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  1. Questions Not Worth Their Own Thread: C# Edition
  2. Looking for Input on my next tutorial (Comprehensive Guide to Carrier Design)
  3. Nprs expanding too much?
  4. New player here wants to know how to defend colonies
  5. What's Going On In Your Empire: C# Edition
  6. Help figuring out an invasion disaster?
  7. Economics
  8. Galaxy map generation and graph cycles?
  9. New AAR and Story for 1.13
  10. Barbarians!
  11. Default TN Start: How do you like to use your instant research and build points?
  12. MOVED: How do Invaders work?
  13. MOVED: How do Invaders work?
  14. MOVED: How do Invaders work?
  15. How often you use DST stations?
  16. Colony Defenses
  17. What could cause an Orbital Miner over a planet before getting the tech?
  18. Aurora 1.5.1 Base Install
  19. Aurora C# 1.12.0 patch
  20. How to delete NPRs with step by step guide?
  21. Pickup failed: couldn't load None from celestial_body_name?
  22. Database File Type
  23. Is there an Auto-Save feature?
  24. Terraforming Base not working
  25. Sub-fleets, usage and practices?
  26. When to use Passives, When to use Actives
  27. In game Scientist generation: it's normal or...
  28. Official 1.13 Hype Train Thread
  29. Time increment stuck on low intervals - ideas for a fix?
  30. Xmas Bonus
  31. Help Needed!
  32. Recreation Module?
  33. Interrupt Problems
  34. Trojan Horse...?
  35. Using orbital habitats
  36. Question about the surrender mechanics
  37. Alien Contact and ELINT
  38. Materials for Shipyard Tasks
  39. Ship to Ship refueling
  40. Hardware Specs
  41. Question about point defence and beam weapons
  42. Glacial (physical) pace ...
  43. Missile Movement
  44. Is there any possibility to transfer crew?
  45. System Access issue? Security Status?
  46. Naming Help
  47. Any way to easily come up with round ship speed/size combos?
  48. What's the best method for jump point defense?
  49. Any way to practice combat?
  50. Ground Combat Logs