for overcomming resistance on the other side of a warp point.  Imperial missile technology has been proven so far to be superior in the field, allthough the recent development of point defense may cause a rethinking of this assumption.  One aditional hull has been laid down in month 25 and will soon finish contruction.

AMATHAUNTA II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 2
[2] SH(I)W(I)W(I)MgQsDb(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  174/ 26. 1
HTK 11   Sx1  Dbx1  Wx2  Mgx1  75x SM

This replaces the older Amathaunta class wich fielded 3 missile launchers but no point defense as fast, light skirmisher.
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Fortress Command

ENNEAD class BS2           50 Hull    TL 1
[1] Sx10Ax5H(BbS)Rx8QLhRRMg
50 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  371/ 18.6
HTK 30   Sx10  Ax5  Rx10  Mgx1  100x SM

Three of these bases are currently deployed covering the warp points of the Thebes system. Once mobile construction capacity is avaiable, an upgrade of the bases will be considered.

Nephet  class BS2           50 Hull    TL 1
[1] SAx13HQsLx4(BbS)QsLx4
50 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  486/ 24.3
HTK 26   Sx1  Ax13  Lx8 

Another study for defense, alllthough for reasons of cost, all three currently deployed bases have been mothballed.
Three more are under construction as prefabricated parts.

CADMUS class BS0           15 Hull    TL 0
[1] Ax5HLQsL
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  116/ 5.8
HTK 9   Ax5  Lx2 
Three of these have been prefabricated for a rapid deployment where needed, to bolster a defense.

Imperial Surveyors and Buerocracy
-   Third Priest Ramses Anechotep, Office of Civil Services and Colonisation
-   Overseer Hamephat, Survey Fleet Headquarter

Office of Civil Services and Colonisation
Ramses Anechotep is very content. He has been able be granted a big part of the yearly budget to found the colonisation of new planets.

Survey Fleet Headquarter
Survey Fleet organisation
Survey fleets consist of mostly unarmed scouts lead by a tender/defender destroyer. Allthough the theban empire knows the stars might be hostile, this arangement suits the burocracy as it tends to discourage the comanders of survey squadrons from developping new ideas like using the armed might of their commands for a game of succesion.
Currently each survey fleet consits of ten Anuket explorers and an Ua tender.

   SURVEY TENDER UA class DD     30 Hull     TL 1
   [3] SAH(Ic)HQsHRH(Ic)XHRH(Ic)HRMg(Ic)Qs [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  269/ 40.4
   HTK 20    Sx1  Ax1  Rx3  Mgx1

   EX ANUKET class EX                                               7 Hull     TL 1
   [2] H(BbS)HXQs(I)(I) [8]
   7 RCP  18 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  104/ 15.6
   HTK 7
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Priesthood of Wisdom and Engeneering

-   Various competing scientists and priests of Toth,  Imperial research
-   Fifth Oracle Tut-Amon, Office of Construction and Civil Engeeering

Research has been progressing rapidely, fueled by the scientific data gained from exploring new systems and strange stars. New cosmologic theories abount, and the abundand supply or rarer earths and biological compounds from the new colonies has enticed a lot of innovations in the general sciences.

Oracle Tut-amon supervises a fleet of three mobile yards based on a destroyer sized freighter. These have been vital in constructing a new space station in the Monthuemet system. This base is busy expanding itself, while the Theban home system ahs gained two smaller space stations to help increase yard capacity. The mobile yards are currently travelling to Merymose, to build another station there. Overall, imperial construction capacity is keeping apace with the expansion plans of the fleet.

SS KHEPRI class SS            1125 Hull    TL 1
[1] Sx100Ax100(SY)x8HQQ(SY)(SY)(CHS)(BbL)Qx5Lh(CIC)Rx30MgMgLhQ
1125 RCP  75 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  7983.5/ 79.7
HTK 346   Sx100  Ax100  Rx30  Mgx2 
200x SM
The main station of the theban empire, it will be due for a refit in the near future to upgrade it’s defenses and weapon systems to the new standards.

SS 1 ANTI class SS            99 Hull    TL 1
[1] (SY)H(BbS)(CHS)QLh
99 RCP  31 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  783.5/ 7.7
HTK 15   
One of these is being build by the expanded station in Mnothuemet, and one will soon be started in Merymose.

SS2 THOTH class SS            179 Hull    TL 1
[1] (SY)H(BbS)(CHS)QLh(SY)
179 RCP  31 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  1383.5/ 11.7
HTK 25   
The current Monthuemet station, and also the two new Theban stations.

SS4 THOTH II class SS            339 Hull    TL 1
[1] (SY)H(BbS)(CHS)QLh(SY)x3
339 RCP  31 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  2583.5/ 19.7
HTK 45   
The proposed expansion for the current Toth stations.
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That's it for now.. the imperial advisors and heads of bureaus soon will ahve some lively discussions to do with the discovery of another inteligent race. Economy is fine and nice, but even though 9 CL's are now build or constructing, the stars may no longer be so golden in the future.
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Apologies on the lack of an update blame Dragon Age 2...I am in a love hate relationship with that game.  Love the art, story and dialogue but hate the combat system changes.  Well a few of the other changes that feed into the combat system...but taking 3-5 min to kill a boss with 4 characters beating on him while he can kill 3 of the 4 party characters in a single blow is not fun...nearly dieing to a skeletal archer when I had 2 characters bashing on it...gah...gahhhh!!  They messed up their difficulty settings seriously as it is night and day to drop the game from hard (where I usually play) to normal...and drop it casual (did that once when I nearly went mad in a fight) and it is just a walk in the park...tried nightmare at the start since it has friendly fire (a requirement in my mind) but the fights become even more tedious and not fun at all (you do pin prick damage to a creature with 5x the total parties hit points and get hit like a hammer in return...).   They also made friendly fire include things like two handed weapon sweeps etc so well it is you take your pick which thing offends you more basically.  Casting cone of cold through the party is less annoying then nightmare's bloody tedious combat I discovered.   Lots of the changes in the combat system (and things like the characteristics which feed it...) make it well less fun then the system in Origins.  But I'm not a 12 year old, and I think that is the level they were aiming for with the combat system changes...either that or MMO players.  Ok stop now...else the rant will go on for pages.

For the Shanirian Parliament things have been a mixed bag of reports.  The science directorate has had the lions share of the funding of late and has turned out an impressive array of new systems for the Navy:  Machine Shop, Tractor Beam, Improved Survey Instruments, Long Range Sensors, Point Defense, Energy Particle Cannon, Data link, Deep Space Buoy Control System, and just started the Bomb pumped laser buoy.  In addition new basic research has begun and been running concurrent with a number of the last projects.

The new systems led to a massive wave of refits.  All military ships in the home fleet were brought up to the newest standards, this includes the newly constructed class of ships, the heavy cruiser.  But before this a massive expansion of the main shipyard facility: Prime Yards was undertaken and then all three survey forces were updated and 6 new survey frigates were built and added to the fleets while the older survey corvettes were refit as military scout ships and sent to the 3 deployed defense squadrons.  ICN link stations were built in two chains going out towards Pisea and Byzantium.  The last two systems Virconium and Byzantium received pre-fabricated stations and the plan is to assemble them in orbit around the planets and later tug them out to the WPs as the new Mobile Construction force moves up to Byzantium.

The funding for all this cut deep into Parliamentary subsidies for new colonization efforts.  Also as the new ships are more expensive than the older models Naval maintenance requirements have risen to 50% of the yearly budget.  The science directorates funding on basic research amounts to nearly 23% of the yearly budget leaving only a minimal amount for economic efforts while saving to start new science projects.  20,000 People were transferred to Lyre Minor in Veii and 80,000 to Surfsup the waterworld in Palmyra on a regular basis but this is not a significant expansion of the tax base.  When all refits were complete and the survey forces back in operation it is planned to do a few months of serious economic investment to make up for the lack but the issue of balancing expenditures over the Navy, Science Directorate, and Colonization Subsidization remains a difficult one to solve.

The Navy needs to build another 5 heavy and 6 light cruisers, plus at least 9 more Destroyers to achieve its desired force level.  The bulk of these ships would go straight into the reserve fleet so the primary issue is finding the capital for the ships.  Fortress Command also needs to update the Shanian Warp Point Defense arrays.  The Onager class of bases is nearing completion of its prototype phase, but the base will require modernization as will the Pilum class bases.  Due to Rome being a dead end system behind a closed warp point, and having limited economic value so no exploitation is planned the array at its warp point will be reduced to 3 Sling's and an ICN Comm Station.  Still this means 3 more Sling, 5 more Pilum and a total of 4 Onager bases.  Plus the arrays going up elsewhere in Confederation space.  The DSB-L as it is known will also require a station to control it, plus a mobile hull carrying this system for the Navy and it is planned to update the survey forces with a new support ship which also carries them and a controller installation.  The cost of all of this is non-trivial.

The survey forces have been updated but the older Packmule support ships remain in service until the newer Survey Support Freighters are produced.  Survey Force 1 determined that Rome is a dead end system and is now headed towards the Lugdunum warp point nexus to assist Survey Force 2 which finished the survey of Veii determining it had no new warp points and moved to probe the two remaining warp points in Lugdunum.  Survey Force 3 headed for Antium to finish its survey, will then proceed to Byzantium and finish its survey before heading off beyond Syracuse and explore the new warp points found at the end of the survey before refit.

The older Pioneer class mobile yards have been refit into Olympic class tugs and their mobile yards are planned to be reused in the newer larger Mobile Workshop class construction ships.  At least two ships with machine shop modules are authorized to be laid down as funding becomes available.  Also the Naval Board is debating a fleet support ship design and a collier design, it has proven impossible to make these the same ship and there is a general consensus that the collier must be built on a military hull while the support vessel can be based on a freighter.  It is also intended to produce a dedicated military SGF transport based on the FT6 type hull.  Plus clearly forward fleet repair bases need to be established and a design report on a smaller space station for that purpose is being written.

Complications over funding have caused serious squabbles in the Parliament itself as almost every system developed by the Science Directorate has cost more than total Parliamentary budget, and only two were less than the funds remaining after the deduction of fleet maintenance costs.  Fortress Command funding has to rise as well, plus a lot of new funding for, as it is being called, the fleet train.  The debate continues regardless and some sort of compromise will need to be found soon.
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Tonight I will get a warbook up of the newest designs that were mentioned.

Alex, here is the time to go from 150 PU to 400 PU depending on the growth rate (heavily rounded up):
GrowthRate      #ofGrowthTurnsRequired
50%(base SF)                3
5%                              21
7.5%                           14
10%                            11

For growing from 400 to 800 PU
GrowthRate       #ofGrowthTurnsRequired
25%(base SF)                4
2.5% (half 5%)              28
3.75% (half 7.5%)          18
5% (half 10%)               15

Uhm I think the plan to increase the high growth rate to 7.5% isn't a bad idea.  For comparison it will take 111 growth turns to grow 4 PU to 50 PU on a moon (which is sensible since the population growth on an airless rock is like to be small).  This is still having a huge difference in our incomes.  I have 6 small populations (160 PU each) and under the old system I would likely be closer to 6 medium populations (600 PU each)...that is a base income (excluding REI, EL, and AST mods) of 960 MCr to 3600 MCr.  Not including the moons would have much higher populations around now.  So our income is smaller than it would be under the base line system....about 4000 MCr at a minimum less income...with the corresponding wealth breeds wealth knock on effect reduction.

Sorry guys, math...not interesting but not bad for those looking at how to modify 3rdR economics. 
For those interested the formula is: LOG(EndPopinPU/StartPopinPU)/LOG(1+GrowthRate) = #ofGrowthTurnsRequired
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*grins* Ok, ok... high growth is 7.5% now.

This campaign moves extremly fast. We're at turn 69 now. I will need to slow and do a bit of imperial reorganisation on turn 70. And prepare an update for the empire. Nothing exiting happening overall though. No wars yet anyway, allthough 2 NPR's are not totally good at communicating with each other.

The thebans have some strange warp chains. The one open is now 8 stmp long and has barely any branchinsg wich don#t dead end immediately. The other one, wich I only lately explored, as it was into a close and rocks only system from the home system, now is branching into multiple nexi 5 stmp out from home. Anything habitable within 4 stmp is of course long settled, elaving either rocks (expensive) or long cfn task.. (also expensive, and no cfn every second turn). The low build rates sure have effect, but I guess here my earlier startegy of expanding my sy capacity is helping a lot. allthough in hindsight my first two extrasolar sy complexes were placed in the dead ended expansion branch :(. So now I have 10 yards savely hidden behind my home system. I gotta figure out how to post a picture here. :) Some of those NPR home systems are jus.. incredible. 4 belts and 4 worlds...  and the other one has a one system empire.. with a high roll. second highest income in game. And 8 warp points.. (not yet surveyed). And an agressive exploration strategy. Go figure.
Allthough for NPR spendings.. 3 success NPR's wich have to sink a lot of money into fleets are nasty when first found, but then later have real troubles expanding and can get outgrown quickly. Some wich have a high ind percentage etc. may not have as big a fleet initially, but have a lot more money to invest into economics and colonisation, and within a short time can afford a huge fleet while still expanding fast.

Anyway, enough for now.
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The Shanirian's have taken to calling their galactic neighbors the Uruloki of Unden "Drakes" due to their reptilian physiology and drakonian pychology.  The initial difficulties in communication had been caused by their internal politics.  Instead of a single central government structure they were split into competing "Flights" which were extended families that grouped together for mutual territorial exploitation and support.  This led to a totally anarchistic government structure which required a degree of flexibility to deal with.  Positions of power were stable, but who was in them was anything but.  Duels and assassinations were considered effective ways to advance ones career in the civil service.  The constant skirmishing between the Flights; however, gave them a substantial military power.

After a considerable period of time as trade partners the Shanirian Parliament approached the Drake's High Council with a mutual defense treaty which surprisingly was accepted quickly.  This relieved the Naval board immensely as Lutetia (as it was listed in the Shanirian charts) was but three transits from Shanir.  Admittedly the warp point leading out of Pisea was closed but no one believed that it could be kept secret if the Drakes invaded Argos.

After having refit the two remaining Pioneers to Olympics, two new Mobile Workshop class mobile shipyards were laid down, at a considerable discount due to the ability to reuse a number of systems.  In addition the assembly of the ICN Comm Stations in Viroconium and Byzantium begins.  Major movements of colonists consume the remaining income from the budget but don't exhaust the available CFN capacity like the month previous.


Shanirian Survey Command Vessels

SEARCHER class FGX        4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 3
[2] SSAXi(BbS)(Ic)H(Ic)XrQsDL(Ic) [4]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  331/ 49.7
HTK 13   Sx2  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1

The Searcher replaces the older Seeker class survey Corvette.  It is intended to probe newly discovered WPs and two such ships are with each survey force.  The advanced sensors in conjunction with their science package gives the ship the ability to detect high tech populations outside of the range they can be detected and also helps locate alien ships while surveying. 

PATHFINDER MOD 1 class DDX     (AC)    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] SAAXi(BbM)H(Ic)(Ic)(BbM)(Ic)LLhQDL(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  415/ 62.3
HTK 16   Sx1  Ax2  Dx1  Lx2 

A modest upgrade of the Pathfinder that unfortunately cost some crew comfort but significantly enhanced the ships survey speed.

SURVEY SUPPORT VESSEL TYPE 1 class FT6X      6 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
[3] SSAA(CC)(BbL)H(IcIc)HH(BbM)HH(BbM)HH(BbM)HH(IcIc)HQH(DCS)(IcIc)QLhQ(BbL)(IcIc) [4]
60 RCP  390 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  603/ 45.2
HTK 34   Sx2  Ax2

This vessel will replace the Packmule for survey support duties when available.  It mounts a long range communications suit, a sizable small craft inventory and significant hold capacity to carry both maintenance supplies but also DSB-L and other DSBs.  It contains the buoy control system to program them.  This will enable the Survey Force to establish a forward defense in an emergency.  Like the packmule on survey duty its extra crew capacity is used for garden domes and recreation facilities to facilitate crew morale during the long missions.

Shanirian Naval Combat Force Vessels

DRUSUS MOD 2 class CTR    (AC)    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] SAH(I)(I)Xr(I)QsDL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  220/ 33
HTK 11   Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1

This is a refit of the older Drusus and Seeker class vessels to provide a recon corvette capable of detecting enemy vessels at range.  It can also fulfil the original courier duties being the fastest ship outside of the messenger.  It is armed only for emergency self defense.

LANCEA MOD 2 class DDP    (AC)    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] SSAx3ZH(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RRM1Mg(I)(I)QsDL(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  410/ 61.5
HTK 23   Sx2  Ax3  Dx1  Lx1  Rx2  Mgx1 
60x SM

This is a continuing modernization of the Lancea class general purpose combatant.  It proved impossible to fit an Energy pulse cannon into a destroyer hull without seriously compromising its passive defenses so it was left with the laser battery it started with.  The addition of point defense and datalink significantly increases the vessels combat power.  Armour was emphasized over shields to maintain the ability of the ship to weather a single close range laser barrage.

GLADIUS MOD 1 class CLP        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 3
[3] Sx6Ax5ZH(BbS)(II)(I)R(II)R(I)RM1Mg(II)DLhQDEpc(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  579.5/ 86.9
HTK 33   Sx6  Ax5  Dx2  Epcx1  Rx3  Mgx1 
90x SM

The backbone of the Shanirian Navy is its Gladius class light cruisers.  A data group of these ships can project power at all ranges and the new Energy particle cannon gives nearly the same close range firepower as the twin laser installations it replaced.

OCTAVIUS MOD 1 class CLC        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 3
[3] Sx5Ax5Z(CC)H(II)(I)(II)(I)QLhXr(BbM)D(CIC)DEpc(II)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  730.5/ 109.6
HTK 30   Sx5  Ax5  Dx2  Epcx1

The Octavious is limited run command ship class.  Optimized for fleet control it is armed only for self defense.  Only two units are currently authorized: the Octavious and Antonious.

SPATHA class CAP        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
[3] Sx6Ax6ZH(BbM)Q(II)R(II)RR(II)RM1MgEpc(II)DQLhDEpc(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  818/ 122.7
HTK 40   Sx6  Ax6  Dx2  Epcx2  Rx4  Mgx1 
132x SM

The newest addition to the Shanirian Navy the Spatha is the Gladius writ larger.  Due to its cost only a limited number (2) of these vessels will be retained by the active fleet and the bulk of the builds are designated for the reserve.  Even so a two ship data group will have nearly the same fire power at long range as three Gladius's and more close range firepower.

Shanirian Navy Fleet Train and Logistic Support Units

CASTORUM class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] Sx3Ax3H(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)MgBMg(Ic)MgBMgDMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  317/ 47.6
HTK 23   Sx3  Ax3  Dx2  Mgx5 
100x GM, 800x SM

After much debate a destroyer hulled size vessel was chosen for the naval collier class.  No attempt to make a freighter hulled vessel to fulfill this ships duties passed the final naval board reviews.

REGO AURAM class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] Sx3AAH(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)XrLhQ(DCS)D(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  386/ 57.9
HTK 16   Sx3  Ax2  Dx1 

This is a ship designed to control DSB-L in forward defense locations.  It won over a light cruiser hulled design mainly due to the existence of the Castorum class.  It was felt standardizing on the destroyer hull was best allowing flexibility in refits.  Four of this class are authorized for construction.

OLYMPIC class FT4       3 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] SA(IcIcIcIcIcIcIc)(Ic)T(Ic)T(Ic)HQs(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  45 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  185/ 13.9
HTK 17   Sx1  Ax1  Tx2 

Refit of the older pioneer class vessels.  This is a tug capable of moving up to 70 HS at high speed across a starsystem.  It adds significant flexibility to the Mobile Construction Forces who are no longer required to build the array in its final place.  It also allows for pre-fabbed bases to be assembled in orbit by planetary industry.

FORWARD REPAIR SHIP class FT5       3 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 3
[3] SAH(IcIc)H(MS)H(Ic)(IcIc)HQs(BbS)(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  55 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  314.2/ 16.1
HTK 17   Sx1  Ax1 

This class is intended for battle repairs and assembly of prefabricated bases.

CORVUS class FT6       6 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
60 RCP  1515 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  509/ 38.2
HTK 44   Sx4  Ax4  Dx2 

The Corvus is an assault transport intended to replace the Packmule.  It can carry 22 PCF units, the limitation being stowage of weapons rather than life support.  Normally 5 Combat ready plus 15 non-combat ready PCF are carried.  9 shuttles are on-board to move the troops to the planet surface.

SIGNIFER class FT6       6 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
60 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  438/ 32.9
HTK 45   Sx4  Ax4  Dx2  Tx2 

This is a military freighter intended to support forward fleet operations with its large hold capacity.

Shanirian Fortress Command Units 

ICN COMM STATION class BS0           10 Hull    TL 2
[1] SA(CC)HQs(BbS) [-]
10 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  152/ 7.6
HTK 6   Sx1  Ax1 

Typical ICN warppoint linkage base.  The lack of an Xr means the bases must be deployed rather close to the WP of interest to monitor traffic for custom purposes but there is no immediate plans to upgrade the bases.

TRIPWIRE class BS1       5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 3
[1] Sx4Ax4H(DCS)DXrDQs(BbS) [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  340/ 17
HTK 15   Sx4  Ax4  Dx2

This base is intended to control DSB-L in established defense arrays.

PILUM MOD 1 class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 3
[1] Sx6Ax6ZH(BbS)RRTRR(BbS)RRM1MgDLhQ(BbS)DEpc [-]
50 RCP       Trg:2        Cost =  527/ 26.4
HTK 31   Sx6  Ax6  Dx2  Epcx1  Rx6  Tx1  Mgx1 
200x SM

The first modernization of the Pilum class replacing its close defense lasers with the Energy particle cannon and adding modern electronics and point defenses.  It is intended to deploy two pilums with each Onager class base.

ONAGER class BS3        17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 2
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  823/ 41.2
HTK 52   Sx10  Ax10  Lx4  Rx8  Mgx2 

This base is still under construction at Prime yard when the base is completed it will be modernized much as the Pilum was.  The bulk heads will be replaced by point defense arrays, and the lasers with two Energy Particle Cannon, military grade sensors and a tractor beam.

PRIME YARD UPGRADE 2 class SS        66 XO Racks    1553 Hull    TL 3
1553 RCP  317 MCP       Trg:9        Cost =  11551.5/ 119
HTK 463   Sx100  Ax100  Dx4  Lx9  Rx24  Tx2  Mgx6 
800x SM

The current version of Shanir's primary shipyard.  A further upgrade is planned but there is currently to many construction plans requiring the full capacity of the yard to make it a priority.
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Here is the "Known Space" map of the Shanirian Confederation as of Month 71.  My memory of system names as can be seen is sorta ok-ish but not the best.  Hopefully it will make all the previous posts more clear.

Err how do I actually imbed the file in the message rather than have it as an attachment??  Is this cut and paste?  Or something more complex?
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The survey forces are all back in business and what they find is rather interesting.  SF 1 explores the last warp point in Lugdunum and finds a second starless expanse, this time the survey ships find another warp point near the first arrival one.  This warp point leads back to the Drake's homeworld.  This completes the survey of the Lugdunum nexus itself.  The colonization efforts of the single moon of the companion star with interesting minerals continues but without a habitable world this system will never be more than pathway to the worlds beyond.  Tarentum with its single world of Red Harbor and 4 asteroid belts is fully surveyed and an astounding number of warp points are found, apparently warp point nexus breed warp point nexus.

Survey Force 1 moves from the starless nexus to the Jerusalem system and probes its long known warp point finding a system composed of a single blue giant star.  The lack of planets is not a surprise and the ships proceed inwards to map the gravitational space of the system.  Survey Force 1 so far has had the worst luck of any of the three forces in terms of finding habitable worlds.

Survey Force 2 prioritizes surveys of the warp points in Tarentum choosing to probe the warp points in order of their proximity to the entrance warp point to the system.  The first probe finds an uninteresting system of hot and cold airless balls and gas giants.  The second probe discovers something much more interesting, the system has two habitable worlds and no native life.  The planets are named Gaeltec and Carthage, the former being only marginally habitable while the later is while hot and dry and lacking in substantial mineral deposits otherwise suitable for colonization.  The only problem is that the distance from Shanir is such that it will take 2 months for the colonists to arrive.

Survey Force 3 transits Syracuse to Caesera and probes its two warp points.  The first probe arrives through a closed warp point and after waiting on the warp point for its systems to recover and its crew meld to recover from the shock of drop discovered the system was inhabited.  The Searcher returned through the warp point and with its partner took on 5 months worth of supplies then re-entered the system.  The second searcher dropped its inertia damping field just after drop remaining on the entrance warp point as a communications link.  The other Searcher headed away from the star then looped around to hide the location of the entrance WP.  The first glimpse of the inhabitants gave them the name "Squids" as they seem celephod related life forms.  Initial communication protocols were established early and hopefully a treaty can be reached before the supplies on the two searchers are exhausted.  The rest of SF 3 remains at the warp point picketing it.

The Shanirian research community was proud to announce several breakthrus that led quickly to a growth in the economy and to the availability of new systems for the Navy.  The Naval board after studying the various proposals decided to prioritize the development queue with the following order.   First a companion system to the tractor beam, called the presser beam, then the advanced missile launcher system, next the defensive anti-missile defense drone, followed by the capital survey system.  After this the final two systems are the assault shuttle and communications buoy.

An interesting side effect of the breakthru was the easing on the budget.  While insufficient money is available to do everything in the plans the amount of money for each branch of the government increased sufficiently that planning for one did not require beggaring another.  It became possible to fund Naval builds to the tune of around 1 billion Credits in excess of operational funds, maintain a science budget of near to 2 billion that will allow for a steady if not speedy development of system, and a colonization budget that can move 50% of the Civilian freighter capacity each month plus a modest industrial expansion.  Given the near inter service and inter departmental wars which were brewing this is a massive improvement in the situation.

Refits on the Shanirian system defenses are completed with the Onager and all Pilum class bases refit to the newest standards.  Active duty Lancea's are mostly refit to the mod 2 standard but the development of the advanced missile launcher will likely cause another series of refits.  Three heavy and light cruisers have been laid down in the yards as well as additional support vessels and Sling class bases.  Two more heavy and four more light cruisers are required by the naval planning to fill each out to the authorized limit.  Almost all of the new ships will be going straight into mothballs though.  The Velite class needs to be updated to include a point defense system and it is completely clear that in the face of the rapidly increasing defensive strength possible a new class of assault ships will need to be designed, one considerably larger then the frigates.
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The contact with the Squids proceeded briskly, with communication fully established inside of 3 months.  The offer of a trade treaty, with the system of Byzantium given as a Shanirian trade centre was accepted by the Squids.  The Searchers returned with the good news, rejoining SF3 and proceeding to explore the newly discovered system beyond Ceasera, whose lone habitable world was called Port O'Connel.  A lone messenger class vessel was left as a look out at Ceasera's warp point back to the core worlds.

Survey Force 1 finds 2 warp points leading out of the blue giant system.  The first one probed discovers a binary system with a pair of worlds in the life zone.  They are infact similiar to Lyre Minor and Shanirian's could only live there if in underground enclaves, but the system would be ideal for the Drakes.  There is now consideration of offering the Drakes a treaty of Partnership with this system as a bargaining chip.  Still Survey Force 1's luck on finding habitable real estate seems unchanged.

Survey Force 2 is still surveying Nicopolis while each month more and more colonists arrive at one of the Confederations border systems. 

There is now nearly 2 months transit time for the home fleet to the frontier.  The defense squadrons plus the start of defense arrays in both Pisae and Byzantium are the primary defenses.  The full complement of heavy and light cruisers authorized for the navy have been either built or laid down.  Home fleet now consists of one command cruiser, 2 Spatha class and 3 Gladius Mod 1 class cruisers, 6 Lancea Mod 2 destroyers and 4 Drusus class scout/couriers.  The mothballed reserve or ships under construction add 4 more Spatha's, 6 more Gladius's and one command cruiser to the fleet list.  More destroyers are urgently required to form two more defense squadrons plus some reserve ships and 12 more ships are authorized by the naval review committee.

However, the recent development of the advanced missile launcher system means a large scale refitting of the Lancea, Gladius, Spatha, Pilum and Onager classes will be necessary.  The refit in all cases is essentially the same; replace the older launchers with the new faster cycling systems and upgrade the targeting and tracking systems to allow more targets.  This will tie up considerable ship yard assets, but at least with 2 Forward Repair Ships available it will be possible to undertake the refits of deployed defense squadrons in situ.  Another issue is the question of expanded yard capacity.  There is a strong desire to add forward yards to both Pisae and Byzantium, and it has to be looked at adding up to two additional such fleet bases further into the frontier.  But each fleet base ties down 10 yards for 6 months just building the components, this leaves only 4 yards left to construct ships in Shanir.  Assembly in orbit will take a further 3 months in general plus shipping time.  Plus it is pointed out the Prime Yard is nearing its limit in size and a new yard complex in Shanir itself should be started.  These are; however, very long term plans and considerable numbers of meetings end up in dead locks over funding, time, and priorities.

The staff in Survey command are overjoyed as a new system enters development.  The capital survey sensor is something that will revolutionize the survey force, and plans are underway for a new survey light cruiser and a modification to the existing Pathfinder's.  It is planned to build the cruisers first and then send them out to each survey force and pull back for refit 3 Pathfinders.  The system is significantly more effective then the current sensors suits and the 3 light cruisers, 3 destroyers and 2 frigates will have nearly be able to do a full rough or detailed survey in a single month.  The inclusion of a single searcher more in each group will see this accomplished.  This is a four fold increase in survey efficiency.  Plus the planning for how this will be accomplished will not require recall of the survey forces as was needed before, it will also result in 9 spare Pathfinder class vessels which is an excellent reserve force.

Shanirian Ground Forces are expanded with 5 line and 1 security Bde raised on each established colony world, while a single security bde is raised on the furthest colony systems.  The development of the assault shuttle will aid in deploying these troops from orbit as well.  The Ground Force officers continue to push for the construction of at least one Corvus class vessel.

Overall trade with the Squids and the Drakes now forms 10% of the Parliamentary operational budget and the outsystem tax base is starting to approach 40% of the GDP.  Exhausting the CFN's transport capacity has actually begun to happen more regularily.  As a stop gap, 4 Type 3 CFN freighters are authorized to expand the government pool.  Otherwise things are looking good economically for the Confederation.
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Here is a new map of "Known Space" with the location of the survey forces shown.

Is there really no way I can just "paste" the darn thing in the message??  oh wait there is!!

[imghttp://( (

Uploaded with (][/img]

As can be seen in the above chart the connection between Nicopolis and Syracuse changes the situation significantly.  Also only 3 of the 7 warp points in Nicopolis have been probed so far.  Survey Force 2 is expanding the frontier by exploring down each one a few systems.  The need to establish a security force in this system is increasing dramatically.  Additionally the communication and response times are now starting to become significant.  There is a growing need for establishing a forward fleet base with a reaction force present.  The difficulty so far, outside of funding and time, is deciding which system is best suited for this.

The defense arrays in Byzantium and Pisea are getting their close in defense bases plus a tripwire controller base.  Larger missile bases will be pre-fabricated and assembled in orbit as they would tie up the mobile yards for too long.

It is also becoming clearer that administrative divisions within the confederation will likely become necessary.  The existence of the ICN Comm Stations ties the core worlds together in a far tighter network then does the largely courier drone dependent frontier system.

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Survey Force 3 completes its survey of Aurelianonium and finds no new warp points meaning this chain is now at an end.  The Force moves to Tarentum to explore the remaining warp points there.  Survey forces 1 and 2 continue with their routine survey operations.

Naval builds continue on schedule with heavy and light cruiser coming out of the yards and into mothballs.  The first of the Signifer and Survey Support Vessel classes are laid down as is a third Forward Repair Class vessel as having a group of 3 of them will expedite forward refits.  As well, new Pilum Mod 2 bases are laid down.  What is more than clear is that a significant increase in available ship yard capacity is becoming more and more necessary.

Research continues and new basic research is authorized after the research into the assault shuttle and shear plane are started.  The development of a communications buoy and a system to enhance drive field deformation for the purposes of fire confusion are both possible and expensive but the former will be developed over a long time period while given the expected performance of the latter system it is deemed unnecessary to develop it at the moment.

Economically the Confederation is concentrating on expanding its mining colonies in Ceasera and Lugdunom while at the same time building up the colonies of Port O'Connel, Katmandu and Mercy.  Systematic industrial expansion has been ongoing in the Antium, Pisea, and Veii systems.  A significant amount of effort has also gone into establishing mineral extraction facilities via in-system expansion and colonization.  Byzantium, Pisea and Antium in particular are rapidly exploiting the moons available to them.  The distance to any new colony site from Shanir is slowing down the speed at which new colonies can be established, plus the limit in freighter lift rather than available income often determines how many people can be shipped.

After a considerable time in contact with the Drakes it is decided by a vote in Parliament to extend the offer of partnership to them.  Their fundamentally anarchistic government stood in the way of this for some considerable time as the Privy Council was always concerned that something so inherently unstable would not be able to maintain any sort of reasonable diplomatic relations.  As it turns out the Drakes High Council as an institution has proven to be a stable trade partner and the defensive alliance seemed well accepted on both sides.  The High Council accepted the offer with alarcity, leading several Xenologists to comment that it is likely they were overjoyed to be able to be able to call on the Shanirian's greater administrative skills.  The Drakes were also in contact with another Race, who were known as the Cartel.  Shanirian traders had encountered their ships in Luteria but formal contact had never been possible.  To take advantage of this opportunity a Messenger class vessel with a first contact team and Diplomatic Attache were dispatched into Drake space to establish communications with this race of traders and industrialists.  With the establishment of the partnership with the Drakes the Parliament also deeded them the world Londonium and systems beyond its warp point.  Taking advantage of this bounty of two, for the Drakes, easily habitable worlds would take time.

The biggest shock though was felt by the Shanirian Naval Board whose representatives were finally able to tour one of their allies ships.  The Drakes felt that any sort of passive defense on a warship was dishonorable they discovered.  Apparently relating to their natural "armoured" skin the warrior race felt that outside of defenses for lairs additional armour was the act of a coward.  This lent their ships considerable firepower, but at the cost of being fragile.  The fact they used a weapon system the Shanirian's had not developed, the dual-purpose gun-missile launcher coupled with the newly developed active missile defense systems and their highly trained crews made this, at ranges were missiles were not in direct fire sprint mode not as crazy as it first looks.  The chance that their active defense arrays would stop a missile and the substantial number of the systems onboard made the ships highly likely to stop most normal barrages cold.  However, in the caldron that would be a warp point assault their ships would be a warp point defense on the other hand the high fire power of their ships would be telling.  The Drakes had 3 combat ship classes: a corvette, a destroyer and a new heavy cruiser class.  All classes were solely armed with the dual purpose launcher system.  Given the situation plus the differences in the atmospheres each race required the Naval Board was forced to conclude that only limited inter-operational-ability could be achieved.  Primarily this would take the form of training each races medical personal to deal with the others casualties and standardization of some electronics and missile dimensions to permit both sides to use the others ammunition for their main ship killer missiles.  As both Navy's were tied into serious refit schedules joint fleet exercises in the SN 984 area could only be held at a later date.

Organizationally the Drakes had several fleet elements.  The High Council Fleet was under the command of the current leader of the body in question and was twice the size of any of the 4 flights (Gold, Bronze, Red, Blue) fleets.  There was a Joint Expeditionary force with a ship from each flight in it that was used for patrolling.  Lastly two large survey forces existed.  At least 4 other flights (Silver, Brass, Green and Black) exist but currently they are involved in non-directly naval affairs or else are leading the exploration efforts.

Although the Drakes had a much smaller number of world colonized then the Confederation they had a massive economy due to sizable investments in industrialization.  All their systems were heavily industrialized, to a degree that was almost alarming to the environmental lobby.  This was; however, a virtual necessity as they had discovered no planets of the same type as their home world.  And this substantially limited their ability to colonize the world they had found.  Thus Londonium was for them an incredible gift as it had 2 worlds they felt at home on.
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The Searcher class frigate Rambl'n Lady hung in space.  The light of the distant star throwing razor sharp shadows over her hull making a crazy patchwork due to her retracted sensor booms.  A light second further in-system was an alien ship and further back outside of easy visual range but showing up clearly on her hull mounted phased arrays were a pair of larger alien ships.  Lights flickered on and off in sequence around her docking bay doors and an antenna cluster was fixed on the alien vessel while another high gain, microwave antenna was trained on the only other Shanirian vessel laying motionless on the entrance warp point under EMCON 3.

Decturion Andrew O'Connel reached over touch the controls that would advance one of his holographic pawns a single square when he froze.  Sam?  The link he maintained with the officer of the watch had suddenly spiked with concern.  His opponent, Engineering mate 1st class Frank Petrov frowned seeing the captain's sudden pause.  Everything.  His thoughts flowed into meld.  Alright?  Andrew.  Not sure.  Aliens.  His view shifted and he could see a picture of the Alien Chief Negotiator.  Computer analysis scrolled up beside it.  His hand moved and he touched the save and quit button.  "Frank, somethings come up.  We'll finish later."  His voice sounded odd to him half in Meld as he was.  The engineer nodded, his face worried.

His pace quickened as he left the rec deck and made his way to the spiral stair leading two decks down to the ships nerve centre.  Report.  The meld deepened and a stream of information about the current day of exchanges with the aliens blossomed in his mind.  Vocabulary, communications systems, measurement systems.  It was still early in the process, and having sucessfuly established contact with the Squids no one had anticipated problems with a race that looked much the same as Shanirian.  He concentrated as his hand hit the control to the command centre's hatch.  Nicolas?  The meld broadened and the Negotiators agitation struck his shield like a choppy wave.  Alarm.  Agitation.  Upset.  Over the Meld.  Andrew rested his hand on the shoulder of the Communications rating his vision seeing the computer analysis of the aliens posture, while he opened himself up to the onduty crews awareness.  His senses came alive with sharp scents and tastes as he took over leadership of Meld from Samantha who dropped back to prop up his shielding.  They are upset over the Meld?  What has it to do with them?

Mind Readers.  Many untranslatable words.  Sharp Changes in posture and attitude.  Questioned Strongly.  Recoiled upon confirmation.  The impressions, and thoughts of the ships senior Contact Specialist were underlayed by puzzlement.  The groundless fear was incomprehensible.

"Decturion.  Another Antenna has deployed."  Andrew glanced over at the frigates tactical section and a computer graphic of the enemy ship showed a third antenna had indeed deployed.  Narrow Beam Transmission probably.

Andrew fitted his microphone and ear piece as two more people entered the control area.  His distracted gaze caught and held Nicolas Crispin and Faith de Moulin.  "Faith any ideas what the problem is?"  The ships senior Xenologist looked as confused as everyone.  "No idea.  But we were trying to explain the Meld to them when they..." she gestured to the picture on the screen, "...lost it."  He walled himself off somewhat from the crew, Samantha picking up his intention and taking over for him.  "I and the computer thinks we are seeing fear reactions.  They are afraid of us because of how we communicate with each least that is what seems to be the issue."  Nicolas shrugged, "I can't think why they were afraid, we can't use our ability to cast on an alien.  We told them that.  They just refused.  The computer can't even translate what their replies were.  Utter out of our preliminary lexicons."

Engineer cast readiness.

Space time changed as the engineering staff linked and amplified will altered reality what was became otherwise.  The telekinetic wave amplified by the output of fusion generators became manifest in normal reality and Rambl'n Lady was poised on the precipice of a cliff ready to fall on command.

"It will take some 10 hours for a message to get to the planet and back,"  Andrew looked at Nicolas then nodded and took a seat.  Look.  See.  Find.  His direction to his contact people dismissed them.  He flicked a switch.  "Update.  Searcher 5.  At Contact Point.  Week 2.  Day 4.  Hour 11.  Alien Contact Team has broken contact with us.  10 hours approximate minimum time till reply from their home world if they sent a message as seems reasonable.  The contact ship seems to be now communicating with the alien watchforce via narrow beam transmissions.  Contact Log appended to message.  O'Connell Out."  He terminated his recording.

"Append all of the data on today even and send it, and ask the galley to send up sandwiches."

Fourteen hours later Samantha shook him awake.  "Decturion they are moving."  Andrew barely came out of his nap before diving into the Meld.  Awareness flooded him as he stabbed his repeater's on switch.  The two watchdog's were moving, as expected faster than what his ship could do given the rating of his inertia cancelling field.  Tactical?  The courses of the two aliens intersected his ships, 6 minutes to maximum missile range.  Intention became will and screens solidified around his ship and armoured ports slid aside to reveal the emitters of his ships point defense lasers.

"Nicolas, anything?"  He stood and let the two crew help him into his survival suit.  He sealed his gloves and locked the helmet down but left the visor up.  "Nothing Decturion.  They haven't moved though."  Nicolas's voice betrayed his upset.  This was the first time such a thing had happened the other aliens had always been willing to at talk...these Aussie's weren't anymore.

Pain Blockers.  In medical three volunteers were injected with powerful hallucinogenic drugs and walls appeared through the tight knight melding to channel pain to them.  Fear and anxiety spiked through as the crews perceptions merged then damped down as comfort and confidence flowed around.  The repeater showed the icons of two enemy ships moving closer.  Andrew relaxed buckling himself into the chair and surfed the meld, tasting his crews concern, feeling the warmth of his ships ready cast amplifiers, the tension that was the ships massive lasing chamber.  He forced himself to relax, Contact SOP was clear he was not to make the first aggressive move.

Range 5 light seconds.  The two alien vessels were now in range of missile fire.  Tactical.  Fire Control Detected.  Hull Mapping Detected.  No Movement Alien Contact Ship.

Continuous Update to Searcher 6. Establish feed to drones.

Range 3 light seconds.  Tactical.  Missile seperation.  Single Inbound. Tracking.  Tracking.  Locked.  Counter Missile Battery Solution Found.


The missile covered the distance in agonizing slowness, each moment stretching out and then it crossed the invisible line marking the maximum range of the ships counter missiles and still the will was: HOLD.  Emitters swiveled on super conducting magnetic bearings aligning with the inbounds track.  HOLD.  Half a light second from impact the warhead detonated and a fireball formed.

A wave of relief wove through the Melding.  Helm.  Bring us about.

The ships engineering crew fed their knowing and will and space twisted rotating the ship around and then it began to slide down an ever moving slope of collapsing space time, moving away from the still stationary contact ship towards the weakness in the fabric of the universe that would allow them to drop away from this place, with the two alien vessels matching its speed.

Andrew O'Connell released his control over the Meld, and began mentally composing a message on the situation for the Naval Board.  They were going to be rather unhappy about this.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on May 12, 2011, 05:47:28 AM
The failure of the Contact 3 mission to the Aussie's sent a shock wave through the Parliament.  A small fraction wanted to invade them since Tarentum was a major hub world to be.  A much larger fraction were more willing to sit on a fence and see which way the wind blew before committing, and a small but vocal minority called for peace talks with the aliens.  It was never clear to anyone in Survey Command how this was to be accomplished since the Aliens clearly were not interested in talking.  The Naval board scrambled to find an appropriate response outside of sending off the Home Fleet, which was largely half in and half out of Prime Yard's shipyards getting refit.  Worse Prime Yard was in the middle of a major construction sequence and there simply was no capacity free for major efforts in prefabrication of bases.  The logistical nightmare that would have resulted from "kicking over the can" for anything but  a real shooting war, which the Navy didn't think was likely...given that Searcher 005 was not actually attacked.

The initial SCN response was to pre-fabricate two Sling class close defense bases and divert two mobile construction yards to Tarentum itself from Byzantium.  The Mobile Workshops in Pisea were directed to advance into Lugdumun to build two ICN comm relays initially.  The Forward Repair ships were also directed there to refit the 3 destroyers of the 3rd Defense Squadron.  The 4th Defense Squadron was assembled from newly constructed ships and orders were cut for it to move to Tarentum.  This would relieve the survey fleet of active defense duties and allow it to resume its survey operations as 4 warp points in Tarentum remained un-explored.  The plan eventually coalesced into developing a core WP defense array backed up by ships and laser buoys.  The operations staff charged with carrying out this were not amused as the time scale became apparent.  The mobile yards took 9 months to build a single Sling.  Assembly in orbit cut that time down by only two months and when you took into account the time to pre-fabricate and ship the components there was no direct time saving.

When the first month passed an no alien ships exited the warp point the higher levels of the SCN planning staff let out a sigh of relief and concentrated on expediting things as much as possible.  On Red Harbor, the first Shanirian Planetary Defense Centre was designed.  Additionally a serious look was taken on the shipyard capacity available.  Though it would require a sizable investment in time, the Naval Board using the panic created by the soured contact got permission for the construction of 3 smaller space station complexes.  One would go in the home world, one would go into Byzantium and the third was scheduled for Tarentum itself.  Diverting 10 of the homeworlds 14 shipyards for nearly 2 years would not have been so easily achievable without the shock effect.  The good news though was that the pipeline for new builds was full, with a destroyer coming out of the ways every month and Pilum bases starting to also also finish production.  This represented a substantial increase in the defenses of the Shanir System.

The situation with the aliens off Tarentum overshadowed the sucessful contact with the Cartel, and the trade treaty with them was welcomed given the obvious costs associated with the above planning.
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The survey ships nearly caused heart attacks in the comptrollers office when the oversight committee saw the price tag.

The new survey DDX:
PATHFINDER MOD 2 class DDX   (AC)  6 XO Racks  30 Hull  TL 4
[3] SAAXcH(Ic)(Ic)(BbM)(Ic)LLhQDL(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:1      Cost =  550/ 82.5
HTK 15 Sx1  Ax2  Dx1  Lx2

The latest version of the Pathfinder trims away almost all excess systems to allow the mounting of the capital survey instruments.  The boat bay capacity was halved but the ships survey speed more than doubles.  There was some debate about installing a datalink system but given the expected combat environment of this ship there seemed little point.
The new survey CLX:
DISCOVERY class CLX    9 XO Racks  45 Hull  TL 4
[3] SSAAZXc(BbM)XcH(IcIc)(Ic)(BbM)M1Ra(IcIc)DXrRaMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP     Trg:2      Cost =  1041.5/ 156.2
HTK 25 Sx2  Ax2  Dx2  Rax2  Mgx1
80x SM, 6x EDM (Mg)

Three of these ships will form the core of each survey force.  By itself a Discovery can survey faster than the original survey forces deployed at the start of expansion of the Confederation.  The ship carries the new advanced missile launcher system and full datalink capacity.  The cost of the ship though exceeds even a Spatha Mod 1 class heavy cruiser.
The small fleet base space station:
SUPPORT BASE class SS    37 XO Racks  480 Hull  TL 4
480 RCP  230 MCP     Trg:7      Cost =  3694/ 53.9
HTK 227 Sx50  Ax60  Dx10  Lx4  Rx10  Tx2  Mgx3
50x GM, 430x SM, 20x EDM (Mg)

The design bureau finally came up with a design that was easily expandable plus could be built on a reasonable time frame and assembled in short order at any colony world.  The standard missile launcher system was chosen due to large surplus of these systems available.  Current estimates place the overall construction of a support base class station at between 10 to 11 months depending on the distance it must be shipped (6 months pre-fabrication, 1-2 months shipping, 3 months assembly in orbit).
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I seem to be playing catchup with my reporting. The game is closing on turn 100, so far free of serious conflicts. The one failed war check affected a race trapped in a single system with the the entry WP being a closed one. Go figure. The federal Theocracy has not found any alien non-homesystem colonies to siphon people off. But they are gearing up to deal with the one race close by who won't talk. They are hampered though by their unwillingness to release a significant portion of their fleet from the home system. And the constant refit shuffle. Finally though they have gotten the BC's out of prototyping, wich means soon their CA's will be secondary units, and then they will move. I also suspect of the major races they have had the worst luck finding habitables.

Anyway, some news of the Thebans, and a glimpse of the map to allow me to drop names in further writing.

Theban Empire – a Synopsis of the next four years (Turn 70)
We have achived a further upgrade of our general technological basis and thus provided our economy new incentives.
The imperial expansion has run into dead ends down 2 lines, and the Hamadi system in the Mosegi also contains only a single warp point. We may face a possible dead end down that line of systems as well.
Down the other chain of the mosegi branch we encountered an alien race, the Federated Suns who after some troubles establishing a communication proved to be peaceable and entered a trade alliance with us, wich over time we were able to upgrade to a partnership.
We are lucky in this, as their crews are trained quite well, above the standard of Theban crews, although their technology is behind our own.
Allthough the Federated Suns does not show any interest in exploring beyond their paradisical home system with three theban type worlds and a supertheban world, they gratiously allowed the Second Survey Fleet to enter their system last month and search for warp points in it.

Surprisingly, the originally neglected Sekhemkare system lead via several systems to a nexus wich opened new avenues of exploration for the Theban empire.
Soemthing wich may strongly affect our future deployment is the fact that several of the warp lines in the empire are very small, and thus may prevent the deployment of future large hulls down the warp lines, and thus either cutting the empire into several independently acting sectors for capital fleets, or making the research of alternative ways for travelling through them a necessity.

The growth of our domain has provided us with funds to alleviate the budgetary crisis, allowing an expansion of our military although colonisation and research still have dominance. Settlement of new worlds is now slowed down with settlers taking over a month of travel to reach their new homes, and thus freeing up funds in the months where our freighters are underway.

The following are short diagrams to show the theban star chart.
- / \ |    = Warp Line
?      = Warp Points possible or suspected, unsurveyed.
W      = Unexplored Warp Point
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A ) Mosegi branch
This branch contains many systems with just one further possibility of expansion and also our first contacted alien race, the Federated Suns.

Code: [Select]
                             Khay                        RSMSES
  |                            |                            |
THEBES – Mosegi – Panehesy – Sewadjkare – Amenhotpe – Djedptahiufankh
  |          |
         Akil – Caleb – Sadiki – Ankhefefnamun – Anheperenre
                  |                                  |
                Djeserkheperure                  Nakhtnebef

Systems of interest:
Panahesy:   contains a hostile environement world
Amenhotpe:   a habitable world and two belts. We are constructing a shipyard here in hope of further expansion beyond the Federated Suns and to be able to provide close support.
Rsmses:    Home system of the Federated Suns, with an incredible 4 worlds and 4 belts in a double star system.
Akil:    A theban style world, the first we discovered.
Anheperenre:   A sytem with a habitable world and a belt. Remarkable as the Third Survey Fleet ran into severe supply difficulties in trying to survey it as the Akil system was too far away. Thus, the fleet had to return for repairs to Thebes before being able to take up the task again, significantly delaying our development of this system.
Nakhtnebef:   Another system with a habitable world, and again just a single further warppoint.
Hamadi:   Furthest system in the mosegi branch and the only unsurveyed one remaining in this branch. It contains the most belts in any theban system so far, 3. We plan of creating a shipyard complex here, and depending on further exploration we may establish a sector capital here.


B) Pairy Branch
Allthough initially very promising, this branch eventually turned out to be a dead end. Unfortunately, we had taken the promise and constructed two shipyard complexes in the region before this became evident.
Code: [Select]
   |       |
THEBES – Pairy – Merymose – Bakenptah – Amenemhat - Mesutire
   |       |
Systems of interest:
Pairy:   Our first colony outside Thebes, on a very heavy world drenched with rains.
Montuemet: containing two habitable worlds, one of them heavy and the other ideal for us, we established our first space station with shipyards outside the thebes system there. The warp line from Pairy is very feeble, restricting the passage of large hulls, thus making this a reasonable precaution for the future. Unfortunately, the Nebmaet system further on contained no open warp points for further expansions.
Merymose: Graced with a benign world and an asteroid belt, we established another yard here hoping to thus support our next main axis of expansion. Unfortunately, these hopes were dashed upon reaching the Mesutire system.
Amenemhat: Another heavy world with a belt in the system.
Mesutire: A heavy world and the end of our exploration in the Pairy branch.


C) Sekhemkare Branch
This region was surveyed last, and thus of course opened the most opertunities for expansion. The bulk of our seven survey fleets will concentrate here in the near future to push our reach further.
Code: [Select]

                                 ?       ?       ?              ?
                             Neuserra  Ptah  Alexander    Neshorpakhered
    |                                \   |   /           /
Thebes – Sekhemkare – Ipuy – Meryawy – Mekhu – Neferkhau – SN 812 ?
    |                                    |   \          \
                                       Setau  Jeroen     Niu   
                                         |       |          ?
                                       Moswen  Sese         
                                         ?       ?

Systems of interest:
Ipuy:   1 ST, 1 belt
Meryawy: 1T, 2 belts
Mekhu: 7 warpoints and 2 belts
Setau:   1 ST
Alexander:   2T, 1 belt
Neferkhau:   1T, 1 belt and 4 warpoints. As it is next to the mekhu nexus, this is ideal to establish another yard.
Niu:   1 T, 1 belt
SN 812: The first time we have encountered a warp point in the middle of interstellar space.

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Post by: Starslayer_D on May 14, 2011, 08:05:24 AM
New ship classes

Imperial Spaceforce
   CA CANDACE II class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 3
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  871/ 130.7
   HTK 42    Sx6  Ax5  Dx3  Wx8  Mgx1
Notes:   A serious upgrade in firepower at all ranges, the Candace class is forming the new core of spaceforce fleets. Nine are currently under construction or projected.

   CL ATEN II class CL   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx5Ax4ZH(BbS)(II)QsW(I)W(II)DM2WXr(I)W(II)WMgQsD(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  663.5/ 99.5
   HTK 33    Sx5  Ax4  Dx2  Wx5  Mgx1
   Notes:   The pride and joy of imperial designers and the fleet, the three ships of this class currently under construction promise the Spaceforce never before seen ability to project imperial might among the stars.

   CL NEKHBET III class CL   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx4Ax4ZHW(II)Qs(I)W(II)W(I)M2WDXr(II)(CIC)MgDQs(BbS)(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  689.5/ 103.4
   HTK 32    Sx4  Ax4  Dx2  Wx4  Mgx1
Notes:   The latest upgrade to the imperial fleet command ship class.

   DD AMON II class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] SAAZH(I)(I)Qs(I)DL(I)LM1(I)(I)DQs(I)L [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:2   Cost =  437/ 65.6
   HTK 20    Sx1  Ax2  Dx2  Lx3
   Notes:   Assault destroyer
   DD MUT III class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] Sx3AAZH(I)Qs(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)W(I)DMgQs(I) [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  410/ 61.5
   HTK 22    Sx3  Ax2  Dx1  Wx4  Mgx1
   Notes:   Ranged combat destroyer.

Fortress Command
BS3 SETEKH II class BS3   17 XO Racks    85 Hull     TL 3
   [1] Sx11Ax21ZH(BbS)QLx4M2LLM2Lx4TQLhL
   85 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  948/ 47.4
   HTK 52    Sx11  Ax21  Lx11  Tx1
A new close in defense base, projected to defend crucial warppoints in the imperial expanses.

   BS2 L NEPHET II class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 3
   [1] SSAx13ZHTQsLx3M2(BbS)QsLx4
   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  565/ 28.2
   HTK 29    Sx2  Ax13  Lx7  Tx1
   Notes:   Close in defense base
   BS2 R ENNEAD II class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 3
   [1] Sx11Ax5ZH(BbS)Wx4M2WWDQLhDWWMg
   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  580/ 29
   HTK 33    Sx11  Ax5  Dx2  Wx8  Mgx1
   Notes:   Ranged defense base

Imperial Surveyors and Buerocracy
SURVEY TENDER UA II class DD   (AC)    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] SA(BbM)(Ic)HQsH(Ic)XiXrR(BbM)H(Ic)HRMg(Ic)Qs [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  396/ 59.4
   HTK 18    Sx1  Rx2  Mgx1
   EX ANUKET II class EX    7 Hull     TL 3
   [2] (BbS)HXiQs(I)(I) [8]
   7 RCP  18 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  153/ 23
   HTK 6
Survey ships have been redesigned, allthough a refit of existing fleets is impractical due to the large distances involved by now. Newly comissioned survey fleets are build with these new classes. An envoy class for probing systems will be leaving the drawing boards of the Survey Command soon.

Priesthood of Wisdom and Engeneering
   FT (T) SETH class FT5    45 Hull     TL 3
   [3] (IcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIc)TT(IcIc)(Ic)(IcIc)(BbS)QsH(Ic) [4]
   45 RCP  30 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  268.2/ 20.1
   HTK 24    Tx2
   FT (MS) KHONSU class FT5    40 Hull     TL 3
   [3] H(IcIc)(BbS)(Ic)(IcIc)(MS)Qs(Ic) [4]
   40 RCP  60 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  280/ 13.5
   HTK 12
SS KHEPRI II class SS   76 XO Racks    1212 Hull     TL 3
   1212 RCP  88 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  9509/ 110.2
   HTK 384    Sx100  Ax100  Dx10  Wx50  Mgx5

Khepri station has gained a significant upgrade in defensive capability.

The Seth class tug will allow the construction of defenses at a shipyard complex and the later distribution of the bases to the warppoints, as well as refitting bases in the station.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on May 16, 2011, 05:59:58 AM
The aliens did not attack as the SCN struggled to get a reasonable force into position.  Deploying the 4th Defense Squadron to Tarentum, the 5th Defense Squadron was sent to monitor the Squid trade route, which made it available via transit to Nicopolis's then to Tarentum.  In orbit around Red Harbor crews were still working to assemble the two Sling Bases, while another Sling and a Tripwire were being built at the Tarentum-Nicopolis WP by construction ships, they would be towed to the warp point leading to the Aussies when finished.  The ICN Comm base was fully integrated into the ICN as two connecting bases were finished in Lugdumun, additionally in that system the two warp points that did not lead to starless nexi had stations as well.  The forward repair ships had completed the refit of the 3rd Defense Squadron and were awaiting the arrival of first set of Pathfinder DDX's from SF1.  These would be refit to the Mod 2 standard. 

In Tarentum itself, the Home Fleet under Legatus Alexander picketed the warp point leading to the Aussies.  There had been considerable objection to it leaving Shanir but given the strength of the warp point defenses not to mention the bases in construction the Navy didn't see any reason to not move the fleet forward.  Each of the two warp points of interest (excluding the one to Rome) were now surrounded by a defense array of 6 Sling, 1 Tripwire, and 4 Pilum bases with Onager's coming off the ways plus 6 destroyers remained.  The Fleet train with the Rego Aurum and Signifier had beaten the home fleet by a month to Tarentum and 30 DSB-L orbit the warp point to the Aussies.

In Shanir Prime Yards has been round the clock work on a second station that is nearing completion.  The core is based on the standard Support Base class, but it is expected the station will evolve more rapidly.  This has diverted a sizable fraction of the yards capacity.  Currently the production lines have been limited to Onager's to finish of the arrays in Shanir, Discovery class CLX's, a support ship line that is in the process of building the final SSV1 class ship, and a warship line currently building a Gladius for the upgrade of the 5th Defense Sqn.  10 DSB-L are produced each month, with the production currently ear marked for the SSV1's to give each survey force 30 DSB-L in the ships holds.

Survey Force 1 backtracking from Londonium to the Blue Giant system that leads to it explored the remaining open warp point; breaking its bad luck streak and finding a system with two habitable worlds.  The first system of its 3 warp points leads to a ice balls, the second leads to a binary with a habitable in each star system...and another race.  This one is apparently not capable of space flight and diplomatic courier is called forward to initiate contact with the "Barsoomian's" a race of large furry bipeds.  Parliament is of many minds what to do about this and only reluctantly authorizes contact.  It would have been possible to simply colonize the other system and leave the Barsoomian's alone, but they would have soon started detecting the radio transmissions anyway so contact seemed advisable.  Given the value of the planet in terms of a supply source there is a strong lobby to "uplift" the inhabitants...voluntarily or not.  While this is happening Survey Force 1 becomes the first to acquire a Discovery Class CLX and the SSV1 SF1 arrives with it.  Three pathfinder and the Packmule are detached from the survey force and head back to Lugdumun.  The Packmule will load up with the spare systems from repair ships conducting refits and return them to Shanir.

Survey Force 2 and 3 continue routine operations with nothing of major importance found.  The SSV1 SF2 finishes taking on supplies and heads out to join Survey Force 2.

Due in large part due to the focusing on producing space stations the research branch was able to accumulate sufficient funds to afford the communications buoy project and that is now underway, with basic research efforts also ongoing.  Economically the Confederations is finding that rather than money limiting activities usually some other element does so.  While clearly money is an consideration to every decision as was shown with the communications buoy program often there will be sizable surpluses available.  Of greater concern is the increasing stretched supply lines for survey forces 1 and 2.  It is virtually a requirement to build up a chain of supporting systems, something that becomes extremely expensive if there is no habitable world present.

Contacts with our partners indicate that the Drakes have completed their refits and are currently focused on improving the security of their home system Angbad.  Outside of the open warp point in Londonium they are advancing down their last open chain that is entirely in their own space and they are required to develop systems of gas giants to maintain their survey ships supply lines.  Analysis by the Strategic Initiatives Bureau indicate that the Drake homesystem slightly outperforms Shanir but this is mainly due to the extremely high levels of industrialization.  They are refitting their survey corvettes with the 2nd generation survey instrumentation but the ships cannot carry standard long range sensor systems, the size issue that lead the SSC to choose the frigate over a refit of its survey corvettes.

Londonium itself has been colonized significantly and each colony boasts an impressive industrial infrastructure, this gives the system a good supply potential.  A second Joint Expeditionary Force composed of a Heavy Cruiser, 2 destroyers and 2 corvettes is under construction and when sufficient refit survey CTs are available further exploration from that system will begin.  The Confederation has accepted the proposal to transit these ships through Pisea, Ludgumun, Jerusalem, Selena to Londonium.

After Action Report:  Aussie Incident
The naval review board has found a number of deficiencies in the response to the Searcher 005 Incident.
1.  The Home Fleet was delayed in a response role due to the current level of refits.  A better system of maintaining a high degree of fleet readiness must be found, as refits are a periodic necessity.  This is most easily achieved by the formation of task groups somewhat heavier than our current defense squadrons coupled with better scheduling of refits to maximize the number of combat effective ships at any time.
2.  The shipyard capacity of the confederation is insufficient at the moment.  What is clear is that having dispersed yards capable of refit will facilitate point 1, additionally these forward bases can be used to build up substantial system defenses.
3.  A supply of prefabricated Sling bases must be established.  This will allow construction via orbital assembly or mobile construction or repair ships of a close defense array.
4.  A supply of prefabricated Tripwire bases should be established but with a lower priority as the Rego Arurum class can cover any gaps.
5.  Stockpiles of DSB-L needs to be established.
6.  The fleet train needs to be expanded to enable sustained combat operations including sizable SGF lift.  Had an invasion force been necessary only the aging Packmules are available for lift and they have minimal assault capacity.

((Updated Map and "guide book" to follow, I'll also toss in the Drake Ship Designs.))
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Current Map of the Shanirian Confederation and Drake Space.

( (

Uploaded with (

====System Listing====

Antium-Binary System; Primary world: Gateway (Harsh) Note: Ast Belt x2  This was the first outsystem colony of the Confederation.
Virconium; Primary world: Vulcan's Forge (Harsh-Very Rich) Note:  This worlds mineral wealth was quickly exploited and it is a souce of many valuable ship building minerals.
Byzantium; Primary worlds:  Primus, Secundus and Tiercius.  Note: All 3 worlds are idea candidates for colonization. Primus has few mineral resources while the other two are rich in valuable strategic minerals.
Caeseragusta-Binary System; Primary world: Dung Heap Note: This idea world has virtually no mineral wealth and its arid climate produces little biological wealth.  It is a backwater colony only now recieving industrialization to take advantage of the numerous moons and its asteroid belt.
Syracuse and Caesera are un remarkable systems of gas giants and ice worlds.
Aurelianovum; Primary World: Port O'Connel (Harsh) Note: The jungles of this world are poorly suited to Shanirian colonization due to the higher degree of CO2 in the atmospher and elevated temperatures.

Veii; Primary World: Lyra Minor (ST) Note: this world would suit the Drakes but the limited Shanirian colonists are forced to live in underground enclaves.  The world is largely devoted to serving the growing extraction facilities on the moons of the systems gas giants.
Pisea; Primary World: Argos Note: This world serves as a major trade system hub with trade ships from the Drakes and the Cartel arriving often.  This makes the agora here wealthy and several industrial concerns have established major manufacturing facilities in system.
Lugdunum-Binary System; Primary world: none Note:  A Red Giant orbited by a dim red star this system is remakable only for the fact it has 6 warp points.  Mining stations in the gas giants of the red star companion are the only shanirian presence.
Jerusalem; Primary world: Masada Note: A world rich in mineral wealth and possesing a stark but beutiful landscape of snow caped mountains this colony world is also the gateway to the Blue giant system of Selucia and the worlds beyond it.
Palymra; Primary world: Surf's Up Note:  A water world, the planet is 90% water with limited volcanic islands dotting its world oceans.  Colonization is based on a strong tourist trade, aqua culture and underwater mines which yield surpisingly pure metals.

Selucia; Note: A blue giant system.
Londonium; Note: this system with two high gravity planets was given to the Drakes
Cyrene; Primary worlds: Wallkirk (Harsh), Ringloth Note:  Wallkirk is a overly hot planet with a thin atmosphere and a left handed biochemistry making it a poor choice to colonize.  Ringloth is more welcoming but also poor in minerals and exploitable resources.
Mediolanum-Binary; Primary world: Bourghs Note: the second star of the pair is the home of the Barsoomian race

Tarentum-Binary; Primary world: Red Harbor Note: although not possessing large amounts of exploitable resources the world is otherwise easily colonizable and the systems boast 4 asteroid belts and 7 warp points making this a particularly critical system.
Agrippina; Primary world: Husplot (Harsh) Note: recently discovered system
Nicopolis; Primary worlds: Gaeltec (Harsh), Carthage Note: A valuable system spoiled only by the hard to extract resources of Carthage and the limitations of its arid climate which reduce agricultural production.  A convient asteroid belt helps mitigate this.  This system is also a valuable transit route and its other warp point leads to a chain of worlds.

Eburcum-Binary; Primary worlds: Katmandu, Mercy Note: Two more easily colonizable worlds with Mercy being the poorer of the two in terms of minearl wealth.
Tyrus-Binary; Note: a system with only asteroids and gas giants
Verona; Primary world: Cala Luna (Harsh) Note: recently discovered system



ANALIS II class CA        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 3
[3] ZH(II)(II)Q(II)(BbS)(II)(II)Wx3DWx3DMgM2Wx3XrLhQDWMgD(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  962/ 144.3
HTK 36   Dx4  Wx10  Mgx2 
262x SM

Only the High Council Fleet has this class of warship, but the "Joint Expeditionary Forces" (Patrol Formations) are getting a single such vessel to act as a flag ship.

NARAITHSOL III class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 3
[3] ZHT(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)D(I)WWM1WWMgDQs(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  439/ 65.9
HTK 20   Dx2  Wx4  Tx1  Mgx1 
106x SM

Standard combat ship of the Drake Flights.

GLAMATUS II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] ZH(I)(I)(I)DWM1WMgQs(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  230/ 34.5
HTK 12   Dx1  Wx2  Mgx1 
53x SM

Light combat screening vessel.  Considered to be too weak for serious combat by the Sharian Naval Board.

X GOMALUS II class CT        3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 3
[2] SAHXi(I)(I)D(I)QsL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  266/ 39.9
HTK 11   Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1 

The refit of their older exploration ship.  The lack of full military sensors is a significant drawback.

BS AUGCATING II class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 3
[1] Sx6Ax5ZH(BbS)QsWx3MgDWWXrWWDM2DQsWMg [-]
50 RCP       Trg:3        Cost =  650/ 32.5
HTK 31   Sx6  Ax5  Dx3  Wx8  Mgx2 
220x SM

Standard defense base after update.

BS(C) AUGFARTHING class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 3
50 RCP       Trg:2        Cost =  701/ 35
HTK 28   Sx5  Ax5  Dx3  Wx4  Tx1  Mgx1 
100x SM

Command base consort to the Augcating II.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on May 20, 2011, 05:34:53 AM
The SCN forces in Tarentum are pleased as two Sling bases are completed and tugged into position at the Warp Point leading to the Aussies.  A space station is being prefabricated in Shanir and will take 6 months for that to be finished, but that will allow the warp point defenses to expand more rapidly once it is in place orbiting Red Harbor.  The Secondry Yard is completed now in Shanir and it orbits opposite to Prime Yard.  The yards in the new station are now focused on expanding Secondry Yard to four Shipyards in two intermediary steps.  These actions are looking to bring a substantial increase in the available shipyards in the Confederation over the next 10 months or so.

Research breakthroughs in various government laboratories and universities have yielded general technological improvement that increase our productivity.  Research into advanced armour begins immediately, with the projects of a long range missile, advanced maneuvering, freight handling tractors, a launcher for the capital missile system, a buoy with scanners, an improved cargo handling system and lastly a system to negate drive field distortion effects being queued up awaiting funding.  Additionally, the first of a new ship class "Battle Cruiser" is laid down but estimates on completion are a daunting 16 months.  But the first of a new larger base, which will be started next month is an even longer at 24 months.

The Discovery Class CLX's continue to come slowly off the ways, so the enhancement of our survey efforts will take some time to fully be realized.  The first 3 Pathfinder Mod 2 upgrade ships are nearing completion of their refits as well which will produce a substantial boost to the survey speed of Survey Group 1.  Otherwise all survey groups are busy expanding the borders of the Confederation space.  Lancea Mod 3 destroyers are the SCN "Maid of all Work" class vessels and the demand for them is continual outstripping the number available and so Parliament approves yet another appropriations bill to increase the class numbers.

An internal naval review is recommending that changes in the structure of the deployed naval force nomenclature be made.  The "Defense Squadron" will become a Task Group and three of them will become a Task Force.  Home Fleet will be re-designated as 1st Fleet. 

The Strategic Studies Institute is reporting that the Drakes have had good survey luck on their exploration of Ceilos's two open warp points, as the detailed survey is not complete there is potentially more good news to come for them.  The cost of building up a chain of systems to support their survey forces though has been high, but finding what seems to be an easily habitable world will be a huge boost, even if it is 6 drops from their home world.  Their space station is also operating at maximum capacity, a large fraction of its capacity devoted to building warp point defense bases.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on May 22, 2011, 06:10:09 AM
((As Alex is dealing with a summer cold we are slowed down so here is a quick update on the new designs.))


BASTION class BS4       24 XO Racks    120 Hull    TL 4
120 RCP  80 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  1505/ 75.2
HTK 71   Sx20  Ax21  Dx6  Epcx8  Pbx2 

The Bastion is a close in warp point defence base that is intended to survive intense fire and destroy enemy ships as they transit. The twin presser beams are intended to block attempts by starships to close the range in addition to boosting the bases resistance to sprint missile fire.

BC (PROTO) class BC        16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 4
[4] Sx8Ax8ZH(III)RaQRa(II)RaQ(BbM)EpcD(III)RaMgM1EpcD(II)DXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  1337/ 200.6
HTK 52   Sx8  Ax8  Dx4  Epcx3  Rax4  Mgx1 
152x SM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This class is purely temporary and it is intended to refit the only ship built into the HASTA class, which will be functionally identical but with improved technology.  The ship is intended to carry an airmobile marine bde and is as usual a mixed weapons platform.  No assault version of this hull type is planned as it is not significantly an improvement over the cruiser hull for assault purposes.

HASTATI class CA        12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 4
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  888/ 133.2
HTK 45   Sx5  Ax8  Dx4  Gx5  Pbx1  Mgx1 
85x GM, 12x SM, 4x EDM (Mg)

This ship is intended solely for warp point assault duties.   It carries a presser beam to enable it to force out of position and hopefully datalink smaller warp point defence bases and as a assistance against sprint mode missile fire.  It has a large point defence suit to enable it to survive the expected heavy long range fire and emphises armour to defend against laser buoys.  Depending on available shipyard modules it is likely that further advanced systems will be incorporated into the ship before the first vessel of this class enters construction.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on May 24, 2011, 03:52:27 AM
The ICN brings news of an unknown ship approaching Vulcan's Forge in Virconium and the newly formed 6th Defence Squadron currently shaking down in Shanir is dispatched to intercept it.  Before the ships arrive the ship starts transmitting to the planet, changing the situation to one of first contact and the diplomatic courier on station at Byzantium Secundus is dispatched to head up the contact.  The ship is determined to be a frigate and the 3 Lancea's take up station 6 LS from the vessel and some 4 LS from the Messenger while the two Drusus class corvettes start back tracking along its arrival vector.

The 6th Defence Sqn was supposed to go out to the border but it seems now necessary to retain it closer to home, which means an increase in the number of ships and the Naval board approaches Parliament for further funding appropriations.  In addition the overall structure of the Task Force TO&E is revised somewhat, adding a re-enforced Task Group 1 to the Force.  The final structure now looks like:
Task Force x2
Task Group x2.1
1 Gladius CLP, 5 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR--the Gladius is Task Force Flag
Task Group x2.2
3 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR
Task Group x2.3
3 Lancea DDP, 2 Drusus CTR

After one month in contact an accidental observation of a Urloki statue in the background of the video link leads to the attempt to use the Urloki language with the new comers.  It is quickly determined they are the Theban's who have recently begun trading with the Drakes, and whose ships have been seen a few times by our trading vessels in Angband.  They propose a trade agreement and the Parliament ratifies the trade treaty, using Vulcan's Forge as our side of trade link.  This is a rather distressing situation from the security perspective as it necessitates substantial fortifications being emplaced now in 3 systems.  Additionally it results in a change of research priorities and the independent scan sat gets funding ear marked for paying for a launcher of the new large missile under development.  Outsystem colonization slows down considerably due to funding diverted to pay for the establishing the trade infrastructure, and the scan sat research plus paying for naval construction.  The Shanirian Ground Forces have gotten a major boost with the first upgrades to air mobility for approximately half the brigades still stationed on Shanir.  Over the next months a small expansion of the SGF plus updating of equipment will occur.

In Shanir the Secondry Yard is up to 3 yards and a fourth is under construction.  After this yard is completed a minor refit will be undertaken to add more offensive fire power to the station and prepare the ground for a further 2 yard expansion.  The overall plan is to proceed like this until 14 yards are available in each station.  Coupled with the ongoing construction of support bases the number of available yards should rise quickly, though unfortunately the demand for ships is still outpacing the available slips to construct them.

The first group of refitted Pathfinder Mod 2 with capital survey systems rejoin Survey Force One, and the remaining Pathfinder Mod 1 ships are sent to Lugdumun for refitting.  The Packmule returning to Shanir brings back the surplus systems from the refit so the construction of 3 more Searcher class vessels will be very in-expensive.

In Tarentum the close in defence array is nearly finished with all Slings either in place or under construction and a Tripwire base now controlling 30 DSB-L.  The Space Station is nearly completely pre-fabricated in Shanir and so it is only a few more months before more substantial bases can start to be constructed.  Additionally the re-enforcements for the defence squadron are en route so the Home Fleet can be released to return to Shanir shortly as well.

The Strategic Initiatives Bureau has acquired further information on the Drakes survey efforts at the edge of their space apparently the last system surveyed had 3 warp points and all three lead to systems with habitable worlds though only one is of the type the Drakes favor.  This still gives them a tremendous boost to their expansion possibilities.  Additionally they move their ships through Shanirian space towards Londonium.  This means they can start probing that systems unexplored warp point.  They have nearly completely refit their survey forces to the newest standard but around 20% of their vessels are still to go.  Additionally they are expanding their home ship yard and pre-fabricating warp point defence bases to fortify their points of contact while building up their homeworld's defences.

Defence industry contracts and the trade in electronic and construction materials is up considerably.  They are also nearing the point of having a fully developed supply line to their new expanses.
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Post by: Starslayer_D on May 24, 2011, 11:20:29 AM
Well... that resolved the last open WP down the Hamadi subchain. I guess my effort to make that systema  future sector capital are now a bit premature.

Survey luck is defenitely something in this game, some races have feast, some have famine. One has all benign planets found as very poor. Go figure.
Defenitely now in turn 108 it can be said that the economy is different from other starfire games. No belt PU emplacement and slow growth make the disposable income a lot smaller than usual. Both player races are EL 5 by now. Low income slows down the research somewhat, because even for minimal # of tech systems you may have to save up several turns. For the expensive stuff, defenitely. Only now with TL 5 the Thebans have been able to invest 10.000 into research consistantly. Still, development and deployment are different things. As we have the 'no capital weapon on ships smaller than BC' rule, it will take 20 turns to prototype a bc, and then 1+8 more to build a series and af irst in class at least to deploy ships with Rc.

I dunno how it is in normal campaigns with basic startups (none of mine ever went so far), but the Thebans with an agressive exploration and colonisation strategy now have an income of 24.600/turn + trade in turn 108. And not a shabby empire size, too:

The low construction rates still force you to invest into ships constantly to have the hulls build. My early and consistent investment into shipyards now pays for the Thebans, though. They can refit and build sizeable quantities of ships.
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Post by: Paul M on June 27, 2011, 10:38:18 AM
[ooc]My apologies everyone, the last month or so has been hectic with real life decisions and the consequences of them.  I'm part of the way through packing for a move from southern to northern Germany at the moment to make matters more interesting.[/ooc]

The last many months have been a time of significant change for the Shanirian Confederation.  The loss of the contact team on Barasoom was followed only a few weeks later by the Undines breaking off diplomatic relations.  These two actions had a significant impact on the Parliament.  The night attack on the contact team killed the small Ground Force detachment and the contact specialists and damaged the cutter they were deployed from.  The cutter crew detonated the power core turning the cutter's drive into so much molten slag.  The Frigate conducting the negotiations with the Undine's had entered through a closed warp point and there were no ships capable of tracking it in the system so it was able to leave with the Undine's being unaware of its exact location.  The warp point connected to the system with Barasoom, and another closed warp point connects that system to the rest of Confederation space.  But Burough's a colony world in the companion system to Barasoom had just been settled, at the level of an outpost.

Debate in the Parliament was fierce.  A putative expedition to punish the "Lords of Mars" for their despicable attack on our contact team could be mounted and the fact that their military was using primitive air ships and smoothbore cannon compared to our air mobile Ground Combat Force backed by shuttle support said the war would be short.  But then what?  And what of the Undine's next door?  Subjugating the Barsoomians would require an investment in garrison troops and the issue of how to deal with a hostile alien population.

After a great deal of back and forth on the issue the Parliament decided that all Shanirian Naval forces would withdraw from the system containing Barsoom after the Buroughs colonists would be relocated to the planet Ringloth a short trip away. Should the Lords of Mars develop space capability they would expand into the Undine's and would not be able to enter confederation space baring a new connection that is currently unknown and later discovered.  It is likely that baring the dual closed warp points covering these two problems the Confederation would have been forced into a more aggressive response.

The ships of the Survey command have undergone substantial changes in this time as well.  Currently 10 Discovery class exploration cruisers are deployed, shaking down or in construction.  All Pathfinder class survey destroyers have been refit to the Mod 2 standard, and 3 additional Searcher class frigates have been deployed.  Survey Force 1 is now fully modernized with 3 Discovery, 3 Pathfinder Mod 2, 3 Searcher and 1 SSV.  Survey Forces 2 and 3 are in intermediate states waiting on their Discovery class cruisers with all other ships present.  This gives a surplus of 9 Pathfinder Mod 2 class ships.  The current plan is to send these ships plus a discovery and 3 yet to be built Searchers into mothballs to give a substantial survey reserve.  Interestingly enough almost all refits to the Pathfinders were carried out by mobile repair ships rather than returning the ships to Shanir.

The Naval Board has ruthlessly exploited the threat to the Tarentum system to build up the overall construction capacity of the Confederation.  Secondry Yard is now operational and is undergoing continual phased expansion.  Two of its yards are constantly building onto the space station generally adding an additional yard every 4 months.  Prime Yard has 8 of its 14 shipyards devoted to pre-fabricating Support Bases (taking 6 months to do so).  There are currently support bases in Tarentum (orbiting Red Harbor), Byzantium (orbiting Secundus) and one is being assembled in Virconium (orbiting Vulcan's Forge).  These efforts have nearly doubled the construction capacity of the Confederation.  It will take slightly more than a further 30 months for Secondry Yard to reach its planned maximum yard capacity.  That time will allow a further 5 Support Base stations to be pre-fabricated.

(to be continued)
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on June 28, 2011, 11:18:20 AM
The devotion of so much yard capacity to building new yards was a serious blow to expansion of the navy and survey forces for several months but as more and more new yards came on line the situation has turned around and there is currently a small surplus of capacity.  The fact that the Pathfinders were all refit without using any yard capacity in Shanir also made a substantial difference.

Overall the Lancea class destroyer is the most common SCN warship.  Construction time is down to 3 months and with an ever increasing frontier there is simply a substantial demand for light picket forces to watch the frontier.  The Navy is balancing its forces to try and maintain only a 40-45% maintenance budget.  With the new Battlecruiser classes there will be a harder balance to be maintained.  The current plans are for a very limited number of Battlecruisers to be maintained on the active list while the bulk of the Hasta class (General Purpose Combat Vessel) is mothballed straight from construction.  The Arbalist class (Long Range Heavy Missile Combat Vessel) and Hastati class (Assault Heavy Cruiser) will be built entirely into mothballs as these ships are only valuable in war.  A further increase in the Gladius and Spatha classes both active service and mothballed will also occur.  Additionally, defenses are being constructed at multiple points in the Confederation plus large stockpiles of laser buoys are being built up.  Sensor Buoys and Comm Buoys are also being stockpiled, the budget for the overall buoy construction is around 1 Billion Credits per month, or the equivalent to a Battlecruiser.

Research and Development marches on with advanced systems ready for deployment, a general basic research framework being funded and the delayed research on the enhanced EM system underway.  Overall all relevant technological systems are available.  The long range missiles are available but only the Battlecruiser and Base 3 Hulls are capable of mounting this weapon system so it unlikely to see general deployment before the first Arbalist comes out of the yards.  The Naval Board has also decided not to make a general upgrade of the fleet even though advanced armour and an advanced computer targeting system designed to localize better enemy targets is available.  Instead new classes of all types have been established and all new builds are of these more advanced ships and bases but existing bases and ships are not being refit.  The Naval Board is reviewing how this works in practice but by doing only periodic general refits they hope to save money and have the refit issue minimized.

(to be continued)
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on June 29, 2011, 11:19:49 AM
The change over to the modern survey forces disrupted survey efforts but still the frontier has been pushed backwards steadily if slowly.  Two survey forces are operating in systems connected ultimately back to Tarantum.  Two systems connected to the Tarantum nexus are so far only probed so the potential of this area is significant.  Freighter lift to colonize these systems is becoming an acute issue.  4 additional CFN-Type 3 freighters have joined the government pool but that pool is still under 10% of the civillian sectors capacity.  Economic incentives have been offered by the Parliament of late to expand colonial industries, and the amount of these incentives increases on a yearly basis.  This coupled with an aggressive local colonization effort aimed at establishing many small mining facilities to support the growing colony in that system have produced a robust economy outside of Shanir itself.  The home system's relative impact on the total tax base has dropped to around 40%.  Shanir remains the highest income system and has the vast bulk of the Confederations yard capacity.  The biggest issue is that the travel time to the outermost colonies is now approaching a full two months, having to tie up significant shipping capacity for three months is very much now on the near future horizon.  As well the supply lines to the survey forces are starting to become long and at least one survey force is operating only by drawing from its internal supply stocks in part.

One survey force is operating in the area near the now isolated Barsoom system.  Currently it is expanding out of other warp points but there is some concern that this branch may dry up but this will depend on luck.  Even though a Drake Joint Expeditionary Force is available in Londonium it is becoming more and more critical to get a military force in this region for patrol duties.  Additionally getting a Support Base into a system would help maintain a strong military presence in this frontier region.  Mobile construction ships are operating in Jerusalem to build a defensive array on the warp point leading to this part of the frontier but that will take time.

Communications has dramatically improved Confederation wide.  The comm buoy chains connect the frontier to the manned comm stations used for the more developed inner core worlds.  The comm buoy is also used to connect dead end colonies to the core world nearest them such as at the Ceaseragusta-Byzantium warp point.  In general messages must only go by courier drone for a few systems before being able to be transfer to the light speed comm network.

Shanirian Ground Forces have been expanding slowly but steadily.  The first Corvus class assault transport is under construction and the three Packmule class transports are assigned to the fleet train.  The assault shuttle is now common to all military craft and a sizable amount of the brigades are trained in air assault so there exists the potential to rapidly deploy combat forces to a planetary combat zone.  Security forces are present on most worlds maintain the rule of law.
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Post by: Paul M on June 30, 2011, 07:29:24 AM
Our partners the Drakes have also been busy the last while.  The Office of Strategic Intelligence has kept the SCN and Parliament updated with analysis of their activities.

They have expanded and updated their sole ship yard to the most modern standards of their current industrial base.  They have expanded their ship yard capacity as well and currently have 15 yards available, plus 4 mobile repair ships.  The High Council is strongly against permanent construction facilities outside of the home system as this would allow one Flight to build ships that the others would not be able to match.  Given the frequency of conflict in the Drake social structure this is perhaps more important than the strategic advantages a dispersed construction capacity gives.

The survey vessels of both survey fleets have been fully refit to the newest class of survey corvette incorporating the advanced survey instrument package.  As a corvette is too small to mount the capital survey sensor array and further increase in survey speed can only come by building more ships.  The two survey fleets are operating widely separated.  The first fleet is survey in the main section of the Drake space near Ceilas.  Building up the systems leading to Ceilas to allow them to support a survey effort had been very expensive and has taken quite some time.  The Drake tendency to industrialize fully all colonies has helped speed up this process.  Although originally viewed as a fore lone hope Ceilas was found to have 3 warp points, and each one led to a system with a life bearing planet.  One system is rated ideal for the Drakes, another has 3 nominally idea worlds which are of course sub optimal for the Drakes, while the last had but a single life bearing world.  This was an astounding bonanza of colonizable worlds at the end of a long chain of systems consisting only of hot and cold moons, planets lacking atmospheres that can support life, hell worlds, gas giants and ice worlds.   The second survey fleet has been operating out of Londonium and has surveyed two systems beyond it plus has completed the survey of Londonium proper.  Life sustaining worlds have been found in this region as well.

Intense amounts of internal colonization and industrialization have taken place in all their settled systems and their available tax income has increased steadily.  There has also been a steady flow of new colonists to the newly discovered worlds.  Freighter lift is a serious issue given the demands that their need to build self contained habitations on world Shanirian's would deem ideal.

Militarily their main focus has been defense of their homesystem Angband.  Given they are a trade cross roads and can have up to 4 different races trade fleets in this system at any one time security is not a trivial matter.  Beyond the modernizing of their fleet and space station a major effort in base construction has been undertaken.  Currently each warp point in Angband (excepting the one leading to the SN 984 system) has a trio of bases in orbit around it (2 Augcating and 1 Augfarthing).  Currently a further trio of bases is under construction in their yards.  They have also been pre-fabricating Augcating and comm station bases and have recently begun assembly of a pair of these bases in systems leading to the Thebans and the Cartel.  They have a reserve of 6 more Augcatings and are adding to that at a rate of 1 every 2 months.  They have several Analis II class cruisers under construction to give them a mothballed reserve in the future.

