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Title: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1 - Discovery
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January 2045 Census Data
The Asiatic Federation: 2100m Population, 4,200 Conventional Industrial Facilities, 16 Research Facilities, 83 Conventional ICBM Bases, 6 Ground Bases
The Alliance of Free Nations: 1300m Population, 2,600 Conventional Industrial Facilities, 13 Research Facilities, 36 Conventional ICBM Bases, 7 Ground Bases
The Celestial Empire: 2950m Population, 6,500 Conventional Industrial Facilities, 7 Research Facilities, 8 Conventional ICBM Bases, 4 Ground Bases, Starting Technology: Trans-Newtonian Physics
The Union of South American Nations: 600m Population, 1,200 Conventional Industrial Facilities, 6 Research Facilities, 16 Conventional ICBM Bases, 5 Ground Bases

6th January, 2045 - The war continues to rage across the globe.   Imperial forces in Italy and Libya hold their ground against Alliance ground troops.   Allied casualties are heavy across several battalions, with the 19th Allied Infantry Battallion suffering 58% casualties in the space of a few hours in a disastrous attempt to take Tripoli.   Imperial soldiers remarkably suffer no losses, yet despite their uncommon valor and luck collateral damage to Imperial citizens is estimated at 100,000 civilian casualties and 4 industrial facilities.

Meanwhile, Asiatic Federation soldiers battle the AFN in Russia and Australia, trading blow for blow but ultimately coming out behind and failing to establish a beachhead in Darwin, where civilian casualties range in the ballpark of 50,000 and 2 industrial facilities are lost.

Emperor Ala' Abba, a remarkably young man for an emperor at a mere 21 years of age who rose to his position at the command of the Great Prophet Idris himself, commended his troops on their heroic efforts at Tripoli.   He then publicly condemned the leaders of the Alliance of Free Nations for leading their own people astray with lies and deceit about the nature of the Covenant, and for duping them into attacking a civilization with only peaceful intentions.   He took this victory as an opportunity to reiterate that the Empire would faithfully and dutifully protect all those who chose to live according to the Celestial Covenant, and that together not even the stars were beyond reach.

The leadership of the AFN were silent.

21st January, 2045 - Federation armed forces secure Darwin, Australia and wipe out the 12th and 13th Allied Infantry Battallions.   Meanwhile, Imperial forces continue to hold their territory against the AFN.   While it is quite clear that the Asiatic Federation are the aggressors in Australia and Russia, the situation between the AFN and the Imperials is much less certain.   Two things are clear, the AFN have a great economic need to keep the political climate in the Middle East under control as the world's supplies of oil are becoming more and more scarce . . .  and the strange new dogma which has formed the Celestial Empire doesn't leave a whole lot of room for dissention or rival factions.

26th January, 2045 - The war is going poorly for the Alliance.   Their attempts to take back their foothold in Israel (which, according to the Celestial Empire and Asiatic Federation no longer exists as Israel anymore) while simultaneously attempting to hold off the invading forces of the Federation are wearing their already battered forces thin.   Recently, there have been catastrophic military casualties on all fronts, and the Alliance is running scared.   The council of allied nations convenes in an emergency session under Chairman Houston Smoldt.   Chairman Smoldt is a practical man who managed to go from being a poor youth living paycheck to paycheck to becoming the leader of the so-called free world, and he wasn't about to let any dogmatic Imperials or overzealous fascists destroy the very thing that got him where he was today - the democratic process.   He demanded answers and options from his staff and from the convened leaders of nations.

The AFN military leadership, with the exception of Brigadier General Pat Prince who some called the Patton of the great World War 3, all agreed that the only plausible course of action was to abandon the Imperial front and let them have the Middle East.   The pressing concern was that Australia and Russia both were about to be lost to the Federation, and that there might not be anything to stop them from continuing further into Europe from Russia.   Right now, the military leaders urged, the AFN needed to focus on holding it's own borders.

