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Battle fleets of the Imperium
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First Striking Force

First striking Force Formed turn 32
First Samurai Fuchida assigned, Promoted Swordsman

Swordsman of Worlds Tsushima, the CNO, decides an offensive fleet must be built to drive out the invader. Besides, the lack of available warp points means the alien system may soon be the only expansion route. The Prototype Light Cruiser class is expanded to eight units as two more are laid down. First Samurai Fuchida, currently in command of the First Survey Fleet, is promoted to Swordsman and given command of the newly formed First Striking Force. It is decided the bulk of the new First Striking Force will be built once the new Gun\Missile launcher is available

Turn 30
Construction of the First Striking Force continues

Communication attempts continue with the Medean Theocracy but no more progress is made. New colonists arrive at New Haven

The hour of decision is at hand. The invasion of the alien system is about to commence. Alien forces of unknown strength await at the far side of the warp point as our ships prepare to charge into glory. The forces in the Beta system are split into five groups. First Striking Force, under Third Swordsman Fuchida, will lead the attack with it's seventeen light cruisers. Following up will be the twelve destroyers of the Home Fleet commanded by First Swordsman Nagumo who is also the overall operation commander. Remaining in the Beta system will be the six mobile shipyards of the First Support Fleet, under the command of Sixth Samurai Goto and the six planetary assault ships of the First Assault Fleet commanded by Fifth Samurai Takagi. Finally, Beta Skywatch, commanded by Seventh Samurai Yokohama, will maintain general quarters on all six warp point defences bases around the WP in case they need to cover a retreat. The stage is set, the players are ready and the music is about to begin.

Endeavour, flagship at the victorious First Battle of Beta, has the honour of leading the attack. As Endeavour emerges in the Contact system, the captain realises the alien have been preparing for an attack. No less than 24 alien ships plus a base surround the warp point. Four are light cruisers, five are of the same frigate class that attacked the Beta system and the remaining fifteen are a new, slightly undersized, destroyer class.

The first enemy ship to fire is one of the new destroyers. It opens up with four gun\missile launchers in sprint-mode at 2LS from CL Indefatigable, an Invincible class light cruiser. Indefatigable loses her shields but suffers no other damage.CL  Illustrious, another Invincible class, fires eight sprint-mode missiles at the enemy base from only 1LS. Unfortunately, a combination of a green crew and transit after-effects results in only four hits. The return salvo from the base causes serious damage to Illustrious. Shields, armour, cargo hold, boat bay and forward engine room are all gutted. If the Invincible class cruisers do not make their first salvo count, they are not well-defended against sprint-mode attack. Five more explosions ripple across the enemy base as Immortal joins the attack. A second enemy destroyer attacks Indefatigable. Fortunately, the base and the two destroyers are the only alerted enemy ships. The remaining Rigellian ships seriously damage an enemy frigate but many missiles are still missing because of inexperience. More Rigellian ships emerge from the warp point and the battle begins to hot up.

Three Invincibles, Invincible, Intrepid  and Independence, close to point blank with the four enemy light cruisers while three alien destroyers attack the Rigellian Flagship Alexander from her port quarter. Nine sprint mode missiles slam into Alexander which begins streaming air. A fourth destroyer attacks from the starboard and Alexander loses two engines rooms and a gun\missile launcher. Alexander replies but with little effect. Three more Invincibles have outflanked a group of five enemy frigates. Impetuous, Impudent and Indefatigable open fire destroying one and completely gutting a second. In return, Indefatigable loses her hold and boat bay. An equitable exchange. The enemy base fires again on Illustrious, destroying half of her engines and two gun\missile launchers. In return, a combined salvo from Illustrious and Immortal reduces the base to a pile of scrap metal. A volley of missiles from Eagle, a Prototype light cruiser, finishes the job, blowing the base to smithereens.

The remaining five Prototype light cruisers enter the Contact system along with the one surviving Attrition class corvette. The alien destroyers converge on the warp point and complete confusion ensues. Three of the alien destroyers continue to pursue the Alexander as she staggers away from the warp point. Another hail of sprint-mode missile causes the ship to shudder and slow to a crawl. A group of destroyers attacks the Excelsior, taking down her shields and armour. One of the attacking destroyers is immediately obliterated by several of Excelsior's sister ships. The Prototype light cruisers armed with old-style missile launchers are having a difficult time against the alien destroyers and their close range capabilities. The Invincible class light cruisers however, appear to be getting the better of the alien light cruisers. One enemy light cruiser is dead in space and another is seriously damaged.

Six Tribal Mod 2 destroyers transit the warp point and enter the fray. These have been refitted with Gun\Missile launchers and should be a capable opponent for the alien destroyers. Third Swordsman Fuchida is forced to abandon the Alexander in a cutter and head away from the battle. Fortunately First Swordsman Nagumo has arrived in the destroyer Apache to take command. Fuchida leaves just in time as the three chasing destroyers close on the drifting Alexander and rake her with fire until she explodes.

Three Tribals arrive just too late but attack the three alien destroyers with vengeful fury, battering one into a lifeless wreck. Another alien destroyer explodes as Impetuous, Impudent and Indefatigable concentrate their fire. Excelsior is in serious trouble however, taking hit after hit from a group of chasing frigates and destroyers. The single Attrition class corvette, Atrition-2, already damaged by a several alien destroyers, blows up after a salvo from a damaged alien cruiser. Independence avenges the corvette by blasting the enemy cruiser to atoms. Four Prototype light cruisers fire 24 missiles at a damaged alien destroyer. The alien point defence stops some missiles but enough get through to annihilate the destroyer. Five alien ships and the base have now been destroyed against the loss of two Rigellian ships. Many ships on both sides are damaged. Most of the alien ships are now active but hopefully enough damage has already been caused to swing the battle our way.

Six more Rigellian destroyers arrive through the warp point. Only one is a Mod 2 but every ship is needed. The pack of alien frigates and destroyers bypass the stricken Excelsior and move in on the Endurance. Endurance fires a defiant salvo and picks off one of the chasing ships but is soon down to half speed and suffering serious damage. One of the damaged alien light cruisers turns away from the battle but Independence, Immortal and Intrepid give chase. Soon the alien cruiser is a burning wreck, drifting without power. Illustrious meanwhile, damaged earlier in an attack on the enemy base, is trying to reach the warp point and escape back to the Beta system. Several enemy vessels have noticed her plight and close in for the kill. Explosions begin to wrack the cruiser and it is swiftly reduced to only one operating engine room. Elsewhere in the battle things are beginning to turn the Rigellian Empire's way. Many enemy ships are badly damaged or destroyed and the weight of numbers should soon begin to tell. The recently arrived Tribal Mod 1 destroyers begin to pick off the most severely damaged enemy vessels. Comanche finishes off the enemy cruiser which tried to escape, Dervish obliterates one of the enemy ships which destroyed Alexander and Gurkha kills another. Inca and Mayan destroy a fourth enemy ship. The aliens have now lost ten ships, almost half their original force.

The enemy ships all turn toward the world with the largest population. They appear to be trying to make a fighting withdrawal. As they pass the critically damaged Illustrious, two of the enemy destroyers open fire at point blank range and the cruiser explodes just short of the warp point. Impetuous damages an enemy destroyer but the destroyer replies with a long-range missile shot which destroys the badly wounded Excelsior. Impudent and Indefatigable return fire and atomise the alien vessel. Apache picks off a second alien destroyer

The enemy fleet is now in full flight, leaving several stragglers to the mercy of the Rigellian Fleet. Ethereal delivers the death blow to an alien light cruiser, while Eagle blows apart an already grievously wounded destroyer. Endurance, a shattered wreck, finishes a frigate with it's one remaining missile launcher. The battle is now turning into a rout. Comanche scores a kill, quickly followed by Dervish and Inca. Apache picks off a drifting enemy frigate while Pathan obliterates the last alien light cruiser. Visigoth eliminates the remaining straggler which leaves three alien vessels. Realising they have no hope of escape and refusing to surrender, they turn and head for the badly damaged Endurance in an effort to finish the crippled ship before they are destroyed

The first enemy ships scores a single hit which destroys Endurance's point defence. The second ship bores in, taking heavy damage from Immortal but still managing to take out Endurance's last engine. Invincible hits the last enemy vessel with a full salvo but fails to penetrate to it's gun\missile launchers. Two sprint-mode missiles erupt from the gunports of the alien frigate and speed toward Endurance. One missile explodes, leaving Endurance a burning hulk but the other narrowly misses and detonates harmlessly in space. A hailstorm of missiles annihilates the three alien vessels leaving only a slowly expanding cloud of glowing shards.

The battle for entry into the Contact system is won. Alien losses are one base, four light cruisers, fifteen destroyers and five frigates. Rigellian losses consist of the light cruisers Alexander, Illustrious and Excelsior and an Attrition class corvette. In addition, the cruiser Intrepid is seriously damaged and Endurance is dead in space. Several other ships are damaged. The critical factor in the battle seems to have been the slow response time of the alien ships which probably resulted from inexperienced crews. A lesson to be noted for the future.

The crew of the Endurance manage to repair an engine and the battered vessel limps through the warp point to the Beta system where ships of the First Support Fleet begin full repairs. Intrepid, Huron and Pathan are also too damaged to venture further into the enemy system and similarly retire for repairs. Third Swordsman Fuchida is picked up by the Immortal and First Swordsman Nagumo transfers his flag to the Independence. The remaining ships of the Rigellian attack force combine into one force under Nagumo's command which consists of twelve light cruisers and ten destroyers. This new force heads for the most densely populated planet in the system.

The planet is guarded by a huge space station, thirty times the size of our light cruisers, and bristling with gun\missile launchers, lasers and point defences. First Swordsman Nagumo knows he can expect heavy losses but has little choice but to destroy the station before it can build more mobile units. The alternative would be to bombard the planet from the opposite side to the station. This would result in massive civilian casualties and is therefore unacceptable. Fearing a repeat of the charge of the light brigade, Nagumo orders all ships to close to sprint-mode range and attack.

The space station opens fire on Impetuous with forty missiles. Impetuous' point defence is simply overwhelmed and the cruiser takes 25 hits. Impetuous is on fire from stem to stern, all power lost and only one missile launcher remaining. All Rigellian ships return fire in a ripple of individual salvoes. The massed alien point defences shoot down many of the Rigellian missiles but thirty hit reducing the space station's shields by 60%. A volley of three alien missiles destroys the Impetuous while thirty-seven more missiles annihilate the Independence and First Swordsman Nagumo. Third (now Second) Swordsman Fuchida takes command of the fleet. The fleet replies with another huge volley and the space station loses the rest of its shields and 30% of its armour.

The remaining Invincible class cruisers and the Mod 2 Tribals have closed to point-blank range and open fire with sprint mode missiles. Unfortunately the space station also possesses sprint mode capability and Indefatigable is ripped apart by an unstoppable horde of missiles. The space station has lasers for close defence and the destroyer Xhosa is badly damaged. The return fire from the Rigellian Fleet finally penetrates the space station's armour and wreaks havoc, destroying half of the alien gun\missile launchers. Before the station can respond Immortal hits it again with eight sprint-mode missiles, wiping out all but eight missile launchers and a single laser. The station severely damages Xhosa but it's devastating missile battery is only a memory. Impudent and Invincible close to visible range and a series of explosions reduces the station's offensive capabilities to scrap metal. Faced with imminent destruction and having no defensive or offensive capability, the station surrenders. Xhosa limps back to the Beta system for repairs as the captured station will require refitting to Rigellian standards before its shipyards can be used

The Rigellian fleet moves into orbit and systematically eliminates every PCF on the surface. Civilian casualties are fortunately only 1% of the total population. The assault ships enter from the Beta system and the first wave of troops lands on the planet. Follow up waves enter the system on board commercial freighters and are transported into the growing beachheads. The Rigellian Empire now has a problem. Due to the size of the population, the planet can be garrisoned only by using the majority of our existing PCF strength. This is the minimum possible garrison however, which will probably result in unrest or uprising among the general population. A solution must be quickly found. In addition there are at least two other alien populations in this system and there may be other alien populations, or even fleets, in other systems. As most of the empire has been stripped of ground forces for this operation, an attack now would be severely embarrassing. The remaining Rigellian warships are gathered into one command, the First Striking Force under Second Swordsman Fuchida, and are ordered to remain in the system until relieved.

Turn 36
 The First Striking Force in the Contact system lands troops to capture six Roman colonies on the moons of gas giants

Turn 37
Enigma, a prototype light cruiser, is transferred from the First Striking Force to become the new flagship of the Second Survey Fleet. Excalibur is similarly reassigned to the First Survey Fleet

Turn 38
The DD Xhosa completes repairs and is assigned to the First Striking Force.

Turn 40
The DD  Xhosa and the Ethereal are transferred from the First Striking Force to the First Survey Fleet

Turn 41
Repairs are completed on the light cruiser CL Endurance and it is reassigned to the First Striking Force in the Contact system

Turn 42
Three Invincible Mod 1 Light Cruisers are transferred from the Home Fleet to the First Striking Force. The four prototype Light Cruisers in the First Striking Force are transferred to the Second Survey Fleet

Turn 46
Second Swordsman Fuchida detaches two fast patrol vessels from his First Striking Force to watch the SN199-Osaka warp point and provide early warning.

Turn 48
Two new Invincible Mod 1 Light Cruisers are completed (Idealism and Immeasurable) and join the First Striking Force commanded by Second Swordsman Fuchida

Turn 49
Two new Invincible Mod 1 Light Cruisers are completed (Irresistible and Irrepressible) and join the First Striking Force which is being reinforced in case of any aggressive moves by the Octopus Empire

Turn 59
Three Invincible Mod 2  Light Cruisers are detached from the First Striking Force and sent to join the Third Striking Force in Eden

Turn 61
Ten Resolution class Heavy Cruisers are completed, Six are assigned to the  First Striking Force in the Contact system.
Second Swordsman Fuchida is transferred from the First Striking Force
Sixth Swordsman Yamamoto is given command of the First Striking Force

Turn 71
Fourth Swordsman Yamamoto is promoted to Fourth Swordsman of Worlds and retains command of the First Striking Force

Turn 81
The six Resolution class heavy cruisers of the First Striking Force are upgraded to the Resolution Mod 2 design, exchanging their eight gun\missile launchers for five capital missile launchers.

Turn 84
Active units of the Fleet

Rigel Sector
   Home Fleet
   First Striking Force
   5x Patrol Squadron (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th)
   8x Skywatch (Rigel, Contact, Virgo, Beta, Harvest, Capricorn, Edo, Oasis)
   First Support Fleet
   2x Picket Force
Eden Sector
   Third Striking Force
   3x Patrol Squadron (4th, 8th, 11th)
   2x Skywatch (Eden, Takamatsu)
   1x Picket Force

Sapporo Sector
   Second Striking Force
   Fifth Striking Force
   3x Patrol Squadron (5th, 9th, 10th)
   2x Skywatch (Sapporo, Honshu)
   Second Support Fleet
   Third Support Fleet

   Survey Command
      First Survey Fleet
      Second Survey Fleet
      Third Survey Fleet
      Fourth Survey Fleet
Logistics Command
   Various Reserve and Prefab Storage Fleets

In addition, the Fourth Striking Force and Fourth Support Fleet are currently assigned to the Dolphin system to protect our Octopi allies.

Turn 90
As a sign of good faith to our Utopian allies, six recently refitted heavy cruisers from the First Striking Force in the Contact system are dispatched to aid them against this new menace. Command of the new force is given to Fifth Swordsman Acoma

Turn 93
Swordsmaster Class Command Battle Cruiser Caesar  becomes the flagship of the First Striking Force in the Contact system

Turn 99
In the Contact system the Eighth Striking Force, a powerful new formation, is created from elements of the First Striking Force and the Home Fleet. The new fleet, commanded by the newly promoted Tenth Swordsman of Worlds Minwinabi, contains three battle cruisers, twelve heavy cruisers and six destroyers

Turn 103
Capricorn is a vital Rigellian core system, only two transits from Rigel, which has two heavily populated worlds and eighteen inhabited moons with a total system population of approximately six billion Rigellian civilians. Capricorn is not equipped with sensor buoys but does have three destroyers assigned to patrol the inner system. Two of the destroyers, Gaul and Gurkha are basic Tribal Mod 4s while the third, Alexander, is a Tribal Mod 4 Leader equipped with long-range sensors. The three ships are not modernised to the standard of the main fleet elements and, with the exception of data link, are technologically similar to the latest Arachnid designs. Sensors on Acheron, the populated world furthest from the star, pick up a faint unknown drive trace at seventy-two light minutes distance on a course which does not correspond to any known warp point. The three destroyers race to intercept while frantic messages are dispatched in all directions. Three System Patrol ships are on patrol in the adjacent Harvest system and the entire Home Fleet is two transits away. Unfortunately, all of these ships are too far away to arrive in time if the drive field contact is actually an invasion fleet.

 a large part of the Home Fleet is docked at Rigel Station undergoing a refit to the latest designs. The only ships which can immediately be spared are six River Mod 1 class destroyers armed with force beams.
The only other large Rigellian fleet in range is the First Striking Force in the Contact system most of which is also in drydock.
System defence patrols from other nearby systems are ordered to Capricorn. Three Tribal Mod 4's from the Beta system and three System Patrol Ships each from Yokohama, Harvest and Gemini.
The defence of one the empire's most heavily populated systems temporarily lies in the hands of a scratch force of twenty-one destroyers.

Turn 104
The reinforcements from Rigel will arrive in Capricorn in a little under three weeks and the destroyers from the First Striking Force in four weeks

Turn 105
As First Swordsman of Many Stars Kyoto perished in the First Battle of Capricorn, First Swordsman of Stars Yamamoto, commander of the First Striking Force, is promoted to Fourth Swordsman of Many Stars and given command of the Rigel Sector.
 The First Striking Force is given to Tenth Swordsman of Stars Osgumi
The Swordsman class battle cruisers and Resolution class heavy cruisers of the Home Fleet and First Striking Forces complete their refits. All the refitted ships will embark on a shakedown cruise to iron out any problems and bring the crew up to speed on the new design. Unfortunately, it will be difficult to send a sizeable force to Capricorn from Rigel as the Home Fleet consists of only twelve battle cruisers, seven heavy cruisers and a single destroyer.

The First Striking Force in the Contact system has six battle cruisers, twelve heavy cruisers and twelve destroyers. All six battle cruisers, six Valhalla Mod 3 cruisers and six destroyers are transferred to the Tenth Striking Force in Capricorn.
This leaves Six CA's and Six DD's remaining in The First Striking Force

Turn 109
First Striking Force is reinforced by six new Tribal class destroyers

Turn 110
Contact Station has been significantly upgraded and is now the primary construction, refit and repair facility for the First Striking Force. It is building six Battle class battle cruisers for the First Striking Force in addition to refitting several battle cruisers, heavy cruisers and destroyers.
The Virgo system is two transits from the Contact system making Virgo Station the secondary facility for the First Striking Force. It is constructing six Thunder class battleships for the First Striking Force

Turn 116
A new Rigellian fleet, designated as the Eleventh Striking Force, is formed in the Harvest system. This new fleet, commanded by Ninth Swordsman of Stars Shinizawa, will be made up of units currently making their way to Harvest from the Home Fleet and First Striking Force

Turn 122
No mention is made in the Diary of the fate of the First Striking Force-However it is assumed to be the First Carrier Striking Force based in the  Contact system.

The original raison d'?tre of the First Carrier Striking Force was to guard the only entrance to the core systems. As there are now four entrances this is no longer its primary function. It now guards one of the two largest Shipyard Complexes in the Empire, the other being in Rigel, and provides a substantial force only four  transits from Dolphin if the war against the Bugs goes badly. In addition, the fleet is responsible for protecting several key systems and, like the Home Fleet, provides a reserve of ships for the more distant parts of the Empire.

Ark Royal class carriers                   7
Forrestal class carriers                   3
Strikefighters                                   306
Agamemnon class superdreadnought   1
Thunder class battleships      6
Swordsman class battlecruisers      6
Battle class battlecruisers      6
Genda class battlecruisers      1
Battlestar class battlecruisers      2
Fleet Scout class corvette      6

Turn 134
First Carrier Striking Force is ordered to leave its base in the Contact system and proceed via Osaka to the SN199 system to support the warp point defences in case of an Octopi attack from the Ice system

Turn 135

First Carrier Striking Force
Ark Royal class CV                   6
Eradicator class BCE                   3
Battle Mod 2 class BC                   6
Genda Mod 3 class BC   3
Swordsmaster Mod 3 class BCR   1
Swordsman Mod 3 class BCR   5
Battlestar class BCV                   1
Tribal Mod 7 DD                   12
Fleet Scout class CT                   3

Turn 137
The First Carrier Striking Force moves back to its base in the Contact system

Turn 140
A new sector is created with the Tokushima system as its capital, containing all systems outward from Kure in the Eden sector. The Kure - Narita warp point is the only way in or out of the new sector. With twenty-one systems, including fifteen habitable worlds, in the most rapidly expanding part of the Empire, the Tokushima sector is certain to be a challenge for its new commander. As is traditional within the Imperial Rigellian Navy, the command of the new sector is offered to officers of Swordsman of Many Stars rank or lower, in order of seniority. First Swordsman of Many Stars Musashi declines the honour, preferring to remain in command of the First Star Legion. Swordsman of Stars Tanuak, Hiryoa, Takawa, Minwinabi and Shinizawa also decline, leaving Sixth Swordsman of Stars Osgumi, currently commanding the First Carrier Striking Force, to accept the new role.Twentieth Swordsman of Stars Dasangu takes over the First Carrier Striking Force

Turn 144
The Nineteenth Carrier Striking Force is reformed using detachments from the First Carrier Striking Force in the Contact system. This new fleet will comprise four Ark Royal class carriers, three Genda Mod 3 battle cruisers, six Tribal Mod 8 destroyers and three Fleet Scouts. The fleet commander, Twenty-first Swordsman of Stars Akuah

Turn 153
 great concern over the new alien threat against the Octopi Lion system, and potentially the core systems of both the Octopus and Rigellian Empires, necessitates a substantial deployment of forces to assist the Octopi. The obvious candidate appears to be the First Carrier Striking Force in the Contact system, three transits from Gemini and six transits from Lion. Apart from a brief foray during the Rigellian - Octopi tension eighteen months ago, the First Carrier Striking Force has remained in the Contact system for ten years, ever since the war against the Roman Republic. Contact is the seventh most productive system in the Empire and, together with Eden, has the distinction of having the fourth largest shipyard complex in the Empire, after Loren, Rigel and Utopia. It is also on the border of the Rigel and Eden sectors and is an ideal location for a reserve fleet. However, reserves are there to be used in emergencies and this surely qualifies as an emergency. Contact has twenty-seven class three bases which will have to protect the system in the absence of the First Carrier Striking Force.

The First Carrier Striking Force comprises four carriers, sixteen battle cruisers, a dozen destroyers, nine corvettes and a trio of pinnace carriers. Although the fleet also has three super dreadnoughts they are currently being refitted by Contact Station. The Nineteenth Carrier Striking Force, which assisted the Octopi against the Tzar, is currently heading for Nicastro in the Outer Colonies sector but has only just passed Rigel. The fleet will be able to reverse course and rendezvous with the First Carrier Striking Force in Gemini before proceeding on to Lion. The Nineteenth includes three carriers, three battle cruisers, twelve destroyers and three corvettes. In addition, the Home Fleet in Rigel detaches two carriers and six destroyers to add to the First Carrier Striking Force. It will take this force eight weeks to reach Lion. In the meantime the Octopi will have to try and hold the system by themselves. That shouldn't be too difficult because even if the aliens from the Kapalua system do know about Scarborough, it will take them a couple of months to survey it.

