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  1. Given the INSANE cost of STO weapons, are they even worth it?
  2. What are the mechanics of building an orbital defense/monitoring station?
  3. How do you tell a Xenoarchaeology team to start it's investigation?
  4. Will supply filter 'up' as well as down?
  5. Edit: Moving BIG units (and how to make them smaller).
  6. My colonies are not using transported mines and factories... ?
  7. Is there a simple way to load large ground formations into troopships?
  8. All the crazy Xenoarchaeology
  9. Is there any way to cancel all assignments and then reassign?
  10. Questions and comments about my newbie plan for ground forces?
  11. Which mining combo is better: autos and mass drivers or orbitals and freighters?
  12. How do you marry an upper stage missile to it's booster stage?
  13. Is there any point to infantry other than cheap garrison units?
  14. Unclear about the relationship between missile MSP/Tons/Size/Capacity
  15. Just got attacked by NPR aliens
  16. NPR Generation and Progression
  17. Assigning more than 43 ground support fighters
  18. Effective non-missile point defense?
  19. Laser Warheads C#
  20. How do i get event messages on the system map in C# ?
  21. Academy Leader
  22. "Fighter Combat" bonus
  23. Events not showing up on system screen with events box ticked
  24. Executive Officer - Assigning not allowed
  25. "Ban body" function
  26. Terraforming Io
  27. Cant get my missile to fire, when enemy is in fire controll range
  28. Guide or advice for managing shipyards?
  29. Any ways to estimate how much fuel/maintenance supplies a ship will use?
  30. Anyone use a kind of mental checklist to keep track of everything?
  31. Anyone done testing on whether ships or ground forces are cheaper for PPV?
  32. "Standard" speeds for engine tech; an idea that really needs feedback
  33. terraforming modules
  34. How do you guys identify features of NPR ships?
  35. Help understanding ground weapon components
  36. Formula for shipyard efficiency with multiple shipyards?
  37. How do you delay orders?
  38. How much armor should a ship have? How does this vary by role and tech level?
  39. "Offline" ship and component design?
  40. Any missile design guides/process/theory?
  41. Mining Production Technology
  42. Tips for jumping into a “hot” system
  43. Ruins
  44. Artillery question
  45. Early game weapons
  46. How do you look for NPR
  47. regarding ground combat
  48. some questions i haven't found answers to
  49. Ship wont move
  50. NPR Home world and "friendly" bombardment