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16 years into a conventional start...
« on: August 26, 2016, 01:31:17 PM »
Okay, I am the first to admit I am kinda new to Aurora, and my current game is feeling a little lucky.   

16 years in, Ion Age, didn't go out of system till I got to Ion age (about 11 year in) due to Spoilers.  (The usual two turned on)

1.  Sol - Sol as you would expect from a semi-turtle start it is well developed, I did a big write up in my fiction, but to put it simply

Luna, Mars had good resources
Mars had a SM added ruin for me to play with while I turtled
Earth has 960 million people (almost hit a billion, but not being drawn down due to the insane amount of nice worlds I am finding)
Mars has about 60 million people (goal is to hit 100 million)
Luna has about 50 million people (goal is 50 million, no longer taking settlers)
Jovian Moons are established with 1-3 million person colonies.
Titan is < 1 million
200k Belters (low grave humans) on Ceres (SMed in some underground infrastructure for RP).  Might put more on Triton and some exo-solar locations)
12 Civvy mining companies. 

Current fleet is about
2 AMM Frigates of about 8000-10000 tons
8 ASM frigates of about 8000-10000 tons
40-50 FACs/Patrol Craft
20+ 3000 ton twin particle beam ships
Some PDC on earth

Have no material shortages whatsoever.

2 - Barnard's Star  - First system explored
Terra Nova Colony - first Exo-Sol colony 3.25 million
2 mining colonies of < 1 million
1 automine depot (I am so flush with materials I am converting some of my mines to Automines and dumping them in a rich, but low access world for storage and then move them to better locations   as I find them.  I want to maintain earth production a little longer since I do not have to haul to earth. 

3. Wolf 359 - 2nd system explored
New Oxford - Nice colony location, ruins found with a 100% energy anomaly.  3 million people now, but can get up to 7 million with current infrastructure. 
Dead end system

4. Proxima Centauri - 3rd system explored
Hardhome - one small outpost colony.  set up to be a Mass driver location if Civvy build mines in this system
Links to two other great systems

5.  Luyten 726-8
Just added to the gate network
Two unnamed as of now colonies being established
Geo Surveys still ongoing, Grav survey has yet to start.

6. Epsilon Indi
Triple star system - 45 billion miles wide.
Mostly empty space, except for a prime colony location.
right now just a unmanned probe.

7 Alpha Centauri
Two seed colonies (unnamed) set up by my jump-colony ships
one of the two good ones is really nice
Mostly unexplored

8. EZ Aquarri
Rich in minerals
Colony on a moon being set up on a Jovian type moon
Right now the prime location of my Geo-survey fleet. 
Just added to the gate network

9 Ross 780
Bunch of rocks
Not really explored at all. 

things that I want to discuss.  As I do not want to screw up this game.

- This is a REALLY good start compared to my last few games.
- I never had this many good Colony sites.   What is the best way to defend some of these colonies?  PDCs? Navy?
- anyone have a nice, inexpensive ion age ship to share?
- am I making a bad noob mistake in exploration?
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Re: 16 years into a conventional start...
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2016, 07:24:03 PM »
PDCs are "cheap" and maintenance free but you have the hassle of transporting them, the construction brigades and the minerals required to set them up. It's not a massive hassle. Augmenting PDCs with FACs is the budget method of maintaining healthy PPV level in a system. Put down some tracking stations on the colony sites to get passive coverage of their systems. Don't explore too aggressively unless you want to risk a OH smeg moment with spoilers or an hostile NPR.

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Re: 16 years into a conventional start...
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2016, 05:41:17 AM »
Defence: I like Meson PDCs transitioning to Hangar PDCs once I have ships that are no longer fit for fleet use.
In a pinch, cheap warships. PPV cares about volume in weapons, not how sophisticated they are, and I find flak barges with commercial engines and 20-30 base-tech railgun quite useful anyway.

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Re: 16 years into a conventional start...
« Reply #3 on: August 31, 2016, 08:03:30 PM »
I am at least as much a noob as you but I tend to go with MIRV missile PDCs for system defence, it is not hard to make a size 25 missile that goes 480 M Km and does decemt damage with 4 size 3 submunitions and it is pretty easy to build and can stand off a pretty big fleet.


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