They currently lag behind the Confederation in terms of research but have completely developed all systems they feel are relevant.  It is likely that both their research and the Shanirian will reach completion at the same time.

Report Completed.
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Post by: Paul M on November 30, 2011, 04:11:48 AM
((Well the move is at last over, and most of the unpacking as well.  After filling up 6 IVAR bookshelve units (4 with 8, 2 with 7 shelves) I think that I will be getting a kindle touch when it shows up on this side of the Atlantic!  Probably will have to interupt this over Christmas as I will be away from my computer as well.))

Over the past few months the Confederation has taken a bit of a breather from expansion and has held back its Survey Fleets to survey bypassed systems near Tarentum and in one case to repair ships damage due to lack of supplies.  The main issue has been the sparseness of the frontier has rapidly degraded supply shipments from Shanir.  A system suitable for use as a supply depot has yet to be found near the frontier.  There are a few candidate systems that with a bit of investment would be suitable.  The new advanced survey ships are making survey operations go considerably faster but they require a much higher degree of support and supplies.  A large number of systems had only a preliminary probe made of them before the frontier advanced in the direction of habitable real estate so the pause has been useful in filling in the blanks.  There has been some discussions about forming a 4th survey fleet but it is unclear if that is necessary as the 3 in operation are advancing the frontier almost too fast.

Economic expansion is being driven by both colonising flotillas but also by an extensive investment in in-system colonization of moons and in select systems by the granting of Parliamentary subsidies to boost local industrial infrastructure.  The later is on a slowly growing budget and is currently at 750 MCr per month.  Additionally, subsidized freighters are being built and leased to the civilian shipping industry, the goal is to provide a 10% boost to the amount of lift available.  Travel times to the furthest colony are now just over 3 months so the additional ships are a worth while investment.

The latest breakthroughs in scientific research have led to advances in weapon and defensive technologies that will require a major upgrade of nearly all combat units.  The research team working on an improved and smaller version of the Energy Projector Cannon to produce a weapon suited for deployment on all classes of combat vessels has been held up by major issues with the power unit shielding and targeting beam optics but will hopefully soon be finished with the prototype tests to allow series industrial production.  For the last 5 months a "Battleship" prototype vessel has been under construction.  This ship will be the largest vessel that can fit comfortably through all the warp points in Confederation space.  Additionally, the support, deployment and control systems for the developed autonomous space denial weapons are finally into the research queue.  The delays in developing a number of ship board systems though means there is a huge number of ships that are awaiting deployment in Shanir itself as the Navy wishes to first upgrade all frontier bound vessels then work on the core fleet elements.

The Naval board has prioritized construction of vessels that will be going directly to reserve status for the last few months as it deals with the bottleneck created by the troubled development of the energy beam weapon.  The new capital missile armed battlecruisers and sprint missile armed cruisers for contested warp point assaults have been coming off the ways with a new ship being started when the previous vessel is half completed.  The general purpose battle cruiser class is also being built but slower as they are more dependent on the energy beam refit.

The reorganization of the Navy has been proceeding with the formation of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Fleets.  Each fleet is composed of 3 Task Forces, which are themselves split into 4 Task Groups.  Supporting this is the Fleet Train, Assault Fleet and Reserve Force.  The first Task Force is the primary combat force of the fleet while the other two Task Force are intended mainly to provide lighter forces for patrols.  Only the 1st Fleet is at anything near its nominal list strength, with the 3rd Fleet being nominally an administrative framework.  It is intended to maintain 1st Fleet with the heavier fleet elements while 2nd and 3rd Fleets get the lighter heavy combatants (CA class).  The expansion is also calling into question the numbers maintained in the Fleet Reserve, it is likely these will have be increased.

Significant effort has gone into the increase of available ship yard capacity.  Frontier fleet bases are coming off the yard lines at a rate of a new station every 6 months and on the same schedule has the Secondary yard gained 2 more shipyards.  Prime yard is now undergoing a major refit to replace its first two yards with machine shops, then to re-add the removed yards elsewhere in its sprawling structure.  Next a revised design for the Frontier Yards must be made to take into account advances in technology, and both Prime and Secondary Yards need to be updated.  The Navy wishes construction of new slips on Secondary Yard to be completed before updating its passive defences, active arrays and weapons.  For the most part the currently active frontier fleet bases are constructing bases for system defense and two additional mobile yards have just completed shakedown so that Mobile Construction groups can now build a more standard 3 base grouping.

At the moment frontier security is very low with the Survey Forces providing the bulk of it.  The Navy hopes to get ships out patrolling inside of 6 months (including refit and transit time).  The Fleet Support station for 3rd Fleet orbiting Walkirk has just been fabricated but it must be shipped and assembled in orbit.  A ground support facility will also be added to provide extra security.  The next two Fleet Support stations are likely to go to the systems Treveri and Nova Vox but the decision has not been completely finalized.
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Post by: Five on December 01, 2011, 01:05:41 PM
Reading these really makes me want to buy SF and learn to play it...wish i had a group around home to play it with.

Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on December 05, 2011, 03:40:45 AM
[ooc]Thanks "five" it is good to know someone is enjoying these.  I miss getting together with the gang to fight battles on the weekends myself.  Alex and I are doing this by play by email and so far it is working out ok.  The game expands rapidly though.  I also spotted it had been a while since I updated...lots of things have gone on.  I will fix the attachment so the map is more easily visible tonight as well.[/ooc]

The Shanirian sphere of influence has grown significantly as can be seen in the map below.  Expansion of the frontier has occured along three warp lines, two that start in Tarentum and the last that begins in Selucia.  The expansion along the line Cyrene to Double Yoke had been held up mainly due to concerns about the aliens in the Medialarum and the system beyond, but the closed warp point has blocked them for the moment.  Additional issues were the difficulty in sustaining a supply line plus the accounting error that resulted in no spare parts shipments to the survey support vessel that should have had the supplies present.  This resulted in damaged ships, which were pulled by to Cyrene and met by the repair tenders.  Subsequent to this SF 1 has resumed operations.  The Fleet base for Walkirk has been completely pre-fabricated and will be shipped to the planet for assembly soon, this will give the region higher security.  This will be the area of responsibility given to the 3rd Fleet once it gains combat vessels.

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Hippo Regius and Gordion have been fully surveyed but no probes were made.  SF 2 and SF 3 have completed surveys of all star systems near to Tarentum but probes have to wait on the deployment of more war ships to secure the currently porus frontier regions.

Bagacum, Nova Vox, Paxis, and Corfu are nearing completion of their initial colonization efforts and give a solid basis for further growth in the region.  Nova Vox and Bagacum are selected for future fleet bases.  This region is part of the responsibilty of 2nd Fleet which has elements patroling near Tarentum.

Agrippina, Treverii, and Curia are the other branch coming out of Tarentum and due to the discovery of the aliens in the Stalingrad system are a higher priority for a fleet base to be built both at Agrippina and Treverii.  This area will be also in the 2nd Fleet area of responsibility.

The Naval  board has been dealing with the budget the last few years by refusing to update the older ships with new technology but instead building newer higher tech ships as needed.  This has resulted in a mix of tech levels in the active and reserve fleets.  Due to the large number of new technologies it has been decided that a full refit of the fleet is required.  This will take some time due to the delayed development of the new particle beam weapon system but is considered a critical defense requirement.  What isn't clear is what to do with the reserve ships, it may make sense to activate them, refit them and then build new ships directly to reserve status, but clearly this is going to be costly in the short term due to a substantial increase in maintence costs.  It would be faster than building the new ships that are required to flesh out the 2nd and 3rd fleets.


BB (PROTO) class BB     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1817/ 272.6
HTK 87   Sx11  Aix20  Dx5  Rcx4  Tx1  Mgx2  
132x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)

This prototype vessel is the largest ever built and is also the largest ship that can enter any warp point in the Confederation.  It is intended to retain a division in active service with mothballing of the bulk of the ships in the class as they are built later.  This hull will also form the basis of a warp point assault ship class.  Bays are included for installation during refit of the new particle beam weapon system.

DRUSUS MOD 4 class CTR     (AC) AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0Aix3Hs(I)(I)Xr(I)QsDL(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  258/ 38.7
HTK 14   S0x2  Aix3  Dx1  Lx1  

The latested version of the fleets scout/courier.  The laser weapon was retained due to its cost effectiveness.

LANCEA MOD 4 class DDP     (AC) AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[2] SSAix7ZHs(BbS)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)RaRaM2Mg(I)(I)QsDL(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  522/ 78.3
HTK 27   Sx2  Aix7  Dx1  Lx1  Rax2  Mgx1  
120x SM, 6x CM, 3x EDM (Mg)

The SCN's maid of all work class.  As with the Gladius this is a temporary interm class refit, the Mod 5 will be a major refit substantially increasing the classes defenses and fire power.  Unfortuantely the ship is too small to mount significant electronic systems or military grade sensor systems.  This requires it be operated with Drusus Scouts or else as screen vessels.

CASTORUM class DDS        4 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx3Aix7Hs(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)MgBiMg(Ic)MgBiMgDMgMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  347/ 52.1
HTK 28   Sx3  Aix7  Dx2  Mgx6  
100x GM, 625x SM, 50x EDM (Mg)

The fleets standard collier class.  It will be refit to accept the newer shield generators later.  [ooc]I've no idea why the XO racks are only at 4...that will get fixed in the refit.[/ooc]

GLADIUS MOD 3 class CLP     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx6Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)(I)Ra(II)Ra(I)RaM2Mg(II)DLhQDEpc(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  729.5/ 109.4
HTK 38   Sx6  Aix10  Dx2  Epcx1  Rax3  Mgx1  
150x SM, 6x CM, 9x EDM (Mg)

An interm refit of the SCN's standard medium weight combat vessel.  Of the limited numbers of this class built all will be refit to the Mod 4 standard when the systems for it are in production.

OCTAVIUS MOD 2 class CLC     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx5Aix10Z(CC)H(II)(I)(II)(I)QLhXr(BbM)D(CIC)DEpc(II)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  805.5/ 120.8
HTK 35   Sx5  Aix10  Dx2  Epcx1  

An interm refit to the command cruiser class while technology is developed.  Only one ship of this type was built but it and the two original Octavius class vessels will be refit to the Mod 3 standard.

SPATHA MOD 2 class CAP     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 5
[2] Sx6Aix12ZH(BbM)Q(II)Ra(II)RaRa(II)RaM2MgEpc(II)DQLhDEpc(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  1009/ 151.4
HTK 46   Sx6  Aix12  Dx2  Epcx2  Rax4  Mgx1  
136x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This class along with the Gladius will form the bulk of the naval power in the frontier regions of 2nd and 3rd Fleet.  Both classes need to be updated with new technology but after that will take their place on the frontier.  This class along with the heavier Hasta will also serve as squardron and Task Group command vessels.  As no ships exist in this mod catagory it will be updated to incorporate significant increases in available electronics, new shield generators and the improved particle beam weapon and then all Spatha's will be refit to this new standard.

HASTA class BCP     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx8Aix14ZH(III)RaQRa(II)RaQ(BbM)EpcD(III)RaMgM3!1EpcD(II)DXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1507/ 226.1
HTK 59   Sx8  Aix14  Dx4  Epcx3  Rax4  Mgx1  
140x SM, 10x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

The Hasta is the heaviest warship currently in service with the SCN, with a division of them active with 1st fleet.  It is a powerful mid-range combat vessel intended to function as a squadron/Task Group command ship.

ARBALIST class BCG     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 5
[3] Sx8Aix10ZH(III)Q(BbM)(II)RcDRc(III)RcMgM3!1RcDMg(II)RcMgDXrLhQEpcD(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1486/ 222.9
HTK 55   Sx8  Aix10  Dx4  Epcx1  Rcx5  Mgx3  
200x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

This is an uncomprimising ship intended only for war.  As such all vessels are being built and then mothballed.  An updated Mod 1 version will be laid down when the energy beam is in serial production that will incorporate enhanced ECM systems.

Assault Class Combat Vessels

VELITE MOD 4 class FGA     (AC) AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x4Aix9Hs(I)(I)(I)GGMgQsD(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  300.6/ 45.1
HTK 24   S0x4  Aix9  Dx1  Gx2  Mgx1  
60x GM, 8x SM, 4x CM, 3x EDM (Mg)

The latest refit to the Velite class light assault ship.

HASTATI class CAA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 5
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  996/ 149.4
HTK 53   Sx5  Aix16  Dx4  Gx5  Mgx1  
80x GM, 12x SM, 6x CM, 4x EDM (Mg)

This is an assault ship intended to operate against close in warp point defences and laser bouys.  It will be updated with the new shield technology soon.

Fortress Command

SLING MOD 3 class BS1        5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10HsGx3QsGMg [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  282/ 14.1
HTK 28   S0x11  Aix10  Gx4  Mgx1  

The newest version of the confederations close in warp point defense base.

PILUM MOD 3 class BS2       10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx6Aix13ZHs(BbS)RaRaTRaRa(BbS)RaRaM2MgDLhQ(BbS)DEpc [-]
50 RCP       Trg:3        Cost =  702/ 35.1
HTK 38   Sx6  Aix13  Dx2  Epcx1  Rax6  Tx1  Mgx1  
140x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

The consort to the Onager is also now a common sight at warp point defences.  Like the Onager the next mod 4 refit will enhance electronics and close in defences.

ONAGER MOD 3 class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx10Aix20ZTH(BbM)QRaRaMgRaRaM1QRaRaDRaRaMgM2XrDEpcD(CIC)(BbM)DLhQEpc [-]
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:4        Cost =  1222/ 61.1
HTK 59   Sx10  Aix20  Dx4  Epcx2  Rax8  Tx1  Mgx2  
340x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

As with warships the bases in Fortress command are also caught in the middle of a technological change oveer.  The Onager command bases are becoming more common and the mod 4 update will improve thier electronics and close in weapon systems significantly.

Home System Yards

PRIME YARD UPGRADE 3 class SS        78 XO Racks    1715 Hull    TL 5
1715 RCP  205 MCP       Trg:13  Tem -1        Cost =  12997.5/ 143.9
HTK 540   Sx100  Ax100  Dx8  Lx9  Rcx10  Rx24  Tfx1  Tx2  Mgx8  
200x GM, 500x SM, 300x CM, 28x EDM (Mg)

The first major update to Prime Yard in several years adds two machine shops plus updates the cargo handling systems.  A small battery of capital launchers is installed as well as additional defence arrays and a modest increase in electronic capacity.

SECONDRY YARD IR10 class SS        52 XO Racks    1206 Hull    TL 5
1206 RCP  294 MCP       Trg:10  Tem -1        Cost =  9414/ 104.3
HTK 348   Sx50  Ax60  Dx12  Lx5  Rcx7  Rx16  Tx2  Mgx6  
50x GM, 400x SM, 250x CM, 50x EDM (Mg)

Secondary yard's expansion is nearing completion with 10 out of 14 planned yards built.  It is very likely that it will take another 6 interm refits to complete the station.  After that a fairly major refit to update its passive defenses will be required.
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[ooc]I'm off for my holidays so this is likely the last post between now and after 11.01.12.  I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas and all the best in the new year.[/ooc]

This month the SCN's naval board grabbed the lions share of the government funding as three key projects started up.  Treveri's Support Base was started with a scheduled 6 months of prefabrication beginning.  Secondary yard got a new construction slip also starting while at the same time construction continues on the renovations to Prime Yards.  Lastly to bolster colony defence in the frontier 5 Frontier Ground Bases were built, one each on colonies in Treveri, Harridan, Cyrene, Nova Vox and Agrippina.  Additionally, 4 Drusus class scouts went into refit to start the modernization process that is likely to take at least 6 months to complete.  As the research teams for the next generation particle beam weapon are in last stages of testing with the first full production model expected to be ready next month a great many of the support base yards are idling this month waiting for the crush of refits expected to start next month.  Walkirks' Fleet Support Base's parts start on their journey to the planet.

While this was going on Bu Personnel was busy with a wave of promotions and reassignments going through the officer corps.  With 3 fleets two new Legates were made, and several new Centurions promoted as the new structure calls for Task Force commanders to be Centurions.  Additionally, several senior Decurions were shuffled to new assignments to broaden their experience.  The only personnel not so affected were those assigned to survey command.

The new fleets now look have the following structure:
1st Fleet
TF 10; TG 11.1, 11.2, 11.3; TG 12.1
2nd Fleet
TG 20.1, 20.2; TG 21.1
3rd Fleet
(no forces assigned)

Due to an administrative error when the defence squadrons were assigned Task Group numbers TG 11.3 and TG 12.1 exchange systems of responsibility this month to keep all Task Groups of Task Force 11 close to each other.

Survey Force 3 probing from the Move Along system discovers a system with habitable worlds and this month they will begin the survey of it, this delays expansion of the frontier past Nova Vox, not necessarily a bad thing in itself.  Survey Force 2 has discovered a race of early iron age primitives in a binary system under survey.  The Parliament is currently debating what to do about this race given the poor results from the efforts to contact the last few races.  But as this system has a Shanirian compatible planet in it, it is unlikely that ceding it to a group of primitives is a serious option.  Survey Force 1, is now surveying with its needs not met by monthly supply shipments by its survey support vessels holds.  This represents the first time this system has been fully tested and it seems to be performing very well.

This month was also the first time Bu Colonization ran into an issue with insufficient birthing spaces for new colonists.  Additionally, it has been prioritizing the setting up of moon colonies in most settled colony systems a task that is going particularly well and is helping to diversity the economies of our newest colonies.  [ooc]It is, though, one of the most tedious tasks, especially since clicking to bring up a colony system on the map hides the CFN window so I have to manually sort both the CFN and Systems windows, plus it tends to make it easy to forget pure moon colony systems.[/ooc]  This coupled with investments in heavy industry has lead to a steady growth of the GSP of the Confederation.

News from the Drakes is interesting.  They are still emphasising defences for their empire and homeworld in their production, with the result of nearly 9 datagroups of cruiser sized bases nearing completion or installed at a Warp Point in their home system.  Additionally they are prefabricating bases still, plus have shipped bases out to their assembly groups to build their frontier defences.  Although the Drakes see little value in passive defenses on their war ships the SCN conducted several simulated conflicts with their naval officers over the last few months and based on the results the Drakes are adopting for use a new ship class.  As assaults on buoy defended warp points were utter disasters for the Drake flights they have started construction on a new class of ship.  A cruiser sized vessel it is armed with a modified tractor beam weapon system and contains additional command facilities plus mounts for the first time in a mobile unit passive defences em phising a thick armour belt.  This ship will be used for warp point assaults, plus will be added to all flights as a command vessel operating in conjunction with a new class of destroyer sized beam armed ships.  Due to poor performance of this beam weapon with respect to destroying planetary populations there is not so much resistance to sharing the design between the various warlords.
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[ooc]Back from the holidays though distracted by several RPGs (Skyrim and the Witcher 2 plus ME 2 with ME 3 just around the corner), plus War in the East and Star Wars: The Old pardon the tardiness.  I ended up being talked into a Kobo touch by my brother instead of the Kindle.  I really like the ebook reader now that I've gotten a chance to play with it, but anything in pdf format is all but readable.  Plus if they have DRM you can't even convert them from pdf to something like EPUB.[/ooc]

At long last the production of the replacement weapon for the Energy Particle Cannon has arrived.  The so-called Energy Beam a neutral beam of hydrogen accelerated to relativistic velocities and capable of producing a massive over charging of the target vessels structure, the subsequent discharge to the surrounding space plasma inducing massive currents in the hull that reduced operational electronics to melted blobs.  As the second generation of shield generators and the advanced computer systems for enhancing the fluctuations of the drive field were ready the refits of the fleet could begin.  There was considerable debate on one particular aspect of the refit and that was what to do with the ships in mothballs.  Eventually economic reality prevailed, the ships would be left in the state they were currently except for the Velite which would be activated and refit to the latest standard.  The arguments for both sides of the debate were clear but the reality was the navy needed new ships more than it needed older ships refit and the longer the ships stayed in mothballs the better it was.  A much bigger point was made that the reserve was too small especially in terms of the numbers of destroyers present.

Plans for the refits were laid out in the Naval Planning office for BuShips and sent out to the various support bases and the Prime Shipyards.  By dispersing the refits over the Confederation's network of bases the yard capacity would be used more efficiently.  The Lancea was refit in Byzantium, the Gladius in Tarantum, while Shanir handled the heavy ships.  Additionally the Support Base design itself was updated to the full standard currently available.  The cost increased significantly and no plans exist for updating the existing stations, though some consideration should be given to the idea.  It could be done via ground industry and effectively could be relatively quick.  But for the moment disrupting the production of those stations is not to be considered.

Some 10 Lancea Mod 4 and 4 Drussus Mod 3's were undertaking trials and maneuvers in Shanir.  These had been held back from deployment due to considerations of refit but given the long overrun of the Energy Beam project it is decided to form TG 31.1 and TG 21.3 each with 3 Lancea and 2 Drussus and send them out to the frontier.  TG 21.3 would be refit along with TG 21.1 by the Machine Shops of Mobile Construction Group 3 in Lugudum while TG 31.1 would be refit by the Support Base currently being assembled in orbit around Walkirk when they arrive.

The refits and modernizations of all existing bases although something of a logistics nightmare have an economic side benefit.  As the yard capacity will be tied up by refits and a refit is significantly less expensive than a new construction the budget for colonization can be expanded.  A sizable number of systems in the frontier can use more population as their colonization efforts were placed on hold as better planets were found plus secondary colonization sites (moons or inhospitable planets) can be also be targeted.  These efforts have consumed the vast bulk of the freighter and liners available to move colonists and the expansion of the government subsidized fleet is clearly required.  Two yards will be devoted to this, with the starts on the TYPE 3 CFN Freighter delayed by 3 months between them to give an additional freighter every 3 months.  Unfortunately for the SCN the shipyard capacity of both Prime and Secondary yards is largely consumed by refits to the yards themselves and construction of Dust Bin's Support base.  The refit of Prime Yards has consumed a great fraction of available yard space but will be finished in 2 months just in time for the bulk of the refits to start.

In terms of expanding the Confederation's naval production facilities the previous schedule remains unchanged.  Secondary Yard is on a schedule that adds 2 yards and additional facilities to its capacity every 9 months.  A further year will see the station reach its final 14 yard state.  A support base is prefabricated every 6 months and is transported and assembled in another 4-6 months.  This adds 2 ship yards and 2 machine shops to the confederation every 6 months now that production is on going.  Unfortunately the first 18 months or so of production of any support base tends to be its local defenses and support elements, so for the most part production of naval reinforcements is still concentrated in Shanir.  This is unlikely to change for some considerable time.  But the demands of refits, which any navy is periodically subject to, is no longer fully falling on Shanir's shipyard complex.  These will be handled by the support bases and mobile construction groups, resulting in a much shorter down time for the fleet as the ships on the frontier will not have to make long distance trips back and forth.

The development of the second generation of computer systems capable of enhancing drive field modulation has lead to its inclusion for the first time ship designs.  The initial system was considered by everyone in the navy a "waste of space and MCr."  There was an ongoing discussion among BuShips Engineers about where it place it however.  An analysis of its capabilities and more importantly its limitations revealed that there was no point in burying the system deep in the ships core as it would be rendered nearly useless after the first engine room on most hulls was damaged.  The loss of the engine room would destabilize the drive field and render the advanced maneuvering system software unusable with a subsequent increase in the time required to turn.  This would render the drive field enhancement system pretty much immaterial as the ship would be required to use engine power to provide location distortion and for a ship with damaged engines and reduced mobility this was considered ill advised.  So the decision was made to mount the system after the first two engine rooms.  The systems intended to defeat drive field modification were placed in more protected locations in the ships structure.

[ooc]I had originally stuck the thing where you put the old ECM system but looking at it a second time I realized that was foolish and changed it to much more forward.  Bases and Space Stations gain no advantage from the new ?x until the ?2 comes out at TL8.  This is a far cry from the old ECM system which was a must have and put as far to the right as you can.[/ooc]

Also completed is the spacecraft storage system for the autonomous space denial weapon.  This has led to the redesign of the Signifer class of fleet support vessels, plus necessitates the design of an ASDW transport vessel.  An ASDW layer system and the control system for them are still in R&D, when the research teams are satisfied with the prototypes and they enter production this will result in a modification to the existing Rego Auram class plus laying down of two new classes one for general purpose ASDW deployment and the other a survey support vessel.  Considerable engineering effort went into the design of the transport ship as various configurations and sizes were studied.  In the end, as the SCN had standardized on the destroyer hull for support ships, it was decided that none of the other designs significantly improved on the one based on the destroyer hull so that hull was adopted.  A quick refit of the Prime Yards will also be undertaken to install 12 racks in it once the current refit is completed. 

Survey efforts are ongoing and it is becoming apparent that the number of open warp points or systems that need surveying may require the construction of a 4th survey force.  As the warp line SF 1 is currently on has shown no branching there is a good chance it will end which will free up that survey force for other duties so the Parliament has adopted a wait and see attitude as a survey force is very expensive proposition. 

(to be continued)
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ARBALIST MOD 1 class BCG   AM   16 XO Racks    80 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x22Aix6ZH(III)Q(BbM)(II)?1RcDRc(III)RcMgM3!1RcDMg(II)RcMgDXrLhQED(III)(II) [6]
   80 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  1605/ 240.8
   HTK 66    S0x22  Aix6  Dx4  Ex1  Rcx5  Mgx3

A dedicated warship, the Arbalist class is built into mothballs.  This upgrade enhances the ships shields reducing its armour belt to allow it to fire and flee.

HASTA MOD 1 class BCP    AM   16 XO Racks    80 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x18Aix12ZH(III)RaQRa(II)?1RaQ(BbM)ED(III)RaMg!1M3!1ED(II)EDXrLhQED(III)(II) [6]
   80 RCP  70 MCP   Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  1670/ 250.5
   HTK 70    S0x18  Aix12  Dx4  Ex4  Rax4  Mgx1

The workhorse BC design of the SCN.  It can carry a brigade of combat troops and deploy them to the surface with its shuttles.  The space freed up by the installation of the E beam bays has been largely devoted to enhancing the ships electronics suite.

SPATHA MOD 2 class CAP   AM   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x12Aix12ZH(BbM)Q(II)Ra(II)?1RaRa(II)RaM2!1MgE(II)XrDQLhDE(II)(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  1162/ 174.3
   HTK 55    S0x12  Aix12  Dx2  Ex2  Rax4  Mgx1

The SCN's frontier heavy ship.  The removal of the old Energy partical cannon barbettes freed up space to be used for a significant modernization of the ships electronics.  The inclusion of full military grade sensors was particularily welcomed.  Currently 6 of these ships exist (in base and Mod 1 varients) but a further 8 has been authorised for construction.

GLADIUS MOD 4 class CLP   AM   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x12Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)(I)?1Ra(II)Ra(I)!1RaM2Mg(II)DLhQDE(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  837.5/ 125.6
   HTK 46    S0x12  Aix10  Dx2  Ex1  Rax3  Mgx1

The SCN's general purpose cruiser design.  It unfortunately lacks full military grade sensors but for the moment that is not a priority.  With the advances in shield and armour technology there is pressure to install the system or a shorter ranged version on the ship, but this is not an absolute necessity as the ship is always deployed with Drusus scout vessels.

OCTAVIUS MOD 3 class CLC   AM   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x10Aix10Z(CC)H(II)(I)?1(II)(I)QLhXr(BbM)DC(CIC)DE(II)(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2   Cost =  895.5/ 134.3
   HTK 42    S0x10  Aix10  Dx2  Ex1

The SCN's command ship, a further build of this specialized class has been authorized so that each fleet will have one plus there will be a ship in the reserve.

LANCEA MOD 5 class DDP   (AC) AM   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x6Aix3ZHs(BbS)(I)Qs(I)?1(I)(I)RaRaM2Mg(I)(I)QsDE(I) [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:3  Bmp +2   Cost =  589/ 88.4
   HTK 28    S0x6  Aix3  Dx1  Ex1  Rax2  Mgx1

This class remains the SCN's Maid-of-all-work class.  47 ships of this class (split almost evenly between mod 3 and mod 4 varients) are in active service, and although it should have 9 in the reserve the demand on the hulls built mean that every one is deployed to a task group and so building up a reserve has not happened.  The upgrade emphises the ships shields over its armour belt and adds to its active defenses.  As with the Gladius there is a lobby in BuShips that wants to install a miniturized version of the military sensor system but that likely has to wait on further developments in Armour and Shield Generators.

                                               ASSAULT FLEET

HASTATI MOD 1 class CAA   AM   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x10Aix16ZH(II)Q(II)(II)PbGGM2GDGD(BbS)(II)CDXrLhQGMgD(II)(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  1036/ 155.4
   HTK 58    S0x10  Aix16  Dx4  Gx5  Mgx1

A bare bones upgrade of the shield generators of the SCN's assault ship.  Potentially in the future the Xr system will be replaced by a smaller shorter ranged version to allow for additional electronics to be installed.  This class of ships is build directly into mothballs.

                                               FLEET TRAIN

SIGNIFER MOD 1 class FT6   6 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   60 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  479/ 35.9
   HTK 47    S0x4  Aix4  Dx2  Tx1

In an attempt to produce the maximum amount of ASDW capacity as possible the Signifer was upgraded with improved shield and armour systems to free up enough space to install a single mine rack system plus a shear plane.  The ship can carry 12 ASDW field patterns, significan numbers of buoys and a large stock of maintence supplies (nominally 6000 MCr).

BOOMER class DD(MT)           6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x3AiAi(MR)(MR)Tf(MR)x3Qs(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)HsQs(BbS)(Ic) [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  276/ 41.4
   HTK 19    S0x3  Aix2  Tfx1

The Boomer is the SCN's design for transporting ASDW field patterns.  Another class vessel will be tasked with deploying the defensive weapon system.  It will be also based on a destroyer hull.  The Rego Auram and Tripwire classes will be updated with the control system.  The Boomer was the result of significant effort on the part of BuShips to produce a class that was inexpensive and maximized capacity.  For general tender duties though a freighter based solution will be adopted, and for survey support a dedicated light cruiser hull will need to be designed.

CASTORUM MOD 1 class DDS   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x7Aix6Hs(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)MgBiMg(Ic)MgBiMgDMgMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  379/ 56.9
   HTK 31    S0x7  Aix6  Dx2  Mgx6

A base line upgrade of the Castorum with better shield generators.  More of this critical ship class need to be built.

                                                           FORTRESS COMMAND

BASTION MOD 1 class BS4   24 XO Racks    120 Hull     TL 6
   120 RCP  80 MCP   Trg:7  Tem -1   Cost =  2025/ 101.2
   HTK 114    S0x40  Aix38  Dx6  Ex12

This upgrade makes the base into what it always has been intended to be.  An extremely tough short range, near warp point defensive base.  Due to its cost and long construction time it is unlikely to be seen outside of Shanir itself.

ONAGER MOD 4 class BS3   17 XO Racks    85 Hull     TL 6
   85 RCP  65 MCP   Trg:4  Tem -1   Cost =  1352/ 67.6
   HTK 72    S0x20  Aix20  Dx4  Ex2  Rax8  Tx1  Mgx2

This is the SCN's standard command base.  The removal of the Energy Particle Cannon barbettes resulted in an increase in the electronic suite as was typical during this refit.
PILUM MOD 4 class BS2     10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 6
   [1] S0x14Aix13ZHs(BbS)RaRaTRaRa(BbS)RaRaM2!1MgDLhQ(BbS)DE [-]
   50 RCP   Trg:3  Tem -1   Cost =  782/ 39.1
   HTK 47    S0x14  Aix13  Dx2  Ex1  Rax6  Tx1  Mgx1
Another base line upgrade of the bases shield generators and marginal increase in electronics.  This base represents the standard heavy warp point defence base, and is deployed in 2 Pilum and 1 Onager data groups.
PRIME YARD UPGRADE 3 class SS   78 XO Racks    1715 Hull     TL 5
   1715 RCP  205 MCP   Trg:13  Tem -1   Cost =  12997.5/ 143.9
   HTK 540    Sx100  Ax100  Dx8  Lx9  Rcx10  Rx24  Tfx1  Tx2  Mgx8

An upgrade of the Prime Yard construction facility, after completion a 3A refit will be performed to add 12 mine racks to the station.
SUPPORT BASE UGV1 class SS    40 XO Racks    480 Hull     TL 6
   480 RCP  230 MCP   Trg:7  Tem -1   Cost =  5018/ 80.4
   HTK 346    S0x100  Aix120  Dx10  Ex2  Lx4  Rax10  Tfx2  Tx2  Mgx3
The latest version of the support base for frontier deployment.  It has been upgraded to the most modern active and passive defences plus weapon systems and supporting electronics.  It retains the same overall dimensions as the older version and can be built in the same 6 month time period.  As the entire sturucture would have to be refit there is currently no plan to upgrade the existing Support Bases to this design.   
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on February 08, 2012, 08:44:25 AM
Signore Montefiore relaxed into his chair, idly snacking on a few lizards with a hot dip, and contemplated the last year. After the exploration efforts started by a few of the great families, aliens had been found just beyond the expanses inhabited by the race.
A call by the church had gone out, uniting the squabling states in a crusade to deal with the ugly smoothfaced creatures, and had finally succeeded, allthough revealing the deficiencies in the royal fleets support structure, wich had forced the first fleet to retreat from Bari as ammunition stores and maintainance spares had falled short within a month.
Nevertheless, their presence had forced the aliens into battle, and their mobile fleet had been faced with the decission to either allow the race's battlewagons into orbit or try and close the range by their curious design of using mostly beam weapons on their lesser ships.
Still, as a heavy presence of bases was detected in orbit, and the battlewagons had run out of heavy missiles, the fleet retreated for repairs, and came back four months later rearmed and reinforced, leaving the shattered wrecks of the aliens mobile fleet as estemony of their strength.
And well it was that the return was so swift, as the aliens had allmost rebuild their mobile force and their yards were allmost as numerous as those in orbit of Milano, and all busy building more ship to face the battlewagons.
The bases though were found to be beam armed as well, curiously, and utterly useless against the battlewagons heavy missle salvoes. Maybe they had been build for warp point defence? A survey fleet will have to investigate. They did not help against that wich came. Six of the biggest ships the race ever build stood of in high orbit after brushing aside the aliens similary armed battlecruisers, wich due to their recent construction were ever poorer crewed than the similar sized force anihilated in the first clash.
The planet was scoured clean of the infidels, preventing any further threat.

Allthough maybe a suggestion should be send to the design bureau to remove one launcher for the heavy missiles and replace it with further magazines for prolongued engagements. Having 13 of them and only one magazine lead to swift and brutal battles, but then defenceless battlewagons.

Yes, suggesting the crusade in the cardinals council had been a good opening move. The incidence of civil disturbances has gone down dramatically, and the great families no longer plotted to sink daggers in each other's backs, given that reports from the various exploration groups showed the presence of further aliens on the frontiers.

The race would have peace among itself while the stars burned with the anger of the righteous! Holy war to clean the planets of the unbelievers and abominations in the face of god would forge the race into a glorious unity and great destiny!
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 09, 2012, 06:59:06 AM
Observer Report 129-UR-MILPOLDATA

The Drake's main yards are largely consumed with their first Battlecruiser hull, and construction of bases.  Based on their orders and contracts still existing they will be maintaining a steady production of bases or prefabricated bases for the foreseeable future (at least 25 months) but there are clear indications they will be switching over to ships as the first of the new cruiser class nears completion.  Their design board is still reviewing the various offers on the destroyer consort.  They have added two more assembly ships to their mobile yard capacity but the ships left their home world last month, one will be joining the force assembling bases to cover the Cartell and Theban trade warp points.  Where the other went is unclear.

The arrays on the Warppoints to Angband are now substantial with the main trade warp point covered by 9 bases, all indications they intend to thicken them even more.  The Navy officers querried show no interest in larger bases, but the Drakes as a whole are a conservative species.  The standardization, though, is reaping benifits when they come to mass production.

The High Concil has not changed their view on yards outside the homesystem so they have only their main yards orbiting Angband.  There are some indications they may build another group of assembly ships for the Londonium area.  They have stated they will be requesting transit rights for a small group of warships as well, but it was rather tentative.

Based on observations and news reports plus additional operations our picture of what is going on in their other frontier region is less clear.  Colony transports regularily leave for the warp point leading there, and there is very significant flow of personnel coming and going as well.  Sizable amounts of raw materials come from the region but remarkably little finished products.  Our anaysts believe that they have a good number of resource extraction facilities on moons or inhospitable planets but also several colonies on habitable worlds.  The amount and type of contracts placed would seem to indicate they are not Drake-compatable as there is a huge demand for excavation and construction machinery plus air treatment plants.

They had a major war game lasting several weeks recently.  The winner, "Blue Flight" has been dispached towards their "other frontier Region."  There are some reports in diplomatic circles that they had encountered someone out there.  Other rummors indicate this is a temporary measure undertaken until more "Joint Task Force" ships can be produced and their crews trained. 

There has been increased calls from the other Flight Leaders for allowing expansion of their fleets, even if the ships are built into mothballs.  But given the political nature of things it is likely the debates will take some time, there isn't a united viewpoint yet.  The Firms on Argos that do drive parts and starship structures are doing their best to promote a fleet expansion.  But given the fact their yards are nearly working at full capacity there is a plethora of other contracts they can bid on so they have not devoted a great deal of advertising and bribery to the issue.

The health of the Warlord and his successor designate are good.  The support of the other Flight Leaders for the current political agenda seems to be fairly solid.  The Beurocracy is content and although the turn over of personell in trade and alien relations is very high, the rate of assasination seems proportional to the amount of income a post brings, there is no end of willing candidates.  None of the other alien races has reacted negatively to the Drake's security efforts.

Further attachments:  Annex 107 Balance of Trade, Appendix 14 Notable News Articles, Report on Drake Naval Appropriations and Potential Profit Impacts

Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 10, 2012, 02:19:18 AM
[ooc]Here are the designs of the NPR mentioned above.  They currently have a significant fleet in terms of numbers and size of ships.  Also based on their build philosophy they will be major carrier users so I have started production of the carrier ships themselves with lots of (Hx6) which will get refit to fighter bays in the future.  They are nearly at HT8 (unless they get very unlucky I would guess no more then 2 turns) and so should be capable of producing the fighters inside of 10 turns by which time they should be almost at the point of having a CVL in prototype.  This race is pretty terrifying when you consider neither the Theban's nor the SCN has deployed a BB.[/ooc]

                                                                                      RM BATTLE FLEET

   DARDO class DN   AM   26 XO Racks   130 Hull     TL 7
   130 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:7  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost = 2961/444.2
   HTK 96    S0x14  Aix28  Dzx3  Rcx13  Mgx1
   Notes:   Heavy Bombardment SD

   DARDO U1 class DN   AM   26 XO Racks    130 Hull     TL 7
   130 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:7  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  2969/ 445.4
   HTK 102    S0x15  Aix31  Dzx3  Rcx12  Mgx4
        Notes:  The update to the heavy bombardment SD to account for lessons learned in their first combat test.  A slight reduction in throw weight for a major increase in magazine capacity.

   CAVOUR class BC   AM   16 XO Racks   80 Hull     TL 7
   80 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:7  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost = 1891/283.7
   HTK 63    S0x8  Aix16  Dzx2  Ex5  Wax6  Mgx1
   Notes:   Workhorse BC, while this ships magazine capacity is small the ship will rarely see much battle as the battlewagons will have removed the opposition before their shorter ranged missiles come into play.

   AVIERE class CA   AM   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x16Aix16QH(II)(BbS)(II)(II)(II)Dc(II)DcPgx8M4PgLhQ(II)Pg [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  1222/ 183.3
   HTK 62    S0x16  Aix16  Dcx2  Pgx10
   Notes:   Blockade Cruiser for WPs. Participated in the second follow up attack.

   BOLZANO class CL   AM   9 XO Racks   45 Hull     TL 7
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:4  Bmp +2   Cost = 1311.5/196.7
   HTK 31    S0x3  Aix9  Dzx1  Fx1  Ex2
   Notes:   Survey Ship [ooc]Cost is likely a bit off but I had to redo the automatic design as it failed to automatically include an Xr, and that is a critical system for survey.[/ooc]

        DORIA class CT   AM   3 XO Racks   16 Hull     TL 6
   [1] S0x4Aix4ZH!1(I)?1(I)EQs(I)(I) [8]
   16 RCP  9 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost = 315/47.2
   HTK 18    S0x4  Aix4  Ex1
        Notes:  designed to run down fleeing enemy ships

   LITTORIO class CT   AM   3 XO Racks   16 Hull     TL 6
   [1] S0x4Aix4ZH!1(I)?1(I)EQs(I)(I) [8]
   16 RCP  9 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost = 315/47.2
   HTK 18    S0x4  Aix4  Ex1
        Notes:  a computer error caused the Littorio to have exactly the same specifications as the Doria, the persons responsible were thoroughly punished and a new design for a fast fleet scout was laid down.

   LITTORIO II class CT   AM   3 XO Racks    16 Hull     TL 6
   [1] S0x4Aix4ZH!1(I)?1(I)XrPgQs(I)(I) [8]
   16 RCP  9 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  355/ 53.3
   HTK 19    S0x4  Aix4  Pgx1
        Notes:  a fast fleet scout armed only for last ditch self defense.

                                                                                 CARRIER COMMAND

   CVE CAINO class CVS   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 7
   [2] S0S0Aix4ZH(BbM)Hx6BiHx6BiHx6(II)(I)(II)QWaMg?1QLhQDz(I)(II)(I) [6]
   45 RCP  105 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2   Cost =  836.5/ 125.5
   HTK 46    S0x2  Aix4  Dzx1  Wax1  Mgx1
        Notes:  this ship, when the small craft system for the long range strikers are developed, will be used to escort convoys and the fleet train.  It currently only exists as CAD drawings in a naval study.

   CV (TRAINING) FALCO class CVE   AM   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 7
   [1] S0S0Aix3ZHsBiHx6BiHx6(I)(I)(I)(I)Q?1MgLhQDz(I)(I)(I) [7]
   30 RCP  70 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2   Cost =  566/ 84.9
   HTK 34    S0x2  Aix3  Dzx1  Mgx1
        Notes:  this ship is not intended for combat but solely for training purposes.  The first of the class has just started production.  Planning calls for only a production run of 3 ships.

        FT(MS) AUDACE class FT7   8 XO Racks    80 Hull     TL 6
   [4] S0S0Aix4ZH(BbM)HQHQTfHQHQLhQHQHQTfHQHQH(MS)(IcIcIc)Hx6(IcIc)LhQ(IcIcIc)(IcIc) [4]
   80 RCP  1445 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  663/ 42.2
   HTK 51    S0x2  Aix4  Tfx2
        Notes:  this is a jack-of-all-trades vessel.  It will carry 18 squadrons worth of replacement flight crew, plus their crated fast strikers.  It can, when the bays are added, recharge a squadrons life support, though not arm or rearm them.  Additionally, it can carry maintenance spares and repair parts as its large hold capacity gives it high flexibility.  Plus its machine shop is suited to assembly and repair to support the fleet advance.  Construction on the first of this class has just begun.

                                                                                  FORTRESS COMMAND

   GORIZIA class BS5      36 XO Racks   180 Hull     TL 7
   180 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:7  Bmp +2   Cost = 3151/157.6
   HTK 99    S0x16  Aix34  Dzx4  Fx17  Ex17
        Notes:  Standard WP defense base.

   GORIZIA C class BS5      36 XO Racks    180 Hull     TL 7
   180 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:7  Tem -1   Cost =  3241/ 162.1
   HTK 99    S0x16  Aix34  Dzx4  Ex15  Fx15
        Notes:  command version of the base designed to control buoys and minefields.

                                                                              FLEET TRAIN

   MARCELLO class FT9   13 XO Racks    130 Hull     TL 7
   [5] S0x3Aix6ZHHBiHHBiHTiHBi(SY)Bi(IcIcIcIc-It)(IcIcIcIc-It)DzHsQs(BbL)Dz(IcIcIcIc-It) [3]
   130 RCP  25 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  1477/ 80.8
   HTK 51    S0x3  Aix6  Dzx2  Tix1
        Notes:  The first of this class has just started construction.
   TRIESTE class FT6   AM    60 Hull     TL 7
   [2] SH(IcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIc)(IcIc)(IcIc)(IcIc)(BbS)QsTix3(IcIc) [4]
   60 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  435/ 32.6
   HTK 32    Sx1  Tix3
        Notes:  Tug class vessel deployed with each shipyard.

        MONTECUCCOLI class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 7
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2   Cost =  1134/ 170.1
   HTK 59    S0x4  Aix9  Dzx1  Pgx1  Tfx2  Mgx15
        Notes: designed in response to the lessons learned in the Bari battle this ship carries enough magazines to reload typical RM force, plus maintenance supplies to allow the force to operate away from supply.  It carries the most advanced cargo handling systems to speed up transfer of missiles.  Typical load is 1000 CM, 600 SM and 400 mixed missiles plus 1000 MCr maintenance supplies.

   CARDORNA class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 7
   [3] S0x4Aix8Z(MR)x3H(BbS)QTiHH(MCS)HH(DCS)(II)(II)Pg(II)M1PgXr?1LhQDc(II)(II)(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:2  Bmp +2   Cost =  1077/ 161.6
   HTK 46    S0x4  Aix8  Dcx1  Pgx2  Tix1
        Notes:  a ship designed to control buoys and mine fields.  It carries 36 mine patterns, 40 IDEW-P or F, 60 IDEW-E and up to 1000 MCr in maintenance supplies.

   REGOLO class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 7
   [3] S0x6Aix12ZH(BbS)Q(ML)HHTiHH(MR)x7(II)(II)(II)?1QLhDc(II)(II)(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:1  Bmp +2   Cost =  865/ 129.7
   HTK 51    S0x6  Aix12  Dcx1  Tix1
   Notes:  this vessel will be deployed in a pair with the Cardorna for fleet operations or by itself to support fixed defences.  It carries 84 patterns of mines, 40 DSB-L and 1500 MCr worth of fleet maintenance.


   EUGENIO DI SAVOIA class SS   113 XO Racks    1785 Hull     TL 7
   1785 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:13  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  16556.5/ 211.1
   HTK 661    S0x200  Aix200  Dcx15  Fx10  Rcx50  Mgx10
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on February 10, 2012, 08:22:45 AM
*grin* Spilling the beans are we?

These guys have more BC's active than the thebans have construction included. They have more production than the shanirians and thebans, too. Though with trade the balance is made up. Shanirians and thebans are more spread out, and have allies, but the raw concentrated might is at the moment nasty. And they are not a hivemind or machine race with research hindrance. On the other hand, they do not have the build or income advantages. I guess it's more an ISW 3 scenario with bigger and nastier rigellians in terms of productivity and numbers.

Will be very interresting to see how this plays out. Also, to keep up the suspense, Paul and I agreed on handing them over to another friend of ours who is very good at empire running.

Overall, with Turn 136 now runing, the game stays interresting. Fleet sizes are manageable, empire sizes start to get sprawling.

Hmm.. wasn't there an option to show # of systems known? The shanirians sure have the better organised fleet, especially in terms of supporting ships. The thebans are slightly ahead in technology and reaping the results of aggresive colonisation. Also it seems the thebans are amassing a very dispersed and large yard capacity. Kinda the colonies revolted against the nodal yard/fleet system and asked for a local buildup as the distances put fleets more often than not over a turn away in movement. So more localised fleets comming. Not cheap though. Incomes are low, only 2 systems, home system included, make over 2000 MC a turn. The rest is more in the 700 MC range. And those are allready in the 'important enough to warrant extra protection' category!  :o

The slow growth and build rates sure make strategy very different from normal SF games. IMHO, more like the novels. Much more.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 12, 2012, 06:30:54 AM
Not sure who I would be withholding the beans from.  The RM has now started on development of the strikefighter and its bay so the clock is ticking.  The only good news is that it will be a while before they get the CVL hull and more critically the CV hull in service.  So the fighter won't be an immediate factor, it is a weapon system that requires mass to be more than an anoyance.  They have an ugly economy (in terms of our game) and yes they are pretty much the ISW3 Rigillians without Weber's built in stupidity.  Their DNs give them a huge advantage...since even once we get a BB built, the SD will take a further 22 turns or so to prototype, then refit and so on so 30 turns give or take a few before either the Thebans or the SCN can start building those.  By then the RM will have been laying down CVs.  ((Added in Edit:  no that is too generous they should be just completing their first CV hull prototype more or less..they have the CVS, CVL and CV to go through so 190 HS of prototyping while we have about 180 HS of BB+SD prototyping to do.))

The SCN's view of their support infrastructure is that it is in a shambles and they want more money/yards invested in it.  Steve's new rules make a large difference in the need for things.  The Minerva Tenders will be extremely important, as are things like the Rego Auram class and Caltrop mine layers.  The trouble is there is little immediate return for investment in Fleet Train and Auxillary units.  I'm inclined to blame this on the SDS's desire to reduce book keeping and interest in small empire vrs empire games.  The SCN's Naval Procurement Board always has a fight to get money diverted to fleet train units since the demand of the active fleet soaks up the budget or the yard capacity quickly.  The MS in the support bases are now showing their value as refits are going quickly.  It will still take a good six months more to get it over with but that is due to the refit being "comprehensive."  Everything I have built just about goes into this refit.

I have only one system over 2000 MCr but have one very close (1900 MCr I think) and 2 sitting near to 1000 MCr.  700 MCr is in this game a lot of income, and represents a pretty substantial investment from the empire.  The growth rates being low for non-habitables has really checked income growth.   With the reduced build rates and slower growth the game runs more like the Stars at War official history then did any of our previous starfire games.  I'm not fond of Starfire's compound interest economy since it encourages behavior that is sucidal (unarmed explorers, cancerous expansion, no early military investment etc).  Personal taste I know but I'd be more happy with such things if there was a down side to them, but so far I've yet to see one.

Still waiting on a reply to my email...send a message too we'll work him from both sides.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 12, 2012, 12:48:33 PM


Briefing for Parliamentary SubCOM Naval Affairs

The first high level meetings with the Council of Benthian Lords was convened on their homeworld.  Our observer teams, Naval Attache's from BuShips and others were present.  The main goals were met as we now better understand the "Squids" capabilities.  We also understand why they were crippling their economic growth.  It seems they encountered a probe ship from the Theban's (see INTREP-THEB-2-AN for more details on what we believe the Theban capacities are) and from what we can tell took great exception to them as a race.  We could not get a firm understanding of why they reacted this way exactly.  Their emotions are clearly disturbed even by a picture of a Theban.  Our delegates, however, took the time to acquaint the various Lords there of a few details.  Eventually, the conceded that attacking a race for which had an economy over twice as great as theirs was senseless.  We agreed to pass on a message to the Theban government that they are considered species non-gratia in Benthian Space.

The Benthian economy is actually in good shape, unfortunately the demands of their fleet are taking upwards of 60% of their production purely in maintenance.  This is unsustainable in the long term and our Naval and Economic liaison teams are working with the Benthian Admiralty to produce a politically acceptable force reduction.  Their current fleet is a single Battleship that they just finished making and is currently undergoing refit, 6 battle cruisers with another 3 nearing completion, 6 heavy cruisers and 9 light cruisers.  They have another 26 survey frigates.  Their production facilities (2 large unarmed or defended space stations) and the near planet defences of their homeworld (3 large bases) we have know about from reports of our traders.

After a series of late sessions the final concept is to refit 3 battlecruisers and mothball an unrefit battlecruiser as each one finishes their refit.  A patrol squadron of a heavy cruiser and two light cruisers will be formed as well as a similar group of ships to cover each survey force.  The remaining heavy and light cruisers will be refit, swapped through the forces as necessary and then eventually a light and two heavy cruisers will be mothballed.

To get the Benthians to agree to this our negotiators proposed that the SCN would provide technical details on various ships the Benthians don't have.  These consist of colliers, tenders, tugs, repair ships, control bases, control ships, and mine layers.  As well the SCN has given the Benthians a plan for a large freighter based mobile shipyard class of vessel that the SCN will pay for and the Benthian's will build.  The Confederation agreed to cost+10% for each ship built with an order for one, plus 2 more once the first model is produced.  We will also order 3 of the mobile repair ship class from them at the same rates.  And the Confederation will pay for the production of a second Battleship for their navy.  Our economists assure us that this represents only about 6 months worth of trade with the Benthians and the good will is well worth it.  The Naval liaisons point out that it gets us 6 construction vessels at a slight cost increase but at no cost in terms of yard capacity (which is a net savings of money).  They also point out that it will give us mobile yards more than a year before we would otherwise have them.

Given the Benthian response to alien encounters, almost all of them have been negative according to our cultural team, we should be prepared to intervene to keep the situation from spiraling out of control.  Our people are looking into their history to find out how best to approach such a delicate situation.

Ratification of the above agreement is still required but it is our opinion that it represents a good deal for both the SCN and the Benthian Navy.

Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 13, 2012, 03:23:18 AM
Over the last few months the SCN has seen a wave of refits move through its forces.  Only the Arbalist class has not had a vessel enter into a refit to the latest standard, and that is mainly due to the wait till the ship under construction is completed.  Prime Yard completes its refit on schedule adding a further 2 machine shops to the homeworlds capacity and returning 2 shipyards to active service.  Secondary Yard begins another refit to add a futher shipyard.  The Support Base in Cyrene is nearing the end of its assembly process as the first group of ships in the 3rd Fleet arrive on station.  The development of the mine control system clears the last road block to the refits of the Tripwire and Rego Auram class vessels and allows for the completion of the Survey Support Vessel Type 2 design.  The construction on the prototype Battleship hull continues now reaching the 50% point.

The cost of the refit while not insubstantial is such that a large surplus of funding has been made available to BuCol and this has been spent on clearing up a backlog of colony transfer requests.  With the discovery of the Attica system beyond Move Along, that had 2 habitable and a hostile world in it starter outposts were laid down and have just reported their successful completion of first-in protocols.  In general the profits of shipping lines has soared in the last few months as BuCol has utilized virtually every available hull to move people or equipment around the Confederation.

Survey Force 1 has had to pull back to resupply as their spare maintenance was down to 50% of nominal.  The warp chain they are surveying finally started to branch so it seems they will busy for a while more in that sector of space.  Survey Forces 2 and 3 are conducting routine surveys in the frontier but while the military is down with refits Survey Command is being cautious about probes.

Technological research into improving our basic scientific knowledge has begun with substantial university and research institute funding being provided for innovate grant proposals.

Diplomatically the Benthian Lords and the Confederation signed a partnership agreement which was a welcome sign of peace and stability in the galaxy.  The Confederation has ratified an agreement to pay for some ship construction in the underutilized Benthian yards and if this experiment proves successful may expand the agreement in the future.

[ooc]I ran into and oddity in the (MR) system, it can't be installed on SS hulls.  That makes no sense as it is a storage device...and it is unclear if you are supposed to be able to store mines in holds.  It would certainly be easier if you only needed a (ML) and (MR) plus any number of holds to make FT hulled mine layers.  Ah well means I can refit those Hx9's on prime yard into weapons and defences rather than into (MR)x3.[/ooc]
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Post by: Starslayer_D on February 14, 2012, 06:12:29 AM
I am not so sure about the (MR) myself, they have only been covered in SA. Myself I went for the CHS2 + T + holds way to deploy mines.

And I certainly will have to slow down the Theban fleet expansion. I am defenitely breaching the 60% maintainance myself. Time for a write up.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Paul M on February 14, 2012, 06:29:56 AM
To deploy Mines requires a (ML) which requires a (MR).

The only real question is if you can store mine paterns in a H then transfer them from the H to the (MR).  The rules in SFA are far from clear, as that they can be stored in a safe-just-from-the-factory condition in SS is implied.  But not allowing storage of mines on ships except in a (MR) keeps minefields under control, as you have to have fairly expensive ships to deploy them en mass.  This is pretty clear in the examples given in SFA as well.  None of those had mines stored in H.  That the (MR) is a military system pretty much excludes mine layers from being built on anything but military hulls outside of something like my Minerva tender (but it is useless for anything but slow local minelaying).  The point of the rule change was to prevent CFN mine laying after all, which is all you are doing.  Using the CHS and T speeds up the process but the process could be as easily done at 1 csp per H per tac turn by CFN ships.
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Post by: Starslayer_D on February 14, 2012, 08:31:08 AM
The empire has been subject to some turmoil. While the home system and the old colonies have been quite content with the concept of central reaction forces, the new colony systems felt more and more exposed. Finally this came ahead, and thus the imperial defense strategies and shipyard nodes have come under review.
New construction of ships has been halted except for refits and prototypes, and the odd ship to fill out existant datagroups, untill a new distribution of the fleets units can be assayed.
New yard capacity has been constructed in the last three months to help with fortifying several systems with automatic weapon controll bases and minefields. Small patrol forces will be established to visit exposed systems regularely. Allthough given the military capacity of even small star nations like our allies the Federated Suns, it is douptfull they will be able to dissuade any meaningfull attack.

Also worried is Ramses Anechote of the Office of Civil Services and Colonisation. Colonists take now three months of journey to reach new settlements on acommodable planets, tying down significant amounts of shipping space. A moratorium on further expansions may have to be passed, replacing it with a build up of closer but more hostile locations up to airless rocks.
The nine survey forces are tying up a sizeable amount of maintainance. On the other hand, they represent a well trained force of heavy cruisers wich can be refitted if need arises. Further debate in the buerocracy will have to resolve this.

New yards have been established in the following eleven systems, each group consisting of 2 SS1 Toth with another under construction:
Akil, Alexander, Edfu, Kaka, Merawi, Neferibe (alse 3 mobile MS), Nesperenhat, Nun, Preherwenemef, Ptolemy, Rashidi, Setau
In total 22 SY in the new minor nodes. These will next build tugs and BS1 Nut and minefields for the various warp points while slowly expanding into SS2 Toth.

The following nodal systems have been under development for a longer time:
Amenhotpe    1 SS10 Toth,                  
                   3 BS3 Sethek III, 1 tug
Hamadi         1 SS10 Toth, 3 SS4 Toth,
                   3 BS3 Sethek III, 1 tug, 1 BS1 Nut, 3 CA Candace IV, 4 CL Aten IV, 1 CL Nekhbet IV
Merymose     3 SS6 Toth,                    
                   3 BS3 Sethek III, 5 CL Aten IV, 1 CL Nekhbet IV
Montuemhet  3 SS6 Toth,
                   3 BS3 Sethek III, 3 CA Candace IV, 2 CL Aten IV, 1 CL Nekhbet IV, 1 tug
Neferkhau     3 SS10 Toth,  
                  3 BS3 Sethek III, 1 BS1 Nut, 1 tug, 3 SYM
Thebes         3* SS10 Toth armed, 1 SS10 Toth, 1 SS Khepri II,
                   3* BS3 Sethek III, 1* BS2 L Nephet, 1 Tug
Thebes WP defense forces
                   9 BS4 Khnum, 9 BS3 Sekthet III, 6 BS2 L Nephet III, 5 BS2 R Enead III, 6 BS1 Nut

In total 138 SY in the old nodal systems. The Neferkhau Orbitals will be armed as soon as the funds are avaiable. Amenhotpe due to it's exposed location as well, allthough with only one orbital there is the small matter of dead zones created by the planet.
Maybe we should design an armed version of the SS6 Toth.

Thebes Fleet:
4* Bastet III, 18* Busiris II, 12 CA Candace III, 9 CA Duat, 6 CA Urt-hekhau II, 8 CL Aten IV, 1 CL Nekhbet IV, 5 DD Amon II, 6 DD Mut V, 4 CT Amethaunta III

Merymose Fleet:
3* CA Candace, 2 CL Athen IV, 1 CL Nekhbet IV

Neferkhau Fleet:   
1 Bastet III, 3 Busiris II, 3 CA Candace IV, 6 CA DUa, 3 CL Aten IV, 3 CT Amathaunta

Hamadi Fleet will be created after this survey shows sufficient forces have been constructed in system.

Survey forces:
14 CA Unen-em-Hetep, 10 UA II Tenders, 6 Ptah probe FG,  20 Anukhet II EX

Under construction: 1 BB Osiris (3 months to go), 6 Bastet III, 10 Busiris II, 1 Tug, 11 SS1 Toth

We have sufficient command BC's under construction to fullfill our current needs. The makeup of the patrol forces is not yet finalised, but most likely will be a Nekhbet CL leading 2 Aten CL witha  datagroup of Mut DD attached for each force.
For deployment beyond our borders, a backbone of ammunition and maintainance colliers should be created and assigned to the major nodal forces. Mine layers will be constructed and asigned to each system to faciliate the build up of the warp point defenses.

(Note to self...  building mines but no MCS is a major oops.)
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Post by: Starslayer_D on February 14, 2012, 09:12:37 AM
Technical information on the current theban ToE


   OSIRIS class BB   AM   20 XO Racks    100 Hull     TL 6
   [3] Sx8Aix16ZH(BbS)RcRcQ(III)RcRc(III)RcRcXrD(III)M5DWx3D(III)DLhQWx3!1DMgMg(III) [5]
   100 RCP   Trg:6  Tem -1   Cost =  1912/ 286.8
   HTK 67    Sx8  Aix16  Dx5  Rcx6  Wx6  Mgx2
   Notes:   Prototype, final deployed class will be different.

   BASTET III class BC   AM   16 XO Racks    80 Hull     TL 6
   80 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:5  Tem -1   Cost =  1881/ 282.2
   HTK 64    S0x14  Aix12  Dcx3  Wax8  Mgx1
   Notes:   Command BC. While in it's armament and capability it is a direct descendant of the Nekhbet command CL, current
        evaluation shows that it needs to be deployed in datagroups with similar armed BC's, as grouping it with Candace CA's makes it   
        kinda stick out like a sore thumb. A relevant deployment will be taken under consideration when the naval budget has more

   BUSIRIS II class BC   AM   16 XO Racks    80 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x6Aix10ZH(III)Q(II)(BbS)(III)(II)(III)DcRcx3LRcx3XrMg?1DcM4DcQLh(II)L [6]
   80 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:5  Bmp +2   Cost =  1550/ 232.5
   HTK 52    S0x6  Aix10  Dcx3  Lx2  Rcx6  Mgx1

   CA CANDACE IV class CA   AM   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x8Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)WaWaQ(II)Wa(II)WaDcM5(II)!1WaDc(II)WaWaMgDcLhQ?1(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  1350/ 202.5
   HTK 50    S0x8  Aix10  Dcx3  Wax7  Mgx1
   Notes:   Latest version of the workhorse CA, vastly improved, though expensive

   CA DUA class CA   AM   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x6Aix16ZH(BbS)(II)Q(II)(II)(II)Dc(II)!1?1M3Lxx4(Dec)MgDcLhQ(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1   Cost =  1122/ 168.3
   HTK 51    S0x6  Aix16  Dcx2  Lxx4  Mgx1
   Notes:   Assault + CA

   URT-HEKAU II class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 5
   [3] Sx8Aix20Z(BbS)H(II)Q(II)XrL(II)DL(II)DM3L(II)DQLhL(II) [6]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:4   Cost =  964/ 144.6
   HTK 55    Sx8  Aix20  Dx3  Lx4
   Notes:   Assault ship

   UNEN-EM-HETEP class CA   12 XO Racks    60 Hull     TL 4
   [3] Sx3AAZ(BbL)(IcIc)HWQXcW(IcIc)XcWM2XrWMgQLh(IcIc)DXcD(IcIc) [4]
   60 RCP  40 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  1470/ 220.5
   HTK 31    Sx3  Ax2  Dx2  Wx4  Mgx1
   Notes:   Survey CA

   CL ATEN IV class CL   AM   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 6
   [2] S0x6Sx5Aix8ZH(BbS)(II)QsWa(I)Wa(II)DcM2WaXr(I)Wa(II)WaMgQsDc(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  943.5/ 141.5
   HTK 38    S0x6  Aix8  Dcx2  Wax5  Mgx1
   Notes:   Workhorse CL.

   CL NEKHBET IV class CL   AM   9 XO Racks    45 Hull     TL 5
   [2] Sx4Ax4ZHW(II)Qs(I)W(II)W(I)M2WDXr(II)(CIC)MgDQs(BbS)(I) [6]
   45 RCP  5 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  758.5/ 113.8
   HTK 36    Sx4  Aix8  Dx2  Wx4  Mgx1
   Notes:   Command CA

   DD MUT V class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 6
   [3] S0x4Aix5AAZHs(I)Qs(I)(I)WaXr(I)Wa(I)M2Wa(I)DcMgQs(I) [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  608/ 91.2
   HTK 27    S0x4  Aix5  Dcx1  Wax3  Mgx1

   DD AMON III class DD   6 XO Racks    30 Hull     TL 5
   [3] SAix5AAZHs(I)(I)Qs(I)DL(I)LM2(I)(I)DQs(I)L [7]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:3   Cost =  468/ 70.2
   HTK 23    Sx1  Aix5  Dx2  Lx3
   Notes:   Assault destroyer

   SURVEY TENDER UA II class DD   (AC)    30 Hull     TL 3
   [3] SA(BbM)(Ic)HQsH(Ic)XiXrR(BbM)H(Ic)HRMg(Ic)Qs [4]
   30 RCP  20 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  396/ 59.4
   HTK 18    Sx1  Rx2  Mgx1

   PTAH class FG   (AC)   4 XO Racks    22 Hull     TL 4
   [2] SAZH(Ic)XcXr(Ic)DQs(Ic)L [4]
   22 RCP  3 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  513.6/ 77
   HTK 12    Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1
   Notes:   Survey Ship, for probing systems

   CT AMATHAUNTA III class CT   3 XO Racks    16 Hull     TL 5
   [2] SAiHs(I)W(I)W(I)MgQsD(I) [8]
   16 RCP  9 MCP   Trg:1   Cost =  188/ 28.2
   HTK 12    Sx1  Aix1  Dx1  Wx2  Mgx1
   Notes:   This replaces the older Amathaunta class wich fielded 3 missile launchers but no point defense as fast, light skirmisher.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on February 14, 2012, 09:13:57 AM

   BS4 KHNUM class BS4   24 XO Racks    120 Hull     TL 5
   [1] Sx15Ax15ZH(BbS)QQWx4DWx4DWx4DM4Wx4DWx4MgMgLhQD(DCS)XrC
   120 RCP  30 MCP   Trg:5   Cost =  1553/ 77.7
   HTK 68    Sx15  Ax15  Dx5  Wx20  Mgx2

   BS3 SETEKH III class BS3   17 XO Racks    85 Hull     TL 5
   [1] Sx11Aix40Ax21ZH(BbS)QLx4M2LLM2?0Lx4TQLhL
   85 RCP  15 MCP   Trg:5  Bmp +1   Cost =  1086/ 54.3
   HTK 72    Sx11  Aix40  Lx11  Tx1

   BS2 L NEPHET III class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 5
   [1] SSAx13ZHTQsLx3M2(BbS)QsLx4
   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  643/ 32.2
   HTK 42    Sx2  Aix26  Lx7  Tx1
   Notes:   Close in defense base

   BS2 R ENNEAD III class BS2   10 XO Racks    50 Hull     TL 5
   [1] Sx11Ax5ZH(BbS)Wx4M2WWDQLhDWWMg
   50 RCP   Trg:3   Cost =  610/ 30.5
   HTK 38    Sx11  Aix10  Dx2  Wx8  Mgx1
   Notes:   Ranged defense base

   BS1 NUT class BS1   5 XO Racks    25 Hull     TL 3
   [1] Sx3Ax6HDDXr(DCS)Qs
   25 RCP   Trg:1   Cost =  330/ 16.5
   HTK 15    Sx3  Ax6  Dx2
   Notes:   DCS Base
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Post by: Paul M on February 15, 2012, 03:05:30 AM
Over the last few months the Confederation has been busy refiting ships and moving colonists.  All slips both mobile and fixed have been completely occupied, the shipbuilding firms are estatic with the influx of government contracts.  Shipping firms have been reporting major share payouts as BuCol subsidies have been significantly easier to get of late.  The contracts with the Benthian's was signed and the first of the Pioneer Class has started construction in Sea, along with a 4th Foward Repair Ship.  Two FRS's will be completed in the time it will take to build the first Pioneer.  There has been discussions between the SCN and the Benthian Admiralte over a join development project on an assault Battleship class.  [ooc]One problem is that SFA doesn't have the refit of partner built ship in it...that is x4 speed rather than the regular x2.  I'll have to see if it will just accept a higher speed by rate settings.  Ah better solution just occured to me I can edit the task and give the ship 50% of its hull completed at the start which has the same effect...problem solved.  It is critical that it be done for all the ships though as the Shanirian engine rooms are actually telekinetic amplifiers.[/ooc]  The first of a new generation of vessels specifical intended to deploy buoys and ASDW patterns are just completing construction or are nearing completion.  The current plan calls for the formation of groups based around the Rego Auram class controller vessels.  A caltrop and 2 Boomer class ships will operate with the Rego Auram controller vessel.  Packmule transports can be used to provide buoy lift.  The SCN has secured funding to construct 3 such groups.

Financial Report (numbers approximate as final accounting figures from the Intersystem Revenue and Tax Agency are still being processed)
Production:  22 billion credits
Trade:  8 billion credits
SCN Fleet Maintenance Budget: 12 billion credits


                                                      FLEET TRAIN

REGO AURAM MOD 1 class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0S0AiAiH(BbM)(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)XrLhQ(MCS)(DCS)D(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  490/ 73.5
HTK 16   S0x2  Aix2  Dx1  
Notes:  A refit to the older buoy control ship adding in the capacity to control ASDW patterns.  Unfortuantely this reduces the space available for defenses.  A part of the design comprimise that the SCN accepted in standardising the support ships on the Destroyer hull was that they are individually very fragile.  This is most true for the control ships and associated layers/transporters.

CALTROP class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0S0Ai(BbM)TfQs(ML)(MR)x4(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)HsQs(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  311/ 46.7
HTK 17   S0x2  Aix1  Tfx1  
Notes:  The SCN's military ASDW deployment platform.  It can carry 48 patterns of ASDW, the pair of boomers it operates with will carry a further 120 patterns.  Depending on the danger level the boomer can transfer ASDW patterns to the Caltrop during laying or else the Caltrop can move back and forth.

MINERVA class FT4       3 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[3] (IcIcIc)HTHPbH(ML)(MR)(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)HQs(BbS)(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  45 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  236/ 17.7
HTK 17   Tx1  
Notes:  Soon to be a common sight in any system with fortifications.  The Minerva is a general purpose tender vessel.  It can carry 12 ASDW patterns, plus 60 buoys and deploy both systems simultaneously.  It mounts sufficient tug engine rooms to allow it to tow a Tripwire or Sling class base at full speed.

PIONEER class FT8        9 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
[4] S0S0AiZHx3(SY)(III)(III)(III)HsQs(BbM)(III) [4]
100 RCP  55 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  1037/ 47.8
HTK 32   S0x2  Aix1  
Notes:  The Pioneer is the first vessel that can mount a full capability yard in a mobile platform.  It's strategic speed is low but the designers felt that giving it commercial engines seemed pointless as the military grade engines can be stressed to provide higher overall tactical plus strategic movement at same speed as an equivelent mass of comerical engines.  The ship mounts a datalink to allow it to be tied into frontier base datanets.  The SCN has contracted with the Benthian Lords to build 3 of these ships for them.  The ship carries one XO rack less than it could since the racks are normally filled with 3 EDMs and BuShips felt the extra XO rack would fulfill no real function.  The Pioneer was the class name of the first mobile shipyards the SCN possessed.

                                                    SURVEY COMMAND

SURVEY SUPPORT VESSEL TYPE 2 class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x4Aix4(ML)(MR)x5(IcIc)H(BbM)Tf(Ic)(MCS)(IcIc)XrLhQ(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  589.5/ 88.4
HTK 27   S0x4  Aix4  Tfx1
Notes:  The second survey support vessel class adds the capacity to transport, lay and control up to 60 ASDW patterns to the survey groups defensive capabilities.   The ships is equiped with full military grade sensors to enable it to transmit via laser comm targeting data to the SSV 1's buoy control system.    

                                                    FORTRESS COMMAND

TRIPWIRE MOD 2 class BS1       5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x6Aix5Hs(MCS)(DCS)DXrDQs(BbS) [-]
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  472/ 23.6
HTK 19   S0x6  Aix5  Dx2
Notes:  A basic upgrade to the Tripwire class that adds in a control system for ASDW patterns.  The space had to come out of that allocated to passive defenses so the base is more fragile than the Mod 1 varient but it was clearly more economic to shoehorn the control system into the Tripwire than to develop and deploy an additional base class.
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
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The Confederation's Parliament passed a resolution dealing with the Bronze Age race found in Rubicon's companion system.  The star system is interdicted and travel to it of the planet with the race without express permission of the Parliament is prohibited.  This removes the temptation to meddle in the development of a race, something that had disastrous results when it was tried with the Barsomians.

The SCN's technical and engineering branches are getting significant praise as the refit wave is nearly complete, and a great many of the smaller support bases report that they are ready to begin new construction.  The dispersed support bases and their machine shops significantly sped up the process.  As it stands currently only the 6 Lancea Mod 3's of TF10 and a large number of Sling Mod 1's of the Shanir Warp Point defences are un-refit or not undergoing refit.  Looking at the remaining builds the Naval Procurement board has decided that Support bases with available construction capacity can prefabricate Sling Mod 3 bases and then ship them to a few central locations.  Onager Mod 4 bases are expensive and 6 more are required to complete the partial arrays so far constructed in Pisea, Virconium and Byzantium so the construction starts on them need to be spread out.  The refit of the Bastion class base is nearing completion and the new prototype Battleship hull has passed the two-thirds point.  The current plan is to start a second prototype Battleship when the first is completed and starts its refit.  This will give two functional Battleships a few months earlier then waiting for the first to complete its refit.

The SCN's newest frontier forces have arrived on station.  TG21.1 in Nova Vox begins routine patrols of a region of space that until now has had no naval presence.  A single Gladius Mod 4 is dispatched to rendezvous with the task group.  TG30.1 is also to receive a new light cruiser to strengthen the fleet presence there.  Two Drusus recon corvettes are completed in the yards this month and together with 3 Lancea destroyers will form TG31.1 and will patrol the warp chain behind SF1.

Construction is still focused in Shanir on clearing out the last heavy ships for refit but the Fleet Train is getting some welcome reinforcements.  Boomer, Caltrop, Corvus, Rego Auram, and Castorum support vessels are all to be built in 3 yards dedicated to filling out the support vessel ranks of the SCN.  One yard is building serial freighters which are leased to civilian firms.  A sequential start of battle cruisers (all to be built to mothballs) and heavy and light cruisers will begin as yard capacity is freed up.  Expansion of the Secondary Yard is as always continuously ongoing, with an expected 3 more interim refits necessary to get all the yards in place and then a finalization refit which will produce the Upgrade 1 version of the Secondary Yard.  The first of the more advanced support bases is nearing 50% prefabrication and Dust Bin Fleet base has started assembly in orbit with an expected completion time of 2 months.

The Survey Forces are under orders to limit their rate of advancing the frontier as the Parliament did not want to risk a war while the SCN was dealing with the chaos of a major refit.  Based on the current situation the moratorium on probes will be lifted in a few months but the survey forces are busy filling in the charts with systems that were bypassed in the original survey plan.  So far a large number of warp points has been found so all three survey forces will soon be busy.  The first of the Survey Support Vessel 2 class of ships is nearing completion and 2 more are authorized for construction.  It is likely the survey forces will be pulled back to the nearest support base to restock their holds with the latest buoys.  At least some IDEW-L types are going to be added to the mix carried by the SSV1's.  They do less damage then the DSB-L but can fire more than once, which may be critical if a survey force has to defend itself.

The tug of war between BuCol and the Naval Procurement Board continues unabated and is likely to return to its more normal level of political infighting.  The trouble for BuCol is that transit times to the new colony sites are now up to 3 months.  This makes large scale population transfers expensive and time consuming.  BuCol is currently focusing on finishing off a number of secondary sites before turning its attentions to the new colonies sites available at the border.  The Confederation government is currently spending over a billion credits per month on incentives for new industries, due to environmental laws this is largely confined to worlds not so ideal for Shanirian settlement.  At the moment 5 habitable worlds in 3 systems (Attica, Nova Vox, and Paxis) and the Herecles and Move Along Systems are on the primary colonization list.  Attica has 3 worlds to colonize so the effort is somewhat diluted there but the return is considerable.

To further enhance security DSB-Xr buoys have been moved to systems to be emplaced near warp points (at 7.5 LS) where they can track ships entering and exiting the warp point of the system.  Plus plans are being laid to build a chain of Communication stations linking Tarentum, Aggripina and Treveri.  Inside of 9 months a certain amount of the frontier nature of the frontier is likely to vanish as Fleet Support Bases and SCN naval patrol groups are established.

Basic research is continuing but no one anticipates a breakthrough any time soon.

The news from our partners the Drakes has been encouraging as well.  They stunned their trade partners a few months back when they dipped deep into their reserves and in two months duplicated their existing space station construction yard.  The economists were shocked as the cost of that one project was more than the monthly revenue flow of the Confederation.  But the High Council felt the increase in yard capacity was worth it.  The estimates that it would be nearly two years till the Drake effort to secure their home system had to be revised radically downward as they then used their new yards to build 15 bases and cut the time to a mere 11 months, with the bulk complete in 6.  They plan to have 9 bases at each secondary warp point and 18 at the main trade warp point plus a total of 3 tugs to move them around at need.  They have also started building 2 prefabricated bases every two months for deployment away from the homesystem.  They are adding a further 2 Joint Expeditionary Forces to their navy plus construction of their new cruiser and destroyer classes is proceeding.  They also intend to add a further 3 machine shop ships to their current total of 6.  Their exploration efforts have slowed as they wait for their military builds to complete so they can strengthen their frontier regions.  Their economy has been growing substantially but due to their environmental needs they have found few habitable worlds, though the chain beyond Londonium has so far yielded 3 such worlds.

Our newest partners the Benthian Lords are still suffering economically but the Alien Affairs office has been involved in extensive talks with the Council of Lords and so far they have not run into any problems.  The Confederation has honored our contract with regards to ship building and has just funded the second Fosh B class battleship.  They sent all their active Battlecruisers and a total of 2 heavy and 2 light cruisers into the yards.  This will give them a group of ships to use to trade around currently active ship groups to enable a staggered refit while giving them protection.  They have a large number of exploitable systems and once the burden of a massive maintenance bill can be removed they should be able to recover ground economically.  At the moment their maintenance budget is 67% of their income and they are just scraping by.  They are the most technologically advanced of the three races in the partnership but are the worst off economically.

Here is a map of known space:

( (

Uploaded with (
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Moth 141 of stellar expansion.

The Theban empire unveiled the first in a new ship class, the Osiris Battleship. This immense hull takes an unprecedented time to construct, and a very expensive investment. Thus finding a role for the ship wich does not expose them to unecessary risks has been a challenge and BuShip so far decided to make them well rounded combatants able to fight at every range.

Refit of the Osiris begann immediatedly after completion to modernise equipment wich became obsolete over the long prototype construction time.

BB OSIRIS II class BB   AM  20 XO Racks  100 Hull  TL 6
100 RCP     Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1      Cost =  2211/ 331.7
HTK 69 S0x13  Aix13  Dcx4  Rcx6  Wax6  Mgx2
140x SM, 120x CM, 4x EDM (Mg)

Another, similar sized class specialised for warp point assaults has been considered but rejected so far due to the long build times and expenses. especially given that just recently the Urt-Hekau and Dua class heavy cruisers ahve been develloped and constructed for such a purpose.
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Cardinal Garibaldio, head of the Sanctified Searchers for Unrevealed Truth, stared at the cringing project manager Sergio Laurenti.  "You parasite infested egg stealer!  By the Great Egg that brought forth the Prophet explain to me why though we have the fast strike craft." he pauses looking down at his monitor and then up, "We have the weapons for the fast strike craft." another pause, "We have our training vessels to train pilots for the fast strike craft in theory..." He suddenly thrust his head forward his fist smashing down on the table.  "IN THEORY BECAUSE WE LACK THE LAUNCH FACILITIES!"   He stared at the now shaking project manager.  "Why is that?"  The temperature in the climate controlled office seemed to descend at those last three hissed words.

"Your..your...emin..." Laurenti was swallowing convulsively his hands shaking.

"You will be silent!  I did not bring you here to listen to your excuses."   Laurenti's jaw snapped shut and he shrunk into himself.

"You have 2 months to deliever to the navy a working launch system for the fast strikers.  If they are not delivered by that time.  You will be executed as a traitor to the faith, your family will be sent to reeducation.  The next most senior people will be demoted and sent with their families to mine radioactives in an asteroid belt. The others will be sent to Bari to work on the restoration of the aliens industrial facilities."

Laurenti turned an even paler shade of green then he had been before, his mouth opened and then closed as he recalled the order to be silent.

"You are still here?"  Laurenti drew himself upwards baring his throat in salute before sweeping a shuddering bow to the seated cleric then turned and staggered for the door.

"Oh yes, one more thing.  There are a pair of Temple Police Officers outside, they will take you on a tour of the reeducation facilities and of course the Ministry of Devotion and Penance's working chambers."  The Cardinal took intense satisfaction as the project manager nearly stumbled at the door.   As it slid shut he could see the two hulking members of the Militant Arm of the Church seize the bureaucrat by his arms.  

"Send in my next appointment."
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Lord Privy First Oracle Merha-Aptut looked up from the briefing papers layed out before him and gazed at the priests of Toth assembled around the table.
"Remind me... we just finished developing the osiris type hulls two months ago and layed down two aditional hulls for this new, revolutionary class. At a cost of allmost six billion credits for the prototype and another 4 billion for the other two ships? And now you want me to sign off on a new prototype hull wich will render it obsolete? For 9.3 billion credits?"

*The next budgetary council sure will be lively.* he thought by himself, wondering about progress, wich had him have very similar meetings in the past, when the battlecruisers, the heavy cruisers and the light cruisers were brought into service.

(The long prototype build times sure make it an allmost given that the prototype finishes about when the next TL is due as well. BTW, Sergio laurenti seems to have aquired a very focused team. Unless they roll negative, they can't miss the deadline.. Still, developping everything in record time (F0 in 3 turns) and then.. hangar bays.. launch catapults.. "Look into trebuchets, assistant!")
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The darkness of interstellar space is broken as a drive field flares; a Bolanzo class survey cruiser exits a fold in space time.  Moments later another ship appears behind it, then a third.  All three ships are performing a tight turn their crews and sensitive electronic systems dealing the sudden shock of being hurled unimaginable distances in an infinitesimally small amount of time.  They vanished one after another then five minutes later returned but their number was doubled and they spread out in a search pattern, long baseline arrays deploying from their hulls as they moved away from the warp point.

The bridge was quiet, the central holoprojector showing the on-line data analysis of the local gravitational field.  Dino Russo, the ships commanding officer was sorting out the last week's consumption report at his worktable.  
"SIR!  Contact, unknown drive field.  Bearing 320° absolute, range 72 light minutes."  The sensor watch stander sang out.  
"Put it on the tank."  Russo said, hitting save before moving to where the main view was now displaying a blinking blue threat marker.  
"Velocity consistent with an armed auxiliary or a ship with commercial engines." the weaponeer added.
"Message sir.  Confirms our contact." After listening to the messages from the other survey ships, "No other contacts seen by any other ship."  the signals officer reports.
Russo is studying the track and he shakes his head, "Project course..." the line intersects the warp point too precisely for it to be random chance.
"Picket force?" the weaponeer volunteers.
"No reaction?" Russo queries his sensor operator still looking at the plot.  If they could see the contact it could see them, drive fields were wonderful things but they were anything but subtle.
"Nothing, course and speed remain constant."  Of course so had theirs.
"Communications, order the ships to tighten formation to support range.  Survey operations are to stop."  "Retract the arrays." "Helm, course change 90° maximum combat velocity in 10 seconds."  Russo slipped his primary commlink over his head and settled it comfortably.  The survey cruiser swung away from the contacts and its speed doubled.
"No response, course and speed unchanged."  the sensor operator confirmed verbally what the plot showed 90 seconds later.

Russo had to restrain his urge to salivate, the prey was blind, and the likely small warships would hardly even be considered a challenge unless they were significant in number but he had a greater mission objective.
"Communications, launch a drone with our data and the message I just uploaded."
"Drone launched.  Confirm drone telemetry.  Confirm booster separation.  Confirm Drive Ignition.  Confirm drone is maneuvering."  The drone sprinted for the warp point.
"Communications order the squadron to return to Ascali.  Helm take us to the warp point at cruise and hold position 1.5 light seconds from the warp point with our drive field at minimum."

Russo clenched his fists to keep from tapping his impatience as the oncoming infidel ships neared the 15 light second mark.  There were 5 unknown contacts, drive field strength and speed consistant with armed auxiliaries.  They had different drive field patterns then the infidels that had been cleansed from Bari and Ascali but in a few seconds he would know if they had long range sensors.

"Range 14 light seconds, velocity unchanged."  the sensor operators voice was triumphant.
He waited till they were 11 light seconds out and ordered his ship drive field brought up and when the enemy did not react ordered a return through the warp point, the enemy apparently unaware of his survey forces existence.

=== Bari Fleet Flagship, Bishop Orso's Quarters ===

The gold robes of an ordained member of the Faiths ministry of Devotion and Penance with their rich embroidery were lit by the flickering light of faux torches mounted on the walls.  The same light bounced off the glittering steel edges of the double bearded axes held by the two white clad members of the Church Militant who framed him.  He turned to face the 4 naval officers.  "It seems we can not avoid this trial of faith, the teachings of the Prophet are clear on how a house divided against itself or in the face of adversity will fall.  So we must..." Orso's face twisted, "...negotiate with these unbelievers rather than smash their pathetic force."
All four naval officers relaxed, they would not be responsible for starting a second war with an alien race of, as yet, unknown capabilities.  "Very well your grace."  Greco's voice was more suited to shouting orders in the middle of a chaotic fight but anyone with sense kept on the good side of the ministry of Devotion and Penance.  "These are the commanding officers of the two scout corvettes we will use to make contact with the aliens."
The Bishop smiled at the youngest of the four officers and picked up a security reader and signed the page there.  "I have reviewed your files Captain Mancini, and yours as well Captain Romano.  I see nothing amiss but there is something that you must adhere to."  He pressed a button and the door opened to allow the entry of a Priest in a gold and white stripped tunic.  "This is Father Demetrio, he will be in-charge of all negotiations and communications with the Aliens.  Is that understood captains?"  He eyed the two naval officers as they assured him that it was.

"Excellent.  In the likely event that the Aliens inquire about the infidels that we purged from the universe...the Will of the Holy One is that we tell them that the aliens have been removed to deeper into our space as a gesture of good will to make up for the grievous error that occurred when we attempted to capture their planet."

"Grievous error?"  Greco's asked staring at the Bishop in surprise.