Brigadier General Prince was the first person in a leadership role during World War 3 to advocate the use of nuclear weaponry, arguing that showing weakness to their enemies would only invite further invasion, and that the strength of the alliances combined military forces were not a match for even just one of their enemies in light of the recent casualties.   If the AFN tried to hold its position, it would be overrun, and by that time it will be too late to do anything at all.   However, if they launched a nuclear assault now, they may just be able to even the odds or even shock their enemies into a surrender.
The council was in an uproar, except for Chairman Smoldt who carried a very grave look on his face.   After calling the council back to order, the Chairman urged the council to consider the weight of the situation.   He suggested that they retreat from the Celestials, who seemed content to grow their Empire through the relatively peaceful method of dogged evangelicalism, and to focus on the Asian fronts.   If the battle on the Asian fronts continued to go so poorly even after being reinforced, any further options could be discussed.

In the end, that is exactly what the council decided to do.   Forces were pulled out of the mediterranean, effectively abandoning Italy, Morocco, Libya, Niger, Romania, and the surrounding areas to the Empire.   Some within the AFN leadership said that the people of those nations would rather it that way, anyway, but those voices were quickly quashed by a frenzied media.   Public opinion in the West was left to those who hadn't already converted to the Covenant.

1st February, 2045 - The Federation takes Australia and Russia.   President Gong Yi Guo (a strange, one-armed man with an even stranger medical condition - Klippel-Trenaunay syndrome) congratulates his cabinet, military, and the people of the Federation on a job well done.   The decision must now be made about whether to stop here with the Federation's wealth increased dramatically from the acquisition of so many resource-rich territories, or whether to try to wipe out the western Alliance once and for all.   The remaining military strength of the Alliance is unknown, but based on recent battles it cannot be overwhelming.   The decision is made to press the invasion, to see how the West responds when Europe is invaded from Russia and the United States and Canada are invaded from across the pacific.

Upon realizing that the Federation is not going to stop, the Alliance panics.   Contrary to the strong show they were displaying for the public, their combined military strength was almost wiped out.   They appealed to the USAN under the mantra that the Federation wasn't going to stop with the Alliance, and that they were next.   The USAN, who had so far attempted to remain as neutral as possible, finally allowed themselves to be dragged into the war.   The joint-plan was to attempt to soften the military targets with a barrage of inter-continental nuclear missiles, and then to pray that they could survive the coming onslaught.   The only alternative was the death of the free world.

At 01:01 and 6 seconds on the 1st of February 2045, 36 nuclear missiles were en route from all across the western world to the likely locations of Federation military forces.   5 seconds after that, sensor systems from each of the other world powers detected new thermal signiatures closing in on China.   Alarms were ringing all across the world, throwing leadership into disarray and confusion.

At 01:16 and 6 seconds, 36 nuclear detonations pepper the landscape of Asia.   Civilian casualties would later be estimated at 21. 6 million.   193 Federation industrial facilities were destroyed, along with the Federation's only active military academy.   Other than the academy, surprisingly few standing Federation military forces were hit.   Forward operating bases on the outskirts of Okinawa, Manila, Darwin, and Petropavlosk-Kamchatsky were all hit, although they were mostly empty at the time, along with several smaller towns on the Japanese mainland where out-dated Alliance intelligence had suggested major military bases would be.   That intelligence had not been updated since before the war.   Scientists would later estimate that the background radiation level around the world had raised to 216 millisieverts, centered around the blast areas and spreading.   The average surface temperature of the Earth would drop to 11. 8 degrees celsius, a total drop of roughly 3. 2 degrees on average.   All four world powers issue a state of martial law, each according to their own laws and customs, in order to quell the incredible civil unrest caused by the nuclear assault.

Hours later, President Gong was on the phone with Chairman Smoldt, negotiating terms for a ceasefire.   Chinese officials, and indeed the rest of the world, were horrified at the prospect of unleashing a nuclear winter and quickly realized that they had let things get out of hand.   They had the resources they needed, and now it was time to stop and weather the storm that was coming.   With exactly one half of its nuclear arsenal remaining, and a badly beaten standing military, the AFN eventually agreed to surrender the already conquered territories to the Asiatic Federation.   For most of the world, the war was over; the Celestial Empire was still growing at a frightening pace, absorbing most of southeastern Europe and Northern Africa and forcibly subdoing those among the assimilated populations who would not convert.