Turn 154
The First and Nineteenth Carrier Striking Forces have rendezvoused in Gemini en route to the Octopi Lion system. The Nineteenth is absorbed into the First to avoid any command confusion. Although the commander of the First, Fifteenth Swordsman of Stars Dasangu, is senior to Seventeenth Swordsman of Stars Akuah, commanding the Nineteenth, the latter commander is given command of the combined fleet due to his greater combat experience. The reinforced First Carrier Striking Force now comprises nine fleet carriers, eighteen battlecruisers, thirty destroyers, a dozen Fleet Scouts, a Battlestar class and three Pinnace Carriers. It is still a month away from Lion. Nine Dragon warships will arrive in Lion in two weeks and a Sun Kingdom fleet of eighteen ships is four weeks away.

Imperial Rigellian Empire - First Carrier Striking Force (Seventeenth Swordsman of Stars Akuah)
 Ark Royal CV                   9
Swordsman Mod 4 BCR   4
Swordsmaster Mod 4 BCR   2
 Battle Mod 3 BC                   4
Battlemaster BC                   2
Genda BC                                   3
Eradicator Mod 1 BCE                   3
Tribal Mod 9 DD                   30
Fleet Scout Mod 1 CT                   12
Battlestar BCV                   1
Pinnace Carrier DDV                   3
First Generation Strikefighter   324

Allied forces are gathering in the Lion system to first defend the Lion - Scarborough warp point against the unknown race from Kapalua, which, for want of a better name, are being referred to as Kapaluans. Including the Octopi Fifth Fleet which will arrive in about ten days, the allied order of battle for the Lion system IM154 is as follows.

Octopus Empire - Eighth Fleet (First Colonel Hispaniola)
17x Stork CVS
13x Albatross SD
11x Kingfisher SD
3x Judge SD
4x Golden Eagle III BB
1x Arbiter II BB
21x Pteradon II BCR
13x Moderator II DD
3x Woodpecker IV DD
17x Woodpecker V DD
4x Woodpecker VII DD
3x Facilitator EX
3x New Scout EX
306x Prototype Strikefighter

Octopus Empire - Fifth Fleet (Third Colonel Brewer)
19x Albatross SD
14x Golden Eagle III BB

Imperial Rigellian Empire - First Carrier Striking Force (Seventeenth Swordsman of Stars Akuah)
{As above)

Sun Kingdom - Fleet of the Moon (Premier Contre-Amiral Davout)
6x Clemenceau II BCR
6x Foch II BC
6x Dunkerque II CA

Holy Dragon Empire - Legion of the Bronze Dragon (Fifth Talon of the Empire Arkan-Gazor)
3x Medusa SD
3x Wyvern-B BCR
3x Rapier-B DD

Once the Fifth Fleet has arrived, the Octopi wish to go on the offensive, despite Rigellian urging of caution due to the suspected Kapaluan cloaking technology. As far as High General Cephalopod, the equivalent of High Swordsman Tsushima, is concerned, the allied fleet is as powerful as any fleet ever assembled and he is convinced the allies can deal with whatever force is available to the Kapaluans. To that end, he has ordered First Colonel Hispaniola, the overall allied commander, to advance though Scarborough and Oahu and eliminate the alien population in Kapalua. Seventeenth Swordsman of Stars Akuah points out to Hispaniola that if the Kapaluans can cloak their ships, they could avoid the allied force entirely and attack Lion in their absence or attack in the midst of a warp point transit or even move within missile range and launch a surprise attack in deep space, perhaps taking out the carriers before the allies can react.

Turn 156
 First Carrier Striking Force is currently in offensive operations against the Kapaluans,

Four Ark Royals recently completed by Akita Station transit to the adjacent Kwajalein system and join a detachment from the Twenty-first Carrier Striking Force guarding the Kwajalein - Kunming warp point against an attack from the Trajans or Kapaluans, depending on which hostile race reaches Kunming first. The combined fleet, comprising four carriers, six battle cruisers and six destroyers, is re-designated as the Eleventh Carrier Striking Force and command is given to Fourteenth Swordsman of Stars Dasangu, an experienced officer whom until recently, commanded the First Carrier Striking Force. When the First and Nineteenth Carrier Striking Forces were combined and sent into Oahu with the rest of the doomed allied fleet, command of the joint Rigellian force was given to Seventeenth Swordsman of Stars Akuah, commander of the Nineteenth. Although Dasangu was the senior of the two officers, Akuah was given the command due to his greater combat experience. While the remains of Akuah are now orbiting the Oahu primary, Dasangu lives on to command a new fleet. The vagaries of fate

First Carrier Striking Force no longer exists, in over Fifteen years it was involved in only 2 major battles A victory that ended the Roman War and a complete disaster in the Oahu system that resulted in it's total destruction.
Numerous famous Commanders of the Imperial fleet passed through this fleet and it trained many ships and crews
it's battle Honors and Flag will be transferred to a new First Carrier Striking Force when, and if, possible.

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Turn 44
Six new Invincible Mod 1s and six Fast Patrol craft are completed. A new fleet, the Second Striking Force, is formed in the Contact system. This fleet consists of four Invincible Mod 1s
Third Swordsman Genda is given command of the new Second Striking Force after eighteen months in command of the Rigel system
Turn 50
Still no progress talking to the race in Ise. Swordsman of Stars Tsushima decides that it would be better to eliminate any possible threat from beyond enemy missile range rather than wait until the aliens have standard missiles and reaction less drive. Their planet is surrounded by a network of six heavily armed space stations, each mounting over fifty missile launchers. If they have only basic missiles, all the stations can be destroyed without loss of Rigellian life. Once the stations are equipped with standard missiles, any attack on them would incur heavy losses. Despite only partial communications, Tsushima relays a message to the planet explaining for reasons of racial security he is forced to destroy their space stations and occupy their planet. He apologizes in advance but recommends they evacuate the stations and disband their ground forces to prevent unnecessary casualties. The Second Striking Force under the command of Third Swordsman Genda and consisting of the cruisers Improbable, Inescapable, Inexorable and Inevitable, systematically reduces the alien space stations to scrap metal and moves into planetary orbit. As the aliens have not disbanded their ground forces, the cruisers conduct a planetary bombardment of military targets. All alien PCFs are destroyed with civilian casualties of only 2% of the population. As always the Rigellian Empire strives to protect innocent lives. Civilian casualties would have been even lower if it were not for the intransigence of the planetary government. Rigellian troops land, securing key locations on the planet, and the planetary government quickly surrenders
Turn 58
Eight moons are colonized in the Miyazaki system which is a dead-end system reached via Contact and Virgo. Building of the Resolution class continues in the Rigel and Contact systems. Seventeen hulls have been laid down.
Seventh Samurai Minwinabi commanding the Third Survey Fleet, transits the unexplored WP in the Ise system to find it leads into the Miyazaki system. This creates a four system loop of Ise, Miyazaki, Virgo and Theta. The only exit from this loop is the Theta - Contact warp point. Work has been underway for two months to fortify the Virgo-Theta warp point as it was believed up until this point that Virgo and Miyazaki were a dead end chain with Virgo - Theta the only way in. These fortifications are now far less useful than originally thought and may have to be moved to a more strategic location.
After receiving word of the three alien ships, the Third Striking Force in the Eden system dispatches high-speed courier drones to Picket Force One in the Osaka system. At their highest speed courier drones can make only three transits but the distance is covered in one week. Picket Force One sends courier drones to the Second Striking Force in the adjacent Contact system
Turn 59
Three Invincible Mod 2s are detached from the First Striking Force and sent to join the Third Striking Force in Eden. In addition, the Second Striking Force, currently in the Ise system, is ordered to relieve the Excalibur and Ethereal in the Kochi system. The Second Striking Force consists of six Invincibles and an Advanced Scout
Turn 61
The Second Striking Force, under First Swordsman Genda, arrives at the Kochi system to relieve Excalibur and Ethereal. The two cruisers return to their duties with the First Survey Fleet. The Second Striking Force consists of six Invincible Mod 2s and an Advanced Scout
Turn 62
Six more Resolution class Heavy Cruisers are completed in the Contact system. Three are sent to join the Third Striking Force in the Eden system and the other three are dispatched to Kochi to join the Second Striking Force
Turn 69
The Fourth Striking Force, under the command of Sixth Swordsman Takagi, is now fully assembled. It contains three Resolution class heavy cruisers, three Invincible Mod 2 class light cruisers, six Tribal Mod 4 class destroyers and an Advanced Scout. The Fourth Striking Force will head for the Takamatsu system to relieve the Third Striking Force which will return to Eden and act as a reserve force. There is still no sign of the mysterious alien vessels which entered the Kochi system a year ago. The Second Striking Force maintains a careful watch on the system and will investigate the alien's entry point once the fixed defenses in the adjacent Sapporo system are completed
Turn 71
First Swordsman Genda is promoted to First Swordsman of Worlds and retains command of the Second Striking Force
Turn 76
Rigellian scientists complete work on the capital missile, using technical data provided by our Utopian allies. Work continues on the launching system but the missile can now be carried on our external ordnance racks. Eleven Valhalla class heavy cruisers are completed, armed with the new force beam.
A message arrives at Rigel from Sea, the capital system of the Octopus Empire, formally requesting the activation of our Military Alliance. Fortuitously, the connection of the two empire's interstellar communications networks was completed last month which means the two capitals, ten warp transits apart, can send messages which take only three days to arrive. Similarly, the Eden sector capital is now less than two days message time from Rigel. This quantum leap in message transit times will greatly aid our strategic reaction time. The message from Sea also states the Octopi are requesting assistance from their other Military Ally, the Tzar Dictatorship, a race of which we were not previously aware.
The Fourth Striking Force under the command of Sixth Swordsman of Worlds Takagi, currently in the Takamatsu system, is ordered to proceed to Ice and assist Octopi forces in defending the system. In addition, the Third Striking Force in the Eden system is ordered to send its six Invincible Mod 2 light cruisers to join the Second Striking Force in the Kochi system
Turn 78
Several large bases have now been constructed at the Sapporo-Kochi warp point and a number of Laser Buoys have been emplaced. It is time for the Second Striking Force to probe the entry point of the mystery alien ships. They will be assisted by the Second Support Fleet and, as soon as they finish their current mission, the Second Survey Fleet. The Second Striking Force is commanded by First Swordsman of Worlds Genda; the first Rigellian commander to contact a space-faring alien race, the Roman Republic, and who once commanded the Second Survey Fleet himself. The Second Striking Force consists of an Advanced Scout, three Tribal Mod 4 destroyers, twelve Invincible Mod 2 class light cruisers and three Resolution class heavy cruisers, including Genda's flagship IRV Rhadamanthos. The probe takes place at the same time as the desperate battle is being waged in the Ice system but news of the battle has yet to reach this part of the empire. The first ship through the warp point is Advanced Scout Eleven. The entry warp point into the new system is three and a half light hours from the star and there are no signs of drive fields within range of the scout's sensors. The system is a Yellow Star system with one habitable planet which has no detectable population. The rest of the fleet transits and heads for the type T world. Although no population is immediately detected that only rules out a Large or Very Large population.
At two light-hours distance, emissions are detected confirming a Medium sized population. First Swordsman of Worlds Genda has strong suspicions the planet may be inhabited by the same race that recently captured the Octopi-owned Dolphin system but has no evidence except for the energy emissions of the alien ships which probed the Kochi system 18 months previously. As yet, no similar drive fields have been detected. Genda makes the decision to attempt contact with the planet and the fleet moves closer. At seventy-two light minutes distance from the planet, familiar drive field emissions are detected in orbit. The emissions begin moving toward the Rigellian fleet indicating the fleet has been detected by the planet. At twelve light minutes the drive field emissions split into three distinct traces. Once the fleets are twenty light-seconds apart, the alien force is confirmed as three destroyers. Genda hails the alien warships but receives no response and the fleets continue to close. At nine light seconds Genda orders the alien ships to withdraw or be fired upon. The alien response is to launch courier drones and fire a volley of missiles from the lead ship aimed at the destroyer Discovery. Fortunately, Discovery?s point defense crews are on alert and only a single enemy missile survives to impact on the destroyer's shields. The Rigellian fleet opens fire with all internal launchers and XO-launched capital missiles, obliterating the three alien destroyers. The enemy courier drones race away and quickly disappear from Rigellian sensors. Discovery's shields are soon back up and the fleet proceeds to the planet, encountering no further resistance. As far as First Swordsman of Worlds Genda can tell, the planet is defenseless with no ground forces in evidence.
Visual probes of the planet reveal the nature of its inhabitants. The aliens are only four feet high but almost ten feet in diameter, with black, multi-segmented, chitinous bodies and eight spider-like legs. Their large, bulbous heads have four multi-faceted eyes, six long manipulative tentacles, two of which appear to be equipped with poison stingers, and a vicious beaked mouth. They appear to be a combination of a spider, a squid and your worst nightmare. Their cities are tightly packed hives containing thousands of the creatures, crawling and scurrying on endless errands. Fighting his instinctive revulsion, First Swordsman of Worlds Genda obeys standing orders not to attack civilian populations and dispatches as drone to Sapporo with his report and a request for instructions. He names the system El Dorado. Within a week of the dispatch of the drone, the return drone arrives with a report of the action in the Ice system and orders to hold the system until sufficient ground troops can be landed to force a surrender of the population.
The Fourth Support Fleet, under Third Samurai Shadowa, arrives in the Ice system to provide support for the intended attack into Dolphin. The six Mulberry II class mobile shipyards will provide repair, refit and construction capability. In addition, two Octopi heavy cruisers and two destroyers arrive to reinforce their battered fleet. The two heavy cruisers are of the improved Peregrine II class which includes multiplex tracking, second-generation point defense and external ordnance racks.
Finally, the expeditionary fleet of the Tzar Dictatorship arrives in the Ice system after its two-month journey. The trip would have taken longer where it not for the peculiarities of the Tzar-designed ships. All their ships are equipped with commercial drives, enabling greater sustained strategic speed but paying the penalty of reduced tactical speed. The Tzar fleet contains six heavy cruisers and six frigates with a mixture of missile and force beam armaments. However, due to the highly defensive nature of Tzar Design philosophy and the size of the commercial engines, their offensive armaments are light in comparison to similarly sized Rigellian ships. These new arrivals take the allied strength in the Ice system to thirty-three warships, including twelve heavy cruisers.
Turn 81
Rigel Station is upgraded to twenty shipyards and gains force beams and capital missile launchers. Six new force-beam-armed class three bases are completed, three in Contact and three in Eden. Contact Sky watch now boasts nineteen class three bases and ten class two bases. More class three bases, armed with capital missiles, are under construction. The six Resolution class heavy cruisers of the First Striking Force are upgraded to the Resolution Mod 2 design, exchanging their eight gun\missile launchers for five capital missile launchers.
First Swordsman Goto, in the Excalibur, transits WP3 of the Ashikaga system to discover an unremarkable Orange Star system which he names Mogami. Second Survey Fleet completes a detailed survey of the El Dorado system, finding a single exit warp point. This may be the route into the heart of the Arachnid Omnivoracity. Once the Second Striking Force is reinforced by the Fifth Striking Force, en route from Rigel, a probe will be made of this warp point
Turn 83
The Fifth Striking Force joins the Second Striking Force in the El Dorado system. In only seven days, the combined force, under the overall command of First Swordsman of Worlds Genda, will enter the only open warp point and destroy any Arachnid forces in the next system. The Rigellian force is the largest ever assembled and consists of fifteen heavy cruisers, twelve light cruisers and fifteen destroyers
Turn 85
Our research and development efforts have still not produced the new maneuvering system which is holding up the development of our new battle cruiser class. An orbital shipyard is built in orbit of our planet in the Octopi-owned Dolphin system.
Four heavy cruisers are transferred from the Third Striking Force in the Eden system to reinforce the Second Striking Force in the Sapporo system. The battered Fifth Striking Force has been disbanded and the survivors also transferred to the Second Striking Force
Turn 88
Due to the recent Bug incursions in Kochi, Dolphin and Mitaka, civilian authorities on many planets are clamoring that fleet elements be placed in their systems as a guard against Arachnid attacks. While this wasteful diversion of fleet resources is obviously not going to take place, it has been decided that spaceports will be built on many populated worlds to enable the colony governments to create their own system defense forces.
Our Octopi allies are still continuing to attempt full communication with the recently encountered Holy Dragon Empire.
Third Swordsman of Stars Yamasmega, commander of the Sapporo sector, is faced with a dilemma. An Arachnid fleet is surveying the Kochi system, adjacent to the sector capital and he must make the decision to attack or rest on the defensive. All the bases in the Sapporo system have been towed to the Sapporo-Kochi warp point making the defense of the warp point quite formidable. Sapporo Sky watch, under the command of Third Swordsman Shinizawa, consists of twenty-four class three bases, fifteen with standard missile armaments, six with force beams and three armed with capital missiles plus five hundred laser buoys. Also present is the Second Striking Force, commanded by First Swordsman of Worlds Genda, with nine heavy cruisers, twelve light cruisers and fifteen destroyers. Unfortunately, none of these ships has been refitted to the latest standards.
Turn 89
Thirtieth Swordsman Musashi, commanding the screen of the Second Striking Force
During the battle, our famous commander, First Swordsman of Worlds Genda, was killed and Musashi led the survivors to safety in Sapporo.
 Third Swordsman of Stars Yamasmega praises Thirtieth Swordsman Musashi for bringing home the destroyers with their now battle-hardened crews and posthumously awards First Swordsman of Stars Genda the highest Rigellian decoration for valor, the Adamantine Sword. Although the Arachnids retain control of the Kochi system, they are only a shadow of their former strength and the immediate threat to the Sapporo sector capital has been removed.

 Rigellian losses in the battle are:
9 CA destroyed
12 CL destroyed
3 DD damaged (including engine burnout)
1 BS3 severely damaged
Arachnid losses are estimated to be
43 CL destroyed
21 CL damaged (including engine burnout)
21 DD destroyed
3 DD damaged (including engine burnout)

Turn 93
The Duke of Wellington becomes the command ship for the Second Striking Force in Sapporo which still only consists of the Swordsmaster itself, a single Battlestar class and fifteen destroyers.
 While the Sapporo system appears to be safe behind its massive fixed defenses, the Second Striking Force will probably be the primary assault formation for the planned counterattack via the Yamu system
Turn 95
Since the Battle of Kochi, the Second Striking Force has been commanded by Twenty-ninth Swordsman Musashi, who took command when First Swordsman of Worlds Genda was killed in action. As the Second Striking Force is beginning to return to its former strength, it should be commanded by a Swordsman of Worlds rather than a Swordsman. Despite the fact Musashi is a relatively junior Swordsman, First Swordsman of Many Stars Tsushima decides a promotion is in order due to Musashi's performance in the battle and he becomes Seventh Swordsman of Worlds Musashi.
Turn 96
Nine Genda class battle cruisers are completed in the Virgo and Contact systems and sent to join the Second Striking Force in Sapporo
Turn 99
According the last courier drones received from Advanced Scout 11 there were fifty-five Arachnid light cruisers, eighteen destroyers and fifteen shuttle carriers in the Kochi system, all of them assembled at the Kochi-Sapporo warp point. Councilman Tahoth knows some of those ships may have been destroyed in the recent battle but possibly all of them may be waiting at the El Dorado-Kochi warp point by now. The Rigellian Second Striking Force in Sapporo has been instructed to transit into Kochi if it receives a courier drone from the allied fleet but the only on the condition that the message is sent by a Rigellian ship from within the Kochi system. Once again the Talosian battleships are in the vanguard as the allied fleet enters another Bug system. This time however, there is no resistance and the fleet heads for the Kochi-Sapporo warp point, the destroyers spreading out ahead of the main body. The journey passes uneventfully and after a warning courier drone, the Rigellian Swordsmaster class battle cruiser Caesar leads the allied fleet into Sapporo amid a celebratory fireworks display. Within hours the fleet has to leave to secure the Oregon, New Mexico and New Territory systems which are only picketed by destroyers but the Second Striking Force follows the allied fleet back into Kochi to take possession of Kochi and El Dorado. The Fifth Striking Force remains part of the allied fleet in order to assist the Talosians. The original plan was for the Second Striking Force to join the Talosians but both the Talosians and Rigellians agree that the missing Bug fleet must be tracked down and destroyed and the Second Striking Force is ideal for the job.
Seventh Swordsman of Worlds Musashi, commanding the Second Striking Force, surmises that the missing Arachnid fleet must has left via Kochi's third warp point
 The Second Striking Force has been substantially reinforced in the last few months in preparation for a new offensive via the Yamu system and now consists of twenty-seven battle cruisers, fifteen light cruisers and the fifteen destroyers which survived the First Battle of Kochi. Leaving twelve battle cruisers in Sapporo, the bulk of the force moves to Kochi's third warp point.
Turn 100
In Kochi, the Second Striking Force awaits the transfer of six more battle cruisers from the Third Striking Force in Eden before assaulting the system's third warp point. It is assumed that the large Bug fleet which was in the Kochi system has escaped through this warp point in order to fight a defensive warp point battle rather than fight an open space battle against either the Second Striking Force or the Talosian-led allied fleet
Turn 101
In the Kochi system the Second Striking Force, under the command of Seventh Swordsman of Worlds Musashi is preparing to assault the warp point through which it is assumed a large Arachnid fleet has escaped. Intelligence suggests the Arachnid force could contain more than fifty Arachnid light cruisers plus up to twenty destroyers and fifteen shuttle carriers. Some of these suspected Arachnid vessels could have been destroyed by the allied fleet during the recent battle in the El Dorado system but Intelligence is 90% certain that the bulk of that force awaits the Rigellians beyond Kochi's third warp point. Fortunately, the warp point's location was revealed in Advanced Scout Eleven's final message; otherwise the Arachnid fleet would seemingly have vanished without trace. Seventh Swordsman of Stars Musashi knows his fleet will take heavy casualties in any assault but the Bug fleet must be located and destroyed so that the offensive against the Omnivoracity can continue.
Turn 101
In which Musashi led the Second Striking Force in one of the bloodiest warp point assaults of the war. Eleven Genda class battle cruisers were lost on that day
Turn 102
The Second Striking Force remains in Arakawa to investigate any warp points as soon as they are discovered. If our guess is correct that this is a part of the Omnivoracity which is cut off from the rest, we must find and destroy and Bugs before they have time to build up defenses. The Second Support Fleet also arrives in the system to provide a forward repair capability. This offensive by the Second Striking Force has considerably delayed the timetable for an attack via the closed warp points discovered in the Yamu system
Turn 103
Turn 103
In the Arakawa system, the Sixth Survey Fleet completes a rough warp point survey and commences a more detailed survey. The initial survey reveals two unexplored warp points so the Second Striking Force moves to the one closest to the Arakawan star. Despite its recent losses, the Second Striking Force is still formidable and is not expecting to meet heavy resistance. The six remaining undamaged Genda class battle cruisers enter the warp point first with fifteen Invincible Mod 3 light cruisers lined up to follow. They meet no resistance at the far side of the warp point which is in a binary system with two habitable planets. The Genda class battle cruisers return to Arakawa and a recon force consisting of six Swordsman class battle cruisers and six destroyers? heads for the planets. The rest of the Second Striking Force remains in Arakawa to guard against an Arachnid counterattack through a different warp point. The new system is named Ogaki.
The battle cruisers find a Medium Arachnid population on each planet and a single spaceport with twelve corvettes under construction. No defenses of any type are present which reinforces the view that this is an isolated section of the Omnivoracity. Missiles rain down from orbit and obliterate three hundred million Bugs.
Turn 104
A small destroyer force is left to watch the Ogaki system while the Second Striking Force turns its attention to the second unexplored warp point in Arakawa. Even as the fleet is preparing to transit, Rigellian colonists are landing on the recently vacated habitable planets in Arakawa. Six Genda class battle cruisers lead the way but encounter no resistance. The new system, named Kisogawa, is devoid of habitable planets and a probe of the gas giant moons reveals no life. Two weeks later, the Sixth Survey Fleet completes a detailed warp point survey finding two more unexplored warp points and once more the Gendas lead Second Striking Force into the unknown. This time the system has two habitable planets with Medium sized Arachnid populations but apparently no mobile forces in the system although a dozen corvettes are under construction on one of the planets. Sixth Swordsman of Stars Musashi issues the necessary orders and two more planets are cleansed of Bug infestation. The lack of Arachnid defenses continues to suggest that these are recently colonized worlds with no time to build defenses and no access to the rest of the Omnivoracity. We must continue the search with all speed before they have chance to catch their breath. The new system is named Kimitsu.
Turn 105
The Second Striking Force prepares to transit the last unexplored warp point in the Arakawa system, the Gendas and Invincibles leading the way as usual. The warp point, a type four, leads into a binary system with two habitable planets and three asteroid belts. The two planets have small Arachnid populations but no spaceports or other military facilities. No Bug warships are in evidence so the fleet proceeds to the planets to prepare them for colonization. The new system is named Shirahama.
Turn 106
Sapporo Sector. Most of the fighting against the Arachnids has taken place in the Sapporo sector with substantial losses on both sides. A Rigellian invasion of Bug territory was launched from the El Dorado system in IM84 but the assault force was repulsed and suffered heavy losses. The Rigellians fell back to Kochi and the Arachnids occupied the El Dorado system. An ambush was planned in Kochi but went badly wrong with the Rigellian force once again suffering heavy casualties and losing the system. During the battle of Kochi, the Arachnids attempted to invade Sapporo but were easily defeated by the system's massive fixed defenses. The Rigellian-Talosian-Octopi offensive launched from Octopi territory in IM97 broke through and liberated both El Dorado and Kochi from the opposite direction. The large Bug fleet guarding Kochi declined open space combat and fled through Kochi's recently-discovered third warp point. The Second Striking Force, released from its duty of guarding Sapporo, pursued the Bug fleet and destroyed it in an intensely violent warp point assault. Since then, the Second Striking Force has been exploring the Bug territory beyond Kochi's third warp point which appears to be an isolated section of the Omnivoracity. Resistance has been light and several Arachnid systems have been captured. The operation continues.
The Second Striking Force moves into the Ogaki system to continue its Bug Hunt
Turn 107
Arachnid resistance in the Arakawa area has been very light so the powerful Second Striking Force is ordered to return to Sapporo for refitting.  The fifteen Invincible Mod 3 light cruisers currently with the Second Striking Force in Shirahama are detached and sent to Ogaki to probe the system's three warp points before joining the Ninth Striking Force as it arrives in Arakawa.
The Second Striking Force will be refitted at Sapporo Station and reinforced over the next few months by the new Battle and Thunder class ships. Baring any new Arachnid offensives, the Second Striking Force will then proceed to Yamu to launch an assault via the closed warp points in that system
In Ogaki, the fifteen detached cruisers from the Second Striking Force split up and investigate the three unexplored warp points in the Ogaki system. The three vessels led by the Imperium find a yellow star system, containing three habitable planets and an asteroid belt, which they name Kaga. A six ship force led by Impregnable discovers a binary system with a single habitable planet plus two asteroid belts which is given the name of Soryu. Finally the remaining six vessels find an unremarkable Orange star system which is designated as Shima.
Turn 114
Although the Rigellian Fifth Striking Force is already in Oregon, its twelve warships are providing support for the Talosian fixed defenses at the outermost of the two unexplored warp points. With only six battle cruisers, three heavy cruisers and three destroyers, none of which are the latest designs, the Fifth is now seriously under strength compared to some of the larger Striking Forces. High Swordsman Tsushima decides to pull the current ships of the Fifth Striking Force back to Sapporo for refitting and replace them with recently upgraded ships of the Second Striking Force. Sixth Swordsman of Stars Yokohama, commander of the Fifth, is delighted to receive nine modern battle cruisers, including five Swordsman Mod 2s, three Genda Mod 2s and the Swordsmaster Mod 2 Duke of Wellington, three Tribal Mod 6 destroyers and three River Mod 1 destroyers.
Turn 115
A strong detachment from the Second Striking Force, consisting of nine battle cruisers and six destroyers, is temporarily assigned to the El Dorado system as cover for the Fifth Striking Force in Oregon in case the Bugs launch a counterattack once the main allied assault gets underway.
Turn 117
The bulk of the Second Striking Force remains in Sapporo.
Turn 130
The Second Striking Force has just arrived in the Yamu system
Turn 131-Note name change
In Yamu, the Second Striking Force is ready to begin its own offensive and, thanks to Seventh Swordsman Chinaku's reconnaissance mission nearly four years ago, the fleet intelligence officers already have some information on the system which will be attacked. It is a binary with two type T planets and three type ST planets, all of which are seething with Bugs, plus three asteroid belts. Total Arachnid population is estimated to be at least forty billion so Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi expects serious resistance. Nothing is known about the system's warp points except for the closed one used by Chinaku which is located three light hours south of the primary star. The companion star is five and a half light hours directly north of the primary - eight and a half light hours from the Rigellian entry point. As the most heavily populated Arachnid planet is orbiting the companion, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi estimates that will be the location of the main Bug fleet in the system. As the Rigellians will be nearer to the primary than any Bugs in the companion system, Musashi plans to send his fleet against the type T and type ST which orbit the primary star first and then advance to meet any approaching Bugs. As Seventh Swordsman Chinaku didn't give the system a name when he first discovered it almost four years ago, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi designates it as Sakata. The Second Carrier Striking Force is the most powerful Rigellian fleet ever assembled. Its complete order of battle is as follows:
12x Ark Royal CV (including Fleet Flag Akagi)
12x Thunder Mod 1 BB
1x Swordsmaster Mod 3 BC
11x Swordsman Mod 3 BC
6x Genda Mod 3 BC
6x Battle Mod 2 BC
6x Eradicator BCE
1x Battlestar Mod 1 BC
18x Tribal Mod 7 DD
16x Fleet Scout CT
432x Strike fighter
20x Pinnace

