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Sorry But that is something that is Non Military cam up with. As for the Army I dough it. As it uses either Air force or Navy ranks
People Many years ago I read the Star Trek tech Book in there it stated that the Main Deflector Emitted two fields One a Cone with the Point of the cone away from the ship, and the base of the cone was the size of the ship ( roughly ), the field was weak at the point, somewhat stronger the closer it got to the base of the cone ( the weak force moving Micro to small Mass objects out of the way of the ship. Other objects would be seen and Maneuvered around . The second part was a field that acted like a close in shield, With many secondary Emitters all over the ship. Now it was over 20+ years ago so i may have Miss stated it. and sadly i no longer have it
Aurora Chat / Re: How Many Types of Missiles Do you Need?
« Last post by Tor Cha on Today at 10:03:00 PM »
I have 4-10 Missile Bodies 1-2 AAM 2-4 fighter gunboat Size (size 2-4) a Sensor Missile (size 3-6) then a Light Missile (size 6-8) a Medium Missile ( size 9-14 ) then A Heavy Missile (size 15-30 )
then 2 Mine Pod Missiles A Light one using either size 2-4 or 3-6 Missiles and a Heavy using the 15-30 size. tho i do have 2-4 others but those are Buoys, 2 Sensor 1 Survey 1 Warring.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by ardem on Today at 09:48:15 PM »
I like the idea of a memorial wall. I think this is great sometimes when they die and disappear straight away, I miss the details when I did the fiction, it made it harder.So +1 for a memorial wall.
Aurora Chat / Re: How Many Types of Missiles Do you Need?
« Last post by Gabethebaldandbold on Today at 06:09:58 PM »
How do you all get away with such large missiles? I mostly use size 2 or 3, anything larger and pd weapons (especially railguns) become so space effective that it becomes easy to get all incoming missiles shot down by final fire pd, making larger missiles completely useless unless I use box launchers only.

Or do you play against the ai, which is notoriously bad at pd?
I generally use a mix of heavily armoured missiles along with lightly armoured missiles to burn through AMM and point blank. of course this could be countered by using mesons, but by the if you are using mesons, that means I can bully the enemy my own AMM, wich I usually make quite long ranged, meaning I can usually just bully any fleet out of a sistem. by the way my anti-ship missiles are size 12 i know I am crazy
Mechanics / Re: System Questions
« Last post by Barkhorn on Today at 05:42:31 PM »
It does in VB6 already.  Not every system has them, but a lot do.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora Changes Discussion
« Last post by Hazard on Today at 04:06:20 PM »
It should probably be possible to place single mounted cannons into ground based turrets. Not least of which because while ships can haul the whole ship around if necessary to track a target and land a blow, a ground cannon can't shift around the planet to do the same.
Mechanics / Re: System Questions
« Last post by schroeam on Today at 04:04:04 PM »
I would think that the transnewtonian physics that allowed for jump points around a star would also allow for jump points around each star of a multi-star system.  Maybe C# will allow this in later versions. ;)
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Barkhorn on Today at 02:26:57 PM »
Suggestion, Better flesh out the lives of officers: 

1)  Let them change type in a believable way.  The specific one I'm thinking of is to allow military officers to become civilian administrators.  History is full of examples of military leaders become government officials.  Like Eisenhower going from Supreme Commander of the European Theater to President.  Maybe also allow them to go the other way, so you could have something like Richard the Lionheart on crusade.  Starts as king, becomes a general and goes to war, and if he isn't killed in battle can come home and go back to being king.

2)  Have some officers be the children of other officers.  That's happened plenty of times throughout history too; basically every monarch and plenty of democratic leaders too.  You wouldn't need to keep a whole family tree, we can do that if we want.

3)  Give us a "Memorial Wall" of sorts.  Basically, retain the histories of important officers, and allow us to issue posthumous medals and promotions.  I think a good definition of "important" would be any officer killed in battle or via black hole, any officer who lead any team, any military officer who's ship/unit did damage, any scientist who discovered a tech, and any civilian administrator who lead a colony greater than some population threshold.
Think you posted this in the wrong forum, unless you intend to start discussing how to best use that scout in combat/fleet :)

Yeah, fair enough.

It's less about the specs of this ship and more about the tactic, though.

First, this is not a scout, it's a decoy. 

The sensor is unlikely to ever see much of anything, but it's very visible from enemy EM sensors.

The value here is to give the enemy an EM contact and watch them respond to it.  A player or NPR might think the contact is an armed fleet, possibly causing them to turn on their own visible actives or to move to intercept.

If the source of the EM is a probe or buoy, losing it is trivial.  If it's this tiny Electronic Warfare fighter, it can suddenly accelerate to 30,000 km/s and evade.

Downside is that EM sensors can see the sensor is res 500, which should make them suspicious. 
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