6th April, 2045 - With the apparent end of the war, many citizens of the AFN have called into question the need for the continued existence of the Alliance.   With the looming threat of not one, but two major world-empires, Chairman Smoldt and his cabinet had seen a great need to unite the people of the West (a term which the USAN resented,) and so less than a year ago had appointed a sizeable portian of the AFN budget to establish the very first official AFN-owned property.   Now, a new world financial center dubbed "The Alliance Trade Center" stood in the heart of New York City at the former site of the World Trade Center.   The President of the United States had graciously granted the land (in exchange for financial support during the wartime crisis, but that was hardly public knowledge) to the AFN as a gesture of trust and to demonstrate the need of unity against a common enemy of freedom and democracy.   Through this center, the AFN would conduct trade not only internally among its member nations, but also with its foreign partners in the USAN.

11th June, 2045 - The AFN completes construction of a new nuclear ICBM silo.   The other three world powers are all aware of this, and take note.   The AFN has a further three silos already scheduled for construction.

1st July, 2045 - A team of scientists from the Celestial Empire, led by reknowned physicist Atif Hassan, develops a method of geological survey that will allow entire celestial bodies to be surveyed for trans-newtonian elements from orbit.   These Geological Survey Sensors could be equiped to spacecraft constructed using trans-newtonian elements in order to discover new sources of the Empire's most sacred resources.   Construction of an orbital shipyard has been under weigh in the Empire for some time now, thus far undetected by the other empires, and is expected to be complete at the turn of the new year.   So far, the other powers do not even appear to be aware of the trans-newtonian elements, known to the Celestial Empire as "the Sacrament. "

26th July, 2045 - The Federation completes reconstruction of its military academy, and suitable training of new officers resumes immediately.  Since the destruction of the Republic of China Military Academy in Taiwan during the AFN nuclear bombardment of the Federation, training of officers had been temporarily halted and then shifted to an emergency training ground outside of Beijing.   The new acadameny, the Federal Military Academy, is located just outside of Meilongzhen on the Changsha bay, just far enough away from Hong Kong to be clear of any fallout from further nuclear bombardment.   Meanwhile, the USAN constructs a financial center of its own in Buenos Aires.

6th August, 2045 - The Federation completes its own financial center in Shang Hai, through which all trade with the Celestial Empire is immediately directed.

30th December, 2045 - The Celestial Empire completes construction of the world's first orbital shipyard.   Scientists from the Sun Transport and Trading corporation begin finalizing the designs for an engine which uses elements of the holy Sacrament.   Fueled by Sorium, one of the new elements, a ship powered by such an engine, and made of these trans-newtonian elements, would move through the vaccuum of space like a submarine through water.   The elements would also allow the ship to be created with significantly less mass than any other previous designs would conceivably allow, allowing it to reach speeds that would make manned solar exploration possible.   Humanity could, if these theories proved true (and in the Empire, it was blasphemy to claim that they wouldn't,) finally put a man on Mars, or even beyond the secondary asteroid belt.  The other powers as yet have no knowledge of the Empire's stellar accomplishment.

January 1st, 2046 - The Earth's background radiation level had dropped by one half, down to 124 millisieverts in the year since the western Alliance launched its nuclear assault against Asia.   The levels of atmospheric dust had dropped back down to normal, but the people of the world were still very alarmed by the nuclear devastation of the planet and the wholesale slaughter of tens of millions of civilians.   Birth rates had dropped and death rates had risen sharply.   Radiation sickness was still widespread over the entire planet, and the will of its people had suffered for it.   Martial law was still in place in each of the 4 world powers, keeping protesters in check and quelling what could at any time turn into mass-riots.

February 1st, 2046 - An Imperial espionage team was captured by AFN while attempting to establish deep-cover identities within the Pentagon.  News of the spies, including confessions and some rather visceral threats to kill all those who would not repent their wicked ways, was made public in an effort to discredit the Empire's attempts to appear wholly peaceful.   The Empire responded by accusing the AFN of conducting a witch-hunt and a war against the freedom of religion.