"Yes, we had planned to use a low level demonstration bombardment to force them to surrender.  Unfortunately due to a computer error instead of a single missile every 30 seconds for 5 min, our ships launched their entire broadsides.  Our stunned crews were unable to stop the program before catastrophic casualties had been inflicted.  So we have moved great expense to a suitable colony world on the other side of our space so they would be removed from the horror we had inflicted.  It is our great sorrow this trajedy occurred, and it will, of course, not be repeated."

"You think they will believe this?"  Greco exchanged a look with his flag captain then stared shocked at the Bishop.

"Unlikely they will believe it completely, but on the other hand, there isn't anyone to disput it now is there?"  The Bishop looked radiant at the thought of so many unbelievers destroyed by neutron radiation.  "We can assure them we have no plans to bombard planets as the Holy One has been swayed by the Ministry of the Revelation that the unbelievers are to be occupied and their spawn removed to be raised in the faith, thus adding to our strength."  The bishops tone left little to doubt that he much preferred the idea of neutron warheads employed in saturation bombardment but that these small sacrifices had to be made from time to time and he was sophisticated enough to withstand even such a trial.  "The point is to confuse the issue sufficiently to buy us time to determine if the last warp point leads to a further infestation of those Egg smashing degenerates or not."

"And if it does?"  Greco asked, "We will occupy them?"  All four naval officers recalled the suicidal runs of the enemies unarmed ships in the last battle before the colony in Ascali was cleansed, and none would wish to be awarded the task of garrisoning one of their worlds.

Bishop Orso looked affronted.  "They will be cleansed.  The Holy One spoke of the next race...they are to be converted."

"Ahh...thank you for clarifying that your Grace."  Greco looked at his officers and back to the Bishop, "Let us then have the captains discuss the details with Father Demetrio in briefing room 3.  We should discuss the next step in the campaign."  The two corvette captains, braced themselves to attention baring their throats then bowed deeply to the Bishop before exiting the room followed by the Priest.

"Now that we have been reinforced...."  Greco begins after the three juniors had left.


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Lord Privy First Oracle Merha-Aptut once again felt like asking the gods why they had settled him with such design teams. After a long discussion, the Anouke prototype has been laid down. Now this.. he skanned over the buzzwords wich generously sprinkled the design proposal... inexpensive.. quick to build. .. fearsome.. high yard throughroughput .. newest weapons.. able to cover the vast frontiers.. best way to cover all the known contact points..
He reached for his communicator. "Round me up the yahoos in the design team for the Gnat. They are hereby promoted to active service in the fleet. Khomnuptet, the design team head, is hereby promoted to lay magician and put in command of their contraption. They want that thing so badly, they get to fly it too.".

"Hopefully this will make the next team a bit more concerned about the warriors who'll actually have to fly such flimsies." He mused and turned his attention to the neverending flow of updates concerning his office.

SD ANOUKE class SD     AM    26 XO Racks    130 Hull    TL 6
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2719/ 407.9
HTK 87   S0x18  Aix18  Dcx5  Lxx4  Rcx8  Mgx2  

EX GNAT class EX     AM        7 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0AiAiHs(I)Qs(I)Pg [8]
7 RCP  18 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  102/ 15.3
HTK 8   S0x1  Aix2  Pgx1  
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Shanir, Admiralty House Briefing Room 1, 0900

Decturion Jodi LaForge glanced down at the screen on the podium and then let out a near silent breath her shields damping down her nervousness.  Her wrench in a star cuff flash caught the light in the auditorium glinting against her deep blue full dress uniform as she tapped the screen and the first slide appeared on the screen behind her.  "Welcome to this briefing: Admiral Alexander."  She nodded to the SCN's senior officer who sat in the centre of the first row her aides on either side of her.  "Ladies and Gentlemen of the Naval Procurement Board, and Naval Oversight Committee plus our guests from the Colonization Bureau."  She nodded to them as she gave time for the emotional surge caused by so much focused attention to bleed through the room.  "Colleges."  she pauses, "BuShips and the Naval Engineering Branch of the Ess-Cee-Enn are pleased to be given the privilege of announcing the formal change of status of Task Group 20 point 1 to Task Force 20, Second Fleet.  The confirmation of the ceremony has been received at Admiralty House 4 hours ago."  Fierce satisfaction radiated from nearly every officer present in the room.

She taps the screen and the wall behind her changes to a system map, several systems highlighted.  "Our plans to establish a network of fleet support bases is nearing completion.  Tarentum, Byzantium, Virconium, Treveri, and Nova Vox have support bases in operation or in assembly, the last base for Aggrippina is nearly half complete in terms of prefabrication."  She pauses and looks at the civilians, "Our plans to upgrade Shanir's shipyards are also nearing completion of the stage I objectives listed in Report BS-07-143.  The secondary yard is now 2 months away from adding in its last shipyard.  After that remains the task of updating it and the Prime Yard with enhanced defensive and offensive systems.  Yard Tercius will enter construction when the Secondary yard finishes adding in the last yard."  Her voice is calm but she has to shield harder as the sudden spike of concern from the mid level functionaries of both civilian groups hits the room.  "We have just completed the prototype of the Battleship hull, and this month we started a second prototype vessel.  This was done to give us a second operational ship slightly sooner then would be possible if we refit and then started series construction."  Another tap of the screen and it splits showing a CAD model of the new ship type, "This is the Legionair class..." Specifications scrolled down the screen while in the other a time line shows up.  "We will be installing the particle beam bays and modifying some internal layouts.  It will enter service in seven months, eight months after that the second ship of the class will finish refit and in a further 10 months, or seventeen months from now a third vessel will end construction and enter the reserve."  She taps the screen and more arrows appeared under the time scale.  "The month Secondary Yard's last slip goes on line, we will start construction of Tercius Yard, the month after that Husplot Fleet Support base will be finished Prefabrication."  The worry from the civilians in BuCol was leaking badly, though their senior members shielded their feelings.  "This will unfortunately cause spikes in the Naval Requisition as the Fleet Support Bases cost over five billion credits and we will be starting two in rapid succession."

She taps the screen and a series of Slip Numbers appear each followed by names and dates.  "We in the Navy are also pleased to announce that the refit has entered its last stage.  Outside of the ships of the reserve, all Naval vessels have been refit to the latest approved standards or are undergoing refit."  There is applause from the Naval officers present.  "The refit went relatively smoothly and BuShips and the Engineering Branch are hopefully that in the future major refits will go even quicker."  She gestures at the wall behind her.  "BuShips construction plans are shown there."  A tap outlines two yards.  "We have two slips in full production of freighters that are then leased to civilian concerns...the subsidized merchant program.  Our current cost projections indicates that over the 3 months between a new start and the other slip completing its Type 3 freighter the income from the leases more than pays for the construction cost."  A wave of near silent tapping from the accountants as they confirm her figures.  "We haven't reached our goal of increasing our lift by 10% over what is available from civilian firms but we are approaching that, and so long as we can maintain the two slips in full production we forsee no difficulties with this project."

Another tap on her screen and a further box appears around 3 slips.  "These three slips are allocated to the Fleet Train upgrade."  Her voice acquires a significantly sharper edge, as this was the Naval Engineering branches main presence in the fleet.  "Currently one slip is finishing the second Corvus class assault transport to be built into mothballs, it will then produce a Signifer followed by a Survey Support Vessel Type 1, all ships built into mothballs."  Built into mothballs was the best way the SCN had found around budgetary concerns.  "The remaining two yards are building Boomer class ASDW transport vessels and when they are finished will build a further two colliers."  She pauses and the planing expands.  "The current plan for after that is to build to mothballs a complete ASDW deployment group:  Rego Auram, Caltrop and two Boomers.  Then three more colliers and a tug."  Given the costs of most auxiliaries getting budgetary approval for this had not been difficult, getting approval by the SCN admiralty for 3 yards devoted to the Fleet train had been a tougher proposition.

She tapped the screen and larger group of slips is surrounded by a box.  "The main warship production lines are now fully active.  A single vessel of each of the Hasta, Arbelist, Hastastii, Spatha, and Gladius classes and three of the Lancea class are under production."  She pauses and surveys the audience.  "We had hoped to be able to slow down Lancea production but all projections..." She taps the screen and the view changes to TOE charts of each fleet.  "First Fleet needs Task Groups 12.2 and 12.3, that is 6 Lancea.  Second Fleet also needs two more task Groups so that is another 6 Lancea.  And third fleet needs a great many of them."  She smiles briefly, third fleet was mostly an administrative shell and was in total an understrength Task Force, both 1st and 2nd Fleets while not at full strength were considerably closer to authorised.  "Unfortunately, due to the revised Fleet structure we will need to build Gladius class ships serially for the foreseeable future.  The Spatha class needs a further 5 more active ships and 4 more build to mothballs."  There was considerable stirring by the civilian members of the audience and emotions churned behind tightly held barriers.  "We are building the 5th of 12 authorised Hastastii class vessels.  All vessels of this class are built directly to mothballs."  "The Arbelist class is on three of the twelve authorised, also direct to mothballs."  Her finger moves up the list highlighting the last class.  "The Hasta class has 3 active ships and we are building the fourth and all future ships into mothballs."  Her finger traces a circle around the lot.  "That is a total of 8 slips, with two more used occasionally for Drusus class recon ships."

"Battleship construction is planned for 3 slips serially."  She shrugs, "This will use up a good fraction of our soon to be available 28 slips, which will make Yard Tercius welcome even though it is likely to 10 months before we see a yard available from it for other construction."  "The yards in the support bases are tied up in fortification efforts but believe that Byzantium's yards can assist in Gladius production as they have a sizable fraction of their required fortifications complete.  The same is true of Virconium's yards."  She taps a screen and a new production list appears.  "Our agreement with the Benthians is producing results.  Next month the second Forward Repair Ship and the first Pioneer class mobile yardship will be finished.  We then have to pay them for the next two ships, but this is producing 6 support vessels that are not tieing up our yards."

"Unfortunately," she spreads her hands, "Our discussions with their Admiralte over a joint assault battleship design is not going anywhere as they want to use their plasma gun and the SCN still feels the heavy sprint missile is a viable weapon system.  Based on this it is likely that the two classes will go into production.  We did secure an option for them to build us ships, as they have more yard capacity then they can realistically use."  The Benthian's total economy was less than half the Confederations and they had 5 more yards then Shanir did.  "The Drakes,"  calling their other partners 'drakes' was a lot more acceptable then calling the newest partners 'squids' or 'tentacle heads', "Are about to start their own battleships prototype and they are still in full scale production of cruisers and bases."  Jodi wondered what their refit plans would cost as they would need a major update to all their bases soon.  "A further briefing later this week will cover the status of the Partners Navy."

She touches the screen advancing the slide.  "We have been in discussion with Survey Command.  As it becomes possible to do so we will produce a 4th survey force into mothballs plus use our supply of surplus stock to build 6 additional Searcher class survey ships also into mothballs."  Jodi didn't think they would stay in there long as the Confederation's Survey Command ships were too few and the number of open, unexplored warp points growing...Tarentum itself could suck down a full two groups with two systems that connected to it even now unexplored.  There is considerable whispering for the civilian members of the audience as survey forces are not inexpensive.  "Over all our budget request numbers are as follows..."  Jodi triggers the second last slide with the SCN's estimates of the costs of the next three months production.

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Nuts and Bolts Bar, Prime Yards Rec Area,  Shanir Orbit  (21:35-day 10, month 152 SDW)

Jodi Laforge grins as she dumps a beer over Centurion Scott Montgomery's head.  "Let me be the first to salute our first Centurion!"  Engineering Branch was having a party to celebrate Scott Montgomery recent promotion.  
Scott sputtered as he laughed while the beer soaked into his undress blues.  "Damn it...I hear you are up to command one of the support groups...just you wait!"  He wiped the beer away from his face and thanked a junior who handed him some napkins to make clean off his face.  Getting "christened" was an Engineering branch tradition.  
"I look forward to it.  Still it is quite the coupe given how long it has been since anyone not in command of a ship has been promoted.  I hear even Fortress command has something to celebrate."  The emotional overtones of pride and happiness sang around the group in the bar as they all considered what this meant for their branch, and themselves personally.  
"Well it is hard to argue that the fleet train is now 16 ships strong and that is larger than even a survey force that has had a Centurion in charge for ages."  Scott grinned.  "But the Navy moves slowly...though Ivanova deserves it, she will take over command of the warp point fortresses here...nearly 30 bases, and if rumors are true they plan on thickening them even more...that new Balista base and possibly more O-P* data groups."

"I still can't get over the fact that last months requisition slid through the Naval Procurement Board with less than a major war."  Jodi shakes her head, her french braided brown hair catching the light and the groups empathic bond filling with her honest surprise.  
"You warned them something like that was coming."  Scott reminded her.  
"Hah...who expected they listened...political types never pay attention."  She raises a fresh beer and drinks.  "Just amazing what is going on in the stations currently."  
Scott nodded and gestured out the window which showed a view of the station sprawling structure the reflected light of the sun from Shanir competing with the flash of plasma cutters, and arc welders at work on components for a new space station taking shape further down orbit.  "When you think that not very long ago this would have been impossible...I still can't believe they are building two support bases at the same time plus able to build the ships we have in the other slips."  He had joined the navy when it would have been more than the yards capacity to construct the two stations.  "I understand the first pioneer is now in competition with 3 of our Mobile Workshop ships."  The others laughed as it was no competition really, the smaller mobile yard in the Workshop class was easily outperformed by the full yard available to the Pioneer.  He looked at Jodi, "We still have the 3 yards allocated to us?"  
She nods, "Yes.  They are fully scheduled from now till whenever.  The board likes that the ships are less expensive.  They even approved the Packmule update." She pauses, drinks and then shakes her head.  "Can you believe the damn things didn't even have courier drones?  They are ancient...but the refit is good upgrade.  Gives them a little bit of everything, we'll likely get a few more added to the fleet after the advantages catch the boards attention."  
"You are joking aren't you?"  Jim, one of the optio trainees asked shock running through the groups meld.  
"Oh no...those are some of the oldest ships we have in service...the Messenger class also lacks drones, they should be refit sometime." Jodi replied.  
The group laughed at that and the topic of conversation moved on...

*Onager-Pilum data groups consist of an Onager Command Base and two Pilum missile bases.

BALISTA class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x24Aix16ZH(BbS)QTQ(BbM)RcDRcDRcD!1M3!1RcMgRcMgRcMgXrDPbD(BbM)CLhQD [-]
85 RCP  65 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1310/ 65.5
HTK 71   S0x24  Aix16  Dx6  Rcx6  Tx1  Mgx3  
156x CM, 18x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  The SCNs Fortress Commands heavy missile base.  Designed with extra support to aid in search and rescue operations.

PACKMULE MOD 1 class FT4       3 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[3] SA(BbM)HTfHHTfHH(Ic)(Ic)Q(BbL)Q(Ic)MgMgLhQD(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  420 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  251/ 18.8
HTK 22   Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Tfx2  Mgx2  
25x GM, 200x SM, 45x CM, 16x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  This is an upgrade of the packmule class.  It is intended to allow the ship to function as a jack-of-all-trades support vessel.  It is capable of carrying troops, buoys, maintenance supplies, and its magazines can reload most light task groups.  In troop carrier configuration it can carry 6 PCF-a and has 5 assault shuttles to air drop them.  The mod 1 varient has courier drone silos that the original ships did not have.  An increase in payload capacity could have been achieved at the cost of using more advanced armour on the ship but the decision was made to keep the original reinforcement intact.

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Rhoam, Milano System

Signore Montefiore walked though the sand garden of Monestary of the Revelation followed by his advisors.  The tread of his sandled feet was obscured by the sound of the chant of the Word coming from the Priory garden, each sentence marked by the sound of the two hollow wood staves being struck together.  "We have a problem...the cost of our warfleet has risen to crippling levels."  One of the others opened his mouth and Montefiore cut him off with a glare and pointed finger.  "Faith will not provide us with new ships, Arvin."  From anyone else such a bald statement would be a death sentence but a decendent of the Prophet was granted much licence. 

"Faith, however, has provided for us."  He pauses to admire the placement of several rocks and a branch then gestures with his hands causing a 3 dimensional map of the space claiimed by the People to appear in the air.  He tapped the Bari system and rotated his hand to make it expand.  "The Cartel want nothing more than to sell things...and they apparently don't care that their new customers occupy the planets their old customers once had."  He shrugs, "There was no need for falsehood when it turns out they simply don't care beyond the fact we are better customers." 

He circled the two systems Ascali and Bari with one finger.  "Let us be blunt, it costs 150 million credits for each billion credits in ships we have active."  He looked at the group around him, his aged skin duller and his scales more pronounced then most of the others.  "To match that cost requires nearly 2 billion in economic investment." 
He stares hard at the representives of the great houses.  "Faith has provided us with new planets to settle." 
He makes another gesture at the hanging map isolating a warp point.  "Faith has provided us with the Theban's, who it seems have an economy that surpases ours...and who wish to trade."  He frowns, "They are hideous beyond belief with their naked skin but at this moment and time we need them." 
His stare meets each of the people surrounding him slowly moving from one to the other.  "With the trade with the Cartel and the Thebans will we be able to develop our economy more, moving people to establish new holdings," he stares markedly at each great house reprensentive in turn, "And most importantly to allow us to resume our production of warships that we have been unable to do since we have no money for it." 

He pauses, a fist clenching, "That is 6 billion or more credits each month that will be invested in our economy to fund new colonies, and more industry." 
His finger stabed at a system.  "As faith has provided again for us.  The Egg stealers here thought they could take that system from us.  They are wrong.  We will take it back.  We will capture their mines, their factories and their people and we will make them ours.  And what we get from them will further strengthen our economy." 
He pauses, gesturing up a budget listing.  "Based on our re-use of the aliens infrastructure and factories in Bari and Ascalli we make now over 1 and half billion new credits...but that pales compared to what the aliens were making, and even half of that is more than we make off those systems now." 
He nods.  "The interlopers will pay, and we shall take their hearts and make them ours.  The mininstry of the Revealed Truth has made plans to convert their children, and of course some will "convert" for the advantage but that matters not, in the end we shall win." 
"And the "Thing of Odin"?" Querried Cardinal Xavier head of the ministry of Devotion and Penance. 
"We are studying them, there are points of convergence between our teachings...but so far the Bishops tasked with determining their status have failed to reach a consensus." 
"There would be an advantage to negotiating a trade agreement with them."  Renish, represnetative of the Great House Bael said, "They know of Bari anyway, but we would learn of what is beyond that rock and ice system."  He shrugs, the houses were less interested in matters of faith then they were in advancement in the game and that required support, which inevitably came with a credit cost.
Montifore nods slowly.  "First we will crush the interlopers, whatever they call themselves...then we will be able to clearly view the Thing in the proper light."  He gestures at the glowing map hanging in mid-air.  "Faith has provided us oportunity and tests.  Tests we cannot fail.  But we also cannot remain in this crippled state, and our only way out it via our own development and that takes money..."
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Turn 150, defensive situation report

First Oracle Meruh-Atep once again looked up from his endless paperwork. “Ohh.. is it time allready? Please come in, Konsuh-Khaibet. It has been fifteen years since we first gained the stars. As you concured, it is time to review the disposition of the theban contacts with alien races and what measures have been taken to defend against possible hostilities.”

“First Oracle, my subordinates have compiled the following overview.” Konsuh-Kaibet said as he handed over a tablet with several datasheets.
“We need to establish a dedicated service for maintaining relashionships with other races. I maybe understood half of what the negotiators reported from the recent missions. I am more suited for designing a defensive network than talking with those beings.”.

First, we have a list of the currently known aliens, and how the points of contact relate to systems within the empire.”

Shanirain Confederation
Initial contact at the Minkhat system. The once slated for sector capital system of  Hamadi is the trade system and closest defensive line.
Padiament is a system we have a closed warp point in to a shanirian system. Next door is the Judah nexus in the Setau sector. No danger here.

Uroloki of Uduun
Contact point is the Menhkpere system, leading through several rock ball systems via Neusera to the Mekhu nexus, and on to the trade system of Setau.
A second contact opened while exploring SN 825 through one of the two WP leading into it. This SN belongs to the Uruloki. The WP we used leads directly to Judah. The other one leads via a small chain to the Neshphakered nexus, but was not revealed.

Caliphate of Catalipha
Contact was broken off, our vessel retreated at higher speed beyond a closed WP from Ptah. The Caliph had no long range sensor capacity at the time of contact.

Federated Suns
Our partners are covered by Amenhotpe. But we have no great security concerns here.

Cannon Cartel
Our first contact with an alien race. Their point of trade is Merymose, making a fortification of the system usefull, though we have a military agreement with them.
A second contact directly into their home system lies off the Amen system, wich leds to the Neshphakered nexus.

Squids (Bentian Lords)
This race proved to be fairly unfriendly on first contact, and our contact team retreated from contact. No enemy fleet was present, and thus our ship could retreat without interference. The system of contact was Irtisen, wich leads to Amenhat, our contact system with the Cannon Cartel, and Edfu, a dead end system wich is having a small defense emplacement due to it’s economic relevance. The last WP leads to the Merskemre Nexus, wich is blocked by Nesperenhat and Anlexander.

Sri Raj
A long time trade partner race of stunningly unagressice carnivores, we have recently included a military component to our relationship. They, like the Uroloki, have been contacted in the Neusera  rockball chain off Mekhu and trade in Setau.

Lemurian Hierarchate
We contacted them through Judah, with a trade point in Setau. They have become our second partner race, and apear to be slightly more advaced than us, having deployed technology we are currently developing. Recently we found another access point into their space off Ishaq, wich leads to the Merskemre Nexus.

Undine Conglomerate.
They contacted us through a Wp to Ptolemy, with a trade point in Setau. So far they continue to refuse a military relationship with us. Interrestingly enough, their ship crews contain a small percentage of Cannon Cartel crewmembers, hinting at close cooperation between the two races.

Buer Homestead
Another contact off Ptolomy, they are a small pocket empire currently engaged in a standoff with another race wich we know, the Regia Marina.

Unknown race (Thing of Odin)
We found aclosed warp point off Nun into their system. We retreated given our history with the other two races wich we found under such circumstances without establishing contact. The Squids and the Caliphat both proved unreceptive to our overtures.

Norse Yeti
They contacted us in the Caleb system. Akil next door became just established as point of trade, and was allready building up defenses as it guards the approach to Thebes from Hamadi. The Caleb picket will rejoin the home fleet once the defenses are in place.

Regia Marina
We are talking with them, but not going anywhere in negotiations. We have found them just off Rashidi, wich is a neighbour of Ptolomy, and leads to Setau. Thus, they are covered by the whole Setau defense complex.
Shortly after them, we found a closed warp point into one of their colony systems off Aksum. This is covered by the defenses building up in Kaka, and then Neferkhau. Our probe exited the system before any ships apeared on the scanner. We left a message idetifying us and pointing at the allready ongoing negotiations in Rashisi.

Andromedan Nautiloids
We are talking with them, but not going anywhere in negotiations.
We contacted them four months ago through Ka-Aper just off Nun. Ka-Aper currently has a small picket fleet while Nun’s defenses are being build up. The picket is 3 Cadace CA and 3 Aten CL.

Northern Lizards
We are talking with them, but not going anywhere in negotiations. They have been discovered off the Jebel Ali Nexus, wich in turn leads to Ishaq just of Merskemre Nexus.

“Defenitely things are getting more interresting, as we now have three races with open warp points into our space and who are, though communicative, are unwilling to enter a stable relationship. We should try to establish the needed defenses outlined bellow. Here we have the established system defenses by system and an estimate of each’s systems importance. Also included is my short term estimate on needed upgrades. Not included is a cost estimate of the 120 patterns of mines and 120 bomb pumped lasers the defenses of each guarded warp point should include.”

Thebes (3 WP)
Home of the Theban empire, and most productive system. The Theban Fleet is the central naval reserve of the empire. The recent WP into Pairy dicovered from Ishaq presents a convenient shortcut into the western arm, but also a security concern.
Theban Yards: 40 SY, 30 are armed. 3 BS3 Setekh, 4 Minelayer, 1 Tug
Theban Fleet: 3 BB Osiris, 4 BC bastet, 15 BS Busiris, 9 Ca Cadance, 9 Ca Dua, 6 CA Urt-hekau, 6 CL Aten, 3 Dd Mut, 6 DD Amon, 3 CT Amenthau
Thebes WP defence 1-3: each 3 BS4 Knuhm, 3 BS3 Setekh, 3 BS2 Nephet, 2 BS2 Enead, 2 BS1 Nut, 1 BS0 Amenti
Need: 6 Setekh, 3 Nut, 3 Nephet for the WPs. Arm the 4rth Ss Toth10

Merymose (2 WP)
Oldest Colony after the hostile world of Pairy, this sytem guards one of the approaches to Thebes and fields a substantial fleet base.
18 SY, 3 BS3 Setekh, 3 BC Bastet, 3 BC Busiris, 5 CL Aten, 1 CL Nekhbet, 4 BS1 Nut, 4 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug
Needs 3 Setekh, 2 Nut

Monthuemet (2 WP)
Another very established colony, the hopes of it guarding a warpchan were swiftly dashed. Nevertheless, it now serves as a backup naval base just of Paisy, and thus with Merymose and Thebes frames that newly become nexus. Recently, most of the fleet here was dispatched to Setau to firm that system up.
18 SY, , 6 BS3 Setekh, 3 CA Candace, 2 CL Aten, 1 CL Nekhbet, 4 BS1 Nut, 4 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug.
Needs 2 Nut.

Hamadi (2 WP)
Once considered as sector capital. Thus, a large yard complex. Put due to the warp chain dead-ending, this system now guards against the Shanirian Federation and from the other side, the Norse Yeti at Caleb with it’s fleet
18 SY, 3 BS3 Setekh, 1 BC Busiris, 3 CA Candace, 4 CL Aten, 1 CL Nekhbet, 1 BS1 Nut, 2 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug
Needed: 2 Busiris, 1 Nekhbet, 1 Minelayer, 3 Nut
To consider: 3 more Setekh

Mekhu (7 WP)
This warp point nexus cannot yet be bypassed when travelling between various parts of our empire. Unfortunately, it contains only rockballs, making the construction of local yards difficult.
Mekhu is surrounded by the systems of Meryawy, Alexander, Setau and Neferkhau, all wich have defensive efforts underway, and Jeroen wich leads to a minor chain not yet fortified, nor considered for it. Ptah is a dead end and will be covered by Mekhu.
1 SY under construction, needs a full complex due to it’s strategic location.
7 Warp points will need at least 21 Nut and 7 Amenti. Other bases to be considered.

Meryawy (3 WP)
Guarding the shortest way from Mekhu to Thebes, this system will be fortified moderately.
5 SY, 1 under construction, 1 Nut, 1 Amenti, 1 Tug.
Needs a minelayer, 1 Nut, 3 BS2

Neferkhau (4 WP)
Sector capital and minor nexus between 3 rich chains and Mekhu, this system fields a growing fleet, numerous yards and heavy defenses.
30 SY, (+3) BS4 Knuhm, 7(+2) BS3 Setekh, , 3 BC Bastet, 6 BC Busiris, 3 CA Candace, 2 CL Aten, 1 CL Nekhbet, 1 BS1 Nut, 4 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug
Needs 9 Knuhm, 3 Setekh, 12 Nephet , 11 Nut, 1 Minelayer, 8 Aten, 1 Nekhbet and arming the shipyards.

Akil (2 WP)
This system guards the acess to Thebes from the recent contact with the Norse Yeti, and the Shanirian Confederation further on.
4 SY, 3(+3) BS2 Nephet, 1 (+1) BS1 Nut, 1 BS0 Amenti
Needs 4 Nut, 1 Amenti, 1 Tug, 1 Minelayer

Alexander (2 WP)
Guarding the shortest route between the Mekhu Nexus and the Merskemre Nexus.
6 SY, 1 Nut, 1 Amenti, 1 Tug
Needs 6 Nephet, 5 Nut, 1 Amenti, 1 Minelayer

Setau Sector (2 WP in Setau, 8 in Judah, 4 in Ptolemy, 2 in Rashidi)
Setau – Judah – Ptolemy-Rashidi
This region has several contacts, and is a small pocket thus needing a lot of defenses, especially as Setau blocks the acess to Mekhu.

    Setau is the cork in the bottle, guarding the Mekhu approach in case any of the 4 races found here turns hostile.
6 SY, 4 Nut, 2 Amenti, 1 Tug, and the soon to arive fleet.

    Ptolemy is the contact point with the Udines and the Buer Homesteads. 6 SY, 3 BS2 Nephat, 4 BS1 Nut, 2 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug. Needs 2 Nut.

    Rashidi is next door after Ptolemy, and guards the acess point with the Regia Marina. Negotiations for a trade treaty have been going on for a while now. 5 SY, 2 BS2 Nephat, 2 BS1 Nut, 1 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug. Needs 2 Nephat, 1 Nut

Amenhotpe (3 WP, one into a dead end though)
As covering the contact to the Federated Suns is the only responsibility of Amenhotpe, and the warp chain ends with the Federated Suns, no great expansion on defenses is needed here, though it remains a backup fleet reserve base in a remote area.
10 SY, 3 BS3 Setekh, 2 Nut, 2 Amenti, 1 Tug. Needs 2 Nut.

Nun (4 WP)
A very rich system wich has recently become more important defense wise due to the discovery of the Andromedans nearby.
5 SY, 3 Amenti, 1 Nut.
 Needs 7 Nut, 1 Amenti, 6 BS2.

Kaka (3 WP)
The entrance system of a newly expanding region of nice systems, it will guard Neverkhau from that direction.
3 SY, 1 Amenti. Needs 2 Amenti, 6 Nut.

Preherwemeneth (1 WP)
A very bountyfull dead end system in the southers expanses in need of some inherent defense.
4 SY, 2 building. Needs 3 Nut, 1 Amenti, and later 3 Nephet

Edfu (1 WP)
A not quite so rich deadend system in the western expanses in need of some inherent defense.
3 SY, Needs 3 Nut,1 Amenti

Neferibe (2 WP)
An even richer system in the southern expanses slated for appropiate defenses.
8 SY, 3 BS2 Nephet, 4 BS1 Nut, 2 BS0 Amenti, 1 Tug
Needs 3 Nephet, 2 Nut

Alexandria (2 WP)
Just recently discovered, this may become the richest colony of all. Four thebes like worlds and a superheavy world orbit this double star system. We will build a yard as soon as possible.

Meruh-Atep winced and brooded about the sheduled budgetary council meeting he was to attend this afternoon. “ My thanks Khonsu-Khaipet, this is what I needed to convince Anechotep to divert funds from the continued colonisation and industrialisation budgets. If we can’t defend what we build, we risk loosing it all.”

(Infosheets on new ship classes not yet listed elsewhere.)

BS0 (MCS) AMENTI class BS0        3 XO Racks    15 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0AiAiHDcDcQsXr(MCS)
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  295/ 14.7
HTK 10   S0x2  Aix2  Dcx2  
Notes: To be deployed out of capital missile range from a warppoint, this bases guards passage through the minefields.

BS1 (DCS) NUT class BS1       5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 3
[1] Sx3Ax6HDDXr(DCS)Qs
25 RCP       Trg:1        Cost =  330/ 16.5
HTK 15   Sx3  Ax6  Dx2  
DCS control base, emplace out of standard missile range. Could be updated in passive protections.

BS3 SETEKH IV class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x20Aix40ZH(BbS)QLxLxLxLx(Dec)?0Lxx3M5T!1QLhLx(Dec)Mg
85 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +1  Tem -1        Cost =  1307/ 65.3
HTK 81   S0x20  Aix40  Lxx8  Tx1  Mgx1  
Notes: Newest model of our Setekh bases, it now owns a considerable punch even at long ranges.

BS4 KHNUM II class BS4        24 XO Racks    120 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x28Aix28ZH(BbS)QQWax5DcWax5DcM5Wax5DcWax5!1LhQDc(DCS)XrsMgMgC
120 RCP  30 MCP       Trg:6  Tem -1        Cost =  2473/ 123.7
HTK 94   S0x28  Aix28  Dcx4  Wax20  Mgx2  
360x SM, 6x EDM (Mg)
Recent refit to include updates in launcher technology.

BS5 ANTAIOS class BS5     AM    36 XO Racks    180 Hull    TL 7
[1] S0x18Aix6ZHQRcx9DcQRcx6DcQRcx6DcM6Dc(BbS)?1Rcx6XrDcDcLhMgx4Q
180 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:7  Bmp +2        Cost =  2736/ 136.8
HTK 72   S0x18  Aix6  Dcx6  Rcx27  Mgx4  
Prototype base to be deployed in absolutely crucial systems.

FT5 (T) SETH class FT5           45 Hull    TL 3
[3] (IcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIcIc)TT(IcIc)(Ic)(IcIc)(BbS)QsH(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  30 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  268.2/ 20.1
HTK 24   Tx2  
Tug for base movement.

FT4(ML) CHENTI-IRTI (ML) class FT4           30 Hull    TL 6
[3] (IcIc)Hx3THx3Pb(MR)(ML)(Ic)(Ic)(Ic)HQs(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  45 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  216/ 16.2
HTK 18   Tx1  Pbx1
Experimental minelayer for systems with established control bases.

CL (ML) ISIS class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0S0AiAiHQs(II)(I)(II)(MR)x6(ML)TPb(I)(II)(MCS)XrQs(BbS)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  660.5/ 99.1
HTK 28   S0x2  Aix2  Tx1  
Minelayer for fleet trains.
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[ooc]I'll work on this a bit more over the next few days to add in a bit of background on the Drakes and Squids[/ooc]

Roger Buck tapped the screen infront of him changing the slide displayed behind him.  "The Urloki,"  he smiles, "or as they are most often called the Drakes, are a reptilian species."  A picture forms behind him of a typical Urloki showing the wings, tail and other features that could only be called drakonian.  "Their homeworld of Uduun in the Angband system has a gravity level 1.8 times Shanir's and has a correspondingly thick atmosphere composed of nitrogen, oxygen, and high levels of carbon dioxcide from their industries."  He brings up a short movie of a Drake gliding, "The Urloki can glide, but only if they launch themselves from an elevated point.  They can't generate enough lift to get off the ground with their wings."  He taps a screen.  "The biology of the Drake's is covered in the appendix to the report and most of it is not important.  What is critical though is that due to them laying eggs and females being only a small fraction of their overall population they are markedly territorial."  

He pauses and brings up a map of Drake space.  "They have a government that functions on two levels.  The basic services are largely done by each..."  he pauses, "We actually aren't best sure how to call them, they use the term that translates as Pride, but our studies would place it somewhere between a racial division and clan structure.  They have clear and distinct visual differences between the prides, from bone structure to scale coloration but it is also at least in part determined by which leader you choose to follow, a trend becoming more common in the last few years."  He spreads his hands.  "Each pride provides for their own but also contributes to the overall society via trading.  This is handled by a...for the lack of a better work...professional class."  His emotions are guarded but a degree of confusion leaks through.  "We expected more opposition to our presence and we were originally worried any suggestions we made might be taken wrongly, but it seems the various Pride leaders of the High Council view us as form of their own bureaucrats and since we don't assasinate each other are more reliable."  He shakes his head a mixture of humor and confusion filtering through the groups meld.  "I don't know if we should be insulted or not but it has led to a large scale cooperation between our peoples."  

He taps again and series of graphs form behind him.  "From what our socialogical studies show contact with us has helped them immensely...or better put contact with other species...the "Joint Expeditionary Forces" or JEFs were orginally an emergeny expedient to solve the problem of policing the Trade Corridor worlds."  He smiles, "They now have at least 6 of them.  They represent an unprecedent degree of cooperation between the various prides.  Also their new colonies are, in the case of the non-raw materials extraction facilities, mixed Prides.  The studies are unsure how this will progress as the most common result is the creation of new Prides with the same social structure.  But how these will interact with the more traditional Pride structure and especially the High Council is completely unclear."  

His voice turns grim.  "In at least a few scenarios there are civil wars."  "High Councilor or General or Supreme Warlord...or well translation of his many titles is a complex business Angkelfauch is a willy old lizard to be sure.  We have no idea how much of what we see in terms of sociatal change he is behind.  We do know that since the development of that high frequency oscillation gravitational warp weapon...the err...Force Beam...he has been far less reluctant to arm the other Pride fleets."  He grins, "Even a civillian such as myself can't help but notice he has far more ships in the High Council fleet, not to mention the bulk of the heavy ships as well, then any two of the Pride Fleets."  "We are fairly sure the reason for his generocity is that you can't bombard planets with force beams.  It is our understanding that a great many of his policies stem from a desire to prevent nuclear blackmail."  

He brings up other graphs.  "Their economy is doing well though we have yet to see them accumulate the sort of reserves they had in the past.  This is due to  a combination of the greater number of shipyards they have now plus the result of their expanded defenses.  Our information is limited in the Old Expanses but it seems likely they have found several habitable or partially habitable planets there as freighters with support equipment and colonists routines head for the warp point that leads to them.  Considerable amounts of raw materials and a growing amount of manufactured goods are coming back.  So there is much more there than a lot of moon colonies.  Our recent discovery of a connection off Crossroads may give us a better view though that system was nothing more than gas giants and other rock and ice balls."  He pauses to change slides.  "Our information on what is going on in the new expanses is much greater as they transit our space and our customs inspections generally give us a good view of what is going in and out.  We know they have a group of machine shop ships operating there, likely engaged in assembly of pre-fabricated bases, plus a survey group and two JEFs are present.  Based on our best estimate that means three JEFs are operating in the Old expanses."


URLOKI Warship Update

TRITHDRING-PROTO class BB     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
100 RCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2021/ 303.2
HTK 54   Dx8  Rcx6  Wx6  Tx1  Mgx3  
150x SM, 150x CM, 18x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  This is the prototype of the Trithdring class, after it is constructed the ship will be refit to include the advanced launcher systems and point defences the Drakes have newly developed.

PELALIL II class BC     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 6
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1734/ 260.1
HTK 47   Dcx2  Dx3  Rcx4  Wax4  Mgx3  
240x SM, 120x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  An update of the Drake fast combattent class.  It is dangerous at all ranges with a data group capable of launching 12 CM, and 24 SM's every 30 seconds.  Its powerful point defences are capabable of engaging over 20 inbounds making it a hard missile target.

BALTHASIL II class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x8ZAix10H(BbS)Q(II)(II)Xr(II)TDF(II)M2DF!1(II)DC(CIC)(BbS)QLh?1DcF(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1170/ 175.5
HTK 51   S0x8  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx3  Fx3  Tx1
Notes:  this class is their assault class.  But it also contains fleet command facilities as it is used by the various Pride Fleets as a command ship.

BANALIS III class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] ZH(II)(II)Q(II)(BbS)(II)(II)WaWaDWaWaDcMgWaWa!1M4XrMgWa!1LhQD?1WaMgDc(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1412/ 211.8
HTK 38   Dcx2  Dx2  Wax8  Mgx3  
480x SM, 18x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  this class is a modernization of the Banalis class with substantially upgraded capabilities.  It is optimized for deep space warfare in the Drake style.  It has traded two launchers for enhanced electronics and powerful point defence suite.  The new "advanced" launcher systems double its launch capacity making it extremely deadly in any range where it can employ its missiles in sprint mode.

NARAITHSOL IV class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[2] ZHT(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)D(I)Wa!1M2WaWaMgDcQs?1(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  649/ 97.4
HTK 21   Dcx1  Dx1  Wax3  Tx1  Mgx1  
150x SM, 6x CM, 4x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  an update of the standard light combat ship of the Drakes fleet.  It is now the smallest ship that the Drakes will produce.

NARTHAAS II class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x4Aix9ZHsQs(I)(I)(I)D(I)(I)(I)M2!1FQsDF(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Tem -1        Cost =  554/ 83.1
HTK 30   S0x4  Aix9  Dx2  Fx2  
Notes:  an update of the drakes assault destroyer retaining the older point defences.

GLAMATUS III class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] ZH(I)(I)(I)DcM1FXrQs(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:2        Cost =  300/ 45
HTK 11   Dcx1  Fx1  
Notes:  this is a refit of the older corvette into a beam armed scout.  The number of ships active is likely to drop but the Drakes have decided that in face of the increased power of modern fleets that a corvette is not a viable combat unit.

AUGCATING III class BS2        10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10ZHs(BbS)QsWaWaMgDWaWa!1XrWaWa!1DM3CDcQsWaMg [-]
50 RCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1037/ 51.9
HTK 43   S0x11  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx2  Wax7  Mgx2  
300x SM, 10x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  the latest upgrade of their standard warp point defence base.

AUGFARTHING II class BS2        10 XO Racks    50 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x11Aix10ZHsTDQsM3F!1Xr(MCS)(DCS)D(CIC)(BbS)DcQsF [-]
50 RCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  932/ 46.6
HTK 38   S0x11  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx2  Fx2  Tx1
Notes:  this upgrade of the command base drops all missile weapons in favor of beam batteries.  Normal deployment is an Augfarthing with two Augcating bases.

AUGDURIS  class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x19Aix19ZH(BbS)QTRcRcMgDRcRcD!1MgRcDRcMgM3!1RcMgXrDcPbCLhQDc [-]
85 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:4  Tem -1        Cost =  1302/ 65.1
HTK 67   S0x19  Aix19  Dcx2  Dx3  Rcx7  Tx1  Mgx4  
210x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  the newest base in the Drake defence planning.  It is still being prototyped.

ALDURIL  class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 6
[3] HTPb(ML)(MR)x3(IcIc)D(Ic)Xr(MCS)D(IcIc)C(BbS)LhQDc(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  639.5/ 95.9
HTK 22   Dcx1  Dx2  Tx1
Notes:  this class is designed to deploy the Urloki version of the SCN ASDW patterns.  They elected to combine all functions into a single class, making it the sister ship to the Alcotal Collier/Buoy Tender.

BENTHIAN Admiralte Warships

FOCH B class BB     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x24Aix24ZHQ(III)(III)(III)(BbS)!1(III)EEM5!1RcEEDx3ELhQDD!1RcMgEEXr?1(III) [5]
100 RCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2171/ 325.7
HTK 90   S0x24  Aix24  Dx5  Ex7  Rcx2  Mgx1  
68x CM, 12x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  The pride of the Squids navy.  Two of this class are in service.  It is a formidable short range combattent with a limited ability to engage targets at long range.  Mostly seen as useful for stopping plinking attacks by lighter vessels.

CLEMENCEAU B class BC     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x14Aix16ZHQ(II)(III)(II)(III)(BbS)!1(II)XrLELEM4LEDLhQDx3?1LE(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1632/ 244.8
HTK 67   S0x14  Aix16  Dx4  Ex4  Lx4
Notes:  a purely beam armed short range combattent.  The SCN doesn't understand the intention of mixing shield and armour skipping weapons on the same hull.  

DUNKERQUE B class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x12Aix12ZHQ(II)(II)(II)(BbS)!1(II)(II)!1EM3RaRaMgDx3LhQEEXr?1(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1207/ 181.1
HTK 56   S0x12  Aix12  Dx3  Ex3  Rax2  Mgx1  
120x SM, 9x CM, 6x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  The heavy component to the Squids patrol squadrons.  Carries a mixed battery which is more beam heavy then the SCN's Spatha class but otherwise the ships are similar.

RICHELIEU B class CL     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x6Aix6ZH(I)(II)Qs(I)(BbS)!1(II)(I)RaRa!1M4DDQsRax3MgXr?1(II) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  910.5/ 136.6
HTK 39   S0x6  Aix6  Dx2  Rax5  Mgx1  
4x GXM, 160x SM, 6x CM, 4x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  deployed in pairs with a Dunkerque datagroup leader the Richelieu is a pure missile platform, relying on the Dunkerque for close range data group defence.

GLOIRE B class BS4    AM    24 XO Racks    120 Hull    TL 6
120 RCP  30 MCP       Trg:5  Tem -1        Cost =  1913/ 95.7
HTK 86   S0x26  Aix26  Dx6  Ex9  Lx9  
Notes:  standard warp point defence base.  For controlling the automatic weapon systems they use the TRIPWIRE class of base.

SUFFREN class FG     AM    4 XO Racks   22 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx3Aix6ZH(I)XcXr(I)(I)(I)?0QsD(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost = 590/88.5
HTK 21   Sx3  Aix6  Dx1  
Notes:  The Squids unarmed, beyond 2 captial missiles in the external racks, exploration vessel.
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That is alot of races listed  :o
Title: Re: [SF] Theban Empire
Post by: Starslayer_D on March 11, 2012, 08:34:57 AM
*grin* We haven't even really hit the independants. It's 155 turns into a campaign, and explorations start to really spread out. at the moment we got 5 races it'd call major powers, a bunch of intermediates, and the slush pile. I guess I should provide a small overview, wich we could expand into a racial boocklet.
I'm listing here in productivity order. Most of the intermediates are partnered to someone from the top stack.

Theban Empire
Regia Marina (Belingerent Theocracy on the move)
Shanirian Confederation
Thing Of Odin (Federal Theocracy, spread out but bad luck for planets)
Cannon Cartell (though they are pocketed)

Undines (Partners of the Cannon cartel)
Uroloki of Udun (Partners of the Shanirians)
Lemurian Hierarchate (Partners of the Thebans)
Benthian Lords (Partners of the Shanirians)

Federated Suns (2 system pocket, Partners of the Thebans)
Council of the Moon
Norse Yeti (agressive militarists, in war with the Thing)
Countess de Marquesa (2 system pocket, roped to the Thing)
Andromedan Nautiloids
Sri Raj (3 System pocket, in trade with 3 races thus doing better than productivity places them)
Northern Lizards (New on the galaxy, allready running into troubles with the Nautiloids and the Thebbans, on 3 fronts.... )
Buer Homesteads (Once 3 system pocket, just got reduced to the home system by the RM)
House Liao (home system only, blocked by lack of WP)
Cataliphate (home system only, no open WP)
Outback Confederacy (Oldest and poorest of the races, conten to stay at home and they don't dare to protest against all those Thing preachers leading their youth astray...)

Also two low techs, but ... they exist at the sufferance of their betters.
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[ooc]It is even more impressive when you consider I run 4 races and in the time it takes me to do those 4 Starslayer manages the rest.  I'm usually even the slower of the two of us.  Anyway before continuing on about the Confederation and its latest patners here is a bit of combat fiction...The RM Takes Them On The Run.[/ooc]

Entry Warp Point, RM Designed System Salerno, Day 3,  1st Shift

That point in space where strings twisted into a knot blazed with energy radiated from the drive fields of the transiting Aviere class assault ships of Blockade Force 2.  On board the 4th to transit, Squadcom Bono gritted his teeth as the shock to his nervous system hit him.  "Communications, laser links to the other ships!"  His work station was tucked into the back of his flagships bridge displacing the captains on watch workstation and his two staff were in jump seats hastily welded to the floor.  
"Arrival Drone launched."  
"Targeting coming on line."  
He ignored the chatter of the bridge crew as he strove to make sense of what the ships highly degraded sensors were telling him.  Thankfully the signals though light lagged were essentially constant.  Twenty-four small bases at a half a lightsecond orbited the warp point.  Three of them were wrapped in the extended arms of a tender ship.  
"Order to all ships.  Do not target tenders or the bases they are working on.  Squadcom out."  
"Order to all ships.  Maintain course.  Maximum speed."  
"Contacts!  Bearing 330° Absolute.  Range 5 light seconds.  Three groups.  Cruiser weight 6 contacts.  Destroyer weight 3 contacts.  Velocity 7500 km/s"  
"Squadcom.  Lead ship reports ranging systems from one contact all others emissions low."  
"Squadcom.  Targeting solutions all ships."  
"Order to all ships.  Engage the enemy with forward batteries."  Not that there were any real forward and aft batteries but the delay while the plasma launchers powered up their magnetic fields delayed fire so the standard practice was to fire half the 10 weapons each ship carried each turn.  
"Captain, engage only with missiles."  Bono wanted to see how effective they were.  
"Captain! Targetting sensor.  Radar and Lidar sweeps."  
"Squadcom!  Hull mapping scans reported by 15!"  Aviere 15 was the trailing ship,
"Multiple ranging contacts consistent with automatic weapons."  
"Captain.  Hull MAP!"  

They were being pinged by multiple sensors themselves.  Bono's display lit with fresh threat markers on the last three ships.  Then suddenly the enemy icons flashed and 4 of them vanished as his squadron volleyed fired their ship plasma guns.  Their ship launched extrenally mounted close assault missiles at one of the 5 bases to achieve firing status in the first moments of the invasion.  One of the bases was hit by five of the five launched magnetically confined plasma balls, another took 4, a third took 3, a fourth took 2, a fifth luckily took only 1, and the last trageted base was hit by 3 of 6 missiles the flagship launched at it.  Only the last two survived and the were rendered into twisted wrecks.  
"Orders all Ships.  Brace for impact!"  Bono secured his shock frame and flipped down his suits helmet and waited, but not long.

At two points in space including one just aft of that occupied by Aviere 13, Bono's flagship, sun bright detonations flared and each one powered multiple X-ray bursts focused and directed by the dieing satilites targeting systems.  Aviere 13 was struck by the wavefront and then the ship shook violently as its armour sublimated and boiled off into vacuum as the x-rays were converted into heat.  Structural members twisted and the ship rolled as the armour plumes spun it widely, its armour belt absorbed a portion of the energy but more struck deeper turning engine room, and crew spaces and the ships outer missile defences into a close approximation of a hellish inferno as from the outermost area a spalling mass of molten metal slammed inward.  The bridge damage control boards went instantly blue and the ships power surged up and down, the  emergency sirens started wailing.  
"Hull Breaches multiple."
"Enginerooms offline!"
"Drive field fluctuating!"  
"Switch to back up targeting systems."  

Bono ignored the crew working frantically to save the ship which had in the space of a second been turned into a cripple.  "Communications.  Fleet Status. NOW!"  
"Squadcom!  All ships reporting.  14 and 15 report massive internal damage.  Damage control is on it but both are reduced to minimal manuevering.  Both report weapons are nominal, 14 reports its aft batteries are operational."  
"Orders to 14 and 15.  Proceed on course."  
"Captain proceed at your best speed on course."  
"Orders to 10, 11 and 12.  Turn to bear 330° Absolute.  Maintain maximum speed.  Target heavy base grouping, each ship to fire individually and fire no more than two shots at a base.  Launch assault shuttles to engage the buoys."  
"Communications.  Launch drone with sensor data."  
"Sir." one of his aides spoke up, "Based on our firming sensor data that was 25% of the aliens deployed buoys.  They are deployed a quarter lightsecond out in a ring.  The fire came from this segement and this one."  The area near where his ships were heading away from the warp point glowed.  "There are now no bouys there." A part flashed directly aft of the flag ship.  "And this area 120° absolute from us is showing about half the density of the other parts of the ring.  That kind of fire indicates that they have an active control system somewhere...likely in those 6 bases they have 14.75 LS out."  
Bono agreed.  "They could have hit us harder."  
"Likely they didn't know how many to use sir."  [ooc]I based the intial amount on what it would take to kill one of the Buer own cruisers.[/ooc]  
"Well they know now."

Even as the lead elements of Blockade Force 2 were recovering from their insertion more ships were coming through: the last three Avieres of Bono's squadron and the three lead Carvour class battlecruisers of the Bari Fleet.  The new arrivals came in on the same heading as the original ships, while the enemy vessels hanging out of the fight began to modulate their drive fields but judging by sensor emmisons only another two of their ships managed to reach action stations.  Aveire 13 shook as its fully intact broadside weapons fired, in the resulting brawl 13 enemy bases were transformed into incandecent expanding spheres of plasma virtually wiping out the defending base force before most of them achieved action stations.  A few managed coordinated fire on the trailing BC Cavour 18 or the lead BC Cavour 16.  Aviere 13 limped away as Bono watched the fight develop on his plot.  His forces were curving around.  
"The Prophet bless you."  He stared at the ships still near the warp point, 3 Battlecruisers and two of his damaged cruisers and a newly arrived cruiser.  
"I know!"  His repeater has just updated and the icons for the last two Cavour's and Aviere 15 had just gone black.  
"Sir they expended most of them.  Sensors show only some 40 left."  His aide offered.
"Yes.  They learned from the first attack that was a lot more buoys per ship, 45 the first time on 3 targets," he glanced at his display, "105 the second time."  
"They had to use them for longer range shots this time as well." His other aide commented.

The fire had caught 2 BCs and two of his CAs, one crippled from the first attack.  Aviere 16 survived with only its outermost working spaces damaged.  "Orders to Aviere 16, 17, 18 turn 60° absolute, destroy targets of opertunity.  Ships to fire individually."  That would clear out the bases behind his ships.  
"Orders to Aviere 10, 11, 12.  Turn to engage enemy mobile forces.  Close at maximum speed."  Cavour 16 was doing the same thing.  "Captain bring us about to face the enemy ships."  The enemy ships had so far done nothing.

Fleetcom Greco grimaced as his Battlewagon transitted.  His repeater filled with the icons for destroyed enemy and friendly ships.  
"Fleetcom.  Squadcom reports buoys to the stern."  
Greco swore but there was nothing, for the moment, he could do about it.   Dardo 8, had transitted second and was currently 1.5 light seconds from the warp point.  He had turned to face the enemy squadrons.  Behind him a brief and majorly one sided battle was being fought where his Battlecruisers finished off several damged bases with energy beams.  Outside of those bases only slowly cooling plasma and squawking lifepods marked the enemy's close in defences...and 40 buoys.  One of the enemies lighter cruisers was showing a massive reducition in shield strength from the volleys of Cavour 16 and one of the Aviere's had its shields knocked down by a combination of missiles and beams from the two pairs of cruisers that had finally gotten active.  The detroyers had accomplished nothing with their fire.  His as yet undatalinked battlewagons in reply had bracketted one of the cruisers with missiles and its shields were noticably weaker, even if its point defences had gotten lucky on the first volley.  
"Fleetcom!  Cavour 21 reports massive internal damage!  Cavour 20 reports no internal systems damaged but her armour belt destroyed."  

That was all the buoys.  

He looked at the 9 enemy ships on his plot.  90 seconds into the battle and they were doomed.  They were moving on an intercept course.  His ships were as fast as they were, and he had 3 battlewagons in system.  In 2 minutes those three ships could reduce the enemy force to wrecks and any ship slowed by missile fire would be destroyed by the cruisers, even now the last six were coming through.  The enemy could not run and while they could fight they would have to close to do more than shield damage, and if they did that his cruisers would vapourise them, plus his force was more maneuverable.  Run, or charge their fate was sealed.
"Fleetcom!  Sensors reports that they have dropped their drive fields!"  

Surrender was a logical necessity at this point, though they could not communicate with the infidel egg stealers that was a reasonable course of action.  The Fleet had not fired on the defenseless tenders or their charges so the commander had elected to save as many crew as possible.  
"Get marines on those ships!"  Greco ordered.
"Fleetcom!  three cruisers just scuttled."  His display updated and each of the ships wreckage was surrounded by squacking lifepods.  
"Orders all ships.  Start search and rescue.  Secure those tenders and bases with marines."  Greco stretched mightly as the tension of the fight just left him, he felt like he should smile as it was a victory but it had cost him 3 ships outright and he had only one undamaged battlecruiser and 3 undamaged cruisers left.  
"Send to all ships.  The Prophet be praised, we are victorious.  Rejoice but do not forget your duty.  Remember our lost shipmates with honor, they have died in the service of our people."  That would have to do, he had hoped for less losses but that many buoys simply cost ships.

The combat had lasted 90 seconds.

Entry Warp Point, Heretical Alien System 1, Day 18, Start of 3rd Watch.

Three Dardo class battlewagons, the lead being Greco's fleet flag, drove from the curl of space time connecting this system to Salerno, behind them trailed 3 Aviere assault cruisers.  
"YES!"  Greco could not keep quiet as his plot updated.  He had gambled the aliens defences were a hard outer crust and he had just got the soft inner tissue.  3 Bases identical to the ones he had smashed just 15 days before, with two of the control bases also placed at a similar distance to the warp point.  6 of the barely mobile tender craft were in the process of building additional bases and no other mobile forces were present.  
"Orders Captain.  Launch one missile and destroy it a 1 light second from the command base I've designated."  He expected his message would be clear.  The three small bases near the warp point were even as he issued that order being reduced to twisted glowing metal and expanding plasma by the 3 cruisers to his rear.  
"Send to Dardo 9.  Bring that other base into your missile envelope and stop."  
"Fleetcom.  Explosions!"  
"Orders to all..."  
"Buoys have self destructed."  
"Belay that Communications."  Greco smiled.  "By the name of the Prophets holy sister!  Get those survey ships in here!  Get marines on those ships and bases.  Start search and rescue operations."  Greco knew Orso was furious, but he would not want to die slowly waiting for help that would never come himself and so he found ways to deflect his Bishop's less then sutle suggestions that he delay things just a few days.  There would be no need of subtrefuge and lies, the prisoners of war were being treated fairly and sent back to re-education camps.  Leaving them in the darkness of not knowing the Word was unacceptable, thankfully they were not run by Orso's order, a point of view Greco kept to himself.  
"Send to all ships.  Congratulatons, the Prophet has blessed our daring.  See to your duties with glad hearts.  Fleetcom out."  His heart was glad that he would not be writing and more letters to families that had lost sailors.

[ooc]The Buer have a RM of 33 and RD of 28.  In the first battle by the end of round 3 they faced 3.9:1 odds with a -90% on the break off roll, and as they could not escape the DNs (who were moving at speed 6 with tuners active) it became a surrender roll at 10%.  3 ships scuttled:  2 CL and 1 CA (one CL and one CA scuttling had not even activated).  Only 1 ship wiped its databanks, but given there is no communication between the RM and Buer they likely thought it pointless.  In the second battle only unarmed bases in range of DNs with only 30 DSB-L survived more than 30s.  The crews were inept and poor, they never activated.  Given the RM had not attacked their defenseless ship it was a risk to surrender but in each case they would have accomplished virtually nothing to continue the fight.  Starslayer and I talked about and he agreed with me on the results.  The DSB-L in the first battle were well worth it.  They cost 6300 MCr and destroyed outright ~4500 MCr in ships plus inflicted another ~2000 MCr in repair costs on the RM.  Their bases did little more than scratch shields in the short time they were present.  The big gain for the RM was the 9 SYM tenders though.  They also captured 6 Ratel command bases and 6 Coetzee bases (3 under refit, 3 damaged by E beams), in the second they captured 6 bases under construction (I assume 6 Coetze), and 2 Ratel command bases.  They picked up an inbound colonization convoy as well in Salerno.[/ooc]

Buer Ships and Bases

Coetzee Class BS0   3 XO filled with SM
[1] Sx3AAZHFFQs [-]
21 present in Salerno, 3 of them under refit.

Coetze Class BS0   3 XO filled with SM
[1] Sx3Aix3ZHsFM1FQs [-]
3 present in Salerno, shaking down after refit.

Bases at 2 hexs from warp point in groups of 3, with 6 bases in direction 1 and 4.  180 DSB-L in 6 groups of 30 at 1 hex from WP.

Ratel Class BS0    3 XO filled with SM
[1] SHXrQsD(DCS) [-]

Located at range 29 direction 1 and 4 from warp point.  6 present in Salerno in 2 groups of 3.  Activated 3 of them in round 1.

Haymans Class DD  6 XO filled with SM
[3] Sx5Ax6ZH(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)WGDMgQs(I) [7]
3 present in Salerno, direction 1 distance 21 hexs.

G-6 Class CL    9 XO filled with SM
[3] Sx6Ax7ZH(I)(II)Qs(I)(II)F(BbS)DF(I)FFM2Qs(II) [6]
3 present in Salerno, direction 1 distance 21 hexes.

Olifant II Class CA   12 XO filled with SM
[3] Sx9Ax9ZHQ(II)(II)(II)D(II)FF(BbS)D(II)Fx3M3Lh(II)Q
3 present in Salerno, direction 1 distance 21 hexes.

Best crew quality present was Green, several were poor in salerno.  In the second battle many were inept and the best was poor.

RM Forces

Blockade Force 2
Aviere CA x9 (all crews average) 
CO: Squadcom Bono

Bari Fleet (-)
Dardo DN x9 (all crews average)
Cavour BC x6 (all crews average)
Montecuccoli CA (Bari Fleet collier, crew average)
Doria CT (crew average)
Littorio II CT (crew average)
CO:  Fleetcom Greco

Also available as reserves:
Heavy Reaction Force
Mobile Construction Group 1
Special Escort Group 1
Blockade Support Group 3
Survey Force 2
Patrol Force 3
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Post by: Starslayer_D on March 12, 2012, 09:55:36 AM
"They have death rays! Move the bases away from the warp point!" "They have immense ships shooting missiles all over the system, move the bases close in!" "Stop refitting the fleet, we need them now!" "Build a new class with more shields! "Builds more buyos"

.... I can sure immagine the chaos in the Buer high command, given that they just the turn before had started to refit all their CA's and CL's, removing quite a bit from their mobile fleet, and that they just reached TL 5... and have green base crews. I check at home how they move what. Though soft crust their home defenses sure are not. More like the big hard seed inside the avocado. So a bit more from the fly on the wall later on.

Meanwhile the Lords of Mars avoided racial suicide, after having just developped the atomic bomb. (RD 87, RC of 84, RM of 92... yes I can immaginde them using it to nuke other powergroups on their planet. I rolled RC/20 % for it.).

In the end, the Buer decided to move their buffel class bases out to 8 from the wp, and the Coetzee bases to 5. (yeah, bad, but they are not really perfect and have no idea of plasma gun's capabilities.)

BUFFEL II class BS3       17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 4
[1] Sx11Ax10ZHXrQFx3DFx3(BbS)Fx4DLhQFx3M3 [-]
85 RCP  15 MCP       Trg:4        Cost =  1196/ 59.8
HTK 44   Sx11  Ax10  Dx2  Fx13  
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Post by: Paul M on March 13, 2012, 03:34:24 AM
The Confederation would be hardly upset if they were to find out about the lords of mars they hope the Udines enjoy meeting them as much as we did when or if they ever get off their rock ball.  The aussies are welcome to their problems as they are also self inflicted.

For the base replace the 0 speed with [-] that stops it from changing to the ° symbol and giving you a new line.

A tip based on the last turns results:
In war have colliers with supplies, but even more importantly make sure that you change the control of the system and regenerate the supply path if you are using the new supply rules.  The RM as odd as it may sound actually hit this war on a shoestring budget and are more or less doing a good approximation of a man flailing his arms and bounding forward to stay upright.  That 70% maintence was just killing war prep.  Once this situation stabilizes then a few more colliers per battlegroup will show up and I will load them.  They are in the odd position of having blockade support groups without mines and bouys...  The group that is supposed to cover the Thebans or the Thing's second point of contact is still half empty and the one they have covering their active action is continously picking up and laying down the same pathetic 12 paterns of mines.
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[ooc]If this was a ISF scenario I would be hard pressed to find a good name: "Catching the Buer with their pants down"  but equally so "Greco decides he will make it big or sleep in a POW camp" also fits.[/ooc]

Month 8, Day 5, WP to Alien Held System 2

Two survey groups held station at the newly discovered WP.  They had arrived faster then the main body of the force that was held to the speed of the Battlewagons.  After establishing a defensive perimter six Bolzano class survey ships move forward accelerating to full speed along a trajectory towards a particular spot in space.

The lead Bolzano emerges from the warp point its drive field radiating energy.  SquadCom Monti is the first of the People to see the system.  
"Sir!  Contacts, multiple contacts!  Ranging now."  
"Helm, bring us about!"  The ship began to yaw its way around to re-enter the warp point.  Around it appeared the other members of the probe.  
"Weapons, lock up..."  Monti, glanced at the plot...the situation was target rich "one of that highly concentrated group of small bases."  
"Communications.  To all ships.  Mark target and fire all weapons."  
"Sir!  Mass updates.  Battlecruiser weight bases!"  
"Weapons Free."
"Target Locked!  External Missile Seperation.  Beam Arrays Firing."  Missiles struck the base, followed by the ships force beam array and then the energy beam mounts.  Each ship was able to launch and every base took internal damage as the energy beams overloaded the targets compensators and arcing currents flowed through their hulls.  But the sheer number of bases ensured that fire was returned, targeting the 5th ship to make transit its shields and armour were battered away and then damage smashed through the ship until it crumpled into wreckage surrounded by life pods.  
"Hull MAP!  Multiple!"  
"Damn!  All hands brace for impact."  Monti glanced at the helm indicator, his ship was 150° through its turn.

In a ring around the RM ships detonations flared and drove an Xray shock front at the ships.  Twelve satilites engaged each ship and for a survey light cruiser that was a significant amount.  Monti was tossed from side to side in his shock frame as the ship rolled and shuttered.  Armour spalled and damage to the ship was catastrophic; its drive field fluctuated wildly as engine room after engine room was destroyed.  Monti was staring at the plot, of the six light cruiser that had entered the system currenly only 3 had motive power, two were outright destroyed and the last had lost its drive field.  

The engines stuttering with the overload caused by so many system failures the ship barely managed to make it about and slip back through the warp point.  It was the only one to do so.

Month 8, Day 8, WP in Alien Held System 2

It had cost FleetCom Greco five survey ships to get the warp point surge data he needed to launch his attack.  Currently at his workstation on the Fleet Flag he was the second ship in a spear heading outwards directly towards a group of 3 battlecruiser weight bases, and his ship currently occupied the space near a trio of the aliens small defence bases.  They had been pulled back from their usual half light second ring.  "Weaponeer.  Lauch assault missiles."  Behind his ships the three Aviere's volleyed plasma packets and the other two Battlewagons fired their assault missiles.  He studied his plot, his plan was simple: drive a wedge through the defence and then peal them back from each side.  But that meant he had to drive through the double ring of bases and analysis of the data from the probe suggested that the big ones carried lots of beam weapons.  
"FleetCom!  Lead ship reports targeting!"  He had hoped the battlecruiser sized bases would not reach action stations, but unfortunately they had.  The lead Battlewagon was wreathed in debries as its armour belt and outer spaces exploded under fire.  
"Captain.  Take the datagroup 30° Absolute of that base group."  The enemy had learned about the Aviere's and they drew fire but the enemy bases were soon haloed by debrie clouds.  
"FleetCom!  Communications from Theban ships."  His long range sensors restored Greco had been studing the ships, 6 of them had changed to violet.  The aliens had two cruisers and six destroyers, the Theban's had six cruisers.  Greco had 6 Battlewagons, 3 Battlecruisers, and 3 Crusiers in system.  
Greco, selected the Autotranslate function.  "Communications.  Connect me with the Theban Commander."  
"Linkage estableed Fleetcom."  
"Commadore.  I'll make this short.  I have orders to secure this system as the Egg Stealers here illegally occupied a system within our space."  Greco paused, "I have the capability to do so."  At this moment Greco was wondering if he did as the larger bases were putting out significant fire and his ships were mostly still shaking off transit.  "Proof?  Of course we have proof, but if you want the Synod approved time stamped data blocks that will take several days to organize as it has to come from the Homeworld.  We can arrange its delievery to our trade point." he listens to the reply.  "I am under orders to minimize casualties as well, we have prisoners from previous battles they are held in camps and are recieving medical attention and otherwise being held as honorable captives."  
He glances at the plot, his moments of worry vanishing as did the aliens defences, a squadron of destroyers had sprinted forward and the arriving battlewagons had largely smashed it, transit scrambled launcher targetting systems or not.  
"Commadore if you want to help these muck dwellers convince them to surrender."  The Theban ships had not moved and the time when they might have played a decisive role in the fight was past.  
"Commadore, if your honor compells you to fight, rest assured I will do my best to recover your life pods you have my word."  A data group of battlewagon smashes six targets into fragments and half his display shows nothing but friendly ships.  
"Magazine Status?"  
"One more full volley."  
"Hmmph."  One more would be enough, the enemy ships were now facing the bulk of the RM assault force as his reduced data group of 2 curved around the other way.  No undamaged RM ships were in range of the enemies bases and 2 cruisers faced 8 Battlewagons, 2 Battlecruisers, and 2 survey cruisers.  
"Fleetcom, they dropped their drivefields."  Greco smiled. A minute later the Theban ships moved away from the warp point.  His gamble had paid off as 1 day out from the warp point was a contact.  Given the distance to the homeworld from here that was likely a reinforcement echelon.  Still the battle had cost him.  Two battlewagons were cripples, one Aviere was lost and the remaining pair were also cripples, the original four Cavour's were reduced to a pair; the other two were a barely salvagable hulk and a cripple.  A further 3 survey light cruisers were cripples as well, survey force 3 was without a single functional ship.  When search and rescue was done he had over 5000 prisoners to send back down the line [ooc]500 Crew Points-10Q worth were recovered from the Buer bases that were destroyed.[/ooc]

The collier made good his missile expenditures with around 130 remaining in its magazines.  Leaving his cripples and a single Battlewagon plus the survey ships he advanced on the inbound aliens.  He sent his faster scout ships forward to get a look at them.  The Theban's contacted him days later and apparently they had made a deal with the Aliens.  They would offer the aliens, who refered to themselves as the Buer, a world in their empire and the fleet he was "chasing" would withdraw to there.  His journey to the homeworld would take nearly 2 weeks so Greco said he didn't much care what the aliens did in the time remaining to them, but if they were at the homeworld when he arrived he would smash them.  Destroying some 20 alien ships would take only a short time but he had not so many missiles remaining in the collier, but if necessary, escorting his troop ships were the RMs first carriers with 9 squadrons of fast strikers onboard.

As his scouts observed the Buer warships escorted a rag tag fugitive fleet from the system into Theban space.  The Buer Government in Exile was a case of the ruling elite fleeing the results of their own decisions as far as Greco was concerned.  He ignored Bishop Orso's suggestions as the military understood the value of the Theban trade agreement.

[ooc]Starslayer and I discussed this one.  The Battle actually see-sawed, I was wondering if I would need to kludge together an exit strategy for the RM.  The Buer were activating rather well and things weren't looking so good. Then with more and more DNs firing both their Alpha strike of XO launched missiles and their regular 39 CMs things rapidly went the other way, one group of DN engaged 6 targets and destroyed them for example.  This left the Buer at the end with 2 intact mobile ships (both of which had tissue paper for armour and that only due a spectacular case of rolling poorly otherwise both would have been crippled) facing the entire RM fleet and the DNs could destroy the remaining bases and crippled ships with impunity.  But the battle wasn't a one sided blow out.  If moving the bases helped or hurt is harder to say; it actually produced a much wider range where their F beams were effective.  Also without the warp point surge data Greco could never have launched the attack his DNs are just too unmanueverable.  It was really a case of "He who gets there the firstest with the mostest"...the Buer had 27 BS0 (plus 6 BS0 buoy control bases), and 14 BS3, plus 1 CA, 1 CL and 6 DDs.   The RM had 12 DN, 4 BC, 3 CA and 5 CL.  Plus 6 CL, and 3 CT they could have used.[/ooc]

Month 8, Day 24, Buer Homeworld Orbit

"Target Designated.  Squadron lock firing solution.  Fire Control to Automatic.  Maximum Evasion Protocol on my mark.  Mark!  Squadron initiating attack."  Greco watched the battle on his plot listening to the chatter from the fast striker squadrons closing in on the Buer base.  Each of his three escort carriers [ooc]CVS in reality[/ooc] had launched a single squardon.  On his plot the icons intersected, then one vanished.  The Battlecruiser sized Buer base had been destroyed in 30 seconds by green crews for no losses.  Test run sucessful.  "Communications.  Send to all ships.  Launch the shuttles." [ooc]An overall -5 to hit adjustment for the bases defensive fire[/ooc]

Month 8, Day 24, Buer Shipyards

The RM marines were closing in on the main control centre or so they assumed given what their engineers could make of the structure and power cabling.  
"GO! GO! GO!"  Two figures sprinted, hurling themeselves down as small arms fire from the barricade scared their combat hardsuits.  
"FIRETEAM TWO!"  Four marines ran; a pair hugging the wall on either side of the corridor while the two marines in the corridor fired on full automatic their fletchettes filling the corridor with a spray lethal to anyone without hardened armour.  
"ROUNDAWAY!"  Zero-g designed obscuring medium exploded as one of the armoured troopers fired a gernade round.  The marines vaulted the barricade and the suit HUD kept the marines vision clear.  The Buer security force was down in seconds of rifle butt work.  
"Engineers get that door open."

Month 8, Day 29, Buer Homeworld Captial Region LZ

"Target designated."  
"Target Acquired.  Initiating Deorbit. Time to impact 15 seconds."  
"Down!"  The sky glowed as the kinetic interdictors payloads sliced through the air then the area where the Buer defenders had set up an artillary post exploded and rocks and other debrie went flying.  The ground shock wave made the RMs ground force troopers bounce, the first thing they had learned was not to be standing when the rods hit the ground.  
"Strike inbound."  An assault shuttle flashed by overhead, configured for atmosphere its ramjets were at full, and the silent supersonic pass it made through the target zone was preceeded by the sound transmitted through the earth but the yammer of its 30 mm autocannon and whistle of the bombs that it deployed were unmistakeable.

RM ground troops advanced at speed through the wreckage of a Buer armoured column, their GEV APCs missile launchers seeking targets.  They roared down streets of the city the Buer had stood to defend seeking buildings orbital survellience had determined to have a high communications traffic.  Behind them came their heavy ground forces.  The battle for the Buer's world lasted a day.  [ooc]RM had 57 PCF8a, 105 PCF8, 300 KBS and 300 Bombs plus 19 ast (4 used for bombing) and 30 st (I guessed it would take about 30 transports to move their troops).  The Buer had 115 PCF4.  Officially the battle took 1 hour (2 inteception turns).  The RM landed in 3 zones and used 75 KBS/20 bombs per shutle in the first attack but that was over kill so I used only 25 KBS and more bombs in the second.  They then moved the Troops into a different zone and dropped more troops.  RM losses were 13 PC8a, and 13 PCF8.  They then landed 180 SEC.  Then moved to the next planet and landed their other ground troops to hold it: 15 PCF8, 45 SEC.[/ooc]

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This was a tough call for the thebans, and they were happy that they had been handed an excuse not to sacrifice the only mobile force within 8 jumps. Even if the Neferkhau fleet had moved, they migh loose 2-5 systems by the RM just moving 2 more jumps. SO they were happy to take the refuges (91 PTU) and the 11 CA and 11 CL wich had just finished refitting this turn and were shaking down (The blib on the radar wich would have posed real problems for the RM had they arived.. and had finished shake down.
As the thebans are currently prototyping a DN, they have an idea what such a ship can do, and will use the time gained by not starting shooting to fortify the contact area. Little do they know about the RM being TL 9 and soon able to bust fortifications without breaking a sweat.
Mines and SBMHAWKs, the biggest balance breakers for warppoints. Fighters, and to a lesser bit the CM, then SBM are it for deep space combat.
I guess the next conflict will depend on how the RM act towards the Thing. If the Thing can redeploy it's assets, they will try their best against a HT 5 race with elite crews  *carnage on the warppoint*.. and they have an all beams philosophy too, the elites... Even 2 TL advantage are not making it easy.. or cheap.

Unlike the Buer with their green crews...  actually, this whole small war might make a very interresting mini-campaign scenario, as it was very balanced overall. Drag your feet as RM, and the buer can bottle the home system up against you with more dsb-l build etc. And other variables. I predict much ship type refinement taking place by the RM for the next such occasion.
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Roger Buck turned back to his audience, behind him was a picture of the typical Benthian.  "Well you can see why they are called squids or tentacle heads anyway."  He sounds hardly apologetic.  
"The Benthian's have a government made up of a ever changing council of aristocrats, the best translation we have is the Council of Lords."  His emotional leakage is mostly frustration.
"As a race, they are borderline Xenophobic, infact we are about the only race to have successfully weathered the contact period without it going seriously wrong."  He brings up an economic chart.  "Their concern over alien races has led to them keeping the bulk of their fleet active."  He nods to the navy side.  "That gives them two battleships, six battlecruisers, and sixteen cruisers most of them light, a further three battlecruisers are in their reserve."  He indicates a number on the chart. "That means their maintenance bill is eating up about 50% of their income and this seriously limits their economic development.  It is also odd since they don't want to focus on a military build up, but in the past 8 months they have had 3 or 4 negative contact with alien races."
He taps his display and a timeline shows up.  "We think the fact we apparently took our time about the negotiations was a contributing factor to our success but when you get down to it the best our research teams can come up with are conflicting guesses."  He pauses, then shrugs and resumes.  "No one knows what to make of them, they aren't particularly warlike but they are forced to keep their fleet active, they survey with unarmed survey ships...outside of a pair of missiles on them anyway, they have limited numbers of fixed defenses as well."  His emotional leakage was all increduility.

He glances over his audience.  "They basically want to be left alone, though clearly they were willing to interact with us.  The ship building projects we had with them have worked wonderfully, and we have 3 more repair ships, 2 yard vessels and a third on the way."
He taps his fingers on the podium apparently gathering his thoughts.  "We have not even considered joint fleet exercises with them and the Drakes."  
He looks at the naval people.  "Our briefs indicate they have ships that use the same weapons as do our ships, so integration of their ships with ours in a fleet would be possible."  He shrugs, "When we first met them, they were somewhat more advanced then we were.  At the moment we are about equal, but we have more money in our operational budget then they make in total so it seems reasonable to expect that the SCN will soon enjoy a technological edge, and it is possible the Drakes will catch up to them."

"Alien Affairs basically hopes the situation improves over time but they have to admit that there is a distinct chance they will drag the Confederation into a war over a botched attempt at first contact."
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[ooc]This is just to say that the campaign is still going we have just encountered "technical difficulties."  Starslayer's computer has had parts of its motherboard subjected to unplanned voltage and current.  As well the last few weeks for me have been busy with work and but it is looking better.  I will do the turn over the weekend and next week and thus can do a major update, but advancing the turn will be held up.  We have also both participated in the beta test 4 for "The Secret World" and been quite impressed (to the point of pre-ordering) soooo there may be other delays.[/ooc]
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Bummer :(
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Computer is back.. now needs a re-install but turn is with Paul still.
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This friday looks to be a day of Starfire...The Secret World is dragging my attention to the ability wheel however.  Hopefully I can make the will power saving throw checks and get the turn done and written up this weekend.
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BAH! there is ONLY the Secret World

*still smarting from multiple smackdowns from someone looking suspiciously like Cthullu in the Polaris instance*

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I am still kicking myself from dieing twice to bombs before I sorted out that there were two cameras on the ceiling and that the funny lights I was seeing on the floor was the camera tracking around....*sighs*  Otherwise I'm having a lot of fun.  Just wish there was an offline source for the ability wheel so I could look at it and do some longer term planning.  But today is Starfire night...I must be strong and resist...not to mention to hope that I can recall what "da plan boss" was for the NPRs.
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*a quiet courier delivers a link before slipping away in the fog of kingsmouth*
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[ooc]Well my will power saving throws were made more or less, I hope to get the rest of the turn done today for the RM but the Confederation is done.  I spot that deckbuilder thing and will be heading there...I just love the freedom to choose what my character will do.  Now if they can only get the gear manager to work properly it will be the bomb. and explosives don't mix I am finding out.  As far as the wheel of distraction goes, 5 more AP into blades for martial discipline and self heal, a further 2 AP into pistols for a nice AOE heal, and then loads into fist weapons so I can get some better heals for my chaotic healing deck.[/ooc]

Month 171, Shanir

The Theban Empire's diplomatic envoy dropped a massive surprise on the Confederation Parliment when the proposal was read.  They were willing to transfer several systems to the Confederation for no cost, explaining that the distance and degree of interconectivity to the Confederations species made thse systems less interesting to them.  The Confederation Parliment conveened for a special session and quickly agreed to the exchange.  The data revealed itself to be quite a "Gift Horse" as a number of until that point and time unknown connections were found.  That area of space also connected to the newly discovered trading partners who call themselves the Thing of Odin, and who have been trading with the Drakes for quite some time.  The question of what to do about the connection between Frontier zone 1 and Frontier zone 2 is also finally showing signs of reaching a conclusion.  The current form of the report recommends transfering the Treveri-Rubicon chain plus all systems after the Treveri-Heracles warp point to FZ2.  This will stabilize the otherwise confusing situation but it is now making it harder to determine which system should be the designated Frontier Zone Capital.  The world Portal in the Vesuvius system is currently the front runner but there is ongoing evaluations.

Ongoing for some months now has been a join colonization program with the Drakes.  The planets Everchill in the Crossroads system and Blizzard in the Babylon system were the first two test sites.  Everchill's Drake population is now well in excess of the original Shanirian colonists, while Blizzard's Drake population is still at the outpost stage.  So far the program can be deemed sucessful.  Discussions are still ongoing on how to divide up the moons for resource extraction purposes.  Military matters are even more unclear but proponents of the idea say that the first step has been passed in that both populations are present and co-existing peacefully.  High level negotiations are proceeding between the SCN and the High Council to determine how a joint patrol schedule can be best facilitated.  In particular for the Crossroads system with its connection to the Thing of Odin and its closeness to what is considered a major Drake Transit System.  As the Drakes trade with the Thing of Odin, in the past through the Londonium system, it makes sense that Everchill is better and more direct trade connection to their homeworld for the Drakes.  What sort of economic impact this will have on the businesses in the New Expanses is not clear since we are unsure of any details about the Thing of Odin's internal connections.

The map attached to this report shows the newly added territory.  Exploration has been slow by all three of the Confederations species.  The Shanirian exploration groups are currently busy expanding the frontier or else about to push down the unexplored warp chains from Tarentum.  The primary issue is distance to the homeworld.  Colonization costs are now firmly driven by the distance and time each freighter must spend on the journey.  Discussions are also going on about to what extent the ships of the survey forces should be updated.  There have been substantial changes in the technological map since they were last refit.  The only issue is that would increase their maintenance needs and thus restrict somewhat their time on station.  As two good sized freighters are part of each survey group though this argument is loosing its support and it is likely only a matter of time before the refit plans hit the review board.  The Drakes and Squids are exploring steadily if not speedily.  The Drakes are limited by having only 2 groups, while the design of the Squids survey ship also hampers them.  The Squids are also reaching the end of their logistics reach and have desided to build Packmule class freighters to increase their survey groups logistics.

In terms of yard capacity over all the SCN is pleased with the expansion.  Three stations orbit Shanir, with 6 repair bays and 38 yard docks between them.  Exapansion of the newest station is ongoing and in under two years it will be complete and the total capacity will stand at 42 yard docks and 6 repair bays.  There is some serious discusion now starting to add an additional 8 repair bays in either a new station or else to the existing 3 space stations.  The utility of the repair bays with respect to their size makes them welcomed when it is time to refit the fleet.  As well two reapir stations are under assembly or in operation in Tarentum and Nova Vox systems.  This gives Tarentum 6 yard docks and 6 repair bays, and Nova Vox will soon have a similiar amount.  A pre-fabricated support base has just started its journey to Portal and will be operational inside of 6 months.  Five mobile construction groups are in existance and are fully occupied with tasks throughout Shanirian space, with a sixth being built in Sea.  This will give two groups of the large yard ships, two groups of the small yard ships, and two groups of repair ships.

The SCN has been able to prototype a new hull for some time.  Tentatively titled the Dreadnaught this would be a ship with a usable internal volume approximately 25% greater than the Battleships forming the heavy core of the SCNs 1st Fleet.  There is a clear advantage in combat and most importantly in warp point assaults from such a ship but there is no way to move it around the Confederation easily.  The large number of warppoints that allow only a battleship or smaller hull through make its deployment virtually impossible.  A ship of that size would not be able to get from the core worlds to the frontier as inevitably an insufficiently sized warp point shows up.  In the light of this the SCN military review decided to not proceed with the prototype phase and simply to channel the money and resources into other projects.  Due to the combat effectiveness difference, the SCN review pannel recommended increased numbers of Battleships to compensate for their individual lack in size.  The review pannel concluded that fixed defences were more cost effective then a ship that did the same job.

One new technological development, the datalink capable point defence suite also caused an uproar.  The analysis of its effectiveness showed clearly that it was a must have system, in particular for smaller ships, but that would require both major funding changes to the maintenance budget and also a round of refits on a shorter than anticipated schedule.  It took a compromise where not all point defences were swaped out for the new version to get it through the budget committee.  Still it has led to new designs for all major combat vessels, and dramatic improvements in their overall antimissile defence capacity.

                        WARBOOK UPDATE SECLEVEL PRIMUS

LEGIONAIR MOD 1 class BBP     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 7
[3] S0x22Aix20ZHRc(III)H(BbM)Q(III)?1RcMgED(III)RcETiQDRcMgEDM4DzC!1XrLhQEDz(III)(III) [5]
100 RCP  50 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2124/ 318.6
HTK 86   S0x22  Aix20  Dzx2  Dx3  Ex4  Rcx4  Tix1  Mgx2  
120x CM, 24x CM LT1, 10x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 10x ADM (Mg)

ARBALIST MOD 2 class BCG     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 7
[3] S0x22Aix6ZH(III)Q(BbM)(II)?1RcDRc(III)RcMgM3!1RcDMg(II)RcMgDzXrLhQEDz(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1655/ 248.3
HTK 66   S0x22  Aix6  Dzx2  Dx2  Ex1  Rcx5  Mgx3  
200x CM, 40x CM LT1, 8x CAM (Mg), 10x EDM (Mg), 8x ADM (Mg)

HASTA MOD 2 class BCP     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 7
[3] S0x18Aix12ZH(III)RaQRa(II)?1RaQ(BbM)ED(III)RaMg!1M3!1ED(II)EDzXrLhQEDz(III)(II) [6]
80 RCP  70 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1720/ 258
HTK 70   S0x18  Aix12  Dzx2  Dx2  Ex4  Rax4  Mgx1  
140x SM, 10x CM, 8x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg)

SPATHA MOD 3 class CAP     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x12Aix12ZH(BbM)Q(II)Ra(II)?1RaRa(II)RaM2!1MgE(II)XrDQLhDzE(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1187/ 178.1
HTK 55   S0x12  Aix12  Dzx1  Dx1  Ex2  Rax4  Mgx1  
136x SM, 12x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

GLADIUS MOD 5 class CLP     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x12Aix10ZH(BbS)(II)(I)?1Ra(II)Ra(I)!1RaM2Mg(II)DLhQDzE(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  862.5/ 129.4
HTK 46   S0x12  Aix10  Dzx1  Dx1  Ex1  Rax3  Mgx1  
150x SM, 6x CM, 10x EDM (Mg)

LANCEA MOD 6 class DDP     (AC) AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x6Aix3ZHs(BbS)(I)Qs(I)?1(I)(I)RaRaM2Mg(I)(I)QsDzE(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2        Cost =  614/ 92.1
HTK 28   S0x6  Aix3  Dzx1  Ex1  Rax2  Mgx1  
120x SM, 6x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 2x ADM (Mg)

Additionally two new classes of ship were designed and both have or are just about to enter into service.