After a cautious probe by pinnaces, Musashi orders the fleet into the Arachnid system. The Fleet Scouts move ahead of the main body in a semi-circle with a radius of one light minute. Back in the Yamu system, a ring of twelve class three bases plus four hundred and eighty patterns of mines and two hundred laser buoys guard the fleet's only way home. The Third Imperial Support Fleet has six more bases under construction and Yamu Station is being upgraded to twelve shipyard modules. With such a secure and well defended base of operations at its back, the Second Carrier Striking Force will be able to maintain a sustained offensive.

The Second Carrier Striking Force continues its advance across the Sakata system. Once within ninety-six light minutes of the Type T planet orbiting the primary, the fleet picks ups emissions indicating the presence of a Arachnid population in the region of four hundred million. While substantial, Musashi is expecting a population a hundred times larger on the type T orbiting the companion star. At seventy-two light minutes, a drive field contact is detected in orbit of the planet. Within three hours, the contact begins moving in the direction of the Rigellian fleet. The Rigellians are moving at the cruising speed of their slowest units, the twelve Thunder Mod 1 class battleships. The unknown contact is moving twice as fast so the Rigellians are still forty-five light minutes from the planet when three Arachnid corvettes approach the screen of Fleet Scouts. Unable to approach the main body for a closer look, the corvettes content themselves with firing courier drones and shadowing the fleet from a distance. Nothing else interferes with the fleet's progress until it approaches the planet. A trio of destroyers goes in for a closer look, checking for bases or kamikaze swarms. There are three bases on the planet, one of which appears to be a large unarmed spaceport and the other two to be battleship sized defensive installations. Musashi orders his twelve capital missile battlecruisers forward under a heavy fighter escort. They methodically blast each base to pieces along with everything else on the surface. No kamikazes rise up from the planet. The fleet moves three light minutes further out from the star and wipes out another eight million Bugs on a type ST world. The three Bug corvettes can only watch from a distance. Once the planets of the primary have been cleansed of infestation, the fleet sets course for the companion star.

When the fleet is approximately a third of the way to the companion, the main Arachnid fleet turns up. Thirty battlecruisers, twenty-one heavy cruisers and eighty-seven corvettes. Due to the battleships, the Rigellian fleet cannot outrun the Bugs and due to the number and speed of the enemy corvettes, Musashi does not want to send the capital missile battlecruisers into action alone. His objectiveness concerning the tactical options for the forthcoming battle is coloured by his experiences in his two previous engagements with the Bugs. The first was the Battle of Kochi in which Swordsman of Stars Genda died a heroic death and Musashi was forced to lead a group of fleeing destroyers to safety. The second was the Battle of Arakawa in which Musashi led the Second Striking Force in one of the bloodiest warp point assaults of the war. Eleven Genda class battlecruisers were lost on that day. Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi does not want to run from the Bugs and he does not need to go through a warp point to get to them. They are right in front of him, less than a light minute away. He gives the order to launch all fighters and charge the enemy.

A few of his deputies request confirmation but he repeats the orders. He intends to smash the powerful Bug fleet head-on, regardless of casualties. Twelve squadrons of fighters are armed with fighter guns in case of kamikazes but the other sixty squadrons are all equipped with close attack missiles. The fighters precede the rest of the fleet by three light seconds and the carriers plus their Eradicator class escorts drop back. Twelve battleships, twenty-four battlecruisers, eighteen destroyers and sixteen corvettes surge ahead at maximum battleship speed. The Ronins commanding the ships of the fleet may not be convinced of the tactical necessity of the charge, but they cannot deny the satisfaction of meeting the Arachnid horde face-to-face rather than shooting over their shoulders in the usual stern chase. Eager to accept the invitation, the Bugs accelerate to full speed. The closing speed of the two fleets means they will get a maximum of three salvoes before they pass each other.

At six light seconds, all twelve Rigellian capital missile battlecruisers open fire with internal launchers and external missiles. Most of the other Rigellian ships have full loads of close assault missile on their XO racks, except the Fleet Scouts which each carry a single anti-drive missile. The Arachnid fleet holds its external capital missiles as the combination of range and Rigellian ECM make them almost useless. They could target the Fleet Scouts which lack ECM but the Bugs need the additional striking power against the Rigellian capital ships. One Arachnid battlecruiser takes a barrage of hits and explodes. The Rigellian fighters slightly increase their lead on the Rigellian fleet, ensuring all sixty attack squadrons reach point blank range as the two forces are three and a quarter light seconds apart. Both sides unleash all firepower at their disposal resulting in a cataclysm of destruction far outweighing anything in galactic history.

Fighters salvo close attack missiles, battleships and Genda class battlecruisers lash out with devastating capital force beams, Arachnid heavy cruisers volley standard missiles and external capital missiles, Bug battlecruisers add their own force beams to the building storm and Battle class battlecruisers launch massive missile waves. Each Rigellian battleship datagroup targets an Arachnid battlecruiser, seriously damaging all four targets. Return fire is intense with battlecruiser after battlecruiser pounding the Rigellian Thunder class battleship Talisman until she breaks in half. No Bug capital missiles are fired from the Reaver class battlecruisers, probably indicating they are loaded with close assault missiles. Strikefighters attack by squadron, concentrating on the Reavers. Arachnid anti-fighter fire is severely hampered by the presence of so many Rigellian missile armed warships at optimum range. A Bug battlecruiser disintegrates as close attack missiles find their mark, a second blows up then two more, five more. Within seconds, the Arachnid formation is a mass of exploding battlecruisers with fighters screaming through the carnage.

Musashi's operations officer hurries across the flag bridge with a worried look on his face and explains to his superior that six Arachnid battlecruisers and five heavy cruisers have active electronic countermeasures systems. Worse news quickly follows as the five heavy cruisers in question open fire with advanced gun\missile launchers, doubling their normal firepower, plus full loads of external capital missiles. Talon, another battleship, loses her shields and part of her armour. This new cruiser design is designated as the Rapacious III class. Fortunately, the majority of the Arachnid fleet appears to consist of their normal designs. Fifteen of the Arachnid corvettes suddenly open fire on the fighters with five point defence systems each, shooting down nineteen Rigellian fighters. These corvettes must be the recently encountered Stinger design. Although against rapidly closing fighters they only get one shot, they may prove deadly in larger numbers against fighters chasing a Bug formation. Forty-eight of the attacking squadrons break clear of the Bug fleet after helping the Rigellian battleships to destroy twenty-four Bug battlecruisers. Musashi orders the other twelve anti-ship squadrons to go after the six ECM protected battlecruisers. Unfortunately, it quickly becomes apparent that the battlecruisers are also equipped with second generation shields and armour, making them far tougher targets. It takes all twelve squadrons just to kill three of the new ships, leaving the other three intact.

Thirty-six Arachnid corvettes fire force beams at the damaged battleship Talon, causing minor internal damage. Although the corvettes are numerous, their single force beams are no real threat at the current range. Even combined, they have only the same firepower as four Arachnid battlecruisers. Thirty-six more corvettes have not fired, indicating they are either armed with shorter range weapons such as lasers or are Impaler class ramming corvettes. The Rapacious II class heavy cruisers concentrate their standard and external capital missile attacks on Talon, leaving the battleship crippled and burning. Rigellian counter fire from the Swordsman, Genda and Battle class battlecruisers plus the eighteen Tribal class destroyers and sixteen Fleet Scouts accounts for four enemy cruisers with a fifth seriously damaged. In the exchange of fire the Arachnid Omnivoracity has lost twenty-seven battlecruisers and four heavy cruisers while inflicting the loss of one battleship and nineteen fighters with a second battleship crippled.

The smaller but still dangerous Bug fleet now contains three battlecruisers, seventeen heavy cruisers and eighty-seven corvettes. The sixty Rigellian fighters squadrons, which caused the vast majority of the damage suffered by the Bugs, are now out of the fight and heading back to their carriers. Twelve more squadrons, armed with fighter guns, are keeping formation with the Rigellian fleet. The Talon drops back but is unable to run far due to the loss of four of her five engine rooms. She will be a sitting duck for any Bugs which break past the main Rigellian fleet. The Rigellian carriers and their Eradicator class escorts have remained well away from the fighting. All the Bug corvettes increase to maximum speed and begin detuning so Musashi orders his fleet to decrease speed to sixty percent of maximum battleship tactical speed. The weapons of both sides recycle by the time the corvettes are a quarter of a light second from the Rigellians with the Bug cruisers and battlecruisers one light second away.

First to fire are the three Rigellian battleships, Thunderbird, Thunderflash and Thunderbolt. Twenty-one capital force beams and thirty close assault missiles rip into two of the Arachnid battlecruisers. Like the new Bug heavy cruisers, they also have second generation shields and armour, enabling them to survive the onslaught with their weapons intact. Three of the new heavy cruisers open fire with their advanced gun\missile launchers in unstoppable sprint-mode. Turbulent loses her shields and a quarter of her armour. Turbulent and her two sister ships Twelfth Night and Tynwald respond by annihilating the only undamaged Bug battlecruiser and crippling an already damaged second. Nine force beam lash out from the third battlecruiser, firing while it still can but Turbulent's armour holds. Three more Rigellian battleships launch close assault missiles and fire capital force beams, killing the last two battlecruisers and gutting one of the new heavy cruisers. All the remaining Bug heavy cruisers concentrate sprint-mode fire on Turbulent. Tantalus, the only battleship still in action from its datagroup, takes out a Rapacious II class cruiser.

Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi orders the six Genda Mod 3 battlecruisers to target the beam armed corvettes. Goliath II independently targets five corvettes with capital force beams and close assault missiles. Unfortunately, the corvettes are another new class equipped with second generation shields and armour which results in five damaged but capable corvettes. Grail II and Guardsman target a total of six corvettes, destroying four and badly damaging the others. The other three Gendas, now aware of the defensive capabilities of the beam corvettes, distribute their weapons fire appropriately. Eight more corvettes die. The six Battle Mod 1 battlecruisers commence fire with a total of seventy-two advanced gun\missile launchers and forty-eight close assault missiles. Eleven corvettes vanish in a blinding storm of explosions. Meanwhile, the Bug cruisers have reduced Turbulent to a drifting hulk without a drive field. A single force beam from a corvette hits amidships and the battleship disintegrates.

Tribal class destroyers start picking off damaged corvettes. Knowing their life expectancy can be measured in seconds, the remaining few beam-armed survivors attempt to hit the crippled battleship Talon which is three quarters of a light second behind the main Rigellian fleet. They score minimal damage before Rigellian sprint-mode missiles and CAMs wipe out every last beam corvette. Fifty-one Bug corvettes remain of which fifteen are the anti-fighter corvettes and thirty-six appear to be ramming corvettes as they have yet to fire. The Rigellian capital missile combatants concentrate their fire on the enemy heavy cruisers. One of the new Rapacious III heavy cruisers causes further concern for the Rigellian Empire by defending itself with capital point defence. It would seem the Omnivoracity has recently developed several new tech systems but has yet to deploy them on a significant scale. It is almost certain that large scale deployment of the new systems is not far away. Although a damaged Rapacious II class is taken out by one Swordsman datagroup, the already badly damaged Rapacious III survives the fire of nine Swordsman class battlecruisers due to its ECM and capital point defence. The cruiser is finally destroyed by CAMs from a group of Tribal class destroyers. Each Swordsman and Swordsmaster class battlecruiser mounts a single plasma gun which they use to good effect to wipe out four of the ramming corvettes. The Fleet Scouts use their force beams to eliminate five Stinger class anti-fighter corvettes.

The Bug fleet now consists of fourteen heavy cruisers and forty-two corvettes which head for the Second Carrier Striking Force at ramming speed. All the Rigellian battleships engage their engine tuners as the fleet attempts to evade. First to hit are the corvettes which split into three groups of fourteen and head for the Tantalus, Tynwald and Thunderflash. Last ditch fire from the battleships kills seven of the fragile Stingers and cripples another two. Thanks to second generation advanced manoeuvring, the Rigellian battleships are as agile as the Arachnid corvettes and their electronic countermeasures confuse the Bugs on their final run. Although three corvettes smash into Tynwald, the battleship's substantial passive defences limit the damage to the loss of two engine rooms. Thunderflash takes a single hit which is absorbed by her shields and Tantalus skilfully evades her attackers. As the Arachnid cruisers close in, the Second Carrier Striking Force comes about one hundred and eighty degrees and manages to outmanoeuvre the incoming Bugs while still keeping them out of the fleet's blindspot. Unfortunately, it does place the Bugs only a quarter of a light second away.

Before any Bugs can lock on to the Rigellian fleet, Typhoon, Tyrannosaurus and Tyrian blow away two of the new heavy cruisers. Sprint mode missiles begin slamming into Tynwald as the Bugs try to inflict as much damage as possible before they are destroyed by the Rigellians. Unfortunately for the Bugs, most of their remaining cruisers are firing solo as the Rigellians have destroyed ships from different datagroups. Devastating capital force beam fire from the Thunder class battleships and Genda class battlecruisers mows down the Bug cruisers like a harvester in a wheatfield. Although Tynwald suffers serious internal damage, every last cruiser is blasted to scrap metal. Rigellian fire turns on the helpless corvettes which have not yet recovered from their failed ramming attempts. Most of the corvettes are slaughtered but when the smoke clears, fifteen survivors remain. They split into two groups and head for the two crippled battleships, Talon and Tynwald. Unable to manoeuvre, the battleships are easier targets than before, even with their ECM. Two corvettes are killed by last second capital force beam fire before a single corvette hits Talon from the starboard side and both ships explode. Tynwald is hit simultaneously by three corvettes, leaving nothing but an expanding cloud of plasma. Rigellian vengeance is swift. The nine remaining corvettes are atomised by the combined power of the Second Carrier Striking Force.

The Imperial Rigellian Navy has inflicted another crushing defeat on the Arachnid Omnivoracity. For the loss of four battleships, the Second Carrier Striking Force has destroyed thirty battlecruisers, twenty-one heavy cruisers and eighty-seven corvettes in less than three minutes of combat. The most morale-boosting aspect of the victory is the way in which the battle was won. Rather than the usual drawn out stern chase, the Rigellian Navy stood toe to toe with the Bugs and blasted them contemptuously aside.

in the Sakata system, site of the highly successful attack by the Second Carrier Striking Force, the Sixth Survey Fleet has completed a rough survey, revealing two new warp points. Thirteenth Swordsman of Worlds Maniku, commander of the Sixth Survey Fleet, sends a pinnace from his Caravan class support battlecruiser into the innermost warp point. Instantly, the pinnace arrives almost six light hours from the primary of an Orange star system with a single habitable world. Six class three Bug bases are situated in close proximity to the warp point. Fortuitously, they either do not detect the scout or are unable to engage it before it disappears back to Sakata. No mobile units appear to be present. Maniku names the newly discovered system Kuchino, informs Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi of the situation and moves his escort group to the second unexplored warp point. Musashi, who has already moved the Second Carrier Striking Force to a position equidistant from both of the new warp points, receives Maniku's report and decides to attack immediately before any Bug reinforcements arrive. Within four days, preparations are complete. Six Thunder Mod 1 class battleships activate their engine tuners and spearhead the assault.

The battleships emerge in a star pattern with each battleship except the sixth moving to point blank range of a different base. Tantalus, the lead battleship, blows a base to pieces with its opening salvo of capital force beams and close assault missiles. Musashi has ordered the battleships to use their external ordnance immediately, regardless of fire control problems caused by transit. Three Arachnid bases are quick off the mark and each retaliates with twelve lasers and eight close assault missiles. Thunderbird and Thunderbolt explode simultaneously, one ripped apart by lasers and the other crushed by a combination of lasers and close assault missiles. Although Thunderflash kills another base, Twelfth Night is shaken to her keel by the sixth base, losing all of her passive defences and two of her five engine rooms. Her capital force beam battery is intact and she uses it to annihilate her attacker. Typhoon obliterates a fourth base. Before the bases can recharge their lasers, Thunderflash and Typhoon fire again and the battle is suddenly over.

Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi is concerned at the loss of two battleships and moderate damage to a third for the loss of six probably second class Arachnid bases. His effective warp point assault strength is down to five battleships and six Genda Mod 3 class battlecruisers, although his six Battle Mod 2s could be used in that role in an emergency. Musashi orders six Fleet Scouts to probe in-system toward the habitable planet, avoiding combat unless absolutely necessary. They discover no Bug warships except for a light cruiser heading away from the warp point and toward the planet. The planet itself has a population of around four hundred million, several ground based installations, including spaceports with the facilities for small craft, and a small space station. The scouts report back to Musashi who detaches six Swordsman Mod 3 class battlecruisers, four carriers with their escorts plus a screen of destroyers and corvettes. Their orders are to eliminate any Arachnid presence on the planet. Several days later, as the detachment moves within capital missile range, three hundred shuttles rise from the surface and attempt to close and ram. All the carriers and battlecruiser engage their engine tuners and maintain distance to the small craft while the fighters cut through the enemy formation like a harvester in a wheatfield.

Once the kamikaze threat has been eliminated, the capital missile battlecruisers wipe out the space station and ground based defences then methodically eliminate all life on the planet. The single enemy light cruiser makes a futile suicide run, dying far short of the Rigellian ships. Their work completed, the detachment heads back to the Kuchino - Sakata warp point where they await instructions from the main fleet. Meanwhile, the rest of the Second Carrier Striking Force has followed the escort group of the Sixth Survey Fleet toward Sakata's third warp point.

 The Sixth Survey fleet completes its task and finds a fourth warp point in Sakata. A single pinnace from the Caravan class support battlecruiser accompanying the Sixth Escort Group transits into the unknown. The pinnace arrives two light hours from the centre of a single star system with two habitable worlds and a type ST planet. Surrounding the warp point are eighteen class three bases and twenty-one class two bases. Further back is a massive fleet including six battleships, thirty battlecruisers, twenty heavy cruisers and almost a hundred corvettes. Miraculously, none of the bases fire on the pinnace and the Arachnid ships are too far away. Once the pinnace reports, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi moves the Second Carrier Striking Force to the new warp point to guard against an attempted recapture of Sakata by the Bug fleet. The newly discovered system is named Amakusa.