March 21st, 2046 - USAN completes construction of a new military academy in Paraguay.   The Celestial Empire begins construction of an orbital commercial shipyard, hard at work expanding Amfels military shipyard for construction of the world's first spaceship, expected to weigh in at approximately three to five thousand tonnes.

January 1st, 2047 - Background radiation levels on Earth have settled back down to near-normal levels.   Global unrest fades with it.

Throughout the next two years, Celestial Empire advances research into Trans-Newtonian technology.  They develop thermal and electromagnetic sensors which can be used in the vaccuum of space just as readily as in the Earth's atmosphere.  A new alloy is developed, duranium, which could be used in protective armor coatings on everything from spacecraft to plates for flak jackets.  In a truly marvelous feat of engineering, the Empire discovers how to make use of Corundium in order to weaponize lasers.  A new power source is also developed, using Boronide to develop a new kind of pressurized water reactor.   These new reactors go a long way towards solving any power problems the Empire had before, bringing a new standard of living across what used to be the Middle East, southeastern Europe, and North Africa.

The Imperials are beginning to realize how so many of their Great Prophet's miracles were just clever uses of the Holy Sacrament.   With each new discovery, they become closer to their ancient gods, and closer to attaining godhood themselves.   The technological prowess of what used to be some of the most impoverished nations on the planet quickly and miraculously outstrips the rest of the developed world.

October 9th, 2047 - Construction of the De Merwede civilian shipyard completes in the Celestial Empire, allowing the Empire to seriously begin planning for long-term colonization and industrial exploitation of other celestial bodies.

9th August, 2049 - The Celestial Empire finalizes designs for humanity's first legitimate spaceship, the Idris class Science Vessel.   Many of the ship's components had been pre-fabricated in the preceeding two years as their respective technologies had developed, significantly expiditing what would otherwise have been a very long construction process.   Construction of the ship begins immediately and is expected to complete on 30th January, 2050.

Idris class Science Vessel    5,000 tons     70 Crew     350. 2 BP      TCS 100  TH 6  EM 0
60 km/s     Armour 4-26     Shields 0-0     Sensors 5/5/0/1     Damage Control Rating 3     PPV 0
Maint Life 4. 85 Years     MSP 131    AFR 66%    IFR 0. 9%    1YR 9    5YR 138    Max Repair 100 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 12 months    Spare Berths 2    

SCA M14 Conventional Engine (2)    Power 2. 8    Fuel Use 86%    Signature 2. 8    Exp 10%
Fuel Capacity 60,000 Litres    Range 2. 5 billion km   (484 days at full power)

SCA Active Search Sensor F-F (1)     GPS 1000     Range 5. 0m km    Resolution 100
SCA Active Search Sensor F-M (1)     GPS 10     Range 500k km    Resolution 1
SCA Active Search Sensor F-FI (1)     GPS 100     Range 1. 6m km    Resolution 10
SCA Active Search Sensor F-FAC (1)     GPS 200     Range 2. 2m km    Resolution 20
SCA M1-5 Thermal Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  5m km
SCA M1-5 EM Detection Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  5m km
Geological Survey Sensors (1)   1 Survey Points Per Hour

This design is classed as a Military Vessel for maintenance purposes

19th September, 2049 - Due to increased trade with the Celestial Empire, Federation scientists are able to analyze materials and technology in new civilian products being developed exclusively within the Empire.   In light of several breakthroughs piggybacked on these products, the Asiatic Federation is able to discover Trans-Newtonian Physics.   This makes them the second world power to officially enter the new age.   Research and development priorities are immediately shifted towards the cosmos.

30th January, 2050 - The Celestial Empire completes humanity's first spaceship.   Command of the Imperial Science Vessel Marc Aaronson is given to 2nd Lieutenant Basil Abdulah (Insightful, Patient, Self-Confident . . .  Political Reliability, Survey, Factory Production, Logistics) and with this position the honorary title of "First Space Captain. "  2nd Lieutenant Basil Abdulah is a man of unquestioning faith and loyalty to the Emperor.   He knew the Great Prophet Idris personally, and before the official formation of the Celestial Empire had served the Prophet as a personal guard.   He was known throughout the Empire as a rising star, patient, confident, and able to take great care of the men under his command.