PRINCIPII class BBA     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 7
100 RCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2049/ 307.4
HTK 112   S0x38  Aix30  Dx10  Gx5  Tix1  Mgx2
140x GM, 10x CM, 18x CAM (Mg), 8x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  The SCN Assault Fleet's heavy combat ship.  It is intended to enter contested warp point and sweep paths through minefields while still putting out a substantial close in fire power.  The SCN design board stuck with the gun launcher due to its well tested nature.  [ooc]Also because in the future I can launch anti-minefield missiles from them.[/ooc]

SCUTEM class DDE     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x8Aix3Z(I)HsTiQs(I)?1Dz(I)Dz(I)Dz(I)DzM2XrsQsDz(I)(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2        Cost =  729/ 109.4
HTK 31   S0x8  Aix3  Dzx5  Tix1
Notes:  This is a dedicated anti-missile escort vessel.  It is planned to escort the fleet flagship with a pair of them, but they can be detached to thicken any other units defences.  As they are a highly specialized ship they will be limited in number compared to the ubiquous Lancea.

(To be continued...and likely a bit of editing will occur to the above, editing did occur)

( (
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Shanirian Confederation Update Continued

Economically the three races that compose the Confederation are doing well.  All have experienced growth in steady if not spectacular terms.  Their current incomes are:

Benthian Lords
Production:  17 957 MCr
Trade:  1 795 MCr (only trading with the Shanirians)

Production: 21 855 MCr
Trade:  8 742 MCr (multiple trade partners)

Production: 36 405 MCr
Trade: 16 953 MCr (multiple trade partners, the newest is the Council of the Moon, the largest is the Theban Empire)
Government Freighters:  942 MCr (Maintenance: 628.4 MCr Net: 313 MCr)

Bureau of Colonization efforts have enhanced the flow of new colonists to 4 worlds: Vulcan's Forge, Argos, Byzantium Secundus and Byzantium Tercius resulting in their recent reclassification as medium population worlds.  Frontier zone capital world Motherload is also benefiting from continued colonization incentives and is very soon likely to cross the threshold.  Regardless of the success of such plans for the foreseeable future all new colonization efforts will come from Shanir, and will require journeys of up to 3 months.

The plan to increase the government pool capacity to 10% of what is available from commercial firms is proceeding well.  That level of cryogenic transport capacity is nearly achieved, and about half the goal in terms of pure cargo capacity has been achieved.  The construction costs of a new ship (426 MCr) are paid by the project before the ship completes construction.  It is expected that inside of a year the project will be able to fund on a monthly basis new construction and still generate a positive cash flow.

Excepting the Squids, trade is a crucial component of the races total monthly revenue streams.  For this reason the Drakes have invested substantially in frontier security and even more so in the security of their homesystem.  Shanirian Fortress command is gradually increasing its presence outside of key nodal systems, but has not been as successful as the Drakes in this regard.

Fortress Command

Fortress command is responsible for the warp point security and traffic control of a group of systems inside the Confederation defined to be of critical defensive value.  Due to the generally low tonnage of the SCN's patrol class vessels, frontier security is based on the concept of falling back to existing fixed defences and a heavy reliance on buoys and ADSW patterns as force multipliers.  The primary goals are to give the shipyards time to activate the reserve and to concentrate the existing fleets.

This has been accomplished by seeding the frontier with fleet support stations, which in turn begin construction of local system defences.  Fortress command is not as glamorous as service with the SCN or Survey Command but it represents a substantial fraction of the deployed mass of the Navy.  As often as the SCN claims the Lancea class is extremely numerous the truth is the Sling class outnumbers them by a factor of two.  The Sling bases form the line in the stars that in many respects defines the volume claimed by the Confederation.  Steadily the number of Pilum-Onager groups has increased, and the number of Pilum bases also outnumbers the Spatha class.

Funding wars over the SCN have been common but funding for Fortress command, given its close ties with inhabited systems with often highly populated planets, has been for the most part been made available.  Fortress command also only takes 26% of the total military maintenance budget so in general its requests have been accommodated without undue complaint from the SCN itself.  Over the last few years substantial amounts of money have been channeled in automated weapon platforms and sensor/communications systems.  Although, individually a system may lack numbers of an individual buoy the sum over the Confederation is nontrivial.

Currently there are 11 operational fleet support or fleet repair stations in 9 systems.  Shanir itself is the most heavily defended system in the confederation but Tarentum due to its critical nature is a close second.  The current goal is to secure all trade contact points and at the same time build up the defences in Tarentum and in all systems adjacent to it.  Nova Vox due to Motherload being designed a Confederate Command Centre and Frontier Zone Capital World will also receive more extensive fortifications.  The plans for the other frontier zone are in a greater state of flux due to the recent rewriting of the warp point map.  But the defences of Cyrene are well developed and when TF 30 takes up station the system will have significant defences.

The Drakes; however, have in their homesystem Angband some of the thickest fortifications known.  No less than 45 cruiser sized bases orbit Angband's 4 warp points and a further 4 protect their two shipyards.  An additional 36 bases exist outside their homesystem monitoring trade borders.  The Drakes have also constructed an impressive communications network and apparently have seeded a large number of their systems with extensive sensor buoy networks.  The Shanirian's lead still in this respect as they have had the technology to do the task longer but the Drake High Council considers security important and invest money steadily to increase the coverage of their network, especially for their more critical transit systems.  Due to cost the Squids are only beginning to produce the necessary buoys to start seeding their systems with buoy networks.  The Squids have increased the defenses of Sea substantially over the last two years.   Eight large Gloire class bases are currently operational and a further four are under construction to secure Sea's four warp points.  They suffer a significant problem in that they must control the Nantes system that connects to Sea with a low capacity warp line and has no habitable worlds.  This requires forward deployment of their fleet and strong reliance on their Gloire Warp Point defence bases to protect Sea itself.  Two jumps from Nantes is the Nice system another nexus.  The Squids are building mobile construction vessels to allow them to start fortifying these two systems.
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[ooc]This is just a brief note to summarize the RM's progress.[/ooc]

The People have been busy "digesting" their victory over the Buer Homesteads and have focused on three aspects.  The first is a dramatic increase in their technology, just this month they had two critical break throughs in the field of weapons:  Anti-matter warheads and the spinal mount force beam.  The anti-matter warhead is twice as powerful as the fusion warhead and so makes their heavy missile DN even more dangerous but also dramatically improves the damage output of their screening BCs.  The spinal mount force beam is the last key system they need before finalizing their new assault DN design.  Next month two new ship classes will enter production, an assault dreadnaught based on the lessons learned in the Buer assualts, and a new dreadnaught intended as a support ship carrying nearly 480 of new SBMHAWK pods just entering service.  Research is still ongoing on a new advanced targeting system which will improve overall weapons accuracy but that is several months away from completion.  The first carrier sized hull is nearing completion and already there are discussions how to refit it based on what was seen in attacks on the Buer warp points.

Well advanced is the plan to assimilate the Buer into the People.  Special residential schools have been set up to teach their young in the way of the faith away from the corrupting influence of their parents.  The cost of this venture is trivial against the over all economic gain of the conquest.  The military might deployed the Buer systems has so far resulted in no rebellions, probably also helped by the small increases in local industrial infrastructure.  In general, this phase of the conquest is going well on every level.  The Buer are still making communication difficult but that will eventually be overcome.

What is considerably behind initial estimates is the clean up from the battles.  This was in large part due to the lack of a dedicated fleet of repair and construction vessels.  This lack is being rectified on a monthly basis and there are now 6 yard ships out of the yards or nearly so.  One more just started and a further 5 are planned to begin construction over the next 5 months.  Likely also is that a third support ship will be built.  The Buer mobile yard ships have nearly all been refit and will be available for service largely to assemble pre-fabricated bases.  Repairs to the ships damaged in the assaults are also nearing completion, inside of 3 months the damage to the RM should be repaired.  Three destroyers captured from the Buer have so far been refit to the Vigil watchship class.  Additionally the bases captured in the first two systems have been largely refit to a new standard but the bases on the Buer homesystems entry warp point have not been touched, nor have the shipyards captured in the attack.  Currently planning calls for refitting the larger bases into the Santa Rosa class of fast striker bases, plus the establishment of a number of Mafia bases to monitor the systems gas giants and secondary colony.  The Buer ships captured will be refit into Vigil class watch ships, Bolanzo class survey cruisers or assault cruisers depending on their size.

This month the Heavy Reaction Force, its ships all repaired and once again space worthy, will be leaving the Buer homesystem heading for the yards at Genoa where they will enter into refit.  Once all ships are repaired in the Bari fleet a fraction will be detached for refit as well, unless the refit of the Buer yards is sufficiently advanced to allow them to be used for this purpose.  Overall aproximately half the RM is currently in refit.

Politically the Synod is wresting with the task of finding a clear path to their future.  Their largest question at the moment is what to do with the Thing of Odin.  War or not?  That is the question that haunts their most learned theologians.  The RM points out that for a war against a major power, and it seems the Thing must be at least considered such, they will need more preparation than they had for the war with the Buer.  The navy reviews indicate that the battle at the Buer warppoint could have been a massive dissaster had they not hit a time window where the bulk of the Buer fleet was not available.  Also they need assault capable ships since neither of the battle cruisers or existing battlewagon's are well suited to that mission and the blockade cruisers although performing admirably also suffered 100% attrition in the battles.

On an economic front massive investments have been occuring as the People strive to overtake the infidel Theban's in a game of economic one up manship.  So far the the Theban economy has proven to grow faster, but month by month the Great Houses expand their economic empires; each seaking to improve its wealth by colonial clients.  Both intact survey fleets are working to find new systems to colonize and the 3rd survey fleet savaged in the attack on the Buer, at last, has all suriving ships either repaired or under repair.  A captured Buer light cruiser is being refit to replace a lost ship and another captured ship will be refit.  As with many of the ships damaged in the assault their old crews will be used as cadre to train new recruits.

Overall things are going well but the spectre of the collapse they nearly faced makes economic expansion a necessity.  Naval prepardness is a further critical requirement.  Patrolling and securing their borders are two tasks that the RM is only slowly getting a solid grip on.  Pre-fabricated bases are being stockpiled to secure trade contact points, while small forces of corvettes are patrolling the network of space claimed by the people.  It has been decided to not undertake refits to the existing warp point bases and wait on technological developments and Santa Rosa fast striker bases to come on line.  Each yard system has also been working at building up a stockpile of automatic weapons, mines, sensor buoys, and SBMHAWK pods.  The fast striker school can provide up to 18 squadrons per month of trained replacements and the two support ships each have the fast strikers and pilots on board to replace that amount as well.  By the end of this month 9 light carriers will exit refit, bringing the total active carriers to 12.  Current planning calls for a further construction of 8 carriers to be matched with the 9 existing light carriers.  What is not clear to the Naval Review Board is what level of screening vessels should be attached to the carrier forces.  Current thinking is that 3 corvettes and 3 battlecruisers or possibly 2 battlecruisers and a new class of escort vessel once the anti-fighter point defense system is avalable are options to be considered.  The carriers have limited self defence but the light carriers are all but defenseless and represent high value assets.

Regardless the RM continues to stand ready to execute the will of the Synod and the Prophet or defend the People against the infidel that surround them.
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Month 172

Slowly, ever so slowly, the RM officers in charge of the aftermath of the Beur Conquest begin to see a light at the end of the long tunnel.  Survey force 3 now comprises more active ships than half shattered wreckage.  The last two original ships are under repair, one alien light cruiser has been refit and the other light cruiser captured has started repair and will begin its refit next month.  This will leave the survey fleet at full strength inside of 4 months.  Inside of 6 months all captured heavy cruisers will be refit to the latest Aviere U2 standard.  The 5 destroyers captured will be refit into Vigil class watch ships inside of 4 months.  All of their 9 construction tenders have been refit and are engaged in the refit or repair work needed still.

This has been accomplished due to the a major investment in yard ships.  Torino has built 6 Marcello class yard ships, has 3 more under construction and another 3 are authorised.  These 4 groups of mobile yards will be very active in the future, and also ensure that in the next conflict the time to "clean up" after a battle will be significantly reduced.

Besides the requirements of the conquest the RM has looked at the results of the various engagements and from these studies has begun construction of new ships classes and refits to older ones.  The three classes that are new are largely intended for the assault role.  New technology demands refits of existing classes to maintain the RMs edge.

CV(A) SAETTA class CV     AM2    17 XOa Racks    85 Hull    TL 8
85 RCP  65 MCP  24 FCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4        Cost =  2394/ 359.1
HTK 87   S0x8  Aix16  Dzx2  Dcx1  Pgx2  Wax1  Vx24  Mgx2  
60x SM, 12x CAM (Mg), 9x EDM (Mg), 60x fG, 150x fR, 9x ADM (Mg)
Notes:  this ship will operate paired with a CVL Folgore which carries a full set of replacement fast strikers.  The armour package of the class will be upgraded before it enters active service.  It is intended to enter a contested warp point as the lead element of an assault group.  It carries 24 fast strikers.  The weapon package is intended for defence in the short time it is in a hostile system and emphises short range fire power.  It carries two pinances for scouting purposes.  The Improved fast strikers no longer need small craft to function as scouts to lead them to targets.

UMBERTO class SD     AM2    26 XOa Racks    130 Hull    TL 9
130 RCP  45 MCP  6 FCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  3628/ 544.2
HTK 138   S0x14  Acx39  Dzx4  Wax3  Vx6  Tix6  Mgx2  
120x SM, 60x SM-a, 12x CM, 4x CM LT1, 4x SBM, 12x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg), 18x fG, 36x fR-a, 18x fL, 108x fM, 12x ADM (Mg)
Notes:  the Umberto is a combination support ship and combat vessel.  It is primarily intended to carry up to 480 SBMHAWKs, or fewer pods and maintenance resources for a strike force.  It can deploy 36 SBMHAWKs per minute, or 6 per minute with the pods slaved to the ships fire control.  This allows the ship to participate in active combat.  It carries a squadron of fast strikers primarily intended to defend the ship from enemy strikers or while it is vulurable deploying pods.  The RM intends to build 6 of these ships to be used to support an advance.

LAURIA class SD     AM2    26 XOa Racks    130 Hull    TL 9
130 RCP  45 MCP  3 FCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  3699/ 554.8
HTK 122   S0x14  Acx42  Dzx3  Fsx1  Ecx4  Rcx2  Vx3  Mgx1  
10x CM, 4x CM LT1, 10x SBM, 4x SBM LT1, 10x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg), 9x fG, 18x fR, 9x fL, 36x fM
Notes:  The Lauria is an assault ship designed to rectify the difficulties the RM experienced in the Buer conquest even with their tremendous technical advantages.  It armement is its most controviserial aspect.  The ship is built around the spinal mount force beam, which gives it the ability to hit any target its sensors can localize.  This will enable it even while bottled up on a warp point to inflict damage to enemy defences.  It backs this up with 4 barbette mounted energy beam mounts that give it a powerful close in defensive/offensive power.  Running parallel to the force beam mount are twin launchers for capital missiles intended to allow the ship to defeat minefields by the use of anti-mine munitions but also to enable the ships to engage enemies they can't bring into the arc of their spinal weapons.  Lastly a flight of fast strikers is carried by the ship, largely to give CSP protection during the assault but also to help re-arm/recover fast strikers from carriers.  They should also be effective at destroying enemy bouys.  The forward 3H are to be replaced with an Improved Capital Tractor Beam array while the central 8H are space allocated for Improved Multiplex Targeting, both of these systems are in development but not yet completed.

Current military planning of the RM calls for an assault force to contain 6 Lauria DNs, and 6 Saetta assault carriers.  3 carriers will enter followed by 3 Lauria's.  Following them will be a wave of SBMHAWKs launched by the Umbertos.  The carriers will then launch their fast strikers and retire as another identical wave enters the system.  The information gained by the returning carriers will be used to refine the targeting of the Ubertos SBMHAWKs after the first two bombardment waves.  The SBMHAWKs will be used to destroy targets identified as high threats.  The 144 fighters of the 6 carriers, will be replaced as needed by the reserves on the Folgore's and if necessary the assault carriers can retransit.  Follow up assault waves can consisit of Aviere U2 crusiers.  Once the minefields have been breached the Dardo's and Cavour's can be called forth to exploit the successes of the assault ships.  This perserves the combat strength of the Dardo and Cavours for tasks they are better suited for.  Damage to the assault forces can be made good by the yard ships and so it should be possible to maintain a high degree of momentum.  SBMHAWKs can be used in "blind fire" mode to damage defenders in situations where pinance scouting shows that the losses to the assault ships would be excessive.

The following classes represent re-use of the captured Buer ships and bases:

VIGIL class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0S0Aix3ZHs(I)HTfH(BbM)Q(I)QW(I)WMgM2XrLhQDz(I)(I)(I) [6]
30 RCP  120 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  525/ 78.7
HTK 27   S0x2  Aix3  Dzx1  Wx2  Tfx1  Mgx1  
60x SM, 6x CM, 3x CAM (Mg), 2x EDM (Mg), 6x ADM (Mg)
Notes: a refit to captured Beur destroyers the Vigil class is a police ship intended to ensure that rebellions are both detered but also stoped.  An infantry force is carried by each ship, along with 2 assault shuttles and a number of Kinetic bombardment systems.  The ship moves slower than maximum but this is not considered critical.  It is armed primarily to support police actions.

COETZEE (CAPTURED REFIT) class BS0    3 XO Racks    15 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0x3Aix6ZHsPgPgM2EQs [-]
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  277/ 13.9
HTK 16   S0x3  Aix6  Pgx2  Ex1  
Notes: a refit to the captured Beur mini-defence stations upgrading their weapons and armour packages.  The combination of plasma guns to drop the shields and energy beams to skip armour should make them dangerous for as long as they survive.

The Ratael bases have also been refit into two varients that allow control of buoys and mines respectively.

RATEL (CAPTURED REFIT) class BS0     3 XO Racks    15 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0SAiHsXrsQsDc(DCS) [-]
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  231/ 11.6
HTK 8   S0x2  Aix1  Dcx1  

RATEL-M (CAPTURED REFIT) class BS0  3 XO Racks    15 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0SAix5Hs(BbM)XrQsDc(MCS) [-]
15 RCP  10 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  287/ 14.4
HTK 13   S0x2  Aix5  Dcx1  
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It is funny..  just read the Rigellian diary and the Phoenix campaign again, and how much more conflict is in these. I guess it is because Kurt and steve deliberatedly created big bad antagonists wich go around and stomp. But even compared to the first munch campaign with 6 players, not much is happening. (That one used Imperial SF chances for NPR's.. means we soon were overrun by the number of NPR's).
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I have deliberatly avoided 3 potential wars, and at least one of the bigger wars in the München campaign ended after a major military action but one that didn't include fighting due to me not spotting those 3 ships with (CC) in the fleet listing, plus Franz's magnificent bluff...I also recall fighting many battles for the campaign.  A difference is that the bugs have only one way to deal with aliens, and that is war.  Plus both the Empire and Rigillians were rather "Imperialist" powers which while willing to use diplomacy would often quickly fall back on military might.  Also at the end of the München campaign I was facing 2 potential wars (the very high tech people, and the bioships).  And those were not "potential" but more or less "assured" the shooting had just not started.   So due to that I was much more willing to let that other NPR off with a treaty since I needed the bulk of my fleet redeploying.

I'm rather amazed people read ours, its mostly about logistics when you get down to it.  Plus with the changes we made wars are significantly more dangerous, as you can see with the RM it took them for ever to recover from that.  The next time I doubt it will take anywhere near so long but they were caught woefully unprepared.  Also it takes a lot more time to build up a navy with the half construction rate and the lower level of money.

Should we make a commentary thread I wonder?
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Year 17, Month 3  Shanirian Confederation

Naval House has been hit with two new warp points found in the Coreworlds Sector that have caused major stirs.  The Northern Lizard scout ships appearing in Pisea was a security threat but due to the presence of TG 12.1 in the system, and a full sensor buoy array the scout ships were localized and intercepted quickly.  The communications efforts proceeded rapidly to the establishment of a trade treaty and Argos's local economy already firmly grounded on Trade with the Drakes gained a new component.  More Sling bases have been scheduled for production but otherwise it was a situation that seems so far to be fully positive.

One month later, Shanirian explorers found a warplink from the Gift Horse system to Veii, the system adjacent to Shanir itself.  Such a path is a two edged sword.  It enables the SCN to deploy more rapidly to the frontier, as what was once nearly 6 months for warships at cruisiing speed is now reduced to a single month.  One of the basic tenants that made the Coreworlds sector that, was that the distance from Shanir was less than or equal to that a freighter can travel in a month, this means systems that had been assigned to Frontier Zone 3 are now actually more appopriately part of the Coreworlds sector.  This short cut will have a huge influence on the cost of future expansion in FZ3, as what was once near to 4 months of freighter travel is suddenly signficantly less.  It unfortunately doesn't help with the issue of moving a ship larger than the current battleship hull to the frontier.  As a major hole in the defense network though it has caused serious concern in Fortress command.  Authorized via a series of rapid committee meetings was a plan to implement a defensive array without building in-system construction facilities.  As it is next door to Shanir's yards and can draw on the excess capacity of the other systems near by it was decided to rely entirely on pre-fabrication and mobile construction vessels.  Orders are cut diverting two mobile repair groups that had just completed refit tasks to Veii.  When Mobile Construction Group 3 is finished with the border defences with the Squids it will move to assist.  Fortress Command pointed out that it has currently sufficient stockpiled pre-fabricated bases for the inner defence array, but it was decided to maintain that stockpile against a more urgent need.

Naval House also announced that Admirals L. Alexander and T. Winters, who have been instrumental in the development of the SCN, and held the positions of Commanding Officer 1st and 2nd respectively have been asked to take up the posts of Sector Govenors of Frontier Zone 1 and Frontier Zone 2.  Both have accepted this honor and Govenor Alexander is leaving for Mother Load, in the Nova Vox system while Govenor Winters is heading for Walkirk in Cyrene until a permant capital world for the zone is chosen.  Portal, in Vesuvius is currently the front leading world but the competion is fierce as being chosen as such is an obvious prize for all the inhabited system of FZ2.  These departures have led to a major shake up of both the SCN, and Fortress Command.  Navy House will be welcoming new occupents and many new faces are sure to be seen in the news.

Notes on Shanirian Promotions

Generally speaking there are 4 promotion streams that are active at any one time.  Survey command has relatively stable structure, that have changed little over the years due to the specialist nature of the survey business, and due the fact that survey forces are independent there is distinct ceiling to rank.  This is generally acceptable as Survey is not a "Line" branch and is used as a training position for most junior officers in learning ship handling or ship board skills.  Fortress Command, actually significantly larger than the SCN in terms of personel, tends to follow a path of individual base, command of an array, to command of a system.  Promotion from that point is generally in the form of increased importance of the system, with the overall command of the defences of Shanir being the plum assignment.  However, advancement tends to be slower in Fortress command and so it tends to attract officers who have families and wish to see them on more than rare occasions.  Inside of the SCN there is a split between the Line Officers and the Engineering Officers.  Engineers being highly critical to maintaining Shanirian interstellar travel, as the ability to meld strongly and have sufficient strength to cast a ship through a warp point is while not unique relatively rare, they tend to be favored for command of non-combat duties.  An engineering officer tends to move through the ranks commanding construction and repair groups, support fleets, fleet bases and culminates with either command of the fleet train itself or one of Shanir's construction yards.  Line officers tend to start commanding things like one of the courier ships still maintaned a points in the confederation and then moving up through the various TG commands, culminating in the rank of Legate and overall fleet command.  Line officer command tends to be both more upwardly mobile but quite often signficant sidewards movemnt will happen as senioritiy accurs for a rank.  It is often stated to be a faster but significantly more bumpy ride.

[ooc]One thing Aurora has a better way of dealing with officers (ah duh) since age gets tracked as well.  It is certainly also more interesting, from a quasi role playing perspective.  To do this sort of thing properly you need 3 interdependant rank structures: civilian, naval and ground I think.  One thing I have to say is that short cut Veii-Gift Horse is giving me lots to think about.  For one thing I noticed that my colonization costs dropped a lot, CFN cost = Colonization Cost and that is something I have not seen in ages.  I also need to think if I break down a home planet PU, up till now I have been living on the 100 ptu per turn but I can now easily accomodate more population transfer than that as the turn around time is 1 or 2 months and no longer 2-4 months.  It also makes settling moons in systems with no habitables more viable.  It is still outright impossible to move bigger ships around...though the Drakes don't have this problem, I think only 1 system they have is not reachable with DNs.  The short cut actually short circuited a few transfers as in people leaving this month will arrive before people who left a month earlier.  I will also need to look into a new map arangement I think...starfire mapping:  impossing order on the chaos of spagetti connections[/ooc]
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[ooc]We might want to consider using a rule similar as Kurt did in the Phoenix campaign, allowing DN to move through 100 HS WPs .. well, the first 100 HS in impulse 1, the next 30 in the following impulse. They joy of new shortcuts to thecore worlds. In the end I just decided to significantly augment the fortifications i the Thebes system. At least we don't yet suffer like the cannon Cartel with 9 WP's in the home system. They have the by number and HS biggest fleet of forts in the game.[/ooc]
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[ooc]The system in GSF we could use but I think we can stick with the standard way for the moment.  I don't feel that limited by the situation at hand.  I'd rather not change a working system.  The GSF system is..different...and I honestly don't know what affect it has on game play.  Kinda funny if you think about ISW4 all that really was required to stop the bugs cold was a low capacity warp link.  They had zero ability to project force with things smaller than SDs.  Until they developed the Gunboat anyway.[/ooc]
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[ooc]Well it was a slow turn as not much is going on in the 4 empires I'm looking after at the moment.  I am trying to figure out what to do with the RM-Thing issue.  A beligerant theorcracy and a federal theocracy don't mix well...but starting a war with them is tricky...I have a few turns left as they need to finish the Buer digestion process.  The Thing are in a war, but the RM doesn't know that, but the RM is still waiting on their assault ships too...anyone want to put an opinion out feel free.[/ooc]

Year 17 Month 4  Day 17 (1930 SST) Shanir Near Orbit, Shanirian Naval Construction Complex,  Prime Yards Rec Area, Nuts and Bolts Bar

Centurion Scott Montgomery clinks glasses with his nominal "junior" in the SCN's Naval unoficial hierarcy.  "Task groups ready to go, another check mark on the milestone list, aint the Navy grand?"
Midori Synder laughs and drinks.  "Scott, you know there is no life like it."  They both grin as their melded emotions bounce back and forth with the overflow from the general room wide emotional leakage.  "But the two support task groups are organized and we have then taking on new IDEW this month."
Scott nods and glances down at the tablet infront of him, "Almost the entire confederation yard capacity is in use and we haven't had a budget war in over a year."
"You miss them this soon?"  Midori shakes her head.  "Legate Winters was complaining about the good old days at her going away party."
"She was?" Incredulity follows the much more mildly delivered statement.
"Oh yes, the younger generation is all soft and we used to scrub the exhaust tubes in hard vacuum with bare hands back in the day."  Midori's reply is delievered with shields in place to keep the seriousness of it secret.
"Uh huh..."  he looks at her carefully and then decides to change the subject since Midori was well known amoung her friends for inscrutability not to mention winning at cards.  "TF 30 leaves next month."  he looks out the bars windows unconsiously.  "I still remember the meetings where it was political fiction."
Midori nods.  "They get one of the support groups as well...23 ships total...will be quite a progression."
"If the current funding holds I expect that small groups of Hasta's will join them, and they are already making plans to double up on Gladius construction, plus the survey boffins even managed to get an authorization for 2 discoveries for the reserve."
"Oh!  I just broke even on the pool, Portal will be the new frontier zone capital, too safe a bet I guess."
"Drinks are on you Midori."
"Hey!  You are the male, senior officer...there is a strong tradition that says you pay!"  her finger taps the table.

Some time that same month, Milano System, Rhoam, Monestary of the Revelation

Signore Montefiore walked though the sand garden a single figure pacing him.  The tread of his sandled feet was obscured by the sound of the chant of the Word coming from the Priory garden, each sentence marked by the sound of the two hollow wood staves being struck together.
He sighs, "Kierra, we have done three stanzas and still you say nothing."  He glanced at the cloaked figure beside him her hands demurely folded into her sleaves.  "Given the fact you could kill me, dismember me and hide the evidence of doing so in that time..."
"Eminance, you do my skills great honor and give my teachers much credit."
"I know how much it cost...but please tell me what news you have before I die of old age or heart failure due to anxiety."
"Eminant Prophet, this is information we have obtained by several operations inside both the Cannon Cartel and the Theban Empire."
"Where we felt there was a risk, we elimanated our local contact."
"Diplomatic issues may arrise from that."
"Police forces rarely look past the surface, in these cases "deviant sexual behavior leading to death" is an excellent cover story.
"Kierra..." he sighs, "...think of where you are."
She glances around, "We are ones ears will be harmed because I uttered the word sexual."  her hood shakes, "I'm rather surprised I am here."
"You aren't."  his tone of voice is absolute.  "I am being briefed by the minister of information on some routine matter right now."

"Yes your Eminance."
"The results?  I am confounded by the fact we aren't the pre-eminant economic power in the stars and I want to know why."
"The operations in the Cannon Cartel revealed that they too trade with the Thebans.  As they trade with a large number of other races, more on that later, the size of the Theban empire is..."  she pauses, "...disturbing."
"That big?"
"Yes your Eminance, that big."  she sighs, "Neither the Cartel nor the Thebans are not taking care with their databases and so public information has to be suspect, but based on what is both present and not present the sheer size of the Theban's empire is why they stay ahead of us.  I'm sure individually our systems are very productive but quantity has a quality of its own."
"Hmmph.  I will keep cracking the whip though...we will see if they can maintain this lead."
Again movement of the hood.
"Your Eminance, worse news.  Both the Thebans and the Cartel are in contact with other races and based on news reports and private data base searches.  There is at least one other large empire in existance.  The Cartel has little good to say about them...apparently they are efficient at tax collection and serious about border security."
"That is bad?"
"It cuts into profits."
"You are joking?"
"I'm serious, they like us even less in that is how I found out about the others.   We are the only thing that makes them look liberal apparently."
He looks at her robed head and sighs. "Continue."
"I know only that the trade is carried out at the home world of a different race that has strong ties with this ...Confederation they call it."
"The Thebans trade with them?"
"They tried to keep their other trade dealing secret but the existance of the goods is hard to disguise, and the volume to trade is substantial, plus there was a recent major political arangement between them.  The details are not clear but there was some internal opposition to the size of the gift.  But again absolute details are hard to get with access to a single planetary database."
He nods.
"The war plans with the Thing of Odin your Eminance?"
He sighs.  "It will be a major throw of the dice."  He looks at the sand garden studing the arrangment.  "The Navy point out that we aren't ready for a war right now.  But the Buer proved that the best way to improve economical is to capture major systems from other races."  He smiles.  "A difficult dilema."
"Leave the report and return to your duties Kierra."
She bows deeply and leaves, her tread soundless on the ancient wood of the Monestaries floor.  When she is gone his hands flicker and a Holographic map of the known galaxy appears and he patiently gestures his way through the menu looking for projected completion dates on the Navy's latest ships.
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Just for refferences.. the original armored brick... and a refit

DNA FIBUR II class SD     AM    26 XO Racks    130 Hull    TL 8
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Def -3      Cost =  2769/ 415.4
HTK 152   S0x30  Aix80  Dcx1  Dx6  (HET)x5  

DNA FIBUR III class SD     AM2    26 XO Racks    130 Hull    TL 8
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5    Def -3  Tem -2        Cost =  3007/ 451.1
HTK 147   S0x30  Aix72  Dcx4  (HET)x5  

Well, they clued in to the E-beam weakness.. and behold... 6*O

And the dsb-L soaker of another race.. cost effective even if simutransited.. you need more MC of dsb-l to kill it than it costs:

UNFORGIVEN class CL        9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 5
[3] Aix51Hs(BbS)(IcIc)GGLhQ(Ic)GMg [2]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  536.5/ 80.5
HTK 62   Aix51  Gx3  Mgx1  

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A short rundown of the Thing - Yeti war, and results as of turn 174
[ooc](Looks I am not iron on the dates .. wish SF assistant would track battle dates for a race. Especially when you have ships raise crew grades due to battles, and thus the battles get entered somewhere. Both empires involved here have been struggling for cash. I have taken down the previous post for a better rewrite. will be two parts though. )

(The Thing of Odin contacts the Norse Yeti in turn 116. The Yeti reject communications and prepared for war.)[/ooc]

Code: [Select]
RM -- Meirica -- Home -- Maigh Eo -- Baile Feirsta -- Yeti Prime

                |          |            |                        |  |         | |       |                            |*5
Rafla Yeti -- Tre Li -- Cliath 2 -- Maigh Eo Moh -- SN 125 -- Bun Cranncha -- Rafla -- Ostlann -- Beag -- Padraig -- Home

The northwesterly winds were bringing clouds laden with rain in from the sea, pronouncing the end of summer and the beginning of fall after the harvet.. Thus the children, instead of running over the meadows, gathered under the eaves of the old ancestral hall, hiding in a gable of the atic seldom used but to store unused winter clothing. While the first drops tapped against the window, they snuggled into the musty furs to trade tales and stories.

'Lars, why is your father gone for so long?' asked seven year old Ingrid the tow-haired older boy sitting next to her.

'Mhh..' he paused 'Let me see if I can remember it all. It's been allmost five years ago the skald Svea Halgardsdottir and her ships discovered a race of huge shaggy beasts among the stars, just beyond the rocky system of Magh Eo. Their world is covered with great glaciers and high mountains, but they only growled and bared their claws when Svea tried to bring them the tales of the Aesir. After some month, Svea grew bored and wandered to find new stars with more interresting people.'

'What happened then?' The other children closed in around the two, sensing a tale of daring and heroes unfold.

'Then, in the summer of last year, while most of the ships were out watching the funny speaking men in robes who had taken over the land of the dragons,.. ' Lars continued 'traders reported seeing stranger ships in the starlanes to Cliath. It was the Yeti, they had come from their lair and were hunting in Maigh Eo for the trails towards our worlds. The warriors went out, to bring them to their heels and teach them that they tresspassed. A fleet was send out, half a dozen of eagla, the battlecruisers, the mighties ships we had then, and a dozen cruisers and a handfull fo destroyers. They did not want to tire themselves chasing after fleet pray, and thus eased around the small path of retreat for the hunting yeti, waiting in ambush. The pathfinders of the Yeti could no longer report to their brethren at home, and thus grew worried and hid, waiting for more of their foul kindred to come to their rescue. And as our warriors exspected, they came, lasers blazing bright and full of fight. A mighty clash it was, but they had not counted with the cunning of our folk.'

'How did they fight them?'
'We have cruisers of the An Gleas kind, wich can throw mighty bolts of plasma. Those waited close, to keep the yeti busy. While they did so, the eagla threw their big missiles at them over a distance they could not reach with lasers and other beams. When they had brought down the last valiant an Gleas, they had all damaged engines and could no longer chase after the eagla,who still threw missiles at them. Thus they had to run back to their caves, tails between their legs.'
'And our warriors, seeing as the funny speaking men in robes did not want to fight with them, came home and gathered the Noilag, the mighty battleships we just had launched. They are huge and powerfull, heavely armored and with beams wich can electrocute you inside your ship. The Yeti quavered and hid in their lair.'
'But the yeti had three huge bases and six little ones, and twelve battlecruisers, and all could throw beams of force to rip things apart, and they did not sleep fought like crazy...  their beams were allways hitting our ships and taking them down. Thus, the Noilag had to come back, their armor in tatters, and many An Gleas had been destroyed while taking down all the little bases. The yeti know how to shoot, even more accurate than our best ships, father said.'
'So they came home to make new plans?'
'Yes, they did. They repaired the ships and made new ones, and left many eagla and Iasc to guard the lair, as the missiles fly farther than beams.'

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'One of the travelling skalds and his scouts had found a new world where some Yeti made their lairs. And the elders of the warrior's thing send out a quick force of Eagla and Iasc cruisers with some smaller ships to secure the systems while the scouts looked for the way the Yeti had reached this system. And they found one warpline wich the Yeti guarded. So once the Noilag were repaired from the battle, they send them out all the way beyond Rafla, through the new terretories into the system Tre Li where the men of the houses had secured the new Yeti lairs after they landed all the tanks and flyers.'

'We have something new, never seen before. a starboat like a courir drone, able to use a warp point and not get crushed like a fly. Brave warriors voluntered to use this to scout onto the enemy, to see how he was defending when the Noilag finally had arived. And they were lucky, the Yeti had their battlecruisers back from the warp point, to avoid the fearsome beams and plasmabolts of our ships. So they flew through the warppoint, took a sharp look at what the Yeti had, and came back. and they said the yeti had positioned themselves in several groups of three ships allmost out of sight of the pinnace.
Our warriors said: They have their ships so far back, we can get our ships in, but maybe they will run and we have to chase them. The An Gleas can destroy them, but they need to come closer.
So they send two Noilag and three Eagla and two an Gleas and a corvette, and had the Eagla shot at the yeti battlecruisers. But as going through a warp point leaves your wits scrambled and makes your electronics bas as well, they only could shot missiles from one ship each. Thus, only very few hit a yeti ship, and the yeti circled like wolves, and did not come closer.
and our warriors send through more ships, again two Noilag and three Eagla and an An Gleas and a destroyer and a corvette. And the first three Eagla now had their computers back and they fired at once on the yeti wich now closed a bit, and shot al the missiles on their backs too, and one of the yeti battlecruisers had explosions all over and flames and pieces flew off, and the yeti saw that the Eagla could hurt them badly if they stayed away. And so they charged in with fire in their eyes and had all their beams shoot at one of the Eagla and wounded it. And the other ships wich had come through with that eagla now all had turned to fly as one towards the Yeti, meeting their charge, singling out the group of yeti ships where the missiles had damaged one. And the yeti fired and the An Gleas and the Noilag and there was fire all over and when it ended, the two yeti ships had been destroyed and one of the Noilag was wounded. And another yeti ship had been deadly wounded by missles. And the warriors send in many Iasc while the ships fought wich send their missiles all over the yeti ships and wounded them.'

'And the Yeti came closer to make their beams more powerfull, and now beams and plasma bolts and very fast missiles flew all over and the yeti destroyed the wounded Noilag and allmost killed a second one, but in doing so, they came right into the sights of the last ships wich now enetered the system, wich were even more An Gleas, and they were all destroyed or wounded untill they could fight now more. But they scuttled their ships, so we could not capture them.'

'So now the yeti had no more ships in the system, and to defend against the advance of our warriors, they will have to send new ships. And our warriors wonder if they will have to send ships from the warp point into their cave, thus leaving it open to their attack?'

Outside, it had grown dark. Engrossed in the tale, the children had not heard the calls for supper, and thus were taken by surprise when one of the women opened the trap door and shooed them towards the washroom to clean their hands before they sat down to eat, still thinking of bright lights and how they would fight monsters when they grew up.

Thing of Odin ships used

BC EAGLA II class BC     AM    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x9Sx4Aix9ZH(BbS)(III)QRc(II)Rc(III)RcF(II)DcRcF(III)?1M3DcRcMgXrQLhDc(II)F [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2        Cost =  1569/ 235.4
HTK 54   S0x9  Aix9  Dcx3  Fx3  Rcx5  Mgx1 

CA AN GLEAS class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x14Aix14Z(BbS)HQ(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)DcPgx4Dc!1?1Pgx4LhQM5(II)PgPg [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1322/ 198.3
HTK 61   S0x14  Aix14  Dcx2  Pgx10 

CA IASC III class CA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 5
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1        Cost =  1045/ 156.7
HTK 41   Sx3  Aix4  Dx3  Wx9  Mgx1 

NOLLAIG class BB     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x20Aix48ZHQ(III)?1Dc(III)Dc(III)PgPgDc(III)D(BbS)PgPgEDcXr!1CM4EEDLhQ(III)E [5]
100 RCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2173/ 326
HTK 108   S0x20  Aix48  Dcx4  Dx2  Pgx4  Ex4 

DD ALAINN II class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 5
[2] SSAix3ZHsW(I)Qs(I)(I)D(I)WMgM2(I)(I)QsD?0F(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +1        Cost =  519/ 77.9
HTK 24   Sx2  Aix3  Dx2  Fx1  Wx2  Mgx1 

CT LEATHPHINGIN III class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 5
[1] SSAix5Hs(I)(I)(I)DQsF(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  218/ 32.7
HTK 15   Sx2  Aix5  Dx1  Fx1 

OINSEACH class DD        6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0S0AiAiH(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)(BbL)x6(I)(I)Qs(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  379/ 56.9
HTK 20   S0x2  Aix2 
6* pinnace, 6* ast

Norse Yeti ships & bases

ASGARD class BS4     AM    24 XO Racks   120 Hull    TL 5
120 RCP  30 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1        Cost = 1804/90.2
HTK 71   Sx13  Aix26  Dx3  Fx20 

BERSERKER class FG     AM    4 XO Racks   22 Hull    TL 5
[1] SSAix4ZH(I)(I)(I)FDXc?0Qs(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost = 568/85.2
HTK 18   Sx2  Aix4  Dx1  Fx1 

Survey frigate with a serious flaw wich only became obvious after they were trapped in a system.

GRENDEL class BC     AM    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 5
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1  Tem -1        Cost = 1528/229.2
HTK 61   Sx8  Aix18  Dx2  Fx9 

Overall, probably the best ship design the Yeti have out of the box.

SKADI class BC     AM    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 5
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1  Tem -1        Cost = 1472/220.8
HTK 66   Sx10  Aix22  Dx2  Lx4  Fx4 

VITHAR class BS2     AM    10 XO Racks   50 Hull    TL 5
[1] Sx5Aix10ZH(BbS)FQsFx6M4?0DQsF

50 RCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1        Cost = 766/38.3
HTK 31   Sx5  Aix10  Dx1  Fx8 

WODEN class BC     AM    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 5
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1  Tem -1        Cost = 1478/221.7
HTK 60   Sx8  Aix18  Dx2  Lx3  Fx3  Epcx2 

The Norse Yeti could make the Epc work, but this class is just too split up in weapon types to allow good focus.

Overall the yeti suffered for their lack of range once battle was joined in deep space, but on the defense from WP assault, they being elite had them at a significant advantage. They are learning. The Grendel class is actually pretty good, able to beat on all Thing beam armed ships with impudence and having good range for fights with W-armed cruisers. The Skadi-refit will gain X-ray lasers .. *evil grin*. Just the Woden refit, despite gaining E-beams will still sufer from too much attention-split.
I suspect though that the Yeti will build capital missile combatants sooner or later to adress their weakness.
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[ooc]Well I will be writing about stuff that I had not planned to write about to be sure.  The RM were quietly building up for an intervention (unwittedly) in the Yeti-Thing war.  That likely would have resulted in a reprieve for the Yeti, but events intervened. As I will be out the door soon to do travel tasks this is likely to just be a teaser.  More later...ok the travel experience was significantly more adventure like then I appreciated let me tell you.[/ooc]

Year 17 Month 7 Day 25 Cyrene System, Walkirk Orbital Yard, Primary Docking Facility

"Welcome back from our comercial break, the ceromony is continueing as Legatus Ironheart is formally taking command of the 3rd Fleet today."  The camera view zooms in on the tall dark skinned man currently reading out the archaic writ that grants him formal command of 3rd Fleet as approved by the Parilment and People.  The camera then pans over the assembled military figures, each in the SCN's formal uniform, interspersed with Ground Combat Force Personal also in full dress.  The hanger bays lighting in muted compared to the normal high intensity spot lights and a small crowd of local dignitaries are in the benches behind the podium.
"Ah, the latin is over with and now starting with the senior commanders of each Task Force the various commanding officers of the ships will offer him their swords."
"Tribune de Malorca," the camera zomes in on the CO of TF30, "will start, followed by Centurion Prince who commands TF31 aswell as TG31.1"  
The commentator sounds confused but continues on, "After that comes the junior decturion's  Siemens and Lewson commanding TG31.2 and TG31.3."  The camera scans accross each officer as the commentator mentions their names.  
"After that each ship commander will do so."


The SCN is revising its standard formations to meet the changing circumstances of the galaxy.  The TO&E of a fleet now contains significantly more cruisers to give the various task groups more combat power.  Each fleet is authoriszed 3 Task Forces, with the 2nd and 3rd Task forces normally split into 3 Task Groups.

Fleet TO&E (Rev 3-17)

TF x0 (x is fleet number)

(1st Fleet Only)
2 Leginaire Mod 1 Battleships
3 Hasta Mod 2 Battlecruisers
3 Spatha Mod 3 Heavy Cruisers
(2nd and 3rd Fleets)
2 Spatha Mod 3 Heavy Cruisers
(All Fleets)
3 Gladius Mod 5 Light Cruisers
1 Octavious Mod 3 Command Cruiser
6 Lancea Mod 6 Destroyers
2 Scutum Destroyers
2 Drusus Mod 4 Recon Corvettes

TF x1, or x2 (All fleets)

5 Gladius Mod 5 Light Cruisers
11 Lancea Mod 6 Destroyers
6 Drusus Mod 4 Recon Corvettes

TG x1.1 or x2.1 (All fleets)
3 Gladius Mod 5 Light Cruisers
5 Lancea Mod 6 Destroyers
2 Drusus Mod 4 Recon Corvettes

TG x1.2/3 or x2.2/3 (All Fleets)
1 Gladius Mod 5 Light Cruiser
3 Lancea Mod 6 Destroyers
2 Drusus Mod 4 Recon Corvettes

Admiralty House is reviewing deploying more Spatha's and Gladius's to the 2nd and 3rd Fleets to give the frontier forces more firepower as it is becoming clear that the Destroyers are rapidly loosing their effectiveness given recent changes in technology.  A destroyers missile salvo is no longer even capable of stressing the point defence suites of a typcial destroyer datagroup due to their ability to protect one another.  However, the destroyer remains capable of outrunning what can destroy it and outfighting what can catch it.  For that reason the SCN is loath to stop deploying them.  They additionally are very economic ships interms of firepower per credit of maintainence.

Additionally the forces allocated to the reserve and the assault fleet are being increased to give greater available threat firepower.  The assault fleet is allocated 15 Principii Battleships and 18 Hastasti heavy cruisers.  Additionally the Navy is looking to see if it will be possible to double up on some ship types starting the next ship with the first only half complete, an inovation from the CFN construction that seems to work well in building numbers without driving costs high.

Fortress Command has also started thickening some of the defensive arrays, increasing the numbers of Pilum and Onager groups to given increased mid range fire power at the warp point.  The Balista heavy missile base is also being authorized for certain key systems but it is slow to produce locally.  But the number of bases being stockpiled in a prefabricated state is also slowly increasing something that until recently was viewed more as a joke amoung funding committee members.
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Milano System, Rhoam, Tivanac City, Central Adminstrative Complex

Signore Montefiore closed the file with a tap of his finger in mid air.  "You know when I first heard that we just spent 20% of our entire gross steller product on re-arming a fraction of our ships I thought this was some sort of error, the kind that usually results in someone being promoted."  Left unsaid is that the Truthseekers rarely failed to find guilt in such matters. "But it seems the new missiles are more expensive then flinging gold and platnium cannon rounds at the enemy..."  he pauses and sighs, "Worse I discovered that several of the new ships will have magazines worth more than the ship."
"Your Emminance,"  Chairman of the Naval Board, Lord Sansone faced his superiour without a hesitation, "the price of progress...the weapons are more effective but much more expensive."
"Even the ones considered by the board in-expensive cost nearly 2 billion."  Montefiore's voice is level.  "The space we control grows and our only watch is small corvettes."
"Even that is hard to increase."  Umberto gestures and lists blossom between the men, ships and shedules and fleet status.  He gestures and a fleet list expands.  "Our most experienced fleet the Bari fleet is in dire need of a refit.  But only now do we have sufficient assets in the system to start pulling them back to Genova for refits, there is already a group on the way."
"But the first ship being refit is not yet complete?"
"No, and the entire refit and build schedule is a mess to put it mildly."  Sansone gestures and the completion dates spawn in a graphical display.  "5 months more to refit the first of the Dardo U3's, 2 months travel time for the Bari fleet, less for the detached ships."   
He pauses, "But the delays with the new technology means it is 9 months until the first Laurie class ship is finished, the Umberto will be ready sooner and the Saetta's will start serial production next month."
"That means the new...race..."  both men share a glance, "Yes as a certain order would say the Creator of All has a sense of humor."  They both grin, the new race reminded them of nothing more than the small prey species children learned to hunt on.
"Your emminance the RM has been preparing to engage the Thing, as a way to redress the economic imbalance with the Thebans, but we need time for that.  Our ships don't build quickly...We could engage in another war but we need information to know what we can dispatch."
"I have contacted the Theban Embassy about the new race.  Possibly they know something of them."
Sansone, nods, the Thebans had extensive trade connections.  He gestures and fleet lists swirl, "It is possible we can..."

New RM Designs:

IMPAVADIO class CAE     AM2    12 XOa Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x6Acx18H(BbS)Q(II)DiWa(II)DiWa(II)DiWa!2MgM4(II)DiXrDi?j(II)Di?2DzLhQZiDz(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1651/ 247.6
HTK 59   S0x6  Acx18  Dix6  Dzx2  Wax3  Mgx1 
90x SM, 30x SM-a, 9x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg), 6x ADM (Mg)

Notes: the Impavadio is intended as an anti-fighter escort.  Deployed in a pair the two ships are capabable of engaging 4 fast striker squadrons.  2 Squadrons with their combined point defences, and a further two with sprint missiles.  It is intended to use a pair of Impavadio, a Cavour and a pair of Doria's as the screen for each fighter formation.  Additional other Impavadio's would be used to protect valuable assets such as colliers and construction ships.  However, the cost of the ship is making the RM consider a frigate sized ship for escorting these ships as the Imapvadio's cost might preclude it being built in sufficient numbers.
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The inquiery of the Regia Marina unto the Thebans passed through the warp point in a diplomatic packet and was send to the local gouvernour, who, among other things was responsible for smooth trade and diplomatic relations with the Regia Marina.
As this concerned the Lemurian Hierarchate, long standing allies and partners of the Theban empire, the request was passed on to Setau, where the sector command lay. Given that the Buer Homesteads also once where withing the sectors purview, the inquiery was met with concern.


In a sector of space far away and unknown to the known races....

.. an eddy in space stired and birthed a light cruiser. Allthough the system had been visited by this  cruiser before, it powered down it's engines after transit and went quiet, listening. After some time, and no driev fields detected withing range, it send a courier drone back through the warp point, and four more light cruisers joined it's brethren. Then they spread out in a circular pattern, sweeping around the warp point. Once they were satisfied, another drone summoned six superdreadnaughts, three battlecruisers and three light cruisers. Slender long hulls with foreward sweeping wings were dotted with smaller vessels like cornkobs with kernels.
Momentarely secure, they powered down their drives and rearmed the smaller vessels. Then, the fleet set course towards the inner system towards the world wich was gving forth signals of it's inhabitation on all the spectra, the light cruisers still sweeping ahead of it by a light minute.


*No one advises advising the emperor on this and is thus responsible responsible for diplomatic relations? But..  * governour Ra-Am-Setau paused before replying to his aide... realising that the decission we came to with his collegues in the other sectors, namely to handle diplomacy on a sector level, now backfired when the time came to pass the bucket up. The Regia Marina were powerfull, economically and technically. The reports from the ragged Buer fleet travelling into exile had made this clear. They also were not above taking over planets by force.
The Lemurians were more powerfull than the Buer, and had allways played a consideration in the defense of the setau sector, wich connected to their home system by the Judah nexus. And due to the fact that their systems provided a convenient shortcut via Jebel Ali into the Setau sector wich was navigable by even the largest ships the Theban Empire could field.
But they were in a pocket, and only after entering closer relations they were able to expand into new warp lines. But also unlucky, as two lines so far had ended in failure, and now only the third one provided them with a worthwhile new colony. And now, that warpline ran into the Regia Marina.
And they had been very helpfull, building huge yard ships able to carry a whole shipyards at reasonable speed and then selling them to the thebans, who allways could sue more shipyards.

"We have to take a firm stand here. Please advise Alexandria that a supply depot in Jebel Ali would allow us to station a more substantial fleet there than the one guarding against the lizards there. And request a fleet from Theben to reinforce Jebel Ali, so we can assist the Lemurians in the event the Regia Marina gets hungry. Loosing the Buer hurt, but the lemurians situation could spark a war."
And then Setau would be on the frontline... I bet the Regia wasn't too happy about the lemurian priesthood blessing every meeting..  they seem a bit prickly about their religion's place in the world.
Of course, lemurian incence smeels strange.

"About the inquiery... we shall tell the Regia Marina that the Lemurians are our good friends and allies. Hopefully they will think a bit about going after another ally. And I hope the lemurians are a bit smarter about claiming systems than the Buer."


"Sir, I have a strange contact here on traffic control beacon 31. It doesn't seem to be a glitch, as it is defenitely moving inwards towards sol."
The adressed lieutenant turned towards the pretty young sensor tech and aproached to look at her screen. After watching the blib on the monitoring staion for a while and talking with her, he decided to ask if one of the geological survey ships in the area could swing by the contact and determine what exactly caused it. Having secured amiable company for lunch, he returned to his chair overlooking traffic control.
Half a day later, the small frigate wich untill then had been busy studying gravitational eddies to test a new theory came close enough to resolve the contact into seventeen separate drive sources.
It took more than a day to call up the personal of the old fleet, wich untill now had not seen much use since the unification wars half a century ago. But finally, four light monitors, two superdreadnaughts and two battleships left orbit to close with the approaching fleet, leaving the security or their homeworld to the three immense bases orbiting it ponderously.


[ooc]... taking 148 turns to realise one had forgotten to asign a diplomatic service or foreign ministry when writing up the empire... *le sigh*.
The battle developing will follow as soon as I got the turn back and have played it out. First race to field light monitors in battle. Their design philosophy has them at range disadvantage, though. [/ooc]
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[ooc]Time for a break from discussing the whyness of which I think.  This is likely to be a two part update as I'm going to cover mainly my two partners this part.  As usual nothing to exciting is going on the Confederation, it is really a period of strong economic growth and expansion of systems rather than rapid exploration.  [/ooc]

Year 18 Month 3 Day 15 Shanir, Confederation Pariliment Sub-Comittee on Alien Affairs Briefing

"Well as you can see from these graphs the over all trends for the Confederation economic growth are positive."  Julius deValour gestured at the graph projected behind him, the discussion room was filled with members from the Parliment, the Privy Council and various branches of the Beurocracy that kept the Confederation government alive.  He tapped the consol before him and new information appeared behind him.  "I'm going to start with smallest of the three economies that make up the Confederation, the..."  he pauses then continues, "...Benthian Lords have recovered from their economic slump, and their last tax collection had them bringing in 22, 109 MCr from their own worlds."  He gestures and the figure slides up to the right, "They have conducted a census that indicates a population of 7902 in so called population units."  The number migrates up to near the first figure.  "This strong showing is mainly due to, the technical term is, good survey luck; I believe.  They have found a large number of habitable worlds and a surprising number of them have been mineral rich.  They have been making consistant strong economic investments coupled with keeping their military expendictures down, they have a maintanence percentage of only 42.2% this year for example.  These two action have let them actually expand their military and substantiall increase their net worth."

Eyeing the military representatives in the corner he taps the screen infront of him.  "They have a ready force designated "Home Fleet" that consists of two Foch B class Battleships and six Clemenceau B class Battlecruisers commanded by Amiral Tikkicon."  Images of the ships and their details show up on either side of him as he speaks.  "They have plans to produce a total of 6 Foch B class Battleships, and have a further three Clemenceau class battlecruisers in reserve."  He looks around the audience again.  "It should not be forgotten that they built under contract with us a total of 6 Pioneer class shipyard vessels plus three mobile repair ship class vessels.  The have completed a further 3 Pioneers for their own use now."  He taps the screen and the two capital ships are replaced by representations of two smaller cruisers.  "They also have 5 Patrol Forces and 3 Survey Defence Forces that are composed of a single Dunkerque B class heavy cruiser and two Richelieu B class light cruisers.  These forces are used to patrol their space or to back stop their unarmed exploration vessels."  Julius wondered anew why a race that pretty much wanted to be left alone thought that exploring with unarmed ships made the slightest sense.

"Their homesystem is defended by four groups of 3 Gloire class heavy weapon platforms, and a tripwire class defence station.  Currently their biggest defensive shortcoming is that their orbital constuction facilities are undefended."  He pauses and taps on the screen to bring up a listing of military formations.  "Their ground forces are now somewhat reduced as they have consolidated some units into Security Forces, these formations are less expensive to maintain as they have fewer heavy weapons.  Otherwise they have upgraded their ground forces substantially and have approximately a fifth of them equiped as rapid reaction forces.  Currently all of them are deployed on Cachalot."  He pauses and looks over the audience, "Their admiralty has adopted the Packmule as a standard multirole support vessel and they have five of them available for use as troop transports."

"Integration in a Confederation wide military has only recently been raised in the Parliment and so far no concrete steps have been taken either by the SCN or by the Bentian Admiralte to integrate their forces."  He pauses, "As both navies use similar types of ships and weapons the SCN and Admiralte should be able to operate in good cooperation."  Julius clamped down on his emotions as the documents he had seen on the topic of internaval cooperation had either been sources of unintentional hilarity or downright depressing.  The Squids were mildly xenophobic, somewhat paranoid and rank conscious to a degree the SCN found difficult to deal with.  Their ships for the most part were similar to the SCN's but they often had incomprehencible weapons arrangments such as mixing laser mounts with particle beam barbettes to little purpose.
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[ooc]ok likely 3 parts as I didn't manage the two minor races in one noon hour.  The drakes suffer a bit because I increased their yard capacity substantially...this actually allowed them to spend a lot of money on their military that they had until then tended to accumulate so they no longe tend to run huge budget surpluses as new toys for the Warlords are no longer blocked by insufficient yard capacity.  Currently they have their fleets out of the home system to give it more supply room to build though.  Steve's new supply rules occasionally limit construction as supply for it is no longer there.[/ooc]

"Moving on to the Drakes,"  Julius doesn't even slow down over the nickname, even the Urloki didn't mind it, unlike the Benthian's who got stuffy when being called Squids.  "they have as of the last census and audit a production of 26,011 MCr from their own populations."  Again the number moves over to right.  "Their population is 9,440 in the so called population units."  He taps a few times, "The last few years they have substantially invested in miltary hardware and have currently the hightest maintenance cost at 50.6%."  He surveys the audience.  "Although, a lot of details are not clear to us it seems that the region known as the Old Expanses has run out of open warp points."  He shrugs, "This is determined by the fact they have redeployed the survey fleet that was present there to the New Expanses.  Independent trading vessels which are now making runs from Rip Tide are reporting that they have established a trio of light weapon platforms at the warp point."  He pulls up pictures of two types of base on the screen behind him.  "These are the typical warp point defence base group that they have deployed at all points of contact with alien races and at the entrance to their homesystem where the four warp points are guarded by no less than 15 such groups."  He nods to the miltary members.  "This makes Angband the most heavily fortified system in the Confederation, even compared to Shanir or Tarantum."  He pauses and another base this time a Medium Weapons Platform shows up to join the other two.  "As we understand it, they are in full construction mode to add a total of 18 of these new long range missile bases to the system.  This will add to their already steep maintenance bill, but given the system is the sole place they have shipyards it is unavoidable in the view of the high council."  The arguements for only having a single production facility boiled down to the current Warlords not wanting to loose their power, plus preventing a possible civil war of the colonies against the homeworld as Julius understood the situation.  The Drakes had managed to channel their normal agression into colonization but still their territorality was still a racial trait as evidenced by their substantial investment in fixed defences.  "They have started to rebuild their pre-fabricated base stockpile which is usually taken as a sign that they have completed all planned mobile constructions."  He nodded to the military, "As our reports indicate they have 3 active Trithding class Battleships and a further 6 under construction the only news is their start of a prototype Dreadnaught class of vessel."  Julius damped down his leakage because the SCN did not like being reminded that it could not build this class of ship due to the problem of moving them through warp points.  "Our early indications is that this vessel, much like the Pelalil and Trithdings is a pure missile ship with a mixture of long and short range missile launchers."

"The Old expanses seems to be in a good economic position regardless of no further exploration possibilities.  It is the source of a significant amount of the raw material used by the Drakes and we have indications that they have founded at least two viable colonies.  One of them Dul-Pantir is apparently at the status of a medium population level and judging by the shipping records we have been able to access they are advancing at least one other colony to that status though the time it will take is not clear.  Further indications and reports indicate they have discovered some habitable worlds that aren't suitable for them though most other races would enjoy them.  Due to the distance from Angband they appear to be waiting to settle them from Dul-Pantir."  He pauses and taps the consol to show graphs of shipping and comodities for the three sectors of Drake controlled space.  "Considerable development is ongoing in the New Expanses."  He pauses and taps again and a picture of a different race shows up.  "They are in contact with a race called the Moldovian's who inhabit a planet similar in environment to theirs.  The Moldovians are in a pre-space state of development."  He pauses, "We have every indication that the High Council has decided that they will amalgamate the Moldovians into their compact."  He sighs, "This is clearly upsetting to several of our political parties but the Drakes are adamant over this, a for them life bearing world is too important.  We can only hope the Moldovians find the prospect of being uplifted sufficiently enticing."  With obvious reluctance he adds, "Otherwise whatever war there would be would have the advantage of being exceedingly short."  The miltary delegation looked grim.  "At any rate they will first use diplomacy."

He puts up several graphs or the last several months of economic growth.  "The growth of their military construction capacity has seriously strained their economy but on the whole they are making consistant growth limited to a large degree by the lack of new opportunities plus their desire to force the growth of the planets they have found, a total we belive to be around 5 or 6, including the two in Londonium that the Confederation granted them when we turned the system over to them."  He pauses, "To the best of our knowledge they now have 3 such medium worlds:  Tyril and Dar-Fallon in the New Expanses, and Dul-Pantir in the Old expanses."  He pauses and taps on the consol with a map of Drake space showing up behind him, several areas being marked as tenatively identified.  "We know they have not produced anything like we have done in our frontier zones where we establish a captial with substantial military and economic decision capacity.  The High Council refuses to grant such authority, we think it is only time before the situation comes to a head though."  He shrugs and looks at the diplomatic staff, "There is every indication that the colonial populations are starting to agitate for a voice on the Council, what we can't tell is if there is internal to the Council maneuvering going to to bring this to the point where potentially new Warlords are appointed."  He stops for a moment looking the crowd over.  "The lack of construction facilities and the presence of the Joint Expeditionary forces means they can't build ships but still the expanses have a substantial and growing population base that is currently not represented at the highest level of their government.  This is a non-stable situation and it is hard believe the Drakes can't see this as well, High Councilar Angkelfauch is anything but a fool and this is an obvious problem."

"From a military prospective the Drakes are staunch allies."  He taps on the screen and force structures show up on the screen.  "The High Council Fleet is the most powerful force in Drake space and is composed of 3 Trithding Battleships, 3 Pelalil II Battlecruisers, 6 Balthasil II assault crusiers, 6 Banalis III deepspace cruisers, 6 Naraithsol IV destroyers, 6 Narthaas II assault destroyers and 6 Glamatus III recon corvettes."  At each name the ship appears on the screen with its full stats.  "Each of the four warlords has his personal fleet composed of a Balthasil II command cruiser, 3 Narthaas II assault destroyer, 3 Naraithsol IV deepspace destroyers and 3 Glamatus III recon corvettes."  It was obvious that the High Council fleet would only be threatened if all the Warlords cooperated together.  "They have a reserve of 6 Trithding planned, 9 Pelalil II's and 9 of each cruiser type."  He brings up another listing.  "Lastly there are 6 so called Joint Expeditionary Forces of a Banalis III cruiser, a pair of Naraithsol IV destroyers and two Glamatus III scouts.  They function as both patrol and picket groups."  He pauses the resumes, "They are called Joint because the crews come from the different warlords and is the only place where this mixing of Flights is common."  The Drakes were a clannish lot with the, as translated, colours rarely mixing.  "There is currently a join fleet excersize ongoing in the starless nexus next to Angband and our space and Task Force 10 is on the way to participate.  Up until now mostly our join excersizes have been virtual but it was felt actual live fire experience would be invaluable."  The head of the military delegation Tribune Quan smiled.  "As I have been briefed such an excerisize is to occur once a year in the future."

"Overall besides a slightly sluggish economic growth due to their military expansion things are going well for the Drakes."
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[ooc]I'm open to suggestions on the drake social woes.  But given their government type and me basing them largely on D&D dragons they aren't exactly without internal conflict.  I also assume that the three races though in a partnership are still seperate.  The reason the Shanirian's have such good info on the Drakes is that they have taken over a lot of postings in the Drake beurocracy, which has improved its efficiency (as the Shanirian don't as a rule assasinate their way to the top) but it does mean the office of strategic initiatives gains a great deal of economic data that they process to determine what is going on.  The Drakes realize to a degree that this is happening but their Military mindset means they don't quite realize exactly how much "secret" information the Shanirians can determine by looking at the civillian side of the economy.[/ooc]

"Moving on to our progress over the last year."  Julius smiles, this part of the talk was more or less a feel good session for the attendees.  "The Confederation has had significant growth economically over the last year.  Our total economic output was 42, 024 MCr last month with a further 1,169 MCr being collected by rental of government owned hulls to the private sector."  He moves the two numbers upwards, "Our total population is 18 522 in the so called population units."  He sends the number to near the others, "In terms of real numbers the break down by sector is as follows:  Coreworlds sector: 40 Billion, Frontier Zone 1: 400 Million, Frontier Zone 2: 200 Million, and Frontier Zone 3: 100 Million."  He pauses and taps on the screen, "Although in economic terms Shanir represents only 19.5% of the Conferations wealth generation capacity it has the bulk of our people still.  However, we now boast 5 planets classified as medium population worlds:  Vulcan's Forge in Virconium, Gateway in Antium, Motherload in Nova Vox, Argos in Pisea, Secundus and Tercius in Byzantium."  He nods to the group from Bucolonization.  "Our plans for this fiscal year are to add another 4 worlds to the list and to see if we can double it."  He touches the screen moving the worlds over to the left and brings up the targetted planets and their data.  "Our current incentive program for industrialization has expanded year by year and this year the monthy investment is 1800 MCr."  He brings up a simplified schematic of Confederation space.  "Our current problem is that any transit time to the frontier is now on the order of 4 months with the exception of Frontier Zone 3 which is connected by Viie's newly located warp point nearly to Shanir itself.  This has dramatically reduced the cost and time need to colonize what would be otherwise an extremely long trip."  He looks around his audience "A three month trip essentially results in twice as much being spent on the transport than the colonization equipment cost.  By four and five months the transport fees become substantial."  He shrugs, "But the value of a population on the frontier is signficant and so far it has been deemed worthwhile to move people."  He highlights a couple of systems on the schematic.  "Nova Vox and Vesuvius have been designated as sector capital systems, with communication and control infrastructure in place for Frontier Zones 1 and 2 respectively."

"Militarily, the situation is looking good for the Navy and Fortress Commands.  The current maintenance budget is 45.7% of our domestic product and expansion of defences and fleet units is proceeding on schedule."  He taps on the pannel and several systems are highlighted.  "The plan to decentralize and increase our ship yard capacity is an indisputable success.  In Shanir we have three orbital stations with a total of 38 yards and 6 machine shops, in both Tarentum and Nova Vox are each 6 yards and 6 machine shops, 8 other systems have Fleet Support Stations with 2 yards and 2 machine shops, while one more is being prefabricated and another one is being assembled."  He taps on the console bringing up another set of lists, "Two construction groups with 3 pioneer class yard ships are operational, two groups with 3 mobile workshop class construction tenders are operational and two groups with 3 Forward Repair Ship class mobile docks are operational.  The Pioneers and three of the FRS ships were as stated before built by the Benthians for us under contract."  He taps more and pie charts show up by each system with construction facilites, "We are using approximately 90% over all of our yard capacity each month with several systems contributing pre-fabricated bases to the reserve stockpile."

He clears the screen and then a list of fleet deployments show up.  "At the moment Task Force 10 is on the way to the starless nexus SN984 for joint excersizes with the Drakes."  He pauses and highlights the third Task Force icon, "Task Force 30 is in Cyrene and 3rd Fleet is organizing its tasks in Frontier Zone 2.  The two Task Forces 31 and 32 are still largely understrength but the existing ships have taken over all patrol activities in that Zone."  He highlights the middle icon, "Task Force 20 and Support Group S2 have advanced into Hippo Regius and are currently picketing the warp point that leads to the Caliphate as the new race calls themselves.  The survey ships have moved on but the diplomatic mission to secure a trade agreement with the Caliphate has stalled."  He pauses for a long moment, "Given the nearness of this system to Tarentum, and the extreme importance that nexus has for our trade, this is starting to rise concerns."  He touches the screen, "Additional bases have been added to the construction queue for the warp point leading to Hippo Regius as well as more automated weapon buoys and SDAWPs."

"Diplomatically otherwise things are proceeding slowly with the Council of the Moon as they have turned down the last 2 offers to add a military defence pact to our current trade treaty.  The trade treaty with the race calling itself of all thing the Northern Lizards has been profitable and the defences on that warp point are now at a reasonable level.  The situation with the Theban's is as usual, we are securing our borders with them but they seem pre-occupied with internal matters.  The trade with the Cannon Cartel can soon be shifted to Frontier Zone 3 from the current transshipment in Angband orbit as we have found a direct connection to them."

He clears the data and brings up again the starmap.  "Exploration command has secured funding to construction of two new survey forces, one of which will be mothballed.  A large number of systems near to heavily inhabited frontier worlds that remain unsurveyed and one more force will speed up that task.  Additionally, all survey ships will be refit to a higher technological standard.  A serious issue remains supplies as it is becoming harder and harder to establish colonies necessary to produce the supply lines but each force is well equipped with support freighters and so far this hasn't been a complete show stopper."

"Alright that concludes the executive summary of the curent state of the Confederation as a whole.  I will take any questions now."
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Note to the admirality: mixing plasma torpedoes and commercial engines on your ships is not a good idea if the foe is armed with capital missiles and military engines. (or 3 BC's blast 15 DD, 15 CA, 15 FG untill they run out of ammo and retreat, leaving all hostile ships with damaged engines and thus unable to even pursue).
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Year 19, Month 4, Day 28:  Shanir, Admirality House, Briefing Room 1

The senior members of the SCN currently on Shanir: Legate Samual Bester (CO of 1st fleet), Tribunes Ben Quan (Head of the SCN's Naval Headquarters and Administration), Susan Ivonava (Head of Fortress Command) and Frank Masters (CO of TF10), plus Centurion Scott Montgomery (incharge of the SCN's dedicated construction facilities in Shanir orbit) were gathered with the Drake Ambassador Irashaar and his Military Attache Sgt Attaakk in the briefing room.  The armoured pressure suits of the Drakes were in stark contrast to the Shanirian's undress uniforms.  The pit's holo-projector was in operation and a wire frame view of the neighborhood of the warp point joining the Drake colonial system (and warp point nexus) of Elvorfilas to the system that the Drakes call Calebririon.  

Calebririon is inhabited by a race whose government is known as the Cervii Republic.  A pair of Drake survey corvettes had been in system for several months engaging in diplomacy with the Cervii.  Things had been progressing well with full communications established and discussions about trade on-going.  This much the Shanirian's in the room were aware of.  Elvorfillias was a system in the Drakes "New Expanses" and was a well settled binary system.  Elvor-Nidar was also a garden world for the Drakes being one they could live on without the need for pressure suits and environmental domes.  Elvor-Har was a less interesting, for the Drakes at least, terran type world that had a desolate planet tide locked to it.  Several rock balls and gas giants and an asteroid belt on the outer edge of each components planets rounded out the system.  The net worth to the Drakes was over 1000 MCr per year but it was vital in two other senses.  A good part of the "New Expanses" lay beyond its warp point to Belanduil:  3 habitable worlds including the Moldovian's Homeworld.  The Moldovian's were Drake allies that they were in the process of uplifting.  Additionally Elvorfilas was a warp point nexus and of its 8 warp points 4 were un-explored, these represented the last open warp points in Drake space.  Elovorfilas was also very close to the Shanirian systems of Babylon, Rip Tide and Palymera, which made it of "strategic interest" the SCN.

Legatus Bester looked at the holo with interest noting the deployment of the Drake ships.  Effectively north of the warp point were stationed the three Skywatch bases and to the south were the Join Expeditionary Force's ships, while the corvettes of the scout fleets ringed the space in between.  All ships were at long range from the warp point itself.  The Corvettes at 3 LS while the bases were 3.75 LS, and the JEF was 4.25 LS.  Indicators for a minefield surounded the warp point and other symbols marked the location of 3 groups of bomb pumped laser buoys.

"The contact with the Cervii had been going well until some days ago.  At that point we are still unsure exactly what was said.  We think there may have been some in-advertent insult given but frankly we don't really understand why they got upset and stormed out of the meeting but they did.  Shortly after that they issued a declaration of war and our scout ships withdrew from their system.  Apparently they located the exit warp point from Elvorfilas by observing our transit."   Legatus Bester could not help but think that having extracted themselves without being seen would likely spare many lives in the future but done was done...a cloaking device would be very useful in these situations...too bad they only existed in stories.

"A message was sent on to the Homeworld via the ICN and the local commanders prepared to defend the system with the forces they had to them.  Luckily we had put some minor defences in place, the Skywatch bases were just assembled and had barely finished shakedown."  The humans nodded.  "At any rate they launched an attack some few days after the corvettes got back with the news.  Here is the recording."

The holo view changes to scanner view with a time stamp running in the corner.  Suddenly the view changed to a pair of immense jets radiating outwards from the warp point, followed by another pair and then a third.  This was followed by a  ship of alien design that flashed into existance at the anomalies event horizon, then a second and a third.  A tactical analyis showed up afterward as the progression froze.  Battlecruiser weight, 5 energy beam mounts, multiple point defence suits.  
"What in the name the hells was that?"  Legatus Bester could not remain silent...the 3 jet pairs were still visable in the picture, radiating outward on three different orientations in space.  
"Our best guess is that the Cervii attempted to send a ship the size of our prototype dreadnaught or even larger for all we know through the warp point...on their side it is limited to battleship or smaller hulls...but that is something you can only know by coming through from the Elvorfilas side."  
The Shanirian officers all looked at each other and then back to the scanner view.  
"The energy is in all spectra so far as the science ships could tell:  light, microwaves, xrays and very high energy gamma rays."  
It was an understatement to say the room was quiet as the naval officers looked at the readouts beside each pair, their faces ashen.  Since the time when it had become possible to exploit warp point connections most scientists had just said that exceeding the size of the warp point or transiting multiple ships simultaneously would result in something terrible happening to the ship or ships in question.  Now they knew what happened and it was indeed terrible.

"Their ships and ours engaged in a brief battle..."  The display advanced with the enemy ships being pounded on by the Drake ships and bases, the corvettes firing into the enemy ships rear aspects at times and then a second group of ships appeared.  More codes indicated there were 3 Battleship sized vessels apparently armed with Captial Missiles Launchers and a further 3 battlecruiser identical to the first trio.  A baddly hit battlecruiser exits the fight retreating back through the warp point.  
"The battleships engaged the bases with laser warheads."  Damage indicators spill accross the display.  The bases point defence had done a spectacular job stopping the laser torpedos, still the two missile bases show armour damage.  The detonation of the laser buoys scars the battlecruisers armour [ooc]As we didn't notice the warp point size until after the battle the SDs absorbed a lot of fire that would have gone on the can find the battle in the scenario's section if you want to see the ship designs involved.  Note:  there is no error the Drakes don't use shields or armour on their normal (non-assault) ships.  I don't see why they would not use them on bases though.[/ooc]
The battlecruisers enter the minefield and do a good job on the field itself but still damage is mounting on them as two are shields down after their wide angle beam fire eliminate the surviving mines.  One battle ship is battered by the corvettes laser fire while the battlecruisers engage the corvettes with energy beams damaging two of them extensively.  But the damage to the ships seems too excessive for the Cervii and their ships turn and slip back though the warp point.  Leaving the Drakes still in control of the system.

"As you can see we held them off, probably mostly due to them loosing the three ships they did."  
Legatus Bester replies,  "Your crews did an excellent job considering the mass differences involved."  Almost all of the intruding BCs had been damaged to some extent and one Battleship had been badly damaged.  
The Ambassador makes gesture of acknowledgement and continues, "But we will need to counter attack, and so we are requesting your assistance officially.  We don't think that our assault cruisers are up to this battle, and we will need ground troops to take their world as fighting in its atmosphere would be difficult on our troops."  
Legatus Bester looks grim, while the warp point had this time worked to protect the Drakes the size would work against them as well.  Any counter attacking force would be limited to battleships and cruisers for the most part.  "I see, well that is up to our Parilment but I will direct our engineering branch to start the activation proceedure once I get that confirmation.  Given Elvorfilas's location we will begin moving combat ships to support your position as soon as we can cut orders to them.  But mostly you will be getting more lighter ships Ambassadore at least initially."  
"That is more than acceptable to the High Council Legatus Bessterr.  We have started activating our war time force and have dispached the Council fleet and the flights to hold the system."

Some days later the Pariliment ratifies the treaty action and the SCN is instructed to demothball their warfleet and render all assistance consumate with maintaining the security of the Confederation to the Drakes.  Normally with two other partners there would be discussion of a joint endevour but the Squids and Moonies have no love for the Drakes and their Ambassadors make that clear.  The Squids, however possess few ships and the Moonies while the have a substantial force have only a few ships that would fit through the warp point so the SCN looks to them mainly for assitance if something happens on their borders while they are involved with the Drake-Cervii war.

Centurian Montgomery starts the proceedures that will begin demothballing the vast numbers of ships that have accumulated in the reserve and assualt fleets.  His efforts will get a boost in month 6 as the Prime Refit Yard station is about to come on line in Shanir Orbit.  Together with the 3 construction yards he will have 42 shipyards and 15 machine shops to devote to the task.  One small issue is that a lot of the mothballed ships are quite old and will need to be updated before joining the front line.  The planning to do this over the next 12-18 months had existed but the current crisis was accelerating the activity.

The SCN will be sending TF10(+) with its full war complement of cruisers and all the battleships the SCN has.  It will be supported by the Fleet Train and two mobile construction groups with mobile repair ships.  The Assault Fleet will be full activated and dispached.  Additionally a TG from 3rd Fleet will help secure the Duo Verge system which connects to this area of space while a TG from 2nd Fleet will move into Belanduil to assist in its defence.  The fleet train loads up ASDW's and IDEWs from Shanir's general stockpile as well as a small marine detachment [ooc]32 PCF-8A[/ooc] before departing for the border to Drake space.

As there is one unresolved contact currently ongoing only 2 systems from the vital nexus of Tarentum the SCN is concerned about moving too much of its force out of the Homeworld sector but a race that has dreadnaught sized ships is nothing to be treating lightly.  The normal builds dedicated to increasing the strength of the frontier fleets will hopefully be sufficient to the task of defending the Confederations borders.  Also the SCGF starts a recruiting drive as the need for more troops is clear.  Also the demand for the war will likely reduce the planned Colonization surge for the last months of the year much to BuCol's shagrin.  

( (

Uploaded with (

The above is the mess of the current Shanirian knowledge of the universe.  It is no longer possible to make it usable if you can see it all at once though it does give you an idea where things are.  The red circled system is where the Cervii Republic is coming from.
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Turn 196: Reorganisation of theban survey assets.

Sire, we have come to present you with a proposal concerning an overhaul of our survey forces. Currently we ave deployed seven survey forces with two Unem-Em-Hetep cruisers, an Ua survey tender and a Ptah probe frigate. Furthermore, we inherited four survey fleets from the lemurians with three Östergötland light cruisers each, and still have two survey fleets operating the Anouket EX, which due to its lack of ranged sensors is a deathtrap in case of hostile forces operating within the same system.

Thus, we have currently 14 CA, 12 CL, 10 Tenders and 7 probe frigates in operation, and 20 explorers.

We propose the following refits and rebuilds to our survey ships, and the reorganisation of the twelve survey forces along the structure outlined below.

The Unen-Em-hetep class has served us well since its conception, but a replacement of the passive defenses with the current state of the art is adviseable, as is an upgrade of the electronics and point defence systems. Six cutters will be maintained as the small craft supplement allowing a quick survey of planets and moonlets.

The Östergötland class has its laser turret armament removed to provide space for boat bays allowing the deployment of several pinaces in the scouting and initial warp point probe role. And no survey cruiser will be able to stand up to a main line ship in a close defense role, so providing it with a limited stand off capacity seems prudent.

The venerable probe frigates shall be refit to better serve this purpose. The capital survey instruments will be replaced by a communications module, allowing long distance communication with the backup ship at the warppoint without revealing directions by the use of courier drones. An extra cargo hold allows a prolonged stay without resupply and a tiny boat bay has been added to allow the use of a cutter to remove tension from first contact situations.

And for the UA class survey tender we propose to upgrade the defense to remove the survey instruments due to the improved capacity of the fleet in this regard, and the inclusion of a point defense system for self defense. We would like to maintain the ranged sensors to allow the class to provide maintenance and backup and resupply to the Ptah class in the probing of systems role.

And the Anuket explorers shall be retired into mothballs, allthough it may be even better to answer an inquiry of a ship breaker and allow them to buy the 75 ships of the class for scrap value.

Furthermore we have two new ship classes awaiting your approval which will provide us with increased defensibility and preventing unhindered pursuit.

The Smotef class survey tender not only will allow us to increase supply carried by the fleet, but also the deployment and control of a light minefield hindering a  foe from immediate exploitation of a revealed warp point by deploying its 24 patterns of mines.

And the Atum class CVEs will have the sustained speed to keep up with survey operations and provide a hithero unavailable stand off capacity.

Each of the twelve survey forces should have an order of battle as follows:
2x Unem-Em-Hetep CA
1x Östergotland CL
1x Smotef Cl tender
2x Atum CVE
1x Ua Tender
1x Ptah probing frigate
24x F0, 4x pin, 19x ct, 24 patterns of mines

This would necessity the construction of 10 Unem-Em-Hetep CAs, 12 Smotef class tenders, 24 Atum class CVEs, 2 Ua class tenders and 5 Ptah class frigates to provide each fleet with an identical ToE, and include the allocation of full supply and small craft complements to allow prolonged operations beyond the reach of the imperial supply lines.

We would ask you Sire to allow us to recall the survey fleets for this reorganisation and authorise the upgrade and extension of our fleets.

SURVEY CA UNEN-EM-HETEP II class CA   AM2 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix4Z(BbL)(IcIc)HWQXcW(IcIc)XcXcWM2XrW?2QLh(IcIc)DzMgDz(IcIc) [4]
60 RCP  40 MCP     Trg:3  Bmp +4     Cost =  1636/ 245.4
HTK 35 S0x4  Aix4  Dzx2  Wx4  Mgx1 
80x SM 6x ct

SURVEY CL ÖSTERGÖTLAND II class CL   AM2 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 8
[1] S0S0AiAi(BbM)(IcIc)QsWHXc(BbM)(Ic)(BbM)XcW?2(IcIc)M2DzQsZiDz(Ic)Mg [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP     Trg:3  Bmp +4     Cost =  1178.5/ 176.8
HTK 26 S0x2  Aix2  Dzx2  Wx2  Mgx1 
40x SM, 1x EDM (Mg)  3x pin

SURVEY TENDER CL SMOTEF class CL   AM2 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix4Z(IcIc)(BbS)(MR)(MR)(ML)Qs(Ic)Hx4TiHDz(IcIc)?2XrQs(MCS)Dz(Ic) [4]
45 RCP  5 MCP     Trg:1  Bmp +4     Cost =  797.5/ 119.6
HTK 32 S0x4  Aix4  Dzx2  Tix1 
2x ct, 24x mine pattern

SURVEY CVE ATUM class CVE AM 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 8
[1] S0S0AiZHs(Ic)Q(Ic)Vx6(Ic)Vx6XrLhQDzMg(Ic) [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP  12 FCP     Trg:1     Cost =  587/ 88.1
HTK 27 S0x2  Aix1  Dzx1  Vx12  Mgx1 
12x fG, 48x fR 12x F0

SURVEY TENDER UA III class DD   (AC) AM 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 7
[2] S0AiZ(BbM)(Ic)HQsH(Ic)XrW(BbM)H(Ic)HWDzMg(Ic)Qs [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:1     Cost =  438/ 65.7
HTK 20 S0x1  Aix1  Dzx1  Wx2  Mgx1 
80x SM 1x pin 4x ct

SURVEY FG PTAH II class FG   (AC) AM 4 XO Racks 22 Hull TL 7
[1] S0S0AiZH(Ic)H(BbT)(CC)Xr(Ic)DzQs(Ic)Pg [4]
22 RCP  3 MCP     Trg:1     Cost =  418.6/ 62.8
HTK 15 S0x2  Aix1  Dzx1  Pgx1 
1x ct

Retired designs:

SURVEY CA UNEN-EM-HETEP class CA   12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 4
[3] Sx3AAZ(BbL)(IcIc)HWQXcW(IcIc)XcWM2XrWMgQLh(IcIc)DXcD(IcIc) [4]
60 RCP  40 MCP     Trg:3     Cost =  1470/ 220.5
HTK 31 Sx3  Ax2  Dx2  Wx4  Mgx1 
80x SM, 2x EDM (Mg)

SURVEY CL ÖSTERGÖTLAND class CL   AM 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 6
45 RCP  5 MCP     Trg:6  Bmp +2     Cost = 1239.5/185.9
HTK 27 S0x4  Dcx1  Lx4 

SURVEY FGS PTAH class FG   (AC) 4 XO Racks 22 Hull TL 4
[2] SAZH(Ic)XcXr(Ic)DQs(Ic)L [4]
22 RCP  3 MCP     Trg:1     Cost =  513.6/ 77
HTK 12 Sx1  Ax1  Dx1  Lx1 

SURVEY TENDER UA II class DD   (AC) 30 Hull TL 3
[3] SA(BbM)(Ic)HQsH(Ic)XiXrR(BbM)H(Ic)HRMg(Ic)Qs [4]
30 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:1     Cost =  396/ 59.4
HTK 18 Sx1  Rx2  Mgx1 
90x SM
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Year 19, Month 4, Day 25 Uduun

General Angkelfauch, the supream warlord of the Uruloki High Council paced around the projector at the heart of the command ships CIC.  His steps thudded into the absorbent material of the deck as his tail lashed back and forth.  "Send forth the message, we fly.  All ships to pace the battleships but no one slows regardless of who falls behind."  His instincts warred with the knowledge that he would be pushing his fleet hard yet a garden world was threatened, a lair, a nest and that was all but impossible for him to ignore.

From all around Udunn orbit, the fleets of the warlords:  Blue, Bronze, Gold and Red Flights plus the High Council Fleet, which the more cynical just refered to as General Angkelfauck's flight, moved off at the maximum speed of the three battleships that formed the heart of the High Council fleet.  They were heading for the starless nexus adjacent to Angband, from there they would enter the Shanirian Confederation system of Lugdunum and then on to the Shanirian system of Palmyra before entering the New Expanses  system of Elrawyn, then Thrurvar and finally Elvorfilas.

