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C# Aurora / Re: What Will You Do, When C# Arrives In Your Home?
« Last post by Bremen on Today at 11:11:27 AM »
First, I'm probably going to reread the changes list to try to figure out how all the new stuff works. Then I'll probably spend hours just playing around with ground unit design.

I usually don't flavor my games on a specific setting, but basing my first one on WH40k is tempting. Steve's campaign is really fitting the flavor perfectly, and I want to try a ground unit heavy game (using them for colony defenses instead of fleets, marine forces on large warships, etc) so it will probably fit well.
C# Aurora / Re: What Will You Do, When C# Arrives In Your Home?
« Last post by swarm_sadist on Today at 11:10:39 AM »
Play it.  ;D

Specifically: I'm going to take take generic human race versus generic bug race and smash them together like I'm 8 years old again.
C# Aurora / Re: What Will You Do, When C# Arrives In Your Home?
« Last post by Ayeshteni on Today at 10:41:00 AM »
Kaiserreich in Space

C# Aurora / Re: Calming the shakes
« Last post by Zincat on Today at 10:32:58 AM »
Started a VB Aurora new game, because I was having the shakes for C# Aurora...
15 years in... and nothing is happening  ;D

I mean literally. 30 systems fully explored and I found nothing. No NPRs, no ruins, no anomalies, no swarm, no precursors,  no invaders (ok, not complaining about this one)

Not a single thing.
Come on game, throw me something  ;D
C# Aurora / What Will You Do, When C# Arrives In Your Home?
« Last post by MultiVitamin on Today at 09:38:54 AM »
Joking title aside, once C# is out and about, what's the first game you're gonna do? Myself i'll be doing 2 simultaneous first games, the first being changing my Community Game over to C#. The second I want to do either a "MonsterShipGirls" run (I asked some friends what kind of game I should do, one said Fantasy Monsters as Ships (AKA Huge dragons, Shoggoths, etc) the other said Shipgirls like Kancolle/Azure Lane. I said frakkit and combined both) or a Warhammer 40k run.

Really excited about the Ground Units stuff and can't wait to see hordes of "Zombiegirl Infantry" and "Mindflayergirl Shock Troopers" conquering planets.
C# Aurora / Re: Calming the shakes
« Last post by MultiVitamin on Today at 09:34:00 AM »
Honestly Elite Dangerous didn't grab me as much because I like to go inside the ships, explore them and interact with them, and from what I've seen you can really do that in Elite. I've been playing a lot of Star Citizen though, it's really fun and actually a bit more stable now, and the major patches for it always add something new, a new mechanic, a new terrain feature, etc. I always just wind up getting sucked into the game. The most recent update added cave's, FPS mining and a law system, and a previous one added Blackmarket, so I always have fun exploring the caves, mining stuff out, then going to do drug runs and dodge to police to make that sweet aUEC.
C# Aurora / Re: C# Aurora v0.x Suggestions
« Last post by Hazard on Today at 08:53:11 AM »
On the other hand, part of the lore of Aurora is that TN materials gather in gravity wells and that deeper gravity wells both draw in more TN materials and are harder to get to, so you might well need and have the room to place more mines on larger bodies than you do on smaller ones in a manner that's greater than linear.
C# Aurora / Re: Calming the shakes
« Last post by chrislocke2000 on Today at 08:40:11 AM »
I spent a small fortune on the kick starter for Elite as was super keen to see it produced (I think I have a space station named after me somewhere in the game - CSSE I think, as a consequence. However never managed to get into when it launched as having finally gotten out of Eve did not need yet another time sink. 
C# Aurora / Re: Calming the shakes
« Last post by sloanjh on Today at 08:11:36 AM »
I've recently bought Elite Dangerous, so playing that while waiting for C# Aurora :)

Is it a successor to Elite?  How does it compare to Elite/OOlite?


PS - Please take care in your response, as it could lead to the loss of untold hours of productivity :)

I wasn't aware of Oolite until now :)

I have played a few hours of Elite Dangerous and it is fun but it hasn't grabbed me yet in the same way as the 80s original or the 90s remake. I've been playing Aurora all weekend.

I actually heard of it (Oolite) on the Aurora board - Welchbloke started a thread 10 years ago:  Wow time flies.  Not sure why I stopped playing it - in the thread I said something about my wrist giving me trouble, although it's hard to be sure because some of the text in the posts in the thread were lost due to the DB corruption a while back.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback on Elite Dangerous - I think the main thing that grabbed me was the camera rotation interface with the little lines to indicate Z on the 2D map; if they didn't duplicate that just right I suspect I'd be less enthused as well.

Good point, but as long as the minerals can be recovered again after there are no more aliens infesting the planet that is still a way better investment than building ships & missiles out of them to do the same job.
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