The Marc Aaronson is immediately dispatched to begin a geological survey of the Sol system.   Seconds later, as the spaceship's engines fire up in orbit for the first time, deep space tracking stations from the other three world powers all simultaneously detect a new and large thermal signature which they promptly identify as belonging to the Empire.   The Empire proudly anounces its success, declares that its intentions are peaceful, and promises the salvation of the heavens for all who would convert.   The other three powers recognize that the world has entered into a new Space Race and demand for more research laboratories and space exploration promptly soars around the world.   Shortly after the Empire's announcement, the rest of Africa (excluding South Africa, who is still nominally loyal to the British crown) converts, leaving the Empire with the heavy burden of feeding, housing, and putting to work some of the world's most impoverished peoples.   Meanwhile, the powerful sensors of the Marc Aaronson collect strategic intelligence on the various missile silos and military bases of the other world powers as it begins its one hour and fourty-five minute journey to the moon.

April 22nd, 2050 - Although nothing of interest was found on Luna, the Marc Anderson discovers massive quantities of Duranium (9mil, 0. 8 ), Neutronium (11. 9mil, 0. 1) and Corundium (6. 1mil, 0. 1. ) on the planet Venus.   The quantities of these elements found on Venus dwarf the quantities on Earth, and plans are immediately put into motion to acquire these materials.   While automated mines are a viable option, the more fervent believers in the empire are far too eager to begin colonizing extra-terrestrial worlds, and so plans are put in motion to begin the colonization of Luna as a test of the Empire's technological and logistical capabilities.   If the Luna colony proves successful, an attempt to place a permanent human colony on Venus would be made.

May 23rd, 2050 - The Marc Aaronson passes by Earth on its way to survey the comet Wolf.   The other powers are thrown into a momentary state of panic as they detect the now familiar signature of humanty's first spaceship en passant.   This feeling of panic quickly transforms into something more akin to envy and a growing dread of becoming technologically obsolete.

July 24, 2050 - Traces quantities of readily accessible Neutronium, Boronide, Vendarite, Uridium, and Corundium are discovered on the comet Wolf.   Plans for mining from the comet are discussed.   Any real attempts would prove difficult, as the comet moves almost as quickly as any spacecraft that the Empire can design, and it's orbital trajectory around the sun takes it out of the range of any manned vessels.

1st August, 2050 - A second Idris class Science Vessel has been constructed, the George Ogden Abell.   It is sent to assist the Marc Aaronson in completing the geological survey of Sol.

August 7th, 2050 - Earth's supply of Tritanium, a trans-newtonian element used primarily in the construction of missiles, has been exhausted.  Stockpiles are as follows: Asiatic Federation (10,033), Alliance of Free Nations (7,083), The Celestial Empire (17,633), Union of South American Nations (2,627. )  The AFN and USAN are not even aware of the existance of this element as yet.   The quantities which they have could not so much be considered stockpiles as they are already built into various constructions throughout their territories.   If these empires discover the trans-newtonian elements, they will have to dismantle a great number of buildings in order to acquire any Tritanium.

September 18th, 2050 - The George Ogden Abell discovers trace quantities of readily accessible Vendarite, Sorium, and Gallicite on the comet Wolf-Harrington.   Meanwhile, scientists at UC Berkeley discover Trans-Newtonian physics for the AFN, and the corresponding new elements.   Relieved to finally have a grasp on the success of the Celestial Empire, the AFN begins to rigorously research its own brand of space-travel.

October 3rd, 2050 - Earth's supply of Corbomite, an especially conductive element used for everything from shields to advanced electronics, has been exhausted.

January 22nd, 2051 - A third Idris class, the Antonio Abetti, has been completed.   It is immediately assigned to assist with the geosurveying efforts.