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Quote from: "ocie"

Is this one a work in progress or did your post get cut short?

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(No subject)
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Steve, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
I've seen here and in the List archives how you name ship classes with the term "Mod #" (where # is some letter).

What does this signify?  Does "mod" indicate the Xth upgraded version to the design "over the years" and TL's?  Or does it mean something like your navy's "design bureau" :)
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Quote from: "crucis"
Steve, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
I've seen here and in the List archives how you name ship classes with the term "Mod #" (where # is some letter).

What does this signify?  Does "mod" indicate the Xth upgraded version to the design "over the years" and TL's?  Or does it mean something like your navy's "design bureau" :)

The Mod indicates an update to a design. So the Tribal Mod 4 was the fourth design upgrade of a destroyer design that can be traced back to the original Tribal. All the previous Tribal Mods will have been the current build model at some point.

Somewhere I have a document detailing the design history of Rigellian destroyers. I'll see if I can dig it out.

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Quote from: "Steve Walmsley"
Quote from: "crucis"
Steve, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
I've seen here and in the List archives how you name ship classes with the term "Mod #" (where # is some letter).

What does this signify?  Does "mod" indicate the Xth upgraded version to the design "over the years" and TL's?  Or does it mean something like your navy's "design bureau" :)
The Mod indicates an update to a design. So the Tribal Mod 4 was the fourth design upgrade of a destroyer design that can be traced back to the original Tribal. All the previous Tribal Mods will have been the current build model at some point.

Cool.  I've done the same thing, although nor with the "Mod" terminology.  Must be a British thing.  :)
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Battle fleets
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Yes, very much a work in progress. i intend to do all the fleets sooner or later. I hope you don't mind.
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Related stuff
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I am also working on a updated "Joes Fighting Ships" type document. This is an expansion on your document. I would love to have you review and comment on it.
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Joes Fighting ships
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Rigellian Fighting Ships: Destroyers

The ubiquitous destroyer has served in the Imperial Rigellian Navy since before the days of interstellar flight. Most famous is the Tribal class series which has fulfilled many roles, including battleline unit, fleet escort and system patrol but many other Rigellian destroyer classes have performed admirable service. This is a complete list of all destroyers designed as warships but does not include support ships based on a destroyer hull.

Code: [Select]
Tribal class DD - (AC) - 30 Hull - TL 1
[3] SSAAH(I)R(I)R(I)(I)RQLh(I)R(I)(I)RMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 300/ 45
HTK 20 - Sx2 Ax2 Rx5 Mgx1

The Tribal class destroyer was the largest Rigellian ship class when first built and formed the backbone of the fleet. Before recent improvements to the basic laser improved its range and damage capability, the missile launcher was the superior weapon of its day. With a battery of five launchers, the Tribal was designed to blast its opponents into submission. Although not realized at the time, it suffered from a lack of close range firepower and was unable to knife-fight with a faster beam armed opponent.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 1 class DD - (AC) - 30 Hull - TL 2
[3] SSAH(I)R(I)R(I)Db(I)RQLh(I)Db(I)(I)RMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 318/ 47.7
HTK 20 - Sx2 Ax1 Dbx2 Rx4 Mgx1

The Tribal Mod 1 was an update designed to incorporate the newly developed point Defence system. Although the missile battery was reduced by 20% and the Armour halved, the addition of the two point Defence systems was intended to make the ship far more durable in a missile engagement. Combat against ships of the Roman Republic showed the weakness of the design against opponents with weapons capable of firing at very close range.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 2 DD - (AC) - 30 Hull - TL 2
[3] SSAH(I)W(I)W(I)Db(I)WQLh(I)Db(I)(I)WMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 358/ 53.7
HTK 20 - Sx2 Ax1 Dbx2 Wx4 Mgx1

This model was developed to take advantage of the gun\missile launcher and remove the problems caused by the inability of the standard missile launcher to engage targets effectively at very close range. The gun\missile launcher provided the capability for good firepower at all ranges. At the time the Tribal Mod 2 arrived on the scene, light cruisers were rolling off the production line, relegating the Tribals to a secondary position during battleline combat.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 3 DD - (AC) - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 2
[3] SSAH(I)(I)W(I)WDb(I)QLh(I)(I)WDb(I)WMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 376/ 56.4
HTK 20 - Sx2 Ax1 Dbx2 Wx4 Mgx1

The Mod 3 had two differences from its predecessor. Six external ordnance racks were added and the ship's internal systems were rearranged slightly to provide a little more protection for the weapons systems.
Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 4 class DD - (AC) - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 3
[3] SSAZH(I)(I)(I)(I)LhQW(I)WD(I)WD(I)WMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 436/ 65.4
HTK 21 - Sx2 Ax1 Dx2 Wx4 Mgx1

As part of the changing Rigellian design philosophy at the time, even more protection for the weapons was built into the Mod 4 class. Second generation point Defence was added, substantially enhancing the ship's defensive capabilities. Most importantly, datalink became available, enabling the Mod 3 to link with up to two other ships and provide coordinated firepower, overwhelming enemy point Defence.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 4 Leader class DD - (AC) - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 3
[3] SSAAZH(I)(I)(I)Xr(I)LhQ(I)WD(I)WD(I)WMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 468/ 70.2
HTK 22 - Sx2 Ax2 Dx2 Wx3 Mgx1

Once heavy cruisers were being added to the Rigellian order of battle, destroyers moved to patrol and escort duties. Development of the long range sensor system also gave the Rigellian fleet true system patrol ability rather than relying on planet based sensors. Due to the size of the new long range sensor system, requiring the removal of a gun\missile launcher, it was decided that only a proportion of destroyers would be upgraded to use the new equipment. Destroyers serving with main fleet units would continue to be the Mod 4 design. Patrolling destroyers would be deployed in squadrons of three ships with one of the ships upgraded to the new Tribal Mod 4 Leader design.
Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 5 class DD - AM - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 5
[2] SAix8ZH(I)Wx2M4(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)QLhDD(I)WMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:5 - Cost = 520/ 78
HTK 27 - Sx1 Aix8 Dx2 Wx3 Mgx1

Significant changes were made for the next class in the Tribal series, the Mod 5. A new type of Armour became available, twice as strong as the existing material. Shields were reduced and a substantial belt of the new Armour was incorporated into the Mod 5. Passive defenses were increased threefold compared to the Tribal Mod 4. This was also the first Tribal class to lack atmospheric capability. An increase in the number of available shipyards meant that planetary based construction was extremely rare. The addition of advanced maneuvering reduced the destroyers turning circle by a third. Multiplex tracking gave the destroyer and any datalinked ships to ability to fire on multiple targets without serious degradation of fire control. All of the improvements resulted in the loss of one gun\missile launcher but the design team believed the additional protection and flexibility of the Mod 5 would more than compensate.
The main role of the Tribal Mod 5 was to provide close escort for the new Swordsman class capital missile battlecruisers. As the Swordsman was designed to engage a pursuing superior enemy force, emphasizing the protection of engines rather than weapons, the Mod 5 followed a similar philosophy, reversing the trend of previous designs.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 6 class DD - AM - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 6
[2] S0x5Aix5ZH(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)WaWaM4QLhDD(I)WaMg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:5 - Cost = 639/ 95.9
HTK 28 - S0x5 Aix5 Dx2 Wax3 Mgx1

The Tribal Mod 6 doubled the firepower of the previous class by replacing the gun\missile launchers with the faster firing advanced version. It also benefited from recent advances in shield technology, once again increasing the passive defenses. Although the Swordsman class battlecruiser proved a very successful platform, its internal arrangement of weapons and engines did not prove as effective as was originally hoped and the design team decided to revert back to an engines first philosophy. As the Tribal's main fleet role was protection of the battlecruisers, the Tribal Mod 6 also incorporated maximum protection for its weapons.
Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 7 class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix4ZH(I)(I)(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)M4WaQsWaDz?Dz(I)WaMg [7]
30 RCP 10 MCP - Trg:5 Def -3 - Cost = 769/ 115.4
HTK 27 - S0x4 Aix4 Dzx2 Wax3 Mgx1

The Tribal Mod 7 contained three major improvements over the Mod 6. Electronic countermeasures, which made the ship far harder to hit, datalinked point Defence, which allowed mutual missile Defence for members of the same data group and second generation advanced maneuvering which made the Mod 7 as maneuverable as a strikefighter. The existing life support and crew quarters were also replaced by two self contained crew quarter units. Even though the Tribal Mod 8 is now the standard missile destroyer design for the Imperial Rigellian Navy, fifty-eight Mod 7s are still in service.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 8 class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 9
[1] S0x2Acx9ZHQsM4(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)WaQsWaDz?Dz(I)WaMg [7]
30 RCP 10 MCP - Trg:5 Def -3 - Cost = 786/ 117.9
HTK 30 - S0x2 Acx9 Dzx2 Wax3 Mgx1

The Tribal Mod 8 destroyer improves only slightly on the venerable Mod 7. The new composite Armour improves the passive defenses by over thirty-five percent and a re-arrangement of the internal systems provides a little more protection for the engines, albeit at the cost of losing multiplex tracking and half the crew quarters earlier than in the previous design. With one hundred and forty-eight Tribal Mod 8s in service, this is most numerous of any Rigellian warship class.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 9 class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 9
[1] S0Acx6ZHsQsM4(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)QsFcDz?Dz(I)Fc [7]
30 RCP  10 MCP     Trg:5  Def -3     Cost =  750/ 112.5
HTK 24 S0x1  Acx6  Dzx2  Fcx2

The Tribal Mod 9 is much more fragile than the Mod 8, with the older destroyer being able to stand up to twenty percent more damage. However, the Mod 9 is considerably cheaper, more than compensating for the difference. The basic cost of the Mod 8 is 768MC, compared to the 750MC of the Mod 9, but with the new advanced antimatter standard missiles available, a further 240MC is necessary to provide a full missile load-out, making the Mod 8 thirty-four percent more expensive.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 10 class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull -  TL 10
[1] S0Acx6ZHsQsM4(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)!2QsFcDcx?(I)Fc [7]
30 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:5    Def -3  Tem -2     Cost =  800/ 120
HTK 24 S0x1  Acx6  Dcxx1  Fcx2

The Tribal Mod 10 is a most controversial design as it only has one point defence system. This was necessary due to the larger size of the new point defence systems and the requirement to squeeze ECCM into such a small hull.

Code: [Select]
Tribal Mod 11 class DD   AM2 6 XO Racks 30 Hull TL 12
[1] S2x5Al2Ac2x5Al2Ac2x5Al2Ac2x5ZHsQsM4(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)!2WaWaQs?3WaDcx(I)Mg [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 5 Bmp +6 Tem -2     Cost = 1040/ 156
HTK 42 S2x5 Al2x3 Ac2x15 Dcxx1 Wax3 Mgx1
80x SM-b, 80x AFM

The latest update to the venerable Tribal series involves a significant change in role and a return to the same armament as the Mod 8, three advanced gun\missile launchers. In recent years, the Tribal?s have been general fleet escorts, carrying out scouting and picket duties as well as providing close protection and additional fleet firepower with their capital force beams. However, in the modern era they are too small to make a major difference in a fleet action and their scouting and patrol roles are moving to gunboats and fighters equipped with long range sensors. It is unlikely more Tribal?s will be built but, as there are over two hundred in service, an update for the long serving destroyers is necessary. Their new role will be to act as a screen against the increasing numbers of fighters and gunboats deployed by our enemies and half of their magazine capacity will be devoted to anti-fighter missiles.

Code: [Select]
River class DD - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 4
[3] SSAAZH(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)LhQ(I)FFDD(I)F [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 456/ 68.4
HTK 20 - Sx2 Ax2 Dx2 Fx3

First entering service around the time of the Tribal Mod 4, the River class destroyers were designed to take advantage of the new force beam technology. They were ahead of the Tribals in incorporating the engines first philosophy which now dominates Rigellian designs. Equipped with three force beams, they were formidable ships up close but lacked the weapon range of the Tribals. Primarily used as fleet units rather than in patrol squadrons.

Code: [Select]
River Mod 1 class DD - (AC) AM - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 5
[2] Aix6ZH(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)FFM3DLhQD(I)F [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:4 - Cost = 555/ 83.2
HTK 23 - Aix6 Dx2 Fx3

This update to the basic River added advanced maneuvering and multiplex tracking plus a belt of the latest Armour. The lack of shields was controversial but the performance of the ship in combat silenced the critics. It also added atmospheric capability at a time when most designers were discarding this feature. All River Mod 1s have now been updated to the far superior Mod 2

Code: [Select]
River Mod 2 class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 8
[1] S0S0AiAiZH(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)M3DzLhQ(HET)?Dz(I)(HET) [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:4 Def -3 - Cost = 694/ 104.1
HTK 21 - S0x2 Aix2 Dzx2 (HET)x2

A significant improvement over the Mod 1, this design included electronic countermeasures, datalinked point Defence and second generation advanced maneuvering. It also replaced the three force beams with two hetlasers. The debate within the Rigellian Fleet over the merits of the hetlaser vs. the capital force beam was long and heated. Eventually it was decided to equip all capital units with capital force beams due to their longer range. As the smaller and faster River Mod 2 class destroyers were able to close the range on larger ships, the range advantage of the capital force beam was less important, resulting in the choice of the hetlaser. One weakness in this class is the light shields and Armour. Given their heavy armament and their intended role as screening the fleet against enemy light units, this was deemed an acceptable risk. Fifty-one are currently in service.

Code: [Select]
System Patrol Ship class DD - (AC) AM - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 5
[2] Aix6ZH(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)DD(I)QLhRcRcMgXr(I) [7]
30 RCP 20 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 535/ 80.2
HTK 23 - Aix6 Dx2 Rcx2 Mgx1

During the early stages of the Bug War, many system governors requested fleet units to guard their systems. As no fleet units could be spared, this design was put together in record time and the systems were allowed to build it using planetary industry, hence the atmospheric capability. Equipped with long range sensors and armed with two capital missile launchers, the SPS class was designed to surprise and eliminate intruders or to follow them back to their point of origin. The glaring weakness was a complete lack of close range armament. However, the class proved surprisingly successful in combat. All of the System Patrol Ships have now been upgraded to Tribal Mod 8s.

Code: [Select]
Salvo class DD - AM - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 6
[2] S0x2Aix2ZH(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)WaWaM5DQsWaD(I)WaMg [7]
30 RCP 10 MCP - Trg:6 - Cost = 684/ 102.6
HTK 23 - S0x2 Aix2 Dx2 Wax4 Mgx1

Several members of the Salvo class, design by the Utopian Brotherhood, came into Rigellian service as a result of the Rigellian - Utopian Amalgamation. A contemporary of the Tribal Mod 6, it emphasized firepower over protection, having one third more gun\missile launchers than its Rigellian counterpart but only forty percent of the Mod 6's passive defenses. Although most of the Salvo class has been converted to the later Tribal versions, eight are still in service.

Code: [Select]
Tempest class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 8
[1] S0x3Aix3ZH(I)Qs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)M2QsDzFcDz(I)Fc [7]
30 RCP 10 MCP - Trg:3 - Cost = 664/ 99.6
HTK 22 - S0x3 Aix3 Dzx2 Fcx2

This is a Lorentian-designed destroyer which was in service when the Rigellians first entered the Communion of Loren's home system. Unusually for a Lorentian-designed warship, the Tempest class destroyer is less expensive than similar ships of other races as it lacks electronic countermeasures. The majority of Tempests were upgraded to the B variant by the Communion before the Rigellian - Lorentian Amalgamation but six were never refitted and now are on active Rigellian service.

Code: [Select]
Tempest B class DD - AM2 - 6 XO Racks - 30 Hull - TL 9
[1] S0Acx6ZHsQs(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)(I)M2QsDzFc?Dz(I)Fc [7]
30 RCP 10 MCP - Trg:3 Def -3 - Cost = 720/ 108
HTK 24 - S0x1 Acx6 Dzx2 Fcx2

Rigellian Fighting Ships: Light Cruisers

Light cruisers have been a part of the Imperial Rigellian Navy almost as long as the destroyer. All Naval aficionados will have heard of the famous Invincible series, both in its time as the premier fighting ship of the Rigellian battleline and in more recent close combat role, but there are several other cruisers classes with an interesting history. This is a complete list of all light cruisers designed as warships but does not include support ships based on a light cruiser hull.

Code: [Select]
Prototype Light Cruiser class CL - (AC) - 45 Hull - TL 2
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 485.7/ 72.9
HTK 30 - Sx4 Ax3 Dbx3 Rx6 Mgx1

The Prototype Light Cruiser was the superdreadnought of its day. The first light cruiser to be built for the Imperial Rigellian Navy, it was fifty percent larger than the Tribal Mod 1 class destroyers which at that time formed the Empire's main striking power. The impetus for the design and construction of the ship came from the discovery of the Roman Republic and the alien empire's apparent hostile intentions. Endeavour, the lead ship of the class, completed its shakedown cruiser just in time to lead the Rigellian Defence of the Beta system against a Roman offensive. Together with the later Invincible class, the Prototype Light Cruisers formed the backbone of the fleet which led the Empire to victory in its first interstellar war.

Code: [Select]
Invincible class CL - 45 Hull - TL 2
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 538.5/ 80.8
HTK 27 - Sx2 Ax1 Dbx2 Wx8 Mgx1

The Invincible class light cruiser was designed to incorporate the new gun\missile launcher. Although it had a thirty-three percent increase in firepower over the Prototype Light Cruiser class and was far superior at close range, the Invincible suffered defensively, having two basic point Defence systems instead of three and less than half the Armour and shields of its predecessor. It was hoped the increased firepower would be decisive during the first stages of a warp point assault when not all the enemy ships would be alerted. The Invincibles had their combat debut during the assault on the Roman home system and performed well, although they lacked staying power in a close range sprint-mode engagement.

Code: [Select]
Flagship class CL - 45 Hull - TL 2
[3] Sx3Ax3H(II)(I)(II)W(I)WDb(II)WQLh(CC)(CIC)Db(BbS)(I)WMg [6]
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 616.5/ 92.5
HTK 28 - Sx3 Ax3 Dbx2 Wx4 Mgx1

Only a single Flagship class light cruiser, the Alexander, was ever constructed. The ship was designed for a fleet commander and had excellent command, control and communication facilities. However, the space requirements for those systems, plus the additional Armour and shielding, resulted in a major reduction in offensive capability, leaving the Alexander with only half the broadside of the Invincible class. The boat bay on the flagship class was positioned behind the strongest defenses, allowing the escape of the fleet commander in an emergency. Alexander was destroyed during her first battle, the warp point assault against the Roman home system, but the then Third Swordsman Fuchida managed to escape using a cutter from the well protected boat bay.

Code: [Select]
Invincible Mod 1 CL - 9 XO Racks - 45 Hull - TL 2
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:1 - Cost = 565.5/ 84.8
HTK 27 - Sx2 Ax1 Dbx2 Wx8 Mgx1

The Invincible Mod 1 is very similar to its predecessor with the only real change being the addition of nine external ordnance racks. The order of the internal systems was also slightly modified.

Code: [Select]
Invincible Mod 2 class CL - 9 XO Racks - 45 Hull - TL 3
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:3 - Cost = 643.5/ 96.5
HTK 31 - Sx3 Ax3 Dx3 Wx6 Mgx1

The Invincible Mod 2 was a significant improvement on its predecessor. Although twenty-five percent of the offensive armament was removed, this was compensated for by the installation of datalink and multiplex tracking, an upgrade to second generation point Defence, including the addition of a third system, and increases in Armour and shields in order to protect the fragile datalink. Despite the availability at the time of long range scanners, it was decided not to install them on the Invincibles as they were designed to work in concert with the first heavy cruisers once they become available and the scanners were not required for the maximum range of the Invincibles' weapon systems. The Invincible Mod 2s first saw combat in the joint Rigellian - Octopi Defence of the Ice system against the Arachnid Omnivoracity. They were involved in the thick of the action and performed according to expectations.

Code: [Select]
Invincible Mod 3 class CL - AM - 9 XO Racks - 45 Hull - TL 5
[2] SAix16ZH(BbS)(II)(I)(II)(I)FDFM4D(II)QLhFD(I)F [6]
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:5 - Cost = 798.5/ 119.8
HTK 39 - Sx1 Aix16 Dx3 Fx4

The Invincible Mod 2 served the Empire well as the primary light cruiser design for almost three years. However, the advance of technology meant it began to fall behind compared to its potential opponents and was in need of a new lease of life. That came with the advent of force beams. The new Invincible Mod 3s were giving a different role than their predecessors, being designed uncompromisingly to survive in intense, close combat and inflict maximum damage at point-blank range.
The Invincible Mod 3 lost the six gun\missile launchers of the Mod 2, gaining four force beams in their place. Although the shields were reduced to a single generator, the newly developed Improved Armour provided five times as much protection as before, giving the ship the strong passive defenses required for its new mission. The final change was an upgrade to the multiplex tracking system.

Code: [Select]
Invincible Mod 4 class CL - AM2 - 9 XO Racks - 45 Hull - TL 8
[1] S0x8Aix8ZH(BbS)(II)(I)(II)(I)(II)M4FcQLhFcDz?Dz(I)Fc [6]
45 RCP 5 MCP - Trg:5 Def -3 - Cost = 1010.5/ 151.6
HTK 37 - S0x8 Aix8 Dzx2 Fcx3

By the time the Invincible series was upgraded again, the light cruiser hull seemed a fragile shell beside the superdreadnoughts and carriers engaged in the titanic struggle against the Omnivoracity. However, the series had a proud history and the Invincibles were not ready just yet to give way to their larger brethren. Almost three more years had passed between the Mod 3 and the first Mod 4 and technology had advanced rapidly in the meantime. Capital Force Beams, Electronic Countermeasures, Augmented Shields and Datalinked Point Defence combined to extend the operational life of the series and create a ship which would have appeared almost magical to the crew of the original Invincibles. The Mod 4s have performed well in action, most recently in the close range battle in Hiroshima which finally cleared the Arachnid force blocking the Hiroshima - Tanega warp point. Seventeen Invincible Mod 4s are still on active service.

Code: [Select]
Invincible Mod 5 class CL  AM2 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 12
[1] S2x10Ac2x18ZH(BbS)(II)(I)(II)(I)(II)M4Fc!2LhQFcDcx?3Dcx(I)Fc [6]
45 RCP 5 MCP     Trg: 5 Bmp +6 Tem -2     Cost = 1392.5/ 208.9
HTK 50 S2x10 Ac2x18 Dcxx2 Fcx3

Although the light cruiser has not been a very popular warship hull since the Empire?s early interstellar wars, there are still ten Invincible Mod 4s and nine Immortals in service. The Invincible Mod 5 will provide the upgrade path for both classes. Compared to the Mod 4, it has much improved point defense and passive defenses have increased by seventy-five percent. The Mod 5 also gains ECCM but, due to the small hull, command data link and a gunboat strike group have not been included. As the Invincibles are from a very different time with a radically different fleet organization, their role in the modern navy is not well defined. However, the Imperial fleet needs every ship at the moment and their battery of three capital force beams will be very effective in close combat.

Code: [Select]
Immortal class CL   AM2 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x5Aix5ZH(BbS)(II)(I)(II)(I)(II)DzDzM4WaDzWaDzQLhDz?WaDz(I)WaMg [6]
45 RCP 5 MCP     Trg: 5 Def -3     Cost = 1170.5/ 175.6
HTK 37 S0x5 Aix5 Dzx6 Wax4 Mgx1

The smaller sister to the Eradicator is the Immortal class CL. The Eradicator will escort the Ark Royal while the Immortal is designed to escort the Forrestal class. Each escort will form a data group with a pair of carriers. The bulk of the Immortal class will probably come from refits of the Invincible class light cruisers.

