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Title: Q&A with Steve White and Dr. Gannon
Post by: MWadwell on May 14, 2011, 03:15:36 AM
Copied from a post by Cralis on the SDS Forum:

Since some of our forum members don't visit the main news site, I wanted to make an announcement to let everyone know that we have posted a two part question & answers with Steve White and Dr. Charles Gannon, all about the new STARFIRE book Extremis.

There are actually some pretty interesting facts in there, and a pleasant surprise for STARFIRE fans. You should check it out. (

PS. the Official Classic Starfire Fiction section has been opened up so that anyone can start topics. If you have any questions or comments about the official history you can now ask them in the official forum for that history!
Title: Charles Gannon on Cable TV
Post by: MWadwell on August 10, 2011, 12:34:07 AM
Quote from: MWadwell
Copied from a post [] by Cralis on the SDS Forum:

If you guys don't read the news page for Starfire, you might miss this email I got from Charles Gannon:


The subject line pretty much says it all: here’s a link to Part II of Discovery's new series "Curiosity" : "Alien Attack--Are we Ready."

It premiers this Sunday at 8 PM on the Discovery Channel. You can see a 3 minute overview by going to On Demand Cable, choosing TV Series A-G, scrolling down to “Curiosity”

It features a number of fine SF authors and experts, as well as cutting-edge scientists. I assure you you’ll know *someone* in the show.

And yes, I might as well admit that I’m in it, too. More than a bit.

Chuck Gannon

It actually looks pretty interesting. I'm going to have to check it out.