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C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Bughunter on Today at 05:12:07 AM »
Steve, don't get hit by a bus, or something similar, please!

Best suggestion so far, should be on top of the C# priority list  ;D
Gallery / Re: Getting crowded in space
« Last post by Lossmar on Today at 03:45:18 AM »
Holy frakking smegballs that is a lot of traffic...

Cant wait for C# Aurora for this to be smooth and more playable...
Aurora Chat / Re: 2300 AD and Aurora
« Last post by Arwyn on Yesterday at 08:36:16 PM »
Great game. Played it through its several iterations.

VERY hard sci fi game. No anti grav, Newtonian physics, and very very lethal combat system. At the same time, the aliens WERE alien. Not just guys in dog or cat suits (Vargr and Aslan from Traveller). The Kafer, as an opponent were scary, and hilarious, but always dangerous and very alien in thought and demeanor.

The ship combat system, Star Cruiser, was very binary. Stealthy "subs in space" or big bricks of metal slugging it out. Colonization and politics were also believable, realistically messy, and a bit gritty. Great source material.

Still have all my originals. Fun game.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Sirce on Yesterday at 08:07:42 PM »
TOO (really too..) many questions..possibility and capability.

THIS is a "One-man-program" u r all crazy by submit overwhelming requests.

Since 2016 "C# project" began..NOW its 2019.

Wtf all wanna?

Am desire 1 thing : play. End.

Well, this is a game for Steve that he graciously allow us to play. Unfortunately, he hogging the C# at this time but that is because he can. All the suggestions are ideas Steve can mine and develop when he wants to. Fortunately, he promises Soon(TM) for us to play on C#. Steve, don't get hit by a bus, or something similar, please!
Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v7.10 Bugs Reporting Thread
« Last post by Tree on Yesterday at 12:56:56 PM »
My event update is blank... Or more to the truth, its doesn't open correctly, I can see it totally white in the "toolbar" of Aurora but cant open it...
In the main window, open the "Miscellaneous" menu and select "Reset Window Positions".
It'll move all your windows to the top left corner of your screen, it sounds like your event menu is outside your screen currently.
Aurora Bugs / Re: Official v7.10 Bugs Reporting Thread
« Last post by ExChairman on Yesterday at 11:46:20 AM »
My event update is blank... Or more to the truth, its doesn't open correctly, I can see it totally white in the "toolbar" of Aurora but cant open it...
Quasar4x / Re: Quasar4x - An early look at an Aurora4x clone in the works
« Last post by MasonMac on Yesterday at 11:25:57 AM »
A little thing, but would you be able to change the color of the planet orbit to a darker color? It still kinda hurts my eyes. Thanks.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Seolferwulf on Yesterday at 11:08:00 AM »
There's nothing wrong with suggesting ideas :p
If Steve likes them but it's too much for the initial launch he can add it later on whenever he wants.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by waresky on Yesterday at 10:28:12 AM »
TOO (really too..) many questions..possibility and capability.

THIS is a "One-man-program" u r all crazy by submit overwhelming requests.

Since 2016 "C# project" began..NOW its 2019.

Wtf all wanna?

Am desire 1 thing : play. End.
The Corporate Federation / Republic: Attacks from the Austin System
« Last post by Kurt on Yesterday at 10:20:18 AM »
March 2, 2143, Mars
Construction begins on the Anti-Small Unit Pods.  The construction time is anticipated to be only ten weeks, as much of the components for the pods have been pre-constructed on Earth. 

March 3, 2143, Houston
The Republic’s Survey Corps completes the geo-survey of the Houston system.  Houston-A IV, the location of Dregluk Bravo, is confirmed to be the only body in the system with deposits of TN resources.  Dregluk Bravo has very large deposits of five TN resources, including duranium and neutronium.  The deposits of duranium and boronide are present at high availability levels, while the others are at 0.1 levels. 

March 18, 2143, Houston
Three Dregluk ships jump into the system from Austin.  The attack force is composed of two battleships and a destroyer.  They speed away from the jump point as soon as they materialize, and the missile boats on the jump point launch missiles as soon as they can.  The tidal wave of missiles from the 1st LR Missile Group wipes out the Dregluk ships, leaving their hulks drifting alongside the wrecks of the earlier incursions. 

March 20, 2143, Mars
The first Star Class Battleship leaves the yards over Mars.  The Pride of Sol is humanity’s largest warship, and all of Mars celebrates at her launch.  The Pride of Sol joins the Home Fleet as its flagship, and the Venus and Jupiter, both Planet class BC’s, are transferred to the 1st Fleet to bolster Admiral Wallace’s firepower. 

In the Houston system…
The Advanced Colony Group arrives in-system.  They are directed to a large moon of the system’s outermost gas giant.  This has been a difficult decision for Admiral Wallace.  Originally, she had planned on establishing the new maintenance base on the same moon that contained the Forward Base, however, specialists informed her that the moon was too small for permanent human habitation.  Neither of the Dregluk inhabited planets were considered, for various reasons.  The two innermost terrestrial-type planets were both too Venus-like to be viable choices, which left the fifth moon of the outer gas giant as the only choice.  This moon is small, with a gravity only 13% that of Earth, but it is large enough to be considered a viable colony site.  At -66.2 degrees it is cold, and it has no atmosphere, but with a standard colony cost scale rating of 2.11 it is a decent choice.  The Advanced Cargo Group has been delivering infrastructure for some time, so the new colonists will find a ready-made colony for them to inhabit. 

As the colony ships begin unloading their cargo, the Advanced Cargo Group leaves the system, headed back to Earth to pick up the first load of maintenance facilities for the new forward maintenance facility. 