Rigellian Fighting Ships: Heavy Cruisers

Heavy cruisers have been a part of the Imperial Rigellian Navy since the 5th decade of the new era. All Naval aficionados will have heard of the famous Invincible series, both in its time as the premier fighting ship of the Rigellian battle line and in more recent close combat role, but there are several other cruisers classes with an interesting history. This is a complete list of all Heavy cruisers designed as warships but does not include support ships based on a light cruiser hull.
The heavy cruiser Sovereign, an experimental design to learn about the construction techniques required for such a large ship

Code: [Select]
Resolution class CA 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 3
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 3   Cost = 953/ 143
HTK 39 Sx3 Ax2 Dx5 Wx8 Mgx1

The first Heavy Cruiser to be placed into mass production for the fleet, the Resolution class, is designed and the first unit laid down. Resolution has data link, five of the latest point defense systems, eight gun\missile launchers, long-range scanners and multiplex tracking. A formidable foe for any enemies of the empire.

Code: [Select]
Resolution Mod 2 class CA 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 5
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 3   Cost = 989/ 148.4
HTK 35 Sx2 Ax2 Dx5 Rcx5 Mgx1

As the Rigellian scientists complete work on the Capital Missile Launcher a refit is designed for the Resolution class heavy cruisers to equip them with this new weapon. It is also now standard fleet policy for all ships to carry capital missiles as XO rack weapons and at least one Enhanced Drive Missile if capacity allows

Code: [Select]
Resolution Mod 3 class CA AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 6
 A Mod 3 version of the Resolution class is created using the same design philosophy as the new battle cruiser. One of the capital missile launchers is exchanged for a force beam, the armor is increased and the engines become the most heavily protected area of the ship. This ship and the Swordsman class battle cruiser are designed to pound the Arachnids from outside their effective range and maintain enough speed to conduct a fighting withdrawal. The Resolution Mod 3 class carries double the magazine capacity of any previous Rigellian ship

Code: [Select]
Resolution Mod 4 class CA   AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 6
[2] S0x6Aix6ZH (BbS) (II) (II) (II) (II) (II) RcRcM4DcRcRcMgXrQLhDcDc (II) F [6]
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 5   Cost = 1107/ 166.1
HTK 41 S0x6 Aix6 Dcx3 Fx1 Rcx4 Mgx1

The existing Resolution Mod 3 class heavy cruisers are refit to add upgraded shields and capital point defense and also to provide more protection for the weapons systems

Code: [Select]
Valhalla class CA 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 4
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 3   Cost = 1025/ 153.7
HTK 37 Sx3 Ax3 Dx5 Fx6

The Valhalla class is very similar to the existing Resolution class except that it carries six Force Beams instead of eight Gun\Missile launchers.

Code: [Select]
Valhalla Mod 2 class CA AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 5
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 5   Cost = 1098/ 164.7
HTK 48 Sx1 Aix18 Dx4 Fx6

The Mod 2 version of the Valhalla class cruiser retains its offensive armament of six force beams but two shield generators, the long range sensors and one point defense system are removed. The armor is heavily upgraded, providing six times the previous protection. The Valhalla class is designed to survive in intense combat, inflicting maximum damage at point-blank range

Code: [Select]
Valhalla Mod 3 class CA  AM 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 6
[2] S0x9Aix9ZH(BbS)Q(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)EEDcEEM5DcQLhDcEDc(II)E [6]
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 6   Cost = 1162/ 174.3
HTK 46 S0x9 Aix9 Dcx3 Ex6

The Valhalla class heavy cruisers are redesigned with an energy beam armament. This is slightly more controversial as the main role of the Valhalla?s is close range fleet defense in deep space rather than the warp point assault role of the Genda class. The energy beam will be more effective at close range but will suffer from a significant range disadvantage against a force beam armed opponent

Code: [Select]
Valhalla Mod 4 class CA- Note: apparently this Mod was never built.
Valhalla Mod 5 class CA  AM2   12 XO Racks    60 Hull    TL 8
[1] S0x5Aix5ZH(BbS)Q(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)Pgx10DzPgM5PgLhQPgDz?DzPg(II)Pg [6]
60 RCP 40 MCP       Trg: 6 Def -3        Cost = 1532/ 229.8
HTK 48      S0x5 Aix5 Dzx3 Pgx15

The Rigellian Battle Fleet contains a large number of heavy cruisers which no longer fit into the fleet doctrine. The capital missile armed Resolutions are overshadowed by the Swordsman class battle cruisers and the Valhalla class cruisers have been replaced by the Genda class. In an effort to make use of these hulls, our designers have created a class designed specifically to defend warp points which will be of little use in deep space battles. No new ships of this class will be built. Instead all existing heavy cruisers will be converted to this design and the ships will be based at known points of contact. Losses will not be replaced unless the design proves very effective

Code: [Select]
Valhalla Mod 6 class CA  AM2 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 9
[1] S0x3Acx12ZHs(BbS)Q(II)(II)(II)(II)(II)Pgx9?jM5DzPgPgLhQPgDz?DzPg(II)Pg [6]
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 6 Def -3     Cost = 1615/ 242.2
HTK 53 S0x3 Acx12 Dzx3 Pgx14

Code: [Select]
DISCOVERY class CA  AM2 12 XO Racks 60 Hull TL 10
[1] S1x6Acx6ZH(BbS)Q(IcIc)(IcIc)(IcIc)Wax3!2XrXcx3LhQDcx?DcxWa(IcIc)Mg [4]
60 RCP 40 MCP     Trg: 1    Def -3 Tem -2     Cost = 1919/ 287.8
HTK 39 S1x6 Acx6 Dcxx2 Wax4 Mgx1  
160x SM-b, 40x AFM

The Discovery class cruiser, named after the first ship to transit a warp point, is equipped with three of the recently developed Capital Survey Instruments. In future, Rigellian survey fleets may comprise four or five heavy cruisers rather than the existing fleets of twenty-five or more tiny explorer sized ships

Code: [Select]
DISCOVERY Mod 1 class CA   AM2 7 XOg Racks  60 Hull TL 12
[1] S2x5Ac2x6H(BbS)Q(IcIc)Q(IcIc)(IcIc)!2XrWcXcx3LhQDcz?3DczWcZ2(IcIc)Mg [4]
60 RCP 70 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6 Tem -2     Cost = 2154/ 323.1
HTK 37 S2x5 Ac2x6 Dczx2 Wcx2 Mgx1  
20x CBM-b, 8x CAM2-b, 28x AFM, 112x fR-b, 296x fM3-b

Rigellian Fighting Ships: Battle Cruisers

A new class of battle cruiser, mounting twelve advanced gun\missile launchers, is designed to provide a medium range fleet defense role. Up until now this task has fallen to the successful Valhalla class heavy cruiser. However, the Mod 3 of the Valhalla mounts energy beams which, while highly effective at close range, have a relatively short range compared to the Arachnid's gun\missile launchers. The future composition of any Rigellian fleet is likely to be a core of Swordsman class battle cruisers for long range striking power, the new Battle class battle cruisers providing medium range firepower for breaking up swarms and pounding enemy missile armed units while the Valhalla?s provide strong close in defense.

Code: [Select]
Battle Mod 2 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 7
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 6 Def -3     Cost = 2089/ 313.4
HTK 57 S0x7 Aix7 Dzx3 Dcx2 Wax12 Mgx3  
479x SM-b, 6x EDM, 100x AFM

Code: [Select]
Battle Mod 3 class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 6    Def -3     Cost = 2170/ 325.5
HTK 66 S0x6 Acx18 Dzx3 Dcx2 Wax10 Mgx2  
299x SM-b, 6x EDM, 80x AFM

The changes from the Battle Mod 2 to the Mod 3 variant are similar to those for the Cataclysm class super dreadnoughts. Main armament is reduced from twelve to ten advanced gun\missile launchers but passive defenses are increased, second generation electronic countermeasures and long range sensors are added and the boat bay is increased in size. No improved multiplex tracking is included due to the size of the new system. Even with the reduction in number of launchers, the recent introduction of anti-matter makes the Battle Mod 3 a fearsome opponent at close and medium ranges

Code: [Select]
Battle Mod 4 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 10
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 6    Def -3 Tem -2     Cost = 2430/ 364.5
HTK 66 S1x12 Acx12 Dcxx4 Wax10 Mgx2  
299x SM-b, 6x EDM, 80x AFM

New design incorporating the Andromeda advanced capital point defense and Andromeda shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
Battle Mod 5 class BC  AM2 10 XOg Racks 80 Hull TL 12
80 RCP 20 MCP 100 FCP     Trg: 6 Bmp +6 Tem -2     Cost = 3039/ 455.8
HTK 93 S2x20 Al2x6 Ac2x24 Dczx3 Wax9 Mgx3  
350x SM-b, 120x AFM, 160x fR-b, 40x fL, 320x fM3-b

The Battle Mod 5 continues the role of its predecessor as a medium range fleet defense combatant with a particular emphasis on anti-fighter and anti-gunboat capabilities. The main changes to the Mod 4 involve upgrades to shields, armor and point defense as well as the introduction of command data link and the addition of a third magazine and ten gunboat racks

Code: [Select]
Battlemaster class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x4Acx15ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)DzWax3DzWax3Mi1DzWaWaLhQWaDc?DcWa(II)MgMg [6]
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 9 Atk +1 Def -3     Cost = 2128/ 319.2
HTK 59 S0x4 Acx15 Dzx3 Dcx2 Wax10 Mgx2  
299x SM-b, 6x EDM, 80x AFM

The Battlemaster is a variant of the Battle Mod 3 and is designed to operate in a data group with two of its near sisters. It retains the ten launcher broadsides of the Battle Mod 3 but sacrifices the second generation ECM, long range sensors, multiplex tracking, larger boat bay and a small amount of passive defenses in order to include an improved multiplex tracking system. It is hoped the Battlemaster's deficiencies will be easily covered by the other members of the data group while it provides increased accuracy for all thirty advanced gun\missile launchers.

Code: [Select]
Battlemaster Mod 1 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 10
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 9    Atk +1    Def -3 Tem -2     Cost = 2375/ 356.2
HTK 66 S1x12 Acx15 Dcxx4 Wax9 Mgx2  
299x SM-b, 6x EDM, 80x AF

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
Battlemaster Mod 2 class BC  AM2 10 XOg Racks 80 Hull TL 12
80 RCP 20 MCP 100 FCP     Trg: 9    Atk +1 Bmp +6     Cost = 3048/ 457.2
HTK 92 S2x20 Al2x6 Ac2x30 Dczx3 Wax5 Mgx2  
190x SM-b, 80x AFM, 160x fR-b, 40x fL, 320x fM3-b

The Battlemaster Mod 2 is the command ship for a battle group of Battle Mod 5s. It sacrifices armament to install flagship command data link, improved multiplex tracking and long range sensors. Its armor is also slightly stronger than the Battle Mod 5.

Battlemaster Mod 3 class BC  

Class details not available

Code: [Select]
Eradicator class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x6Aix6ZH(BbS)Q(II-It)(II-It)(III-It)(II-It)(III-It)Dzx5Wax4MgDzWaM5DzWaDzLhQWa Dz?Dz(II-It)WaMg [6]
80 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 6 Def -3     Cost = 2429/ 364.4
HTK 61 S0x6 Aix6 Dzx10 Wax8 Mgx2

A new ship class, based on the Battle class battle cruisers, is designed as a carrier escort. Its ten data linked point defense systems should provide adequate defense for the carriers when combined with their own capital point defense systems. The battery of eight gun\missile launchers will provide some defense against enemy swarm attack and the Eradicator will carry several ADM. The engine tuners allow the ship to maintain a close escort of the carriers if they should utilize their own tuners

Code: [Select]
Eradicator Mod 1 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x2Aix12ZH(BbS)Q(III-It)(II-It)(III-It)(II-It)(III-It)Dzx4WaWaDzWaDz?2Mi1WaDzLhQWaDz?
DzWa(II-It)Mgx2 [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9  Atk +1  Def -3     Cost =  2501/ 375.1
HTK 61 S0x2  Acx12  Dzx9  Wax6  Mgx2

The new version of the Eradicator escort battle cruiser loses two of its advanced gun\missile launchers and a data linked point defense system. In return it gains second generation ECM, which should cause confusion among any fighters attacking the battle cruiser or the escorted carriers, and improved multiplex tracking, which not only improves the accuracy of the missile launchers but also the point defense when used in offensive mode.

Code: [Select]
Genda class BC AM 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 5
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:5   Cost =  1530/ 229.5
HTK 82 Sx1  Aix48  Dx5  Fx6

A new Genda class battle cruiser design is created, named in honor of the heroic Swordsman of Worlds. The new ship is armed with the same six force beam broadside as the Valhalla Mod 2 heavy cruiser but has almost three times the armor. In fact, damage that would destroy a Valhalla or a Resolution class cruiser will not even penetrate the armor of a Genda class battle cruiser. These ships will be our premier warp point assault ships, able to take direct kamikaze hits from over sixty cutters without reducing their firepower

Code: [Select]
Genda Mod 1 class BC  AM 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 6
[3] S0x30Aix22ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)DcEEEM5EQLhEDcDc(II)E [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6   Cost =  1627/ 244.1
HTK 83 S0x30  Aix22  Dcx3  Ex6

The Genda class assault battle cruiser undergoes revision, the most notable changes being the replacement of the force beams with the new energy beams and the installation of three capital point defense systems rather than the four of the Swordsman class. Experience has shown that in assaults against defended Bug warp points, point defense is often irrelevant anyway

Genda Mod 1 class BC  

Class details not available

Code: [Select]
GENDA Mod 3 class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x18Aix18ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)DzFcM5FcDzFcLhQFcDc?Dc(II)Fc [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6  Def -3   Cost =  1859/ 278.9
HTK 68 S0x18  Aix18  Dzx2  Dcx2  Fcx5

No details available

Code: [Select]
GRYPHON class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0S0Acx24ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)Wax8M6WaDzWaDzWaDcLhQ?DcWa(II)Mgx3 [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:7    Def -3     Cost =  2116/ 317.4
HTK 68 S0x2  Acx24  Dzx2  Dcx2  Wax12  Mgx3  
480x SM-b, 120x AFM

The Gryphon is a larger and updated version of the old Peregrine IV class heavy cruiser, designed primarily to fight gunboats

Code: [Select]
PTERADON II class BC  (AC) AM 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 7
[3] S0x9Aix9ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)RcRc(II)RcMgRcDz(III)M5DzLhQRcDzRcXrDz?Dz(II)RcMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6  Def -3     Cost =  1780/ 267
HTK 56 S0x9  Aix9  Dzx5  Rcx7  Mgx2  
143x CAM2-b, 21x AFMc

Capital missile battle cruisers

Code: [Select]
STORM class BC   AM 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
[3] S0x8Aix8ZH(BbS)Q(III-It)Rc(II-It)RcMg(III-It)RcRcMg(II-It)RcDz(III-It)M7Rc?LhQDzRcMgXr(II-It) [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:8  Def -3   Cost =  1904/ 285.6
HTK 58 S0x8  Aix8  Dzx2  Rcx7  Mgx3  

The Storm class BCR was the standard Lorentian capital missile combatant when the Communion first encountered the Rigellian Empire. Although having a much heavier weight of fire than its Rigellian counterparts of the time, the point defense depends heavily on having an intact data group to provide sufficient defensive fire. Although a series of refits for this class is underway, there are still twelve Storms on active duty.

Code: [Select]
STORM B class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x6Acx18ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)RcRcDzRcMgRcRcDzM7LhQRcXrDc?Dc(II)RcMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:8  Def -3   Cost =  1785/ 267.7
HTK 61 S0x6  Acx18  Dzx2  Dcx2  Rcx7  Mgx2  

Another refit affected by the Lorentian exposure to Rigellian ship designs, the Storm B removes the engine tuners but adds two new capital point defense systems which make the ship far more survivable. This ship is designed to operate in conjunction with the Storm C variant which carries the improved multiplex system. Six Storm Bs have so far been built or converted from the original Storm class.

Code: [Select]
STORM C class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x4Acx15ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)RcRcDzRcMgRcDzMi1LhQRcXrDc?Dc(II)RcMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9  Atk +1  Def -3     Cost =  1818/ 272.7
HTK 55 S0x4  Acx15  Dzx2  Dcx2  Rcx6  Mgx2

The Storm C is a contemporary of the Storm B and is designed to operate in data groups containing one Storm C and two Storm Bs. Although the Storm C has one less launcher than the B variant, it does mount Improved Multiplex Tracking, a system which not only allows the data group to shoot at several targets but also improves the fire control of all three ships. Three Storm Cs are currently in service.

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMAN Mod 3 class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6  Def -3   Cost =  2024/ 303.6
HTK 61 S0x9  Aix9  Dzx3  Dcx2  Pgx1  Rcx5  Mgx2  
124x CBM-b, 20x CBM LT2, 20x AFMc

The new Swordsman Mod 3 battle cruiser includes three major changes. AM1 is replaced by AM2, two of the capital point defense systems are replaced by three data linked point defense systems and the battle cruiser loses one capital missile launcher in order to gain engine tuners. The Swordsman is very effective but often only has a short engagement window before being brought into firing range by detuning Bug warships, especially now the Bugs are carrying XO mounted capital missiles. Although the detuners can only be used for a short time due to radiation effects on the crew, they should still significantly increase the time the ship can remain outside Arachnid weapon range. The Swordsmaster is upgraded along the same lines

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMAN Mod 4 class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x6Acx21ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)M5DzRcRcDzRcRcDzQLhRcRcXrDc?DcPg(II)MgMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6  Def -3   Cost =  1815/ 272.2
HTK 65 S0x6  Acx21  Dzx3  Dcx2  Pgx1  Rcx6  Mgx2  
116x CBM-b, 24x CBM LT2, 24x AFMc

The Swordsman Mod 4 is actually ten percent less expensive than the Mod 3, primarily due to the removal of the engine tuners. As the Bugs are deploying capital missile battle cruisers and the SBM is not very effective at long range, superior speed is no longer as useful as it once was. Rigellian battle cruisers will have to move inside capital missile range to engage their enemies with any degree of success and will therefore be open to incoming fire. At that point, speed is immaterial. The space freed up by the elimination of the tuners has also allowed the installation of a sixth capital missile launcher. Fortunately, the new armor has compensated for the removal of the padding effect the tuners had on engine damage. No second generation ECM system has been added because the ship is not designed to fight at close range. Improved Multiplex has not been included because of the huge space requirement. A new version of the Swordsmaster class will be created which incorporates the new tracking system and the number of Swordmasters will be increased so that one is included in every BCR data group.

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMAN Mod 5 class BC   AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 10
[2] S1x18Acx15ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)M5Rcx3DcxRc!2DcxRcLhQDcx?DcxRcXr(II)MgMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6    Def -3  Tem -2     Cost =  2088/ 313.2
HTK 70 S1x18  Acx15  Dcxx4  Rcx6  Mgx2  
116x CBM-b, 24x CBM LT2, 24x AFMc

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system.

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMAN Mod 6 class BC  AM2 10 XOg Racks 80 Hull TL 12
80 RCP  20 MCP  100 FCP Trg:6  Bmp +6  Tem -2  Cost =  2997/ 449.5
HTK 109 S2x30  Al2x6  Ac2x36  Dczx3  Wcx5  Mgx2  
81x CBM-b, 15x CAM2-b, 40x AFM, 120x fR-b, 40x fL, 320x fM3-b

Class details not available

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMASTER Mod 3 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 7
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:6  Def -3     Cost =  2039/ 305.9
HTK 61 S0x9  Aix9  Dzx3  Dcx2  Pgx1  Rcx4  Mgx2  
124x CBM-b, 20x CBM LT2, 20x AFMc

Swordsmaster Mod 3 battle cruisers, have the same magazine capacity as the Swordsman Mod 3s but only four launchers instead of five. They still have enough missiles for ten more salvoes

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMASTER Mod 4 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x4Acx18ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)DzMi1RcDzRcRcDzQLhRcRcXrDc?DcPg(II)MgMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9  Atk +1  Def -3     Cost =  1878/ 281.7
HTK 59 S0x4  Acx18  Dzx3  Dcx2  Pgx1  Rcx5  Mgx2  
124x CBM-b, 20x CBM LT2, 20x AFMc

The Swordsmaster Mod 4 is almost identical to the Swordsman Mod 4 except that it exchanges its old multiplex tracking, a capital missile launcher and a small amount of passive defenses for an Improved Multiplex Tracking system. Although the armament is reduced, the effect of the new system on the whole data group should be an improvement in combat performance. While the enemy may eventually realize that those battle cruisers firing less missiles are the source of the improved accuracy, they might just as easily assume they are command and control units or simply damaged. Besides, the usefulness of the system is great enough to accept higher than usual casualties among the Swordsmasters

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMASTER Mod 5 class BC  AM2 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 10
[2] S1x18Acx12ZH(BbS)Q(III)(II)(III)(II)(III)Mi1RcRcDcxRcDcxRcLhQDcx?DcxRcXr(II)MgMg [6]
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9    Atk +1    Def -3     Cost =  2113/ 316.9
HTK 65 S1x18  Acx12  Dcxx4  Rcx5  Mgx2  
124x CBM-b, 20x CBM LT2, 20x AFMc

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
SWORDSMASTER Mod 6 class BC AM2 10 XOg Racks 80 Hull TL 12
80 RCP  20 MCP  100 FCP     Trg:9    Atk +1  Bmp +6     Cost =  3038/ 455.7
HTK 99 S2x30  Al2x6  Ac2x30  Dczx3  Wcx3  Mgx1  
40x CBM-b, 20x AFM, 120x fR-b, 40x fL, 160x fM3-b

The new Swordsman drops the number of launchers from six to five but gains Capital Gun\Missile launchers, ECCM, command and improved data link and a strike group of ten Gunboats. Five Mod 6s together with a Swordsmaster Mod 6 will form a command battle group, using Command Data link to link all six ships together. The salvo size will increase from seventeen for an existing Mod 5 data group to twenty-eight for the new battle group. In addition, the new ships will have significantly greater accuracy against ECM-protected targets and will be able to engage at all ranges, including unstoppable sprint-mode fire up to a range of three light seconds. While retaining its role as a long range combatant, the ability to fire CAM2 combined with much improved passive defenses and the gunboat strike group will also make the Swordsman a viable warp point assault ship.

Code: [Select]
TORNADO class BC  AM 16 XO Racks 80 Hull TL 8
80 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:8  Def -3   Cost =  2199/ 329.9
HTK 59 S0x7  Aix7  Dzx10  Wax9  Mgx2  

The Tornado fills the same role as the Rigellian Eradicator class battle cruisers, protecting Lorentian carriers from missile or fighter attack. The Tornados will most likely be refitted to Eradicators Mod 1s to simplify maintenance and supply. Eight are in service.

Rigellian Fighting Ships: Battleships

Our Behemoth class battleship is finally completed. Technology has moved on during the construction of the Behemoth so a new class is designed to take advantages of the latest developments

Code: [Select]
Thunder class BB   AM 20 XO Racks 100 Hull TL 6
[3] S0x20Aix18ZH(BbS)Q(III)(III)(III)(III)Wax3MgEEM5Wax3DcEEWaMgM5DcLhQDcEDc(III)E [5]
100 RCP     Trg:11 Cost =  2313/ 347
HTK 80 S0x20  Aix18  Dcx4  Ex6  Wax7  Mgx2

The Thunder class battleship has the same six energy beam broadside of the latest Valhalla?s and Gendas but also mounts seven of the new advanced gun\missile launchers. This will allow the battleship to be devastating at short range but still effective at medium range. In addition, the class is equipped with second generation armor and shields plus two of the latest multiplex tracking installations allowing the vessel, or a data group, to engage eleven targets simultaneously

Code: [Select]
Thunder Mod 1 class BB  AM2 20 XO Racks 100 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x18Aix18ZH(BbS)QM5(III-It)(III-It)(III-It)(III-It)DzFcFcDzFcM5FcDzFcLhQFcDc?Dc
(III-It)Fc [5]
100 RCP     Trg:11  Def -3     Cost =  2641/ 396.2
HTK 77 S0x18  Aix18  Dzx3  Dcx2  Fcx7

The new version of the Thunder class battleship undergoes several changes from the original. The energy beams and advanced gun\missile launchers are replaced by seven capital force beams. Two of the capital point defense systems make way for three data linked point defense systems and the Thunder gains engine tuners. These should delay the problem of fleets containing battleships being easily chased down by the Arachnids and will also allow six battleships to transit in one wave during an assault.