Even the engineering crews of the Uruloki had trouble maintaining that level of operation with engines intended only for short combat sprints and in the first week of the journey two battleships dropped behind as engine rooms had to be shut down due to engine failures.  One battlecruiser, two cruisers, 5 destroyers and a corvette reported engine failures.  The next week one battleship left behind was forced to slow to its remaining safe strategic speed as another engine room failed.  The other battleship sailed on leaving its consort behind, while the remaining battleship with the High Council fleet held its speed.  A second battlecruiser reports engine failure.  A slowed cruiser looses a second engine room, while another two cruisers reports their first failure.   Three slowed destroyers loose yet another engine room, while a further two destroyers loose an engine room.

The next week see's a slowed down battlecruiser loose two over stressed engine rooms and its engineer backs them down to safe speeds.  A destroyer looses two engine rooms, another two slowed destroyers are slowed more, and a further destroyer suffers its first failure.  The next week sees a slowed destroyer shed a further engine, a destroyer loose two engine rooms, and 5 more destroyers suffer losses.  Most of these looses are in Blue flight which until now had not suffered a single failure.

In week 4 the last battleship suffers an engine room failure but it is close enough that it will make Elvorfilas even if it is behind the bulk of the Uruloki ships.  Both battlecruisers suffer failures as well one slowed to the same speed as the battlship.  Two cruisers suffer engine failure, in once case two engine rooms go down.  Three fresh and a single slowed destroyer also loose engine rooms.

In the last week a second corvette looses an engine room.  A slowed cruiser and two slowed destroyers loose a further engine room.  One slowed destroyer has two engine fail under the strain.  A single fresh destroyers crew can not keep their drives balanced and losses a engine room.

But the ships arrive:  The flights add 4 heavy cruisers, 24 destroyers, and 12 corvettes to the defence while the High Council fleet has one battleship, two battle cruisers, 10 heavy cruisers, 11 destroyers and 6 corvettes still.  The mobile repair ships in Elvorfilas will be busy fixing the damage but unless the enemy is strongly reinforced the Uruloki don't think the warp point defence will fall.

[ooc]Don't try this with non-elite crewed ships...moving at speed is hard on I engined ships.  It is the sheer number of rolls you have to make that will get you in the end.[/ooc]
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Year 19, Month 8

Bishop Daantine closes the connection with the Heretic he is talking with from the corvette that had conveyed him from Bari.  The ship floated near the warp point its sensors had been probing the Heretic's defences and he could see the holo plot getting more and more icons added to it.  Not being involved in ship command he count make no sense of it but the naval personal seemed to be quite happy.   Bishop Daantine sighs, "We must await the Heretic ambassadore, it will take time to get him they say."  The ships commander nods, "Certainly your grace, if you want to wait in your stateroom, I'll have the watch contact you when they reply."  Bishop Daantine knew that the real reason is the navy wanted him out of the control room but he nodds and lets the marine escort him to his quarters.

"...or if this vessel is engaged.  What is your reply?"  Bishop Daantine wondered if the reply would be fire from one of the more than a dozen bases ringing the warp point.  He had not been given this task because he stood high in the favor of Signore Montefiore but should he surivive this test...well it is clear how the Maker viewed him, and through him his house.  He risked his death but he would reap much if he was successful.  The Things ambassadore replies, "I don't have...authority to make a decision like that...I need time to consult the homeworld." 

Bishop Daantine nodded.  "Ambassadore, you have five days in which to transmit your Heretical faiths surrender.  If you do not we will not hesitate to show you the error of your ways."  Though not too much force, the people had learned that genocidal bombardment was not as efficient as conversion.  It was, infact, this tenant of the "Thing of Odin's" faith that so repulsed the Synod.  The aliens religion might have been reconsilable but for that, but it made ones scale twitch to contimplate it...vile heretical priests swarming over the People's planets.  No that could not be allowed.  "If you have sense Ambassadore, you will accept Signore Montefiore's kind offer, it will save your people."
"I will convey that to my government."  With that the video link ends and Bishop Daantine looks at the ships commander.  "We shall return to Bari, and see what comes of this."

The corvette pivotes around and slides back through the rift in space time to the other side.

Fleetcom Grekko nods.  "You have a solid read on them?  Transmit it now."  A minute later he grins.  The had solid locks, the Death Blossems targeting the bases would not leave the vicinity of the warp point, except for those that would engage the two destroyers floating 8 LS from the warp point.  The buoys and mines were a concern but it was unlikely any bases would surivive, but if so he would know based on his pinnances and be able to send in the next wave to get rid of those bases.  Minimum firepower for maximum results was his goal.  He had only 540 of the Death Blossems, and though the shipyard vessels were making more he didn't want to waste them.

Days later a courier drone bursts into existance on the Bari Warp Point and broadcasts a message rejecting the RM's generous offer of unconditional surrender.  The RM's plan goes into operation and the Umberto's begin unloading their cargo of robotic craft programing them as they do.  "Sir, the Bombardment Force reports the Death Blossem's are ready, the Assault Force's pinnances are standing by."  "Good.  Initiate."  Grekko could have waited but he wanted to see how an alerted enemy would do faced with the new ships.

Orders flashed from the command ship to the Umberto's and from them to the waiting legion of robotic attackers.  Obediently they brought up their drives and headed into the warp point.  160 of them were armed with laser warheads, they were targeting the 6 larger cruiser sized bases orbiting in two groups at 4 LS from the warp point, plus the 2 destroyers.  48 of them were armed with anti-matter warheads and they were targeting the 12 destroyer sized bases orbiting 1.25 LS from the warp point.  The Death Blossems transitted in a single wave, and a number of them flashed out of existance due to interpentrations on the other side, most stopped and began seeking their targets, while a smaller group moved on from the warp point the minefield's short range missiles firing and thinning them down.  The Thing of Odin's pinnances and assault shuttles engaged the remaining pods as the warp point but 30 seconds later their robotic brains reached the launch order in thier queue.

The crews on most of the bases were in shock as a hurricane of missile fire exploded from the warp point.  Missiles screaming in at high velocity in numbers that completely overwhelmed their point defence suites and ignored their decoys as the missiles detonated in stand off mode with coherent xray radiation stabbing inwards.  5 of the bases came appart, structural steel ripped appart under the barrage.  One of the bases barely survived a wreck of smashed spars and opened compartments.  The smaller bases were next the missiles approaching these bases did not detonate at range but kept boring in, the bases lacking point defence were helpless to stop them and suddenly the missiles detonated and spears of plasma slamed into the bases.  Only three survived, random luck that the guidance systems of some missiles had failed to secure a hard lock.  The other death blossems were moving at full speed towards the now retreating destroyers.

Moments later a stream of seven pinnances entered from Bari to be engaged by 6 pinnances and 12 assault shuttles.  The transit addled RM crews did not manage to hit anything before the Things small craft numbers overwhelmed them.

Grekko not getting a single pinnance back, give the order to the 1st Assault force to transit the warp point.  Three CV(A) and three DNA's transit the ships arriving pointing in opposite directions and the carriers executing high speed turns to realign for transit back through the warp point while the more ponderous DNs are still begining to turn.  Unfortunately the ships arrive so that two of the surviving bases are in their blind spot while the other base is directly ahead.  The carriers volley their plasmaguns and regular missiles at the base while the DNA's launch anti-mine missiles into the area of the minefield the Death Blossems had moved through.  The Thing bases respond with a barrage of plasma gun fire on Saetta 001 the lead carrier.  The fire smashes the carriers shields flat and dents her armour belt.  Then the buoys detonate and bomb pumped xray lasers flash and the armour on most ships boils off leaving the crew grasping their chairs shock frames as the ships rock under the force of their own armour ablating under the fire.  Then from further away IDEW-P fire and invisible stilleto's flash into the ships.  In the case of the baddly handled Saetta 001 one of these penetrates deep into the ship and hits the magazine loaded with her anti-matter weapons.  But although the feed mechanisms are wrecked no warheads are destabalized. On board the other two Saetta's lights are flucuating as the ship diverts power to bring its brood of Fast Striker's fusion plants online.  Power flows to the small vessels as their pilots await the presser beams that will launch them the count down projected on their helmet huds.

"Full deck launch!"  "All Strikers in space!"  "TRANSIT!"  The three carriers slip back through the warp point returning to Bari.  8 Squadrons of fast strikers remain behind.  A further 3 flights of Fast Strikers launch from the DNAs.  4 Squadrons head off towards the remaining base, they are armed with missiles while the remaining four squardons split in two to engage the remaining bouys and IDEW.  The 3 flights from the DNAs turn their attention and guns on the small craft swirling around the RM's ships.

The Thing's small craft manage to kills some fighters but only one shuttle targeted by a fast striker is not destroyed.  The laser armed fighters engage the automatic weapons and thin the remaining buoys and IDEW out some.  The DNA's fire their energy beam barbettes and the bases that so badly savaged Saette 001 are silenced, and their 6 capital missiles destroy the last cruiser sized base even as their spinal force beams smash the debries into finer chunks.  Still the best efforts of the green fighter pilots is not enough and the DNA's are subject to a concentrated barrage from the bomb pumped laser buoys that leaves most of them with less than half their armour belt and then a larger number of IDEW-P fire.  The fire is somewhat mitagated by the ships ECM systems that are now up but still the ships are hurt by the invisible stilletos that destroy system after system in the ships outer hull spaces.

The fighters swoop in on the small craft and this time numbers favor them.  A fighter is lost in exchange for the destruction of the two remaining pinnances and 10 assault shuttles.   The fighters on the way to engage the base divert towards the fleeing destroyers while courier drones flash through the warp point summoning more DN's through to breach the minefield, or as it turns out two layers of mines.  It takes 24 minutes for the fighters to close on the two destroyers.  One fighter is lost from being engaged by the one destroyer's single capital point defence suite then the 4 squardons volley 3 fighter missiles from each fighter into the destroyers.  Although neither ship is destroyed they are both slowed dramatically and the fighters wheel away to return to the warp point while another strike is on the way from the newly arrived carriers.

The RM have kicked in the front the cost of 3 CV(A) and 3 DNA's out of action for 3 months.  The Marines secured the two badly damaged base 1s as well and the peoples small craft are busy collecting Thing life pods.

[ooc]We made a few errors in this battle as we were doing it verbally.  Starslayer was having issues getting VASSAL to run so we kind of adlibbed it.  We also didn't change any rules, so SBMHAWKs functioned as written in the 3rdR rules.  120 SBMHAWK1's with LT1 warheads engaged the 6 base 2's.  40 SBMHAWK1's were targeted on the two DDs but the DDs had moved out of range (they were to move for 2 turns then fire).  48 SBMAWK1s with AM warheads were to engage the 12 BS1's...only I was thinking BS0's.  So with luck a few more bases than I expected survived.  The IDEW-P (110 of them) and the DSB-L (60 of them) hurt a lot.  CV's are just to fragile for assaults when you come right down to it.  But I'm happy with the performance of the DNA's regardless of their crazy weapon mix (2xRc, Fs, 4xEc and 3xV).  There will be more to come as the Thing attempt to block survey efforts...not sure how successful that will be though....Starslayer has more of a plan for the Thing than I do for the RM given that I have zero knowledge of my enemy's empire layout.[/ooc]
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Aye, I should have placed my IDEW-P at range 1 too, a base 6 to hit took away some damage. and the small craft could have had a second round of fire on the SBMHAWKS. And we had forgotten to check if the P really exploded the Mg with AM... so no ship casuality after all, but a med vak for sure.
Overall, I dealt less attrition than I thought I would, at least against a foe of the same TL as the Thing have now. But they are now at least aware of pods existance, even if they have not any scan data.

We have more battles comming, as the trip wire triggers a response from the Thing.

So what do the Thing know: Some sort of small craft or automated weapon, dispensing missiles in large salvoes. Small craft can engage it. They have standof-capacity. The one flight stopped after moving towards the destroyers. Five days have been gained to send out messages and set fleets in motions. The enemy knew of the warp point in Eire II and exploited it aswell. The enemy penetrated Meirica, now he will have to survey both systems.

Losses so far:
Thing of Odin
Meirica: 6 BS2 AN FHIDIL, 10 BS1 TABHAIR, 2 BS1 TABHAIR captured with energy beam damage. 30 patterns of mines in a lane, 60 DSB-L, 110 IDEW-P, 12 ast, 6 pn. 1 DDT OINSEACH scuttled. 1 UTIL MINELAYER TOBAC class DD scuttled, both after eating fighter missiles wuch made escape impossible.
Eirie II: 1 Contact CT if they can chase it down with fighters. (not yet done), 20 patterns of mines.

Regia Marina
3 CV damaged, 3 DN damaged, 7 pn, 29 F1, ~ 190 SBMHAWK

This is an interresting war. First time for either of use to actually employ several technological systems in battle. The two NPR's are the heavyweight NPRs of the campaign, and both are agressive and militaristic. A federal theocracy against a belingerent theocracy.. I don't exspect many surrenders. Whoever wins this will have gained a lot of experience but will have spend a lot of ships etc. achiving victory.
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In war, one can plan, but one cannot say what the enemy will do or be capable of when one has not a spy in his general staff.

Huskarl Beorngar was in deep thought. So much was depending on unknown quantities right now. What new technological surprises will be sprung at the fleet? As always, time was the one commodity in short supply. Two more months, and he would have been certain that the warp point to Meirica could be held.

Meirica is a very sensitive system. By itself it had no great value, just a few rockballs orbiting a dim sun. But as it was a point of contact with the pagan Regia Marina, and that species had already demonstrated a willingness to accidentally eradicate species, defending it was vital. Especially given what lay beyond it. And the Regia Marina had not allowed any traders or missionaries into their systems, making the gathering of information difficult. Via other species like the Thebans a few tidbits could be gained, like an approximation of the Regias economic strength, or that they were relatively advanced by the state of their traded consumer electronics. But what this meant in terms of military capacity only quite recent advances hinted at.
The skalds searched for historical examples of what to do, given the galactografic layout of the warp points and the peoples own technology. A heavy forward defense was erected. Heavy enough to pose a problem and force an attacker to spend ships breaking it, but not heavy enough to stop a determinate attack by an enemy with large resources.. And break it he did, deploying some sort of automated pinaces which coordinated into missile salvoes. Some of those missiles, used against the Tahir class bases, exploded with unexpected force. This broke the defense, and only the lucky survival of a few bases and the fact that the foe did not use many pinaces to sweep the buoys (who thus were eliminated easely) forced the Regia to commit ships. They came with three dreadnaughts and three very slender battlecruisers. Very slender and thus reminiscent to the much debated strke craft carriers. Anyway, the remaining bases had not the firepower to break a dreadnaught, but sure could heavily damage or eliminate a battlecruiser. And ever since the drone with the war acceptance was send a few minutes ago, the buoys where set to Fire pattern Alpha, and thus the destruction of all control systems in their bases did not matter. Luckely the ships maneuvered to  present their blind spots to two of the remaining Tahir bases, thus the exchange of fire was very one sided. The strikecraft carriers were armed, and damaged the one base facing them, but the target vessel was heavily damaged. Then the buoys struck, and bright lasers and stilettos of concentrated force stabbed at the vessels, damaging them all and taking them out of the further invasion. The strikecraft carriers launched their broods, and they engaged buoys and the defending small craft, while their mother ships left, bleeding air. Only the dreadnaughts remained and destroyed the bases with capital beams, something the people knew about, but then suffered heavily from the remaining buoys.

Then, with the exchange of fire between the swiftly eliminated small craft and the fighters settling down and no IDEW remaining, more ships of the Regia moved in system and launched further strikes, which chased down the pinace carrier and the minelayer assigned to the warp point, displaying another new technology by launching three ranged missiles each on the destroyers, damaging them heavily and making an escape impossible.

In overall, the Regia had suffered, but prevailed at way less cost than originally estimated and planned for. The favor of Wotan seems to be turned from the people, and events continued to derail, with Eire also being attacked but having no readied defenses yet. The second sign of doom was when the survey elements deployed by the Regia proved to be far more numerous than usual. Where a normal survey fleet might consist of five cruisers, the Regia deployed six contacts spreading out. As planned the fast Meirica Task force moved to intercept the survey, and was already in system and moving to intercept when the enemy contacts split into more contacts, twelve of them. And a thirteenth contact was trailing them towards the system primary and moved to intercept while the closest survey element retreated towards it. Task Force Merica split into three independent detachments as planned, with two moving to the sides to chase down further survey elements and the last moving in to gather information about the Regias capacities. Even if the survey could not be interrupted due to the sheer number of vessels used, the presence of potential raiders would force the Regia to react and buy time for the fleet to assemble a defense.

The coming days would be of blood and thunder, and the sacrifice of several vessels to gain intelligence was not too high a price.

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(I didn’t note down how much damage was done exactly. ? Have to remember for better storytelling. This took quite a while to game out, using Vasal and all the system scale maneuvering, and some RL interuptions suince may.)

The contact had been made three hours later. The small fleet detachment of three destroyers and 3 corvettes moved close in
to scan what ships the thirteen contacts entailed. At 25 LS they resolved by drive fields into CT, 3 CA, 3 BS and 4 CL. The
fleet detachment bore in, two Slasher class CTs screening the three destroyers ahead. As they closed in at 4 ls, the enemy
corvettes moved slightly ahead, followed by BC and two flanking CA. Then the ships hanging back launched a total of 24
squadrons of fighters, which moved to engage the fleet. The Slasher CTs moved ahead to engage them, to whittle them away
according to their intended purpose as small craft hunters. Unfortunately, the plan unraveled as the enemy fighters began to
fire salvoes of missiles from a light second away, forcing the slashers to dedicate their point defenses to defense instead
of engaging the fighters. On the other hand, these point defenses made them very resilient missile targets and the enemy
split the fire between both corvettes, reducing the salvoes to solitary missiles penetrating. Facing this missile threat and
the large number of squadrons remaining, the slashers decided to concentrate on defending against further missile salvoes.

Meanwhile the destroyers closed in to engage the three corvettes as the cruisers and battlecruiser further back had not
fired any capital missiles. The fighters maneuvered around the corvettes, taking potshots with missiles, and moved to test
the destroyers defenses, but here too they found a formidable wall of point defense denying success. One of the enemy CTs
took a salvo of missiles from the destroyers at long range, surprisingly not possessing any point defense and thus taking
the shots which hit on its shields and armor. In the next half minute the destroyers closed further in, engaging the
corvette again, and the cruisers revealed their advanced missile launcher armament, engaging the destroyers while the
fighters engaged the corvettes with a new sort of laser weapon, damaging them heavily. The fight went quickly from there,
with the fighters closing in on the destroyers and also damaging them with lasers, while a third of them went to chase down
the fleeing scout corvette. The end for the thing ships arrived fast afterwards, with the scout scuttling while the other
ships were immolated, taking down two fighters and leaving the regia corvette fit only for the yards. But the omega courier
drones send away, while not holding any technological data definitely carried warnings about the capabilities of the regia
fleet in deep space.

Meanwhile, the left wing of the task force continued to chase down a survey cruiser. Over the coming day this cruiser joined
forces with another survey cruiser and these continued to flee back to their entry warp point. A slow moving fleet departed
from there and moved to meet them, but before they could join the Things small fleet detachment catches up with the fleeing
cruisers. These, seeing that further flight is not possible, turn around and start to modulate their engines. The Destroyers
move into range for their missile launchers, but before they can close the distance a salvo of external launched CM roars
towards a destroyer and apparently catches the point defense crews asleep, with four of the five missiles on target actually
hitting despite two deployed EDM defense drones and the data groups point defense web.

Then it was the destroyers turn. Like their targets, they went to heavy modulation and inched into missile range, rapidly
cycling their launchers and sending two salvoes of six missiles each towards the first cruiser. But the long range and
Modulation, and the Crews of this wing being fairly new at their job threw their aim off,  and only one missile penetrated. The two slasher class CT circled sidewise, modulating some but keeping speed. This continued over the next minute, with both fleets approaching into force beam range, adding beam sniping to the exchange while the corvettes moved gradually around the cruisers outside of beam range. Then as the fighting grew more intense, they moved in, gradually moving around and towards the rear flank of the cruisersm switching to heavier modulation as the cruisers added two energy beams each to their broadsides, chipping away at the corvettes shields and
taking out thier datalinks. Then, they dashed foreward while the destroyers closed, hoping to slip into the cruisers
blindspot, but a last minute turn prevented this. Nevertheless, the first corvette fired its plasmagun before the cruisers
could respond, but missed. Then the other corvette got hit by two energy beams, allmost taking it out of the fight at half a
light second, but the plasmagun remained, and achived a hit only allready slightly damaged cruiser, ripping away its armor.
Then the destroyers closed into sprint range and they and the cruisers continued to circle slowly around each other, the
destroyers fire ripping deep into the wounded cruiser untill its weapons fell silent, while the cruisers dispatched the wto
corvettes and damaged a destroyer. The remaining cruiser moved faster, hoping to outturn the destroyers, but they kept at it
and turned with it, and as it had foregone modulations, where able to wound it, untill the battle wound down when the second
cruiser also was bereaft of its weapons.
Then the destroyers chased down the two limping cruisers, picked up survivors of the corvettes and set out again at full
speed to slip away, the damaged detroyer following them at a lower speed.
The right wing destroyer group, after chasing as urvey group to the outer system and being followed by the carrier group
wich had destroyed the center group, slipped away once the gap between the two hostile contacts and itself was large enough
to loose contact. While the Regia Marina resumed their survey, the Things destroyers slipped past the surveying ships using
the sensor net deployed in the system to stay out of range, finally all surviving ships abandoning Meirica and comming home,
allthough with burned out engines from their fast maneuvering. Only the collier deployed with supplies and reloads was able
to return at a leisure.

Overall, the situation was not going in the Things favour. They had been able to disrupt the survey, but the Regia had
deployed far more survey ships and advanced fighters with advanced ordinace, and thus the planned raider strategy had to
abandoned. A heavier task force though could have worked, but had not been planned for. And the Regia survey ships proved to
be tougher in a fight, invalidating a missile sniping strategy with their heavy engine modulation. On the other hand, the
Alainn class destroyers and the Slasher class corvettes proved their designs. Intelligence on the Regais capabilities was
gathered, and could be used in planning. Originally a foreward defense for the warp point had been considered, but with the
advanced fighters or the Regia a success was not guranteed, and thus was discarded as too risky. Allthough a defense of the
warp point could also not be guranteed with the missile pods observed. But better than a deep space engagement against
fighters, supported by the enemy battleline.

Huskarl Borngar settled down to await the comming Events, troubled that the Regia moved sooner than thought, but aware that things could go either way. One fact was clear, thought. Whoever won would not escape unscathed and would have to rebuild.
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For those interrested in replaying this small engagement, I list the ships used below.

3* Alainn III DD (green crews), 2 EDM
2* Slasher CT (green crews), 1 EDM
1* CTs Fraoach, 1 EDM

2* Bolzano CL

DD ALAINN III class DD     AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x4Aix3ZHs(I)Qs(I)(I)Dz(I)(I)(I)WaWaMgM2QsDz?1F(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2        Cost =  675/ 101.3
HTK 26   S0x4  Aix3  Dzx2  Fx1  Wax2  Mgx1 
60x SM
General purpose fleet destroyers.

CT SLASHER class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0Aix4HsDc(I)(I)(I)DcQs(I)Pg [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  252/ 37.8
HTK 14   S0x1  Aix4  Dcx2  Pgx1 
APN hunter class Corvettes, can also serve against F0 strikes.

CTS FRAOCH class CT     (AC) AM        16 Hull    TL 5
[1] SSAAH(I)(I)XiXr(I)DQs(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1        Cost =  307/ 46.1
HTK 13   Sx2  Ax2  Dx1 
Repurposed Survey ships, now serving as fleet Scouts

BOLZANO class CL     AM    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 7
[2] S0x4Aix8ZH(BbS)(I)(II)QsE(I)DzEFM3XcXcXr?1(II)Qs(I)(II) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2        Cost =  1311.5/ 196.7
HTK 35   S0x4  Aix8  Dzx1  Ex2  Fx1 
Survey Cruisers
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Turn 199

The Undines are an old race of amphibious sea mammals who slowly evolved a technological society before rising to the stars in search of new seas. Discovered by and closely allied to the Cannon Cartell, they have spread far, allthough colonising mostly on habitable planets only unless very rich mineral resources invited them to create outposts on airless and waterless moons. They exploration has been somewhat hampered by their warplines being exactly that.. long lines of systems without much spread and long jumps between habitable planets. Nevertheless, they have gathered 28 inhabited systems under their rule and have so far been blissfully unopposed, even though they are not as gregarious as the Cartell and have not opened trade relations with every race they encountered.
Recently, in one system hidden behind a closed warp point, one of their survey groups ran into a spot of trouble, finding warp lines leading to the Regia Marina and a race very similar to the undines, but of a fanatical bend. Communications with either have not yet been established. And now a probe had been conducted into one of their richest and oldest colonies by someone who moved just far enough into range to ascertain there was a technological civilisation on the planets and moved out again. A response fleet was dispatched with alacrity to guard the system until the unknowns intentions became better know.


Baile Neal was the site of the Things first triumph over a lesser race, the now fully subjugated and intigrated Ewoks (a small bipedal race of furry mammals). Now though, the neighbouring Eirie system had fallen to the Regia Marina, a fearsome foe who allready had taken the Meirica system along another front. And now, as a glimpsed pinace made evident, they had surveyed Eirie. Most likely they now were advancing on the cut off systems beyond, but here defences had been erected.
11 BS1, 6 BS2, 6 CA, 19 BC and 3 SD had been present when the pinnace scouted, but 4 more cruisers were underway and due to arrive in a week and nine of the battlecruisers lurked beyond the sensor range of a pinace. The enemies pods can be engaged by mines, and thus the originally dense minefield had been spread out in multiple rings once the tactical impact of this had been analysed by the high command. The ships but for the nine Eagla BC clustered close, trying to annihilate any probe of the warp point by science vessels. Luckily the warp line was of the smallest size known, and thus the Regias Dreadnaughts would not pass. Unfortunately, quite a few of the close in vessels were newly of their maiden voyage, allthough the four An Gleas cruisers who were to join were all veterans of the Yeti war.
The ships all arrived and settled in at a light second from the spacial anomaly, keeping a patrol of small craft on the warp point. The Tabhair bases also kept this distance, with the missile bases farther out and three light second. Only the three Iasc dreadnaughts where a bit farther out from the warp point than the cruisers.
Then, as the month was allmost over, things changed. Allmost 530 pods appeared on the warp point and spread out. Quite a few flashed into oblivion, and while about 180 pods stayed on the warp point, the other 280 or so divided into six groups and plunged through the minefield, being engaged by waves and waves of mines as they made their way outwards, reducing their numbers by allmost half. The group passing the dreadnaughts got engaged by one whose crew was alert, and got further decimated, while all ships and the small craft engaged the pods on the warp point, whittling them somewhat down. Then the ships moved closer to the warp point, those whose crews reached their action stations engaging their modulators. Only the dreadnaughts, having started further out, did not come closer than a light second before the pods stabilised and fired. Ninety missiles slashed down on each, and more than fifty escaped the defensive fire, EDMs deployed being useless, as the missiles were tipped with laser torpedoes. The incandescent rays ate deeper and deeper into the heavy armor belts of the assault ships, and breached them, whipping out engines as they carved their way deeper. But the stupendous ships survived, battered though but not beaten. The other pods on the warp point engaged the missile bases, with 33 missiles going after each base, and leaving most of them heavily damaged, but also failing to eliminate each base.
The other pods, which had passed the mine belt and now stopped at 11.5 light seconds, spread their fire. Antimatter tipped missiles raced towards the tabhair bases and the cruisers, but with the pods spread out and the groups decimated by the minefields, the individual salvos were small and not overwhelming, easily handled by the cruisers.. The bases though had only an EDM as defence, being build for close in devastation, and thus many suffered ablated shields and armor, a few with heavy internal damage and one being blown into glowing gas by an unlucky concentration of missiles from various pod groups. Other, laser tipped salvo-ed were targetted on the battlecruisers, but also here the small salvos and the presence of additional targets in the Eagla BCs diluted the fire, and thus mostly armor was abraded and XO racks damaged but no ship was breached.
The Aesir had smiled on the faithfull this day, and provided a miracle. Reinforcements would arrive soon, and allow pulling out the most damaged ships for repair. And the technological systems used by the pod attack had been caught by multiple long-range scanners, and now could be analysed and researched.    
And the Aesir smiled further....  in the next week, in month 200, a probe by a survey corvette through a newly discovered warp point in a distant reach of the empire revealed a small population of the Regia on the closest of the multiple habitable worlds. The corvette immediately turned and retreated, before coming closer into scanning range of the planet. A fleet would soon be gathered in response. Time to go a-viking!


The lush jungle world teemed with live. A race of predators, challenged by willy prey and contenders for food in this wild and savage environment, developed cunning, and then, sentience. They learned to communicate, and build tools. But still, they often had miscommunications, born from misunderstandings about the others needs. And these lead to conflict. Wars, small and large, ravaged the world, shaping the survivors into more cunning and aggressive warriors, driving technological development until the stars grew close to the races grasp. And yet, misunderstandings ruled the daily conduct, leading to strife and death. Until one brilliant scientist realised a dream...  a virus designed to alter the genetic code of the race, to allow the new generation to communicate with electrical receptors from brain to brain, removing all outside barriers to communication. And the virus spread, transforming the race of high technological jungle predators into a race of telepaths.

Telepathy is a gift. It allows you to feel your fellow being, to know what he is thinking and thus to be able to react to his needs and consider them along with your own. It removes the need for conflict, enhances cooperation and sharing of knowledge. In knowing one another, it allows rapprochement and growing into one civilisation which really is for the good of all. Or for the greater good of the many, as the happiness of many overrides the unhappiness of individuals. Knowing the pain of others, the many move to remove pain from their mids, cutting short its impact on the happiness of the many. Telepathy is a curse, as in knowing each other perfectly, one cannot understand others who do not share the gift any more. And the unknown is feared. Thus, knowing each other perfectly breed fear of those one does not understand. Fear creates conflict, as one lashes out to remove the source of ones fear.

There is much to fear among the stars....
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The Jarl stared at the warp point intensively. A pinnace send through to scout the Meirica side had not returned two days ago. But now, seven had been send and none had returned again, indicating that the warp point was closely guarded. In response, the captains of war had met on the home world, and now the high priest of Odin was speaking to the massed warriors.
“A fearsome and treacherous foe has come to our door step. The Regia have declared war, and come thinking their technology will grant them victory, but already they have been bloodied, and their advance has been stopped. Now it is time to fight! Now it is time not to think of loss and pain, but of the glory to feast in Valhalla, the swords of your slain foes piled before you, drinking the mead of the gods as the warriors past will salute you as brethren, as worthy victors! It is time to gather the souls of the Regia to serve forever under you! It is a day to show that we too have new and powerful weapons, and that one is not save hiding behind a hole in space!
It is an axe day! It is a blood day! It is a fighting day! Raise berserkers, and fall upon our foes! Odin watches you, the Valkyries are a flight, and the gods themself will fight alongside you! For the glory of the Aesir!
In response, a few hours later, new and modified pinnaces began to rise from their landing fields on the planets of the closer primary, where they had trained in the past month. Young and enthusiastic were the crews, and eager to show their skill in battle. Two large swarms joined forces while the ground crews already waited for the delivery of new, freshly produced crafts, and aided by destroyer sized carriers the apn shuttled to the close by warp point, ready to fall upon the foe. Ships already guarding the warp point prepared to exploit any success.
Furthermore, the repaired Task Force Meirica was send out, strengthened with more scouts and Slashers and some apn carriers to explore an warp point where one was certain the RM should lie, according to navigation data gathered long ago. In Rafla, the yards also where busy, assembling a second fast striking force to explore the new point of contact found two months ago. And in Oraiste the last ships destined for Task Force Mjoelnir where shaking down after a refit. The delays imposed had given them time to catch up and now strengthen the hammer to fall.


The Warp point to Meirica, day 5 00:00 hour. The Thing fleet sat waiting, several formations of ships clustered up near the warp point to respond accorrdingly to the reports soon to comey. The 144 apn from the planetary bases of the closer planets of the binary star had arived at the warp point and lined up for the assault. They were joined by six pinaces. Then, upon the signal, 144 apn raced foreward piloted by eager young men and women fresh out of the academy and transited into Meirica. There, they apeared in a blib and then a flash as 24 of them interpenetrated. Then six pinaces followed them more leisurely. Facing them where five squadrons of fighters and four assault shuttles. The small crafts of both sides tore into each other, witth most of the fighters activating and killing twenty apn. In return, 35 of the transit addled apn had to expend their two external rockets to augment the fire from their degraded guns to kill the fighters in a dog fight wich barely lasted a minute. The four shuttles died as an afterthought. Thereafter the apn spread out a bit for two light seconds but found no further contacts. Thus they returned to the warp point to close into one heavy wave, while the pinaces transited out and summoned eight corvettes through the warp point. These, once recovered, detected drive fields waiting in direction of the sun. The closes group at eight light seconds was nine contacts with 20 engines and six with fifteen. Then, at 8.5 ls there were another three 20 engine contacts and seven nine engine contacts. Then, at 13 ls there were 14 four engine contacts and two twelve engine ones with a fifteen engine one. And beyond them three more nine engine contacts and two twelve engine ones.
As the Thing had gained scans from SBM missiles and antimatter, they knew that they would have a hard time in the deep space fight. And that their apn would have to charge througha lot of anti-fighter fire to reach the ships and carriers waiting for them, they considered the scouting information and the destruction of 30 fighters a good gain for 44 apn spend and broke off the assault. The RM did not interfere with their exit from Meirica.


Dark red ships like blood poured upon the stars swam through the void. Brutal practicality dominated the designs, no embellishments marring the efficiency of their construction. The six dreadnaughts, six battle cruisers, three heavy cruisers and seven light cruisers joined the four light cruisers waiting survey fleet. Together they all lined up and slipped through the warp point which was closed on the other side. With the survey cruisers spreading out they set out to travers the unsettled rock ball system, towards the system with two live giving worlds which the survey fleet had discovered two months ago. Periodically, small craft would detach themself from the silent hulls and sweep space, chasing possible lurkers ahead and to the sides of the fleet in a spread out pattern, swimming like a school of minnows though the void, circling around sharks. Within two weeks they would reach the planets and the fleet the undines had scrambled to react to the intruder who had not responded to the planets hails.


In the third week of the month, a drive field approached the Thing warp point in Meirica from outsystem. THe Regia Marina commander on the spot send several corvettes to intercept it and discovered a light cruiser of an unknown race. Soon a contact was established, and they seetled in to deal witha  first contact. The new races proved to be man-sized hairy spiders of fierce demeanor, but for now amiable to learn the Regias language.


The red fleet finally had transited in system and closed upon the planets, coming to a stop just a bit outside of a quarter light minute while refusing to answer any of the hails for communication send towards them. As the waiting undine fleet of nine battle cruisers, nine heavy cruisers, nine frigates and three corvettes watched, small craft launched and approached. Thirty-six armed pinnaces crossed the distance and settled at four light seconds, staying ahead of the undine fleet while waiting for any reaction. Aside from launching their own small craft as a close range patrol, the undines did not start chase the waiting pinnaces. Then, the red fleet launched further waves of small craft of a type so far not seen by the races of known space. Over two hundred prototype gunboats separated from their cradles and divided up into two flights which arced out to flank the undine fleet at ten light seconds, while the red fleet slowly advanced to match them at this distance while the red survey ships, a light cruiser and the three pinnace carriers remained behind. With the other light cruisers guarding the dreadnaughts, the six battlecruisers inched closer, testing whether they would draw any fire by long range missiles, but the undines did not fire upon them. Thus they moved closer, edging into capital missile range while the dreadnaughts stayed by a light second behind them, and the gunboats closed to skirt the edge of capital missile range. The undines now faced a quandary. Turn towards either group of gunboats and hope to chase them down, or face a hostile fleet of about even weight and by now evident superior technology. But if they turned to flee the prototype gunboats might catch them and they would leave the planets exposed.

The undine fleet moved in an arc swinging hard right to chase down the gunboat group which lurked in that direction, but the gunboats turned away and ran before the fleet, while the other group paralleled the undines course, keeping at range. Only the red BCs closed to 6.25 light seconds, and the red dreadnaughts to 7.5 light seconds of the undine battlecruisers, taking advantage of the arc movement the undines followed while turning away. They also split up, with the dreadnaughts and the light cruisers keeping a straight course and the battlecuisers turning left to parallel the undine’s course. In the following exchange of fire the red battlecruisers finally managed to hit the undine corvette with two missiles. Spitting defiance  the undine battlecruisers targeted one of their hostile counterparts  and managed to reduced its shields. But the dreadnaughts in return send a total of 36 missiles scything towards one of them in two salvos, and scoured five hits. Titanic fireballs smashed through the undines heavy shields, leaving the armor slightly scorched. The red fleets missiles seemed to have more explosive force than the undines nuclear and fission missiles. Could they have weaponised antimatter? The engineering to keep antimatter and mater in contact for any significant reaction to occur was beyond the undines keen, but it implied advances in other disciplines which might be equally devastating.
The chase continued, with the red battlecruisers still being denied further success by the damaged corvettes point defense. Unfortunately, the undines did not really like capital missiles, and thus only three of their battlecruisers were armed with the weapon, and only four launchers, making the dual at longer ranges very one sided. Still they valiantly returned fire, and punched a missile through against the same battlecruiser they had engaged with the last salvo. Then the dreadnaughts returned fire, though one salvo being ineffective the other one scoured away the remaining heavy armor of the undine Whiskey battlecruiser, exposing the vital datalink to further damage.
Keeping their heading the undines would have exposed their blind spots to the dreadnaughts, and thus the fleet turned left, nearing the crimson battlecruisers as the gunboats refused to be caught. And the gunboats continued to shadow them outside of capital missile range except the left group who now found themselves in the battlecruisers blind side and lunged closer. This brought the undines somewhat closer to the red BCs, and they now where able to add their XO launched missiles to their salvo, but the enemy ECM continued to deter their accuracy and the dense point defense web shot down most missiles. The next salvo from the red dreadnaughts further tore at the Whiskey, and though the point defense crews shot down all but two missiles, the advanced warheads of the red fleet gauged deep chunks out of two engine rooms slowing the valiant ship, with the salvofrom the next datagroup gutting the ship. In Retaliation the Victor BCs scoured a solid hit with their XO launched salvo, punching three capital missiles through the point defense to abrade the alien BCs shields further. In return the alien BC took potshots at an undamaged Whiskey BC, but only one missile was on course, revealing a powerfull laser warhead.
In the next thirty seconds, the undine fleet had to hook around again, and though with the gun boats remaining elusive they did manage to close onto the red battlecruisers, cutting down the range with the frigates and corvettes closing in to 4.75 ls. In response the armed pinnaces moved to interpose themselves though so far staying out of range for any point defense fire. Again the red dreadnaughts opened the exchange, with their capital missiles ripping the armor of the second Whiskey, ignoring the launched EDMs as laser beams stabbed from the exploding missile warheads. While the undine’s return salvo failed to penetrate their targets point defense, the other dreadnaught datagroup stripped the armor of the third whiskey in the same way, leaving them open for further salvoes. Continuing the exchange the undines Romeo CAs used their XO launched CMs to strip the shields of the target BC further, the red BCs launched their small salvoes of laser torpedoes to remove the datalink of the second Whiskey.
The battle continued to draw closer, with the undine fleet turning upon the enemy BC, and now the Victors where able to engage with their force beams, and used their normal point defense on the apn who had tried to slip in behind the frigates, killing one. In return the red BC targeted their previous victim, the Bravo 07 corvette, and hit with two missiles. Luckily the crew had been able to reset their shields some, saving it from destruction. The alpha frigate flanking it was not so lucky, as twelve powerful lasers stabbed out, ten hitting it at almost 3 ls and cutting it in half. The other Victor datagroup split its fire, with the force beams finally removing the red BCs shields, and the point defense taking out three apn, while their rapid fire launchers tried to engage gunboats, but the missiles on target where shot down by the gunboats point defense. The other red BC group also tried split fire, with mixed results. While two missiles hit Whiskey Two, the lasers did not eliminate either of the two remaining corvettes.
The exchange of fire between the fleets continued, with the apn salvoing their rockets into the frigates until none where left, and 21 peeling off towards their carriers for a reload, leaving 10 to complicate things. In the end, the six red CL added salvoes of standard missiles, swatting the crippled corvettes from the field, and as an afterthought the left gunboat group fired fighter missile salvos at long range into the crippled Whiskey until it was destroyed.

((Ok, forgot to write down further battle as I've been at for some time and it was getting late. :( )

The apn break the CAs out of link, as do the dreadnaughts. The red CL eliminate cripples, as does the left gunboat group. The BCs of both sides close to brawling range in two rounds and exchange salvoes, and the right gunboat group slips into the blindspot at 9 and uses the fighter missiles to reduce the CAs and BCs to weaponless wrecks. 14 gunboats and a battlecruiser die from the red fleet, and one BC is stripped of armor, dooming 20 gunboats anyway, so six gunboats get ditched in the end due to a lack of cradles. The fleet closes on the planets and settles down while the survey cruisers spread out.)
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Turn 203, T-5 hours untill the start of Operation Mjoelnir

"They have offered what?"
"Yes sir, they offered a cease fire agreement, and to withdraw their fleets upon our agreement to Keep the border Systems demilitarized but for Corvette patrolls."
It took the exclesiarchy not long to decide, given that there where still other fires to stomp out. The danger from the regia Maria was for the momet turned away, and the war between the Thing of Odin and the Regia Maria ended just as the Thing was about to Launch its counter-stroke. But this saved them ships and resources for their second conflict with the Norse Yeti, and with all the apn carriers they now had that promised to be over quickly.
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Turn 206
The Things fleet had been shifted quickly after the cease fire. While the battleships and most of the Eagla BCs had remained behind, in the case of the Eagla for a refit, the Norse Yeti Cave system patrol has been reinforced with many light units and some battle cruisers, among six Serbhis assault BCs and the refitted and updated Skadi laser BCs originally captured from the Yeties. And twenty-one apn carries and twelve older style pinace carriers, providing 126 apn and 75 pinaces for the renewed thrust into unconquered yeti territory. Since fleeing through the warp point, the 14 battle cruisers of the yeti had not been seen again, suggesting that the systems beyond must have either been lacking in industry or shipyards to reinforce them significantly.
A quick probe by a pinace confirmed this, as the fourteen BC were defending the warp point together with five frigates and some buoys, but no other reinforcements unless they are hiding beyond the pinaces sensor range. But also no bases had been build.
Now the pinaces would be send through to eliminate any of the automatic weapons, and the apn would follow them to help deal with the battle cruisers. In order to fix them against the warp point, the three Iasc II SD which had guarded the warp point would then spearhead the attack, together with the three Skadi BC, followed by a second wave of Serbhis and a third of Eagla to deal with fleeing ships. But as long as the Regia Marina had necessited the concentration of the Thing fleets at the points of contact and for Operation Mjoelnir these ships simply had not been available. Hopefully the remaining yeti systems could be swept up rapidly, as beyond the Yeti Cave system another empire, recently contacted in the hopes of gaining an alliance, had apparently send forces forward.

(Battle will be resolved on the weekend. The remaining Yeti are a sprawl, but having had no good source system to further colonization and no shipyards until building up some they had no good ways to strengthen their remaining economy nor to build up much, as their income was straining to supply the remaining fleet. But they are scattered across far more systems than the Thing realizes. And the Empire of Tarnax is going to cause them trouble, with a solid fleet now cutting their ring of systems apart next to the Yeti Cave system. And if they liberate any Yeti systems....  watch for further fun to happen.).
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It is a Military Axiom that no plan survives contact with the enemy.
This was definitely pressed home on Bainiesteor Aethehild, the commander of the Cliath Fleet after she received the report from her units who had won the assault in a short but very bloody clash. Up to now, the Yeti had preferred a standoff defence, relying upon their superior gunnery to win a medium range beam duel. But the assault upon the Yeti Cave System had used the Seirbhis class battle cruisers and their heavy advanced missile launcher salvoes to outgun them at that range, and pinnaces to eliminate the buoy fields. And apparently the Yeti had learned, and detected the pinnace probe earlier. They had moved theit ships in to a location barely over a light second from the warp point, hoping to deal with pinnace waves as they transited in. But they were unable to stop the simultaneous transit of 75 pinnaces and 125 armed pinnaces who swamped the warp point and started to eliminate the detected buoys. So far so good, but this had put them into position to deal very harshly with the next wave, the three Iasc II superderadnaughts and the three Skadi battle cruisers. One Iasc and two of the Skadi got ripped apart by the battle cruisers who had closed by half a light second, and damaging two of the battle cuisers. Only the apn swarming out and eliminating one of the frigate groups and a data group of battle cruisers gave any hope of immediate failure. The third wave, six Serbhis class battle cruisers, added their fire, while the Yeti ships closed to a quarter light second and vaporised the remaining Iasc superdreadnaughts and another Skadi battle cruiser, while loosing another two of their number to the return fire. But the armed pinnaces removed another data group of battle cruisers and the remaining frigates, leaving only four Yeti battle cruisers on the field and a lot of burning wrecks. The yeti, knowing that they could not delay the systems fall any longer, surrendered at this point. The warp point had been taken, but at what cost. Three superdreadnaughts and three battle cruisers, and 31 apn and 20 pinnaces had fallen in just 90 seconds of a very vicious fight. The Yeti had lost five frigates and nine battlecruisers. Cliath fleet now will have to wait for a new assault element to be build and brought forward.

Thing Ship Classes
IASC II class SD     AM    26 XO Racks    130 Hull    TL 8
[4] S0x30Aix46Z(BbM)(IIII)Q?2H(IIII)QWax5(IIII)TiDzXrsWax5M5Dz(IIII)!2Wax6DzLhQMgx3Dz(IIII) [5]
130 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  3333/ 500
HTK 131   S0x30  Aix46  Dzx4  Wax16  Tix1  Mgx3 

BC SERBHIS III class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 8
[2] S0x16Aix16Z(BbS)(III)QWaH(II)Wax3(III)(II)Wax3M4Dc(III)!2?2DcWax3MgMgLhQDc(II) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1989/ 298.4
HTK 71   S0x16  Aix16  Dcx3  Wax10  Mgx2 

BC SKADI II class BC     AM    15 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 6
[3] S0x20Aix20ZH(BbS)Q(II)(III)(II)FLxLxLxDcDc!1XrTPLx(Dec)MgM4(III)?1LhQ(II)(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1631/ 244.7
HTK 75   S0x20  Aix20  Dcx2  Lxx4  Px1  Tx1  Mgx1 

Yeti ship classes
GRENDEL class BC     AM    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 5
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +1  Tem -1        Cost = 1528/229.2
HTK 61   Sx8  Aix18  Dx2  Fx9 

BERSERKER class FG     AM    4 XO Racks   22 Hull    TL 5
[1] SSAix4ZH(I)(I)(I)FDXc?0Qs(I)(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost = 568/85.2
HTK 18   Sx2  Aix4  Dx1  Fx1 

Morale: Elite crews hurt a lot when you have to assault into them.

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The WP in Elvorfilas to the Cervii homesystem had been the scene of a desperate defence by the Drakes.  Currently orbiting the WP though were the High Council fleet of the Drake's Military Junta and TF10 of the SCN's 1st Fleet.  Three layers of mines and over 100 buoys surrounded the WP.  The number of cruiser sized bases was now 6, and three battlecruiser sized bases were under assembly.  One system over in Thruvar the assault forces of the Drakes and SCN were assembled.  The last reinforcements: 6 Plaga class armed pinance motherships had arrived last month.  The four fleets of the other other Warlords were also available in Thruvar.  A number of issues had slowed the preparations for the assault.  The Drakes had decided to wait until the Dreadnaught was available before building up their assault fleet deeming the Battleship too small for the task.  This had meant that the heavy ships for the assault fleet had needed to be built from scratch in Angband.  Currently the first 6 were available while a further 12 were in various stages of construction.  The SCN had had to active and then refit its ships to reinforce TF10 to full war strength.  The SCNs Assault Fleet had also needed re-activation and the number of Battleships had been too low, though 9 were currently available with 4 more under construction and 5 more authorised.  Technological advances had also occured leaving the ships of TF10 one generation behind the current standard for the SCN.  The SCN also faced 3 other active threat spots which were drawing down on the ships of 2nd and 3rd Fleets. 

At this point the combined Confederation Fleet was 15 Assault Battleships, 18 Fleet Battleships, 21 Battlecruisers, 27 Assault Cruisers, 12 Heavy Cruisers, 10 Light Cruisers, 6 Armed Pinance Motherships each with 9 pinances, 33 Destroyers plus support ships.   

The WP into the Cervii homesystem was the largest problem facing the planning staffs of the Confederation fleet.  The WP was closed on the Cervii homesystem side, plus only ships of Battleship size or smaller could transit it.  It was clear that given the time between the Cervii attack/war declaration and now that extensive minefields could be expected.  The staff estimated that it was not unreasonable to expect there to be up to 300 patterns of mines on the WP itself.  The fact that the ships would arrive in the middle of them, while their drive field was still transit shocked would help as the mines guidance packages tend to find it hard to determine the ships location and often detonate early due to the proximity sensors being fooled by the transit effect.  Still the mines will be hard targets for point defences and so the Drake ships with their trained crews would transit first.  Battleships would draw down considerable mine strength expended against them.  There was no way to avoid the fact that the most likely scenario was the total loss of the first wave.  The most optimistic scenario had the CAAs surviviing.  The real question was what defences the enemy had on the WP.  Here no one knew what to expect.  Enough time had passed for the construction of bases to support the minefields and buoys.  Pinance scouting was considered relatively pointless since the pinance would be attacked on tranist by the minefield and that would reveal its existance to the CAP or other defensive fire.

That left simply making a try at the assault, but aborting to effectively a recon in force if the circumstances were against a success.  The plan had been updated over the past several months but the basics had not changed significantly.  The Drake Assault force would lead the way with 3 waves, this would be followed by the SCNs Assault Fleet with 4 transit waves.  Depending on the situation the assault would either terminate at the 4th transit wave or after the assault ships were through the ships of TF10 would start their transit.  Assuming the immediate WP defences had been breached the Drake's High Council Fleet would transit through after for the exploitation phase of the battle.

But all this depended on success of breaching the initial minefields so the first assault waves were instructed to launch courier drones on arrival.  Depending on if Courier Drones were detected or not would determine if the assault would be aborted.  Assuming total loss of the first wave to the mines it would mean that the 4th wave would be committed before a halt based on the information of the second waves drones.  However, without more information on the defences the Drakes and their SCN allies were fighting blind.  As much as no one liked the thought of 9 BBAs, and 15 CAAs lost for likely only superficial damage to the enemy it was the most viable way to ensure information got back.  If things on the other hand went better than expected the Confederation fleet could then force the warp point and hopefully gain at least partial control of the system. 

A further issue for both the Drakes as well as Shanirian Confederation was the economic cost of the war.  The maintenance budgets of each were now essentially equal to their internal tax base, this seriously hampered both economic expansion as well as new construction as only trade funds were available for these tasks.  Political pressure from the Assembly was mounting to end the war and return the fleet to a peace time stance.  The Drakes wanted a resolution as Elvorfilas beyond being a valuable nexus system with, for them, habitable worlds also was their last system with unexplored warp points.  Securing it was vital to their future.  The economic pressure, the political pressure and the fact that the assault forces were at a minimally acceptable level ensured the attack would go in this month.

Month 212, Day 15, 083000

Gen Angekelbauch, High Councilor of the Urloki Council, was at his Balthasil II's CIC.  The holo tank was filled with a close range view of the warp point leading to the Cervii home system.  Lanes through the mine fields blinked green for the inbound assault ships of the assault fleets of both the Urloki and the SCN.  A "window" on the tank showed Sgt Esodor, commander of the Assault Fleet in his command ships CIC.  The leading group of 3 Trithaas BBAs and 3 Bathasil II CAA was nearing the transit point, a SCN pinance pacing them.  "Good luck Sergent, may your claws sink deep."  The Urloki's reptillian nature made facial expressions muted and the vaccsuits visor made the small signs one could read hard to see but the teeth were clearly visible.  "We strike from the sky, General."  Sgt Esodor replied.  He would go in the 3rd wave with a force of 6 CAAs.

Angekelbauch keyed another window contacting Legatus Bester of the SCNs 1st Fleet on his command ship.  "Your ships are ready Legatus?"  The human noded, "We shall see which way the cookie crumbles on this one.  We have a lot of ships, if we can clear the arrival space...we should win."  The tension on the Shanirians body was clear to the Urloki commander, which he understood.  The first 3 waves would be Urloki but the next 11 were Shanirian.   Both commanders understood that the only thing worse than winning a battle like this might turn out to be is breaking one off as that usually means dispoportionatly high losses to the attacker.

Angekelbauch, keyed his communicator.  "All ships. This is command.  Transit is authorised, time 0835.  Mark." 

Cervii Home System Warp Point 083500

Suddenly a Trithaas BBA appears on the warp point, the swarms of mines engage it, its crews work to stop the mines that don't detonate too far away or pointing in the wrong direction but their shields are knocked flat and a good part of their armour belt is spalled away.  The ship shudders but survives intact, rather to the surpise of the crew.  Half the mines on the warp point are now gone.  "Sir! CONTACTS ahead..."  "Great EGG!  Contacks astern!"  "All stop."  "Targeting lock smallest target."  "Egg sucker...that is...huge!"  Another Trithaas BBA appears its shields flashing but not failing as mines strike it.  Another Trithaas BBA and only minor shield damage as the mines are depleted.  The three Balthasil II CAAs flash into the system their shields largely untouched by the few remaining mines.  The SCNs pinance transits.

Directly ahead of the 6 Urloki ships were 6 massive bases and 3 smaller ones at 0.75 LS.  Astern of them was a similar force.  These bases were 50% larger than the Urloki's DN class of ships, around twice as large as their battlecruiser sized long range missile bases.  At 4.5 LS were a datagroup of DNs.  50 Buoys were present not far from the warp point itself.  The assumption was that a mine belt surounded the Urloki ships.  "Fire! Launch all courier drones!" 

Elvorfilas Command Ship Confederate Fleet 083530

"Single Drone transit, first wave! Downloading information." Thee more Trithaas BBA and three Balthasil II CAAs transit in the opposite direction to the outbound drone.

Elvorfilas Command Ship Conferate Fleet 083600

"General! Drone transmitting the following message: ABORT! ABORT! ABORT!"  Angkelbauch hit the connect to the SCNs Assault Fleet Commander.  "Tribune Garriboldi, abort the transit!"  His eyes focused on the plot as the lead Principii BBA closed on to the warp point and then with an almost disturbing abruptness stopped dead some thousands of kilometers from the horizon of the warp point.  Nothing could be done to have stopped the 6 Balthasil II's including Sgt Esodor's command ship and the lone SCN pinance of the third transit wave.

Elvorfilas Command Ship Confederate Fleet 083700

Neither drones, ships or a pinance had appeared.  Six Trithaas battleships and twelve Balthasil II cruisers had paid the price for the information on the one drone.  The bases apparently mounted massive laser and energy beam batteries.  One base had been, from the data on the drone, able to cripple a battleship with laser fire and gut a cruiser with its energy beam batteries.  The overload dampners on the battleships had done the job they were intended and had saved the battleships from being targets of the energy weapons, but the laser fire had been extremely potent.  This presented the Urloki and SCN with a triple threat of mines, energy weapons, and laser weapons.  The latter were mutually exclusive but complicated the work of naval engineering.  As well the bases firepower meant that a transiting wave could be destroyed or crippled by a single datagroup of bases firing.  This would prevent the gradual accumulation of ships necessary to successfully force the warp point.  Enough bases also existed that one could expect at least 4 to reach action stations on the intial transit turn, and by the fourth or fifth transit all bases likely would be active.  At that point sufficient firepower exists to destroy even 6 battleships.  The SCN was familier with this sort of base from their Squid allies but had always deemed it a foolish approach, apparently it is less foolish when coupled with sufficient numbers of weapons.

Ship designs used in the attack:
Urloki Ships

BALTHASIL II class CAA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x8Aix10ZH(BbS)Q(II)(II)Xr(II)TDF(II)M2DF!1(II)DC(CIC)(BbS)QLh?1DcF(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  1170/ 175.5
HTK 51    S0x8  Aix10  Dcx1  Dx3  Fx3  Tx1 
Notes:  the first assault ship of the Urloki fleet.  It was double purposed as a comand ship, and its lack of nuclear armament was viewed as a net positive benefit.  The design came about after the first of a series of war games between the SCN and the Urloki fleets demonstrated the vulurabilities of their standard ship design.

TRITHAAS class BBA     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 7
100 RCP       Trg:6  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2348/ 352.2
HTK 90    S0x22  Aix20  Dzx3  Dcx3  Fx5  Wax3  Tix1  Mgx1 
90x SM, 14x CAM (Mg), 6x EDM (Mg)
Note:  An emergency assault ship purpose built for the Cervii war.  Overload dampners were installed to enable it to survive expected IDEW-E fire and to blunt by burn out a single heavy E attack.

Shanirian Ships

HASTATI MOD 1 class CAA     AM    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 6
[2] S0x10Aix16ZH(II)Q(II)(II)PbGGM2GDGD(BbS)(II)CDXrLhQGMgD(II)(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  1036/ 155.4
HTK 58    S0x10  Aix16  Dx4  Gx5  Mgx1 
80x GM, 3x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 4x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  original assault ship of the SCN.  Its gun weapons can fire either anti-ship or anti-mine missiles.  The anti-mine missiles were developed too late for deployment in this attack.

PRINCIPII class BBA     AM    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 7
100 RCP       Trg:4  Bmp +2  Tem -1        Cost =  2049/ 307.4
HTK 112   S0x38  Aix30  Dx10  Gx5  Tix1  Mgx2 
140x GM, 10x CM, 18x CAM (Mg), 8x EDM (Mg)
Notes:  the SCNs heavy assault ship.  It carries the same weapon package as the Hastati but with significantly more passives.

[ooc]I have looked and so far excluding Thebes (solved by cheating the rules) and the Black Hole of Alpha C in ISW IV I've not seen any assaults on a closed WP and especially one with an 100 HS limit.  Given the economy in our game 12 BS5 is a hellish amount of firepower to confront.  The Drakes normally don't use armour or shields, which is why their ships are so light on passives.  The size limit is a killer as the BBAs don't have a lot of room for passives.  A simultaneous transit is in my view given the shock of the TFN when they saw it and the fact they had fought ISW1-3 without anyone using it not something either race would consider.  There is huge difference to running the risk of death and playing odds with being reduced to subatomic particles.  A good fraction of the crews would have survived the attack.  Fighters are a possibility as Vs are not affected by E beams...but with 3-4 bases active the first turn it is likely the ships will be lasered down.  And that doesn't include consideration of the minefield they would arrive in.  At the moment the conventional approach seems decidedly some out of the box thinking is required.[/ooc]
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Post by: Starslayer_D on August 20, 2014, 02:02:41 AM
[ooc]A few surprises there for both sides. This is the WP where the Cervii lost 3 SD squeezing them through. They had 6 of those monster bases initially, and were building 6 more when the Uroloki delivered their war starting insult. I must admidt I was sceptical of the split weapon designs myself. Also, I didn't like the idea of putting them at 1 to the WP... even if more powerfull, you also take a lot more damage in return. And 3 is a good range for E and Lx. They had 10 E and 12 Lx, and actually one base suffered a reboot Dec result in round 1. Well, and *blush* my ships standing by for a counterattack, purpose build, suffered from a distinctive lack of ammo. So..  had to delay to ammo them up. (not that I esxpect the counter to work any better if I'm honest).

But BS5 seem to be truly gruesome foes in our campaign. Luckely not many have them deployed. I should write up a battle I had the turn before, but I was more concerned getting it done than take notes, took me three full days as it was. The Undines/Cartel suffered from a further advance of the red fleet. Undines got some lucky scan results, payed with the part of the fleet which remained after the ship with the scan results departed. Helium now lies defenseless, the hub and entry system of their western expanses.[/ooc]
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Post by: Paul M on August 20, 2014, 03:52:04 AM
[ooc]I did a look through Crusade last night and the TFN never faced serious opposition until it had SBMHAWK and anti-matter.  At Lorilee the bases were BS3 and BS4, and the x-ray laser armed ones were only BS3.  In game it is a case where it is the sum of the parts that is the real show stopper.  Basically ships have to survive the intial turn of transit still capable of fighting in the second...because odds on all the bases will be fully active by no later than turn 5.  This one needs a bit of out of the box thinking at the end of the day...or the development of the SBMHAWK, which might come first.[/ooc]
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Post by: MWadwell on August 20, 2014, 07:30:40 AM
[ooc] This one needs a bit of out of the box thinking at the end of the day...or the development of the SBMHAWK, which might come first.[/ooc]

ast2/pn2? - But SBMHAWK's would come first....

Massively armored BBA's with hangars? At least this is a TL lower then SBMHAWK's, but by the time TL8 is reached, there are going to be even more BS5's present.....

With such a small WP, it's going to be difficult to force!
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Post by: Paul M on August 20, 2014, 09:54:59 AM
The Urloki are nearing TL8 so hanger bays and fighters are a possibility, though how many fighters you could stick on a BBA armoured sufficiently to survive is a good question.  The Shanirians can't use fighters as they use a different drive system (basically telekinetics) so they have a minimum crew requirement.  Apn the Shanirians have, but a BBA carrying Apn through will bring even fewer through.  I have a few thoughts on how to maybe do this, but I have to do a bit of spreadsheet work to see how long they may survive in combat. 

The Shanirians are researching TL9 so SBMHAWK still might become available before other options materize.  But even so it would require a lot of SBMHAWK to kill 12 BS5, given you have to get out of a mine 15% interpenentration, 1% lost to mines on entry, 10%+10%+10% for moving out of the mine belt (assuming it is one layer) so this is 30-40% losses right there.  Guess at say 120 HTK per base.  That is 20 SBMHAWKs, double that to account for misses and point defence.  40 SBMHAWKs*12=480*2 (for transit/move losses) = ~1000 SBMHAWKs.  Not exactly easy to come by. 

But this incident does go to show that no matter how crazy a design is, generally speaking there is always a few instances where it works really well.  Energy beams and x-ray lasers are a concept that for the most part makes absolutely no sense, works poorly with missiles and causes major headaches for the user.  But in this case they work nicely together in making it hard to design a ship that can easily survive both weapon packages.

This is the second 100 HS warp point that has caused me difficulties.  I also have to keep in mind that the Cervii use plasma torpedoes and have a fleet so while the bases are the most critical aspect of the defence, they are but one part of the chain.
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Could have just edited this into the above reply...

The fighters on a BBA(V) look to be sucessful if one has fL, with fR I think I can assume the first assault wave gets the bulk of its fighters off.  15 Squadrons of fR equipped F0 should be able to blast down 3 bases.  The problem is:
Round 1: 5 BBA(V) enter; 4 bases activate and fire, 5 BBA(V) survive with V's intact.
Round 2: 5 BBA(V) launch 15 SQN F0(fR), 5 BBA(V) enter, 4 more bases activate (8 total), 8 bases fire on the fresh 5 BBA(V)--here it is tricky my feeling is that only 2 BBA(V) survive that, 3 Bases are destroyed.
Round 3: 2 BBA(V) launch 6 SQN F0(fR), 5 BBA(V) enter, 3 more bases activate (8 total), 8 bases fire on the fresh 5 BBA(V)--2 BBA(V) survive, 1 Base destroyed
Round 4 2 BBA(V) luanch 6 SQN F0(fR), 1 base activates (8 total), 1 base is damaged or destroyed.

This is by more feel than detail here but that uses 20 BBA(V) and 60 SQN of F0 and takes out 4-6 bases (depends a lot on how much damage the CAMs do as that reduces the fighters necessary to kill a base).  This excludes the defending fleet except for use as cleaning out crippled BBA(V) trying to exit the system or buoys.  Round 4 fighter losses might also be high as they have to face the point defence plus beams of the bases (and the Lx can mutually support due to its range).

So far as I can see 3 technologies would allow for the assault to have a reasonable chance:  anti-laser armour, fL, or SBMHAWK.   15 fL armed squadrons could devestate those guess is they have Dc for point defence and the fighters can use some inverted varient of the "1 LS circle of death" to burn the bases down.  Even the smaller waves of reinforcing fighters then would pose a credible threat. 

This is the problem with fL.  It is overpowered at TL9 and TL10.  At TL11 anti-laser armour reduces it to minimal effectiveness.  But if you restrict it to a single anti-shipping shot (which is not unreasonable) then it is useless in a WP assault situation as fighters then have only single use weapons.  In our game Starslayer and I have been discussing this back and forth.  For fighters to be useful in assault situations (or for races such as the Rigillians from ISW3 to be viable) the fighters need to be able to shoot more than once.  At least that is my view on the matter.  Possibly allowing fL 3 anti-shipping shots would make them useful rather than simply overpowered.  Apn with 4 fL aren't anything to sneeze at either.

Simulatenous transit would change this all, but frankly that is a tactic that should be restricted to desperation, the bugs or small craft waves.  I'm seeing a pretty empty box of original ideas.  I can come up with asault designs that last 2 rounds but it is hard to see how I can accumulate ships on the WP after round 3 and without that the attack dies from straight forward firepower.

In ISW4 a single WP link like this would have brought the bug advance to a crashing stop.  The Shanirian Confederation has no way to get from the home world to the frontier with anything larger than a BB.  I have 6 or 7 100 HS limiting WPs in total and so far no way to by pass them.  That is why there are no DNs in the above order of battle (the Drakes have 2 active DNs and a third is building).  This is also true for another of the confederation members (the Squids have a 100 HS WP out of their homeworld that leads to 95% of their systems).
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Post by: Starslayer_D on August 21, 2014, 04:39:02 AM
It could be interresting. I don't remember what dpoint defense the bases have, but Lx can be targetted upon fighters like all other lasers. Did you include a possible CAM armement of the bases in your calculation? They had them but never bothered to fire them, as ships went pop nicely without.
I did discover anotehr glaring weakness in the Cervii assault fleet, one whicha ctually ahd been present allready when they last tried. Fleet back to yard for refit....

(last time, L armed corvettes at range 12 made a totall fool out of E-armed BC sitting hedged in by a minefield. Doh...)
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Post by: Paul M on August 21, 2014, 05:27:56 AM
I didn't expressly calcuate with CAM but I figured they would be present.  The issue at the end of the day is that on average 4 bases are active turn 1, and 8 on turn 2.  If on turn 2 8 bases have enough fire power to destroy the surviving ships of the first two transit waves the assault fails, it simply becomes defeat in detail from that point onwards.  It is hard to see how that isn't the case in this situation.

The Drake exploration vessels had F not L.  But it was F fire from elite crews outside of the range of your Es that did you in.  Both exploration fleets were present by luck at that point and that was around 30 CTs.  Plus some long range missile support from the CA and DDs plus the fire from the bases.
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Month 211, Day 3 Helium System of the Undine Conglomerate

It had not been a good day, Enforcer Bundy thought, his gaze drifting over the wreckage surrounding the warp point in the display before him, as he wrestled with the disappointment in his heart. After the undines had activated the mutual defense pact with his government, the Cannon Cartel had responded swiftly and dispatched a powerfull force of newly refitted ships to their aid. Six battlecruisers, six cruisers, six destroyers and six corvettes sure should help them with containing the red ships.

Three months ago a return of their fleet to the Tungsten System was detected. A plan to use the combined fleet in a deep space engagement, hopefully overwhelming them with numbers this time was discarded as the sheer number of hostile ships was detected. Six dreadnaughts, twelve battleships, six battle cruisers and eighteen smaller cruisers made the possible engagement doubtfully, given how the last engagement had lead to the total destruction of the undine fleet by a force half the size. Thus, the warp point between Helium and Tungsten was invested by the combined fleets, adding in a fleet by the Sri Raj, spacefaring felinoids allied with both governments. Then they settled in to wait, but nothing happened. The Sri Raj fleet had to withdraw, as resources in Helium when not sufficient to supply all theships assembled, and a part of the undine fleet retreated as well, to allay the situation and to allow refits with superior technologies currently under development.

Still, the Undines had twenty-six battlecruisers, eighteen cruisers and several frigates plus corvettes guarding the warp point, behind a minefield. The small vessels where clustered, by navy, just a light second from the warp point except the cartell corvettes who stayed further away. The six Cartell BC stayed at four and a half light seconds, and the six undine BC with capital launchers and their six escort BC stayed at six ls. The remaining battlecruisers and cruisers divided into groups and circled the warp point at one and half light seconds. The three carriers of the Cartell stayed back outside the range of capital missiles, their small complement of fighters embarked.  
Suddenly the warp point flickered and in quick succession six battleships appeared from the emptiness of space. The enigmous not quite  small craft detached from external racks dotting their flanks, and 71 pinnaces followed on the heels of the battle ships, only to loose some of their numbers to interpenetrations. 'What madness was this? No one sane transited simultaneously.'' The first battleship fired, gutting one of the cartell destroyers immediately. One of his brethren returned fire, only to see half his plasma packed swatted out of space. The other four never came to active station before the laser fire from the battleships crippled them and killed a corvette. Then the 'gun boats' started to salvo small volleys of missiles from their ordinance racks, slowly whittling down thevarious corvettes and the wrecked destroyers, until their last missiles where spend against against ta  frigate. Meanwhile, the undine and cartell ships slowly whittled down a battleship, but slow activation and strong point defense suites slowed down the progress. Still, they killed one of the huge ships and stripped the shields from another before they finished turning and escaped through the warp point, leaving the defenders with all the small crafts, pinnaces and a slightly befuddled expression after less than a minute. But it was not over. Seventy two gunboats and 64 pinnaces surged foreward through the minefield in a dense group, loosing some of their numbers but expending many of the mines, over the wrecks of the destroyers and split apart to chase down the cartell cruisers and a group of undine battlecruisers, and one of undine cruisers. As most of them where still slowly gaining speed, the chase was short and ended with them swarmed in close quarters by the small craft. The Cartell cruisers tried to respond, but two squadron of gun boats were enough to blow each into glowing clouds of incandescent gas while their capital point defenses and plasma guns clawed allmost inefficiently at their attackers. Nor did the undine cruisers fare much better, the pinnaces they encountered where armed as well, and like in the last battle proved very effective at killing. Only half of them expended their munitions before they too had no further targets, loosing twenty to the return fire. Only the undine battlecruisers fared better, destroying the gun boats send against them for the loss of three of their own. Then the remaining small craft turned about and surged back through the tear in the minefields and back through the warp point, leaving the field to the flabbergasted defenders. A minute of combat had swatted three battlecruisers, twelve cruisers, six destroyers, 2 frigates and 9 corvettes from space, trading them for one battleship and some small crafts.
But the undines had some consolidating reasons to celebrate, they had gotten good scans on some of the technologies used, and dispatched two damaged battlecruisers to carry the information homewards. And this was where Enforcer Bundy was not a happy man. His cruisers and destroyers had been wrecked, and his battle cruisers had been unable to gain any data as by some incomprehensible decision by the design bureau they were not equipped with long range scanners, unlike the now slowly dissolving cruisers.

The defenders reorganised, with the close range cruisers and battle cruisers settling into an orbit at three light seconds to prevent any further rapid swarming, and settled down to wait.

Forty hours later, the warp point flickered again....
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Could have just edited this into the above reply...

The fighters on a BBA(V) look to be sucessful if one has fL, with fR I think I can assume the first assault wave gets the bulk of its fighters off.  15 Squadrons of fR equipped F0 should be able to blast down 3 bases.  The problem is:
Round 1: 5 BBA(V) enter; 4 bases activate and fire, 5 BBA(V) survive with V's intact.
Round 2: 5 BBA(V) launch 15 SQN F0(fR), 5 BBA(V) enter, 4 more bases activate (8 total), 8 bases fire on the fresh 5 BBA(V)--here it is tricky my feeling is that only 2 BBA(V) survive that, 3 Bases are destroyed.
Round 3: 2 BBA(V) launch 6 SQN F0(fR), 5 BBA(V) enter, 3 more bases activate (8 total), 8 bases fire on the fresh 5 BBA(V)--2 BBA(V) survive, 1 Base destroyed
Round 4 2 BBA(V) luanch 6 SQN F0(fR), 1 base activates (8 total), 1 base is damaged or destroyed.

This is by more feel than detail here but that uses 20 BBA(V) and 60 SQN of F0 and takes out 4-6 bases (depends a lot on how much damage the CAMs do as that reduces the fighters necessary to kill a base).


Looking at it, the most effective wave was the first one - where you trade 5 BBA(V) for 3 bases.

So "gaming the system", the best way to do this would to try for single wave probes every day or so, sacrificing the fighters of each wave. I.e. the wave of 5 BBA(V) transit in, and start turning around. On turn 2, they launch, and then transit out - leaving the fighters behind to kill 3 BS's, before they die from lack of life support.

Doing this a couple of times, would result in all of the BS's being destroyed.

Another option, is to simultransit the apn by themselves (I can't remember of apn are warp capable though).

This is the problem with fL.  It is overpowered at TL9 and TL10.  At TL11 anti-laser armour reduces it to minimal effectiveness.  But if you restrict it to a single anti-shipping shot (which is not unreasonable) then it is useless in a WP assault situation as fighters then have only single use weapons.  In our game Starslayer and I have been discussing this back and forth.  For fighters to be useful in assault situations (or for races such as the Rigillians from ISW3 to be viable) the fighters need to be able to shoot more than once.  At least that is my view on the matter.  Possibly allowing fL 3 anti-shipping shots would make them useful rather than simply overpowered.  Apn with 4 fL aren't anything to sneeze at either.

There are a couple of options:
1) make it (as you mention above) fire only 2 or 3 shots before it has to be re-armed.
2) make it fire every second or third turn (as ship mounted primaries do).
3) allow it to fire every turn, but with a to-hit penalty (to reduce it's effectiveness).

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Post by: Starslayer_D on August 22, 2014, 01:56:15 AM
I'd so love to be a fighter pilot in your empire, Mathew. ;)
One way or another, this WP will eat a lot of ships if tried to be broken with ships ina  conventional way. A good lesson to learn for our campaign.
APN are warp capable, which makes them kind of guided SBMHAWKS if you are able to simultransit them in. Two of the agressive NPRs in the campaign have used them this way. Other races more prefer to swarm pods through.
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Post by: Paul M on August 22, 2014, 03:08:14 AM
Matt, you are correct.  I tend to design plans that pass the "would be acceptable if those were real people" test.  Also kamakizi-ing the fighters into the bases had crossed my mind.  That takes them out in the movement phase and removes the chance for mutual support.  Also each fR equipped F0 does 5 pts of damage if my memory is correct.  Another option would be real suicide shuttles (with cargo holds loaded with nuclear bombs).  But...then I would need to make RM or RD checks per attack...well even in your case using the BBA(V) I'd need those since it is suicide mission.

I could also use a tunner design and get 6 BBA(V) through making it more likely that I get 15 SQN off.  That also gives me about 3 lots of CAMs from the BBA(V) which helps the fighters out.  I could also launch 6 ast and have them make a run for it and then fighters could rendevous and transfer to the ast (which has more lifesupport) and could reasonably carry full loads of extra lifesupport in their cargo bay. also puts the BBA(V)s up against fewer and fewer active bases, 4-5 on the first attack, 3-4 on the second attack, 2-3 on the 3rd attack, and 1 or so on the 4th attack which would be possible to use any surviving BBA(V) plus convetional assault ships.  But this is theoretical anyway as the Drakes haven't developed fighter.

Apn simultanous transit, requires again a check but the losses from the mines would be rather stiff...about 40% of the Apn would be lost before they were able to attack.  (15% interpenteration, 1% on transit from mine attacks, then 10%+10% for leaving and entering a mine hex, and then 10% for leaving the mine hex (assuming only a single layer).  At say 20 Apn with 4 fR to kill a base, and say 20 Apn lost due to final defensive fire, I would need ~80 Apn most of which would be lost in the attack (+15% of the survivors lost on transit out).  I don't currently have enough Apn transport capacity as the Apn is a new weapon system for the SCN.

Thanks for the suggestions on the fL.  Ablative armour model and minimal damage of 1...leads to "issues" ... I don't want to think about the fL2 or fP.
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Month 211, Day 5 Helium System of the Undine Conglomerate

Forty hours later, the warp point flickered again. Six dreadnaughts appeared and launched 96 gunboats. Forty-two armed pinnaces followed them through, risking annihilation again to arrive as a massive swarm. The defenders had reorganised themselves after the last fight. The six undine capital missile battlecruisers sat with six longer ranged battlecruisers as escorts at six light seconds from the warp point. Between them and the warp point at three light seconds all remaining undine ships clustered up in a protective group, too far to be ponced on but still in good range for their missile launchers and force beams.
on the other side of the warp point, at four and a half light second, the remaining cartell ships waited, with the carriers again at a long distance outside of missile range behind them. The dreadnaughts exchanged fire, with their capital missiles digging into a cruiser, followed by their lasers. The allied fleets responded, and while their forcebeams slowly pecked away at one of the huge ships, their missiles mostly failed to penetrate the strong point defense suite it carried.
In the next half minute, six battleships emerged from the warp point and detached a further 72 gunboats. The first wave of gun boats went out after the Cartell ships, salvoing their missiles into te cartell corvettes and overwhelming them quickly, then ripping deeply into the cartell battlecruiser who had managed to rush to action stations. Unfortunately, its plasma guns and capital missiles only managed to kill three of the small attackers. while this happened the undines ships where still slow of the mark, but their gradual fire dug deep into the invading dreadnaught. The invaders answered with coordinated salvos of capital missiles from the dreadnaughts, and more capital missiles from three of the battleships. The other three proved to be of the same design like the probe which happened earlier by their broadsides of hetlasers. The fire concentrated now on the undine battlecruisers, as their forcebeams were the most efficient weapons. The dreadnaughts also  salvo-ed their external missiles, stripping the armor of another battlecruiser.
With the next wave, three battleships and three battlecruisers which delivered 66 further gunboats, the invaders started to focus their lasers on several battlecruisers in an attempt to strip away their EDMs from the external racks, as these proved to be quite effective at stopping their missiles. The battlecruisers had just a single capital launcher each, but four very powerfull XRay Lasers as a broadside, which by themselves allmost stripped the armor of an undince battlecruiser when they targetted it, even at three light seconds distance. The battleships were more capital missile armed combatants. All this was paid for by the death of the dreadnaught under the relentless forcebeams of the defenders.
But all this was allmost a sideshow compared to the wave of gunboats which crashed into the five remaining cartell battlecruisers, and overwhelmed them quickly by salvo after salvo of short range rockets with fRAMs. The 52 remaining gunboats in this wave turned then towards the warp point again, preserving their remaining armament while the armed pinnaces flew out to eliminate the shattered wrecks of the cartell battlecruisers and corvettes with external lasers.
As the last wave of the invaders came in, two more battleships and three battlecruisers, the defenders attention was diverted as 138 gunboats forged foreward from the warp point to intercept the undine defenders. But this forray was met with the fire of all battlecruisers and cruisers, who fired sprint mode missiles into them and reduced their numbers by half, while their missiles blotted the undine frigates from space and engaged some of the more crippled combatants. Unfortunately, this allowed the red ships to fire unopposed, and they went to scour the armor of defenders and break up their datalinks left and right.
Still, even while the last wave of gunboats followed their colleagues, the defender stayed focused on the first wave, as they closed to swarm around them, damaging cruiser after cruiser heavily while the cruisers reaped them in return. Some of the gun boats were laser armed, and those went ahead to remove more armor and external EDM from the battlecruisers as the cruiser force died around them. Nineteen gunboats broke away after this, having expended their ordinance and the defenders let them go, focusing on the incoming second wave while ignoring the ships still clustered around the warp point. These proceeded to further damage many of the defenders, but not going in for the kill, while removing coordination, engine rooms and armor from them. By now the defenders knew they were in trouble. If they closed in, which they no longer could quickly, their beams would become more effective and they could fire their missiles in sprint mode. But the invaders beams would also become way more effective and slaughter them quickly. Fleeing, they would have to crawl through capital missile fire with antimatter warheads, and bereaved of datalinks and EDMs would also be destroyed before escaping. The missile armed enemies meanwhile engaged the distant group of battlecruisers with laser tipped capital missiles , breaking up their datalinks and scouring their eternal ordinance after they had managed to destroy one battle cruiser.
After the last wave of gunboats crashed in a was eliminated for the price of further heavy damage, the battle took on an allmost leisure pace, lasting another six minutes where the heavy damaged defenders trades light individual hits with their opponents, taking another battlecruiser to the grave with them and damaging a third as they, now unable to flee where picked apart slowly before the eyes of the horrified Cartell carrier crews, until the defenseless wrecks were chased down by the armed pinnaces, as they had to deal with far less long range fire swooping in.
As the red fleet only had some gunboats left, and those would not have good chances in a stern chase with the carriers, the three cartell ships retreated towards Tantalum, leaving the red fleet in possesion of the warp point.

On the inhabited worlds of the Tungsten system, now unreachable by any fleet the battered undines could hope to muster, like thick rain drops heralding a deluge  from a cloud swollen sky, neutron bombs started to fall.
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fP we had agreed to that its one shot and back to carrier for a recharge. I think we have left over haggling how many anti ship shots an fL has, 2 or 3..?

Well, the battle with the undines was a long one, especially as it defenitely was the largest so far in the campaign, with over seventy cruiser sized or larger vessels, and hundreds of prototype gun boats involved. But the undines were firmly trapped on the downhill side of a tech slope, as their tech 8 systems are still developping and their fleets were slated for a refit to that standard. TL10 oponents are not fun in such a regard. They pierce your EM, theirs stays, they have DEC2 Lx, HET, AM, Mi1, Dx, Zi, Ac, S2, -LT2...

Well, they will also now spend about 10 turns building gunboats to refill the Xog :)
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I don't agree with fP at all.   :)  But then I still think of primaries from the Lensmen books where they were poduced by overloading a weapon, and later by overloading a replacable projector core.  I don't think a primary could be made that worked on a fighter.  But thankfully it is further down the tech chain for the moment.

My favorite Seals...don't sound to be doing so well.  Ah well the SCN had decided to reinforce our one open point of contact with those xeophobic, fish eating, fur bearing, aquatic irritants. 

HT10 adds a lot to the mix and being TL7 (effectively) puts you on a very steep slope.  AFM is the real answer to gunboats, as they can be engaged with that out to 20 hexes away...and even Fc opens them up to a world of hurt with a 1 to hit at range 20, modified by crew grade, etc.  The Seals need a 100 HS warp point to slow down the Red fighters. 

I'm not sure they did the right thing being close enough to engage the enemy in this case.  Staying back at 40 hexes and activating their ships might have spared them this sort of defeat.  It is hard to say, you can argue both ways.  Clearly at long range you have to close with the enemy but it would give you the option of deep space engagement.
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Well, given that the last time they were annihilated in deep space, trying a close in defence was logical. But then they got swamped by the gun boats, which they had seen there, but not suffered. so in the end they got the worst of both... as by the time the gun boat threat got removed, their fleet was too battered to close in anymore, and too battered to flee. It would have gone even faster if I had remembered the BCs carried Dec2. Well, it evens out with he Cartell BCs having a well hidden datalink after all.
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Looking at the rules for targetting gunboats again... states they get a +1 to hit on AFM type weapons, this I assume only applies to the AFMc as the AFM counts them as AFM vrs Other.  The +1 also applies to the 28.03 chart but that +1 is not on top of +1 vrs small craft so far as I can tell.  So they are engaged on the 28.03 chart with a net +1.  A fighter engages them on the fighter to fighter chart at a net +2 (+1 for gunboat, and +1 for fighter dog fighter bonus).

I thought they were even easier targets then small craft but seems not.

They launch in the movement phase, but it isn't clear how many movement points they would have remaining when they launch.  Fighters loose 1 MP for being launched but they can't be launched in the turn of the ship transiting in...gunboats can.  I'd think given they have to spend a turn docking that undock also leaves them unable to manuever (speed 0 turn of launch)?

As for the Seals...I can't really comment that effectively as I'd far more details...sometimes defending the warp point doesn't mean defending the warp point and sometimes it means being very close (the Cervii for example).  I just think it might have been more useful to be 41 hexes from the WP with a heavy csp of small craft between you and the WP and an extended minefield in that direction to attrit the enemy force.  But it isn't cut and dried by any means.  Best laid plans and all that....but seperating the Gunboat swarm from fleet support would be my goal in any future easy that will be do I don't know.
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Not easy. The first battle they lost, and the gun boats didn't even get involved. They just shadowed them to the left and right ready to pounce upon them if they retreated. Just the long range firepower from dreadnaughts and then BCs up close. All the battleships were later additions to the red feet lineup.
They did kill off a lot of gunboats which need time to be replaced (at 3 hull space each they eat up construction space by a lot), and they killed a SD, BB and two BC, which do need replacements. So they did slow down the expansion, but and very high costs. So they gained some time to refit their remaining ships with better electronics at the least, if not right out better weapons and defences. But they may loose more systems over it. It depends if the undines are willing to let them do it, as heir home system sits behind a closed warp point, but they have a lot of real estate exposed right now.

[ooc]I have posted the forces involved under scenarios, for those who like to see if they can do better.[/ooc]
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Month 213  Shanirian Confederation

The Drake High Council and the Shanirian Assembly confront the reality of the massed warp point defences to the Cervii homeworld.  Attrition attacks are ruled out as economically unfeasable.  The bases likely have sufficient shields that most of the damage would be wasted on hit and run attacks.  The only viable strategic option is containment until some a better solution presents itself.  The SCN is directed to recall its assault ships.  A new plan is drawn up with both sides approving it that will bolster the defences to the point where a counter attack by the Cervii is doomed to fail.  Construction of pre-fabricated bases will be begin and accelerate over the next months.  Meanwhile the strong fleet presence in Elvorfilias will remain to guard the warp point.

The SCN has three other worries though. 
"The Cats Who Say No" (Tee-Kahwha-essno in crew parlance) have been not agreeing to any sort of treaty relationship since contact was established and as they are only a single system from Tarantum this has become worrysome.  TF20 watching the warp point to their homesystem has been continously reinforced but it is still troublesome.  The diplomats have shifted to securing a non-agression treaty.  The Confederation is more than willing to turn over the two systems in the chain that connects to the TCWSN's homeworld but even that has not moved them from their stance of not signing anything.

Attica, a system on the frontier, had been visited by an Undine survey fleet exploring through one of the systems un-explored but known warp points.  TG Centurion, was on its way to join the forces in system and two mobile construction groups were moving towards the system as well.  The aquatic mammels were not friendly and two promising warp chains had been abandoned as they led to this races space.  The Confederation viewed them as persona no gratia for the most part and the standard proceedure was to avoid contact where possible.  Up to now it had been possible to put closed warp points between them and the Confederation.  This one would be secured.

In Rubicon, as system including a foward operations base, the warp point to the Council of the Moon's Home System Antelope and a pre-industrial race on the companion start of the binary had been visited as well.  TG 31.1 had responded to the alert and was presently in system.  [ooc]I have to ask my strategic planner if the RM would have initiated contact at this point or not...they could have just vanished back through the closed warp point...which may be more sensible for them to they can't maintain the ship without revealing its existance and the survey ship has only 1 months maintenance onboard.[/ooc]

On the whole the Shanirian Assembly is facing a financial crissis due to the cost of maintaining its fleet on a semi-war-footing.  The Drakes are in a similiar straight, with both governments living mainly on trade revenues.  The cost of the build up for the Cervii war though is considered worth it by the SCN as they have now upgraded most of their mothballed ships to only one version behind current, and they will refit them before returning them to mothballs.  They have also gained valuable experience with the demothballing proceedure.