April 14th, 2051 - An espionage team from the AFN, led by Gabriel Levesque, has been killed while on a mission to infiltrate the Imperial space-launch station in Alexandra, Egypt.   Discovered by security forces stationed there, the spies chose to eat cyanide rather than be captured.

May 19th, 2051 - The Antonio Abetti discovers Trans-Newtonian elements on Mars: 6. 4mil Duranium (0. 9), 8. 9mil Neutronium (0. 7), 1k Tritanium (0. 1), 1. 3mil Boronide (0. 1).   Mars will be much easier to colonize than Venus, and Imperial plans shift accordingly.

August 11th, 2051 - A fourth Idris, the Giorgio Abetti, has been constructed and is immediately assigned to assist with geosurveying.

November 16th, 2051 - A Sorium shortage on Earth prompts government officials (excluding the USAN who have yet to discover the element) to consider with care their ship designs and plans for the future.   It would seem as though any misuse of fuel could leave humanity stranded on Earth with no way to further explore the cosmos.

January 20th, 2052 - Alexandra Kupfer replaces Houston Smoldt as President of the AFN.   Her election campaign focused primarily on the shortages of various trans-newtonian elements around the globe, and the dwindling supplies of all of the other elements.   She promised to revamp AFN mining and industrial production in order to acquire as much of these resources, mostly hidden deep below the Earth's crust, as possible before the other empires could steal them away.   Her competition mostly had a conservative, backwards approach to the Trans-Newtonian discoveries, focusing more on economics and the recent political tensions with the Empire.   With the public still enthralled by the opportunity for real, manned space-exploration for the first time in human history, her victory was a landslide.

January 24th, 2052 - The Marc Aaronson drops of a specialized team of geologists on Luna, complete with a Trans-Newtonian science laboratory, to begin a more thorough analysis of Luna.

February 28th, 2052 - A second Espionage team from the AFN, led by Victor Bonnaire, has been killed while attempting to penetrate the launchpad at Alexandria.   This team, like the team before it, also chose suicide over capture.

May 11th, 2052 - Spies from the Asiatic Federation successfully steal Imperial designs for an as-yet unproduced space-freighter, classed "Eternal Diligence. "  Although they do not yet understand all of the technology behind the design, they do recognize its purpose, giving insight into the goals and motivations of the Empire.

Eternal Diligence class Freighter    29,900 tons     59 Crew     353. 5 BP      TCS 598  TH 5  EM 0
8 km/s     Armour 2-85     Shields 0-0     Sensors 5/5/0/0     Damage Control Rating 4     PPV 0
MSP 30    Max Repair 5 MSP
Intended Deployment Time: 60 months    Spare Berths 1    
Cargo 25000    

SCA C50 Conventional Engine (1)    Power 5    Fuel Use 8. 84%    Signature 5    Exp 5%
Fuel Capacity 100,000 Litres    Range 6. 5 billion km   (9426 days at full power)

SCA M1-5 Thermal Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  5m km
SCA M1-5 EM Detection Sensor (1)     Sensitivity 5     Detect Sig Strength 1000:  5m km

This design is classed as a Commercial Vessel for maintenance purposes

July 8th, 2052 - The first commercial space-freighters, of the Eternal Diligence class, are laid down at the De Merwede shipyard in The Celestial Empire.  Construction is expected to complete on March 15th, 2053.

August 16th, 2052 - A large deposit of Sorium is discovered on Jupiter.  (1. 5mil, 0. 7)

September 12th, 2052 - The Imperial geologists complete their survey of Luna, finding nothing interesting.   Once the Giorgio Abetti completes its scheduled shore leave, it will rendevous with the science team and drop them off on Mars en route to help survery the outer planets.

October 2nd, 2052 - The Empire captures a USAN espionage team operating in Imperial territory.   The South Americans were also attempting to gain access to the Empire's orbital shipyards, posing as laborers.   Over the next few months, through a combination of drugs and brainwashing techniques, the USAN spies are made to convert.   After cleaning them up, they are recorded spouting pro-Imperial dogma and exhorting their fellow South Americans to convert as well.   The footage is aired live on Imperial television, increasing tensions between Imperial government and USAN government.