Code: [Select]
Thunder Mod 2 class BB  AM2 20 XO Racks 100 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x6Acx33ZH(BbM)Q(III-It)(III-It)(III-It)(III-It)XrDz?2FcFcDzFcM7FcDzFcLhQFcDc?Dc(III-It)Fc [5]
100 RCP     Trg:8  Def -3   Cost =  2764/ 414.6
HTK 81 S0x6  Acx33  Dzx3  Dcx2  Fcx7

The Rigellian Empire still has twenty-seven Thunder Mod 1 class battleships. Although no more battleships will be built due to the superiority of the super dreadnought hull, there are still enough in service to warrant an updated design. Unlike the Cataclysm class, the Thunders are not deemed large enough for the inclusion of improved multiplex tracking on every hull and due to the lack of plans for more battleships, it is decided not to create a data group leader variant which has the new system. The Thunder Mod 2 retains the armament of the Mod 1 but gains second generation ECM, long range sensors and a larger boat bay. The additional space required is gained by exchanging two type five multiplex tracking installations for a single type seven and reducing the hull space dedicated to passive defenses. However, the introduction of composite armor means that the passive defenses actually increase in strength despite the decrease in size

Code: [Select]
Myrmidon class BB   AM2 20 XO Racks 100 Hull TL 9
[2] S0x6Acx108ZH(BbS)Q(III)(III)(III)(III)Fx3M5Dx8LhQXrD?DX(III)F [5]
100 RCP     Trg:6  Def -3     Cost =  2447/ 367
HTK 153 S0x6  Acx108  Dx10  Fx4

An alternative refit for the battleships, and possibly for those mobile shipyards built on battleship hulls, is the Myrmidon class minesweeper. Similar to the Lorentian Lightning, the Myrmidon is designed to fill a number of different roles. In addition to its primary minesweeping function, it can be used to kill DSB-L, serve as an anti-fighter or anti-kamikaze battle line unit or act as a warp point scout, transiting in for a quick look around and then rapidly turning and escaping with critical grav data and targeting information. The reason for ten point defense systems is that given the hull size and ECM plus accompanying EDM, approximately nineteen mines are expected to attack per defending pattern. Ten systems provide the minimum necessary to ensure doubling up on all the mines without wasting point defense capacity. If point defense systems ever become available which can triple up on mines, then more would be installed.

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(No subject)
« Reply #9 on: May 20, 2008, 03:38:29 PM »
Quote from: "crucis"
Quote from: "Steve Walmsley"
Quote from: "crucis"
Steve, I've been meaning to ask you this for a while.
I've seen here and in the List archives how you name ship classes with the term "Mod #" (where # is some letter).

What does this signify?  Does "mod" indicate the Xth upgraded version to the design "over the years" and TL's?  Or does it mean something like your navy's "design bureau" :)
The Mod indicates an update to a design. So the Tribal Mod 4 was the fourth design upgrade of a destroyer design that can be traced back to the original Tribal. All the previous Tribal Mods will have been the current build model at some point.

Cool.  I've done the same thing, although nor with the "Mod" terminology.  Must be a British thing.  :)

I had always tended to signify generations in two ways, either tacking a letter at the end (Geode A) or Roman numerals (Geode II). Overall, I think  prefer the letter scheme (Geode MCMXLVIII is just too long).
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« Reply #10 on: May 21, 2008, 07:02:33 PM »
I am still editing the list any errors are mine, but if you will bring them to my attention I will fix them. Anytime an entry states "no details available" it means I have not found that information in the diary or the current database. When I am closer to finished I will ask steve if he still has the info. And maybe i can get him to write a foreword:)
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Re: notes
« Reply #11 on: May 22, 2008, 08:25:28 AM »
Quote from: "ocie"
I am still editing the list any errors are mine, but if you will bring them to my attention I will fix them. Anytime an entry states "no details available" it means I have not found that information in the diary or the current database. When I am closer to finished I will ask steve if he still has the info. And maybe i can get him to write a foreword:)

Looks really good! This will end up being a far more complete document than my original fighting ships write-ups. I still have the current Rigellian database at the start of Turn 168 so if you need any more information, please let me know.

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Joes Fighting ships-Continued
« Reply #12 on: May 23, 2008, 08:56:28 AM »
Rigellian Fighting Ships: Super Dreadnoughts

Our first super dreadnought, Agamemnon, is completed in the Contact system and the Home Fleet gains the carrier Ark Royal. As the armament of the Agamemnon is now outdated, a new Cataclysm class super dreadnought is designed and the lead ship is laid down at Rigel Station

Code: [Select]
Cataclysm class SD   AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 8
[3] S0x22Aix22ZH(BbS)H(IIII-It)Q(IIII-It)(IIII-It)(IIII-It)FcDzFcFcQDzFcFcDzFcM6FcDzFcLhQFc
Dc?Dc(IIII-It)Fc [5]
130 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:7  Def -3     Cost =  3410/ 511.5
HTK 95 S0x22  Aix22  Dzx4  Dcx2  Fcx10

Code: [Select]
Cataclysm Mod 1 class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 9
[3] S0x11Acx51ZHs(BbM)H(IIII-It)Q(IIII-It)(IIII-It)(IIII-It)QDzXr?2FcDzFcFcDzFcMi1FcDzFcLhQ
FcDc?Dc(IIII-It)Fc [5]
130 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9  Atk +1  Def -3     Cost =  3611/ 541.6
HTK 113 S0x11  Acx51  Dzx4  Dcx2  Fcx8

The Cataclysm Mod 1 suffers a twenty percent reduction in the number of capital force beam projectors from the original Cataclysm design but gains a number of enhancements in return. She can take considerably more punishment than her predecessor, both overall and especially before she starts losing weapons. She has more accurate fire control, which is particularly useful now that ECM is so prevalent on the battlefield, and can engage more targets. Her long range sensors enable the ship to detect minefields during the early stages of a warp point assault and to engage the mines in minesweeping mode. In addition, the sensors allow the use of the main armament against enemy fighters or small craft and permit the detection of enemy units at far greater range. The second generation ECM system will disrupt the data links of enemy ships or bases at close range, enabling the Rigellian forces to strike hard before the enemy can co-ordinate a response. Finally, the enlarged boat bay can accommodate a Pinnace which can be used in the warp point scout role.

Code: [Select]
Cataclysm Mod 2 class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 10
130 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9    Atk +1    Def -3  Tem -2     Cost =  3964/ 594.6
HTK 112 S1x30  Aix1  Acx30  Dcxx5  Fcx8

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
Harbinger class SD   AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 9
[3] S0x11Acx51ZHs (BbM) H (IIII-It) Q (IIII-It) (IIII-It) (IIII-It) Xr? 2DzWax4QDzWax4DzMi1Wax4
DzLhQWax2Dc? DcWa (IIII-It) Mgx3 [5]
130 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 9 Atk +1 Def -3     Cost = 3826/ 573.9
HTK 123 S0x11 Acx51 Dzx4 Dcx2 Wax15 Mgx3

The Harbinger class SD is an experimental Cataclysm Mod 1 with the capital force beams replaced by advanced gun/missile launchers. Due to the power of anti-matter, several of this new class will be built to test the theory of a missile-armed warp point assault ship.

Code: [Select]
Harbinger Mod 1 class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 9
[3] S0x11Acx51ZHs (BbM) H (IIII-It) Q (IIII-It) (IIII-It) (IIII-It)? 2RcDzRcRcQDzRcRcDzMi1Rc
RcDzLhQRcRcXrDc? DcRc (IIII-It) Mgx3 [5]
130 RCP 20 MCP     Trg: 9 Atk +1 Def -3     Cost = 3361/ 504.1
HTK 117 S0x11 Acx51 Dzx4 Dcx2 Rcx9 Mgx3

The Harbinger Mod 1 class mounts nine capital missile launchers, replacing the fifteen advanced gun\missile launchers of the original model. During the few minutes while its engine tuners remain within safe usage limits, the Harbinger Mod 1 can also fulfil the role of a BCR in a deep space engagement.

Code: [Select]
Harbinger Mod 2 class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 10
[3]S1x27AiAcx27ZHs (BbM) H (IIII-It) Q (IIII-It) (IIII-It) (IIII-It) Rcx4QDcxRcx3Mi1DcxRc! 2DcxRcLhQ
130 RCP  20 MCP     Trg:9    Atk +1    Def -3  Tem -2     Cost =  3615/ 542.2
HTK 109 S1x27  Aix1  Acx27  Dcxx5  Rcx10  Mgx2

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
Harbinger Mod 3 class SD AM2 16 XOg Racks 130 Hull TL 12
Wcx3Mi1DczLhXrsQWcWcDcz? 3DczZ2 (IIII-It) Mgx4 [5]
130 RCP 160 FCP     Trg: 9    Atk +1 Bmp +6 Tem -2     Cost = 4915/ 737.2
HTK 158 S2x40 Al2x6 Ac2x54 Dczx4 Wcx9 Mgx4  
150x CBM-b, 36x CAM2-b, 18x AMBAM2, 90x AFM, 192x fR-b, 64x fL, 526x fM3-b

The Harbinger Mod 3 provides a significant increase in capability compared to its predecessor. Despite a reduction in the number of launchers from ten to nine, the new Capital Gun\Missile launchers are effective at any range and will prove deadly in a warp point assault. Besides, with command data link, a battle group of Harbingers can unleash a salvo of fifty-four capital bombardment missiles or second generation close assault missiles every thirty seconds. In addition, each battle group carries ninety-six Gunboats, allowing great flexibility in its deployment. The gunboats can be used to good effect in a long range strike role, as anti-fighter platforms or in a warp point assault, attacking independently or in direct support of the Harbingers. Passive defenses are doubled and will be more resistant to laser fire. Due to the flexibility of this design, it will also be the upgrade path for the existing Cataclysm class super dreadnoughts.

Code: [Select]
Tsushima class SD AM2 16 XOg Racks 130 Hull TL 12
LhXrQWcWcDcz? 3DczZ2c (IIII-It) Mgx4 [5]
130 RCP 160 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6     Cost = 4902/ 735.3
HTK 150 S2x45 Al2x6 Ac2x42 Dczx4 Wcx9 Mgx4  
150x CBM-b, 36x CAM2-b, 18x AMBAM2, 90x AFM, 192x fR-b, 64x fL, 526x fM3-b

The Tsushima class super dreadnought, named after the former High Swordsman, will be the command ship for a battle group of Harbinger Mod 3s. Similar in design to the Harbinger, it replaces Improved Multiplex Tracking with Flagship Command Data link, Targeting Scanners with Long Range Sensors and Electronic Counter-countermeasures with Jamming ECM. The ship will rely on the targeting data provided by other battle group members while providing long range sensor data and jamming when appropriate. Unless the jammer is activated, the ship will appear identical to a Harbinger in terms of both offensive and defensive fire, making it difficult for an enemy to deliberately target the battle group command ship.

Rigellian Fighting Ships: Carriers

Our prototype carrier hull is completed in the Contact system. Although it has cargo holds instead of hangar bays due to the technology available at the time, the lessons learnt during its construction will enable us to start building our own carrier fleet. While we could wait until Advanced Manoeuvring Two is available before creating the first production designs, the carriers are not intended to operate close to enemy units so their manoeuvrability should not be an issue. Besides, a carrier with AM1 has the same turning arc as a battle cruiser with AM2. Two designs are envisaged (see below); a full size carrier for large scale battles and a smaller carrier for frontier patrol duties.

Code: [Select]
ARK ROYAL class CV   AM 17 XO Racks 85 Hull TL 8
[2] S0x6Aix6ZH(BbS)Q(III-It)(II-It)(III-It)(II-It)(III-It)XrVx12MgQDcVx12QDcVx12QLhQ?Dc
(II-It)Mg [6]
85 RCP  15 MCP  36 FCP     Trg:1  Def -3     Cost =  2133/ 320
HTK 85 S0x6  Aix6  Dcx3  Vx36  Mgx2

The new Ark Royal class CV design loses the two advanced gun\missile launchers of the prototype and gains engine tuners. It was decided that if a carrier was close enough to fire standard missiles it was in real trouble anyway and the ability to keep the range open for longer was more important. Although the Ark Royal class carriers cost less to build than a Thunder class battleship, our economists have discovered two hidden expenses. Firstly, the Strike fighter complement will cost 720Mc to build and 36Mc per month to maintain and secondly, Strike fighter munitions are extremely expensive. A Swordsman class battle cruiser carries 200 capital missiles at a cost of 50Mc to build and 7.5Mc to maintain. The Ark Royal class will initially carry 72 fighter guns and 360 close attack missiles at a total cost of 432Mc to build and 65Mc to maintain. This only uses a quarter of the available magazine space so a full loadout would be four times more expensive. Until the new strikefighters see action it will be impossible to determine the optimum magazine loadout for the carriers but we must strike a balance between economics and effectiveness.

Code: [Select]
FORRESTAL class CVS  AM 9 XO Racks 45 Hull TL 8
[1] S0x4Aix4ZH(BbS)(II)(I)(II)(I)(II)Vx6QDcVx12QLhQ?Dc(I)Mg [6]
45 RCP  30 MCP  18 FCP     Trg:1  Def -3     Cost =  962.5/ 144.4
HTK 46 S0x4  Aix4  Dcx2  Vx18  Mgx1

The Forrestal class carrier is a smaller and cheaper version of the Ark Royal class, using a similar design philosophy but without engine tuners and carrying only half as many strikefighters. Its magazine loadout will also be half that of its larger sibling. There are no plans to upgrade the Forrestal class light carriers as they are designed to be inexpensive fighter platforms with minimal defenses.

Code: [Select]
Ark Royal Mod 1 class CV AM2 10 XOg Racks 85 Hull TL 12
85 RCP 15 MCP 136 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6     Cost = 2959/ 443.8
HTK 106 S2x15 Al2x3 Ac2x18 Dczx3 Vx36 Mgx3
40x SM-b, 80x AFM, 148x fG, 400x fR-b, 148x fL, 1152x fM3-b, 36x fXr

The Ark Royal has proven such a successful class that since its introduction almost five years ago, no updated design has been deemed necessary. However, the introduction of command data link is such a major step forward that a Mod 1 version is now required. The Mod 1 has the same thirty-six fighter bays as the original and adds ten gunboats to its strike group. Passive defenses are three times as strong as the original Ark Royal and the new data linked capital point defense is far more effective than the old style capital point defense. A third magazine has been added to support the gunboat strike group and to make room for the new systems and the additional crew quarters, engine tuners have been omitted. Although it is unlikely any more Ark Royals will be constructed due to the Nemesis class, all of the existing Ark Royals will be upgraded to this new version.

Code: [Select]
Nemesis class CVA AM2 16 XOg Racks 130 Hull TL 12
130 RCP 208 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6     Cost = 5322/ 798.3
HTK 221 S2x20 Al2x15 Ac2x90 Dczx4 Vx48 Mgx3  
64x SM-b, 128x AFM, 300x fR-b, 208x fL, 1076x fM3-b, 24x fXr

The Nemesis is built on a brand new carrier hull that has only become available as a result of the general increase in our technological level. Although it is the size of a super dreadnought it retains the speed of a battle cruiser and is designed to mount hangar bays as efficiently as possible. Possessing both the speed of the Ark Royals and the large strike group and strong passive defenses of the Imperiums, the Nemesis will replace both the Ark Royal and the Imperium as our primary carrier design for all new construction. Unlike the Ark Royal, the Nemesis will be able to fulfill the warp point assault role of the Imperium if required.

Code: [Select]
Leonidas class CVA AM2 16 XOg Racks 130 Hull  TL 12
130 RCP 196 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6     Cost = 5615/ 842.2
HTK 222 S2x20 Al2x15 Ac2x102 Dczx4 Vx36 Mgx3  
64x SM-b, 128x AFM, 300x fR-b, 172x fL, 1124x fM3-b, 18x fXr

The Leonidas is the command ship for a battle group of Nemesis, Imperium or Ark Royal class carriers. Although based on the Nemesis design, a quarter of the strike group has been removed to make way for flagship command data link, jamming ECM, long range sensors and slightly stronger armor. There should be no way for an enemy to pick out the Leonidas from a Nemesis battle group until it launches its fighters and in an Ark Royal battle group, the Leonidas will be able to sustain far more damage than its lighter counterparts.

Code: [Select]
Imperium class SD   AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 9
[3] S0x7Acx90ZH (BbM) Hs (IIII) QLhQ (IIII) (IIII) (IIII) Vx6BcVx6BcQBcVx6BcVx6BcQBcVx6Bc
Vx6BcQBcVx6DzVx6DzQLhQDc? Dc (IIII) Mgx2 [5]
130 RCP 20 MCP 48 FCP     Trg: 1 Def -3     Cost = 3997/ 599.5
HTK 194 S0x7 Acx90 Dzx2 Dcx2 Vx48 Mgx2

The Imperium class super dreadnought is the recommended assault carrier. Although the Imperium costs twice as much as the Beowulf, it is designed to deliver forty-eight fighters through a warp point rather than twenty-four, which makes the cost per delivered fighter roughly equal. In addition, the greater strike group size means a wave of Imperiums can deliver double the firepower of a wave of Beowulfs, although one of the Imperiums will have to detune because of the lack of engine tuners. The Imperium makes extensive use of bulkheads to create a long hangar deck with maximum protection against enemy fire and hides that hangar deck behind a massive belt of armour and four engine rooms. The Imperium is unarmed and lacks engine tuners as its sole mission is to deliver as many fighters as possible. The emphasis on composite armour over shields is due to many races' reliance on laser buoys as a warp point defence

Code: [Select]
Imperium Mod 1 class SD  AM2 26 XO Racks 130 Hull TL 10
130 RCP 20 MCP 48 FCP     Trg: 1    Def -3     Cost = 4231/ 634.6
HTK 191 S1x9 Acx86 Dcxx4 Vx48 Mgx2

New design incorporating the Andromedan advanced capital point defense and Andromedan shield technology plus the Dragon ECCM system

Code: [Select]
Imperium Mod 2 class SD AM2 16 XOg Racks 130 Hull  TL 12
130 RCP 208 FCP     Trg: 1 Bmp +6     Cost = 5716/ 857.4
HTK 240 S2x20 Al2x21 Ac2x108 Dczx4 Vx48 Mgx2  
64x AFM, 300x fR-b, 208x fL, 788x fM3-b, 24x fXr

The Imperium series is based on a super dreadnought hull so although the new Imperium Mod 2 has the same strike group and defenses as the Nemesis class, it is slightly more expensive and slower in both strategic and tactical terms. Its only advantage is slightly stronger armor. No new Imperiums will be built and new construction for this role will concentrate on the Nemesis and Leonidas classes. However this new design is needed to update the seventy-eight Imperiums currently in service. A Leonidas class will serve as the command ship for a battle group of Imperiums.
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Second Carrier Striking Force-continuation
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Turn 134
Although the attacks on Sakata and Kuchino have been very successful, the Second Carrier Striking Force has run into substantial Arachnid defences sooner than anticipated. Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi has five options.

1)   Assault the Sakata - Amakusa warp point. As this is guarded by forty bases and a hundred and fifty Bug warships, Musashi is not keen on this option.
2)   Move into Kitaibaraki, which is adjacent to Sakata, and assault the Kitaibaraki - Sunami warp point. This is guarded by twelve class three bases and one hundred ships. Again, not a very attractive option.
3)   Leave the escort groups of the First and Sixth Survey Fleets to patrol Sakata and move into Kuchino, ready for the completion of the rough survey in two weeks time.
4)   Leave the escort groups of the First and Sixth Survey Fleets to patrol Sakata, move back into Yamu and attack the other major Bug system which was discovered at the same time as Sakata
5)   Guard Sakata and await reinforcements.

After careful consideration, Musashi decides on option four. He hopes the confusion caused by the attack on the other major system, now designated as Tanega, will prevent the Bugs from attempting to retake Sakata. As the Communion of Loren has agreed to defend Kitaibaraki against an assault from Sunami, Musashi orders the escort groups from the First and Sixth Survey Fleets to guard the Sakata - Amakusa warp point. He also instructs them to lay their two hundred laser buoys around the warp point which should give them an edge in the early stages of any Arachnid assault. Besides, Musashi hopes to be back in Sakata before the Bugs even realise he has left. As the First Survey Fleet is currently surveying Kuchino, Musashi orders the survey element of the Sixth Survey Fleet to accompany the Second Carrier Striking Force to Tanega.

Three weeks later, after a careful probe of the area around the Tanega side of the Yamu - Tanega warp point, the Second Carrier Striking Force transits into a major Arachnid system for the second time. The warp point is only seventy-two light minutes from the system primary but the single type T world is currently at the opposite side of the star so planetary sensors will not pick up the Rigellian fleet. Although there are a couple of other planets within sensor range, the Bugs only emplace populations on habitable worlds and Musashi is confident that his force has escaped detection. The Second Carrier Striking Force is not quite as powerful as when it attacked Sakata as six of its battleships have been destroyed with a seventh damaged. The order of battle is as follows:

12x Ark Royal class CV (Albion has only seventeen fighters)
5x Thunder Mod 1 class BC
6x Genda Mod 3 class BC
6x Battle Mod 2 class BC
6x Eradicator class BC
11x Swordsman class BC
1x Swordsmaster class BC
1x Battlestar class BC
18x Tribal class DD
12x Fleet Scout class CT
413x Prototype Strikefighter

With the Fleet Scouts forming a screen ahead of the main body, the Second Carrier Striking Force heads straight for the main planet of the system. Similar to the main planet of Sakata, at least forty billion Bugs infest its surface. Within hours, a contact appears on an intercept course originating from the habitable world. Musashi intends to repeat his tactics at the Battle of Sakata, drawing the Bugs into an all out charge and smashing them with a massed fighter strike supported by the battleline. Once the Arachnid fleet moves into range of his Fleet Scouts, Musashi gets a little concerned. Nine battleships, forty-four battlecruisers, thirty heavy cruisers and eighty-five corvettes stand between the Rigellians and the Bug planet. Nevertheless, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi still believes his force is strong enough to blast the enemy out of its way. Musashi considers sending out his twelve capital missile battlecruisers, along with a destroyer escort, to weaken the enemy force before the battle lines clash. He is worried about the large number of corvettes in the Arachnid force quickly closing the range, despite the engine tuners of the battlecruisers. However, as all the capital missile combatants have full loads of the new Strategic Bombardment Missiles, he decides it is worth the risk. The bulk of the Rigellian force turns around to keep their distance from the Bugs while twelve battlecruisers and eighteen destroyers advance to meet the enemy. The twelve Fleet Scouts continue to monitor the battle but do not get directly involved.