Refitting and new construction for the Survey Fleets is also nearing completion and survey operations will resume inside of 3 months.
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Moth 216, Cannon Cartell, Ewon System

The Cannon Cartell is a quite martial capitalist society. They are willing to trade with almost anyone and aim to create trade opportunities with everyone they contact.   And they have succeeded nicely, so far. By an accident of galactrography, they quite early ran out of open warplines to exploit, having met dead ends or neighbours.
Their home system, Ewon, is a crossroads of traders and goods, with an almost unprecedented number of nine warp points. Knowing that riches are coveted, the Cannon Cartell has fortified their systems on a scale rarely seen by any other nation in the known galaxy, and they know about most of it by rumour if not well paid spies. Each warp point is guarded by at least three BS4 and ten BS3, the later with capital missile armaments and the former with plasma guns. And thick mine belts to fence in all unauthorized passage.
They are wary of some of the races they have contacted, as  many of these are rather warlike, but they have managed to gain trade, if not military agreements with most of them, and relations have been peaceful.
Recently, one of their partners: the Undine Conglomerate, a race rather less prone to cordial relations and loathed by several races for their tendency to react unfavourable to new contacts; but, on quite cordial terms with the Cannon Cartell, has been invaded by a so far implacable foe, a fleet of red ships with substantial technological superiority. A
fleet sent by the Cartell to aid them in defending a warp point was annihilated alongside the undine defenders, sending the Cartell military into a frenzy of strategic evaluation and cautious refits, which affect among other things their complete force of carriers.
Only in one case has their diplomatic efforts backfired, with the House of Liao.  They are a small one system empire ruled by a council of advisors in the name of an absolute monarch. Despite being a pocket empire, they are proudly independent and refused an attempt by the Cannon Cartell to enter  into a partnership agreement. Breaking off the
existing trade and military treaty to retreat into isolation, preferring that to being dominated by their larger and richer neighbour. But that was over two years ago, and nothing else has come of it... until now.

The emptiness of space on the warp point leading to the Liao system is suddenly broken by the emergence of a string of light cruisers and two corvettes, all aligned perpendicular to the looming Doombringer bases which watch over the warp point at a distance of 425.000 km. The first of the cruisers fires a broadside of five lasers, hitting with all of them but due to the distance boiling off just some of the base's armour. By happenstance, this is the base on active duty, and their gunnery crews, although surprised by the sudden assault and the accuracy of the fire, react swiftly and allocate five plasma guns and two rapid fire missile launchers to each of three light cruisers, vaporizing one and heavily damaging the others. Missile fire from a Destroyer and two Eradicator class bases further out crosses beams fired by the remaining light cruisers, but the Liao crews are very well trained and despite the shock of transit react and engage the missiles, negating most of them with accurate point defence fire and launched EDMs.  The plasma guns on the corvettes miss the base due to the effects of the transit.

Another string of six light cruisers and two corvettes emerges with guns blazing. This time facing the opposite direction of the previous ships. The remaining two Doombringer bases crews are now at their post, their two salvoes damaging most of the cruisers while they in turn punched through the armour of the first Doombringer base with their lasers and eliminated its shields with CAMS. The two Destroyer bases focused fire on another cruiser, but the missiles where mostly intercepted. The active datagroup of Eradicator bases fired laser warhead armed missiles at the untouched two light cruisers of the first wave leaving them streaming air. The newly arrived corvettes, in return, missed the
Doombringer base with their plasma guns.
The third wave saw six heavy cruisers and again two corvettes, this time emerging again on the first vector. The first three cruisers turned to face the Doombringer bases, and the first unleashed a hail of sprint mode missiles from seven advanced launchers and a powerful beam of searing light from a spinal mounted laser system, far more powerful than
the lasers used by the light cruisers. The bases responded, their fire now weakened by the damage wrought upon the first base, by targeting four cruisers, splitting their fire between them and launching their own CAM. The results were very varied, with one cruiser being almost vaporized, two taking heavy damage and one only scratched, not even
venting atmosphere. The remaining light cruisers and the heavy cruisers united their fire to burn deeper into the first Doombringer and also remove the passives of the second, leaving gaping holes where once weapon bays had stood.  Missile fire from the bases tries and take out corvettes before their plasma guns can recharge, with very slight
results. The Liao corvettes proved to be very tough against missile fire, and although one was damaged heavily, managed to respond with their own plasma guns, this time successfully.

By the time the fourth wave emerged, again delivering six heavy cruisers, most of the light cruisers had been reduced to weaponless wrecks which slowly aligned towards the warp point to exit the battle. But the defenders had their hands full with the remaining threats and could not spend weapon allocation towards their elimination, especially as the Liao crews proved to be very well trained in regards to their handling of point defense fire.  The newly arrived cruisers emerged facing the other way to the last group, and slowly turned towards the Doombringers, while the third wave now were all aligned on them. After an intense exchange of fire the first two Doombringers were reduced to drifting clouds of wreckage, leaving only one of the huge defenders facing the invaders, supported by the eight missile bases out at 1.650.000 km. The end of their sojourn was heralded by the fifth wave, this time of six battle cruisers, one of which immediately unleashed a broadside of four capital missiles and three roentgen lasers. The last remaining Doombringer base tried to stave off its fate by concentrating fire upon two battle cruisers, but it was not enough and bit by bit it was carved up by lasers of all kinds and missiles, as the damaged light cruisers and the corvettes retreated.
The heavy cruisers now turned their attention to the Destroyer bases and engaged them with accurate long range laser fire from their spinal mounts.  As the bases could stand off the missiles from the battlecruisers and were too far out to be engaged by their laser weapons  the defenders fire targeted the remaining cruisers with devastating effect.  Laser warhead missiles detonated around the cruisers and spalled away armour and the surface mounted datalink that meshed their point defences together.  The last wave of reinforcements for the attackers arrive consisting of three battlecruisers and three light cruisers.  The next time the bases fired the heavy crusiers were fighting independently and two cruisers vanished engulfed in concentrated fire from the bases and the damage to the rest was apparently significant.

In the exchange of fire now largely only a missile duel both Destroyer bases are damaged, as well, an Eradicator was taking fire.  Before they lost control over the ring of buoys waiting for ships attempting to sweep the mines the control systems on the Destroyer bases send out updated commands.  After receiving them the 80 IDEW-P locked onto the mass of enemy ships and fired into the remaining attacking ships, punching holes into them.  The second ring of mines also received a command and the controller modules of the mine field was instructed to fire at maximum rate on all targets detected. After receiving fire from the IDEW-P the Liao force turned around and vanished back though the warp point, apparently deciding they did not have enough ships left to break through the minefield and successfully pursue further engagements in the Ewon system.  The defenders were happy to see them go and assault shuttles move in to start recovering life pods of both friend and foe.

Moth 216, Alaisiagae System, Northern Lizard expanses.
About the same time as the Cannon Cartell was defending themselves, somewhere; quite elsewhere, in the galaxy...  Scaly beings, with clawed hands and snouts full of teeth, warily watched the warp point before them. Usually more interested in trade and peaceful contact, the galaxy had reminded them that war also had its place. It has been long since anything happened here, but they had not forgotten. The aliens on the other side had surged through the warp point and raided the lush planet the ships now guarded. After being fought to a standstill and then being expulsed from the system again in two bloody battles, a pursuit into the aliens home system had not been advisable, as the fleets beam battlecruisers had all taken damage and were in need of repair. Still, the lizards had been confident of holding the system against a counterattack, their battle cruisers had proved to be faster than the aliens commercial drive engined hulls, and longer ranged as well. Years had passed without anything happened, time used well in the Norsk system,
for the development of new ships and weapons, and the refit and expansion of their fleet.
Now twenty-one battle cruisers and six light carriers guarded the warp point from a distance, holding a vigil but far enough out for their crews to come to alertness while being safe. Twelve Grendel class battle cruisers with a spinal laser and a broadside of heterodyne lasers escorted six Skadi heavy missile battle cruisers with a broadside of seven capital launchers and three of their more mixed Wooden class cousins who traded two launchers for a capital force beam waited. Then, something stirred. Slowly, an enemy fleet emerged: six titanic dreadnaughts, guarded by a twenty-seven heavy cruisers and a smattering of destroyers and frigates, with a solitary battlecruiser. Possible that last was the lone old style Grendel captured by the aliens? Fate was a fickle crone though, just as the unveiling of the first of the Grendel's Mother class dreadnaught had been feted by the defenders, the aliens showed their hand by bringing six of similar sized ships into the system.

Slowly falling into range of their missiles before the advancing alien fleet, they waited until they could bring their XO racks into play to start the engagement, launching salvoes of internal and external missiles at the enemy ships. But this fire was not one sided, as soon as their revealed which of their battlecruisers had capital missile launchers, the enemy dreadnaughts fired back with capital missiles from their external ordinance racks, and with 39 inbound, the defenses of the targeted Wooden battlecruiser where overwhelmed and breached. One of the Skadi fared similarly, and both ships where then targeted by further salvoes from the heavy cruisers and destroyers until their first three engine rooms had been taken out, dooming them eventually to fall back into the waiting jaws of the pursuing fleet. Also, the Grendel battlecruiser in the enemy line up used its higher speed to dash slightly ahead and then carved some of the armor off a second Skadi. On the other hand, two invading cruisers and a dreadnaught all had taken damage, although some of the fire on one of the cruisers was intercepted by a reaction launched EDM. Definitely the aliens had learned some lessons from the previous battles, not only were their ships more resilient and less easily disarmed by fire taken, but also they were better prepared for missile fire. The lizard fleet switched over to laser war heads to slowly strip their enemies of their armour and data links while the two slowed ships drifted closer to the enemy battle line amidst a very dangerous looking but utterly ineffectual firework display of plasma torpedoes. Analysis indicated that at least twelve cruisers now carried two launchers, and the dreadnaughts five, but they all missed repeatedly. The hostile Grendel proved more effective, slowly burrowing through the armour of the second targeted Skadi and removing finally some engine rooms before succumbing to return fire which slowed it down as well.

The battle ran on for a long time until four of the dreadnaughts heavily damaged and many other enemy ships where lightly damaged and streaming atmosphere. The lizards paid for this with their three damaged battlecruisers, who succumbed to a hail of standard missiles as soon as they came into range of them. All capital missiles but a last salvo spent after fifteen minutes of battle the so far passive carriers, who had stayed well beyond weapon range, launched their broods:  24 squadrons of fighters raced in a wide arc towards the long trail of crippled ships, and started rolling it back up towards the fleet. With half of them expending their rockets upon the crippled cruisers for the loss of only three of their number due to their superior speed and freedom of position with evasive maneuvers, the remaining twelve squadrons with unfired ammunition faced the alien ships which had bunched up to protect each other. Again approaching carefully and using evasive maneuvers, they bore in while the battlecruisers provided covering fire against any ship daring to use their point defense against the oncoming fighters. With one pass they crippled all dreadnaughts and even three cruisers before flying back to the carriers.  Left behind were the remains of a total of four squadrons worth of comrades, taken by the defenders Wa missiles launched in a flurry of dense flak. The fighters landed, reorganized and rearmed, and then launched again. This time, they followed the twelve Grendels into the enemy battle line.  The beam armed battlecruises charged then enemy, activating their tuners to close quickly. The resulting clash was quick, brutal and final.  The aliens ships were all crippled alongside three grendels reduced to nothing more than hulks with a  drive field. Although the alien fleet surrendered, almost all ships blew themselves up after launching their crew in escape pods, which the Lizards picked up.

[ooc](Plasma torpedoes are definitely not a long range weapon system on par with capital missiles. Closer than twenty hexes they actually start to hit and then their prove worthwhile due to their point defense evasion, but with an effective range of fifteen hexes they are more an alternative to the Wa than to the Rc. And their magazine costs is huge.
This battle showed that the Wa armament of the Conclave of Netheril dealt far more damage than the plasma torpedoes, with a total of 7 shots hitting, and five of them only after the Lizard Grendel BCs closed to within close beam range on them. The Conclave was doomed by design philosophy and a weapon system in this battle, again, which was more a
waste of tonnage than anything else. Had they military engines, the Lizards still could have played keep way, but zigging and zagging would have brought them into range. Luckily for the conclave, the lizards green crews sure brought far less CM on target than standard crews would have once they managed to stay at 24 hexes after the initial losses. I dare say though had the DN been armed with capital missiles the battle could have swung the other way or at least killed far more Lizard ships by e.g. forcing an earlier commitment of the fighters.)[/ooc]
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[ooc]One thing that is interesting is how little an influence EM has with the UTM changes.  It is functionally only around for the first turn of fire from a newly transited force.  After that it is rare any ship has a negative adjustment from it.  This removes one of the advantages of the plasma torpedo (it isn't affected by EM) and leaves it only with the -5 interception modification.  The plasma torpedo may be a substantially more efficient weapon when used defensively against a warp point assault. 

The commercial engined guys may want to consider equipping their ships with tunners.  At least it gives them a few rounds of higher speed.  I am happy my battle plan for the Lizards turned out to be a resounding success. 

The WP on the Cannon Cartell was touch and go...Starslayer and I were discussing if the CAs should have been sent in first rather than the CLs.  Assuming the same activation rate my feeling is that it would have resulted in the loss of the CAs rather than CLs but not much else...but it is hard to say for certain.  It is another of these 100 HS warp points so that limits the size of what can come through.  I'm continously amazed at the number of those things that show up...compared to Steve or Kurt who never encountered them so far as I know.  Datagrouped point defence with elite crews really makes it hard to score serious hits at this tech level.  I wasted a fair amount of fire on the CTs for virutally no hits.  I think I also missed up the kilt fire on the CAs.  All in all it was a good battle and not as one sided as it originally looked.[/ooc]
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[ooc]Indeed. The Liao could have broken into the system, but their fleet would have been to crippled to take on the shipyards further in or any sizeable deep space fleet. So they opted for preserving their ships and broke off. Now we have to see what the cartel decides to do besides strengthening the WP defences.[/ooc]
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[ooc]It is another of these 100 HS warp points so that limits the size of what can come through.  I'm continously amazed at the number of those things that show up...compared to Steve or Kurt who never encountered them so far as I know.[/ooc]


As far as I know, both Steve and Kurt had 100 HS WP's - but Steve ignores the WP capacity limit, and Kurt has used a transit rules for small WP's similar to 4th edition for a while now (i.e., for 100 HS WP's, large ships transit in over a number of movement phases, but for larger WP's, the standard R3rd ed rules applies).

But I may be wrong....
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As far as I know, both Steve and Kurt had 100 HS WP's - but Steve ignores the WP capacity limit, and Kurt has used a transit rules for small WP's similar to 4th edition for a while now (i.e., for 100 HS WP's, large ships transit in over a number of movement phases, but for larger WP's, the standard R3rd ed rules applies).

But I may be wrong....

That is right, Kurt in the last stuff he wrote was using the 4thE warppoint rules.  Steve, if he had 100 HS WPs, certainly never had them intefere with ship movements.  I mean a single 100 HS limit WP would block the bugs from ISW4 cold. 

The Shanirians didn't bother with the DN because they can't move one more than 2 transits from their home system, and best case about 6-8 transits.  I have basically on every warp line that goes anywhere one of the things.  It makes it pretty much impossible to use ships larger than a BB.  So even building them outside of Shanir itself would not help.  They become mobile BS4s and the SCN decided that they can afford to maintain more bases and just have bases rather than having ships that are trapped in varioius areas of the Confederation due to the WPs.  The Drakes haven't got any except for the one to the Cervii system so they have have 1 DN operational and 2 more under construction.  They also had not built many BBs as they thought to wait till the DN was available.  The Squids have one 100 HS WP between their home system and 90% of their space and the connection to the Shanirians is also 100 HS. Though they have just found a new larger one but it doesn't help that much for moving things around since they can't get out of the homesystem with anything bigger than a BB.  The Moonies have none that affect them, but on the other hand they just want to be left alone.

The RM is pretty good with 100 HS not affecting them in the main but they just pulled out of a warp chain that they could only access via one and they have an awesome system that has access via one.  Over all though most of their WPs are big enough to move their DNs through.

They do make a huge difference when present that is for sure.  Especially in the later part of the game where small-ish assault ships aren't really so viable.
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They also make specialised ships necessary, like BB warp point probers... No one really wants to stuff a SD down a 100 HS WP.
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Month 218, Thing of Odin, Baile Feirsta System

With a weary soul, Baernstola Aethelhild watched the plot before her. Seven bloody years, and one was almost back where the whole affair started. For Seven years, the Yeti had been attacking the Thing, been thrown back, had their home system and several colonies occupied, and then when victory was already a certainty, had regained it all. All this time, they had stubbornly refused to communicate. Not that they were unable and unwilling to talk with people, but they refused to talk with the people of the Thing. And the contact specialists where still unable to make heads or tails out of their language, too. even the assistance of a theban team of communication specialists did not help. Apparently, the thebans and the Yeti could talk all right and fine. but sit a Yeti and one of Odins own at a table, and all which came was icy silence of meaningless gabble. And now, with the nigh invulnerable ships of the Tharnaxs help, the Yeti had removed the Things occupation forces and fleets from their home system, regaining the economy there and the large pool of people. Who knows what they have build now, and when they would attack again, binding the Things fleets to guarding the warp points leading to their systems. The yeti were just too dangerous and allowing them to rebuild a fleet was not wise.
Time to end this. After the short war with the heathen Regia Maria, the people had gained some interesting technology, and now where ready to unleash it upon the Yeti. No longer would they have to risk expensive ships and countless willing pinnace crews. But...  for information. And thus, Aethelhild watched the plot, awaiting the return of the second scouting pinnace. The first had failed to return at all, and the second one had been launched two days later. And now it has come back. The Yeti had been very busy. Five battlecruisers, eleven cruiser sized bases and fifty-one corvettes presented a sizeable force and most likely would stop any conventional assault, given how well trained Yeti crews usually are. And the pinnace reported taking fire from lasers and capital point defenses from the corvettes, so apparently those have been created to deal with any armed pinnace attacks. But there was no need to risk neither ships nor pinnaces in an assault. Slowly, 5 heavy cruiser sized freighters unloaded warp capable automated bods from their cargo holds, each pod loaded with three of the new strategic bombardment missiles armed with laser warheads. Eighty pods from each freighter, four hundred in total, representing months of industrial output poured into destruction. Finally they were programmed and ready to fulfill their purpose. They advanced and plunged into the warp point. On the other side, they divided into two groups who advanced into opposite directions, plowing through a  weak minefield and continuing on. A pinnace followed them almost a minute later to observe. The pods headed out, until they reached a point 2.5 ls from the warp point, pursued by he corvettes who poured longer ranged point defense fire and lasers into them. The battle cruisers also encountered the northern group and added their fire, leaving in the end a total of 129 pods in that group to fire, while the southern one fared better and still ahd 149 left, Both groups then unleashed destruction upon the corvettes, with between six and nine missiles slashing down on each corvette. Those deployed EDMs, as they had used their point defense to fire upon the pods. But the missiles exploding into scythes of laser beams rendered the EDM useless, flashing right past the distorted drive fields to carve away at the corvettes below. Caught in the middle of two huge swarms of missiles, the corvettes where whittled down until only half of them survived. five of them still with crew quarters and decent mobility, the others slowed to a crawl and without any life support or even reduced to immobile lasers within a floating wreck.
Seeing this, the pinnace returned through the warp point and reported. for the immense number of pods and missiles spend, the results where a bit of a letdown, but the pods had to be send in two groups else the Yeti could have concentrated upon one group. Now another group of pods moved towards the warp point, all 120 remaining to one of the SBMHAWK carriers, and transited to sit on the warp point. The survivor of the transit stayed there and divided their fire upon the bases, with three bases getting ten pods and all others nine. The bases in response deployed two EDM, and these coupled with their point defense rendered much of the incoming storm of missiles impotent, with only two bases streaming air, although all lost their shields and various degrees of armour. Again a pinnace observed and reported back, also noting that the still mobile corvettes and the battlecruisers hightailed it out of there, retreating away from this new weapon systems onslaught. Undouptly they would be met again somewhere else. Two days later, another wave of pods damaged the abandoned bases further, destroying two and leaving the others scattered and streaming air amidst drifting, lifeless corvette wrecks.
To be continued…
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Moth 222 - Undine Conglomerate - Helium System

-Maximum air breach-
For the past two month the colonists on the many asteroid belts of the Helium system could track the survey ships of the red fleet and their cruiser escorts while they surveyed he system, and one after another located and probed the warp points of the system. As courier drones from Thantalum and Rhenium told, first by pinaces, and then presumably with ships where the pinaces encountered no resistance. The probe in Thantalum was stopped immediately by the strong defences, but the pinace in Rhenium escaped.
Now, they watched as further forces of the red fleet entered the system and split up to accompany two cruisers around the system. Cruisers who one after another settled in orbit around the barren moons and planets and then proceeded to fire gun missiles into the domed and now doomed colonies, destroying their integrity beyond what their engineers had dreamed possible, incinerating flesh and metal in nuclear fireballs and opening them to the void, until only the lonesome small shipyard tasked to build defences for the system remained. The six corvettes build by it had been send away to strengthen Rhenium, and the two bases remaining close by the shipyard could offer some protection but never ha been designed to deal with attackers able to fire capital missiles, and thus where quickly smashed from beyond any range they could reply. No succour could be send, as the fleet in Ocean was busy refitting with better defences and more powerful energy weapons, a vital task as else the ships would not be able to face the red fleet a third time and survive.
The observers silenced, the ships of the red fleet continued onwards toward the rhenium warp point, amalgamating once again into one huge pulk of ships and settled down to await the last reinforcements. But the undine expanses had just ben split into two large pieces and several splinters like Rhenium and the defenceless Aluminium system.

Undine Conglomerate -  Terbium system

The five surviving survey cruisers waited around the warp point whom they had probed two moth ago, and lost their probing cruiser beyond, apparently to a small force of the red fleet which send fifteen of the gunboats after it. But now their wait for reinforcements was shattered by three battleships streaming through the warp point and launching 36 gunboats. The watching cruisers turned to fleet, while the battleships watched them run. Soon after the battleships where reinforced by three more and three BC and three cruisers, who also all launched gunboats. All those formed up into an unstoppable force of 117 gunboats and charged after the cruisers, who, armed only with a single advanced missile launcher and a very strong point defence suite prepared to engage them. But the gunboats refused to come close and apparently, having learned from engaging the probing cruiser, just fired salvoes of fighter missiles into them until they all where slowed down enough by the leakers through their point defence until the red ships of the foe could catch up and slowly pound them to glowing wisps of vapour with their long range lasers. A long chain of systems now lay open, leading without side branches through eight sparsely settled frontier systems until a closed warp point cut off further access to the undine core systems. Luckily, the first settled system of Telurium Salt already had a small fleet gathering and further reinforcements where about to set forth just after shaking down from a refit.

SURVEY DELTA class CA        12 XO Racks   60 Hull    TL 4
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost = 1613/242
HTK 43   Sx6  Ax6  Dx6  Rax1  Mgx1  
Not a good design, suffering from undine design philosophy and even more from never receiving any refits.
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As far as I know, both Steve and Kurt had 100 HS WP's - but Steve ignores the WP capacity limit, and Kurt has used a transit rules for small WP's similar to 4th edition for a while now (i.e., for 100 HS WP's, large ships transit in over a number of movement phases, but for larger WP's, the standard R3rd ed rules applies).

But I may be wrong....

Nope, you got it right.  I don't like the limitations imposed by the smaller warp points, so I used an alternate rule first included in a Sky Marshal, if I remember correctly.  Using that rule even large SD's or Monitors could get into any system, but it would take time for them to squeeze through a warp point if it was very small. 

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Nope, you got it right.  I don't like the limitations imposed by the smaller warp points, so I used an alternate rule first included in a Sky Marshal, if I remember correctly.  Using that rule even large SD's or Monitors could get into any system, but it would take time for them to squeeze through a warp point if it was very small. 


Given they never rear their heads in any of the scenarios, or books I'd say you are not alone in this feeling.  The RNG apparently hates our game given the number of them that show up, as they are rare (<10% of all WPs) based on their chance to show up in the chart if memory serves.  But they really hit you hard at about TL7 when you could build a DN.  Probably the chart needs to have their chance to show up reduced even more so they show up only 2% of the time 1% open and 1% closed, or the size adjusted to 130 HS.

Alternatively one could say it is a reason for the existance of the battleship, as there is no sensible reason for building them once you can build DNs.
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Well, DN do have an existential reason, if you can defend an inner core behind 100 HS WP against invaders with them, or if you can send them around longer detours to arive still. Thus, for the Thebans, BB are the fast reaction force and DN are the big stick send out to eventually arive and deal with the problem.
The high number of 100 HS WP in existence though leads to the creation of WP probe BB which help to gather WP data against heavy oposition before one risks squeezing a DN through an unknown WP.
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Month 223, Undine Conglomerate expanses, Rhenium system

Six battle cruiser sized bases and three old Victor class battle cruisers floated near the warp point to the Helium system, at two and a quarter light second. Slightly closer before the battle cruisers three of the new escort destroyers held a vigil, and fourteen of the new plasma gun armed corvettes held a position closer to the warp point, at just slightly more than a light second distance. Last month, pinace had been scouting the warp point, and thus a certain apprehension was present among the undine defenders.
Then a disturbance was visible in the warp point, and six battleships materialized in quick succession and scattered all over, disgorging a brood of 72 prototype gunboats from their external racks. A quick but quite inconclusive exchange of fire took place, with the battleships sending lances of hetlaser fire into the destroyers and melting through their armour, while two bases and a battlecruiser, joined by several corvettes managed to almost whittle away the shields from a battleship. Allmost as  an afterthought, the gunboats fired small uncoordinated salvos of fighter missiles into the corvettes, but only managed to slowly grind away 4 of them, breaching shields and armor and digging deep into their vitals. The gunboats also destroyed 50 of the defenders IDEW buoys with their point defense, taking out most of them.
Then the battleships turned around and vanished back into the warp point, leaving the gunboats behind to exchange fire with the defenders. Their datagroups now restored, the second salvo of fighter missiles was large enough to overwhelm the capital point defense on the corvettes, leaving most of them air bleeding wrecks floating in space, only destroying one outright. The fire from the bases and ships cost them twenty-one of their number, with more undouptly lost when they too turned around and vanished simultaneously into the warp point.
Corvettes, though quickly build, definitely could not stand up to the firepower the red shipped invaders could bring against them.

This was prooven even more so three days later, when six dreadnaughts breached the warppoint and started to fire salvos of capital missiles onto a base, slowly eroding its shields and armor and digging deep into its vitals. They also launched 96 prototype gunboats, but these declined to fire yet. In return, one group of bases managed to get a blind spot shot at one dreadnaught, eroding its shields, and another one lost a good chunk of its shields to the plasma guns of those corvettes who went active and where in its blind spot, and the first dreadnaught lost most of its armor to the battlecruisers and destroyers salvoing sprint mode missiles and forcebeams into it. The next wave consisted of six battleships, while the dreadnaught with heavy armour damage transited back out. They deployed a further 72 gunboats, and those of the first wave started to volley the corvettes off the field while their bigger brethren battled it out with bases, breaking one out of the second datagroup and damaging the first damaged base further. The battleships again used hetlasers to whittle away at the destroyers, taking two out of the conflict by removing their remaining weapons. In return the defenders, rushing to their stations all over, managed to align blindside spots on one battleship and deal heavy damage to its shields, armour and engines with their ADM and other weapons, finally breaking its armor and in a flurry of explosions taking out internal systems.
The damaged battleship retreats back through the warp point and six battlecruisers reinforce the invaders. While the defenders concentrate on the dreadnaught with damaged shields, they now get take significant damage from the invaders, with the battleships taking out another base, the remaining destroyer and damaging a base,  the dreadnaughts whittling away at the damaged bases and the battlecruisers with their x-ray lasers dealing heavy damage to the damaged bases, thus removing all coherency from the defenders, who by breaking through the dreadnaughts shields and deep into its armour give a good accounting of themselves. But now the end comes swiftly. While the damaged dreadnaught retreats and the gunboats remain on the warp point, the battlecruiser, now with recovered electronics, wreck havoc. The undine battlecruisers closed the range to deal more effective fire with their forcebeams and sprint mode missiles. Although this has some effect, the x-ray  lasers from the red battlecruisers are devastating and take out both undamaged battlecrusiers, while the battleships deal with the third. The dreadnaughts reduce the bases to impotency, and within less than three minutes no defender able to fire a weapon remains for the undines. Then, the invaders fire capital anti-mine missiles into the thin minefield and breach it, enabling them to pursue the buoy command frigates and mopping up the wrecks around the warppoint with their lasers. Then, they probe into the system and wait for the light cruisers to arrive. The undine settlers and their cartell cohabitants can only watch in horror as bomb after bomb scours the planet clean of their presence. 37 million undines and 7 million cartell citizens died in the fire, joining the 180 million dead of Helium and Tungsten.
Although the undines dealt significant damage to three capital ships, putting them out of action for several month, the defenses weren't massive enough to stop the invasion. But Thantalum, probably next on the invaders list, was defended way more seriously, with eighteen bases, six dreadnaughts, six cruisers and many smaller vessels waiting the expected assault. Especially the fighter bases nearing completion could change the situation significantly.

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[ooc]wew, another lengthy battle. not in terms of turns, but.. as soon as you add sc/fighters there are a lot more dice involved and no easy resolution via the starfire assistant. Main reason why the gunboats didn't advance through the minefield and add to whiping outth defenders beyond some fM2 salvos into the CTs. [/ooc]
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Month 222  Benthian Space: Perginon System-Blue Lagoon Space Traffic Control Centre

Under assistant scan tech J'nkins was bored beyond belief his tentacles were limp as he watched the returnes from the satalites established in orbit around one of the newest colony worlds in the realm.  It was true that WP 5 had spewed forth the slavering religious maniacs known as, of all names, "The Thing" but they had retreated quickly much to everyones relief.  Aliens were...unpleasent.  The Shanirian's were somewhat less so but they were still repelent creatures whose ability to maneuver in water was pathetic and they had only 10 tiny tentacles on the end of two main tentacles and were therefore to be pitied.   But the rest of them...the though of the teaming hordes of repulsive aliens caused J'nkins tentacles to knot.  The survey force was doing its job...surveying a system a transit past the system beyond WP4.

An ultraviolet flash and ping sounded and AST J'nkins turned one large eye towards the hologram projecting the feed from the area of space "south" as the system was normally shown.  He blew water through his vents and his tentacles tapped out a command to reset and make a system check.  Ninety seconds later the return that could not be there stubbornly refused to go away.  No Benthian flagged ships should be there.  The monthly colonist transport fleet would come from a different bearing, all the systems "tramp" freighters and shuttles were accounted for, the patrol force wasn't due for some time...and a drive field was there.  He flicked on the communicator.  "Tracking to Command, Lesser Viceroi Nonmon, I have an unidentified contact on course for this planet, uploading data now."

Lesser Viceroi Nonmon, was far less bored than AST J'nkins but even less happy when the picture on his holotank changed to show the contact and its projected course which would intercept the planet in some two days.  "Good work J'nkins.  Let me know if things change."  He turned and waved a tentacle at the communications station.  "Send to them to halt and identify themselves."
The ACT made a complex tentacle curl of acknowledgement and spoke into the pickup "Unknown vessel, this is Blue Lagoon Traffic Control, you are to come to a full stop and broadcast your identification details, your communications gear is not transmiting properly.  Acknowledge.  Over."

Nearly 3 hours later the only reply was silence.  "Full communications attempt."  The Shanirian's had provided this to the Benthian Council of Lords, it held a standard first contact message in several languages.

Another 3 hours later there was no reply and no change in the on coming ship's course.  "Communications, start a feed to the ready drone and send an alert to the Govenor and to the Navy."  He knew that one system out in L'Orient there was a mobile construction force building defences and several transits core ward was Nantes the gateway to Sea the seat of the Council and homeworld of the Benthians.

The ship maintained standard cruise velocity for a vessel of destroyer or cruiser size, continuing to ignore the repeated messages sent to it as it closed.  The range continued to drop as it continued to close on Blue Lagoon.  The Govenor moved into the Traffic Control Facility and complicated the lives of the workers there.  Orbiting telescopes and high resolution sensor sats soon resolved the ship to be a light cruiser, but neither the drive field readings nor its hull configuration where familier.  The ship inserted itself into a polar orbit and then a shuttle detached from it, decended through Blue Lagoon's atmosphere and landed in the tropics far from any Benthian settlement, which were underwater anyway.  It remained on surface for a few hours then left; after recovering its small craft the light cruiser completed one more orbit before heading back out the way it came, essentially towards the, as yet unexplored, WP6. 
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Month 224, Undine Conglomerate, Tantalum system
Wind Lord Walrus was intend on keeping Tantalum defended, and he had a powerfull fleet under his command. Unfortunately, due to the imminence of any
possible assault, a modernisation of it had not been practical, and thus his bases and dreadnaughts where still of older design. But he had eighteen bases
and six dreadnaughts, and the new fighter bases where also finished and shaking down. Also gained though at tremendous cost in lives and material was
experience about how to handle the red fleet sitting at his door step. Unfortunately, it will be a grind, but if he could bleed them or even repulse them,
then the home system and the undines allies could act upon the opportunity and reclaim Helium, if not even Tungsten. Helium had inflicted some losses and
damage, as had Rhenium, and maybe they had gained time while the foe repaired his ships and brought foreward replacements.

Warning klaxons sounded throughout his flagship, and tore him from his deliberations. "Sir, emergence detected on the warp point. No pinace this time...  
counting 3, 4, 5...  make this five battleships. It seems they accelerated operations and did not wait for repairs to the one Rhenium damaged."
"I am on my way!" he bellowed and dove into the shallow channel outside his quarters leading to his comand center, internally cursing the murderous aliens
for coming against him before his fighter bases where all shaken down and ready.  
what happened next though made him allmost write a pretty scathing readiness report which reinforced his readiness assesment. Of his six squadrons of fighters on the warp point, none was ready to intercept the aliens probe. Of his six dreadnaughts, two got to action statins quickly enough and fire, and one of his three cruisers. And of his eighteen
missile bases, only six activated. Overall, their uncoordinated fire was enough to penetrate the shields on a battleship, and deal light armor damage to one
of the battleships. But not enough to hold them up. Instead, they calmly re-docked their parasite craft and vanished through the warp point after getting a
good look at his fleet. In return, the only frigate in his fleet which a actually managed to shoot, but miss, got send to the yards where the lasers from the
battleships had dug deeply into its armour. For a battle, this one had been allmost free of casualties.

Results: 16 pts of armour damage on a battle ship, 3 prototype gunboats lost in transit back out, 9 without a gunboat rack to dock in (can fly to a friendly
Undines: 12 pts of dmg to a frigate.

FG ALPHA IV class FG     AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x3Aix4ZHs(I)(I)(I)P?2QsDc(I)P(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  438/ 65.7
HTK 19   S0x3  Aix4  Dcx1  Px2  

Turn 224, far Cannon Cartel Domination, Roundhouse system
Survey Commander Hatchet was uneasy. Ever since his fleet got into this system to survey it after its initial discovery sixteen months ago, there had been sensor shadows following his survey escorts around. Then as several congregated to probe the only warp point yet discovered in the rough survey, all hell broke lose as red fleet parasite crafts where detected boring in and transiting the warp point as well, trapping the defenceless ships between them and slaughtering them. As his ships fled back across the system, they were greeted by another ambush at their entry warp point. Several of them fled through, but not all managed to escape. While they had found a new point of contact, it was located beyond the Tantalum system and thus exploiting it would prove difficult if that system falls.
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Month 224 Elvorfilas System, Urloki Space

Day 17 Warppoint to Cervii Homesystem

Since the failure of the attack on the Cervii Homesystem the Urloki and their Shanirian allies had rethought the situation.  Wargame after wargame had shown that the cost of an attrition strategy was prohibitively high.  That left securing the warppoint against Cervii adventurism and hoping for some sort of technological breakthrough that could deal with the combinations of mines and bases known to exist on the other side of the warppoint.  The Shanirians were contimplating a diplomatic solution but the Urloki were not particularily interested in talking to the Cervii right at this moment.

Both partners had produced pre-fabricated bases and assembled them in orbit around the systems habitable world.  The bases were then towed to the warppoint.  Currently 3 more Augadris capital missile bases were under assembly but a total of 6 standard base groups (BS2(C) Augfarthing, and 2 BS2 Augcating bases) orbited the WP at 3.25 LS.  Two sets of 3 Augadris capital missile bases orbited at 5.25 LS from the warppoint.  A dense mine belt seeded liberaly with IDEW-F had been established just past the point where the gravity from the warppoint would suck in the mines and destroy them.  The Shanirian's had assembled 12 Den and 3 Tripwire class bases and they were located 10.5 LS from the warppoint.  They had also added a wide belt of mines to the defences extending a significant distance from the warppoints location and a mix of IDEW-L and IDEW-E were located inside it to defend the minefields from breaching attempts.

Flying around the warp point were some 50 assault shuttles, 12 pinnaces, and a CAP of 9 Armed Pinnaces from TF10's Plaga class motherships.  This was sufficient anti-small craft firepower to ensure no pinnace intruding to attempt a recon would suvive to return home.

The Urloki's High Council Fleet was on station.  9 Trithding Battleships, 9 Pellail II Battlecruisers, 6 Bathalis III heavy cruisers and 6 Narithsol IV destroyers were split into 3 groups at 4 LS.  The cruisers and the destroyers orbited at 300°, 6 Battleships and 3 Battlecruisers were at 0° and 3 Battleships and 6 Battlecruisers were at 60°.  At 3 LS in direction 0° was a group of 6 Banallis C command cruisers and 6 Nathraas II destroyers.  The outer ships were standard Urloki deepspace combatents lacking passives but carrying massive missile batteries and exceptional pointdefence suits.  The inner ships were both shielded and armoured and were solely armed with force beams.

The Shanirian's TF10 was present.  The TF was broken up into 3 TGs assigned to the areas 110°, 170° and 230° at 3.25 LS from the warppoint.  Each Taskgroup was a mix of Battleships, Battlecruisers, Cruisers and Destroyers.  At 180° and 5.25 LS distant 6 Arbalist Mod2 class battlecruisers waited.  7 LS further out was the command ship of the first fleet, its Scutum class escort destroyers, a screen force and the Rego Auram a buoy/mine control ship.  At 8 LS were the 6 Plaga class mother ships and their three Scutum class destroyer escorts. 

Gen Angekelbauch, leader of the Urloki's High Council, was just calling up a letter from home in his command cruisers spacious battlebridge when the alarms sounded.  "Cervii transit! Battleship mass vessel emerging." He hit the pause button and ran for the holo tank which was updating to show a second battleship.  "All vessels this is command.  Execute Battleplan Victory."  He was speaking even as he settled the boom mike and its earbug over his head and according to the plot a fourth Cervii Battleship was transiting in.  As the Cervii didn't have the grav-stress patterns the ships were facing everywhich way, meaning that the allied fleet had plenty of, as the Shanirian's put it: "up the kilt shots."

The first Cervii Battleship to emerge targeted one of the three command cruisers in the data group containing the fleet flag and Gen Angekelbauch.  Powerful X-ray lasers spalled armour off the ship, but the response by the Urloki and their allies made the fire of those 6 Battleships pale in comparison.  Ship after ship of the Urloki's fleet reached action stations and the holoplot was lagged as it tried to update all the missiles bound for the warppoint.   First one then another of the Cervii ships deployed EDMs but in many cases those drones were the only thing standing between them and the missiles sleeting in from their blindpot.  The double salvos smashed the ships shielding flat and then started boiling off armour.  Force beams were nearly always on target as well.  Each Cervii ship was soon surounded by a halo of debries.

The ships of TF10 were not so swift off the mark but missiles flashed inwards from the SCN vessels as well.  More critically the crew of the Rego Auraum and 2 Augfarthing command bases reacted fast enough to send in targetting instructions per the Battleplan.  Activating the IDEW-F and IDEW-L buoys orbiting the warppoint, and after their targetting computers confired 120 IDEW-F fired at nearly point blank range while 78 IDEW-L sent cohernt light inwards from 0.5 LS.

30 seconds into the battle only 2 Cervii ships remained on the warppoint both with madly oscillating drivefields, shields down and streaming air.  The other 4 Battleships were dispersing clouds of flotsom.

"Cervii ship transiting out!  More transiting ships!  Battleship mass."  Gen Angekelbauch swore.  One of the Cervii battleships had manage to turn and slide back through the warppoint.  Most likely it had science instruments on board.  He could see the number of Cervii ships increasing and stopping at 6.  Clearly they were using tunners. 

On board the SCN battlecruiser Hasta flagship of TF10, Tribune Taylor was issuing instructions:  "TF10, this is the Flag.  Advance to maximum particle beam range!"  The Hasta had recieved no command from the Legate Bester on the command cruiser Octavious but Tribune Taylor knew his part in the battleplan.  Together with the shielded ships of the Urloki's the Shanrian's turned inward, advancing 0.5 LS and all ships that could modulated their drives making them hard targets for the transit shocked ships targeting systems.

The Cervii ships opened fire with plasma torpedoes but the base they were targeted on point defense's knocked them down.  The Urloki response was hail of missiles but mixed in with the fusion warheads were Anti-Drive missiles.  The were designed to induce engine detroying feedback on the targets drivefield and had been liberally distributed to the combined fleets ships.  The shields of the Cervii ships soon collapsed under missile fire, these ships being significantly less robust than the previous and subject to higher volumes of fire, plus for some unknown reason they lacking EDMs on their racks.  Anti-drive missile after anti-drive missile hammered into the Cervii ship's blindspots.  One after another the ships was left both shield-less and drivefield-less on the warppoint.  One Battleship fired on by a Urloki destroyer was obliterated as the drive field came down before the anti-ship missiles hit and they exploded nearly on contact rather than at standoff ranges.  The SCNs vessels then opened up with their particle beams and the targeted ships were soon wreathed in coronas of discharging plasma.  The Rego Auram sent its commands and 78 IDEW-E acquired the suriving 6 Battleships and send more charged particles into them.  The one Cervii ship to retain an operational engine room detonated it rather than surrender.  All the Cervii ships were under the guns of 1st Wing's 9 armed pinnaces which had them acquired for their close attack weapons.  The other surviviors were out of options now being both defenseless and unable to maneuver.

The SCN and Urloki ships continued to advance towards the warppoint but no further ships transited in.  After a few minutes small craft were launched to start picking up the surviors from the Cervii hulks.  The SCNs Battleships and Battlecruisers carried substantial SGF troops and these were employed in search and rescue missions.  The crews were processed and then sent to the Urloki's colony in small craft.

Eight hours later three CDs flash into existance on the Cervii side with a brief message saying that information on the fate of the Cervii crews will be sent in 90 seconds by 3 consecutively transiting CDs.  On schedule a CD arrives and begins broadcasting that it is the first of 3 drones and then starts with the names of the recovered crew members, plus the equivelent in Cervii identification information.  30 seconds later a second CD arrives to begin broadcasting that it is the second of three drones and then the same information a second time.  30 seconds later the third arrives, with the same information though it states it is the last drone with this information.  The Shanirians who insisted on this mission can only hope the drones are not destroyed before the information is collected. 

Twelve Cervii battleships had entered Elvorfilas, one returned.  The Urloki plan to deny the Cervii the grav stress paterns failed but they captured 5 Cervii battleships which would be both probed for intellegence and repaired and then refit.  The Urloki suffered moderate damage to one CA, and minor damage to a base.  The Shanirian's had minor damage to one of their CLs.  Also the Cervii had no idea what had caused the losses to their ships as neither the Shanirian's particle weapons nor Anti-drive missiles had been deployed against the the first wave battleships.  Nor had any ship been able to bring their military grade sensors on line so their knowlege of bases further than 5 LS from the warppoint was limited.

[ooc]My first time using ADMs.  The battleplan was simple:  the first wave was to be destroyed while the remaing waves were supposed to be E-beamed into submission.  The second wave didn't even get shot at by most of the Drake ships (they were shields down and the destroyer mix up was to be avoided).  The SCN didn't really like the plan as it was a bit too cold blooded for them.  The plasma torpedoes on the 2nd wave Cervii ships were a pretty dismal failure, though admittedly they were fired against an elite crewed base while transit shocked.  The speed of the Drakes activation was pretty horrifying...and at these ranges basically they could not miss to hit number was either 9 or 10.  And no matter which way a ship pointed someone was there to shoot into their blindspot.[/ooc]
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[ooc]Paul pointed out I should list what forces where used in the battle to reduce confusion. See below this post[/ooc]

Month 225, Undine Expanses, Tantalum system, day 16

Round 1
Three dreadnaughts and three battleships appear through the warp point und in the case of the dreadnaughts launch parasite craft, sending the undine crews of the bases and warships scrambling to their duty stations. Strangely enough, the red fleets admiral seems to have gambled upon the undines changing their disposition and move their ships. As they hadn’t, the heading the ships appeared out was very fortunate for the defenders. Taking the heading (4) away from the star, the invaders ships appeared with their rear aspects presented to the defenders, and even though they quickly turned aside, the last two battleships did not turn away in time before some of the defenders reached their action stations. They are followed by 71 armed pinnaces and 78 gunboats in a simultaneous transit. The small craft pay the price for this suicidal tactic and 12 apn and 14 gunboats vanish in glaring explosions.
The undines manage to activate three dreadnaughts and salvo their internal missiles and external capital missiles into the blind spot of the last BB. Unfortunately, the bases at heading (1) with the ships did not activate, nor those at heading (2) and thus no more ships could be engaged without their advanced point defense interfering with the undines fire.
The red fleets dreadnaughts and battleships are a new type, and respond with a broadside of five HET lasers each, and two internal capital missiles in case of the dreadnaughts. To ease reporting, the dreadnaught is named the Demolisher class and the battleships as Wolverine class.
The two damaged battleship with their rear aspects exposed also fire CAM from their XO racks but are very inaccurate. Nevertheless, two the dreadnaughts manage to rip through the armor of a base at heading (4) while the battleship also takes fire from the defenders heavy cruisers.  The third dreadnaught damages another base in the same group.
Several bases in various groups activate and while trying to kill gun boats with their missiles, killing only 4 against the gunboats point defense, they use their force beams to gradually reduce the damaged battleships into a glowing mass of vapors.
None of the undine fighter bases manages to reach action stations, but several of the control frigates activate and set the 60 IDEW-P to fire. The result is somewhat unexpected for the undines though, as the IDEW not only acquire the capital ships as targets, but also the gun boats. Thus instead of crippling five ships, 17 gun boats are destroyed and only three ships take internal damage from a beam.
Thus no longer needed, the control frigates turn tail and depart from the warp point.

The gun boats modulate and fly slowly though the minefield, losing 28 to the two rings of mines and approaching the damaged group of bases to 1.25 ls. Four battleships emerge and manage to turn away their blind spots, followed by three battle-cruisers which fail to turn away and offer their rear aspects to the defenders main firepower. While they disgorge a further 78 gunboats the two battleships remaining from the first wave turn away.
The Demolisher dreadnaughts from the first wave gut the base with breached armor, but undine retaliation is swift as another Quebec dreadnaught activates and joins its already active data group mate in stripping shields and armor from an invader battle-cruiser. This one quickly fires four XRay lasers and a capital missile but misses completely, thus revealing itself as a Quickdraw class ship.  The other two active Quebec dreadnaughts remove it swiftly from the field, confirming the relative fragility of the class who pays for its longer ranged lasers with increase space demands by the whole package of emitters and detonation chambers. A second Quickdraw battle-cruiser then demonstrates why the class is so dangerous and seriously damages the base whose armor was damaged in the last exchange. Thus in danger of elimination the base uses its force beams on the battle-cruiser and kills two gun boats with sprint mode missiles. The last battle-cruiser then damages it further while the base almost butted by the dreadnaughts kills two gun boats with sprint mode fire. The two surviving battleships from the first wave then fire on the third base in the group, stripping most of its shields with a salvo of CAM and the armor with their ten HET lasers.
The third Undine cruiser fails to activate, but his colleagues send twenty missiles and 3 XO launched capital missiles into the blind spot of the second battle-cruiser.
Retaliation is swift and one of the battleships in the second wave reveals itself to be a Daiku probe battleship and spears the second damaged base with two lasers, stripping further weapons and defenses. Various undine bases activate and while concentrating their weapons fire upon the damaged battle-cruiser they send anti-drive missiles from their external ordinance racks into the third battle-cruiser, or where possible direct their fire into the rear of a dreadnaught. Thus they manage to bring down one battle-cruiser and short circuit all engines on the other. So far, the Undines are presenting a formidable defense, destroying three ships and immobilizing a fourth. But their loses also accumulate, with two bases very damaged and a third denuded of its passive defenses. The gunboats from the first wave then salvo fighter missiles into the damaged bases, and despite encountering very heavy point defense fire manage to destroy one and bring the second one down to a shadow of its former self.

The third wave of dreadnaughts transits in facing the other direction, towards the sun and thus now presenting its rear aspect to the ravaged group of bases. They deliver another 96 gun boats from their external racks.  The gun boats who transited in continue towards the damaged bases while the ones which came from the three demolisher dreadnaughts swerve clockwise towards the next group of bases, all of them using heavy engine modulation to evade fire, and the undine CAP closes in, modulating.  The battle-cruiser without a drive field fires its lasers in defiance at a base in the group now approached by gun boats at heading (5), drilling deep into the bases armor. The less damaged base to be swarmed by gunboats reaches out, firing five force beams and seven advanced launchers, sending a beam and two sprint mode missiles into a squadron each and two sprint mode missiles into another two squadrons.  Only four gun boats approaching the base manage to evade this hurricane of fire, but their close range rockets are enough to destroy the valiant defender. A fifth gun boat takes out its surviving companion. While this plays out the exchange of fire between the defenders and invaders continues. The demolisher dreadnaught data group from the initial wave fires a full broadside, ripping off the armor of a base in the heading (5) group, with fire and fury eating deep into its weapons.  An undine group of Quebec dreadnaughts, now fully active, returns fire and removes the remaining shields and some armor of the middle Demolisher. The two surviving  Wolverines strip a second base in the data group of its armor and fire a total of 12 Dx at the approaching fighters, killing three of them despite their wild evasion. The second group of Quebec dreadnaughts then strip the demolishers armor further.
Two of the red Daiku battleships from the second wave fire, stripping the armor from an inactive base and any external ordinance it may have possessed, but fail to take out its data link. The most intact base left in the group at heading (5) fires and takes six of the gun boats in the approaching swarm, while the other two Daiku also take out armor from an inactive base, while a crippled base kills another four gun boats. . The red invaders do not seem to like ADMs at all.
In a tradeoff of fire the newly transited dreadnaughts reveal themselves to be of the catapult class and slowly erode the shields and armor of the last inactive base while the active bases damage the Demolisher heavily, taking out the armor, three engine rooms and various assorted other internals.
The remaining exchange of fire between combatants remains inconclusive, with the undine destroyers failing to take out either the damaged demolisher or the drive field less Quickdraw, while the red gun boats fail to eliminate the damaged bases despite sending a veritable hail of fighter lasers at them.

The two Wolverine battleships advance with high modulation into the minefield and draw down the fire of the thin field of ten patterns. They then pause fire three beams each in wide angle mode before advancing into the second belt, clearing it with their point defense and other two beams each. One of them loses its shields during the minesweeping operation. The damaged Demolisher class dreadnaught transits out and is replaced by six battleships which also emerge facing the sun and launch a further 72 prototype gun boats. The laser armed gunboats advance closer to the damaged bases using high modulation while the undine CAP closes the distance to the warp point weaving a tight pattern with their contrails and remains at 0.25 ls from the main mass of red ships. The Omega class bases launch their remaining fighters towards the warp point, except one base which is still not yet at battle stations. The fighters of the CAP also draw their first blood by eliminating 18 gun boats and the shields of a Catapult dreadnaught. Unfortunately the green crews of one squadron somehow fail to hit the drive field down battle-cruiser, with all but one pilots rockets going wide. While the gun boats on the warp point hold their fire, the armed pinnaces, less concerned about missiles use their point defense and external lasers to kill 21 of the 24 gun armed fighters.
Meanwhile the red Catapult dreadnaughts cripple two bases in two different data groups by raining massive salvos of capital missiles upon them and breaking them out of data link. The battleships are the Marauder class, smaller sized versions of the Catapults, and they build upon the damage done by the Catapult class ships and further damage the two bases, strip an undine heavy cruiser of its shields and try some pot shots at a frigate which lost its shields just beforehand to the catapults secondary capital energy beams. The undines respond by destroying the immobile battle-cruiser with a now completely active group of destroyers and sending all their firepower onto the damaged Catapult dreadnaught, penetrating its passive defenses and going deep inside the mammoth ships innards, removing most of its engine rooms leaving it adrift among the wreckage.  Overall losses where light on both sides in this exchange. Only the damaged bases at heading (5) and the laser armed gunboats rip into each other, leaving the bases destroyed and the gunboat group very depleted.

The next wave of red ships arrives, but it is only three battle-cruisers. The invaders seem to have run out of ships they want to risk in the intense firefight on the warp point. The Demolishers and Daiku dreadnaughts advance through the gap in the mines, modulating their drives to throw off the undine aim followed by the gun boats who do the same. The surviving fighters of the strike high-tail it out and head towards their bases to rearm, while the Undine fleet curves towards the warp point, edging close and also using modulation. The destroyers and frigates have completed their turn and head of counterclockwise passing the bases, trying to work their way towards the laser armed gun boats and possibly the rear aspects of the heavy red ships.
All the strong engine modulations left the following exchange of fire strange light in causalities. While the red Wolverine without shields and one of the newly arrived Quickdraws was damaged, the damaged Catapult was destroyed. The undines lost their damaged frigate and suffered crippling damage to a destroyer for ships, although another two bases where broken out of their data groups by the red missile combatants.

Seeing the two advancing Wolverine battleships and two Demolisher dreadnaughts, Wind Lord Walrus saw a decision point coming up. If his heavy forces could damage the exposed ships with their coordinated close range beam salvoes, the enemies firepower might be disrupted decisively before they could respond. Thus seizing the initiative the undine dreadnaughts swooped down upon the red ships, closing to 0.75 ls. But their crews’ exultation turned to horror as when, closing in and aligning their broadsides with the hostile ships, their data links suddenly went down hard and the gunboats pounced upon them. What followed was very ugly, deadly and quick. Even though the undines managed to get off the first broadside, their uncoordinated fire saw three Quebec dreadnaughts gutted and their cruiser escort damaged in exchange for one dead and one damaged Wolverine and one demolisher reduced to a crawl. And then the gunboats fired their close range rockets into the wrecks and annihilated Wind Lord Walrus and his crews with glaring antimatter fireballs.

The end now approached swiftly. The undine fighters closed in but were beset by gunboats who used their advanced point defense to eliminate 36 of the gun armed fighters from half a light second away. The Wolverine and the damaged Demolisher suffer further damage from the bases fire, in the Wolverines case up its rear aspect as it had turned around to flee through the warp point, but even that was not enough to slow it down.  The undine destroyers exchange fire with the laser armed gunboats and eliminate all but seven of them, while taking some fire in return which crippled one destroyer, while HET lasers from the capital ships damages two more. And the bases further take fire from the missile armed Catapults and Marauders, leaving only barely functional wrecks of the once mighty ring of fortresses.

The undine fighters continued in and engaged the four probe battleships, ripping away its passive defenses in a  firework of dying fighters caused by defensive fire. The undine destroyers added to the destruction, leaving only one intact engine room on the Daiku class battleship. But the gunboats then reduce the main fighter strike with their point defense, carefully keeping their distance from them. With the last bases dying to missiles the Catapults and Marauders surged ahead, bringing the distant fighter bases into range and destroying two while damaging two others. The last four squadrons of fighters swoop in and destroy the crippled Daiku and strip the defenses of the shield-less Catapult. The undine destroyers further add to the damage, closing into sprint mode range as the gradual damage upon them had reduced the speed of all destroyers, making an escape impossible as the Quickdraw battle-cruisers pursued them. Their defiant salvos barely failed to eliminate the damaged Catapult, and then their weapons where silenced by the battle-cruisers, leaving them at the gunboats mercy. With the capital missile combatants eliminating the fighter bases, the fighters were left to die without being able to rearm. At the for them high cost of two destroyed and two damaged dreadnaughts, three destroyed battleships, with two damaged, and three destroyed battle-cruisers the red fleet had forced the entry into the Tantalum system.

It dispatched a group of light cruisers to probe into the system, but upon detecting multiple space stations in orbit around each of the two habitable planets they retreated. For now, the contest for Tantalum was over.
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[ooc]Ok, this time I took notes but writing this up took quite some time. Reason why I figured the red fleet didn't engage the planets was that there were way more spacestations than ever seen before, and possibly armed. Their buboat strength was depleted, and the had basically no functional beam armed ships left, and only 4 missile SD and 6 missile BB, with only small salvoes between them. Sending 12 SBM against a ship may get you into the shields, but against space stations probably less so, and the SS could send massive salvos. At least the red fleets stations can... Thus they retreated to repair, reamunition gather reinforcements. The undine response will be interresting, and most possible involve the cannon cartell as well. With the undines having all those refitted BCs in their home system it could be way more even a battle. Also in case people wonder. The undines dreadnaughts and bases were still TL7, and the S1, Ac, Dx, ?j, higher generation ECCM and ECM, capital beam weapons, capital missiles and antimatter defenitely offset the their initial disadvantage. The red fleet ships are also in a way undergunned bricks whose damage advanage lies in technology superiority, not the number of weapons on board. The heading of the initial 2 waves was determined by a die roll, as I figured the undines might redeploy, and thus one heading might expose you anyway. As the case was, the undines got lucky, but the reds battle plan still worked out. Most of Tantalums fleet was lost defending Helium, else all the fixed defenses would have had a way larger fleet defending them. [/ooc]
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Fleet OOB

Red Fleet

3 Demolisher dreadnaughts
6 Catapult dreadnaughts
3 Wolverine battleships
4 Daiku battleships
6 Marauder battleships
6 Quickdraw battle-cruisers
6 Essex heavy cruisers (never transited)
6 Jenner light cruisers (also never transited)
392 pgb
72 apn

6 Quebec dreadnaughts, TL 7 version
18 BS3 Echo, TL 7 version
3 Romeo IV heavy cruisers
9 DDE II destroyers
2 Alpha IV frigates
6 BS2 Omega
216 F0
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(I am missing my post about t226 here. Did something happen to the forum? Now I have to see if I can reconstruct it :( ) Ok, reconstruction done.

Month 226, Undine Expanses, Helium system, a point in space close to the Rhenium warp point.

A gravitational eddy surged and pulsed and disgorged a long line of ships. Nine Killer class battleships and three Creeper class battle-cruisers flanked by six Obliterator class destroyers and three Safe House class scouting corvettes formed the van of the allied fleet and is cartell component. Not yet refitted but more important available right now they provided heavy long range firepower. They were followed by the undine compliment of eighteen Victor class battle-cruisers, nine Romeo class heavy cruisers, twentyone Alpha class frigates and sic Bravo class scouting corvettes.
They proceeded into helium at best safe speed to cut off the hostile fleet in system, but at least some scouting element had been paying attention to the warp point to Rhenium as  drive field appeared way before the fleet and kept distance to them. Soon apparent as they took up positions on the warp point was that the red fleet was in no immediate hurry to assault them from their blocking expedition. To prevent a further consolidation of red forces, the allied fleet sailed forth to engage the hostiles in deep space. The enemy force they encountered consisted of five dreadnaughts, ten battleships, one battle cruisers, eleven heavy cruisers and eleven light cruisers. The heavy cruisers launched a swarm of 132 armed pinnaces, and 331 prototype gunboats followed from the external racks of most ships, then they closed for battle, leaving two light cruisers running on commercial engines behind themselves. At slightly over ten light seconds, the red fleet drew a course aside, inviting the allied fleet into a stern chase, and soon they revealed missiles with a far greater range than capital missiles when they send out probing shots at various ships, with only four missiles ripping the shield of a Killer. In response, the allies went to evasive maneuvering and tried to make the enemy thus spend his missiles for which they had no reply. This immediately helped, with the follow-up salvos mostly losing their lock on the damaged battleship, and thus only two warheads impacted against the ships drive field in the next half minute. Unfortunately, the third round of fire eliminated an engine room on the valiant ship, whereupon the fire of the capital missile ships immediately switched to another battleship. This one finally lost most of an engine room in the sixth salvoe.
Both fleets by now had changed to a parallel course, with the allies maintaining heavy modulation where possible to reduce the long range sniping success. The next swarm of missiles from the dreadnaughts was targeted on the two wounded ships, taking out a second engine room on each, while the Marauders targeted another battleship but only two laser warhead missiles managed to hit the Killer class ship. For the next salvo, the red fleet allows itself to close the distance to keep the damaged ships in range, and damages each further. Then their launchers fall silent and they close into capital missile range, allowing the allied fleet to finally respond to the threat. A sew-saw exchange of missiles follows, but with the better point defense and anti-matter warheads the red fleet has the advantage and slowly pounds the cartell battleships to slow them down. Then the red fleets fire shifted, and missiles exploded over the allied corvettes with mixed results, from unscratched to gutted despite the corvettes using full modulation. with the red fleets small craft slowly approaching the five light second distance, the allied fleet turned somewhat to be prepared for  the small craft pouncing, do draw out the closing distance.
round 15 (rest of post was lost in forum move, so it’s a bit rough draft from here on)
GB at 22, ships at 25.. red fleet stays in place, allied fleet half turns away with modulation, allied destroyers and corvettes advance some with high modulation to bring the GB  into range 20.

Gunboats face fire from the allied ships, but evade much, still, 26 are killed. Small allied ships take a beating from red capital missiles.

APN hunt down the allied small ships, GB turn back, red fleet moves past...  things settle down, both sides are low on ammo and thus the red fleet escapes.

Two weeks later, 14 Cl face down the allied fleet minus the four damaged BB and the damaged/destroyed DD and CT.
They meet relatively close to the WP, allies being unwilling to abandon the WP. First fire at 26, 4 cm hit. Allied fleet half turns back to WP, Red fleet CL advance. Cartell ships fire their XO with internal missiles at 24, but due to red fleet EM most miss. Next turn, allies do a dog leg, closing to warp point and then turning inwards to broadside the red CL at 23. Finally they manage to slow a CL.

Both fleets close at an angle, now distance 17. A datagroup of red fleet Jenners shots first, but only strips the shields of a cartell DD. One red CL dies, another one takes damage, and the Fc kill 13 GB. The nine Undine CAs then heavily damage the lightly damaged Cl and damage another.

Next turn, the allied fleet crossed the retreat path, and fired at 12. First, red fleet Jenners got lucky and the cartell destroyer got ripped almost apart. The cartell capitals retaliated, dealing damage to the Cl the CAs had damaged last turn, and the CL lagging behind now with engine damage. The other red CLs dealt light F damage to the cartell BC which was damaged in the earlier fight. 21 gunboats die to the force beams, and the damaged CL gets disemboweled by the Undine BCs, and then a Jenner gets his defenses reduced. The 9 CA then reduce him to a crawling wreck

Third minute, allies turn towards WP and move ahead, red fleet advances, distance 11. The two
 capable Jenners fire and hit the damaged BC with 11 missiles, ripping away shields and deep into the innards. 17 more GB died, and another Jenner was gutted. Then the alpha frigates fired, stabbing deep into the innards of three CL.

(Original post was eaten by forum move, so I am missing my edits and final rounds from this file, but in the end the red fleet survey elements got eliminated, taking the BC with them. The first victory for the Undine alliance. They reclaimed the system, although the cartell ships then were recalled for a refit. Events progressed elsewhere in the next months.)

KILLER class BB     AM2    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 8
100 RCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2586/ 387.9
HTK 77   S0x10  Aix20  Dzx4  Pgx5  Rcx7  Mgx1 
70x CM, 21x CM LT1, 7x BAM-Rc

CREEPER III class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 8
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1934/ 290.1
HTK 57   S0x8  Aix8  Dzx5  Pgx6  Rcx5  Mgx1 
90x CM, 2x EDM (Mg)

OBLITERATOR III class DD     AM2    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0S0Aix3ZHs(I)(I)WaM3Qs(I)WaDz(I)Wa?2(I)QsMg(I)PgDz(I) [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4        Cost =  783/ 117.5
HTK 25   S0x2  Aix3  Dzx2  Pgx1  Wax3  Mgx1 
90x SM, 3x CAM (Mg)

SAFE HOUSE II class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 6
[1] S0S0Aix3ZHs(I)(I)RaDcMg?0Qs(I)(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost =  284/ 42.6
HTK 16   S0x2  Aix3  Dcx1  Rax1  Mgx1 
40x SM

BC VICTOR IV class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 10
[2] S1x18Acx18HQ(II)?2(BbS)(III)DzWaDcDc(II)DcFc!2WaM4XrsDzWaLhQZiDz(III)Fc(II)Fc(III)Mg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2113/ 316.9
HTK 74   S1x18  Acx18  Dzx3  Dcx3  Fcx3  Wax3  Mgx1 
120x SM, 16x CM LT1

CA ROMEO IV class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x12Acx15H(BbS)(II)?2(II)QDzXr(II)Wax4!2M5Wax3(II)(II)DzLhQZiDz(II)Mg [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1663/ 249.4
HTK 60   S1x12  Acx15  Dzx3  Wax7  Mgx1 
140x SM, 6x CM

FG ALPHA IV class FG     AM    4 XO Racks    22 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x3Aix4ZHs(I)(I)(I)P?2QsDc(I)P(I) [7]
22 RCP  3 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  438/ 65.7
HTK 19   S0x3  Aix4  Dcx1  Px2 

CT BRAVO II class CT     AM    3 XO Racks    16 Hull    TL 7
[1] S0x3Aix4ZHs(I)(I)(I)?0QsFDz(I) [8]
16 RCP  9 MCP       Trg:1  Bmp +1        Cost =  309/ 46.4
HTK 17   S0x3  Aix4  Dzx1  Fx1 
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[ooc]I notice that at least one of my last posts has also vanished :( [/ooc]

Month 232 Shanirian Confederation

War, war was always the same:  war was a pain in the pocketbook.  The Urloki were spending essentially 99.5% of their production to maintain their fleet at high readiness.  The SCN was at nearly 90% of their available internal GSP, without accounting for the SGF.  The Benthian's had been in an extremely good situation, with expenditures near to 35%, but the incursion of the alien cruiser had changed that.  They had been in a major military build up anyway now it had accelerated and the number of active combat ships was growing signficantly.  The Council of the Moon maintained a steady 45% or so expenditure on its defensive naval force.

The Cervii conflict was not one that could be solved by the existing Urloki-Shanirian fleet.  Attrition might win, but the Assembly was not willing to sacrifice so many lives.  Instead two relatively strong task groups were assigned to support the fortifications now assembled at the Elvorfilias-Cervii warp point and the main fleets of the Urloki and the SCN were pulled back for a long overdue refit.  The captured Cervii battleships were now nearing a point where they could be moved out of the system under Urloki crews.  The development of the habitable worlds of Elvorfilas had resumed, and of the worlds further down the warp chain.  The Urloki intended to resume survey operations at the other warp points in Elvorfilas inside of 6 months.

The Urloki High Council Fleet was in serious need of refitting with new technology, most notably improved ECM systems, advanced manuevering to make the ships more agile and lastly the introduction of the advanced datalink system buried deep in the hull.  The plan was to refit ships first that would be mothballed to gradually bring the income issue under control.  The force structure would also shift with the DN replacing the BB as the primary ship of the line.  Though, of course, of little value to the Cervii conflict the DN was a major improvement on the BB, one that the Urloki could exploit as they had no internal warp links smaller than 180 HS except for the link to the Cervii.

The Benthians were facing a re-organization and contruction issue more than anything else.  Their sole construction facility was in Sea, their homesystem.  They had otherwise only 3 groups of 3 battleship sized construction ships in operation.  They had started with a major update to Sea's defences, and then moved on to construction of Battleships and Battlecruisers plus the new support craft.   Up until the incursion at Perginon their fleet had been composed of a group of patrol squadrons and a single reaction force based in the nodal system of Nantes.  Perginon was a valuable system, but more critically it connected to 3 other systems of equal or greater value.  Its loss would be a significant blow to the Benthian pocketbook.  For this reason considerable effort had been made to secure the system and the critical warp point leading from it to the L'Orient system next door, one of the Benthian's construction groups had been fully employed with base construction and the efforts already had born fruit.  The start of a series of reinforcment waves was, as of the end of this month, in that same system heading for Perginon.  In Sea the 2nd Space Fleet (2eme Flotte Espace de Sea) was being organized to relieve the 1st Space Fleet (1ere Flotte Espace de Sea) so they could be refit to the latest standard while the 3rd Space Fleet (3eme Flotte Espace de Sea) was authorised as an active reserve to be stationed in Nantes.

Refits to the patrol groups were proceeding and new construction intended to reinforce their survey forces was in the planning.  The question at this point was time, as no one new when or if the aliens would return.  Each month though enhanced the preperations of the Benthian's signficiantly.  The SCN had authorised TG12.1 for rapid response to a Benthian request for assistance.  TF10 this month began the return to Shanir, and in 3 months would be available for reinforcement depending on refit status.

The SCN was reviewing their current force structure and projecting forward.  There was an ever increasing demand for hull volume for electronics; one that their most common hull, the destroyer, was slowly becoming too small to fit.  This lead to the decision to enhance light cruiser production and make the smallest tactical formation a DESRON with a light crusier and two destroyers.  Based on the current authorised number of 99 active destroyers that would require a minium of 49 light cruisers.  Additionally the standard task force was strengthed to include a CRURON of a heavy and two light cruisers, requiring a further 12 light cruisers.  Then there was a further 5 light cruisers in each of the x0 Task Forces, for a further 15 ships.  Thus a total of 76 light cruisers would be necessary, meaning construction would be ongoing for some time.

Also the utlity of the destroyer was shifting from combatent to screening vessel against small craft and fighters.  This meant the light cruisers and destroyer needed to mount some form of military grade targeting sensors.   Designers were looking at if it was even possible to move the destroyer to the internal datalink system.  For the moment the SCN was looking into a new design which would see the particle weaponry changed on the destroyers from the standard accelerator turrets [ooc]Energy beams[/ooc] to the focused particle beam arrays [ooc]Needle beams[/ooc] this would give the destroyers an ability to strike at shieldless heavy ships and to engage small craft at range.  Currently their were two destroyer classes the Lancea and the Scutum.  The later were intended as anti-missile escorts, the question was to convert all Lancea to the new standard or to generate a third class giving three types:  DDP (General Purpose), DDF (Fleet Escort), and DDE (Missile Escort).  The light crusiers would retain their standard accelerator turrets enabling them to knock down the enemies shields to allow their destroy consorts to engage the enemies internal systems with precision fire.  [ooc]A new type DESRON would have: 2 E, 2 N and 6 Ra.[/ooc]

Otherwise the SCN was aiming for an improved force structure where 2nd, and 3rd Fleets maintained active:  3 BBs, 6 BCs, 4 CAs, 4 CLs and 4 DDs in TF 20 and 30 at a minimum.  TF10 would be a reinforced force compared to this.  TF21, 22, 31 and 32 would then have 1 CA, 6 CLs, 8 DDs, and 6 CTs each.  These TF would operate, as now, as 3 TGs.  In the case of TF 21, TG 21.2 and 21.3 each of single DESRON with 2 scout corvettes are the frontier patrol forces while TG 21.1 was the reaction force (1 CA, 4 CL, 4 DD, and 2 CT). 

The SCN faces 5 internal trouble zones.
1.  Attica had a connection leading to Undine space.  A construction group has been working to fortify it and TG Centurion (a part of 2nd Fleet) is currently providing system security.
2.  Guidelight has a connection leading to Undine space.  TG41 is forming to garrision this system and a pre-fabricated fleet base is under construction at Shanir to be shipped to the system.
3.  Rubicon has been probed by an alien species.  TG31.1 is currently on station at the local fleet base providing system security.  As this system is the connection to the Council of the Moon they have been informed and their fleet is prepared to enter Shanirian space to assist.
4.  Waymeet has been probed by an alien species.  TG 22.1 is currently on station at the local fleet base providing system security.  As it is only 4 transits from Waymeet to Shanir this is a major concern.
5.  The Cataphract have not stabilized diplomatic relations with a treaty.  This means TF20 is currently on station monitoring the warp point connecting to the aliens home system while diplomatic efforts to secure a treaty continue.  This ties down a sizable force of ships as the Cataphract system is but two transits from the important system of Tarentum.

Add to that the deployment of TG Elvorfilas and possibility of the need to reinforce the Benthians and the desire of the Assembly to mothball ships is unlikely to be met.  Currently the Assault Fleet is fully mothballed, and the mothballed reserve contains only a small number of battlecruisers and the destroyer reserve.  The BCRs not assigned to TG Elvorfilas will be refit and mothballed to save maintenance costs. 
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[ooc]Check above Pauls last lost for the reconstructed T226. The posts below are chronologically before t232, but I've fiddled around writing them up and Paul posted faster :)[/ooc]
Month 229, Undine expanses, Telurium Salt system.

Thirteen months ago, an undine survey fleet had found a system of the red fleet by exploring a warp point in the Terbium system, which lay downchain from Telurium salt past the Gadolinium system. Unfortunately, the survey fleet was quickly destroyed, and the chain left open. Due to the scarce resources and the demands of the war elsewhere, and Telurium salt being far away from the central systems, assembling a defensive fleet had been slow and only been possible in lockstep with the rising supply levels in the system. Also compounding the troubles was that the chain was open and offered no diverting warp points, and thus by surveying Telurium salt would be found. Thus, a small fleet of nine heavy cruisers and nine smaller warships held positions off the warp point to Gadolinium.

But as events turned out, they were enough to discourage three probing battleships from unleashing their gunboats upon them. Unable to catch the undine ships and not having enough gunboats to chase them down, the red fleets probe turned and vanished through the warp point. No assault followed. It looked like both sides had a sideshow going on in this distant warp chain, and now rushed reinforcements to the point of contact.

Month 230, Cartell expanses, Bootlegger system
Theban First Survey Flotilla

Fifth Lay Magicia Nabu was worried. The First Survey Fleet under his command had explored beyond the Pedise system, and after exploring the rock ball Minkhat system found a system inhabited by the Cannon Cartell. They called their system Bootlegger, and immediately called upon military assistance. Apparently they and the inhabitants of the neighbouring bullet system where located in an isolated, newly developed pocket of the Cartell reaches. And now, their survey force in the also adjacent Gladius system was attacked by a foe the cartellians where already fighting with the undines. Now Bootlegger and Bullet lay defenseless before the foe, as local infrastructure was only being build due to the yet low income available locally.

Thus, Nabu ordered his small fleet forward to cover the Gladius warppoint and sincerely hoped that reinforcements would soon arrive, as his total force consisted of a small minefield and two armed survey ships, a light cruiser and two escort carriers. enough to deal with a light probe but definitely insufficient to deal with any heavy attacks like those the cartellians reported happening elsewhere.

His small fleet definitely was not prepared for six battleships breaching the warp point. The first fired upon his command ship, but only a hetlaser scratched the armour. retaliation was swift, and being presented with the blind spot of one battleship, he did not hesitate to order he cruisers external ordinance fired, later tipped capital missiles. Four of them hit and could not be intercepted. Apparently the Theban crews had been very nervous and trigger happy, as all three armed ships activated and managed to score a total of eight torpedo hits on the battle ship, and several standard missile hits as well. It made Nabu curse the ministry of exploration though for having all his ships designed only with auxiliary weapons for reasons of saving costs, as well for not having assigned a heavier escort able to keep up, like the new patrol class of battlecruisers being build currently.
Also, his lighter units fired their capital missiles, if equipped with them, from longer range.

The parasite craft from the battleships stayed with them as they all turned ponderously to face his small  The light Theban return fire was shot down by the battleships point defence fleet. While the first survey force turned to flee, the enemy hetlasers and capital missiles knocked both survey ships out of data link and slowed them.
Next the battleships advanced into the minefield, easily absorbing the attack and then sweeping the light field aside with their lasers, and damaged the light cruiser further. The Theban return fire, already reduced by accrued damage, just bounced off the enemy shields. also, the enemy was now reinforced by six light cruisers.
In the next exchange, the light survey cruiser was crippled, and the second survey cruiser was annihilated by the hostiles heavy lasers. But Nebu did not have long to ponder their fate. Despite a solitary spring missile spitting defiance against the enemies shields, his ship reached incandescence mere seconds later and sparing him from witnessing the remaining fight. The light cruisers chased down the remaining lighter fleet elements, accompanied by the hostiles parasite craft. When the six fighter squadrons finally tried to contribute, the light cruisers whipped them out with specialised missiles, followed up by the parasite craft delivering withering point defence fire scything down the charge of the light brigade.
Overall the Theban survey force concept had proven its teeth but against the weight of fire arrayed against it the first survey force melted like a snowball in the desert.

Month 231, Thing of Odin against the odd crabs. Odd Crab home system (Blue).

"Delays, delays, delays... with the constant flare-ups about the Yetis, with that ware see-sawing back and forth, this had been long overdue by four years. who knows what these unfriendly aliens might have prepared by now." Fourth Bainisteor Brunehild was actually feeling uncomfortable about her mission. Even though it was finally given a go ahead, her fleet was stripped down from its initial complement of ships, especially with no small craft carriers assigned to it. But she now had been told to go forth and secure this area from a potentially hostile species. No more surprises where needed, especially with the known threads and the undines having troubles of a most unpleasant sort, and thus any bad surprises in this sector had to be taken care off unless at a later date no ships where available and a potentially bad situation grew even worse.
The oddly formed crablike aliens never ever talked with the initial contact group, and thus had been ignored far too long. And then Survey fleet four had found an obvious colony system two years a go, so they were spreading. Best to nib them at the roots, namely their home system. The warp point was surprisingly undefended. And so the Task force Mjoelnur advanced in-system in a quick raid, having only supplies along for this dash in-system and then back towards the supply base, instead of the full compliment of freighters they were used to.

Racing into the system, they found the main planet well defended. Two space stations, three huge bases, and eight stupendous ships, larger even than Iasc class dreadnaughts orbited the planet. The six battlecruisers also present felt almost negligible compared to this. Definitely a mission of conquest now had become a probe to determine the hostile capacities. Luckily Task force Mjoelnur was composed of fleet ships, and thus almost certain to escape all but the enemy battlecruisers. Sending in the shorter ranged escorts to test the enemies missile capacity though was unnecessary, and only the twelve battle cruisers advanced cautiously, edging into the ten light second range. Nearest to the fleet was a space station and a base, and just ahead of it the superdreadnaughts and three of the battlecruisers. Modulating, the Eaglas slipped closer and then the base reached out towards them with a salvo of fourteen SBM missiles. But only one was on target and easily shot down by the point defence. The fleet returned fire, and one missile actually hit the base. Then two of the monitors returned fire, with a stupendous cloud of 42 missiles. But again none were on target. Then the enemy battlecruisers joined in, and one of their SBM penetrated the Eaglas point defence to reduce the shields. In return the Eaglas scored no further hits on the base. Electronic countermeasures on both sides seemed to be outstanding.
Still, the Eaglas advanced, reducing the range now to nine light seconds. The crab base fired again, but after achieving no further success the crabs held their further fire. Brunehild could understand their decision, given that of a total sixty missiles her ships fired in return, a single one was on target. But she ordered a further advance. In response the monitors and their three companion battlecruisers lunged ahead, engine tuners engaged and closed the distance to her Eaglas to seven light seconds. And the three battlecruisers back at the planet launched fighters. Cursing the high command for all their penny-pinching hides were worth, Brunehild ordered her battlecruisers to start turning away and switch fire onto one of the missile bearing superdreadnaughs, hoping she could at least extract some of her ships from this. The mission now had become survival. At least the reduced range helped her crews fire, and the first salvo saw two missiles take down the superdreadnaughts shields. She assigned the class the name Bumblepuff, after a jolly archer of fairy tales who could shoot many arrows quickly. Her ships engine modulation did confuse the enemies fire control, and from the 42 missiles only seven achieved a lock and five of them got handled by the point defence. The next salvoes eroded the superdreadnaughts armour further, but the crab battlecruisers also took the targeted Eaglas armour down further. and the next salvoes would be exchanged without any engine modulations.

The dogleg course the Eaglas had to take in order to turn around reduced the distance between both fleets by a furrther half light second. The Bumblepuffs where quick of the mark, and now targeted the damaged battlecruiser and one of its squadron mates, thus splitting the defensive fire and achieving hits against both. In return the squadron ripped into the superdreadnaughts innards. Apparently the bublepuff class was fairly thin-skinned. The eaglas concentrated on the damaged one and hurt it further, but the base got a parting shot in and killed the already damaged engine room from the damaged eagla.
The flight went on, and the bumblepuffs again shot first, splitting up on the two damaged battlecruisers, and this time slowing both. In return, the damaged superdreadnaught took further hits, and the other Bumblepuff was targeted as well, removing its shields. The chase went on, with the fleets keeping their distance. The last eagla of the damaged data group was slowly whittled into its armour, and the bublepuff was divested of its meagre armour and shields. Soon the two slowed eaglas would fall into range of the so far silent superdreadnaughts, but Brunehildes suspicion was high that they would be armed with capital beams in huge numbers.

One last service to the nation could be performed by the two crippled battecruisers, and Brunehild ordered them to turn into the oncoming fleet. The other superdreadnaught class proved to be armed with seven capital force beams and four Xray lasers. That was powerful, but still light for a ship twice the size of a battlecruiser, and so she suspected them to be heavy assault designs, most likely with corresponding amounts of passive defences. There was no way she could take them down with the missiles in her magazines, and thus continuing the engagement would be futile. The warp point would be guarded the next time though, she suspected. The one damaged Eagla got a salvo off and took out an engine room on the Bumblepuff, thus slowing down the pursuit and enabling her fleets escape, then it too became incandescent with beam fire. Unfortunately the bumblepuff had other ideas and managed to send a staggering six missiles into her lone Eagla, slowing it down as well. This markedly improved the motivation of her other crews, and they send a total of eighteen misisles into the huge ship, slowing it to a crawl, while the crab battlecruisers ensured the Eaglas doom by taking out the third engine room.

Now falling out of effective range on the Bumblepuffs, Brunehild made good her escape from the system, with the fighters not daring an unsupported attack on her fleet. It was a humbling lesson for the thing, who so far had been very confident in their ability to outfight any foe.. except maybe the Regia Maria, and even them they had brought to the conference table. The Things favourite battlecruisers are proving to be light now, and assuming the absence of fighters was no longer guaranteed. The following months would see a reshuffle of fleets and ships in order to face this new development. Unfortunately, the anthropoids had to be dealt with as their space was almost the only open avenue left for expansion.

Month 233, Cartell expanses, Bootlegger system

The Theban Ishtaq picket had moved into the system and was forced to send back its battlecruisers due to supply issues. But still the small flotilla was able to guard the warp point to the now silent and lifeless system from which the red fleet of invaders had come and apparently retreated to. Next door in the cartells Bullet system a mixed fleet from the Cartell and their military allies, the Norse Yeti assembled. It seems since the thing and the yetis no longer where busy with each other they respectively found new outlets now for their martial energy.
The three heavy cruisers, three lights cruisers, three destroyers and single corvettes guarded the warp point but for a pinace probing it from the other side nothing happened. For now...

Somewhere else in the galaxy.
They called themselves the chosen of the rain bringer, but due to their appearance everyone else they met just called them the spiders. Despite their spiky chitineous outer shell, spindly legs and powerful mandibles, they were relatively peaceful theocrats and merchants. Backed up by a strong and technological advanced navy, they decided to expand from their small cluster of systems after a survey probe by a reddish hued light cruiser penetrated the Teotihoachan system, a cluster of rocky worlds and asteroid fields orbiting in complicated trajectories around double suns. A subsequent survey revealed that Seven warp lines branched off from here, and one of the warp points was guarded by a solitary red destroyer, silent to all attempts of contact. Since then the spiders expanded outwards, meeting several races and colonising four systems. In the last one of these, the Michoacan system,  their survey fleet probed a warp point into another rocky system, emerging from a closed warp point. As the probing cruiser inspected various worlds, a destroyer started to close in. A retreat towards the warp point proved futile, as two other destroyers placed themselves ahead of the cruiser between the warp point and it, and shadowed it closely towards the location. All three ships displayed the familiar crimson hue and settled down on their side of the warp point to guard and wait.

Later this month, Bootlegger system, Theban Cartell relief.

3 Candace class heavy cruisers, 2 Aten class light cruisers, a Nekhnet command light cruiser, 3 Blackjack DD, and 1 Amathaunta II class CT.
all at 4 LS from warp point.
Six battlecruisers emerge on a convergent heading, and launch 60 pgb. Fire is very sporadic, with only a few XRay lasers hitting.
But also Theban ships are very slow of the start, with only a destroyer and a light cruiser activating. The Mitsuhide Akechi takes some armour damage, reducing it by 2/3rds, and the CT gets hit hard by two beams as well.
Then sic light cruisers arrive, heading the other way. The Thebans are still slow, but the Calvalcade Candace class manages to deal some damage to a battlecruisers shields. Then Theban fire smegs away to one of the arriving light cruisers, getting through its shields and into the armour. In return two destroyers take laser damage, but the light cruisers don't seem to hit well with their advanced missile launchers. ninety gunboats fly through the hole in the minefield and in a wide arc around it.
In response, the Theban ships move away from the warp point, leaving the enemy ships out of range but giving themselves more room to fight the gun boats. Calvacade and Candace fired upon gun boats, killing 6, but then the battlecruisers targeted Achilles, one of the Aten class cruisers, and their XRay lasers seemed to have more range than anticipated and damaged her. In return, the light cruisers damaged a red fleet cl further with XO launched missiles, and killed another gunboat. Mark Anthony and Mitsushide Akechi, both slowed by damage, hovered just at extreme range for their standard missiles and damaged the red light cruiser which now streamed air. In response, the light cruisers fired upon the two valiant destroyers. results were varied. Mark Anthony managed to shot down all but one missile, but Mitsushide Akechi managed to shot down only three of the missiles borrowing in on her and she vanished in a brilliant fireball as eleven antimatter missiles incinerated her.
The Theban ships moved further from the warp point, now definitely beyond range from all but the missiles, with the gunboats closing to two light seconds on them. Now also Claude Auchinleck joined her comrades, and the three Candace class cruisers proceeded to send 54 sprint mode missiles at the approaching gun boats, hitting eleven of them. The light cruisers killed another eight with 28 sprint mode missiles send their way. But Achiles in return was hit by a capital missile lobbed at it by the battlecruisers, and lost her forward engine room. With the destroyer Marcus Tulerius Cicero bagging another two gun boats, this exchange of fire was done.
although the gun boats ignored the damaged destroyer Mark Anthony, the battlecruisers didn't, but it shot down both capital missiles on target and then three gunboats. But elated by their success the gunners where unable to intercept the next two missiles and the brave ship was left burning along its hull and barely moving anymore. The Theban heavy cruiser then killed 16 gunboats Then a squadron of gunboats fired a salvo of fighter missiles at Achiles, with four of them penetrating her point defence. In return, the light cruisers killed another nine gunboats. Their targeting capacity prohibited more kills. Marcus Tullerio Cicero took out another two gun boats, but then faced a swarm of incoming missiles which reduced her to a floating magazine with an engine room. The next salvoes reduced the Theban corvette to an unarmed crawl, and the remaining five salvoes targeted Achilles and left her a burning wreck.
Thirty-three gunboats then broke off the charge, realising that they would be eliminated before they could bring significant weapons to bear. A somewhat shaken Theban fleet retreated, having lost a light cruiser, three destroyers and a corvette, in return for a damaged light cruiser and fifty-seven gunboats. The crippled ships soon were eliminated by the light cruisers.
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Month 233 Moon 4-4 Resource Extraction Colony, Bospori System

Bospori consists of a main sequence Yellow star surrounded by a variety of gas giants, ice giants, and minor planets with an asteroid belt.  Its primary importance is that it is neighbors with Nova Vox.  Nova Vox is one of two major out-of-Shanir Construction and Repair Facilities of the SCN plus the planet Mother Load is the capital of the Second Frontier Zone [ooc]It has an ICC[/ooc].  Bospori has several moons with high levels of strategic material and a constant flow of miners and support staff have resulted in a modest population in the system.  Bospori also posses an unprobed exit Warp Point.  This is true of three of the systems connected to Nova Vox.  For one reason or another Survey Command has always had a higher priority task for the Survey Fleet assigned to that area of space.