Admiral Wallace has been forced to start sending a portion of her fleet back to Bastion for overhauls.  Five of her sixteen frigates leave the system, headed back home. 

March 23, 2143, Houston
A Dregluk Mammoth class BB jumps into the system.  Admiral Chan gives the honor of engaging the Dregluk ship to the frigates Eire and Baikai.  It takes the two frigates twenty seconds to launch, but when they do their Thunderbolt missiles completely destroy the Dregluk ship in a welter of explosions, including two massive internal explosions. 

March 30, 2143, Los Angeles System (Adjacent to Sol)
The Fleet Scout Beckwourth detects a Dregluk gate construction ship entering the system.  Word is sent back to the Solar System, and in response a LR Missile Group is sent to deal with the intruder. 

April 7, 2143, Mars
Two new Star class battleships join the fleet.  The Vega and the Procyon join the Pride of Sol in the Home Fleet. 

In the Los Angeles System…
At 0509 hours the command Missile Boat assigned to the Home Fleet’s 5th LR Missile Group launched two Bludgeon IV ASM’s at the Dregluk ship headed towards the jump point to the Solar System.  The two missiles, designed to punch through a Dregluk battleship’s armor, completely destroyed the civilian ship. 

April 12, 2143, Houston
The Jupiter and the Venus, along with their escort of three frigates fresh from Bastion arrive in Houston and set out for the Forward Base.  Their arrival is a relief for Admiral Wallace, who has sent two thirds of her frigates back to Bastion, and will be forced to send the remainder back soon. 

April 18, 2143, Mars
The Bismarck and the Warspite leave the orbital yards freshly refitted to Assault Ship r2 standard.  They immediately set out for Houston to rejoin the 1st Fleet. 

April 28, 2143, Houston
A Dregluk Colossus class BB jumps into the system from Austin.  Four missile boats immediately launch, completely wiping the Dregluk jump ship out. 

April 29, 2143, Houston
Admiral Wallace deploys the Mars, Venus, and the Jupiter to the jump point to Austin.  Stocks of Bludgeon ASM’s have run low, while there are still many Thunderbolt ASM’s in the munitions dump on Forward Base.  While the missile boats will remain on station on the jump point, they will not fire their missiles unless there is an overwhelming need.  Ammunition ships are on their way from the home system, but won’t arrive for several weeks. 

May 21, 2143, Houston
A cruiser and a battleship jump into the system from Austin.  The three Planet class BC’s sitting on the jump point engage the cruiser, while the two ASM Frigates Nairobi and Ontario launch on the battleship.  The Nairobi and Ontario, with their veteran crews, launched almost immediately, but the BC’s had a little more trouble.  The fifty Thunderbolt IV ASM’s launched by the frigates swarmed the Mammoth class BB, which proved to be incredibly fragile.  The battleship was hit by four of the Republic’s smaller ASM’s, at which point it exploded from the inside, shattered by what had to be an internal magazine explosion.  Unfortunately, the Thunderbolt ASM’s were too small to carry their own sensors and the remaining ASM’s self-destructed after their target disappeared.  Twenty seconds after the two Dregluk ships entered the system the BC’s finally managed to get their weapons into action.  The BC’s launched twenty-six Thunderbolt IV ASM’s between them, all targeted on the fleeing cruiser.  It would take twenty-five seconds to reload their launchers.  The Vrock class cruiser proved to be much more durable than its larger companion as it absorbed the BC’s missile salvo and continued running. 

With ten seconds left until the BC’s would be able to launch again, the Human ships detected incoming missiles.  Thirteen size 3 Dregluk ASM’s were racing towards the fleet and Aegis VI AMM’s began spilling from the anti-missile frigate Delhi’s launchers.  The Aegis VI AMM’s destroyed twelve of the incoming missiles, and the Mars’ CIWS destroyed the last as it closed to attack range.  Five seconds later the BC’s launched another twenty-six missiles.  By that time the cruiser was three hundred thousand kilometers out and racing away at full speed.  This salvo destroyed the fleeing cruiser, although it took all of the missiles to do it. 

In the aftermath of the battle the frigates are sent back to Forward Base while the BC’s and the missile boats remain at the jump point. 

May 22, 2143, Mars
The orbital yards launch the Republic’s first two Anti-Small Unit Pods.  Three more will be launched in four weeks, but after that it will be the end of the year before any more come out of the yards.  Two Fleet Docks assigned to the Home Fleet will convey the new pods to the Houston system.  The Docks are large enough that the smaller pods won’t slow them too much, and they are able to take aboard enough of the new ASU missiles to resupply the two pods four times.  They set out for the Houston system, a trip that will take just over nineteen days. 

June 6, 2143, Houston
A Mammoth class BB jumps into the Houston system from Austin.  The Nairobi and Ontario launch their Thunderbolt missiles at the intruder, with the battlecruiser force rushing to back them up.  The two veteran frigates launched their missiles within five seconds of the Dregluk ship appearing on the jump point, and the Thunderbolt IV’s swarmed the Dregluk ship, penetrating its armor multiple times.  The BC force launched against the intruder twenty seconds later, and this salvo punched through the big ship’s armor more times, but only caused several small internal explosions.  The battleship must have suffered from serious internal damage because it wasn’t able to launch its own missiles before the BC’s got off a second salvo.  This salvo destroyed the fleeing BB. 

The BC’s and the frigates returned to the Forward Base to rearm.  When they returned to the jump point, they were reinforced by the first group of frigates to return from Bastion, fresh from overhauls.  Admiral Wallace was very glad to see these frigates arrive, but was beginning to become concerned for her long-range missile boats.  They would be reaching their endurance limits in the next several months, and it wasn’t clear if the forward maintenance base would be up and running at that point. 
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