As the battlecruisers close in, seventy-three of the Arachnid corvettes break away from the main body and race toward the Rigellian detachment. Musashi, on board his flagship Akagi, orders the battlecruisers to commence fire at maximum range. As the Arachnid corvettes approach ten light seconds from the Rigellian battlecruisers, the small Rigellian force reverses course and opens fire. The Arachnids corvettes have never encountered SBMs before so they are no doubt surprised by the opening salvo. However, the effect of the fire is lessened as each corvette is carrying a single EDM on its external racks. One corvette is blasted apart but the other seventy-two start detuning and head after the Rigellian battlecruisers while the rest of the Arachnid force continues at the speed of their battleships. All twelve Rigellian missile battlecruisers engage their engine tuners. Another volley screams across nine and a half light seconds, taking out two more corvettes, one of which was not equipped with point defence.

By the time the corvettes close to maximum capital missile range, nine more have been destroyed, leaving sixty-one. Although hits are easier to score on the corvettes lacking point defence, presumably Impaler class, they can take over 30 percent more damage then those equipped with a single second generation point defence system. After five minutes of firing, ten Impalers and twelve of the other corvettes, possibly Piranhas, have been obliterated and the Swordsman Mod 3 battlecruisers have used a third of their strategic bombardment missiles. All eighteen Tribal class destroyers accompanying the twelve battlecruisers ready their advanced gun\missile launchers to engage the enemy as they reach five light seconds. Strangely, the enemy corvettes suddenly reduce speed and start following the Rigellians at five point seven five light seconds, making no attempt to close the range. All of the battlecruisers turn off their engine tuners and continue firing. Three minutes pass and fifteen more corvettes die. A trio of Rigellian destroyers tries to close the range but the corvettes match their speed increase, staying outside of standard missile range. The destroyers drop back to join the battlecruisers and the one-sided massacre continues. Thirty-five corvettes remain.

Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi starts to get concerned about the state of the battlecruisers magazines. Half of their ammunition has been expended and once it is all gone, the fleet's maximum engagement range will be five light seconds. Over four hundred fighters are available but Musashi is reluctant to commit them without the support of the main fleet. Experience has shown that fighters cannot live within the anti-fighter envelope of a major Arachnid force unless the Bugs have something else for their weapons and point defence to worry about besides slaughtering fighters. Although he considers ordering the battlecruisers to save their ammunition for more important targets, the lure of Bug corvettes sitting there like ducks on a shooting range is difficult to resist. The slaughter continues but several of the remaining point defence equipped corvettes absorb as much damage as the Impalers. They may be a new beam armed class with second generation shields and armour.

It takes another seven minutes before the last of the seventy-three corvettes are blasted to pieces without any of them firing a shot. Six Rigellian battlecruisers have only enough missiles for one more volley, five have enough for two volleys. Due to its lighter armament, the Swordsmaster Mod 3 Caesar has 25% of its ammunition left, enough for ten more salvoes. All twelve battlecruisers retain their external ordnance. Although none of them are damaged, the Rigellian BCRs are effectively out of the fight.

The battlecruisers and their destroyer screen rendezvous with the rest of the Second Carrier Striking Force and the whole fleet  turns towards the Arachnid main body. All twelve Rigellian carriers launch their fighters then pull back five light seconds behind the rest of the fleet. Fifty-nine fighters are armed with fighter guns in case of kamikazes but the other three hundred and fifty-four are all loaded with a pair of close attack missiles. Surprisingly, given their experience in Sakata, the Arachnids also begin closing the range. When the two fleets are twelve light seconds apart, thirteen Bug battlecruisers, a single battleship and the last twelve corvettes break formation and continue on course while the rest of the Bugs reverse heading and run for it. Within thirty seconds, the breakaway group also turns but slows down allowing the Rigellians to move within SBM range and then capital missile range.

Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi has ordered the capital missile battlecruisers to conserve what little ammunition they have left until they reach optimum range so the Rigellians continue to hold their fire. The Arachnids however, do not. Capital missiles suddenly streak toward the Rigellians from all thirteen Bug battlecruisers. Each battlecruiser has seven launchers, two more than their Rigellian equivalents. The battleship does not fire and starts detuning to keep up with the battlecruisers. A total of ninety-one missiles are targeted on the destroyer Polynesian but a combination of extreme range, electronic countermeasures and accurate shooting from the datagroup point defence net results in no damage. The psychological blow is far greater. Capital missiles have been the Rigellian shield against the Bug hordes. Now the Arachnids also have the technology, Rigellian battle strategy will have to be completely rethought. Even though the SBM has greater range, its accuracy at long range against opponents mounting ECM is very poor. All of the Bug capital missile battlecruisers start radiating active ECM in readiness for a Rigellian counter salvo but Musashi orders his ships to hold their fire until they can make best use of their missiles.

The Rigellians find themselves facing the situation which they have inflicted on the Bugs on numerous occasions. Only the Swordsman class battlecruisers and the Eradicator class escort battlecruisers have engine tuners which they could use the close the range. All five Thunder Mod 1 class battleships do have tuners but they could only be used to bring the battleships up to normal battlecruiser speed. Musashi is loathe to order his ships to start detuning as engine damage could be fatal in the eventual beam engagement with the Arachnid battleline. He decides to send his fighters against the enemy while bringing the fleet around one hundred and eighty degrees, forcing the battlecruisers to fly through the fighters to continue firing on the Second Carrier Striking Force. Unfortunately, as soon as the Rigellians reverse course, the Arachnid main body slows and the detached units rejoin, creating a very prickly porcupine for the fighters to attack alone.

The fighters keep their distance, shadowing the enemy and preventing the capital missile battlecruisers from detaching once more, while the Rigellian fleet turns again to pursue the Bugs. Obviously eager to engage the Rigellians, the Bug fleet slows, allowing the Rigellians to close the range. Once the Rigellians reach seven light seconds, the Arachnid fleet increases to maximum battleship speed and opens fire. Polynesian takes eleven hits and drops out of formation, internal fires raging and only one engine room operational. The Rigellian battleships switch on their engine tuners and the range slowly begins to drop. In a reversal of roles, the Rigellian pursue the Bugs while under a hail of capital missiles. One of the Bug battleships is armed with nine internal capital missile launchers and adds its firepower to the onslaught. Musashi assumes the Bugs are picking on the Rigellian destroyers because of their lack of capital point defence and the fragility of their datalink, the destruction of which cuts off the support of the datalinked point defence systems on the other members of the datagroup. In addition, the bulk of the Rigellian fleet, with the exception of the carriers, their escorts and the capital missile battlecruisers, are not carrying any EDMs. All the battleline and the destroyers are equipped with full loads of close assault missiles.

Another Bug volley and Samanid is out of action. The third volley targets Phoenician. No longer supported by her crippled companions, she is blown to pieces by the massed Bug fire. Musashi's Swordsman class battlecruiser captains request permission to fire but he refuses. He does allow the Swordsmaster Mod 3 class battlecruiser Caesar to retaliate as she still has enough ammunition for ten salvoes and Musashi needs to boost the morale of crewmen unused to being pounded in such a manner. However, Caesar's four capital missile launchers are no match for one hundred Arachnid launchers. Three of the four missiles are on target but the battlecruisers reveal that not only do they have ECM, they have capital point defence as well. No missiles hit. Bug return fire knocks the destroyer Oxfordshire out of the fight. Musashi's intelligence staff designate the new Bug battlecruiser as the Annihilator class and the capital missile armed battleship as the Destruction class.

The range between the two fleets drops to six light seconds, maximum range for XO launched capital missiles. Neither side bothers to fire XO missiles as they are all but useless at that range against an opponent protected by ECM. Arachnid internal launchers work just fine. Lancashire explodes under a hail of missiles and Persian loses two engines rooms. Caesar scores no hits in return. Cambridgeshire loses her shields and armour so Musashi orders her to drop out of formation and rendezvous with the carriers. Cumbria isn't so lucky and breaks in half as her defences are overwhelmed. Fifty-nine squadrons of Rigellian fighters have been keeping pace with the Bugs, holding at one and a half light seconds which is just outside Arachnid anti-fighter range. Musashi intends to commit the fighters once his battleline has the enemy point defence occupied.

Unfortunately, that plan is put into disarray as sixty assault shuttles launch from one of the Bug battleships and tear into the Rigellian fighters. The ten Rigellian squadrons equipped with fighter guns have been held back to guard the battleline against kamikazes and would require over five minutes to catch up with the squadrons shadowing the Bugs. Those squadrons are equipped with close attack missiles and have no defence against the assault shuttles. Twenty-two fighters are destroyed by the assault shuttles' point defence systems. Musashi knows that if he orders the fighters to retreat, his battleline will be no match for the Bugs by itself. Unfortunately, it is too late to try and pull back the battleline out because it is deep inside the weapons envelope of the enemy capital missile battlecruisers. With heavy heart, but little choice, he orders the fighters to engage the enemy fleet and ignore the attacking assault shuttles. It will take a full minute for them to catch the Arachnid fleet, during which time the Bug point defence will be free to engage the Rigellian fighters during their run-in because Rigellian shipboard weapons, with the exception of a few capital missiles, will not be in range. One small ray of hope is that as the fighters close to point blank range, the Rigellian fleet will reach maximum capital force beam and advanced gun\missile launcher range. Musashi releases his capital missile battlecruisers to fire their last few missiles at any Bugs which use their point defence against the fighters. The enemy shuttle carrier battleship is designated as the Superhorde class.

Meanwhile the enemy capital missile battlecruisers continue to pound the Rigellian screen. Cheshire is destroyed and Durham loses her passive defences. Four Rigellian destroyers have now been eliminated and six are various states of damage. Twenty-one more fighters are killed by the Bug assault shuttles before the enemy battleline opens up at three quarters of a light second with a blazing mass of anti-fighter fire. At least the type of fire provides some intelligence on the likely composition of classes in the Arachnid fleet. One enemy battleship is known to be Superhorde, while the second is a Destruction class. The other seven use twelve force beams and three capital point defence systems each which means they are a new class, quickly designated as the Devastator II. Of the forty-four battlecruisers, thirteen are known to be the new Annihilators, thirty more attack with nine force beams and four second generation point defence systems, indicating they are Reavers while the last battlecruiser has nine force beams and three capital point defence systems, probably a new Reaver II. All thirty heavy cruisers use three capital point defence systems each which unfortunately means they are likely to be the latest Rapacious III class with advanced gun\missile launchers. All twelve corvettes activate five point defence systems each, marking them as Stinger anti-fighter corvettes.

In total, the three hundred and eleven fighters are attacked by one hundred and sixty capital point defence systems, one hundred and eighty second generation point defence systems and three hundred and sixty-three force beams. One hundred and thirteen Rigellian fighters are shot down, leaving less than two hundred. The twelve Rigellian capital missile battlecruisers take advantage of the diversion of the enemy point defence to obliterate three Reaver beam armed battlecruisers. Unfortunately, the rest of the Rigellian fleet is a quarter of a light second out of range. Given the fighter losses, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi orders six of his twelve carriers to head back to the entry warp point, escorted by the destroyers Cambridgeshire and Durham, both of which have lost their shields and armour, and the six Swordsman class battlecruisers which are out of ammunition.

Finally, the Rigellian fleet of five battleships, twenty-four battlecruisers, five of which can only fire one more salvo, eight destroyers and twelve corvettes moves into range of the much larger Arachnid fleet. At the same moment, one hundred and ninety eight fighters reach point blank range. Rigellian fire concentrates on the Reaver class battlecruisers, which lack ECM. As the Reavers and the Devastators lack the range to attack the Rigellian ships, they use their force beams against the fighters. Ninety-seven fighters are shot down and a further fourteen are killed by the predatory assault shuttles. Despite their massive losses, the fighters press home their attack and a deluge of close attack missiles annihilates ten Reaver class battlecruisers. A serious blow to the Bugs but not the devastating strike that Third Swordsman of Star Musashi had originally planned. Of the three hundred and fifty-four fighters which were sent against the Arachnid fleet, only eighty-seven survive to break away with the assault shuttles in pursuit.

The six Rigellian Battle Mod 2 battlecruisers join the action. Although their standard missile fire is badly affected by the range, they manage to take out five engine rooms on an undamaged Reaver. The last substantial volley of Rigellian SBMs scores six more hits and standard missiles from destroyers finish the job. Caesar has enough SBMs for three more salvos, all the other Rigellian BCRs are out of ammunition. Capital missiles from the Arachnid Annihilator class battlecruisers continue to rain on the Rigellian destroyers. Jutes takes a barrage of hits and explodes.

Arachnid Rapacious III class heavy cruisers are each armed with seven advanced gun\missile launchers. Each datagroup of three can launch eighty four standard missiles per minute and there are ten datagroups of the new cruisers. Fortuitously, a combination of range and ECM severely affects their accuracy and the only result of their fire is a crippled destroyer. Unfortunately, the destroyer in question is Discovery, the first Rigellian ship ever to make a warp point transit. Musashi orders the Ronin commanding the destroyer to run for it, although in reality Discovery will have to crawl rather than run. Five Thunder Mod 1 class battleships and six Genda Mod 3 class battlecruisers open fire with capital force beams and are joined by the six Eradicators with their advanced gun\missile launchers. Although the range is extreme, they succeed in crippling another battlecruiser. Musashi orders the five battlecruisers which have run out of ammo to head for the entry warp point, along with two more carriers which have no fighters to rearm.

The Bug fleet begins to turn. Now the Arachnid capital missile battlecruiser can no longer attack with impunity, Musashi guesses they want to bring their force beam armed battleships and battlecruisers into range of the Rigellians. He orders his fleet to turn away from the Bugs, placing the two fleets on parallel courses just under five light seconds apart, heading in opposite directions. All of the Rigellian weapons are in range and he sees no reason to give the enemy any advantage. The fighters race for the safety of their carriers with the assault shuttles in pursuit. Freed of their ordnance, the fighters are slightly faster but not fast enough to move out of weapon range. Fifteen of them die under the guns of the Bug shuttles. Fifty-nine Rigellian fighters armed with fighter guns are racing to the aid of their remaining comrades.

Both sides exchange fire; capital missiles, capital force beam and standard missiles battering at shields, armour and the fragile systems they protect. Discovery, trying to limp away, is caught by a long range missile shot and blows up. Visigoth is the next destroyer to be targeted. Her elite crew is no stranger to combat however and her point defence systems are deadly accurate. She takes the fire of twelve enemy battlecruisers and only suffers a single capital missile hit. The Arachnid heavy cruisers ignore the apparently invincible destroyer and attack her sister ship Saxon, taking out three engine rooms. In retaliation, two Bug battlecruisers are blasted apart. Although sixteen enemy battlecruisers have now been destroyed, none of them had ECM or the latest shields, armour and point defence. Musashi rates them as second class ships. Besides, the Bugs still have nine battleships, twenty-eight battlecruisers, thirty heavy cruisers and twelve corvettes compared to the combat capable Rigellian force of four carriers, five battleships, nineteen battlecruisers, five destroyers and twelve corvettes. Actual Rigellian ship losses only amount to six destroyers with seven more damaged. However, eleven battlecruisers and eight carriers are withdrawing toward the Yamu warp point due to lack of ammunition and horrendous fighter losses.

When the Bugs complete their turn, the Rigellians let them close to four point five light seconds before matching their speed. The chase situation has now reversed with the Arachnids pursuing the Rigellian fleet. Although Musashi is happy with the current engagement range as it improves the accuracy of his missile equipped units, he does not want to let the enemy beam armed combatants within four light seconds. At last, the Rigellian fighters armed with fighter guns dive into the midst of the assault shuttle formation while the survivors of the attack on the Bug fleet continue to flee. Although each attacking fighter is equipped with two fighter guns, the tracking abilities of each fighter extends to only one enemy target, meaning that both guns will have to be used against the same Bug shuttle. Even so, the fifty-nine fighters have enough firepower to go through the assault shuttles like a hot knife through butter. Forty-three assault shuttles explode in rapid succession. Only three Rigellian fighters are hit by the assault shuttles' point defence.

Arachnid fire finally turns away from the massacre of the Rigellian destroyers and starts targeting the Battle Mod 2 class battlecruiser Midway. Her defences and those of her sister ships kill hundreds of missiles but a small percentage get through. Explosions wrack the gallant battlecruiser, slowly battering down her defences until she is helpless, ECM destroyed, point defence knocked out and drive field down. A single capital missile delivers the coup de grace. Rigellian revenge is swift. Standard missiles and capital force beams wipe out two more Reaver class battlecruisers. A third battlecruiser is grievously wounded and falls behind the Arachnid formation.

The Bug fleet suddenly splits into two, attempting to manoeuvre into the Rigellian blindspot or force the Rigellians to turn. All of the Arachnid battleships and BCRs form into one fleet moving at cruiser speed with the battleships detuning their engines while the heavy cruisers and force beam armed battlecruisers form the second formation, also moving at maximum cruiser speed. The Rigellian battleships reactivate their engine tuners but they have only two minutes before the tuners start to emit lethal amounts of radiation. Due to the Bug manoeuvring, the Rigellian fleet is forced to turn toward the four remaining carriers which have been running parallel to the course of the main body but four light seconds further away from the Bugs. The carriers, forced to turn to stay outside capital missile range, are now running ahead of the main fleet which has successfully kept the Arachnid formations out of its blind spot while maintaining a distance of four point five light seconds.

Although the fighters continue to head back to their carriers, their rate of closure has now slowed dramatically due to the carriers' course change. The last seventeen Bug assault shuttles manage to score two more kills before they are wiped out by the gun-armed Rigellian fighters. Two more Arachnid battlecruisers are destroyed and the Rigellian battlecruiser Crecy is badly damaged. Reduced to one engine room, it quickly falls behind the rest of the Rigellian fleet and into the range of the Arachnid force beamed armed combatants. Caesar finally runs out of capital missiles. As the fleet is already heading in the direction of the Yamu warp point due to its recent manoeuvres, Musashi orders the battlecruiser to stay in formation and be ready to break away when an opportunity presents itself.

The two Bug fleets move further apart, widening the area from which they can attack the blind spot of the Rigellian fleet. Although for the moment, the Second Carrier Striking Force maintains its distance, it is forced into a turn which puts it on an intercept course for the Bug formation containing the heavy cruisers and remaining force beam battlecruisers. The battlecruiser Crecy and the destroyer Saxon are both trailing the rest of the fleet due to engine damage. Bug force beams lash out, obliterating both Rigellian vessels. Coral Sea is the target of the enemy missile combatants and even her crack crew cannot prevent severe damage, resulting in the loss of five engine rooms. One Arachnid battlecruiser is destroyed and a second badly damaged.

To avoid exposing its blindspot, the Rigellian fleet is forced into a dogleg course which allows the two Arachnid formations to close to four light seconds. Coral Sea, with only one engine room operational, is unable keep up with the rest of the fleet and is ripped apart by force beams. An entire datagroup of Battle Mod 2 class battlecruisers has now been destroyed and Arachnid missiles rain on River Plate, leading the second datagroup, leaving it a crippled wreck. The decrease in range has also brought an increase in the accuracy of Rigellian weapons. Two undamaged Reaver class battlecruisers are eliminated. Up to this point, the Rigellian have concentrated on the older Reaver class as they have no ECM, making them easier targets. Of the original thirty Reavers, only four are intact with a further three damaged and falling behind the enemy fleet.

Another dogleg manoeuvre brings the Bug formation of heavy cruisers and the four beam armed battlecruisers to three point five light seconds. The Arachnid BCR and battleship group is at three point seven five light seconds. All Arachnid weapons are now in range while the Rigellian capital force beams on the battleships and Genda class battlecruisers are at twice their previous effectiveness. River Plate blows up under heavy force beam fire then all five Thunder Mod 1 class battleships open fire, obliterating a damaged enemy battlecruiser. Arachnid attention immediately turns to the Rigellian battleships. Tantalus loses her formidable shields and armour and two engine rooms are wrecked. Two more Reavers die under increasingly accurate Rigellian fire. The twelve Rigellian Fleet Scouts, which have taken little part in the battle so far, finally spring into action as the enemy fleet moves within range of their single force beams. For the first time in the battle, both sides are fully engaged with all their remaining combat effective ships. Musashi consults his tactical display to review the current order of battle for both sides.

Rigellian Second Carrier Striking Force

4x Ark Royal class CV (126 fighters are currently en route to the carriers)
5x Thunder Mod 1 class BB (one of which is damaged)
6x Genda Mod 3 class BC
6x Eradicator class BCE
2x Battle Mod 2 class BC
1x Swordsmaster class BC (no ammo - just one Plasma Gun)
5x Tribal Mod 7 class DD
12x Fleet Scout class CT

Rigellian ships currently heading for the Yamu system

8x Ark Royal class CV
11x Swordsman class BC
6x Tribal Mod 7 DD (four of which have engine damage)

Arachnid Omnivoracity Navy

7x Devastator II class BB
1x Destruction class BB
1x Superhorde class BB
13x Annihilator class BCR
4x Reaver class BC (two of which are badly damaged and away from the action)
1x Reaver II class BC
30x Rapacious III class CA
12x Stinger class CT

The Rigellian battleships are forced to turn off their engine tuners to prevent deadly radiation from spreading through the ship, reducing the overall speed of the main Rigellian force. A combination of slower speed and the dogleg course brings the Arachnids ever closer. The BCR\battleship formation is at three point five light seconds and only gaining by the difference in the Rigellian and Arachnid speeds. The Bug heavy cruisers and remaining Reavers are on an intercept course and have closed to less than three light seconds. Musashi knows that once the thirty heavy cruisers are in sprint-mode range, the battle could get ugly very quickly. The four Rigellian carriers which have been keeping out of Arachnid weapon range for the entire battle now creep inside capital missile range of the enemy BCRs to speed up the retrieval and rearming of their fighters. The intensity of the battle increases as the range falls; weapons on both sides becoming more effective. Three Reaver class battlecruisers are destroyed by Rigellian force beams and missiles, including one already damaged. A single Reaver remains and it is too far from the battle to be engaged. The only Reaver II in the battle is the next Rigellian target. Unfortunately, it is equipped with ECM and capital point defence making it far more difficult to hit and damage is minimal. Arachnid force beams tear the damaged battleship Tantalus to pieces and a hail of standard and capital missiles leaves her sister ship Thunderflash a crippled wreck. For the first time Musashi is beginning to worry about the outcome of the battle.

As the Rigellian fleet has dropped to maximum battleship speed, the Arachnid battleships stop detuning, allowing their force beam batteries to fire without any negative effects, albeit at near maximum range. All the Bug BCRs match speed with the battleships as their effectiveness will not be increased by closing the range. The other Arachnid formation, containing thirty Rapacious III class heavy cruisers and a single Reaver II continues to close in, reaching a range of two light seconds. This is within the sprint-mode envelope but also within the range at which capital force beam cause three times as much damage as they do at maximum range. All one hundred and twenty-six Rigellian fighters land safely on the four carriers, Akagi, Akula, Amethyst and Annapolis. Unfortunately, the carriers have moved within six light seconds of the Arachnid capital missile combatants in order to expedite the recovery.

One hundred capital missiles scream towards the carrier Akagi, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi's flagship. All of the Eradicator class escort battlecruisers are fighting with the outnumbered battleline so the carrier has to rely on its own capital point defence systems. She deploys one of her five EDMs and her crack point defence crews go into action. One only missile penetrates her defences, reducing her shields by a third. Violent combat continues between the two battlelines. The sole Reaver II class battlecruiser is taken out by Rigellian capital force beams, as is one of the Bug heavy cruisers. Two more cruisers are damaged. Thunderflash is finished off by the Bugs and the battleship Typhoon dies under a storm of sprint-mode missiles. Tyrannosaurus loses her shields and a quarter of her armour. Only one Rigellian battleship remains undamaged.