Traffic control was stuck ontop of the main colony mound built under the centre of a crater on the moon's surface.  The crater functioned as natural landing zone, after some construction efforts.  Traffic control was shared by the colonies computer mainframe and primary communications.  Its thick windows were one of the few places where one could see out of the otherwise underground facility.  A spectacular view of the gas giant the moon orbited was always available.  Luke Viers was looking forward to that view as he made his way up the spiral stairway from the maintenance area below, a covered cup of tea in his hand.  He glanced at Carol Black as he came through the floor and then frowned, her emotions were off.  Her attention was on her console and he could sense focused anxiety.  "Carol?" Her start made him wonder if she was using the workstation to play a game.  "Oh..Luke...we have...a visitor..."  she stopped, "I checked...even the base line angles agree...if it isn't a ship someone went to a lot of trouble to fake it." 
"A ship?"  He moved over to the work station and set the tea on the shelf above to lean and look.  A signal was clearly present on the screen, transponders marked the shuttles and the mail boat, "unknown contact" blinked over the one the display was centered over.  Emotional feedback flickered between them and then steadied down to a joint thread of concern, worry and amazement. 
"Course projection puts it originating at the exit warp point." 
"Call up...oh you have..." the First Contact Procol was on a secondary screen, he glanced at the list.  "I'll start spinning up two drones, send out the standard packaged hail."  The contact was slightly under 72 light-minutes from the moon.  He crossed the floor to his usual station at the communications station and started tapping quickly, then selected the pre-programed course packages for the two drones.  "Starting the hail."  Neither Shanirian knew who was there, but they one thing for sure it wasn't one of their ships.

DRONE READY FOR LAUNCH  Luke nodded and hit the button.  The top of the silo folded back and then then a trio of solid rocket boosters fired for less than a second hurling the oval shaped courier drone several tens of meters upwards where its drive field activated and its primary engine took over.  Once free of the moon's influence the drones speed climbed till it was moving a nearly three times the velocity of a standard civillian ship heading for the Warp Point to Nova Vox, due to orbital mechanics now only 6 Light Minuntes from the gas giant.  I would take an hour for the drone to cross that distance.  The hail from traffic control would not have reached the unknown contact.

Contact + 3 hours

Traffic Control was now full. 
Luke clamped down on his annoyance, and shook his head. 
"Nothing.  Carol?" 
"Velocity unchanged." 
The short man in a chair who had just asked for the tenth time the same question, shrugged appologetically and looked at the print out in his hand.  "Launch the follow up drone Luke."  Manning Muster was the moons administrator and had just tossed the pebble over the cliff. 


Nova Vox was a binary system, the primary star was a Blue giant and only highly irradiated dust swirled around it, the other star was a Yellow sun orbitted by Mother Load; another planet, aptly named Dirt Bag, whose atmosphere mix was simply not suited at all to Shanirian physiology though their Drake partners would have thrived there; a collection of hot and cold airless balls plus an asteroid belt.  A substantial part of the population of Bospori came from Nova Vox as its moons were better investments then the ones in Nova Vox itself.  The blue giant was orbited by 5 warp points: one leading to Corfu and then deeper into Confederation space, Bospori and Hibernia two systems of gas giants, moons and other rocks, Paxis a populated system and beyond that a series of other worlds, and lastly a starless void whose arrival was closed.  Each warp point was watched over by fortresses.

Contact + 67 minutes Onager Class Command Fort, WP Bospori Watch Bases

"Priority Flash from the drone, sir!" 
"What?...oh...send it to my station."  The Junior Officer of the Watch could be excused for being shocked, watching over the regular shipping to Bospori gave one plenty of time to day dream.  That ended as the message from the Traffic Control Techs scrolled up the screen. 
"Sir, we have a drone with a Pri-Flash...Aye aye Sir...First Contact...Aye aye Sir." 
Two drones flashed way from the command base minutes later, both accelerated smoothly to 10% of the speed of light.  One was headed for the ICN Comm base at the warp point to Corfu the other was headed for Mother Load.  At the same time the primary communications array aligned itself with the ICN comm base and a summary message was sent out at the speed of light, moments later another was on the way to Motherload.  Due to astrographics the warp point to Bospori was nearly as far as possible from Mother Load: 631 light minutes.  The signal would take 10.5 hours to arrive.

Contact+12.5 hours Spatha Class Cruiser (Flagship of TG21.1) Motherload Orbit

"Ma'am, signal from the station, Captain wants you on the bridge!" 
Centurian Alyssa Sula looked up at the junior officer standing at the door to the Officers mess, part of which she used as a workspace, she frowned at the anxiety she picked up.  'Do I have a reputation for shooting the messenger I don't know about?'  "Thank you.  Inform her I'll be there in a moment." 
"Aye aye Ma'am." 

The bridge was half manned when she arrived a few minutes later.   "What is up?"  Sula was curious, if it was a shore leave gone bad enough to involve her she was going to be very angry.  Her Flag captain looked up from the message she was reading.  "First contact in Bospori..." 
Sula sighed, "Getting round to it...just came home to roost..."  It was nearly 18 days at cruising speed to get to the Bospori warp point. 
"Yes.  I've sent the recall out and informed the other captains...started closing up, kicking off and battening down." 

Getting a force of 11 ships underway took more than a "tally ho" in this case it was 6 hours before TG 21.1 broke orbit and headed for the far distant warp point.  Before they were ready another message from Bospori arrived with some blurry photos of the ship, and the information that it had not answered or responeded to the hails from Moon 4-4 traffic control, based on the reported course and speed it would be now close enough to localize the colony's signature.  As the ships were underway the information arrived that the ship had stopped and merely hung there unresponsive to all radio and laser communication.  The colony had used up 3 of its 5 courier drones and said it was retaining the last two for emergency use.

Contact+18 days, 6+ hours Spatha Class Cruiser (Flagship of TG21.1) Bospori-Nova Vox Warp Point

"Got it Ma'am." 
The repeater station showed a blip, Centurian Sula straightned up ignoring the mental sigh of relief she picked up leaking through the junior officers shielding.  "Scout ships, this is flag.  Mission is a go, I want to know what is out there."  The two scouts would sweep outwards and then around the alien ships sensor range (they hoped) and would at a seperation of 120 LM sweep outwards towards the warp point the alien ship originated at.  "Captain, take up station 8 LS from the alien ship."

Range:  12 LS from Alien Contact

Centurian Sula rubbed her temples pressing in firmly with her gloved fingers, the shook her head. 'I have no time for this now.'  But whether she did or not, her head ached and it was interfering with her melding, infact she suddenly realized that the whole bridge crew was struggling.  Then alarms went off and the engineering officer swore and spoke quickly into his mike.  She bit her lip both due to the increasingly annoying throbing of her skull but also to prevent her from pestering her flag captain who was clearly busy running her ship.  'What the hell?' Her TG status pannel showed every ship suddenly slowing as apparently engines stopped working.  Of course Shanirian "engine rooms" weren't engine rooms but teams of highly trained telekinetics and powerful Psionic Amplifiers that boosted their output.  "Damn..."  The TG organization was coming appart and then the alien started moving away from the oncoming SCN ships when they approached 10 LS.  Centurian Sula was frustrated as her task groups coordination was nearly lost and no one knew why.

"Ma'am, the teams are just having trouble focusing...everyone is complaining they can barely think straight due to a pounding headache."  Engineers were...both, relatively speaking, rare and highly trained; they could hold a meld when most Shanirians would be throwing shields up or throwing up, so this statement was met with blank stares from the officers sitting around the table.  Their universe had just changed.

The SCN TG was now some 9 LS from the again stationary alien vessel.  The military sensors output, when compared to their database of alien ships, yielded a near perfect match with the ship that had given the Squids writhing tentacles and colour spots for days.  Adding to her headache, which she realized suddenly she didn't seem to have anymore was the fact her ships were facing serious mobility issues.
"Write it up, stick it in a drone and send it upstream."  She popped a pill in her mouth and dry swallowed, "And contact the colony to see how much headache medication they have."

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Late in Month 234 in the Thing territory, in a warp chain of rocky empty systems, a fleet advanced relentlessly. The Baile Fersta Picket has been called forward though the recently discovered connection t the Helsinki system to execute a swift strike and retreat action. For a long time the Thing had known about the Blue Crabs colony system they were approaching now under the command of First Garda Marian. But only now, with Baile Fersta itself fortified did the high command dare to relocate fleets on such a massive scale. Although by the scale of fleets these times, the picket fleet was rather small. But now armed with laser war head missiles and a staggering fourteen of the nimble Slasher class corvettes designed for anti-fighter work. Nine battle cruisers formed the fleets core, though only six where Eagla III class ships, and guarded by three Iasc IV class cruisers and 5 destroyers. Almost as an afterthought six Leathpingen corvettes came along to round out the fast wing.
Silently they finally reached their destination and scouted through the warp point, determining that so far it had not been discovered and picketed, and thus set course for the inner system from their distant orbit. Both habitable planets where behind the sun, almost on a perpendicular line to their course.
"Sir, I have a drive contact in Orbit around the outer planet. Numbers can not yet be determined." The announcement from the scanner station roused the First Garda from his observation of a well practiced crew at work. "Send the signal to the scouts, they have detected us and they are to take up position ahead as planned. They now know we're there. No time yet to worry what they may have, we will see in a day at earliest." As the fleet advanced further, a contact approached them from the planet until  it resolved into four ships confidently approaching their force. Ordering a last meal break for their crews the thing force prepared for battle and stations where manned by the time they reached only 20 light seconds distance from the enemy fleet.
Then the Crab battlecruisers turned around, running ahead of the Thing fleet and slowing down somewhat to allow the Thing ships to catch up. The First Garda, seeing this, detached half his Slasher corvettes, his Leathpingen Fleet scouts and his five destroyers to swing around the hostile fleet in a wide circle out of SBM range. The Crab squadron, seeing this, turned away to keep the closure rate of the smaller ships, which had swung far out, down and slowed down to allow the main Thing fleet to just under ten light second. And they send a salvo of twelve SBM out, targeted of all  ships on one of the three Iasc heavy cruisers, and one with a very well trained crew. But one missile penetrated the point defence and cost the cruiser half its shields. The next two salvoes followed the pattern and chewed through its shields and damaged the armour. hen the crew finally hit its strides and shot down the following three salvoes completely. Then, to test the waters the Cab BC switched to a Slasher corvette but the small ship wove a dense net of countermissiles from its two capital point defences and shot the salvo down. Switching back to the cruiser, they peeled of its armour but then the SBM fire fell dry. Still, the damaged ship and its squad mates swung out of formation and fell back, as its was now vulnerable and the class was exposed as soft kills against capital missiles.
The next two minutes passed, and then both fleets reached capital missile range and commenced firing. The three Ballmuck class ships from the Crabs fired first, and managed to send one missile into an Eagla. The Things return fire was swift though, but utterly defeated by the Crabs fire confusion systems. Seeing this, the Crab ships kept open the range. The next exchange was more even, with a Ballmuck and the targetted Eagla loosing their shields. Then both ships lost chuncks of their armour, this time with the Thing coming out ahead.
Finally, in the seventh minute of the conflict, the Ballmucks armour was breached and it lost an engine room. The next salvoes from the Things ships were targeted on a different ship. In the ninth minute the Crab ships turned around to close towards the thing ships, with the last ship launching fighters as it bore in. The next exchange was pretty vicious, with capital beams flashing from both sides The light corvettes prudently hung back out of range from the heavy beams, but ready to dash in and deal with the fighters racing towards the battle cruisers. The exchange intensified as both fleets neared to just under two light seconds, and now the Slashers, with only one firing pass, proved to be not quite enough to deal with the fighters, killing only three.. Meanwhile the various capital ships ripped each other deep wounds, with the Crab ships all taking heavy damage and one Eagla being down almost to the last engine room. Then in an orgy of fire, the Crab fleet was destroyed, but the fighters took the two damaged Eaglas with them to the grave.
Having accomplished their mission, the Things ships turned back after checking out the planets for hidden surprises and retreated through their hidden entry point.
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Month 234 Shanirian Confederation

In month 233, the scouts had discovered a single alien light cruiser lurking at the type 11 WP (located 324 LM from the primary) that was the single known but unexplored warp point out of Bospori. Using two ships in this manner was typical of nearly every race in the known galaxy.  One of the two Drusus class scouts established a watch on it at 14 LS from the warp point while the other swung around to look for other ships.  The nearer ship also reports the disruptive effect of the alien's near presence.  TG Centurian arrives in Nova Vox near the end of this month, the two battleships Centurian and Dictator heading for the fleet base and a refit; the rest of the TG starting the journey to Bospori warp point.

A diplomatic team stationed in Pisea gets orders to head to Bospori and they will arrive in two months (236).

Both Tarentum's and Nova Vox's shipyards surge into full production mode, the construction intended to reinforce the local forces.  But the lack of apparent hostile actions from the aliens re-assures Admiralty House and the only orders that go out in response are to break off a small group of the returning Fleet Train to divert it towards Nova Vox.  TF 10 remains on course for Shanir, and a much delayed refit.

Month 234 System 1378, Benthian Frontier

Survey Fleet 1 was exploring the frontier two transits from Bergerac, the last colonized system in this warp chain.  The end of the chain was: Bergerac ==> System 55 ==> System 1378.  System 55 was an unremarkable collection of gas and ice giants, moons, plus hot and cold airless balls.  It also connected via a closed warp point to a system of the Undine...a xenophobic race of fur bearing, water living mammeloids that the Benthians had a non-intercourse agreement with.  They made the Benthian's tentacles twitch putting it mildly and the Shanirian's didn't like them much either.  System 1378 had been probed and it was un-inhabited binary system, but had 2 class T worlds at 6 and 10 LM from the A component's yellow star primary so was thus a great find.

All 10 Suffren class survey frigates of the survey fleet were inbound from the type 6 entrance warp point (at 336 LM from the primary).  They suddenly detected drive field signatures near the two habitable worlds.  The ships were still outside the asteroid belt that formed a wall around the component's planets.  1ere Captane de Fregate Musa in command of the survey effort was faced with a choice...withdraw or try to contact the alien scum.  If the entry warp point had been closed he would have withdrew as the enemy ships were unlikely to be able to close the gap before he escaped but the entrance warp point was open, so standard survey would soon reveal it.  Suffren 10 was dispatched to contact the aliens while the other ships turned back towards the warp point, at this range the aliens would not see that the Suffren was not alone, potentially taking it for a probe ship.  The advancing Benthian ship radioed back to report contacts closing on them shortly after seperating from the main body, which had contacted the waiting Packmule class survey support ship at the warp point.

The Suffren is unarmed except for 2 capital missiles on external hardpoints so there was considerable constrination when the ship's scanners revealed the approaching light cruiser was the same type as the one that had probed Blue Lagoon some months earlier.  The Benthian ship turned to flee as it was faster than the oncoming CL but some type of unusual small craft were deployed from the CL and began closing the distance at a speed the frigate could not beat.  As his ship was doomed, as the capital missiles were useless against armed small craft, Suffren 10's Captain ordered the ship to come to a stop to see what the aliens did.  To the surprise and relief of the crew the alien small craft fell back as the CL approached the now stationary Benthian Frigate.  It stopped at 9 LM from the Frigate and its small craft hovered around it.  Several other light cruisers showed up also stopping at the same distance.  After a tense several hours, Suffren 10 resumes its journey to the warp point as the aliens had ignored all its contact attempts.  The alien ships kept pace except for the original which dropped its drive field once the Suffren was over 15 LS away then headed back to the planet some 5 min later.  The other light cruisers matched the Benthian ships speed and escorted it to the warp point.  The Benthian ship transited back to System 55 without incident. 

It takes a bit of time to organize the information transfer back to the Office of the Navy on Sea as buoys had not yet been laid connecting these frontier systems.  Still the Office of the Navy hears about the discovery by the end of the month and the news throws their plans for a recon in force from Perpigan into a shambles.  Reinforcements, except for the 2eme Mine Layer group that is both faster and with a shorter passage, will begin to arrive at Bergerac from Sea in two months.  The decision is made to defend Bergerac, and only picket System 55 with the survey fleets defence force.  The distance from a major population means there is limited civillian shipping in the area to draw on for maintenance transport so supporting a major military force in System 55 is out of the question.  As no way exists to inform the Undine...and little incentive exists to do so anyway they are unaware of the existance of an enemy force only a single transit from a system with closed warp point into one of their systems.
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Economic Review of the Shanirian Confederation

The SC is a relatively loose alliance of four races that share trade agreements and have a mutual security pact with the Shanirian Government.  The races are:  the Shanirian's, the Urloki, the Benthians, and the Council of the Moon.  The member races share a common assembly with five representatives of each race, and a single vote per block.  A moderator works for 6 months on a rotating schedule.  Oddly enough the races don't really get along with each other so well.  Both the Benthians and the Council of the Moon are fairly xenophobic and isolationist, trading only with the Shanirian's.  While all races are obligated to come to the aid of the Shanirian's and vice versa they are free to refuse to support another member race.   The ties between the Urloki and the Shanirian's are the strongest, with a high degree of fleet intergration and several joint combat excersizes.  The various races have individual designs and perform independent research and development.  [ooc]In many ways think of the council in Babylon 5 to get a feel for what the assembly is like[/ooc]

Economic Details [ooc]I'm not 100% sure of the numbers as SFA reports different numbers for things in different places[/ooc]

Race               Population   HEL     Production (MCr)  Trade (MCr)  Misc (MCr) ||  Fleet Maint. (MCr)  PCF Maint. (MCr)  Misc (MCr)  || Capital Ships       Cruisers      Destroyers      Base Station 3+   Smaller Bases

Shanirian            30 762       9          81 650.9         35 083.1        678.1**             66 468.8              1 485.1                  0.0                 51                  98                  110                  81                    507
Urlocki                14 808      8          42 454.3          19 922.1        0.0                    41 822.3                 201.3              250.0*                41                  46                   43                  42                    142
Benthians           17 380       8          52 582.6            5 258.3        0.0                    32 105.3                 559.2                 0.0                 39                  63                    0                   44                     0
Council               10 397       9          31 304.2           3 130.4        0.0                    17 990.9                   79.2                 0.0                  29                   6                    0                   10                     12

Ship numbers do not include any in mothballs or survey vessels even if they are armed.  Carriers are included in the the catagory with the same sized combat ship.  Frigate and smaller ships are not included in any total even when armed as they are retained solely for scouting or exploration roles. 
*ongoing transfer to their IND2 allies supporting their tech development.
**Profit from government freighter fleet.  A new FT6 for the government fleet costs 426+20 MCr and normally takes 5 months to build, with 2 under construction at any one time.

Not shown are support ships, SS's or ground bases.  These facilities vary between the various races.  The non-Shanirian's, while having large ship yard capacities, are generally limited in that it is in a single system.
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Additional Economic Notes:

The Shanirians have just reached HEL 9, and have begun researching the new technologies focusing on the key ones for the upcoming fleet upgrade.  The other races are currently researching the next level of basic technology, though none of them have been doing so long.

The Maldovian Conclave is a partner of the Urloki and currently has begun research that will lead to the development of reactionless drives.  They are currently planet bound but are awaiting the development of sufficient technology to allow them to build their first orbital stations plus ground bases.  As they are but two transits from the Cervii they are concerned about their safety.  The plan to construct 4 orbital stations and build ground bases.  At the moment they have developed: the spaceport, the sprint missile and the basic missile.

The Shanirian's have encountered, but not contacted a pre-Industiral race whose world is in the second component of Rubicon.  They have interdicted the component, and that was infact one of the primary motivations for establishing a fleet base there.  The race has been left alone, with no contact allowed.

The Confederation has colonization policies that vary with the Race.  The Shanirian's rarely make use of heavy industrialization, perfering to develop more ecologically friendly but less industrialized societies [ooc]Benign worlds are limited to 100 IU, most other worlds follow suit[/ooc] but to spread out into the moons of a system quickly.  The Urloki have limited planets that they are comfortable in industrialize heavily plus were the first Race to emphise the colonization of their colonies to produce a population that produces additional colonists [ooc]forcing growth to medium population[/ooc].  The Urloki have also settled their systems moons heavily.  The Council of the Moon, in all practical terms wishes to be left alone and is exploring and colonizing only in the hope that they will find themselves in a pocket or they can produce one by the existance of closed warp point connections.  The Urloki have only the five unexplored warp points in Elvorfilas left to explore.  The Benthians have had fantastic survey luck and have invested heavily in primary colonization and growth of benign worlds at the expense of secondary colonization.  They have also invested heavily in industrial expansion.  They have relatively short distances from Sea to their frontier regions and this has allowed them to inexpensively settle their space.  Previous to the Perginan incursion they were using their CFN at over 95%.  They have found a significant number of mineral plentiful fully habitable worlds and these are primary drivers to their economy.

The Shanirian's are expending a considerable amount of money to colonize their frontier regions, with journeys now being up to 5 months.  A large amount of secondary in-system colonization is also occuring, in particular from planets that are lacking in strategic materials.  The goal is to have a large and growing population.  They have two systems Babylon and Cross-Roads that are jointly settled with the Urloki, who at this time have more population on the sub-terran class planet in the system.  There is also a military outpost in the process of being established in Elvorfilas to support military units there and to provide for leave for the watch forces.
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Month 236, Odd Crab space, Blue system
Fourth Bainisteroir Brunehild was back again at the doors to the system she had fled from five months ago. This time, her task force Mjoelnur had been augmented significantly, with Cliath and Oraiste fleet being folded into its structure for this operation. surprisingly, Second Bainisteroir Aethehild of Cliath fleet had ceded command of the operation to her despite her superior rank, and stayed behind in the staging area. Thus she was allowed to redeem her failure and regain the favour of the Aesir.
Purely numerical, her force represented a fourth and a third of the Things total fleet strength, approximately. Six Dreadnaughts where guarded by 22 battlecruisers, 18 heavy cruisers, two carriers and nine pinace carriers. Eight corvettes and six colliers rounded out the fleets order of battle.

Now was the time to strike. Three of her IASC class dreadnaughts lined up for the first wave, followed by three Serbhis class battlecruisers and an Allain class destroyer and a corvette. The second wave was similar, while the third would be six Eagla class battlecruisers and again a destroyer and a corvette.
The dreadnaughts transited, emerging on a course slightly divergent from six hostile super dreadnaughts at two and a quarter light second.
Due to the distance, the Things advanced gun/missile launchers where not that accurate and point defense got many of their shots. But with teh antimatter warheads they ripped shields and armor off a super dreadnaught. In return, two monitors activated and with seven capital force beams and four XRay lasers each removed the IASCs shields and armour.
The IASC of the first wave turned about, ready to retreat if they took heavy damage, and the enemy super dreadnaughts held their place. Two of them fired first and their beams and CAM dug deep into the valiant ship. Its brethren quickly avenged it, with their combined fire overwhelming the damaged super dreadnaught and digging deep into it. With two more firing as singles, the Crabs further damaged the IASC, but in return a second monitor was gutted, and a third stripped of its passive defenses while they removed the shields and half the armour of a second IASC.

The damaged IASc transited out while the third wave arrived, and the second wave ones also turned, ready to retreat.
Strangely, the crab ships moved to close the distance, but the Things gunners where quicker off the mark, and with such close targets fired their missiles in sprint mode. One enemy Anklenumb class ship was damaged, and a second one totally destroyed by the spint fire, while the allready damaged one lost more interior systems. But then the Crabs retaliated. It turned out that the Anklenumbs had such light defenses because they mounted sixteen plasma guns each, and the two which fired at extreme plasma gun range turned two undamaged IASC into cripples. The less damaged one of these retained its full broadside still, and blotted the damaged Anklenumb from the universe. Light capital missile fire indicated the presence of the three Balmuck class battlecruisers encountered in the earlier expedition.
While the damaged four IASC transit out the enemy BC run away, sending a parting shot at a corvette but failed to do more than strip the shields from it. Brunehild prefers to assemble her fleet before setting a course for the inner system and lets them run.
Finally the fleet was all transited and ready to advance the short distance from the warp point to the planet. But as the ships approached the planet, a flight of fighters was spotted incoming. The thing fleet turned away a bit until its own fighters were ready and launched alongside their assault shuttle, while the armed pinnaces, being slower, hung back with the heavy battle line. Eighteen heavy cruisers, three destroyers, eight corvettes, 48 fighters and 42 shuttles advance to meet the incoming 84 fighters. Maneuvering adroitly, the things fighters and ships set themselves up to intercept the Crabs fighters, which split into two groups, with 48 facing the things fighters and 36 going for the corvettes. Bainisteroir Brunehild starts to realize something is strange when the crab fighters declined to close further on her swift corvettes in the vanguard and stayed at just a light second. A suspicion immediately confirmed when trails of missiles reached out from the fighters towards her corvettes. As she had none of the Slasher class corvettes, just three obsolete Leathpingen beam corvettes and five Fraoach scouts, the corvettes where ill suited to take this punishment. While the two Leathpingen class corvettes weathered the fire aimed at them, two Fraoach scouts took damage to their engines and one targeted by two salvoes vanished in the resulting fireball. The next time the fighters would be met with a screen of her assault shuttles and fighters she decided. But the exchange was not yet over. While the unloaded fighters speeded away, their 48 escorts met the Things swarm of fighters and assault shuttles in a furball. Within a minute 34 of the things fighters and five of the assault shuttles where slain in exchange for the 48 enemy fighters, this spending the things fighter strength in defense of the fleet. Luckily in one firing pass a squadron of crab fighters decided to target shuttles instead of fighters, else there might have been even fewer fighters left.
But no further strikes came until the Thing fleet closed in on the planet. Seeing the orbital layout, the swung somewhat wide to avoid the group of bases for now, and stayed at long SBM range to plink away at the three superdreadnaughts and three battlecruisers. The first exchange was very inefficient with only seven laser torpedoes hitting the selected Bumblepuff class ship, in return to slight shield damage to an Eagla. The second salvoes where not more effective from the things side, but the Eagla lost its shields and a third of its armour. Then the three Bumblepuff class superdreadnaughts hid behind the planet, leaving only the two space stations and the three Ballmuck battlecruisers to face the fifteen Eaglas.  But the ballmucks proved to be almost impossible to hit due to their ECM and evasive maneuvering, and thus fire swiftly shifted to one of the space stations. But here too the SBM-LT proved to be very inaccurate at long range, and only a few missiles were on target and not intercepted. Thus in order to spread the damage from the SBM-LT a bit before they ran out, and to draw the fire from the bases after the stations did not respond at long range, the Eaglas edged closer just into range of the bases and exchanged fire. Although in the next minute the damaged Eaglas armour was breached, they also eroded away the armour of a base. The damaged Eagla tried to disengage, though the Ballmucks send a parting shot after it without success. By the time the fleet ran dry on SM-LT they actually had managed to reach the internals of the targeted base, but that wasn't much of an effect for the time spend, if you discounted the crab units running out of SBMs to return fire with. Finally in the fourth minute the Eaglas fire showed some effect and the base was hit by several antimatter tipped SBM, ripping through its shields and deep into its innards. In return, another Eagla lost half of its shields. The last salvo of the Ballmucks didn't hit anything, nor of the bases, as the Things crews did a good job with the point defense. In return though the damaged base was eliminated as a threat. After six minutes a slight lull in the fighting ensued, as the damaged Eagla came back and fired off its magazine's worth of SBMs against the remaining base and the cripples, while the Crab ships hid behind the planet and the Space stations watched impotently.
Finally the moment of decision came, and the things fleet advanced into capital missile range, and was greeted by a salvo of 20 CM each from the space stations. Why they had forgotten to load SBM will remain a mystery. Nevertheless, the slightly damaged Eagla lost its passives, but antimatter gave the thing an advantage and one of the Bumblepuffs suffered massive damage. The next exchanged forced a second Eagla to withdraw, but removed all weapons from the first damaged Bumblepuff and ripped into the one Bumblepuff which had shot accurately so far. Staying still close to the edge of the capital missile envelope at almost seven light seconds, the Thing send its damaged ships away and continued to hold a parallel course with evasive maneuvering. Suddenly the space stations displayed improved gunnery, and over thirty missiles converged on the Eagla whose data group mates had to leave the envelope due to damage, and enough penetrated the defensive fire to blot it from space. Another Eagla in a two ship data group was damaged, and will turn away with its squad mate, but the things fire eliminated a Ballmuck in return. With only three data groups remaining, things started to look a little bit shaky now for long-range fire approach. On the other hand, the crabs where down to the two stations and two battlecruisers, with one superdreadnaught able only to fire less than a third of its original broadside, and suffering from shakedown effects as well. The lone surviving base was kept out of range. Over the next six minutes, the eaglas and the station exchanged fire, unill only four undamaged Eaglas remained, and the stations suddenly fell silent. This was the signal for all Eaglas to edge into capital missile range again and empty their magazines into the station which so far lost its shields and some armour. It took literally every single capital missile in the fleets magazines to reduce the two stations, leaving for the defenders two carries hiding behind the planet and a damaged base. deciding to end this quickly, Brunehild ordered the seven Serbhis BCs and two IASc forward to engage the base, accompanied by every single assault shuttle, SPN and fighter configured for anti-fighter work. The base got a few licks in onto a Serbhis as the ships closed into standard missile range, but then even at almost five light seconds, the fire was devastating. It took only one firing sequence and the base was annihilated. Seeing this, the determination of the last crab ships was overcome and they struck their colours.
Bainisteroir Brunehilds exuberation about a job well done was tempered when somewhat in her next meeting with Bainisteroir Aethehild when she was asked why she hadn’t asked for the SBMHAWKS stored in the home system to help her break the warp point and take the stations under long range bombardment.  Although only two ships where lost, they might have won with even less losses.

(Wew, that was a long battle wrought with a strategic mistake from the things side and the Odd Crabs definitely being hampered by their ship designs. Their superdreadnaughts  (light monitors in older terminology) all had immense broadside at a cost of passive defenses and magazine capacity. Even more hampering overall in the long range duel was that most Crab units lacked ECCM and thus had a hard time hitting anything with EM at long range. But overall the Thing would have lost if the Crab space stations have had more than 20 rounds of fire with CM, and especially if they had SBMs in their magazines.
I decided that the Crabs kept their remaining fighters back with fG to defend, as 36 fighters against the Things battle line would have evaporated, fM none withstanding. And the Thing has 54 apn, 37 ast and 14 f0 left to help defend against fM armed fighters. This was definitely the longest battle so far, with 6 turns at the warp point, ten with the fighters and a whooping 74 turns to resolve the siege.  I let the Crabs ship designs stand due to their low militancy and no experience in battle. They didn’t have enough time to refit their ships to better designs with the first battle only 4 months before. On the other hand, an RD of 98 made them just not give up at all, until they had only the carriers left.
The Things ship designs definitely benefitted from 200 turns of fights and evolution, and with the upcoming TL 9 refit will definitely gain some passives faced with AM.)
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For those who like seeing ship designs, the Odd Crabs have what the RNG came up with. As they were developing TL9 tech, this might have changed soon, but they ran out of time.:

ANKLENUMB class ML     AM2    33 XO Racks   165 Hull    TL 8
165 RCP  35 MCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost = 4541/681.2
HTK 109   S0x14  Aix24  Dzx6  Fcx7  Lxx4  Pgx16 

BUMBLEPUFF class ML     AM2    33 XO Racks   165 Hull    TL 8
165 RCP  35 MCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost = 3961/594.2
HTK 81   S0x2  Aix12  Dzx6  Rcx21  Mgx3 
188x CM, 42x CM LT1, 53x SBM, 2x EDM (Mg)

BALLMUCK class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks   80 Hull    TL 8
[2] S0x6Aix12HQ(II)(BbS)(III)(II)RcFcRcFcRcM7Dzx3!2RcFcMgXrZi(III)(II)?2LhQ(III) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost = 1923/288.5
HTK 54   S0x6  Aix12  Dzx3  Fcx3  Rcx4  Mgx1 
40x CM, 12x CM LT1, 32x SBM, 2x EDM (Mg)

BONEFUMBLE class BS5     AM2    36 XO Racks   180 Hull    TL 8
180 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4        Cost = 3317/165.9
HTK 66   S0x4  Aix16  Dzx7  Fcx12  Rcx14  Mgx2 
112x CM, 28x CM LT1, 46x SBM

CLODDUMB class CV     AM2    17 XO Racks   85 Hull    TL 8
85 RCP  40 MCP  18 FCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost = 2674/401.1
HTK 79   S0x10  Aix14  Dzx3  Fcx2  Pgx5  Vx18  Mgx1 
54x fG, 54x fR, 108x fM

SS DIPCORN class SS        63 XO Racks    1150 Hull    TL 8
1150 RCP  24 FCP       Trg:8  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  11654/ 153.1
HTK 395   S0x100  Aix100  Dzx10  Fcx10  Rcx20  Vx24  Mgx5 
400x CM, 12x EDM (Mg), 69x fG, 96x fR

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T236, Undine expanses, Techneticum Salt system
For several months now the Undine fleet in system has been reinforced by small groups of ships moving towards this distant and low on supplies system, finally being build up into nine modern and three older Romeo class cruisers, nine escort destroyers and thirteen Alpha class frigates. also, there Bravo class scout corvettes and six small mobile shipyards arrived. After creating a small mine field of 120 patterns, the ship yards now where assembling a small control and beam asteroid fort to help hold the system. Given the low numbers of ships, it was decided to keep the ships at five and a half light second from the warp point until they activated, rather than risk them under initial beam fire without being able to retaliate. Command over the fleet was still held by Earth Lord Pinipedius who commanded it when he probe six months ago occurred.

But now the time for preparations seems to have terminated, as one of the four assault shuttles on patrol on the warp point discovered a pinnace transiting, and shot at it with its basic point defence. Unfortunately, the gunners missed and the pinnace transited out again.
Two days later, the defenders where still slowly circling the warp point when six battleships materialized quickly one after another on a course not pointing directly at the defenders but slightly ahead of them and just sat there after launching 36 gunboats while the undine crews races to action stations.
The next wave consisted of three battleships and three battlecruisers which discharged a total of 66 gunboats to add to those on the warp point, and three battlecruisers launched 30 capital anti-mine missiles from external racks, and took out a quarter of the minefield in an arc towards the undine fleet. The older group of undine Romeos was well trained and reached action stations fully, allowing them to launch a coordinated salvo of 18 capital missiles from their external racks, with seven taking out shields on one of the just transited battlecruisers. A very small salvo from a group of red fleet Daikus failed to deal any damage, and the other undine ships continued to activate. But further attempts to capitalize on this initial success by the undines proved indifferent with only 2 more missiles hitting.
The third wave of invaders was another six battlecruisers which added 60 gunboats to the 102 already in-system.
The undine fleet tacked away from the warp point by a quarter light second to stay out of range of the battlecruisers X-ray lasers. On the undine side, not a single cruiser reached action station and thus the following exchange of shots was rather one-sided, with only six red fleet battleships firing. One salvo was just 3 CM, and was easily shrugged of by the frigate, but the other one was fifteen and four penetrated to rip it afire from bow to stern.
While the undine ships stayed at range and used the maximum possible engine modulation, four heavy cruisers and three destroyers arrived through the wrap point. Definitely again something new. The four cruisers fired external BAM-Rc into the suffering minefield. In return, the undines eroded the shields of the targeted battlecruiser further, and another frigate suffered damage to slow it down.
While another six destroyers arrived, the undine fleet turned inward, and exchanged 3 damaged frigates against the removal of shields from the battlecruiser and probing fire on the newly arrived destroyers.
Now things turned interesting.. with the frigates proceeding into primary range, the nine stabilised destroyers, four heavy cruisers and the gunboats advanced to meet them. At these short ranges, carnage reigned. The Undines lost all frigates to fire, and in return removed the thick shielding from the heavy cruisers and slowed down two of the capital missile battleships. Then the undine fleet turned away, drawing the red fleet battlecruisers and Marauder class Missile battleships after it. In a long range duel with these and at shorter distance with the four heavy cruisers and nine destroyers the undine destroyers lost one of their own and some damage, The three gun armed red fleet destroyers proved to be quite resilient to missile fire, and to avoid them closing in, the undine fleet then detuned. But that was costly, the now enlarged blind spot of a heavy undine cruiser attracted a salvo of 12 capital missiles, of which ten hit and destroyed the passive defences of the ship. Else it was more a slowly mutual eroding of defences, where the cruisers could take it better than the destroyers.
During the fifth minute of the engagement, the undines stopped running, and the red fleet had systematically targeted their faster ships like frigates and destroyers to prevent their escape. While the gunboats idled somewhat instead of charging wildly into sprint missile range, the destroyers closed in on the undine cruisers while finishing off crippled destroyers, and the six red fleet battlecruisers and three battleships created new cripples with their capital missiles and X-ray lasers. When destroyers and the three heavy cruisers reached sprint mode range of the undine Romeos things changed, with the first group of destroyers following the gun armed group into dissolution, and the first two Spider class heavy cruisers finally loosing their armour and speed.
With the faster undine ships by now mostly slowed by the long range fire from the marauder data group, the main fire started to concentrate on the undine cruisers, but in their dying, they reaped. The incoming wave of 142 gunboats lost 50 in one exchange, and thus compelled to stay cautiously away instead of racing to oblivion. Instead the red fleets four cruisers and scattered packs of destroyers bore the brunt of the cost for closing in, with six destroyers damaged severely by sprint mode fire by the undines, and another heavy cruiser damaged unto its internals. Unfortunately, the Spider class heavy cruisers proved to be insidious with their needle beams taking out the magazines of  still quite combat worthy undine cruisers, some even yet armoured but for the shields. The greatest damage was inflicted by the slowly closing in six Quickdraw battlecruisers and their X-ray broadsides which made one cruiser after another fall out of formation. In a move born out of desperation and anguish over loosing another two undine worlds to the nuclear pyre sure to follow and unable to escape his tormentors, Pinipedius ordered his ships around to ram the red fleet. A move the closest three red fleet destroyers were willing to reprociate, seeking mutual annihilation. The Undines used up their last ammunition killing another 25 gunboats and inflicting further damage on a Spider class cruiser close by. Then, out of ammunition the rest of the undine fleet also sought to ram red fleet targets. Four Spider class cruisers willingly meet them head on, and vanished in fireballs along the undine cruisers. Only one cruiser left tried to ram a Quickdraw battlecruiser, but its broadside of four X-ray lasers ripped through its armour and forward engine rooms and thus stopped its final run short, where the other battlecruisers very swiftly reduced it to a spreading cloud of gas.
After hunting down the last few slowly crawling cripples, the red fleet reorganised and set out to survey and sweep the system clean of undine life.

(Needle beams are nasty. They took out the primaries on several frigates, and the magazines on at least 4 heavy cruisers and several destroyers, reducing them to weaponless targets. On the other hand, I am not quite as satisfied with the spinal forcebeam damage projection capability.)
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Post by: Paul M on April 13, 2015, 04:01:38 AM
((We seem to have lost the OOC indicator.   The above battle was brutal, in many way because of our home rules on what weapons a ship can carry.  However, the main issue was fighting uphill with the technology level:  Red Fleet having Dx and SM/CM/SBM-a and ?3 compared to Dz and SM on the Seal ships made a huge difference to the whole equation of damage.  The limited magazine loadout of the CAs ultimately decided the battle.  Starslayer didn't think they would live long enough to run out of missiles but there was nearly half still in good shape when their magazines went dry.  At that point they could not escape so I went to look at the rules to check out campaign ramming and so forth.  It is hard to say if staying back was the best choice as it let the Red Fleet get lots of ships into the system, but if they had been closer they were going to throw the DDs and CAs at them.  I think that they would have been killed by the defenders as the CAs were lethal to those ships but that would leave the fleet out of ammo and facing the heavy ships of the Red Fleet.  I had hoped to get the ships out of the battle but to fight this sort of running battle I had to make turns that cost me distance to ensure my blindspot wasn't uncovered and to bring the broadside into play.  I think actually the result of them throwing the DD+CA at the Seals would have been the survival of the Seal force (part of it) but the loss of the system regardless.  There are two further battles to come but we were distracted by a good DVD from playing out the 2nd WP assault that I suspect is going to be hard to play out but should not be so one sided.  The key to the second one will be the point at which the Seals start to fall back from the WP, but in this battle they have 18 BC armed with 3 (or 4) Fc.  That takes the point defence out of the equation and for the first time the Lx/DEC2 armed BCs will have only a minor range advantage and the HETs will be out of range.   I suspect the defenders will be forced out but I hope not with the total loss of the fleet.

The Shanirian's are utterly ignorant of these actions but they are forting up their two open contacts with the Seals on general principles as they have "no communications possible" with the Xenophobic Water Loving Mammeloids With Poor Dispositions and a Tendancy to Throw Nuclear Weapons Around.))
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(It also didn't help the seals that the first battle was the one most lopsided in terms of tonnage against them. Still they reaped a lot of DDs, pGB and Cas from the red fleet. Second battle went well first two turns, but now the Seal frigates are forced to decide: Stay in range for their primaries and get caught by the apn, or run but then don't fire. The 54 Fc in play do make a difference though.)

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(It also didn't help the seals that the first battle was the one most lopsided in terms of tonnage against them. Still they reaped a lot of DDs, pGB and Cas from the red fleet. Second battle went well first two turns, but now the Seal frigates are forced to decide: Stay in range for their primaries and get caught by the apn, or run but then don't fire. The 54 Fc in play do make a difference though.)

Colour red works for OOC...
That's all the ooc tag was :)
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Great we are back in business.  As far as the FGs are concerned they should avoid being swarmed under.  Unless the idea is to sacrifice them to use up FRAM; that I don't think is a good trade.  They are useful against PGBs if they are out of Lx range.  The N is indeed nasty with the UTM changes. 

The other change of note in the UTM is the explicit statement that LT2 can be used on fMx...this makes the standard loadout the fMxLT2 because fighters have a limited throw weight and it works with fL which fM2-b does not.  Note SFA has the fMx-a but that is not possible as only AAM warheads can be mounted, and even so they do reduced damage.  I have to admit I don't fully understand the reason for this.  Fighters have been systematically nerfed by Ai, S0, Dz, and most critically Zi.  This reduces the effectiveness of non-blindspot launched fighter missiles to "hope and prayer."  Since you can't possibly saturate Dz with the missiles a F1 or F2 can carry (18) your only chance is to get the -3 modifier to work for you, as an added bonus the damage is laser which makes it "hard" compared to the shield only damage nuclear armed missiles will do for a long while. 

Another change we discussed was allowing Mix to have the function of Xr included in it.  This makes sense to me, mainly because the smaller higher tech version gets it...and frankly the size of Mix is excessive, far more than I think seems reasonable. 

Another point is identification of the command ship...basically I have 2 ships with 5 Rc and 1 ship with 4 Rc firing as a data group then picking out which one has the Mix on it is straight forward, worse later when you have to add in Z2c.  Yet you never see anyone "hunting the command ship", something I would think makes sense.  Even if you had no idea why the ship might have a weapon less ...clearly the volume is used for something else...clearly at least blowing it up first should be done as a test to see what then happens.

Fighters are very expensive attrition units, the RM currently pays ~50% of their carrier cost for fighters and if memory serves the magazine on the ship is equal to the ships construction cost.  The SCN recently reloaded Apn onto their transport ships and the cost of that was also non-trivial.  It is hard to say if the "magazine fund" is less or more expensive then the old fashioned way of building the missiles and paying for the magazine on the colliers that we are using.  What it does mean is that there is ship with several times its value in ordinance on board...that is paying constant maintenance.
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Month 236, Undine Expanses, Helium system.
Fire Lord Deeply Diving was a handsome and dashing undine. His sleek pelt was groomed carefully and shining under the lights of his command bridge. He was known for his courage, and although tending to aggressive action he was wise enough to know when to break and run. Also he was considered lucky, an attribute which definitely had served him well when the Surge fleet under his command had swept the invaders from Helium nine months ago. But since then, only small reinforcements and repaired ships had arrived, with the shipyards busy fortifying Tantalum next door and refitting ships. Also, possible reinforcements in lighter units had been send to Telurium salt to hold there against further probes by the implacable foe. He still had his battle cruisers, even reinforced with six of the new long range Whiskey class battle cruisers, and the yards in ocean had promised to send over the Tango class battleships as soon as they were refitted. But he still lacked the close range firepower and mass of ships to slug it out, and thus his ships were deployed rather standoffish. Twenty-four Alpha class frigates held positions just in range for their beams at three light seconds, and where covered by nine Romeo class cruisers at four. Just closer to the warp point than the cruisers his eighteen Victor class battle cruisers stood ready, and his six Whiskeys stayed at six light seconds out of range for immediate discovery. Ready to hold the system as long as possible.

As usually, battle, when it happened for the defenders of a warp point was joined quickly and with surprise. Six dreadnaughts and 144 armed pinnaces appeared on the warp point, and lights flared up where 22 of the apn materialized within each other. A total of 96 gunboats launched from the dreadnaughts carrier racks, and the warp point became a maze of crossing hetlasers, capital force beams and primaries, leaving one frigate heavily damaged and one destroyed, and one of the invader dreadnaughts without shields and another cored by seven primaries.
Then another six dreadnaughts appeared and disgorged another 96 gunboats, while the armed pinaces moved through the minefield, loosing twelve to mine attacks. The undine ships moved slowly, applying what EM they could while whittling down shields and armor on the red fleet ships. With the primaries dealing further damage to the one dreadnaught and another loosing its shields and armour, the udines fared better than before. But then as the six second wave dreadnaughts stabilised their fire control, their combined fire ripped through the passives of an undine battle cruiser and slowed it, while he apn pushed the frigates away from the warp point. The BCs lend fire support to the frigates and killed 19 apn and stripped the shields of a missile dreadnaught, while the already damaged and slowed frigates fell to the fire of the small craft. The undine heavy cruisers and the missile battle cruisers managed to rip deep into the internals of the beam dreadnaught without passives, while the red fleet still concentrated on hurting the frigates.
But then, while the fourth wave, battleships again, arrived, the undine ships had to retreat but where caught by the 83 remaining apn. In an intense exchange of fire, the battle cruisers killed 78 of the apn, while 5 managed to fire, slowing one battle cruiser and leaving one with half its armour. This last one became the focus of the red fleet missile dreadnaughts, but with the first salvo already punching six missiles through, they switched to another battle cruiser swiftly. This one lost some shields but was able to flee with its comrades. Meanwhile, on the warp point, three of the battleships fired BAM-Rc into the minefield which the apn had already weakened.

While the undine ships continued to fleet, the Rc-armed dreadnaughts and battleships managed to slow down another two battle cruisers, raising the undine losses to five ships too slow to escape the eventual advance of capital ships.
The three red fleet minesweepers breached the remaining 12 patterns of mines, taking shields damage before sweeping them with hetlasers. Then the red fleet, after sending back its damaged ships, set into the long and slow chase, hunting down the five crippled BCs and the damaged frigates.

(Ok, another slow one in the fighting it out. Ouch.. I hadn't expected that effective fire against the apn. I then quickly calculated in my head, and Paul later confirmed my gu feeling with exact numbers, that I could have tossed all my 520 gun boats at the remaining 13 BC and escorts and they would maybe barely have made it into fL range.. ouch.  prototype gunboats really suffer through their lower closing speed and taking fire as starships. Up to now, they rarely had to do stern chases though. Still, 500 pgb are more than often got tossed at the ISW4 fleets, and the allies had more ships to defend + fighters. Only maybe in the late battles, but even there I am not sure. A screen by my reckoning should eat gunboats like crazy. so the red fleet didn't throw away 40k worth of gunboats to chase down the undines, as they would have lost them for no gain. Better stop when you are ahead, loosing 144 apn was already costly enough. Though I suspect fighter ECM will be part of the load out soon...).
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T 237, Theban Empire, Nebetcher system.
Poking at Dragons!
Third Lay Magician Sekeret was almost besides himself when he finished listening to the report of frigate captain Mahoumeth. The worthy man had just finished probing the only waypoint Survey force 3 had found in this system next to Pedise. Pedise, where right now mobile yards were just beginning to assemble the support base for the undine relief force. Not that besides a month long chase around the bootlegger system and then watching the alien invaders in heir battleships concede that they couldn't really catch a faster force much had been accomplished in the last few weeks. But the task had been easy, just survey and make sure there were no unwelcome surprises next to Pedise. And now he listened with dismay as his subordinate described how he had exited a way point half an astronomical unit from the local sun. How he had examined all the rock balls the system sported to make sure they were not settled by any alien race. And how he then had been followed by a sensor echo back to the warp point, just to realise there were two more closing in on him while he did so. And then the forlorn sheep had transited the warp point after realising that he was shadowed by one of the red alien scout cruisers, disclosing the location of the warp point to these hostile aliens. With a heavy heart he ordered his mine layer and his survey ships into position to defend the warp point while sending a courier drone to Pedise. Then he settled down and prayed to the ancestors that the fleet elements in the area would reach him before any hostiles did. Hostiles now aware of his presence and where to find him because one man did not have the backbone to sacrifice himself and his ship for the good of his race.

No hope.. within an hour three light cruisers came through the warp point, catching his minelayer still busy deploying her cargo from the mine racks. With the first salvoes in sprint mode, despite the aftereffects of the warp transits, the mine layer displayed deep glowing craters all over her  armour and ripped wounds where the antimatter plasma had breached the thin belt.

While the theban ships weren't quickly of the mark, the fighters all declared readiness and launched from their bays, charging straight at the warp point. One of the Survey CAs managed to activate her weapons and fired for no effect, and in return one of the hostile CLs reduced the mine layer to a last engine, while the other two removed the passives from the Ostergötland light CL of the Thebans. In atonement, Mahoumeth charged his frigate forward with the fighters and send a CAM into the light cruisers shields. But these ignored the star ships completely and send a stream of missiles towards the fighters. Missiles able to engage the fighters and taking out nine of the 24 the Thebans had.

Seven fighters survived the defensive fire at a quarter light second and launched their rockets, but only 5 hit at that range. Still, better than nothing. The frigates plasma gun missed though, and the remaining Theban fire kind of bounced off the hostile ships. Now the three cruisers pounced towards the Theban fleet, leaving the survey frigate behind, and their fifteen gunboats  charged from the warp point as well, towards the intrepid frigate. Theban fire, though faster, still was unable to penetrate the cruisers point defence in more than homeopathic doses, unlike the hostiles. Five of their missiles got through, and with antimatter warheads  mission killed the Ostergötland light cruiser. Three gunboat groups fired as well, salvoing fighter missiles into the frigate and blotting it from the sky.
Next a survey cruiser was hammered out of data link by the relentlessly closing light cruisers. Most of the gun boats chased after the two small carriers, but he ones which had shot their missiles went after the crippled ships, though did not reach them yet.
Then the hostile light cruisers closed to almost a light second, but sprint mode missiles did not save the Thebans, deviated off target by the red fleets ECM systems. In retaliation, they demonstrated how sprint mode missiles should work, sending ten into one cruiser and seven into the up to now undamaged one. This left only the destroyer and the two carriers in the fight, but the carriers doom was approaching swiftly with the quick gunboats. But before the damaged cruiser or the destroyer could fire, the red fleets cruisers cycled their guns again and mission killed the cruiser and destroyed the destroyer in one hail of missiles. Without any defenders left and with the carriers caught before they could rearm the fighters, the survivors where swiftly chased down and destroyed.
Third Lay Magician Sekeret managed to send off a last courier drone, with a scathing remark about the cheapness of his ships electronics and guns.
it definitely was time to rethink the Theban survey fleet concept in face of such opponents. The Thebans were no longer facing backward empires but very aggressive high tech foes.
Due to the failure of the defence, the Thebans had no eyes in the system anymore to report what else might arrive on the heels of the small picket force.

(Theban survey forces where more optimised for surveying, and with light defensive capacities. But their passives and their missile launchers could use an upgrade to Wa at least. Also, by accident the Theban saved the Spiders from being visited by a nasty fleet. Well.. its now coming the Thebans way.. which in turn will force the Thebans to recall their fleet with the Cartel, as its the closest asset hey have. Now we'll have to see how that affects the cartels defence.

I'm quite proud of these nasty little picket ships.. :). They haven't been seen much yet, but when used they do kick ass so far.

CL JENNER class CL     AM2    1 XO, 5 XOg Racks    45 Hull    TL 10
[1] S1x9Acx9H(II)Q(I)Wa(II)WaWa(I)?3M3WaWa(BbS)XrDxZiDx(II)QLh(I)Mg [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP  50 FCP       Trg:4  Bmp +6        Cost =  1318.5/ 197.8
HTK 44   S1x9  Acx9  Dxx2  Wax5  Mgx1 
120x SM-a, 15x SM LT2, 25x AFM, 80x fR-a, 80x fM2
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Post by: Paul M on April 27, 2015, 07:06:09 AM
The fate of the PGB is something of interest to the Shanirian's as they can't use fighters so they are stuck with Apn and PGB.  I'm not sure the PGB would not be better off with 2x4 rows rather than 4x2 rows.  Currently they can only fire 4x3=12 fMx or fRAM then following up with 12 fL for the close range hack and slash.  If they had 2x4 rows and could ripple fire 6x3 = 18 fMx or fRAM followed by 6 fL for the hack and slash or carry 2x3=6 AFM or SMa or SMLT2 they may be much more effective.  The Apn are dangerous mainly if the other person isn't ready for them...but as the above battle showes enough beams can cut them appart before they can make a short range launch...and a long range launch is a case of leakers only.

The calculations on the PGBs I think are "conservative" and basically with all the fire coming their way I don't see how they can go in unsupported.  The CAs with their Wa's make a huge dent into the numbers while the BCs Fc's are effective over a longer range.  But you have to include in there the Wa's in standard mode,  Rc fire against broken datagroups and Dc fire as well.  The Shanirian's with their use of the Ra probably face some problems but on the other hand they also have beams available but the big advantage to the Wa is the fires twice.  Once in sprint mode this is what reaps gunboats.

For the undine's...9 CAs with 7 Wa once you get into sprint mode:  9*7*2*0.35 (average value of tohit) = 44 PGBs/round for 3-4 rounds and that is a lot of PGBs gone....176 with the expected 4 rounds of fire.  In a final fire situation at range 0 or 1...that is: 9*7*2*0.6 = 75 PGBs more.  That is half the strike right there.  The BCs manage a fair few PGBs with their Fc, Wa, and Dc mix.  12*3*0.35*8= 100 from Fc, 12*3*2*0.35*4= 100 from Wa in sprint mode, and 12*3*0.5+12*3*0.3= 29 from Dc.  Add in 4 rounds of fire from the Wa's in standard mode, plus the fire from the 6 BCRs and not much of anything survives to get to point blank range.  And the fire at point blank range is devestating...9 Fc, 9 Wa, 9 Dz (leaving 15 shots of the Dc to defend the ship) per BC datagroup...9*(0.7+2*0.6+0.5) = 21 PGBs per BC datagroup firing at range 0 or 1.  So the 500 PGB strike doesn't look to be likely to do much damage before it evaporates.

Neither Starslayer nor I even begin to understand why the TFN had such worry about gunboats.   They had escorts sufficient to kill anything that closed and fighters to ensure that not much survived to close.  The only time I can see them worried is on a WP defence where you could theoretically throw 2000+ GBs through the WP as manned SBMHAWK...but outside of a sudden shocking arrival like that the damage inflicted on them by a layered defence would be catastrophic.  The other case where they become deadly is if you can't slow down their on a coverging course where they close effectively 14 hexes per turn...that makes them far more dangerous.

Fighter ECM is on the Shanirian's list of things to get...  The RM never bothered as they felt it reduced the fighters firepower too much but something like Pn2 has the fXo's for it.  The shanirians likely will ask for Pn2 with datagroups.

Also Starslayer and I talked about it and decided to implement that Mix has Xr included.  Seems odd that it is part of the smaller 2Mix system but not the original and it helps enable one to fit Mix in things like BCs.
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Month 238, Pedise System, Theban Empire
Fifth Lay Magician watched as his fleet assembled around the warp point to Nebertcher, where last month the survey fleet had perished against a measly three light cruisers from the red fleet. All the ships send to this frontier sector to assist the Cannon Cartell had been withdrawn and united into one strong fleet, consisting of six battleships, three battlecruisers, nine heavy cruisers, three light cruisers, a carrier, nine destroyers and three escort carriers. And the second Theban fleet was in its way to this sector, bringing with it all the might the empire was able to project. The Theban strategy of strongly fortifying key systems and known points of contact was not so fortunate now, leaving the empire with fewer mobile assets than one could wish for against such a formidable and technologically advanced foe. But still, in six weeks the most powerful battle line of the known galaxy would stand together with his fleet and defend the system, if supplies allowed it. But by the second week of the month, a war bulletin forwarded by the Cartell showed him the error of his assumption. The Theban Second fleet, even united with his ships, might not be the heaviest battle line after all. United with the first fleet, yes, but by its own it was that no longer. Anyway, freighters were busy moving mines from one warp point towards this one, and mine control bases where shaking down and ready to be towed over, and the first two Apis emergency bases finished assembly and had been emplaced alongside his ships. Then the eighteenth day came around, and the warp point spit forth six battleships. The enemy was probing already, and in force. Unfortunately, despite their arrival vectors wildly scattering the only one to present its rear aspect was the first ship and quickly turned about before the Theban weapons could respond.
Intense laser fire flashed between the invading battleships and the six Amon class destroyers holding station three light seconds away, leaving two battleships with light armour damage and two destroyers with breached armour and damage to their engines. Theban missile fire was absorbed by the battleships shields, but the ready squadron of fighters was quick to react and eighteen fighters raked the ship with laser fire from a distance, ripping away huge swaths of armour. Then the battleships turned about and vanished back into the warp point, leaving the defenders high strung and waiting until general quarters had to be abandoned.

Silence reigned for barely 37 hours. Then the wrap point agitated again, spitting forth six dreadnaughts which launched 96 gunboats. Another 162 flashed into existence just on the heels of the last dreadnaught. 26 of them immediately vanished in the glaring annihilation of matter which proved that despite all wishes atoms cannot exist within each other. Nor can larger objects. The first dreadnaught fired five hetlasers and two missiles, and despite transit hit with all of them. By happenstance his target was the already damaged Amon class destroyer and it just winked out into a spreading cloud of incandescent gas. In a pattern already well known the Theban close in defenders at  three and four light seconds distance where slow to activate, and thus only two destroyers and a Urt-hekau CA responded and scourged furrows into the thick armour belt of a dreadnaught.

Unwilling to  go out in a blaze of glory against that many gunboats, the CAP stayed away from the warp point for now and tried bringing its squadrons up to readiness, staying out of range for fire from capital point defences. The Theban destroyers and heavy cruisers in the close range group moved forward by a half light second, modulating their engines, but for the two crippled destroyers. The red fleets dreadnaughts swung about, facing now the way the Thebans would sooner or later go, while another six dreadnaughts materialized and spat out gunboats. 232 gunboats raced from the warp points and within three quarters of a light seconds from the Theban ship group. The Theban CAP was next to discover an unwelcome surprise, as three dreadnaughts used two Dcx each to swat one squadron completely from the sky, while sending their combined firepower into an Urt-Hekau cruiser. But these were assault ships and it weathered the fire well, losing only a third of its armor and two thirds of its shields. The Theban destroyers turned their fire against the closing gunboats, killing five in total in a display of imperial marksmanship...not. In contrast, another squadron of Theban fighters was burned out of the sky by the second data group of Demolisher class dreadnaughts, even while they burned away the remaining passives on the Urt-hekau. Lasers and the six CAM of the two active Urt-Hekaus killed another six gunboats, then the newly arrived dreadnaughts started to fire and revealed themselves as Catapult class ships. The Theban light cruiser, who held their fire before, now send a swarm of sprint mode missiles into the advancing gunboats from 1.5 ls away, accounting for another seven. Then two Theban Dua class cruiser ripped away half the armour on a Demolisher with their X-ray lasers. In return, a catapult send five missiles into Archeron, one of the two Aten class light cruisers, eliminating its passive defences and the first engine room. While the last Dua joined its brethren in scourging armour of the  Demolisher, another catapult punched two more missiles past Archerons defensive fire and crippled the old and proud ships ability to flee anymore. In response, the three Candace class cruisers, Calvacade, Claude Auchinleck and Candace herself send a withering storm of 42 sprint missiles towards the gunboats, killing 12. Then a Catapult took Nekbeth, the lead ship of the CL Nekbeth class under fire, and destroyed her passive defences. While the five active Osiris class battleships and the three Busiris battlecruisers reduced the demolishers armour further with laser torpedoes, the last catapult crippled Nekbeths engines. Then a blizzard of fighter lasers reached out to the close range defenders, but due to the range, two of the heavy cruiser survived, even though but for one crippled the destroyers did not... and one motorized laser... ( xxxx(I)L ).

The 96 gunboats on the warp point lunged forward, coming within three light seconds of the motorized laser. The 215 forward ones flew onward, to swarm over the two slowed light cruisers, but only within a light second of the six heavy cruisers and the remaining undamaged Aten CL, who all had moved away from the warp point now, only turning to engage their pursuers. The six Demolishers moved from the warp point in pursuit, while the catapults turned around in order to follow the defenders soon, and six battleships appeared on it. First to fire again where the crippled light cruisers, spitting defiance at the gunboats and taking five of them along into the darkness. Then three Demolishers fired at the more damaged Urt-Hekau, who while trying to keep the gunboats in sight had allowed the heavies to slip into its blind spot, and paid dearly, being reduced by missiles and lasers to a floating engine room. The last remaining Urt-Hekau took four gunboats down, but the other three demolishers ignored it, instead sending their fire into the last undamaged Athen, Absolution, which got hit by five missiles and eleven lasers, leaving it wide open and burning. It took out two gunboats with its sprint missile, and then its crew braced for the soon coming end. Next to face fire was Claude Auchinleck, but with two EDM deployed all but one missile was shot down, and thus her shields held out. In return she and her sisters removed thirteen gunboats from space. The other data group of Catapults then ravaged Claude Auchinlecks armour with seven second generation laser torpedoes, reducing it to a sliver. The two still inactive apis class bases got ripped apart by the six battleships on the warp point. Then the swarming gunboats removed the light cruisers except Aten, a Dua and all Candace class heavy cruisers from the line of battle, leaving them crippled or even drifting clouds of gas. Theban long range fire from the Busiris and Oiris class ships removed the armour of the damaged catapults and two engine rooms, ending that vessels pursuit.

The intense fight continued. Even though one carrier was not yet active, the Theban carriers launched their fighters towards an intercept while turning to move away. The Theban heavies moved further away, turning to keep the Demolishers out of their blind spots and keeping out of range of the gunboats, but with them slipping just into their blind spots also not able to engage them. The Duas raced onwards, and turned a bit to engage the Demolishers, while keeping out of range from the smaller gunboat group. Six battlecruisers joined the ships on the warp point. The Catapults also moved in pursuit, while the battleships turned. First to fire were the two Demolishers, but they failed to do more than scratch the armour of a Dua. The two Duas retaliated and removed a sizeable portion of a Demolishers armour. In return, the damaged Dua was reduced to it last engine room. The surviving Urt-Hekau killed three gunboats, while Absolution died from laser torpedoes launched from the demolishers. Next the Catapults fired at six light seconds upon one of the Busiris class battlecruisers, Banshee. Unfortunately, she had not yet received the latest in Theban armour technology, but her passive defences just held against that salvo. In return she and her squad mates damaged the Demolisher already targeted by the Duas further with laser torpedoes. Then the other Catapults  managed to send seventeen capital missiles on target with seven penetrating her point defences and crippling her. In return, the Osiris class battleships engaged the Demolisher further and reduced her shields to a third.

The red fleets ships advanced further from the warp point. The Theban ships maneuvered adroitly and managed to keep the enemy ships out of their blind spots, but this allowed the gun boats to close to just short of a light second. The first Theban data group of Osiris BBs fired, and whiped 22 gunboats from the sky, and reduced the shields on the second damaged Demolisher further. The Catapults answered, with their missiles streaking towards a Busiris BC and their capital energy beams engaging the last Dua who had sneaked up to them, taking out most of his engines by ignoring that ships thick armour belt. Benedict Arnold managed to shot down all but two incoming missiles by a combination fo point defence and EDM, only loosing her shields. South Dakota ripped away a quarter of a Catapults armour, but then was targeted again by those capital energy beams, and was left a drifting ghost ship by the electricity playing havoc inside its hull.
Benedict Arnold was unable to repeat her earlier feat and six CM-a smashed into her, taking out her armour and four engine rooms. Her combined salvo with Bangladesh failed to penetrate the Demolishers point defence, but two more gunboats died to their beams. Four laser torpedoes from the complete demolisher group hit home on her after that, while their hetlasers sought out the remaining Urt-Hetau, burning through its armour and into its engines. In return, it took out another gun boat. Even well protected industrial age lasers are not really weapons for this age anymore. Then it got targeted by the two other demolishers, and melted but for some rudimentary systems and a solitary laser. In return, the other Osiris data group managed to send six missiles through the Demolishers defences, and ripped away its passives and killed another 17 gunboats, leaving only 120. The red fleets Daiku battleships cleared up crippled destroyers and cruisers while chasing after the Theban fleet.
Things now came to a conclusion. The gunboats caught up to the Thebans battleships, and the Theban fighters closed to them at a quarter light second, while the various ships moved further in-system. As luck would have it the Theban crews where quicker of the mark, and the Osiris class BBs fired first. 17 gunboats died, a few evading at the last moment. And six more missiles crippled the Demolisher. Then 14 fighter missiles slammed home into October, not quite enough to kill her but she only had four advanced missile launchers left to defend herself, killing two gunboats. Octopus and Ovango accounted for another 15, and send one missile home into the demolisher. Another FRAM salvo rocked home, then the Theban fighters reaped seven gunboats, while loosing four of their number to the gunboats point defences. After the intense exchange cleared, 74 gunboats and 38 fighters had died. Almost as an afterthought, the catapults cleaned up the remaining Busiris battle cruiser and the crippled ones, aided by long range fire from the Demolishers.
The remaining gunboats of this wave turned back and sought cover near the red fleets ships, daring the fighters to come after them. But the 96 of the second wave set out to pursue the Theban carriers which now were in full flight.
An attempt by the fighters to intercept ended badly, with the fighters taking down some gunboats but perishing afterwards, leaving the carriers defenceless to be chased down.
It has been black day for the Theban navy. Several days later, 9 million Thebans ceased to exist in Pedise, alongside the yards and stockpiles of prefab bases..
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Post by: Starslayer_D on June 24, 2015, 05:31:33 PM
Theban ship classes involved:

BB OSIRIS III class BB     AM2    20 XO Racks    100 Hull    TL 9
100 RCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  2420/ 363
HTK 75   S0x14  Acx18  Dzx1  Dcx3  Rcx6  Wax6  Mgx2 
120x SM-a, 102x CM-a, 4x CM LT1, 24x SBM-a, 2x EDM (Mg)

BC BUSIRIS V class BC     AM2    16 XO Racks    80 Hull    TL 8
[2] S0x8Aix10H(III)Q(II)(BbS)(III)(II)(III)DcRcx6Xr!2?2DcM4DzZiQLh(II)(HET)Mg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1762/ 264.3
HTK 54   S0x8  Aix10  Dzx1  Dcx2  (HET)x1  Rcx6  Mgx1 
5x CM, 60x CM-a, 24x CM LT1, 6x BAM-Rc, 2x EDM (Mg)

CA CANDACE VI class CA     AM2    12 XOa Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x8Acx15H(BbS)(II)WaWaQDz(II)Wa(II)WaDzM5(II)!2WaDz(II)WaWaMgDzZiLhQ?2(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1663/ 249.4
HTK 56   S0x8  Acx15  Dzx4  Wax7  Mgx1 
140x SM-a, 6x SBM, 3x CAM (Mg), 28x BAM-R, 2x EDM (Mg)

CA DUA III class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x6Acx21H(BbS)(II)Q(II)Dz(II)(II)Dz(II)!2?2M3Lxx4(Dec)MgDzZiLhQ(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1426/ 213.9
HTK 57   S0x6  Acx21  Dzx3  Lxx4  Mgx1 
6x CM, 6x CAM (Mg), 80x LWH

CA URT-HEKAU IV class CA     AM2    12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x12Acx30(BbS)H(II)Q(II)?2XrsL(II)DzL(II)DzM3L(II)DzZi!2QLhL(II) [6]
60 RCP  40 MCP       Trg:4  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1384/ 207.6
HTK 71   S0x12  Acx30  Dzx3  Lx4 

CL ATEN V class CL     AM2    9 XOa Racks    45 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x6Acx9H(BbS)(II)QsWa(I)Wa(II)?2DzWaXrM5(I)Wa(II)!2WaQsZiDz(I)Mg [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:6  Bmp +4  Tem -2        Cost =  1252.5/ 187.9
HTK 41   S0x6  Acx9  Dzx2  Wax5  Mgx1 
20x SM, 100x SM-a, 3x SBM, 20x BAM-R, 1x EDM (Mg)

CL NEKHBET V class CL     AM2    9 XO Racks    45 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix8HWa(II)Qs(I)Wa(II)Wa(I)?2M2WaDzXr(II)(CIC)MgDzZiQs(BbS)(I) [6]
45 RCP  5 MCP       Trg:3  Bmp +4        Cost =  1091.5/ 163.7
HTK 37   S0x4  Aix8  Dzx2  Wax4  Mgx1 
120x SM

DD AMON IV class DD     AM2    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0S0Aix5ZHs(I)(I)Qs(I)DzL(I)LM2(I)(I)DzQs(I)L [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP       Trg:3        Cost =  596/ 89.4
HTK 24   S0x2  Aix5  Dzx2  Lx3 

CV ANQET III class CV     AM2    17 XO Racks    85 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x12Acx15(BbL)(III)H?2Vx6Q(II)Vx6Dc(III)Vx6Q(II)Vx6DzQ(III)Vx6QCVx6ZiQLhXrMgMgDz(II) [6]
85 RCP  15 MCP  36 FCP       Trg:1  Bmp +4        Cost =  2075/ 311.2
HTK 94   S0x12  Acx15  Dzx2  Dcx1  Vx36  Mgx2 
2x EDM (Mg), 108x fG, 108x fR, 216x fR-a, 108x fL, 432x fM

CVE AHEMAIT class CVE    AM    6 XO Racks    30 Hull    TL 9
[1] S0x3Acx3ZHs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)Xr(I)Vx12QDzQLh(I)Mg [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP  12 FCP       Trg:1        Cost =  685/ 102.7
HTK 33   S0x3  Acx3  Dzx1  Vx12  Mgx1 
36x fG, 72x fR-a, 36x fL, 144x fM-a

BS1 APIS class BS1       5 XO Racks    25 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x6Aix5ZHsFx3M4?2QsF
25 RCP       Trg:5  Bmp +4        Cost =  477/ 23.9
HTK 20   S0x6  Aix5  Fx4 
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T239 Theban Empire

The situation quickly became even worse.
Bishenphat, a very productive and vital system with 3 habitable worlds, was probed from a warp point leading to a starless nexus by a red fleet scout. The local fleet responded quickly but was unable to catch it as it turned around.
Nepherenhat, a very rich world settled by a about 490 million Thebans was also probed by a scout through a closed warp point. The probe was observed by the local sensor net but the wrap point could not be pinpointed. In response, a fleet was send towards the system. Unfortunately, the closest substantial fleet was unable to reply due to the third event.
Stockholm, right next to Lemuria, was a mining system. Unfortunately, this time the scout ship was immediately followed by a croup of light cruisers who escorted a bombardment ship which proceeded to while out all the moon colonies in the system before the Lemurian home fleet could race to their defence. The Malmo Picket of nine BBs and the Lemuria home fleet now bracketed the lifeless system, guarding against further incursions.
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Following a conversation with Paul, in this fight it was less the size of the invading fleet as a change of gunboat tactics and armement. Fighter misisles, while providing a standoff capacity, cannot be launched in dense enough salvoes by pgb to overwhelm the defenses of larger ships. Maybe wizth true gunboats and ripple fire they are viable again, but for now I will have to adjust the magaize loadouts to reflect a change.
And even if fM provide some standoff for the pgb, they are still deep in beam and sprint mode range of e defenders when launching and will take heavy losses. Then better to go with a weapon which offers damage capacity against heaveir units, the fighter laser.
Also, the red fleet used the gunboats of the later assault waves in a simultaneous transit, thus preventing the commitment in small waves effect which cost them so far. And thus providing a much higher critical mass in the first few rounds.
Contrary to my initial exspectations, the Thebans were overrun before they could even realistically try to cretae a running engagement against the gunboats. (Also, increasing pgb speed to 9 may have played a small factor, but the Theban ships would then have died in turn 6 instead of turn 5, latest.)
Of course, the Thebans alsohoisted themselves on a petard of their own making too, by not having any mine control capacity in-system when they deployed the mines. I See a mobile control ship on the horizon. So much for 147 MCS bases, but never any where you need them.
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Month 241, Undine Expanses, Helium System.
-In war, the simple things are complex-
Watching over the holo-display on the ships assembled near the warp point, Water Lord Sea Elephant quietly thought to himself "What a mess of a fleet we make, but if we can't regain the system with this we will not regain the system for a long time. Well, it can't be helped, we're scrapping the bottom of the barrel and dreadnaughts simply cannot traverse the warp point. At least the Cartell and the tigers are coming through."
Nine undine battleships floated in space, escorted by only three heavy cruisers and a frigate and two corvettes. This alone would have been suicidal to send, but the Cartell had send another nine battleships and six battle cruisers, with a lonesome destroyer, under command of their first war leader Giovanni Gambesone . It looked they  were also scrapping the escort barrel clean, given what he heard about a distant front where they had send their fast ships. And the tigers.. or the citizens of the Sri Raj... despite their at first glance fearsome appearance the worthies were a peaceful society with unheard of civil liberties and freedom of work and choice. Political decisions were reached by eventual consent, and people were assigned by peer selection. It was strange but worked, but did not produce a very military society. Still, they had named Free Thought Mahajan rear admiral and send him here with three battle cruisers, six cruisers and an actual escort element of three destroyers and three corvettes. They also claimed it was all the supply situation here allowed, else they would have send somewhat more. Unfortunately, it was also most likely true, as they last expedition force into Helium had to turn back due to supplies.

Now came the simple bit, sneak into Helium, reach the Tantalum warp point, recover the Surge fleet from there and then invest the Tungsten warp point. The execution of this, without knowing enemy dispositions, would be complex.

Thus they set out, and from the warp point out at radian 11, distance 28 they moved inward to the sun, past the Rhenium warp point at radian 11, distance 27 from the primary. A short robe revealed that the system was undefended, but also no longer inhabited. Then they flew further inward to swing past the sun, towards the Tantalum warp point at radian 6, distance 20.

But moving outwards, an intercepting contact was detected, coming from the Tungsten warp point at radian 8, distance 21 presumably. It appeared as if the foe did have pickets in-system and now had dispatched their fleet guarding Tungsten, or the Tungsten warp point. But a quick virtual conference between all three allied commanders revealed that although they all had brought escorts, no one had brought any fleet scouts. Now they had three options. Try to engage an enemy with yet unknown strength, try to make a run past him for Tantalum, and then fight it out, or turn back but most likely reveal the warp point to Ocean to the pursuing enemy. In the end they decided to try and make a run for it, and hopefully join up with the whole fleet available in Tantalum. But not let themselves be trapped there, as Tantalum must be strained already by the present fleet in terms of resources.
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Just a point:  they might want to send off speed 12 CDs to the Tantalum WP as letting the defenders know they are coming, how strong they are, and when they arrive would be wise.  This would also allow for joint coordinated action.  I'd suggest sending a goodly number of CDs (each BB has 10 so they could send 45 or so).
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That I already considered. My trouble right now is to handle the intercept between the fleets fairly with two fleets of equal speed. Because the intercept will happen halfway between sun and warp point. Ok, one fleet can also send out a heck of a loot of apn and pgb.
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Editted out my previous comments.

After speaking to starslayer...the mystery is solved...we had a good chat discussing options for the two fleets.  It is really one of the case where it would be best played out with 2 room each with a map and a SM going between them.  I will say that the one time this was done in a previous campaign the situation is very different.  The Fog of War really gets murky.
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Month 241, Helium system -contested-

Thus after sending off courier drones towards Tantalum to alert the system (hopefully) to their imminent arival and to have the surge fleet ready to meet them at he warp point, they set out on a course designed to avoid directly running into the red fleet operating outsystem of them. With some consternation the allied admirals watched as the red fleet retreated before them towards the Tantalum warp point while staying out of range for a further sensor resolution, and finally settled down on the warp point with some gunboat activity. Declining to charge into whatever they might have prepared there, they instead swung around to cut of the red fleet from Tungsten. As the red fleet had to honour that threat, they pulled stakes and followed the allied across the system to near Tungsten. This allowed the allies to send  more courier drones to Tantalum to call forth the surge fleet from there.
Unfortunately for the allied effort the available supplies in Tantalum had been inadequate to support all of the Surge fleet after it had to retreat into the system. Thus, several of its ships where on shakedown cruises or in the yards, and only a small contingent of six battlecruisers, six cruisers and a smattering of frigates was available to respond. This small fleet cautiously probed and spend soem time making sure no hidden ambushes where deployed close to the Tantalum warp point, and then set on a course system inwards to swing around the red fleet to join the allied fleet, using their superior strategic speed to make the journey. While moving on the course they noticed a contact moving out from the sun towards the tungsten warp point at a similar süeed to their own. Probably lighter fleet elements or survey ships. It seemed like the red fleet didn't want their survey vessels trapped behind enemy lines again and was withdrawing them too.
As the various forces neared the Tungsten warp point, timming strated to become interresting. The red fleet deployed an unknown number of gunboats who raced off towards their survey fleet, which also launched some , and from then advanced towards the Surge fleet, finally revealing themselves as two squadrons of gun boats who swung close to scout out the Surge fleet. Unable to chase down their swifter foes, the Surge fleet altered course slightly to intercept the survey fleet if possible and accelerated. The scouting gunboats, seeing this, turned around and flew off towards the red fleet.. The Survey vessels as well as their gunboat escort accelerated towards th red fleet on a converging course, but might not reach them before everything came together at the tungsten warp point. Incidentially, they had thus opened the way for the Surge fleet to reach the warp point at the same time as the allied fleet and thus allowing a joined effort. Only twelve light minutes separated the allied fleet from the red fleet, twenty-four light minutes the allied fleet from the warp point and the Surge fleet, as well the Surge fleet from the red fleet., and thirty-six light minutes the Surge fleet from the warp point. But then gunboats blinked into existance around the red fleet and raced off onto an intercept towards the surge fleet, pushing between it and the allied fleet, joined by gun boats deployed from the survey fleet.. By the time they reached the point between, the fleets had mutually closed to perceive the numbers, and a cold shadow fell upon their hearts. 540 gunboats were bearing down on the Surge fleet, and besides watching them run for their lives there was nothing the allied fleet could do to to help them. The cold shadow deepened even more when the gunboats, after having pushed the Surge fleet away turned to occupy the warp point before the allied fleet could reach it, trapping it between the red fleet and their looming numbers, and both hostile components accelerated to full military speed to bear down upon them.

(Somehow SA doesn't rellay accept that when maintenance is missing by .. say .. 10 MCr, the whole fleet is not to immediatly suffer system failures in multiple systems in all ships...  and I could have sworn the system had enough maintenance for the bases (who never suffered  afailure), the yards (ditto), the buoy controll ships (as well) and the Surge fleet (suffering multiple destroyed systems in ships each turn...).
For those wondering about the seeming omniscience of the red fleet, they had pickets hiding drive field down 2-3 lm near the warp points and thus observing movements and numbers.
Unfortunately, due to quantity of gun boats being detectable at one system hex, its very hard to play a numeric shell gam with them.)
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Post by: Starslayer_D on July 23, 2015, 03:56:26 AM
(Small correction after resolving movements on the interception scale, the allied fleet and surge fleet merged up, but got kind boxed in now and things are coming into battle range.)

With the armed pinnaces closing i from the ten o'clock, the gunboats closing in on the eight o'clock and the red fleet comming from the four o'clock, the aliied fleets moved towards the twelve, untill turning away from the approaching gun boats towards the two o'clock, and thus barely edging into long range.
The first salvo from a datagroup of Catapults targetted a Sri Ray heavy cruiser, and managed to bring 3 missiles to bear, stripping it of its shields and some armour. Unfortunately, at this range the Cartell fleet was th only one able to respond, targetting one of the enemy battlecruisers as experience had shown them to die more easily, but all missiles were shot down. The Sri Rajs Invincible class cruiser was targetted again, this time deploying two EDM but even thus 2 missiles slipped through and finished the destruction of its armour. The second datagroup of Killer class battleships from the Cartell fared better and landed an SBM on the shields of the battlecruiser. But that was the only succesfull attack. Still, the allies declined to close further, as by experience this would increase the amount of firepower being brought to bear. The further salvos continued to damage the Invincible untill it was slowed.

The next enchange of fire happened with the gunboats closer, and thus allied fire shifted to them. Although the red fleet managed to break another Sri Raj destroyer out of the formation, the allies got the better of the exchange and eliminated 30 gunboats. The slow erosion of allied firepower continued with another Invincible loosing engines and as second losing its shields and some amour. The allied escorts claimed ten apn, but due to evasive maneuvers used by the gun boats only twelve were killed this time. The escorts killed another six armed pinnaces, and the allied fleet accounted for another 8 gun boats, but the Cartell ships shifted their fire back to the red fleet battlecruiser and eroded shields and armour from it, while the SriRay suffered another Invincible slowed down and the remaining two taking fire as well, using up their EDMs. With the ever closing aps, the allied fleet had to turn on a slowly converging course with the red fleet. But the allies hadn’t fully paid attention, and the escorts in their effort to slay pinnaces had come back into missile range of the Red Fleet.

At 1.25 ls the Cartell fleet was able to use their advanced point defense and shifted 40% towards the apn, killing twelve. Together with the fire of the Sri Raj cruisers and the other escorts, 44 armed pinnaces had been killed so far, accounting for almost a third of the strike. In return, the 4 allied destroyers all got slowed, as well the two undine corvettes and three frigates. And the two Invincibles with the fleet took some damage as well, now being in capital missile range. The destruction was no longer one-sided though, as now the Red Fleet was close enough to take fire from the Undine and Sri Raj ships, and the primary target battlecruiser lost its shields armour and three engine rooms, basically removing it from the fight.

Then the armed pinnaces swooped in, not quite reaching the allied fleet but close enough to fire their rockets. But in response the allies send out a withering fire from point defenses and lasers and force beams and sprint missiles, killing 85 apn before they could fire, and taking out another red fleet battlecruiser from the fight. In return, the armed pinnaces slowed down three Undine heavy cruisers and thus depriving the allied fleet of their potent missile broadsides in a coordinated defense. A fourth lost its shields and some armour. It was then damaged by and the other two lost their passives to the capital missile fire of the red fleet, and the two remaining Sri Raj cruisers where slowed down as well.
In response, the undine frigates turned towards the onrushing red fleet and by their closing movements managed to bring their primaries just into range. The main bodies continued the long stern chase while the gunboats maneuvered to stay in the main allied fleet’s blind spot. The allied heavy cruisers moved to bring the gun boats into their weapon arcs. First to fire were a data group of demolishers and they vaporized a valiant undine frigate with their hetlasers. In return a group of frigates took out half an engine room and the engine tuners on a demolisher, thus also preventing it from ever catching up with the main allied fleet. Another Demolisher suffered the same fate, but a third only lost its life support. In return the frigates took heavy fire from the red fleets beams, with seven destroyed or damaged into inefficiency. The allied cruisers took out several gunboats with long range fire, but in return the undine heavy cruisers took a lot of damage from capital missiles, with one destroyed and all others further damaged. As one undamaged red fleet battlecruiser had fallen back to cover is two damaged comrades, the allied fleet continued to engage one in the remaining data group, but it weathered the fire better, only losing its shields and some armour. Still, taking them out was important as the battle cruiser were the only red fleet ships whose beam armament outranged the allied capital force beams and whose speed was higher than the battleships.

In a stroke of luck, in the next exchange the allies were the first of the mark, and the undine cruisers send salvoes of missiles at the closing gunboats, killing 8. In retaliation, three Sri Raj cruisers took further damage from Catapults, and three crippled frigates faced capital energy beams, removing two from the battle. The damaged Sri Raj cruisers responded swiftly, killing two gun boats but their breathren earned the wrath of the otehr data group of Catapults, with two exploding under the misisle barrage. The lonely plasma gun corvette tried to deal with the shield less Quickdraw battlecruiser but both guns missed. Then the two damaged Demolishers demonstrated to the undine frigates why it is generally a bad idea for small ships to come close to dreadnaughts and unleashed ten heatlasers, targeting two on each frigate and hitting. Not enough to kill them, but leaving only an engine room and a primary beam inside their shields reduced their role in the battle significantly. With the last Sri Raj cruiser taking out another gun boat, the damaged Quickdraw battlecruisers targeted the Trafalgar destroyers of the Raj and killed two and reduced one to a wreck. The Rajs Lion battlecruisers took out some armour on the currently targeted Quickdraw, and the undamaged Demolishers punished the Raj cruiser for firing, hitting with eleven hetlasers at long range. Then the Undines whiskey battlecruisers send four missiles into the Quickdraw, which responded together with its data group by dealing slight laser damage to the undine cruisers and sending three capital missiles into the last really combat worthy Raj cruiser, wrecking it. Then the red fleets Marauders damaged a Lion battlecruiser and together with the Daikus eliminated further cripples from the field. In return allied fire damaged the target Quickdraw, slowing it down, and ripped the shields of another.