December 14th, 2052 - The supply of Vendarite on Earth has been exhausted.   The Giorgio Abetti drops the scientists and equipment off on Mars and continues towards Saturn.   This team of five geologists (Ensign Firas Abbas, Ensign Angirasa Rodrigues, Ensign Varaza Ahanthem, Ensign Pithasthana Talwari, Ensign Amitabha Baurai) become the first humans to set foot on Mars.

January 9th, 2053 - The Imperial geology team on Mars completes its survey, discovering almost 5 million more tons of Tritanium just below the surface of the planet (0. 8 ).   This is welcome news thanks to the shortage of Tritanium on Earth.   Imperial colonizations plans would have been sped up at this point if they were not already going as fast as possible.

July 23rd, 2053 - The same team of Asian spies which uncovered the Eternal Diligence blueprints is killed in action at a shootout near the University of Cairo.

September 11th, 2053 - A design flaw in the Idris class has become increasingly apparent.   Their range will not allow them to reach Saturn, and although 2nd Lieutenant Muntasir Mousa of the Antonio Abetti carefully and diligently took care of his ship, he pushed the capabilities of the class to their maximum potential.   In a valiant, but failed attempt to reach Saturn, he has found himself almost unable to return to Earth.   Due to dangerously low fuel reserves, he has ordered his vessel to wait at a standstill in Earth's orbital path around the sun, and will have to wait another 8 months before home will swing around within his ship's viable range.   At his recommendation, the blueprints for the Idris are being revised to allow for greater range.

February 25th, 2054 - The George Ogden Abell rendevous with the science team on Mars, picking them up for a trip to Venus.   9 days later, the science team and their mobile laboratory are the first humans on Venus.   The Goerge Ogden Abell heads to the Antonio Abetti to share fuel and expidite its trip home.   Meanwhile, the Marc Aaronson rendevous with the Giorgio Abetti for the same purpose.   Once fuel transfers have been completed, all ships return to base for refueling, resupplying, and overhauling.

May 21st, 2054 - The geology team on Venus completes its survey and reports that no additional elemental deposits were discovered.   The speed at which this specialist team is completing its surveys has Imperial ship engineers pondering creating a slower, more thorough science vessel that could permanently house such a team in addition to completing preliminary geosurveys from orbit.

July 22nd, 2054 - The Imperial geology team becomes the first humans on Mercury.   The George Ogden Abell supports the team from a low 1km orbit.

October 2nd, 2054 - The USAN discovers Trans-Newtonian Physics 10 years after the Imperials, becoming the final world-power to enter the new era.
Title: Re: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1
Post by: MagusXIX on December 16, 2012, 06:03:44 PM
I had no clue how to target ground forces with ICBMs, or if that's even possible.   I seem to recall Steve doing that in one of his stories . . .  but in mine I guess the Chinese were not so lucky.   XD
Title: Re: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1 - Discovery
Post by: MagusXIX on January 15, 2013, 12:06:12 AM
Alright, I updated this to make it resemble something a little closer to a full chapter.   Chapter 1, now called "Discovery" covers from the initial discovery of Trans-Newtonian physics all the way up to the point where all world-powers have discovered it.   Working on Chapter 2 next, which will cover the colonization of and struggle for Sol up to the point where all empires have the capability to leave the solar system.

I may also do a sort of dossier on all of the important people, governments, and organizations within our story.   World leaders, military officials, scientists, an overview of each government, and the civilian corporations.   The civilian corporations are especially important in this story because of the way I'm designing ship components.   You may have noticed the "SCA" that's in front of each ship component.   This is the acronym for Sleiman Carrier Alliance, the Imperial corporation which designed that particular component.   More design styles will crop up as more civilian shipping lines do.   The SCA, for example, has a slogan that reads: "The Rock of Our Foundation" and its designs are correspondingly tough and solid, usually at the expense of speed and firepower.