Musashi decides to force the issue so instead of continuing the dogleg course, he orders the battleline to turn toward the enemy heavy cruiser formation. The Bugs appear happy to bring the battle to a swift conclusion but avoid entering point blank range of the Rigellian force beams. Both formations exchange fire at half a light second. The second Arachnid formation, containing the BCRs and battleship, has been out turned by the Rigellians and is still at three point five light seconds. Every Rigellian ship and all the Arachnid heavy cruisers fire their XO mounted close assault missiles in addition to their powerful main batteries. It is like machine guns at twenty paces, ships on both sides being mown down by scything fire. Tyrannosaurus and Tyrian, the last two Rigellian battleships, are both destroyed, as are Goliath and Grail, two of the six Genda Mod 3 class battlecruisers. Retribution is swift and deadly with nine Arachnid heavy cruisers annihilated by the ferocious Rigellian assault. Fortunately, the intensification of the battleline combat distracts the Arachnid capital missile combatants away from the Rigellian carriers.

The Bug heavy cruiser formation holds position while the Arachnid BCRs and battleships close in, daring the Rigellians to remain at close range and face the force beams of the battleships. Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi, on board his flagship Akagi, fears the battle may be lost. Fourteen battlecruisers, two of which have no weapons, five destroyers and twelve corvettes now stand against nine battleships, fourteen battlecruisers and twenty heavy cruisers. Due to recent bug advances, the traditional tech advantage of the Rigellian Empire is not as great as it was and the days of a small group of Rigellians slaughtering Bugs by the score seem to be over. At least until new technological advances can restore the historical advantage. Although there are still over a hundred fighters left on the carriers, the battle will probably be over by the time they are rearmed.

However, the loss of the Rigellian battleships does increase the overall speed of the fleet so Musashi orders them to try and open the range to the oncoming Arachnid battleships. Unfortunately, the turn to close on the heavy cruisers brought the fleet onto an intercept course with the second Arachnid formation. The range falls for a few moments until the Rigellians can turn away once more with the heavy cruisers in close pursuit. By the time Rigellian weapons recharge, the heavy cruisers are half a light second astern and the battleships and BCRs three point two five light seconds astern. The fleet turns to avoid the enemy firing into its blindspot and opens fire. Four Bug cruisers are blasted to oblivion and a fifth reduced to a crawl. Unfortunately, Arachnid firepower exceeds that of the Rigellians and three Genda class battlecruisers are blown to pieces by an almost continual missile barrage.

The chase continues with the Arachnid heavy cruisers holding at half a light second and the battleship formation losing a quarter of a light second on the Rigellians. All four carriers, which have been moving away from the battle, reach safety outside the range of capital missiles. Arachnid sprint-mode missile fire continues, supported by capital missile and long range force beam fire. Guerre, the last Genda class battlecruiser, survives a tremendous battering but eventually goes down and is swiftly followed by three destroyers, Zulu, Turk and Marlborough. Three more Bug cruisers are destroyed. Two Arachnid battleships suffer engine burnouts due to recent detuning and begin to fall behind the other battleships and battlecruisers.

Pacifica?, a Battlestar class battlecruiser which is accompanying the battleline, has twenty pinnaces and five assault shuttles on board. Her commander consults the crews of the small craft then contacts Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi and requests permission for a kamikaze attack. Given the desperation of the situation and the fact that the ship will almost certainly be destroyed anyway, Musashi approves the request. All of the small craft launch and immediately attempt to ram a Bug cruiser. Seven pinnaces succeed, causing serious damage. Pacifica also tries a suicide attack but is easily avoided by the enemy heavy cruisers. Once again, the two Bug formations place themselves in positions which force the Rigellian battleline to change course to avoid exposing its blindspot. The Arachnid capital missile armed combatants and battleships are at three point seven five light seconds, maximum force beam range, but they will start to close the gap slightly as they are now on an intercept course. Ten Arachnid heavy cruisers are at half a light second with three crippled cruisers quickly falling astern of the action. Both enemy battleships with engine damage are unable to remain within weapons range of the main Rigellian force but they are in range of the Pacifica.

Two more Bug cruisers are crushed by Rigellian sprint-mode missiles and a third is crippled. All the capital force beam armed Rigellian warships have now been destroyed and the only beam capable ships remaining are the twelve Fleet Scouts with their single force beams. Arachnid missiles smash into Tarawa, one of the last two Battle class battlecruisers and she explodes. Her sister ship Trafalgar takes heavy force beam fire from the Bug battleships and capital missiles from the BCRs, wiping away her passive defences and wrecking five engine rooms. She quickly falls behind the battle between the remnants of the Second Carrier Striking Force and their heavy cruiser opponents and into the arms of the pursuing battleships. More force beams and capital missiles tear into Pacifica. Lacking even ECM, she is quickly blown to pieces.

All thirteen Rigellian pinnaces and five assault shuttles continue their course after their head on suicide attack against the cruisers, manoeuvring for a run at the enemy battleships and BCRs. The Arachnid formation tries to evade but is too late. Five pinnaces and two assault shuttles ram the lead battleship, knocking down the shields and vapourising a third of its armour. The remaining small craft begin to turn ready to try again. Despite the Second Carrier Striking Force's attempts to outrun the slower enemy battleships, the manoeuvring of the remaining heavy cruisers forces the fleet to turn to avoid exposing its blind spot, placing it once again on a course which allows the battleships to close the range slightly. The Bug cruisers close to a quarter of a light second.

Trafalgar is grievously wounded, all her engine rooms but one inoperative. Her twelve advanced gun\missile launchers are intact however and she uses them to extremely good effect, picking off two crippled Arachnid cruisers. Arachnid vengeance is swift, force beams and capital missiles tearing the gallant vessel apart. Caesar is still accompanying the main feet despite the lack of ammo for her capital missile launchers. Her slow charging plasma gun fires, demolishing three engine rooms on a wounded Bug cruiser. Several Fleet Scouts finish the job with their force beams. Six Eradicator class battlecruisers and two Tribal class destroyers combine their firepower to kill another cruiser. Echo, one of the Eradicators, is destroyed by sprint-mode missiles. Her sister ship El Salvador is hit hard and reduced to one sixth of normal speed.

The battle has raged on for what seems like forever. Musashi reviews the overall situation from his flag bridge on board the carrier Akagi. The Rigellian battleline has been severely battered by the superior Arachnid numbers and is now a shadow of its former self. Still in action are five Eradicator class battlecruisers, although one is badly damaged, a single Swordsmaster class which is out of ammunition, two Tribal class destroyers and twelve Fleet Scouts. Within a quarter of a light second of the Rigellian fleet are five Arachnid heavy cruisers. Almost four light seconds away is a group of thirteen Arachnid capital missile battlecruisers, a single capital missile battleship, an empty battleship-sized shuttle carrier, five beam armed battleships and twelve anti-fighter corvettes. Two more beam battleships are  three-quarters of a light second further away. Although slower, the battleships are on an intercept course until the Rigellian fleet can turn. Two crippled Bug heavy cruisers are still within firing range of the Rigellians but dropping rapidly astern of the battle.

Almost forgotten are the four Rigellian carriers with one hundred and twenty-six fighters on board which have been shadowing the battle from just outside capital missile range. All the fighters have completed re-arming with close attack missiles and Musashi orders them to launch immediately. Their target - the Arachnid battleships and BCRs which are the nearest enemy group to the carriers. Unfortunately, the carriers are behind the Bugs so it will take a while for the fighters to catch them. The remaining Rigellian small craft launch another kamikaze attack on the shieldless Arachnid battleship. Three pinnaces strike the target, destroying the last of the battleships armour. A crippled bug cruiser and two battleships passing close to the surviving small craft shoot down five pinnaces and two assault shuttles, leaving just a single assault shuttle. El Salvador, already badly hit is finished off by Bug force beams. Elijah explodes amid a storm of sprint-mode and capital missiles. Two Arachnid heavy cruisers are destroyed, reducing the formation near the Rigellians to three ships. Musashi orders the last assault shuttle to break away from the enemy fleet and escape. He also notes that all the remaining battlecruisers are equipped with engine tuners and orders their immediate use.

The Rigellian fleet continues its dogleg course to keep its blindspot clear, only avoiding bringing the enemy battleships and BCRs closer because of the engine tuners. Two of the three Bug heavy cruisers in close proximity are blasted apart by sprint-mode missiles and the force beams of the scouts. Long range force beam and capital missile fire combine with the missiles of the remaining Arachnid heavy cruiser to destroy the Eradicator class battlecruiser Earth and wound her sister ship Echelon. With the reduction of the close in threat from the heavy cruisers, the few surviving Rigellian ships are finally free to run away from the battleships and BCRs. The single Bug cruiser moves away to three quarters of a light second but is blown to smithereens by the Rigellians. There are still thirteen battlecruisers and five battleships within firing range however. Echelon is destroyed and the last Eradicator, Emerald, loses her shields and armour.

The Rigellian force, which finally moves out of force beam range of the Bug battleships, now consists of Emerald, Caesar, the two destroyers Beagle and Visigoth plus twelve Fleet Scouts. Over one hundred Rigellian fighters are now only three light seconds from the enemy battleships and BCRs. Twelve corvettes detach from the Bug formation and move to intercept the fighters. Emerald, Beagle and Visigoth fire on the Stinger class corvettes, scoring a total of four hits on the lead ship and reducing it to half speed. The answering salvos from the Arachnid capital missile battlecruisers are strangely light - only four missiles from each battlecruiser instead of the usual seven. All nine launchers are active on the Bug capital missile battleship. That is still enough missiles to score six hits on Emerald, slowing the battlecruiser to half its normal speed, even with its remaining tuners engaged.

Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi is wary of the anti-fighter power of the Stinger class corvettes and does not want to risk them picking off his surviving fighters with impunity. Unfortunately, the Stingers are as fast as the Rigellian fighters and can kill them at a range beyond that of the fighter's anti-ship missiles. He orders the fighters to go after the Bug cripples, two cruisers and a battlecruiser, which are trailing the enemy formation, but to avoid getting into point defence range of the Stingers. Fortunately, the fighters are closer to the cripples than the Stingers are. All of the Arachnid capital missile battlecruisers cease firing. Musashi gleefully realises the enemy battlecruisers are probably out of ammunition. Emerald, lagging behind the other Rigellian ships, takes several hits from capital missiles fired by the enemy battleship, losing another engine room and half her armament. She continues firing defiantly.

The fighters reach the first cripple and the lead squadron blows it to pieces. A single Rigellian fighter is hit by point defence fire. Emerald is impaled by several force beam and explodes. Although Bug capital missiles from the battleship target the destroyer Visigoth, the destroyer's elite point defence crews prevent any damage. Three more salvos are fired at Visigoth without a single hit being scored. Then the battleship's missile launchers fall silent, another victim of empty magazines. Musashi orders the two destroyers to conserve their remaining ammunition which is enough for a dozen salvoes. He also orders the Caesar, the two destroyers and the twelve scouts to circle around the slower enemy force and to rendezvous with the carriers. Meanwhile, a second crippled cruiser is picked off by the Rigellian fighters and they go in search of the crippled battlecruiser. All eleven undamaged Stingers give up the futile chase and take up station near the two Bug battleships with engine damage which are now several light seconds behind the other battleships. Out of missiles and with no enemies in force beam range, the main Bug formation slows to let the damaged battleships catch up. The last Bug beam armed battleship dies in a blizzard of close attack missiles and the Rigellian fighters head back to their carriers.

Both sides seem content to regroup and within fifteen minutes have assembled into two opposing fleets. On the Arachnid side are thirteen capital missile battlecruisers without ammunition, a single capital missile battleship, also out of ammo, an empty shuttle carrier, seven beam armed battleships, two with engine damage and a third with no armour plus the twelve Stinger class corvettes, one of which is damaged. The Rigellian fleet consists of four Ark Royal class carriers, the Swordsmaster class battlecruiser Caesar, which is out of capital missile ammunition but does have a working plasma gun, two destroyers and twelve Fleet Scouts. Musashi sees only one chance to salvage victory out of the massive battle which is now nearing its end game. If he can destroy the seven beam armed battleships with his fighters, the Fleet Scouts can massacre all of the other Arachnid units with impunity. Standing in his way are the Stinger class anti-fighter corvettes.

Musashi moves the fleet to just outside force beam range of the enemy and orders his two destroyers to engage the Stingers. The already damaged Stinger takes two more hits and slows to one quarter speed. All of the Bugs ships except the Stingers hold position, daring the Rigellians to move closer, while the Stingers move to the opposite side of the Bug fleet from the Rigellian, making them more difficult to hit. Immediately, Musashi launches his fighters which scream toward the stationary Arachnid fleet. Left with little choice, the Arachnids start moving at the speed of their battleships with engine burnout. The Rigellians follow just outside force beam range while the fighters close in. Unable to keep up with the other Bug ships, the damaged Stinger is quickly within Rigellian force beam range and destroyed equally quickly. All the other Stingers move back into the fleet to provide maximum protection for the battleships. Unfortunately for the Bugs, if the Stingers move toward the oncoming fighters, they expose themselves to force beam fire so they have to sit and wait.

The fighters, moving twice as fast as the Bug formation, rapidly close the range. At three quarters of a  light second, they are engaged by every point defence system in the Bug fleet, regardless of the presence of the two Rigellian destroyers inside missile range. Twenty-seven fighters are shot down, leaving ninety-eight. Taking advantage of the redirection of point defence, the destroyers badly damage a pair of Stingers. Within thirty-seconds, the fighters are at point blank range from the Bugs and close attack missiles start slamming into the battleships. Point defence and force beams fire back and Rigellian fighters vanish in balls of flame. Although twenty-eight more fighters are killed, two Arachnid battleships are annihilated and a third is badly damaged. The Bug fleet slows to protect their crippled companion and the seventy surviving fighters streak out of anti-fighter range. Two more Stingers are hit by destroyer fire while their point defence is shooting at fighters.

Musashi knows the exchange rate cannot continue. Almost forty-five percent of his fighters were destroyed in exchange for only two of the seven Arachnid battleships. All of the fighters land on Akagi and Akula so Musashi orders Amethyst, Annapolis and the battlecruiser Caesar to head back to Yamu. He also orders Beagle and Visigoth to expend the last of their missiles on the Stinger class corvettes while the fighters rearm. Three more Stingers are crippled leaving only four undamaged. All of the crippled Stingers can only move at a quarter of their normal speed, preventing the enemy fleet from moving fast enough to engage the fighters on their approach unless they abandon the Stingers to Rigellian force beams.

Seventy fighters scream into the attack once more, the first two squadrons taking out the four undamaged Stingers. The crippled battleship explodes and another is seriously damaged. Forty-five fighters break free of the carnage. Five minutes later they are prepared to go in again, their pilots resigned to the fact they will almost certainly not survive the battle, when Musashi suddenly remembers something from earlier in the battle. Two Rigellian destroyers, the Cambridgeshire and the Durham were ordered to escort some carriers back to Yamu as the destroyer's shields and armour were destroyed. However, their engines were intact and they carried full missile loads. Although they have travelled some way from the battle, they are still within communications range. Musashi halts the impending fighter launch and orders the two destroyers to return.

Twenty minutes later, the two destroyers have joined the small Rigellian fleet and Musashi instructs them to finish off the damaged Stingers. In less than seven minutes, every last Stinger has been eliminated. The fighters go in again but this time Musashi sends the Fleet Scouts into range to assist the attack with their force beams. Anti-fighter fire is dramatically less due to the destruction of the Stingers and the diversion of Arachnid force beam fire against the Fleet Scouts rather than the fighters. In addition, all of the Arachnid warships mount only capital point defence which is ineffective against fighters at point blank range. Only six fighters are shot down. A Fleet Scout is destroyed and a second damaged but another Bug battleship bites the dust with two more damaged, one seriously. Musashi pulls out the scouts until the next attack. Missile fire from the two destroyers prevents the Bugs from restoring the shields of the two damaged battleships before the thirty-nine fighters are re-armed and ready for action.

Once again, the Fleet Scouts move into force beam range as the fighters hit their targets. A second Fleet Scout explodes and another three fighters are killed by point defence. When the fighters pull away, all three remaining beam armed battleships are on fire and barely moving. Five minutes later, the Rigellian fighters attack again, while the Fleet Scouts remain safely out of force beam range. Although four fighters die bravely, when the survivors break away all that remains of the Bug battleships is a large expanding cloud of plasma and spinning debris. Thirty-two fighters land on the Akagi to a hereos welcome. Musashi orders the Akula, with empty hangar bays, plus the destroyers Beagle and Visigoth, with empty magazines, to head back to Yamu.

The entire Bug fleet now contains thirteen capital missile battlecruisers, a capital missile battleship and a shuttle carrier battleship, none of which have any active weapons systems. Musashi orders his ten Fleet Scouts into the attack and the Bugs scatter. Each Fleet Scout chases a capital missile battlecruiser, closes to just outside point blank range to avoid ramming attempts and systematically rips it apart using a single force beam. Once the ten battlecruisers are dead, the scouts pair up and quickly overhaul the slower moving battlecruisers and battleships which have started running independently for the planet. Within an hour, the battle is over. The active order of battle for the Second Carrier Striking Force in Tanega now consists of a single carrier, two destroyers and ten corvettes. Musashi knows he has been in a fight.

Total Arachnid casualties for the battle consist of nine battleships, forty-four battlecruisers, thirty heavy cruisers and eighty-five corvettes. Rigellian losses include five battleships, nineteen battlecruisers, ten destroyers, two corvettes and almost four hundred fighters with another six destroyers damaged. The highest casualty list for any battle in galactic history.

The small force proceeds to the planet to check out its defences. A massive space station and six class two bases are in orbit, plus a solitary battleship which for some reason was not sent to join the main Bug fleet. Given his meagre resources, Musashi is wary of trying an attack, especially as the battleship is sheltering under the shadow of the station. Unfortunately, there is a great deal of construction activity in the station's forty shipyards which means time is limited. He decides to risk a fighter attack on the battleship, which should demonstrate the Arachnid defensive capabilities. The fleet moves to just outside capital missile range and launches all thirty-two fighters. A single Fleet Scout moves within capital missile range, trying to draw the Arachnids into revealing their anti-ship capability. Nothing happens so the scout moves into XO launched capital missile range of the station, the battleship and one of the bases. The Arachnids continue to hold their fire.

The fighters commence their final run, launching their weapons from point blank range. The battleship appears to be an intermediate type between the Devastator and the Devastator II, equipped with ECM and second generation shields and armour but not capital point defence. This new class is named the Devastator II and what was the Devastator II becomes the Devastator III. Each class two base is equipped with eight lasers and three second generation point defence systems, all useful anti-fighter systems. Five of the bases have a line of sight and a storm of fire envelopes the fighters. The battleship is seriously damaged but only nine fighters survive. Strangely, the station only engages the fighters with six lasers and no point defence.

Obviously fighters are not the answer so Musashi sends his two destroyers and ten Fleet Scouts into action. The lasers on the bases and space station will be unable to engage the Rigellian ships unless the Rigellians let them, so the battleship is the main problem. Both destroyers move to four light seconds and open fire with standard missiles. Only one missile penetrates the battleship defences. Suddenly, five of the bases and the space station launch volleys of XO launched capital missiles and the station opens fire with thirty ancient missile launchers. Durham is seriously damaged and Musashi orders her to withdraw. Unfortunately, her engines have been hit and she takes further damage before she can move out of range of the station's missile battery. The ten Fleet Scouts move within force beam range and assist Cambridgeshire in her attack on the battleship. The destroyer is having trouble penetrating the warships point defences so Musashi orders her to target the station while the scouts continue their attack.

Due to the size of the station, it is unable to maintain a drive field. This means that Rigellian missiles will explode on contact, rather than exploding prematurely due to the prescence of a drive field, increasing their destructive power by a factor of five. Six missiles are on target and the station apparently mounts no point defence or ECM. Its shields drop by sixty percent. Return fire takes out Cambridgeshire's shields and armour. Force beams flash between the Rigellian's corvettes and the wounded Bug battleship, crippling one Fleet Scout and removing several of the battleship's weapons. Another volley of thirty standard missiles from the station overwhelms Cambridgeshire's point defence and severely damages the destroyer. Her two remaining advanced gun\missile launchers each score a hit on the station, reducing the shields to twenty percent of normal.

Musashi orders Cambridgeshire to retreat. She pulls back, blasting down the last of the stations shields as she withdraws. Before she can move out of range, she is obliterated by return fire from the station. A Fleet Scout explodes under force beam fire from the battleship. The scouts are fighting back though, internal fires rage throughout the battleship and only a quarter of its weapons are still operational. Unfortunately, the station is now free to assist the battleship and a massive missile volley completely vapourises a Fleet Scout. Realising his force cannot penetrate the planet's defences, Musashi detaches a pair of scouts to watch from a distance and orders the rest of his ships back to Yamu. Nine fighter pilots are extremely relieved to be alive as the Second Carrier Striking Force has suffered ninety-eight percent losses among its strike groups.

Once back in the safety in Yamu, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi assesses the state of his command. All of the ships which he sent home during the battle arrived safely except for the destroyers Polynesian and Samanid which were severely damaged and failed to repair their life support systems. The carrier Akula rescued the crews and the two ships were scuttled. Now the fleet has regrouped, the order of battle consists of twelve Ark Royal class carriers, twelve capital missile battlecruisers, five destroyers, three of which have serious damage, six corvettes and nine fighters. Musashi orders that the capital missile battlecruisers be rearmed as fast as possible. He intends to return to Tanega immediately to try and finish the job before Arachnid reinforcements arrive. The newly created Eighteenth Striking Force is under construction in Yamu, although only six River Mod 2 class destroyers have been completed and are currently on their shakedown cruise. Musashi commandeers the destroyers, transfers his flag to the Caesar, and prepares to head back into Tanega with twelve battlecruisers, eight destroyers and six corvettes.

Turn 135
Fleet update:

Second Carrier Striking Force
12x Ark Royal class CV
1x Swordsmaster Mod 3 class BCR
11x Swordsman Mod 3 class BCR
6x River class DD
2x Tribal Mod 7 DD
8x Fleet Scout class CT

The Second Carrier Striking Force is the Empire's most experienced formation, commanded by its most battle hardened officer, Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi. Unfortunately, it has recently taken heavy casualties in an assault on the Arachnid-held Tanega system and it may be several months before it is ready for action once more. The fleet is currently in Yamu, adjacent to Tanega, waiting for brand new first generation fighters to be built for the carriers. However, twelve superdreadnoughts are under construction, using all of the available shipyard space. The superdreadnoughts were originally destined for the Eighteenth Carrier Striking Force, also in Yamu, but will be diverted to the Second Carrier Striking Force as soon as their shakedown cruise is completed. In order to give the fleet some teeth, construction of several superdreadnoughts is halted to permit fighter construction. Musashi is keen to take his twelve capital missile battlecruisers plus the eight destroyers back into Tanega immediately, before the fighters are ready but also before the Bugs can replace their own massive losses. Two Fleet Scouts are currently in Tanega monitoring the Type T planet and its orbital defences.

When Third Swordsman of Stars Musashi ordered the Second Carrier Striking Force to retreat to Yamu from Tanega, he left two Fleet Scouts to monitor the Arachnid-inhabited planet. Those scouts now detect a new Bug force approaching on a vector only sixty degrees away from the direction of the Yamu warp point. The scouts pull back as the enemy fleet approaches but remain close enough to determine its composition. Twelve battlecruisers, fourteen heavy cruisers and thirty light cruisers. A small fleet compared to the one destroyed by the Second Carrier Striking Force but still significant. Especially now the combat capable strength of the Second Carrier Striking Force comprises only twelve battlecruisers, eight destroyers and eight corvettes. The Fleet Scouts fire courier drones to Yamu to warn Musashi. Musashi considers attacking anyway but decides to wait until his carriers have been equipped with first generation fighters and their magazines are filled with the new fighter missiles. He sends back a drone ordering to scouts to maintain their position and continue monitoring the enemy. A week later six battlecruisers, eighteen heavy cruisers and eighteen corvettes appear on the same course as the earlier arrivals and rendezvous with the fleet at the planet. Surprisingly, none of the corvettes make any attempt to chase away the Rigellian scouts, possibly indicating they are either Impalers or the anti-fighter variant.
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