The fleets and gunboats closed further, leaving various damaged units behind to fight it out among themselves. First of was one of the undine frigates, firing at the lone Quickdraw escorting it two damaged comrades, but it missed. In response, the Quickdraw lagging behind the most used its lasers to eliminate the other four frigates. The three undine cruisers which still had some missiles used them well and killed three gunboats, and in return took some laser fire from the other two lagging Quickdraws. Next the Sri Raj battlecruisers traded fire with the Quickdraws, but the mutual damage was minimal, unlike the Catapult salvo which neatly removed second Lions passives and first two engine rooms. In return, Undine ships reduced the Quickdraws armour further, but not as much as the other Catapult salvo dealt to the last Sri Raj battlecruiser. Still, with only four missiles hitting it, the passives still held. Unfortunately, as the marauders and smaller salvoes from the other red fleet ships hammered away at all three battlecruisers, this was not enough and all three staggered under further hits which tore deeply into their innards, crippling them and making sure they soon would be in reach of their foes heavy beam broadsides. Still, it was not one-sided, with the undines dealing with the Quickdraw battlecruisers the Sri raj had already damaged, killing three of its engine rooms and thus rendering it irrelevant for the further battle. And the last Quickdraw with the main red Fleet force was dealt harshly by the Cartell, who tore through its passives and first three engine rooms as well.
The allied fleet had to turn now to keep the gunboats under fire. First to fire were the Sri Raj battlecruisers, using their hetlasers to shoot at gunboats, but missing all but one. In return a group of demolishers demonstrated what hetlasers can do and hit the most behind Lion with 8, and killed the most damaged one with capital missiles. Undine Tangoes now started to work on a Catapult, hitting with five laser torpedoes and killing three gunboats with their beams while the other Demolishers finished the destruction of the Sri Raj expedition. The Catapults exchanged fire with an Undine Whiskey class BC, but though the whiskeys damaged the catapult further, the catapults also didn't manage to get past the Whiskeys passives. This was then delivered by a group of marauders, hitting with six missiles and dooming the valiant undine ship. The Undine Victor class battlecruisers finally got to play their role and killed nine gunboats at over three light seconds. The Cartell finished eliminating the Catapults armor with laser torpedoes and took out its first engine room. While not destroyed, it was slowed. And the combined allied beams brought the total of destroyed gunboats to 105, allmost a fifth of the whole force.
But then things started to become interesting with the gunboats closing in to two light seconds, and the Red fleet’s main body coming into hetlaser range. The Undine Victors again were quick of the mark and killed thirteen gunboats. In recognition of the threat they presented, the Demolisher group in range send two advanced laser torpedoes and eleven hetlasers into Whiskeys armour. In response the two still capable Whiskeys send five laser torpedoes into the damaged catapult, taking out another engine room. A group of Daikus responded in kind on the damaged Victor, existing two engine rooms and the rest of its armour. The Cartell Creeper battlecruisers send another salvo into the damaged catapult, killing a capital launcher, and then concentrated with the rest of the allied fleet on hammering a second Catapult, and reducing it to a scrap or armour. In return, the marauders slowed down a second Victor and scoured half the armour of the third.

To be concluded...

As can be seen, the allied battleships are defenitely working, but none of the allies brought enough escorts able to wheather the fire from the antimatter or LT2 misisles, and that is preparing he way for the gunboats to now swoop in. I predict a huge bill for the red fleet, replacing 400+ pgb and 144 apn + 1200 fL  (alone, 1700 HS worth of small crafts). And quite a lot of damaged ships. But the allies still have to get their doctrine right, though I suspect the Cartell at least can feel good about their ships, as they are technologically allmost up to the task. The allies defenitely need more escorts or tougher, BC and BB sized escorts. That will cost them time and money. Overall, this one isn't quite as onesided as the first fights between Undines and the Red Fleet. But not there yet. I actually sould add up the HS involved to see whether it was an even contest from the start at all.
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Now, the allied showed uncertainty faced with their impending doom and thus, the Demolishers shot first at the battered Undine battle cruisers. Luckily, at 2.5 ls hetlasers were still not powerful enough to cause crippling damage and thus all three Victors only took further engine damage. They swiftly reacted and with force beams and sprint mode missiles took out 14 gunboats and another six with their capital point defence. The last intact data group of Catapults smashed 5 missiles into the remaining Whiskey class battle cruiser, stripping it of shields and some armour.
Maybe it was unwise by the undines to use their Tangoes capital point defence against the gunboats, as this allowed the marauders to take out one, but they killed a lot of gunboats this way.
After the smoke had cleared, all but a Whiskey class battle cruiser had been severely damaged of the undine battle cruisers, and the tally of dead gunboats had risen to 250. In return, they had damaged six Cartell battleships and slowed them down.
Though not as much as they might have thought, as they revealed their engine tuners and held pace, keeping away from the Red Fleets beams at close range.
The undamaged allied battle cruisers diverted sideways, keeping the range open, and the undamaged Cartell battleships speed ahead, but the Undine Tangoes now were caught by the gunboats and at that close range found most of their weapons useless. The same could be said for just 30 seconds before oh so powerful capital missiles, and thus the allies turned towards the red fleet with their missiles for targets.
What now followed was devastation. With lasers blazing the red fleet gun boats ripped apart the Cartell battleships, followed by the undine ones. Only the battle cruisers escaped being battered into wrecks by virtue of their distance. But soon they followed, and fell, taking a catapult with them into the darkness between the stars. They fought gallantly, damaging four dreadnaughts and killing another one, damaging five battle cruisers, killing 309 gun boats and 144 armed pinnaces, but the allied fleet was no more. The next expedition into Helium would have to be welll prepared, and while the long range doctrine worked to an extend, the allies had not brought along sufficient weight of numbers and ships to defeat the red fleet. Also, they needed fighter to deal with the gunboats decisively.

Well, that battle was intense and actually short, only 14 turns of fire after a lot of manoeuvring. If one counts the pgb as 3 hs, the allies were out massed. if not, they had the advantage. But different design philosophies and capabilities made the Sri Raj ships easy meat, and by themselves the Cartell could kill a lot of gunboats but not enough. And the red fleet dreadnaughts still remain very hard to kill. I think the allies will definitely take along more laser torpedoes next time.
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Month 242, Undine expanses, Zirconium system

The probe by a pinnace from Techneticum Salt was not a real surprise. Given how few ships currently remained in the undine inventory, the defenders decided to retreat. Most of the people in the colonies had been lifted by now, with the current transport wave loading 17.5 million undines, leaving behind only 5 million in what once was a thriving system. But better a few than the 45 million who had inhabited the system two months ago. But the response to the probe was slow, and the invasion appeared three weeks later, allowing the transports and defenders to get away through the closed warp point and thus covering their retreat. The undines left behind might not have been happy about their fate, but their families lived another day.
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Month 243, Theban Empire, Kheruef secundus, Nun Secundus, Blue Nile and First Katarakt systems.
Four  months ago the Second Thebes Fleet had to abandon Kheruef secundus as due to an overrun supply depot the fleet was out of supply and his ships suffered damage from maintenance failures. Thus, the fleet retreated through Blue Nile to First Katarakt. Now his ships where shaking down after repairs have been completed. Given the uncertainity last month an evacuation of Nun Secundus, a dead end system next to Kheruef Secundus was started. Nun Secudus was an economically powerfull system with three benign worlds, two of whom are very rich. Blue Nile and Nun Secundus at that moment were the last two habitable systems left in that branch of warp lines.
Third Priest Ramses Amnechotep of the Second Thebes fleet was cursing the yard dogs silently under his breath. Only now they had released his ship from shake-down cruises after repairs, and he now could advance to Blue Nilee from First katarakt and cover the evacuation of Nun Secundus. Allready last month a huge fleet of transports had moved from there through his current location, First Katarakt and onwards to another newly explored branch of systems diverting from First katarakt, by now becoming one of the most important junctions in the empire. Especially the Alexandria branch, with eleven habitable worlds in a string of three systems was not only troubled by a possible contact with the red fleet but also an economic powerhouse.
Suddenly an alarm howled through the ship. "Alert message from Blue Nile, sir! They have a contact approaching the planet." A cold hand gripped his heart as he realised that the murderous aliens must have been surveying Keruef Secudus allready.... and possibly have followed the evacuation fleet from Nun Secudus as well. Seven hours later his fears were confirmed as Nun Secundus also reported contacts inbound.
With a somewhat panicky haste he ordered his powerfull fleet to immediately assume a defensive position about the warp point to Blue Nile. Not even the fact that on the Blue Nile side it was a closed warp point gave him hope, given that the sensor blind freighters used for evacuation might easily have been followed through Blue Nile by a scout.
In the end he could only rally at the gods and curse the non-existing foreward fleet supply ships as bombs fell on four worlds and whiped 291 million Thebans from the universe before even his fastest sscout could transit to Blue Nile.
In response, ships from several systems were dispatched to fortify his position, but also leaving Bishenphat next toor uncovered by mobile elements and pulling the assault fleet and all mobile machine shops from Thebes. This concentration of ships was destined to grow to the most powerfull mobile and active fleet agglomeration in Theban history outside the home system, and firmly fixating theban forces upon this point of contact.

Ouch, a major blow to the Thebans, caused in one part by not having fleet supply ship, and by SFA immediately hitting all ships at once with multiple defect systems. But also by the thebans evacuating late after realising they may not hold the systems. It was made even worse by not havingany scouts in blue nile and thus potentially allowing a red fleet scout to follow the blind freighters to the closed WP into Blue Nile. Also.. I am not 100% sure if the thebans can hold First Katarakt if the red fleet does follow up quickly. And that would be very bad.
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Month 246, week 4, Undine expanses, Neon System

Traffic control reported a contact inbound from the dead end Potassium system. As not even a patrol vessel was available a freighter was diverted from its route towards Tantalum to investigate. Unfortunately for the undines, fate was not done handing them a bad hand, and the freighter was destroyed before it could resolve the contact. But any doubts were soon resolved when two days later the planetary scanners could confirm the presence of nine battleships, six battle cruisers, six heavy cruisers and four light cruisers. In the absence of any defenders, the red fleet settled into orbit, scanned the planet and then a light cruiser proceeded to systematically wipe out 40 million undines using a simple gun catapult and a sheer inexhaustible supply of fusion warheads. The only consolidation for the Tantalum system was that the connection to Tantalum was a closed warp point at he neon side and no further undine inhabited system existed in that small pocket created by Neon and Potassium. But 12% of Tantalums supporting supply and income had just been reduced to slag.
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Month 247 Cartell Realm, Bootlegger system.

Bootlegger had already seen two battles recently. In one a theban survey force was destroyed, in another a small Theban fleet successfully defended the system, allowing the Cartell to bring more forces to the area via a connection through Yeti space. The system had four warp points and would be
somewhat of a crossroad if not for current events. One lead to Bullet, the main system of the Cartells new expansion, and from there to Yeti space and several other systems settled in support of the current frontline here. Another lead to a dead end. A third to Theban space, where the Theban
fleets came from. The fourth was the one full of danger and potential. It lead to space occupied by the Red Fleet, those so far nameless aliens who had ravaged Undine space and dealt several blows to the allies.
As Bootlegger only had a very resource poor planet, although habitable, it had been resettled only by a token population of 2 million cartellian citizens. Unfortunately, the Theban fleet supporting the defences had been withdrawn to meet an incursion into Theban space close by, and subsequently been destroyed there, leaving the warp point to Theban space no longer a source of reinforcements but of danger. Due to the long distance and scarce supply situation, Bootlegger was staffed more with a swift picket force than a substantial fleet. But a potent picket. Eighteen Cartell destroyers, half of them of the most modern vintage, three light carriers and six strike carriers, with a total of 90 fighters between them formed the Cartell presence. Supplemented they were by a Yeti force of seventeen corvettes and three battle cruisers. The Cartell still hadn't gotten around to building dedicated fleet scouts and thus two Thief class corvettes from the Yeti contingent formed the only long range scouts the fleet had. Still Gang Boss Antonio Marecone was confident of being able to outrun anything he could not outfight, and of being able to deliver a surprise or two to any red fleet incursion before having to abandon the system. But time was now running out now for Bootlegger.
With the Theban losses in recent months the system was now under potential siege from two directions, and now reports have come in from local traffic control that a contact had been spotted moving inwards from the second warp point. Soon the allied fleets were ready to report and investigate the hostile force. As they approached, it became apparent that the red fleet force was on a course to investigate the innermost warp point from which the previous incursions into the system had been launched. Gradually both forces converged until individual numbers could be resolved, and the invading fleet was found to consist of only eighteen ships, a small force indeed. Thus encouraged, the gang boss ordered the force sunder his command to close further to determine what exactly the were facing. Several hours later, with all crews standing by the enemy fleet resolved into six battleships, six battle cruisers
and three light cruisers. Not an overwhelming force but still difficult at least in s stand-up fight and one Angelo Mariacone had no intention of spending his crews like bullets in. After all, there were more systems to defend and few reinforcements due to arrive for now.

After some manoeuvring the allied fleet was running just out of SBM range and kept the distance. As expected the red fleet launched their prototype gun boats, a whole 147 of them coming screaming down on the allied fleet. For the next minutes they slowly approached until they reached extreme standard missile range and came under the allied fire from the 18 destroyers. 108 missiles streaked out, and by a bit of luck killed 6 gunboats. The next exchange killed another 15 gunboats with the Cartell carriers adding to the fire with their advanced missile launchers. Slowly the gunboats came closer, losing another 19. Then they maneuverer, and managed to get into the blind spots of the capital ships. But for the Yeti corvettes who now could apply their lasers, allied shooting was dismissal and only 13 gunboats died, most to lasers. Pursuing further, things now came to ahead as the gunboats came into extreme range of one of the two groups of Obliterator destroyers. an intense exchange of fire happened, but the allies sprint mode missiles and beams won out. They eliminated all the gunboats, but 4 destroyers suffered enough engine damage that they could no longer escape the enemy battle cruisers.
After reorganising themselves, the allies send in heir fighters. Careful of the possible jammers on the battleships they stayed out of range of those on the battleships, but unfortunately, the Red Fleet battle cruisers they approached instead as they put themselves between the battleships and the fighters also mounted a jammer ECM. the mall salvo of fighter missiles launched by the first fighter was dealt with easily, and then all hell broke loose as 48 missiles were launched from the first data group of battle cruisers and homed in on the fighters, killing 25. Almost as an afterthought, a while squadron was whipped out by capital point defence obviously not reserved for huge missile volleys from the fighters. When the other group of battle cruisers threw another 24 missiles, followed by 30 from the light cruisers and the capital point defence of the battleships and their hetlasers, not many allied fighters survived. Only four F1 and 12 F0 turned away to flee, but the pursuing cruisers and battle cruisers swatted them from space before they could escape. Thus the allies, now aware of
this technology, abandoned the four slowed down destroyers and retreated to Bullet.
Small consolidation it was though to the 2 million citizens thus abandoned to nuclear annihilation, this was the only the second time an allied fleet had escaped from a fight, and they had gained important information about the Red Fleets anti-fighter defences.
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Month 248, Northern Lizards Trerretory, Alaisiagae system

In a perfect world, all would be arranged and ready, was the thought running through Huscarl Jotunvars head. In an imperfect world, something was always missing. Since ten years the race had guarded this warp point and the systems beyond against the aggression of the race contacted beyond it in the Sleipnir system, and in three battles had pushed them back and held. But the race could not afford many ships, and thus was not willing to spend them assaulting a most probably heavily defended warp point. and thus they had developed and build the current fleet. Definitely able to hold the system. Then new technologies came and mandated a refit of the assault dreadnaughts. And one had developed automated bombardment units. But... one still lacked data on what was defending the other side these days.
And while the bombardment control ship was now imminent, no one had thought to provide any pinaces for scouting. Thus now the six assault dreadnaughts actually had to be used to gather data. and the brave crews went forth, dedicated to their duty. Six dreadnaughts vanished into the warp point, and arrived in the middle of a huge fleet of bases. Six titanic bases, even larger than the dreadnaughts and twelve small weapon platforms were closest. The first Grendel's Mother Dreadnaught fired on a base, but due to training and transit only two hetlasers and six CAM hit.
One of the titanic bases retaliated, and with ten force beams, ten energy beams, 18 CAM and eight XRay lasers ripped away the passives of the last dreadnaught to transit and deep into its structure, ensuring that it would not escape.
The next dreadnaught had more luck and with six lasers ripped into the base past its armour. Apparently for their size and impressive load out they were lightly defended. But then another base let its weapons speak, and another dreadnaught was reduced to a crippled state. The third dreadnaught to fire did hurt he base even more and eliminate its shields. Still those bases took a lot of firepower to kill. A third titan activated and yet another dreadnaught was damaged, although a bit less than its sisters.
In return, the damaged dreadnaughts did not manage to damage the base further. Then the twelve SB1 used energy beams to carve into the damaged ships. Then twelve more BS used standard missiles to eliminate the last two dreadnaughts to enter. Nine frigates circling the warp point at two light seconds tried to reach action stations but all failed. Then there were fourteen heavy cruisers, a very small number compared to the amounts used in the past by the aliens. But apparently they had refitted them to a missile based design, as the three active ones demonstrated. also present were twelve destroyers. Five of them eliminated the crippled dreadnaughts and started to work on the shields of the third to enter. Only one of the nine alien dreadnaughts reached action stations, but that was enough to overwhelm the shields on the races dreadnaught and gouge its armour. Shaken, the three survivors finished their turns and fled the system. They sojourn had been very costly, but they returned with priceless information.

The analysis presented the following: 6 BS5 (one damaged), 9 SD, 14 CA, 24 BS1, 12 DD, 9 FG and some contacts out of range behind the SD.
Far too much to engage with a conventional assault, and far too much even for the 600 SBMHAWK pods present. But the smaller enemy ships could be taken, the bases and dreadnaughts had to go though.
after some deliberation, the Huscarl settled on the following numbers:
210 pods on the large bases. Another 240 on the dreadnaughts, 30 on the destroyers and the remaining 120 on the small bases. The pods vanished into the warp point, and then the Lizards settled down to wait two days before a new assault to catch their foes off guard again.
Three Grendel's Mother class dreadnaughts, twelve Grendel II class battle cruisers, There Wooden class Battle cruisers, and six Odin class light carriers stood ready to invest the system. The nine Skadi class Battle cruisers also present were held back as a precaution.
When the first six ships transited, they found themselves faced with still strong defences. The six huge bases were gone, but three dreadnaughts remained, as well as all fourteen heavy cruisers and all twelve destroyers. Of the light bases only fourteen remained, but the number of frigates had grown to twenty-one.
Three small close-in bases died despite the really bad shooting by the transiting ships, but the aliens defences were sluggardly as well, and only one battle cruiser suffered gutting damage, leaving only an engine room intact. Then 60 DSB-Land 60 IDEW-L exploded, scouring the ships and eliminating the cripple.
Then, after another six Grendel battle cruisers had arrived, the assault dreadnaughts fired again, eliminating all close-in bases and one of the sprint range small bases. The previous bombardment had relieved them of most of their armour, it seemed. In response the enemy fire shifted to the most damaged dreadnaught, with 3 heavy cruisers sending 30 missiles at it with nine on target. The two Grendels remaining from the first wave then took apart another three sprint missile bases, leaving one which spat 3 missiles in defiance at the dreadnaught, reducing its armour further, before falling to a just transited Grendel. Then the transiting Grendels destroyed the remaining sprint bases and damaged a frigate. In return, the defenders removed the defences and two engine rooms from a  dreadnaught, forcing it to transit out while more Lizard forces arrived in-system. The next exchange saw another Lizard battle cruiser reduced to near scrap while several of the defenders destroyers took damage, leaving eight, and the XO launched capital missiles removed an already damaged by the pods enemy dreadnaught from effectiveness, leaving it weaponless. In return, one Grendel would be forced to leave and one of the Wodens had its shields and armour reduced.
Next the six carriers transited in, probably too early. But the lizards once again fired first,  trying to damage one of the heavy cruisers with the three Wooden class battle cruisers, but the defences of that ship held against the salvo. In return, the defenders chipped away at the damaged Wooden, until forcing it to retreat or face destruction. The lizard battle line reduced the destroyers, but in return the heavy cruisers and dreadnaughts almost killed one of the carriers. If not for the EDM these carried they might have done more, but with three deployed the maximum possible amount of missiles was intercepted and thus 126 prototype fighters could be launched after the catapults stabilised.
Now the cruisers retreated from the warp point, engaging the lizards Woden class battle cruisers and reducing the second one to a wreck, in exchange to light damage to a cruiser. Then they focused on the fighters, killing some while all lizard ships but the last moved into the minefield and breached it. With the fighters then using their lasers and crippling some cruisers, the fighters then closed in and devastated the cruisers, making all unable to escape anymore. Seeing this and having nine battle cruisers coming after them, the aliens surrendered, but blew up most of heir ships after entering their lifeboats.
The way into the system lay now open, but the planets were an unknown quantity and the Norse fleet was mostly damaged from the assault.
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Month 249, Cartell space, Bullet system.

The defending fleets had assembled to cover the cartell system. 12 Bushwacker class strike carriers, 6 Carnage V heavy cruisers,  15 Obliterator IV class destroyers and 4 Destroyer class 3 bases from the cartell were supported by the Yeties relief force of 12 Skadi class battle cruisers and 55 Hodur class corvettes in defending the warp point to the recently fallen bootlegger system. Currently loitering on the warp point were as well 12 prototype fighters and 36 first generation ones armed with antimatter close assault missiles.
suddenly the warp point flared and spit out six battleships in a line, apparently the usual probe of a warp point the red fleet performed. The second and third turned slightly to clear their blind spots, but the fifth was unable to turn away. Also unusual, they launched no gunboats. As most of the defenders lingered beyond the effective range of three light seconds, the enemy started to fire upon one of the corvettes which was somewhat closer at two and a quarter light second.
While the red fleets battleships managed to destroy a single corvette, the allied fleet concentrated first upon the fifth ship to emerge to deliver salvoes of missiles into the blind spot from the six battle cruisers in its blind spot, then from the cartell heavy cruisers and destroyers. But activation was poor and the red fleets point defence formidable, and so they failed to breach the passive defences of the Daiku class. Then the Norse Yetis other six battle cruisers added their potent lasers. Five of them immediately reached action stations and carved up the larger ship, leaving only a small remnant for the corvettes to deal with, which they promptly did, slicing away at the ship until the drive field flickered out. Maybe now the xenologists may have something to study. They then proceeded to melt away two thirds of another's battleships armour. Unfortunately, none of the fighter squadrons on CAP managed to activate, nor the bases and thus the remaining five battleships transited out, having gained survey data and an idea about the defences. Before the last ship could be captured, its magazine was detonated and it vanished into an incandescent cloud.
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Month 253, Cannon Cartell, Second Expansion Branch, Bullet System

With tension the defenders awaited the coming assault. That the Red Fleet would assault was a given, but when. For once the yet enigmatic aliens had declined to immediately follow up on a probe. Most likely they were formulating a response to the presence of Cartell fighters. But how would it manifest?
The Norse Yetis had send twelve battle cruisers and a staggering 54 corvettes to aid in defending the system, all crewed by superbly trained warriors. Unfortunately they were technologically obsolete by the standards of this conflict. On the other hand, they lend numbers to a defensive force which due to the local supply situation was rather small. Six heavy cruisers, twelve light carriers and fifteen destroyers reinforced the six Class 3 weapon platforms guarding the warp point. While the Yetis hung close to the warp point, only three light seconds of to bring their laser weapons to bear, the Cartell forces were further back, with the heavy cruisers at four light seconds and the bases at six, with the carriers and their escorting destroyers even further back to avoid being swarmed over by small craft.

But given the recent encounter in Bootlegger next door, all battle cruisers of the Red Fleet were priority targets to remove their advanced gun/missile launchers from the equation as fast as possible, and allowing the fighters the best chance to inflict damage.

The long wait ended quite suddenly and in an unexpected way. Twenty-seven destroyers blinked into existence on the warp point, and two immense fireballs announced that four of them managed to interpenetrate. Six more destroyers arrived conventionally. Then they started to take the Yetis corvettes under fire with three force beams each. These were those quite resilient ships which had given the undines trouble once, but used in a new way. Nineteen of the destroyers used their force beams to eliminate two corvettes. The corvettes which activated retaliated and destroyed a destroyer and damaged a second one with a laser each. But seven of the other destroyers fired anti-mine-missiles into the minefield and eliminated five patterns, halving the strength in that sector. Only six of the Yeti battle cruisers activated, but this was enough to eliminate two of these destroyers. The two Cartell Destroyer II class bases which activated destroyed a third one despite its deployed EDM missiles. The lone cartel cruiser could only clear away the crippled two gun destroyers, leaving four of them to recycle their launchers.

Six battleships arrived through the warp point and launched 72 gunboats, followed by another simultaneous transit of 72 armed pinnaces, ten of which interpenetrated, leaving 60. The disregard of their own lives displayed by the aliens here left the allied commanders somewhat stunned, allowing two the gun armed destroyer to link up and fire their mine-clearing missiles again, reducing the minefield strength to 30% in the sector. The reporting name Lynx was assigned to these, and Kirishima to the force beam armed ones.

Three Yeti battle cruisers then fired as once, and destroyed one of the two Lynxes, but the other one stubbornly kept at its task and reduced the minefield strength to 20% of what the field started out with. The Kishimas used the pause given by the destruction of the Lynxes to cripple four corvettes, slowing them down instead of eliminating them. The corvettes shifted to shooting at gunboats, killing  27of them. Three Cartell cruiser eliminated the two remaining lynxes, and three bases took out a Kirishima. The six Daiku class battleships crippled another three corvettes.
Then the Kigishimas advanced, sweeping through the remaining mines and closed some to the corvettes while leaving two of their number behind, and the Daikus also advanced slightly. Six more battleships arrived on the waypoint and disgorged their parasite crafts.
First to fire were the three destroyers who had not yet done so, and their surprise was a nasty one, they used primaries and destroyed two engine rooms on a Skadi battle cruiser doing so. It also made them priority targets. For reporting purpose, they were named the Sturmfeur class for their weapons able to pierce all armour. In return, a data group of Skadies eliminated a Sturmfeur. The Daikus responded, carving away at a Skadies armour with their beams. This merry exchange continued once more, destroying another two Sturmfeuers and leaving the Skadi slowed down due to the loss of three engine rooms. One Kigishima was crippled, and removed a crippled corvette with its remaining beam.
 Then the battle descended into an exchange of beams between the corvettes and the destroyers. The Six new battleships revealed themselves as Marauders by taking out the lonely Thief class corvette hovering just in range of its data-gathering sensors, and then another Hodur class frigate and a crippled one. It seems that the Yeti were not meant to gain technological data from this fight.
The Cartell cruisers damaged another Kigishima, and the bases ripped the shields and some armour off one marauder.

Then another five BBs arrived, followed by 42 gunboats, of whom 36 survived. The red fleets destroyers advanced by half a light second, modulating their engines while the six battleships already in system dashed ahead and started to unleash salvoes into the yeti battle cruisers. But even this titanic display of firepower only managed to remove one Yeti battle cruisers from datalink and damaging the armour on another. Both of these where then breached and slowed by the six marauders on the warp point with later torpedoes, while the yeti battle cruisers whipped a battleship from space and damaged another one. This now left four battle cruisers slowed down near the warp point. The cartel CA’s destroyed a damaged red fleet destroyer, and damaged another one, while the corvettes and destroyers engages in mutual slow erosion of their presence, hampered by both sides using evasive manoeuvring. The gunboats all stayed on the warp point but the armed pinnaces advanced somewhat into a position to pounce should the defenders still remain on the warp point. The final exchange was by the bases, but of fifty missiles thrown at a Marauder class battleship, only two managed to evade the point defence and scrap more armour.
while the Daikus pushed further, and the allied fleet moved off the warp point, six red fleet battle cruisers materialised. Finally the targets the allies had hoped to eliminate first were present, but no longer in optimal range for most of their ships. still the Norse Yeti were quick of the mark, initiating the exchange of fire. But the Daikus had gotten too close, and their data nets went down by jamming. The first BC to fire scrubbed more armour of a Daiku, in return a Skadi battle cruiser got seriously damaged. His comrades continues to fire, and heavily damaged the Daiku and stripped most of the armour of a second one. The Marauders targeted the bases, but for a lucky first salvo did not damage them, while the bases salvoes damaged a battle cruiser heavily. These revealed themselves to be Quickdraws by firing their lasers at the Norse battle cruisers for negligible effect. The corvettes focused on the Daiku with armour damage, but they didn't manage to breach its defences, with only 24 lasers hitting. Meanwhile the armed pinnaces swept over the slowed battle cruisers and slaughtered them wholesale with their mounted lasers. The destroyers managed only to damage two corvettes, and in return the cartel cruisers whipped two of them out, leaving seven in the fight.
Now the armed pinnaces turned away from pursuing the battle cruisers, towards the three bases between the warp point and the carriers. This set up a flurry of activity, with the corvettes and the cartel cruisers turning to intercept them, leaving the remaining battle cruisers and battleships to duke it out. The gunboats as well moved though the breach in the minefields, with sixty peeling off towards the other three bases and the remaining 213 moving somewhat indeterminate towards the battle cruisers. The Red fleets destroyers also moved off after the corvettes, trying to keep themselves in the play. Meanwhile, the Cartells fighters moved forward, nearing the bases from the other side. Also, another six battle cruisers arrived through the warp point.
Once again a Norse battle cruiser fired first, unloading into the battleships the corvettes had weakened from less than a light second. The battle cruiser hit with all lasers, ripping deeply into the battleships engines. In return, two battleships eviscerated a Norse battle cruisers. By the time the intense fire was resolved, only two unscathed battleships remained, and three undamaged Norse battle cruisers with a fourth having lost its armour. The Cartell bases stripped the passives from a newly arrived battle cruiser, but in return, after seeing one salvo defeated by the bases point defence, the red fleets Marauders managed to breach one base with laser torpedoes and remove it from its data group.
Then the Cartell heavy cruisers engaged the destroyers in close range with plasma guns and sprint mode missiles, and allocating fire a bit conservatively, destroyed dour of them, but with better allocation possibly could have destroyed more. still, this removed the destroyer force as a factor from the battlefield. And the cruisers advanced point defence took out seven armed pinnaces. Twenty-seven armed pinnaces managed to fire, then the corvettes had eliminated the ones still bearing arms unfired, and eliminated a few more. Leaving twenty-three armed pinnaces in space, but most likely unable to fire again at the bases. In return, ten corvettes lost armour and engines, but their sacrifice saved the bases.
But no, not carrying for their safety, the remaining pinnaces just raced on and hurled themselves like huge guided missile onto the three bases, trying to bring them down. Twelve were in targets, but only one on each base survived the defensive fire.
The Norse battle cruisers turned to run, prolonging the chase for the gunboats. The corvettes and the heavy cruisers followed the armed pinnaces to prevent further ramming, and the three still capable destroyers moved closer to the bases, as well. another three battle cruisers appeared on the warp pint, signalling a possible end to the number of ships still coming through. And the seven still capable battleships continued to chase the battle cruisers. The Cartell fighters as well dove into the fur ball around the bases. The battle cruisers and the battleships exchanged fire, leaving one battleship and one cruiser crippled, and another cruiser stripped of its armour. The bases fired on the damaged marauder class battleship, and managed to breach its armour finally. In return the second base group lost one base from its data link. And eight armed pinnaces died as the first base group focused all point defence on them. One of the destroyers fired on the bases, but this drew an immediate response from the Cartell cruisers, and they damaged the other two. One was able to return fire taking out the passives of a second base, but the other cruiser group then finally killed the destroyers, and the cruisers took out the last pinnaces with their point defence. with no other targets, the corvettes eliminated the wrecked destroyers with long range sniping from their lasers. Ina  final exchange, the second wave of battleships dealt with one Norse battle cruiser, and stripped the armour of a second one, leaving only one undamaged norse capital ship in the battle. In return, they had crippled five Daiku class battleships, notoriously hard targets, an almost unparalleled number yet in the known record of engagements with this implacable foe.

The allied battle cruisers managed to gain some distance as the red Fleer Daiku class battleships bunched up into a solid element, but only a total of six remained undamaged from the eleven they started out with. An exchange of laser fire between the two fleets lead to a damaged Daiku being almost scrapped and an undamaged one losing a chunk of armour, but crippled the remaining two battle cruisers. With the corvettes lacking a target right now and the fighters and gunboats still converging, the fight shifted to the long range sniping between the bases and the Red Fleet elements on the warp point. The Cartell Carnage V class cruisers rained down salvoes on the isolated intact battleship and eroded its shields, but some leakers from the battleships in turn did likewise to a heavy cruiser. Then the bases fired, but the first salvo of 20 laser-headed capital missiles was just targeted abysmally, and the sole missile on target was dispatched with contemptuous ease. The red fleets response was not much better, but their missile at least evaded the counter fire. Things picked up slightly but both sides having equivalent point defence allowed only singular leakers to pass the defensive fire.
The remaining 5 undamaged battleships turned back to the warp point, leaving the cripples to follow as well as possible. The gun boats maneuverer, trying to slip around the fighters, but these proved somewhat better at positioning and flanked the gunboats. The remaining 26 undamaged corvettes closed to within a light second of the gunboats, also on a flank. The heavy cruisers continued to distance themselves from the warp point, slipping out of capital missile range. On the other hand, the sixty detached gunboats closed into laser range of the second base group. Judging their HET lasers to be ineffective at the range to the corvettes, the battleships proceeded to melt crippled battle cruisers from the battlefield. Then the slaughter started. While the marauders and the first base group exchanged further missile fire, crippling the damaged marauders and removing he weapons from a second base, the other base group killed three gun boats but then was destroyed in a single pass of searing laser fire.
With the corvettes, cruisers and fighters engaging the gunboats and these using their point defence to engage fighters, 86 of the gunboats were destroyed, but taking 34 fighters with them, leaving 127 or 110 respectively.
Then the battle cruisers and battleships on the warp point advanced, now that the bases threatening their rear are gone, and the gunboats turn sharply around and flee into the firepower umbrella of the ships. The Cartell fighters decline to follow, and instead sweep round and over the crippled battleships, destroying them before joining the remaining 28 corvettes and the cruisers in high-tailing it away from the warp point. even though costly, this is the first battle where a fleet survived the confrontation with a detachment of the red fleet, and especially the surviving flight crews gained a lot of practical experience. The red fleet is slow to pursue and destroys first the crippled allied ships around the warp point before setting a course for the planet. Bullet, despite a valiant defence, had been doomed by the lack of sufficient supplies in-system to support a larger defensive fleet.

Second Expansion Branch, beyond the Bullet System

While the allies retreated from Bullet, the supporting systems for bullet started going up in flames, eliminating the support network for Bulet. But... this was not the work of the red fleet.

Theban Empire, Alexandria sector, Haremakhet Secundus
Haremakhet Secundus is a Theban system with a benign planet, though poor in resources. Only recently it had been settled by evacuees from Nun Secundus, removed from there before the red fleets advance from Pedise. The settlers were still rebuilding their lives when the planetary traffic control spotted an incoming contact. To the horror of the colonists, and soon of the Theban fleet command, the contact resolved into six red fleet light cruisers, which proceeded to wipe out the colony. This was grave news. The closest fleet concentration is just two systems away in First Katarakt, but it was there guarding against the incursion from Pedise. Now the quandary was, how many ships to split off to guard the systems reached from Haremakhet Secundus? Too many lay open beyond Akhab, the system accessed from Haremakhet Secundus to abandon it without a fight.
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Ok, that was a long one with holidays etc. interfering. 55 Corvettes and many small craft made it quite a bit of work to set up and resolve. Turn 255 will bring another fight, and maybe again one where the allies will do good. I guess the red fleet may have to rethink their standard fleet composition a bit. Still, for now it's an uphill battle for the universe, and the red fleet will remain a danger for quite a while, mostly as unlike usual, they didn't tart with a tech disadvantage, nor a production disadvantage. all the races arrayed against them definitely have more production, but with the supply network rules, applying it is harder. And so far local superiority has been with the red fleet. But more and more allied races are deploying fighters now, and the Cartell, Undines, and Norse Yeti have been able to reverse engineer some technology. The Cartell has had the best of it, only lacking the second generation laser torpedoes and F2s...
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Month 254, Undine Expanses, Lithium system

wind lord sea Horse looked at his subordinate, considering what he should do about the newest report. "So after being newly assigned to survey fleet 2, you went over the local survey records? and you discovered that we had a warp point which was never probed, but also was not belonging to any known ally or contact?"
"Yes Sir! I immediately ordered a reconnaissance. And we found an unknown system beyond it, a binary with the main star being a clue giant. Thus we have a high probability of further warp points."
This was on one hand very welcome news, but.. to have overlooked this possibility faced with all the pain and losses of the last years... heads would certainly roll for this.

One week later, after the survey fleet had been dispatched into the new system, news came from the Chromium system, two jumps down the last intact old exploitation chain which formed the backbone of the central remnant of the undines realm. A contact had been sighted, and swiftly resolved into an invasion fleet from the red hulled aliens. again, the undine people had no resources at hand to stop the annihilation of their citizens. But the newest fleet for another liberation attempt for helium was assembling in lithium and was swiftly dispatched towards Chromium, hopefully in time to save the systems further down-chain from discovery. This force was almost twice as powerful as the last one lost in Helium, and included carriers from the Cartell and the Undines.

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Month 255, Undine expanses, Chromium System

The joined fleet had raced into Chromium, only to find the system abandoned after the Lithium Fleet had raced through the system into Cobalt. The red hulled aliens had retreated before the combined fleet. Maybe they too were overextended? Nevertheless, Lithium fleet will remain in Cobalt and support the defences to be build there  on the Chromium warp point, supported by a carrier heavy expeditionary force from the somewhat overzealous but still allied fellow pinipedian life forms, the Church of the holy Seal, who thus joined the war alliance against the Red Fleet. The allied fleet returned to lithium to prepare for their foray into Helium to reconnect Tantalum.

Month 257, Undine expanses, Lithium
The allied fleet returned to Lithium just in time to encounter grave news. The Warp point leading from Lithium to Hafnium, a dead end worthless system had just been probed by a red fleet gun boat. Given the central importance of Lithium, all thoughts of leaving Lithium unattended were rejected, and although it hurt to abandon Tantalum, Lithium was even more important as it lay directly next to Ocean, the Undine home system.

Month 257, Theban empire, System 1962
The system 1962 had never received anything beyond a catalogue number as the Theban practice was only to grace habited systems or those found in their early explorations with a name. Also, the lifeless rock balls and gas giant moons of the system were nor really worth much given that the Thebans had found far more hospitable worlds elsewhere. But the system was a well travelled nexus, holding eight warp points leading to many systems with habitable worlds and within two jumps no less than seven other races. For all its importance, it was not in a core area of the empire, although close and connected to them by means of the warp lines radiating from it. and thus, it was not monitored regularly, given that the empire contained many such systems of importance, but had not the means to fortify al of them. But maybe monitoring might have been wise.
At least this was the thought of Ninth Lay Magician Khut as he watched the tactical display on his flag bridge. He was currently bringing back his command, the Survey Force 9  to the closest Yards at Nun, after having suffered maintenance failure staying overlong surveying Minkhat Secundus,a  rich prize indeed with several asteroid belts and a rich and benign world.
But now his fleet was in their passage detecting another survey force scattered over the system 1962, and just as he could observe them, the surveying ships converged towards a mutual assembly point somewhere ahead on his current course towards Nun.

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Month 256  RM Space Lucca System

The Torino Fleet idles by the WP leading to the race known as the Deutch Simiens, supporting it are the 3rd Carrier Group, the 2nd Bombarment Force and the 2nd Assault Group.  The Torino Fleet had been reinforced with 2 Alighieri Super Dreadnaughts and a single Dardo U4 Dreadnaught, and the 2nd Assault Group had 6 new Taifun CVBs.  The RMs contact group had spent several months learning the aliens language and had observed only Corvette sized vessels.  Two months previously they had achieved full communications and had, as per their orders, relayed an offer of Client Race Status to the aliens.  The aliens had summarily rejected this offer and the Synod had spent several weeks debating if they should, perhaps, undertake the required Diplomatic effort to gain the system.   The result was, unsprisingly, that they would not.  Fleetcom Haribo had the task of securing Lucca and capturing the prize the alien system represented.  A major land invasion force had been embarked on rented transports and it idled a system back from Lucca in Rimmi.  As the Torino Fleet has not been refit he still had the older Cavour U2 and Dardo U3 ships as part of his force, he had redistributed the missiles in his colliers to modernize his escorting BCs magazines.   The 2nd Bombardment Group carried 450 Prototype Deathblossems whose 3 missiles are armed with second generation laser warheads and 90 Prototype Deathblossems whose 3 missiles are armed with anti-matter warheads.  In total his force had 432 2nd Generation fighters split over 18 carriers plus another 39 fighters split over various other ships.

Simea System, WP4, Day:  19  Time: 090000

The disrupting effect of transiting a Warp Point hit Forcecom Vanto as he sat in his crash seat watching the tactical display.  Primary sensor systems were down but the more primitive passive and semi actives were able to give him information on the area surrounding the warp point.  He didn't think the aliens even knew how to make mines or buoys but it was better to waste a minute rather than find out the hard way.  The three Lauria assault dreadnaughts had arrived pointing more or less into the system and he could see the Taifun assault carriers arriving now pointing opposite and begining their turns.   A single pinnace transited in after the ships.   
"Contacts...corvette sized...3 LS bearing is arc of spinal weapons!" 
'Snack food.'
"Further contacts down range.  Drivefield only." 
The basic systems had a limit just under 7 LS and these targets were further away.  He activated his microphone.  "All ships:  Standard warheads, and all beams on target 2.  Hold external missiles.  Carriers engage target also."  The carriers had limited self defence weapondry at that range but it would not hurt to use it. 
As the ships were not in datagroup, and each dreadnaught had but two launchers, primarily intended for launching anti-minefield munitions the missiles were destroyed by the corvettes datalinked point defence but, unfortunately, for the corvette two of the dreadnaughts spinal force beam hit home and its shields went down.  The fire from the carriers was shot down unsurprisingly.  A corvette launched an anti-drive missile but it didn't manage to lock on to the disrupted drive fields of the first wave.

Time:  Assault+30 seconds

Three Garibaldi Assault Battleships transited in and began turning to line up with the dreadnaughts as the Taifuns launched their fighters, sending 12 squadrons into space; clearing their hanger decks and sliding back through the warp point as another 3 Taifuns arrived. 
"Datalink is up, sensors are up!  No mines detected...targets are...6 corvettes, 2 escort carriers...detecting launch of 2 fighter squadrons." 
'Snacks are fleeting...' 
"Force stand by to intiate pursuit. Put the tuner clock on my display." 
One pinnace exited the system and another arrived.  News of the assaults progress would be known.

The corvettes closest to the Warp Point turned to flee and the RMs capital ships remained on the WP, but the launched fighters moved outwards in pursuit, faster than the fleeing starships.  The strike contained 3 squadrons configured for CAP with all hardpoints loaded with lasers, 6 squadrons loaded with 2nd generation fighter missiles with laser warheads and a further 3 squadrons armed with lasers and a single fighter rocket for clean up. 
"Switch to laser warheads, target is one.  Target two one spinal and 4 energy, remaining on target 3." 
Damage indicators appeared over the ships.  The corvettes fired back but at this range their force beams were pinpricks to the dreadnaughts.  The battleships launched a single missile each at the first target.

Time: Assault+60 seconds

The RM capital ships surged off the warp point charging after the alien ships which bent and twisted as the other ships turned to flee.  The second trio of Taifuns launched a second strike wave of 12 squadrons before exiting the system.  The two fighter strikes manuvered to engage the further targets.  The corvettes fire was ignored by the RMs assault force and they launched concentrated fire against the corvettes that crippled a pair leaving them a powerless hulks and smashed a third into a mass of twisted wreckage.

Time:  Assault+90 to 180 seconds

The RM ships continued to advance after the fleeing aliens, the two strikes manuvering to box them in.  Although inside range of the SBMs of the ships they withheld their fire as the fighters were slowly but surely gaining on the fleeing aliens.

Time: Assault+240 seconds

The enemy fighters had turned to engage and the RMs CAP had manuevered slightly too agressively and the opposing forces squared off in a blistering head to head pass.  The aliens were armed with guns and the RM had lasers.  At near point blank range coherent light and mass driver slugs passed each other with the RMs more advanced fighters suffering 10 losses while the aliens lost only a few.  The laser might be longer ranged but for this task it was less effective.  The strikes antishipping fighters continued to maneuver aiming for a firing position 1.5 LS from the alien corvettes.

Time: Assault+270 seconds

The two decimated squadrons pulled out of the fight heading back towards the warp point while the other squadrons manuevered, this time less agressively and a furball of whirling ships and fighters ensued but the strike squardrons arrived at their launch point sending 18 fighter missiles from each squardon against the corvettes guarding the escort carriers and elimating them from the fight.  Acutally this didn't happen as Starslayer used FM1LT2 rather than FM2LT2 on the combat resolver...but in reality 2 volleys of 18 would remove them.  The RM fired on the alien fighters from outside their attack range and a few more fell...the aliens luck was amazing.  It was also true that the RM pilots were green and the chance to hit at this range was just not spectacular.  But now that the missile armed fighters had expended their missiles they could accelerate to full velocity and use their onboard weapons agains the alien fighters.

Time: Assault+330 seconds

The second strike wave arrived as the small carriers attempted to avoid the boxing fighters while their fighters tried to interpose themselves between the RMs fighters their mother ships.   The strike sent three groups of 18 missiles against the carriers turning them into shattered hulls.  The 9 remaining alien figthers were now alone.

It took some time to destroy the alien fighters, demonstrating that there was a drawback to the fighter laser when used by green crews, and validating the decision to make the gun armed defence fighter.

The 2nd Asssault Force had secured the warp point and its small craft were busy collecting alien survivors as the rest of the RMs ships transited in.  The 2nd Assault Force would remain on the WP securing it as the Torino Fleet supported by the 2nd Bombardment Group and the 3rd Carrier Force advanced on the planet.

Month 257 Day: 4

Fleetcom Haribo watched the returns of the 6 probe fighters from the comfort of his command bridge.  The scouting fighters were equipped with extra lifesupport and a powerful sensor package.  They swept around the planet at 7.5 LS scanning behind the moons and the planet itself. 
"Ah hah.  More Snacks." 
Well a great many more, some 54 corvettes and a dozen small carriers plus the 3 space stations and 3 bases larger even than his super dreadnaughts orbiting the planet.  He drummed his fingers on the tactical display.  His force outmassed the aliens and his missile heavy ships could destroy them at range.  He could sweep the fixed defences with the deathblossems his 3 bombardment dreadnaughts had on board.  Still as the aliens were faster than his ships they would likely be able to close and quantity had a quality of its own.  Plus that many fighter squadrons would mean a furball and further losses to his embarked fighters. 

"Get me the surviving senior officer."  He would give the infidels one last chance, unlikely they would take it of course, and frankly Fleetcom Haribo hoped they did not but this would be "fair" in the eyes of other infidels. 
The hatch opened and the alien officier was escorted in by marines.  "You will be allowed to speak to your homeworld.  You may say anything you wish, but I intend to offer them again the chance to become a client state, if they do not accept I will obliterate that pathetic excuse for a fleet and all orbital constructs then land my ground forces and capture your worlds.  You have a chance to prevent the loss of many lives on your side, use it well."  Haribo could see the panic in the alien.

"Communications, send to the aliens." 
"This is Fleetcom Haribo, I have been charged by the Synod to bring you into the Path of Truth.  You have rejected the Synod's offer of joining as a client and have so chosen the way of penance.  I have the ability to obliterate your defences and destroy your mobile forces when I wish.  I salute your willingness to die for your beliefs but I also wish to give you a final chance to reconsider your rejection of the generous terms of the Synod.  Know the Synod is angry at your rejection, but having been tested once you may view the next trial with a fresh perspective.   I urge you to choose well and wisely in the next 30 of your shorter time cycles.  This is the surviving senior officer from your guard force, their trial was brief but it earned them glory and honor, he is now free to speak to you."
Haribo gestured and the holocam swung to the alien bracketed by the two marines in combat armour, "You have five of your shorter time cycles, say what you wish."

Simea Corporate Command Bunker CEO Meeting Room

The room had several displays showing the alien ships as seen by ground telescopes and with the data collected in the brief combat at the warp point.  The scale difference between the Defence Forces ships and the Aliens was terrifying.   The alien ships hung too far out for detailed sensors sweeps except for their fighters but they were evident to other sensors.  The men and women here represented the heads of the various corporations which now ran the planet for the prolls and cons.   
"Vile creatures...what are they going on about...merger with them!  Our orbital defences are very strong...they will break on them!"  The grey furred chairman of the board was slaming his hands on the table as he spoke.  "They can perform unnatural acts with themselves before we merger with them!" 
The others looked at each other and back to the displays of the alien ships...each the equivelent of 7 of theirs. 
"They destroyed the 8 ships at the anomalie inside of minutes...we should consider this offer!"  The speaker was wide eyed staring at the updated information and what their officer was saying now about what he had seen on the alien ships. 
"They did recover our crews"  Another voice pointed out. 
"Have you no backbones?"  The bases and stations will defend us!"  The Chairman sounded sure.  "We vote, then we tell them to bring it on!"  His confidence was obvious...but in the background the voice of the officer continued to describe the alien vessels power.

The vote was a show of hands and when called, unlike the last time, there was a lot of reluctance as the Chairman called for rejecting the aliens offer. 
"No!  We can't just accept a merger with those preachy comps!  I invoke my right as Chairman to disre..." The pellet made no sound as it was supersonic, but the Chairman spasmed as his chest cavity was mangled by its passage through him and the chair he was sitting in. 
"Change of leadership time."  The voice was quiet in silence after the crack of the discharge ended.  "Those Aliens live for war so far as we could tell during our negotiations...we have a choice of bending or being broken...I say we bend and let our companies survive...what say you to accepting the aliens offer?"  No one failed to notice that pistol had not been lowered.  Eleven hands went up.

"Say again?  They accepted the offer...?"  Fleetcom Haribo, asked. 
"Yes Sir!  The Chairman of the Board just sent us a message saying they accept with all gratitude the Synods offer of a Merger...and they have told their fleet to stand down." 
"Thank you...get the ambassador up here and tell him to get to work."  Fleetcom Haribo shook his head, 'Aliens...were just alien at times.'
I made the offer more or less proforma...and Starslayer rolled a natural they accepted and no battle.  Given I had 144 fighters and 450 sbmhawks and he had 180 fighters that was probably just as well for our sanity but it was a surprise ending to say the least.  I'm sure I would have won but may have lost a few ships just due to the numbers.  I had planned on using the 450 LT2 armed SBMHAWKs to attack the fixed defences.  That would leave 90 SBMHAWKs with AM for the podroller DNs to use or to launch into the onrushing CTs.  The RM is missile heavy with 35 Rc per data group so the CTs likely would have suffered serious losses on the approach.  The BC and CAE anti-fighter screen could also do major damage to a fighter strike with AFM.  Overall once the CTs got into beam range the BCs had Ec to back up their Wa.  Also at the range their Fs were effective the RM would be using sprint mode SMa's as return fire.

RM Force:
Torino Fleet
2 Alighieri SD (2 F2(G) squadrons)
3 Dardo U3 DN
1 Dardo U4 DN
6 Cavour U2 BC
3 Diciotte CTE
3 Littorio II CT
3 Doria CT

3rd Carrier Force
3 Saetta CV (12 F2(L) squadrons)
3 Folgore CVL (12 F2(L) squadrons)
1 Cavour U3 BC
2 Impavadio U1 CAE
1 Diciotte CTE
1 Littorio II CT
2 Doria CT

2nd Bombardment Force
3 Umberto DN (3 F2(G) squadrons)
3 Albona CT

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Month 257, Theban empire, Nun fleet base

The last courier drone from Lay Magician Khut had been quite expletive... he had cursed the cheap ass fleet bureaucracy for denying his ships the modern weapons and defences they could have used to .. die less one sided. But something had to be done to modernise the survey fleets, give that with a few months three had fallen to enemy action. in theory the concept was sound, but anti-matter warheads and advanced missile launchers might have made a difference, as well as maybe some more escorting ships. As a stop-gag, the Andromedan survey fleet could be split up to provide each survey fleet with two survey frigates with a force beam. But modernisation, especially of the fighters, was called for.
The contact in system 1962 had turned out to be another force of six red fleet light cruisers. But unlike the others, these had been armed with force beams. Small consolidation for the survey ships, which thanks to their damaged engines could not even attempt to outrun them. At least Lay magician Khut had sold the lives of hi command dearly, eliminating all gun boats launched at his ships and heavily damaging one of the hostile cruisers. But small salvoes of missiles did not do much against the advanced point defences and heavy passives of the hostile ships. Interestingly enough, they to seemed to have suffered some maintenance failures, as not all used their beam, and some had been slowed as well.
It might be costly, but to prevent a revolt among the survey specialists, it was proposed to add another escort carrier to each survey fleet and a trio of patrol battle cruisers including a command ship, as these could keep up with the survey ships due to sharing the commercial engines. At the least, this would handle any further attacks by small cruiser forces roughly. And provide a solid pool of well trained battle cruisers should the need arise.
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Month 257, Benthian Space, Saint-Etienne System, Planet A3 Moon 5 Resource Extraction Facility

The Scan Assistant's tentales were curling and uncurling with nervous tension as the the Lesser Under Viceroi incharge of the primary refinery considered the holotank.  It showed a ship where no ship should be.  The transports with more equipment and workers had come and gone; taking with them the last months production.  Local traffic was still non-existant, meaning the traffic control center wasn't even usually occupied.
Lesser Under Viceroi Marpo was thinking furiously.  Since the Red Aliens ship had "probed" Blue Lagoon there had been clear directives sent out.  This system, Saint-Etainne, was connected to the system Nice via a closed warp point.  There was another REF on a moon of the only gas giant present in the binary system's companion red dwarf star.  The ship could detect this colony in less than a day.  Communication with the other REF was hampered by a 5 hour transmission time lag each way.  Saint-Etienne was also not connected to the ICN, as the settlement was still in early days; leaving the REFs with only their single emergency courier drone.  '!' 
"Communications, this is Marpo, I want to establish a tight beam data stream channel to the other colony.  I also want you to prep the drone for launch, and establish a data feed to its memory core from our orbital array."  She looked at the contact icon floating in the holotank and her tentacles curled.  "I'll be in my office preparing some messages...send a first contact message to that ship."   

Saint-Etienne System, Companion Star Planet B1 Moon 2 Resource Extraction Facility

Two days later, at the REF on a moon orbiting a gas giant in the companion system, Lesser Under Viceroi Huclair was wrapping his tentacles around himself in shock as the feed from the other REF cut off.  The alien ship had closed with the other colony without ever responding to communications attempts.  The ship itself was hard to spot against the background stars, being matte black and shaped vaguely like an ancient water predator of Sea (or the Benthians themselves) with a main body and several trailing tentacles.  Seen from the orbital array's telescope feeds the ship had closed and then had begun to engage the REFs facilities with what appeared to be a particle beam; judging by the systematic power failures the data sidestream showed.  At the same time the ship engaged the orbital communications and sensor arrays with secondary weapons.  As the pictures were 5 hours old, by this time, the ship had destroyed the other REFs power and lifesupport infrastructure.  He knew the other colony had launched its drone after the ship had not responded to hails and had continued to close.  He looked over at the tech responsible for the drone.  "Program a longer course skirting the primary system, and when you are done launch."

While around 2 million Benthians worked in St-Etienne, that number now halved, in the next system Nice was a habitable world, Carrefour, with 86.7 million people.  Nice was also a junction system with a total of 8 warp points.  The drone launched by the other REF was nearly at the warp point, this drone would take some 5 days to make the trip due to the additional leg programed into its flight path.  A patrol group was nearby but it would take time to contact it and days for it to respond.

The second drone was still under way when the remaining REF detected an alien ship approaching, two days later it established orbit and systematically destroyed all Benthian facitlies on the moon ignoring all attempts at communications.


Patrol Group 5 was ordered to secure the WP leading to Saint-Etienne, in Nantes 3eme Flotte de Sea and a minelaying group were cut orders to proceed to Nice, and an aid request was sent to the Shanirians.  The Benthian's two combat fleets were tied down by the Red Alien incursions and this third threat left them very short handed to respond.  The destruction of one REF and the presumed destruction of the other angred the Benthians but Carrefour was undefended and had 40 times the population.  The warp point in Saint-Etienne was closed, so long as no ship transited it in the range of an enemy ship's sensors the Aliens were blocked from Benthian space.  Until some defences could be established in Nice, discretion had to be maintained.
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Month 259, Theban empire, Irtisen Secundus system
*Another planet, another reassuring visit to the local colonists, another dinner, and back on the patrol loop.* Patrol Force Two was a fleet command, but not an exiting one
for Third Lay Magician Sekeret. For the last two years and five months he had been doing a loop of outlying systems, showing presence and hoping for a promotion away from this task. *At least the crew are happy, as they do get fairly often leave to visit a planet where the fleet is welcome, have a drink, see pretty girls, and be far away
before any father with a shotgun shows up. Anyway, time to descend into orbit.*
"Sir, local traffic controll is requesting our attention." "Yes, Communications, what do they have?" "sir, they are tracking converging inbounds." That was unusual...  when
probing a system, one tries not to seem threatening towards any local species. 2do we have a vector?2 2Sir, they seem to be heading for a meeting point about four light minutes off planet." "Ok, they must know we are here, but at a guess not our strength. Contact Captain Malingar and Captain Te-amun, they are to stay behind the planet with Setekh 15 and Setekh 16, while we stay on the inbound side. Maybe we can provide a little surprise."
soon the other two battle cruisers of the patrol force changed their vector and slid behind the fragile blue orb with 11 million theban colonists, while six unknown contacts converged slowly before closing in on the planet.

"Sir, we have an identification. These appear to be engines as used by the red hulled aliens we have hostilities with." Hostilities was a mild word for seven burned planets
and millions of dead, not to speak of three survey fleets and ships assembled in Pedise to support the Cannon Cartell. His choices were limited, though. Irtisen was just a 
small planet, but the warp point leading into the system was closed. Thus he could not retreat  and risk being shadowed to it, and besides.. eleven million people, and
those pretty girls.
It was time, the hostiles closed in. "Sir, we confirm, six light cruisers, and now detaching thirty gunboats." As the gun boats closed to five light seconds, the other two battle cruisers slid from behind the planet to join their flag-ship. Evidently caught by surprise, the gun boats where just three light seconds away, right in optimal range for the theban advanced missile launchers. The huge and expensive electronics on board of his flag-ship went into action, and with four salvoes spread across four wings of the incoming swarm of attack craft, enough were on target to penetrate their point defence and eliminate twelve gunboats in one exchange of fire. Cheers broke out on the bridge at this, only to swiftly abate as the crew returned to their duty.
"Heading sixty to port, engage in second degree engine modulation!" Aye Aye sir, sixty to port, modulating2 responded the helm. The modern theban cruisers were as nimble as their small foes, and now these had the choice to close in or suffer long range fire. Close in they did, but they also started to modulate to throw off the theban fire control. But this was not enough, only three scattered gunboats somehow evaded the fireballs which swatted their comrades out of the sky, their point defence negated by the sprint mode launch. Also, three theban SBM from their external ordinance racks slammed into one of the light cruisers. These also did not break of, most likely not to reveal their entrance warp point as well.

The light cruisers closed quickly, met by the theban battle cruiser, but their force beams could only scratch the shields of Setekh 16, while in return at just under two light seconds the theban missiles could be fired in sprint mode, penetrating the defences of one light cruiser and damaging the shields and armour on a second one. Undeterred, the enemy light cruisers closed in again but for the one which had lost engines, while the theban ships started heavy modulations again. Sudenly an astonished cry came from as rogation: "Sir, they are on ramming course on Setekh 15!" Again, the aliens had a surprise for the races of the galaxy, as five light cruisers tried to meet the wildly evading battle cruiser head on. Only one ship was on a directly convergent course, and despite some desperate close range fire, it crashed into Setekh 15 and both ships vanished into a titanic fireball. The slightly damaged one from before was whipped out by a sprint mode salvo, but another salvo failed to penetrate a third ships passives. Luckily the red fleets cruisers had to turn around before following the diminished patrol fleet, but as the Setekh class was only equipped with commercial engines, they stayed on the patrol fleets tail. Both damaged ships were slowed to a crawl by the first salvo split between them, but one of the undamaged light cruisers again proved to be very resilient and only lost its shields and a massive chunk of armour. In return, they eliminated the last armour from Setekh 16. again the last two swift light cruisers tried to ram, this time the flag ship, but failed. Both ships now lost their passives and some engines, but not their force beams, and thus Setekh 16 lost two engine rooms. But the hostiles were not on a convergent course, and thus the patrol force managed to gain some distance. This proved to be the last exchange of fire. While they managed a defiant last broadside of force beams into Setekh 16, damaging her further, their mobility and weapons were eliminated in the response, allowing the lay magicians fleet to mob them up at leisure despite some feeble attempts to close the distance. For the first time, the theban navy had gained a victory against the red fleet, and was able to inspect the wreckage.

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Month 260 Shanirian Space  System 1474 Bridge of Discovery 10 (Lead Ship of SF4)

Centurian Hans Black spoke quietly, "Put it on the main tank." 

"Searcher 12 has closed to 15 LS range, visual identification protocols initiated.  Comms send the data on a side band.  Lets see what they look like."
"Warbook identification running sir."
"Alien ship still closing, confirm light cruiser hull and military engines."
"It isn't the Red Ships sir."
"Any response to our communications?"
"None sir."
"Full alert, combat meld."
"Warbook identification 90% and climbing.  Its...its..."
" separations...we now have six inbounds...5 are accelerating."
"Too strong a field...but size is very small for a ship."
"Warbook thinks they are the Squid's colony killers."
" to me."
"Tracking inbounds...signal strength...very high for a small locked.  Range 3 LS."
"XO launch...targets have point defence!  All missiles destroyed."
"Engaging destroyed."
"Helm keep the range open for as long as possible."
"Nothing! Loosing linkage to Suzzy 1, omnibroadcast."
"Target destroyed."
"Hostile targeting systems all craft."
The sound of emergency alarms.
"Hits to outer hull areas sir.  Shields up looked to be small craft laser."
"Firing!  Missed.  Targets closing!"

The transmission cut off. 
"Sir fragmentary data in the sideband indicates serious structural failing and depressurization of multiple compartments."
"What have we got on the attackers?"
The tank changed to show three pictures and a wire frame.  "On the left are the ships engaged by Searcher 12.  The right is the data from the Squid colonies."
Centurian Black nods and manipulates the pictures rotating them and zooming them in and out.  "Not enough data for a wireframe?" 
"Too broken up sir"
"Warbook makes it a match just like Searcher 12 said." 
"How long till the message gets to Suzzy 1?" 
"Another 33 minutes." 

He nods, at that point they could establish a two way tight beam link.  "We have to warn Nova Vox, assemble the rest of the survey force and then get out of here."  The survey force was scattered as they had been surveying the companion stars worlds and were now spread out doing a warp point survey.  Luckily they had a Communications Array on the Survey Support Vessel (affectionately known as Suzzy to the survery crews) that could contact any ship pretty much anywhere in system with a tight beam link but both sides needed to know where their target was.  Discovery 10 was currently holding the position it had transmitted to the Suzzy and would do so until the linkage was active.  Right now his ships could talk to the Suzzy as they all knew where she was, but she could only talk back in a way that revealed her location to the aliens. 

"We can hold the Warp Point...we have a full load of mines and buoys...but in deep space they will slaughter us." Discovery's executive officer summarized.
"How many of those lighter cruisers?" Centurian Black asked for the entrails to be read.
"Six at a minimum but could be as many as 12."  With that statement the rest of the assembled command group nodded.  This size was typical for most star nations survey forces.
"Thirty to sixty of those odd craft...not good odds in deep space."
"Preliminary data shows they have a drive field that is nearly starships strength.  Much greater than a small craft even an armed pinnace.  But they died to single laser hits, so not as sturdy as a starship."  "They had point defence but how effective is harder to say...knocked out the Searchers missiles but she had only 4, with poor locks and from external racks."  Discovery 10 was a light cruiser but her weapons were that of a destroyer so even with the full data group assembled they didn't launch overwhelming point defence made them less effective...possibly significantly so.

The communications went out and over the next day the rest of the survey force made contact and the line of ships began to contract on itself and then oriented on a rendevous point before heading back to their entrance warp point.  They were unmolested by the aliens who were likely engaged in the same task but possibly having a much harder time assembling due to the lack of a communications ship.

While that was going on a message from SSV1 had been sent to the buoy on the other side of the WP and from there the warning spread to the planets of Valentina system, and further up the buoy chain to Nova Vox, the sector capital two systems away, and from there to Tarantum Fleet Base, home of 2nd Fleet, and further to Shanir itself.  Two systems, one claimed by the Theban Empire and the other by the Northern Lizards were connected to Valentina two other warp points.  Informing them that the genocidal "Black" aliens had made there presence known was just being neighborly.  Along with that warning was the suggestion of a regional defence pact and system data.  The first contact system for the "Red" aliens and the Squids was only two transits from Valentina as well.  This encounter was a true can of worms that no one particularily wanted opened.

//the image below shows the WP connections for this area...hard to see how much worse it could get!!//

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(I'd trade your situation for the one the thebans are in in regards to the red fleet guys. I mean..  I have about 25+ habitable worlds within 2 jumps of the multiple contact points. :) )
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((Not to make too fine a point on it but...between the Blacks and Reds and the Squids and the Shanirians there is also 25+ habitable worlds at risk inside of 2 transits.   Luckily the Reds are quiet but that ties down a lot of ships regardless.   Grass and fences and such at play here. :)  ))
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Ok...looking at the situation:

Contact in System 1475 occurred on day 22, month 260 (rolling randomly for when in the week the encounter took place).  The ships of SF4 took at least 1 day getting organized and finding out what was going on and then spent the next 7 days exiting the system, worst case not all ships will be out by the end of the month as the warp point is way out in the boonies.

The alert message is sent on day 23 via the ICN.  It arrives on the planets 5 hours later and causes panic all over the place.  It arrives in Nova Vox Sector Command HQ 21 hours later, and orders are cut for TG22.1 to proceed to Valentia but it isn't until 27 hours that the orders reach the ships.  They start moving basically on day 25 (so the last possible STMP they can move in).  The message reaches Tarantum Fleet base day 24 and on day 25 2nd Fleet breaks orbit heading for Valentia (again last possible STMP they can move in).  It is 31 hours after it reached Tarantum that it reaches Shanir so day 25 and change.  It takes several hours for the data to be evaluated and then political issues have to be dealt with.  Day 26 messages start out to the Theban's and Northern Lizards.  No idea at this point when the arrive as I'm not sure the distances involved to their Homeworlds and then from there to their fleets, but there is no longer time for them to respond this turn.

The Shanirian's are providing supply access to both of them. 
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Month 263 Shanirian Space Valentina System WP4 to System 1475

In the last 3 months the situation around the WP leading to System 1475 had changed, and for the better.  Although the ships of SF4 that had mounted a guard on the opposite side had been pushed out by an oncoming alien force of 6 ships this side had been substantially reinforced.   Second Fleet elements were present relieving the survey ships of their guard duty.  The fleets support group had thickened the mine and buoy field surrounding the warp point.  TG21.1 and TF20 as well as Second Fleet's command group were present, as well the SDC (Shanirian Diplomatic Corps) had managed to convince the governments of the Theban Empire and the Northern Lizards to meet the aliens jointly at this warp point rather than defending alone.  The Thebans had sent in a force of 3 BCs, 3 CAs, 3 CVs plus a screen of lighter ships under the command of Magician Hatshesub.  The Northern Lizards had sent 3 Grendel class BCs and 3 Odin class CVLs under the command of Dregur Ase Haraldsson.

The planet Haridan was working on building more defense bases, while waiting on the delivery of its prefabricated fleet base.  The other planet in the system Antonine was being evacuated with a substantial fraction of the population scheduled to leave this month for the Vectis System.   Prefabricated bases had also arrived cleaning out the Shanirian's stockpile and they were currently under assembly in Haridan orbit.

Day 8 CIC of CL(C) Tiberius (Flagship of Second Fleet)

Commanding Officer of the 2nd Fleet Legatus Valery Bloch was speaking by tight beam with the CO of TF20 Tribune Edna Daystorm who was currently onboard her flagship a Hasta class Battlecruiser.

"Well the SDC worked wonders getting the aliens here, but they have orders to defend this warp point."  The ships being there were a gift beyond price but a working command system would be her next priority.  Both alien commanders had been clear what there orders were.  She just as clearly wanted to push the aliens out so she could get SF4 back into the system to finish its survey.
"Well Val,"  Edna spoke with familiarity as they had worked together for a considerable time, "it does mean that our backs are well protected."
"That is true."  The allied aliens had 6 Battlecruisers plus carriers.  "I can't demand they assist as they are just following orders and frankly, them defending the warp point is a weight off my shoulders."
"Yeah, but we lost two pinnaces and their crews getting that intel it would be a shame if we could not use it."  Tribune Daystorm's Battlecruisers had contributed the small craft scouts and the last crew had returned with the news that nothing but 2 assault shuttles was within 5 LS of the warp point itself.
"We have to get them out of that system before they get reinforcements."  Legatus Block could feel the weight of the 8.2 million citizens still on Haridan and wanted the battles to be fought away from this systems warp point.  But it had taken time to sail from Tarentum and TG21.1 which had arrived earlier had not enough ships to challenge the aliens.  "That means we have to go now."
"Yes, the clock is ticking that is for sure."  Both sides must have reinforcements in the pipe but it was a case of first-est with the most-est.
"Alright, TF20 will lead, I'll come in the second wave, and then we bring the pinnace transports through with the 3rd and 4th wave."  The Plaga class was not intended for assaults but it would allow them to bring the pinnaces through faster than bringing them through 7 pinnaces at a time.
"It isn't like we have a load of options Val."
"No we don't set it up, give the crews a final briefing and we go in 9 hours."

Legatus Block then drafted a message for her allies and let them know they would be attacking, and another message to Centurion Alyessa Sulu (CO of TG21.1) that she would be taking over command of the defenses.   The allies would outmass the remaining Shanirian ships but she wanted the chain of command at least to be slightly less confusing.

Day 8, 1615  System 1475 WP to Valentina (Bridge of Hasta 10, Flagship TF20)

Three Hasta class Battlecruisers exited the warp point moving away and forming up just outside its event horizon facing slightly offset from a line to the star, following them through were three Spatha class heavy cruisers which took up position 120° to their port, then a pair of Drusus class scout corvettes slid in system one facing each way offset 60° from each group of ships.
"Sensors show a contact at 7 LS and the two assault shuttles Ma'am."  The Battlecruisers bridge was bustling but with nothing obvious in range outside of the two small craft it looked like things were going according to ...
The crews of the two scout ships decided to engage the assault shuttle with their lasers when the small craft fired back and the area around Drusus 002 suddenly became filled with ablated armour and the ships drive field fluctuated as an amplifier room was smashed.
"What!?!  Take our anti-small craft point defense off anti-missile work...order the other two Hasta's to use theirs as well."
The other small craft fired on the Drusus and the small warship shudder as amplifiers went down and the lasers bit deep into the ship.  The Battle cruisers transit addled anti small craft defenses swept both assault shuttles with laser fire and one of the assault shuttles shattered as several gunners got lucky.

The next wave consisting of a Gladius class light cruiser and her Lancea class destroyer consorts plus the CL(C) Tiberius and her two escorting Scutum class DDEs.   The surviving assault shuttle heads away from the warp point while the Shanirian ships remain in position awaiting the information from their now active sensors.  Those same sensors confirm that there are only 6 enemy CLs at 7 LS.   None of the Shanirian weapons can fire on the fleeing assault shuttle.  The Drusus class scouts return through the warp point, one due to battle damage and the other due to having captured data on the alien assault shuttle.

Now confirming the lack of a minefield the first twelve ships head towards the withdrawing aliens and another two Gladius and Lanceas transit through plus the 4 Plagas and their Scutum class escorts.  They are 3 LS behind the main force.  Unfortunately the enemy light crusiers are outside of range of any weapons TF20 has outside of her embarked pinnaces.


The aliens withdraw, launching their small craft which form a tight globe around the 6 light cruisers.   Legatus Bloch orders the Plaga's to launch their 12 squadrons of pinnaces which start their slow way forward closing on the light cruisers by a half a light second every minute.  The crews on the pinnaces keep a watchful eye on the enemy small craft as they edge closer while Legatus Bloch watches the slow closure on her tank.  The pinnaces are 2.5 LS from the alien ships when sudden they open fire revealing a weapon system the Shanirians didn't know existed.  The ships fire 2 salvos of 9 missiles per data group.   A squadron of pinnaces is targeted by each salvo and the pinnaces onboard weapons open up in defence of the small craft, still 4 of the 6 targeted pinnaces disintegrate under the fire of the alien weapon system.
"Recall them!"  Legatus Bloch orders quickly as it will be another 4 or 5 salvos like that before the pinnaces can respond and that will cost them most of the strike plus there was still the 30 odd craft.   The thirty two surviving pinnaces reverse course and the range opens up again.  The alien surprise was a bad one and the pinnaces return to their mother ships, the crews shaken.  The range of the weapon and its effectiveness was devastating compared to their missiles and onboard lasers.


The pursuit continues both sides settling in to see what happens.
"What have you got?"
"Extreme range drive fields, must be ships."
Legatus Bloch contacts Tribune Daystrom but at this range they only know one or more drive fields are present and a rough idea of where.  They don't have anything they can send to check it out so they hold their course until a day and half later when the target closes to within 12 LM and then they get a reading of the numbers.

"Thirty six contacts Val, we have to turn back."  TF20 had a total of 24 ships, but almost half were destroyers.
"Yes.  Even if they are another group of light cruisers that is another 180 of those odd parasites they carry.  That will wash over us like a wave."
She contacts the frigate waiting on the warp point via a tight beam transmission and orders it to get a ship over there to recover as much wreckage from the assault shuttle as possible.  At this range the enemy ships will not be able to detect the additional ships drive field.


TF20 reversed course and the alien light cruisers also came about pursuing the now withdrawing Shanirian force.  The formation split meant the ships could slip through the warp point ahead of the enemy vessels sufficiently that the parasites could not safely charge and the enemy elected to not do so.  Unfortunately, the enemy light cruisers prevented any attempts to recon the oncoming enemy force.  The waiting Frigate slips back over when the ships of TF20 reach a range of 15 LS from the warp point.

Back in Valentina Legatus Bloch updates her allied commanders and sends a message to Admiralty house via the ICN.   She knows there are substantial forces moving up but will the arrive before the enemy decides to try an attack or not?

The crew of Drusus 2 had managed to enact emergency repairs on their life support systems patching the holes in their pressure hull plus bringing 2 amplifiers back online, accompanied by the Drusus the pair of corvettes set sail for Nova Vox and the facilities there.  The Drusus would be back early next month after downloading the details of the enemies advanced small craft, the wreckage was examined in Valentina.
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Month 265, Undine Space, Helium System, day 9, once again into the breach...

First Warleader Giovanni Gambesone wondered what those charged by the capi de tuti capii to enter this system and help their undine allies might have thought when they met their doom in this expanse of rocks, asteroids, lifeless worlds all lit in a reddish glare from its orange primary and red companion. For real estate this system was pretty not much but for the wealth of its four substantial belts. But strategically it was priceless. Maybe it was foolish to return here, but the eight inhabited systems cut off from the main undine expanses had demanded attention. Ok.. seven systems now, the implacable aliens in their red hulled ships had apparently managed to find the isolated Neon system and eradicated it. But Tantalum at least was able to get updated blueprints and release its guarding fleet for a desperately needed upgrade by moving in here together with the retribution fleet of the undines.
Now the combined might of the Undines and the Cartell guarded the warp point towards Tungsten, where the whole long, drawn out war had started. Privately he was less sure about the wisdom of focusing here, as there were at least two other open points of contact. But also here was the only one where no fixed defenses had been emplaced. Maybe once the Undines got their disorganised selves to build some they could release the fleet gathered here. But having lost so many systems, the undines suffered financial strain.
Still, the foe behaved way less aggressive than before, retreating from the system before the combined fleet. Now, with the reinforcements liberated from Tantalum, it was a mighty force indeed.
The Cartell had brought a combination of the Undine support force and the now defunct Bullet relief force, with nine Killer IV Battleships, twelve Shotgun escort battle cruisers, six Creeper class battle cruisers, twelve carnage class heavy cruisers and twenty Obliterator IV destroyers. These guarded three Butcher class carriers with thirteen Bushwhacker IV light carriers and four Bloodmaker strike carriers. Together these provided 304 improved strike fighters, a few less than their full complements but some had been lost due to accidents.
(ok, somehow 43 fighters went awol... *shrug*. It didn't make a difference)
These were joined by the undines nine Tango Class battleships, nine whiskey class Battle cruisers, fifteen whiskey class battle cruisers, twelve Romeo class heavy cruisers and nine Alpha class light carriers, providing 108 prototype fighters.
now the fleets had settled in and waited, and a week ago the foe had probed the situation with at least one pinnace. having learned from past battle reports, Gambesonne elected to have his fleet stand somewhat back, at four and a half light second, with the heavy cruisers, destroyers and carriers even further back. No use having the enemy kill his lighter combatants right away. Admittedly, the capital force beams now employed allowed a more distant stance than before. The undines joined his stance, just their carriers stayed even further back, way out of reach from missiles. Anyway, as he watched the quietly humming activity from his flag bridge, something changed....
"Contact! Contact! One,.. two, .. three...  four...five.. six... multiple.. whohaa.. Sir... we have six heavies and  lot of small craft.. sensors overloaded by interpenetration glares."
The sensor techs sounded quite exited, but understandably so. Six dreadnaughts had emerged from the warp point, followed by forty-five destroyers, three hundred and sixty gunboats and two hundred and sixteen armed pinnaces. The gunboats were joined by a further 96 from the dreadnaughts racks, and though some died by interpenetrations, that still left almost four hundred gunboats and one hundred eighty one pinnaces on the warp point., swarming around the thirty-nine surviving destroyers.
Alert gunnery crews started to exchange fire with the leading dreadnaught, whose capital missile fire revealed it to be a catapult class ship, as his compatriots. They all focused on an undine Victor class battle cruiser, sending explosion after explosion into the hapless ships passive defences, stripping away shields and armour until an engine room died in the fire. In return, the Catapult was relieved of some of its massive shields, while the destroyers send wave after wave of missiles into the minefield, eroding them into nothingness.
"All ships, advance on course hundred twenty degrees from the warp point!" The allied fleet warmed up its engines and put some distance between itself and the point, making the small craft come to them. Lead by the pinnaces, who tested the absence of the minefield by advancing into it, the swarm pounced, followed by the destroyers while another six dreadnaughts emerged. This time demolishers. Apparently the foe only had its usual complement of heavies. But where did all those small craft come from? The war leader definitely was happy that he didn't have to meet this fleet in deep space, but maybe the two months his force had spend in Helium had been necessary for the foe to concentrate his force? still, this hinted at quite some fleets close by. Or maybe they had upset the red aliens own plans? Who knew?
Furious fire between the destroyers and the defenders left another Victor damaged, and four destroyers damaged and one destroyed. Such light craft had shown their uses against smaller fleets, but the concentrated firepower here was deadly. still, fourteen of the destroyers were of a new type with four advanced missile launchers each. Maybe the aliens had planned them for a use against tantalum, which utilised a lot of fighters in its defence? Next the allied fire shifted to the approaching gun boats, but range and them being difficult targets accounted only for twenty-two of them.
But this changed in the next exchange. One hundred and nine gunboats died, along with several destroyers damaged, and one Catapult loosing most of its engines. In return, only one Victor class battle cruiser lost its defences. But then the gunboats, destroyers and the evading allied fleet all converged.
The gunboats rapidly melted under the fire of the converging allied fleet, including the closing heavy cruisers and destroyers. After they ran out of gunboats the allies started to savage the red fleets destroyers. But it was not all one-sided, the destroyers and gunboats managed to get shots off themselves, and although not at point blank range, still it was enough to destroy four shotgun class battle cruisers and heavily damage a fifth and destroy three undine Victor class battle cruisers and damage a fourth. While the allied fleet continued to run before the still dangerous armed pinnaces, the launched Cartell fighters swept closer and the CAP dove into the pinnaces.
There they reaped small craft i droves, leaving 65 dead after them, but loosing sixteen of their number. Meanwhile the armed pinnaces picked apart the damaged shotgun class battle cruiser, and then went to eliminate a Creeper class battle cruiser. Together with the red fleets destroyers they damaged another two, including one whose main damage was having its magazines rendered inoperable by needle beams, but with the escorting heavy cruisers and battle cruisers, all destroyers and armed pinnaces were eliminated. But the foe now had twelve dreadnaughts and battleships and six battle cruisers of its own and another 260 gun boats on the warp point. Undaunted, the allied fleet drove closer, bringing all its weapons to bear but for the still closing fighters. Strangely enough, the red fleet transited out its beam armed Demolishers, together with their gunboats. The ensuing exchange of fire saw a Catapult obliterated and another damaged, but also lost the cartell two Creeper class battle cruisers. Then the surviving catapults transited out with their gunboats docked, followed by the twelve battleships and six battle cruisers warping out together before the allied fighters and the fleet approached into range to deal serious damage.

First Warleader Giovanni Gambesone saw tem leave with relief. Yes he could have killed even more heavy ships had they stayed, but also the hostile gunboats would have been able to pounce upon his ships and kill even more of them. But the battle had been costly, three Whiskeys destroyed and one damaged for the undines, and his own fleet five Shotguns and three Creepers destroyed, an obliterator gutted, and another Creeper unable to fire its main broadside launchers. For all this they had damaged three dreadnaughts and killed one, but then only 42 destroyers and four hundred gunboats and two hundred armed pinnaces. Privately he thought that the red fleet had once again done better, with its looses more easily replaced. On the other hand, they had shown that they could destroy huge numbers of gunboats and small craft with relative ease, and they had blunted a major assault, and retailed Helium as a hub system. Now they could stand down and deal with potential hostile populations on once undine worlds branching from Helium.

Ok, I tried a more cinematic style, not writing down each individual salvo for easier reading and faster write-ups. Hope its better. Also you know your campaign is different when the local hive mind simul transits OUT to save its ships.
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(This one was long in the coming, two huge battles with lots of small craft maneuvering, not helped by me having to clear the table a few times for other activities. I sure got poked a few times about the status of the turn, and finally decided not to resolve the third battle this turn.)

Month 287, Undine Expanses, Antimony system

It was a vexing situation. Antimony itself was a worthless expanse of icy rockballs and chunks of matter dimly lit by a weak sun, but it offered access to the rich Prometium system with three habitable planets and on the other hand to Oxygen, in itself just having one planet teeming with life but then leading to Tantalum, the lynchpin of the whole arm. Thus the formidable Retribution fleet of the undines tookup a guarding posture here after survey elements of their vexing foes, the Red Fleet had been spotted in the system. Thinly stretched by the multiple demands heaped upon them and constantly atrited in the mercyless war they were embroiled in the Undines nevertheless had assembled what was by galactic standards a formidable fleet. Nine Tango class battleships and three Wiskey battlecruisers formed the long-range arm, and defending them against the pesky gunboats were twelve Victor class battlecruisers and three Romeo class heavy cruisers, rounded out by the long range punch of nine Alpha class light carriers and six frigates. all of them as modern as the Undines could field them, but as recent news of another standoff in Helium showed, modern was relevant.
The allies had grown wise in their tactics and fended off the over five hundred gunboats trying to catch them and damaged most of the twelve battle cruisers and destroyed all of the 27 destroyers and six of the twelve battleships used by the red fleet, but in the end the feeling was that the yet untouched twelve superdreadnaughts and six battleships had only turned back because they did not want to expose themselves to fighter strikes after loosing their screen. still, it was a pyric voctory, having lost all their heavy cruisers and most of their battle cruisers and battleships in the fight. Their foe, after having lain dormant for almost three years, had come back with terrifying new capabilities, shrugging off laser fire and sending back salvoes coordinated between up to six ships, simply overwhelming any attempts at missile interception with sheer numbers. Luckily the allies did manage to copy and implement many of the Red Flets old technology, but it seemed as if there were still miles to go until they reached parity. Expensive miles, and not really affordable by the cash-struck undines. But what must, must.. and so they continued to sacrifice ships and means in defence of their worlds.
Still, this new point of contact was worrysome and thus First Water Lord Taiphun Nixie was not surprised when an breathless ensign handed him a contact report from the sensor network emplaced in Antimony, detailing twenty contacts on a heading towards Promethium. This seemed a low number, maybe a probe in force, but presented a welcome chance to try and catch a small feel detachment and destroy it in detail. Luckily the enemies vector allows the Retribution fleet to intercept the alien incursion, and thus they neared the unwavering contact until at two light seconds they could resolve the contact into five battle cruisers and fifteen destroyers. At least that was what the contacts engine sizes suggested, and proved true when they idled and withdrew for a few minutes, but then changed course to head towards the undine fleet. The Retribution fleet promptly turned lead away from the enemy fleet, trying to keep them at long range, while the five enemy battlecruisers launched their brood of gunboats and , while creeping closer, started to launch weak salvoes of long range missiles from five of them. Wich prompted the First Water Lord to allow his carriers to run away at full speed to stay out of the salvo was weak but still stripped a frigate of half her armour. Fire shifted immediately to one of the three heavy cruisers, and though most missiles were shot down, the leakers gradually eroded its armour over the next four minutes when suddenly an astonished yell from sensors stirred the quiet air of the flag bridge. "Sir.. we have some strange sensor echoes near the hostile fleet. Trying to pinpoint them down.". As the sensors lashed out with powerfull laser beams, six light cruisers wich had been undetected before launched additional shoals of gunboats. Light cruisers never had been part of the enemies fleet makeup in the recent battles... scouts? Scouts who could turn invisible to sensors? What else might be hidden in the darkness of space? "Hold course and keep an eye open.. and keep me those cruisers in view." Unfortunately, the light cruisers still were out of range, and thus the undines had to endure the light enemy fire unopposed for another minute. Then the Retribution fleet turned to starboard, trying to dogleg away from the small enemy fleet, wen suddenly straight ahead seventy-five gunboats erupted from a dark patch of space, revealing six battlecruisers and three light cruisers at only three and a half light second way, well into engagement range, while to the now right stern quadrant another 102 gunboats emerged and charged, while their mothership battleships send a salvo at one of the up to now safe carriers. But only one missile passed the deployed EDM, and reduced the carriers shields to a third. Then  furious exchange of fire occured, stripping the passive defences of a battlecruiser on each side and killing 47 gunboats. Trying to keep their stern aspect uncovered, the Retribution fleet had to accept that the