I'm not sure whether I'll finish Chapter 2 next, or the dossiers.   I guess if there's feedback here I can adjust accordingly.
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Post by: Nathan_ on January 15, 2013, 05:52:50 PM
Insert Quote
I had no clue how to target ground forces with ICBMs, or if that's even possible.   I seem to recall Steve doing that in one of his stories . . .  but in mine I guess the Chinese were not so lucky.   XD
Its possible. steve had to paint ground forces with an active sensor to start with though, and ICBM bases can't do that on their own.
Title: Re: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1 - Discovery
Post by: MagusXIX on January 15, 2013, 11:01:25 PM
Its possible. steve had to paint ground forces with an active sensor to start with though, and ICBM bases can't do that on their own.

Yeah, I figured that out as soon as I developed my first active sensor.  It's a little strange, imo, that you can't really target anything other than populations with your ICBMs in a conventional start.  Or train more ground troops.  The war in the beginning would have gone on a lot longer if the AFN were able to train more conventional troops without having to build a trans-newtonian ground unit training facility.  Oh well.  The conventional start isn't really what this is all about anyway, is it?  I'll have them all in space soon enough.
Title: Re: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1 - Discovery
Post by: Nathan_ on January 15, 2013, 11:37:10 PM
Not too strange, we can't target a tank division with an ICBM as is, though there are tactical nuclear weapons that can do that. Aurora doesn't model the tactical nuclear weapons situation however.
Title: Re: The Eye of Orion - Chapter 1 - Discovery
Post by: Gyrfalcon on January 16, 2013, 01:46:06 AM
Why couldn't we? If we can target a city effectively enough, we should be able to place a ICBM in the general area of that armor division. And with the output of a nuclear weapon, in the general area will probably wipe out everyone you're targeting.
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Post by: Nathan_ on January 16, 2013, 01:35:46 PM
Two reasons, and both are very good. ICBMs have a 20-60 minute flight time, and in that time a tank division can get out of the lethal kill radius. Likewise trying to lead your target when it is headed for one of your cities... well if they decide to just stop your city is gone and their tanks are still there. Tanks are relatively hardened against nukes, and thats the main reason why the neutron weapon was invented. The second reason is that if anyone launches an ICBM, everyone else is bound to launch of all their ICBM's, whereas tactical nuclear weapons may delay the cataclysmic exchange by perhaps 10 minutes.
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Post by: coco146 on January 20, 2013, 11:29:59 AM
Modern ICBMs are estimated to have an effective kill radius of as little as 500 meters on armoured vehicles, hitting a target like that which may be spread out over miles and is moving would be nearly impossible.
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Post by: MagusXIX on January 20, 2013, 12:14:48 PM
Modern ICBMs are estimated to have an effective kill radius of as little as 500 meters on armoured vehicles, hitting a target like that which may be spread out over miles and is moving would be nearly impossible.

Is that only considering the explosion itself, or the radiation burns and sickness that would follow? The way I understand it, the explosion isn't the primary effect.
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Post by: Nathan_ on January 20, 2013, 02:06:17 PM
Is that only considering the explosion itself, or the radiation burns and sickness that would follow? The way I understand it, the explosion isn't the primary effect.

sure radiation will eventually kill the tank crew, but eventually is too late to stop an armored push.
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Post by: coco146 on January 22, 2013, 04:00:44 AM
As most tanks are now NBC protected the effect on tanks APCs etc would likely be negligible
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Post by: ExChairman on January 22, 2013, 08:19:11 AM
As most tanks are now NBC protected the effect on tanks APCs etc would likely be negligible

Until they need to get out and fight, refuel , etc. :-X
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Post by: MagusXIX on January 22, 2013, 08:21:54 AM
After my experiences with so-called NBC protection in the Marine Corps, I'm pretty sure it's just a way to appease insurance companies into giving them lower rates.  Paying for really nice life-insurance for that many people gets really expensive.  If any of the NBC stuff that I've ever used actually works (aside from the gas masks) I'll eat my cover.
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Post by: Icecoon on January 22, 2013, 12:15:14 PM
Until they need to get out and fight, refuel , etc. :-X

Exactly, so if your tank was irradiated by a nuclear blast and you need to pee, you're out of luck.  :D