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Sparta Ascendant
« on: June 30, 2018, 01:42:41 AM »
I'm running my first really big SM game.  Created the Sparta system that has 3 stars.   Leonidas (capital) and Thespia orbit star C, Athena (partly habitable-minearal rich) orbits star A, Poseidon orbits star B.  Under 50 million on the other worlds with Leonidas having 1 billion.   Most fleet shipyards orbit the capital Leonidas.   Some smaller naval yards and many commercial yards orbit the other 3 planets.

Gave them all good minerals so I would not have to worry right off.   Sent 3 Survey squadrons to the 3 next systems (all WP are jumpgated i.e. Larry Niven Motie books) and ships correspondingly are somewhat more heavily equipped.   1st system no planets so just WP survey.  2nd system (Sigma Draconis) healthy system but overwhelmingly for minerals, not colonies.  3rd system (Proxima Centauri) is in a nebula.   Survey ships are unarmed and small.   Convoys of freighters moving back and forth to the Sigma Draconis system to set up mining operations.

Discovered bugs at Proxima Centauri and they toasted 3 out of 4 survey ships.  I sent in 2 Armored Cruisers (King George V and King Henry V)  thinking it was only little ships with kinetic weapons and these ships with 12 15cm lasers each and armor should clean them out.   The rest of fleet is missile/fighter based with energy weapons secondary.  In the meantime the wrecks of my 3 lost survey ships were taken by the aliens and when I closed in it appears the hostile presence was a 200,000 bug command ship...(joy).   Running battle with it for about 10mk with it slowly gaining on my armored cruisers.  Started to get some hits but it appears the bad guys are not using kinetic weapons but particle beam equipped as it went straight thru the armor on the armored cruisers.

Long story short Henry V was cut to pieces and the bugs rammed the King George V but I am unsure if it destroyed the bug command ship.   Each of my planets has its own OWPs and I am not moving those but am now building 3 more to place on the WP permanently after my fleet tugs tow them there in a few weeks.  2 large PDCs are on Leonidas. My deep space fleet (2 CVLs, 4 CAs, 4 CLEs, 4 CLGs, 8 DDGs, 4 DEs) are orbiting the capital and I am building a few more CAs, CLEs, CLs, and escorts to provide a home fleet core and a mobile fleet to respond to threats.  I have 12 Missile Frigates patrolling Sparta.   My carriers are based upon my Invincible class BC hulls tho I have put off building any Invincibles till the OWPs are done as I need beam defense more than more missiles ships right now tho the minelayer Pit Viper is on the way to mine the Proxima Centauri WP.

Interesting game so far.   Last 2 smaller SM games I ran into hardly anybody but some weak 'bug' groups in over 30 discovered am face palmed right off....
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Re: Sparta Ascendant
« Reply #1 on: July 04, 2018, 03:53:06 PM »
Some people preach mesons, some people preach the virtues of missiles.

I preach the virtues of scouting.

The scouts' objectives are to find threats without revealing the route to your systems, to discover the sizes and speeds of the enemy, to get estimates of their armament's mix (typically from the active sensors they have), and thereby provide intelligence as to what it would take to beat them.

I strongly suggest everybody build at least 20 fighter factories, for building long endurance jump scouts with EM or TH sensors, to check every major body in a system before surveyors enter.  You will still miss some asteroid based and comet based aliens that way.


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