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Title: Jorgen's PDF
Post by: Gobbopathe on July 31, 2016, 12:25:42 PM

Sorry for spamming a bit, but I tried to send an MP to Jorgen, but his inbox is full. Instead of waiting for him to empty it, I considered posting here since my question could concern everyone.
I took a note a year ago in my todo list, saying "ask Jorgen for his Aurora PDF". I tried today to google something out of this note, but could not find anything convincing. I remember reading about this PDF from Jorgen himself, but not sure if it is on this forum, on reddit, or a video commentary. Saying anyone interested should ask Jorgen to get it.
This PDF could have been a tutorial, a guide, but I could not remember for sure.

FYI I uploaded a playlist of Aurora tutorials in french, 2 and a half year ago :

Hope this talks to you and that I asked the right place.